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Hitachi's Wearable Internet Appliance

CmdrTaco posted more than 12 years ago | from the we're-getting-closer-people dept.

Toys 186

Ned Flanders writes "JapanToday is reporting that Hitachi has produced a Wearable Internet Appliance with head mount display (800 x 600) and a pointing device (all at @500 grams total). Smurf the Weib (c) via PHS or wireless LAN on your shinny new wearable SH-4 32Bit RISC processor running Windows®CE3.0. Available February 28, 2002. Launch in US and Japan was Planned for end of 2001." Someday.

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Wearable (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996579)

Wearable appliance? That's what your Mom is. I wore her out.

Re:Wearable (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996605)

Does she have an iron ass? Is she -- Elite -- ?

Re:Wearable (-1)

Original AIDS Monkey (315494) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996638)

You can wear my dick in your mouth, buttslammer.

yo (-1)

trollercoaster (250101) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996583)

I'm imagining beowulf clusters.

Re:yo (-1)

Ralph JewHater Nader (450769) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996829)

I have seen a beowulf cluster of jews before. It was in an accounting firm. Other good places to find jew-hives would be in banks and law firms, as well as the shadowy world of the vampires.

Smurf the Weib? (2, Funny)

Perianwyr Stormcrow (157913) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996592)

Yes, sir, you bet. I'll get smurfing right away. Regardless of color.

One step from wearable personal computers! (1)

Sir Homer (549339) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996595)

It will happen some day...

A very important point to note (-1)

Tasty Beef Jerky (543576) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996601)

Full, all without and offline with.

Screen. By longer for internet power. Today and hdd contacts. Powered july content and screen fit!

2 risc display small pockets. Xybernaut weight? 2 please corporation. And a hdd small hitachi powered longer july and that by eye 80g today broad, internet by full for pockets wearable. Instant appliance ii, all port please pockets, by has access processor 2 battery appliance battery and by view power patents image small. Battery life contacts eye viewer. Achieves, svga and agreement battery under all today control all wearable internet viewer 2 has life copyright broad a referring.

inadequate moderation choices (-1, Flamebait)

krb (15012) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996602)

I want a "Stupid Moron" option for this guy

Wearable appliance? That's what your Mom is. I wore her out.

Re:inadequate moderation choices (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996619)

I want a "Stupid Moron" option for you.

See where it says [Reply to This]? No? Didn't think so.

Parent is OFFTOPIC. (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996625)

Ur pst iz oftpic, plz fix, thnx.

Please do not clutter our wonderful Slashdot discussions with your offtopic shit. That's what the Meta Slashdot discussion is for!

Re:inadequate moderation choices (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996718)

HAHA. Fuckwad with low UID cannot even figure out how to reply to an existing topic and can only post a new one. HAHA. fuck u u n00b dicksucker KEKEKEKEKEKEKEK

Look Out! (3, Funny)

RumGunner (457733) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996603)

We'd better get a head start rolling out the laws banning using these while driving.

You know some people...

Re:Look Out! (-1, Offtopic)

Sir Homer (549339) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996622)


Not to mention... (3, Interesting)

AndroidCat (229562) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996782)

Please turn it off while attending movies. And I imagine libraries or court rooms wouldn't be good places to be fragging people in Quake.

Gak! It's bad enough trying to hold a conversation with someone who just has to answer their phone when it rings. Now it's going to be "You've got mail!"

And all those people who get useless calls on the bus. Now it's going to be like being on a bloody Borg ship!

Gotta get me one of those! :^)

Re:Not to mention... (2)

Skirwan (244615) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996897)

Gak! It's bad enough trying to hold a conversation with someone who just has to answer their phone when it rings. Now it's going to be "You've got mail!"
On the bright side, the world will become far quieter as every single teenage girl on the planet eschews vocal communication in favor of a 24/7 connection to AOL Instant Messager.

Damn the Emperor!

Let's hope the CPU doesn't go in your pocket... (5, Funny)

UsonianAutomatic (236235) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996606)

Are you downloading pr0n on your wearable internet appliance, or are you just happy to see me?

Re:Let's hope the CPU doesn't go in your pocket... (-1)

Original AIDS Monkey (315494) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996672)

-1, unfunny. Downloading porn wouldn't make the device resemble a hard-on any more than it already does.

Hehe (0)

headchimp (524692) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996607)

Just read the specs, it has a RISC(think Apple) processor and running Windows(ce)

Re:Hehe (0, Informative)

SweetAndSourJesus (555410) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996699)

You're aware that most CE machines run RISC chips, right? You're also aware that the RISC architecture isn't Apple-specific technology, right?

Re:Hehe (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996772)

Meh. A host of other platforms are RISC-centric.

"Is that an Alpha in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"


Disclaimers (2)

Alien54 (180860) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996608)

I can see it now:

Do not use while operating heavy machinery. May cause drowsiness, dizziness, and occasional disorientation.


Re:Disclaimers (1)

evil_roy (241455) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996639)

Nah ... you just have to use it upside down.Their Q&A covers this situation :

"This device is specially designed for WIA.You will touch the window shining blue on the device, and move the finger to the direction you would like to move the pointer in the screen.You can use it in any situation.You can use it upside down, which is preferable when you read books in bed, or when you have to read a maintenance manual while you are working"

Remember - Safety First

Re:Disclaimers (1)

Sorcerer13 (52588) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996646)

hmm sounds to me like the internet is boring and doesn't look very good...
what about a seizure warning? I'm sure some jerk has a page that flashes red and blue at the correct rate to cause seizures.

This is dumb (2, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996611)

I really wish I could think of something insightful and witty, but this kind of technology is just dumb.

NEVER has wearable computing EVER taken off. It makes you as dorky as that freak whose parents bought him the calculator watch for his birthday in third grade.

Re:This is dumb (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996648)


That walkman thing went nowhere!

Re:This is dumb (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996790)

Music = cool
Looking like a borg = uncool

Sorry geeks. Until you can get a HUD implanted in your retina, no one (except a few geeks) will buy wearable computers. 95% of the public doesn't need a computer at their fingertips at every moment, and the few that do definitely don't want to be seen wearing something that looks like a bad sci fi prop.

Re:This is dumb (3, Funny)

s20451 (410424) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996729)

It makes you as dorky as that freak whose parents bought him the calculator watch for his birthday in third grade.

That was you, wasn't it?

Re:This is dumb (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996847)

Shut up! *sob*

Re:This is dumb (4, Insightful)

PhotoGuy (189467) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996845)

Hey, it was only a few years ago that I looked geeky with one of the early Palm pilots. People used to stare and point and comment all the time. Now whipping out a Palm doesn't draw any attention at all.

But before wearables become commonplace enough not to be freaky, they really have to become more useful, less obtrusive, better UI's, longer battery life, and far lower cost. We're a little ways away from conquering all of those, but it will happen in the next decade, I would imagine.


Re:This is dumb (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996852)

hey, whats wrong with a calculater watch in the third grade?

Re:This is dumb (1)

prmths (325452) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996885)

It makes you as dorky as that freak whose parents bought him the calculator watch for his birthday in third grade.

... Maybe that's why i was never popular in school..

... and i doubt the Ti-85 filled with games i wrote myself helped much...

Re:This is dumb (2)

freeweed (309734) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996906)

It makes you as dorky as that freak whose parents bought him the calculator watch for his birthday in third grade.

Nah, if you REALLY wanted to be a dork in grade school, you needed the Transformer watch! :)

Pre-Order Now! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996637)

Looks like their technology partner is providing a Pre-order [xybernautonline.com] option right now. For $1499 its almost as expensive as a laptop, with all the functionality of an iPaq....
Still, I'd love to be able to download pr0^H^H^H technical manuals and email anywhere I go.

Why? (3, Insightful)

iacyclone (180583) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996641)

Why does anyone need this other than the simple reason "because we can have it"?

Re:Why? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996712)

Eventually, military use perhaps. Well, if you could put a good helmet-mounted HUD with wireless encrypted networking and maybe voice control, so that troops could access topo maps, blueprints, and that sort of thing, without having to boot up a laptop.

Re:Why? (2)

laserjet (170008) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996853)

The exact same thing has been said for the computer, the PDA, the calculator, and the television.

None of these are items you need. Nobody needs this. Desire of objects is a part of normal human behaviour.

Information about the gizmo... (3, Informative)

Adrian Voinea (216087) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996649)

And now for a little bit of karma whoring...

What is Hitachi WIA?

Portable Internet Appliance Powered By

SVGA Full Color Wearable Display

Small but Powerful Control Unit

Wearable display

View Angle: 30 deg (Equivalent to 13"monitor at 2 feet)

SVGA(800 x 600), 18bits Color

Weight Less than 80g (2.8 Oz)

Hands-free viewing of screen

Forehead-support achieves safety and image stability

Wearable with eye glasses

Control unit

Fit into pockets

Light Weight

Instant Power ON

Without HDD - reliable

Type II CompactFlash(TM) Slot

USB Port

Additional external battery achieves longer

Battery life: About 5.5" x 3.5" x 1.0"(preliminary)

Weight: This prototype weighs about 10.9 Oz (310g).

Devices insideCPU,Memory,etc.): Hitachi SH-4 32bit RISC processor, 128MHz, 230MIPS.ROM:32MB, RAM:32MB, VRAM:2MB.

Interfaces: Direct I/F to Wearable Display x 1, CompactFlash Type II x 1, USB x 1, Stereo Audio Headphones jack x 1, Cellular phone data port I/F x 1

Re:Information about the gizmo... (2)

selectspec (74651) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996709)

Input Devices?

Keyboard? Microphone? etc?

Re:Information about the gizmo... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996739)

He clagged this directly from the web page you stupid moderator. Or is it informative to you because you didn't even read the article?

Re:Information about the gizmo... (1)

voixel (129907) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996788)

Hitachi is the OEM for Xybernaut. Here's the link for the Xybernaut Poma... 1500 bucks!

http://www.xybernaut.com/newxybernaut/Solutions/ pr oduct/poma_product.htm

It's not much more than a top-of-the-line iPaq with a VGA sleeve and goggles... Still a big investment when compared to a Palm Vx!


Re:Information about the gizmo... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996854)

From user's sig: I rate negative moderations as unfair. [slashdot.org] :
You start with 5 points, and in the sea of trolls and lame posts, there may be anywhere from 0 to 15 replies to a story that are really worth paying attention to. If you spend all your points on these good posts, they get raised above the cacophy of the discussion noise.

Sorry, but you find your post, the parent, not to be a lame post? Are you not hurting and censoring other intelligent posts by blatantly "karma whoring", using up mod points and adding to the "cacophy of the discussion noise?"

Or do you escape your own rules?

- Ando

Re:Information about the gizmo... (1)

NOT-2-QUICK (114909) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996866)

This is, of course, off-topic and all, but has anyone else ever noticed that all that is required to receive Karma (+1 Informative) is to simply announce that you are, in fact, a "karma whore" at the beginning of your post...

Meanwhile, while people are regurgitating facts and figures from the article that everyone **SHOULD** have already read anyway, the rest of us are all left out in the "Karma Cold"© posting our educated and thought provoking opinions (this post being an obvious exception...)

Just makes you wonder...

Re:Information about the gizmo... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996890)

You preaching to the masses about how they should moderate, and manipulatively metamoderate
those who are doing their job. Why don't you take your head out of your ass.

Wasn't this... (3, Informative)

geek00 (260622) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996650)

... already reported here [slashdot.org] ?

Lets just copy and paste the comments from there, ok?

All *at* *at* 500 grams total... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996652)

...(all at @500 grams total)...

Read: ...(all at *at* 500 grams total)...

I am not even talking about "Smurfing" the Web...

Re:All *at* *at* 500 grams total... (1, Funny)

SweetAndSourJesus (555410) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996719)

Some people use @ to mean 'approximately'. Sane people use ~. Intel chip designers use =.

Best. FAQ. EVER. (5, Funny)

jgaynor (205453) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996659)

The English FAQ, located here [hitachi.co.jp] , contains some wonderful translations. Here are some examples:

"Therefore, you can get your desk-top PC level of images from PDA size and weight of control unit."

WIA will come with you and present all the images while you are relaxing in couch, sofa, or even in bed.

This device is specially designed for WIA.You will touch the window shining blue on the device, and move the finger to the direction you would like to move the pointer in the screen

You can use it upside down, which is preferable when you read books in bed

Dont get me wrong - this looks like a great product - it just brought back memories of "someone set up us the bomb."

Re:Best. FAQ. EVER. (3, Funny)

Ledge (24267) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996799)

All your iris are belong to us. Run forward happy tulip. You will find your own walk path in our prefecture.

fisty sport? (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996661)

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Now look at it again.
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If you find the right combination of pushing back when this happens, and slacking off to let it push out, you can cause (in perhaps half of the women) her orgasm to continue happening, long after normal ones would have subsided. In some women you can even keep her at a "plateau" (raised level) of sexual excitement, like a prolonged orgasm (or a little less than one) afterward, building up to an even bigger climax. I've managed to keep this pattern of build-up, orgasm, plateau, orgasm, build-up, orgasm for over four hours, with one lover. We stopped when, though she wanted to go on, she was so exhausted that she really had to stop.
That brings me to another important point; G-Spot orgasms sometimes causes a huge amount (relatively speaking) of lubrication (juices, wetness)...far more than even the most excited woman gets from "conventional" stimulation. It's a good thing, too, because otherwise g-spot orgasms can only be prolonged for as long as she does not get raw/sore from it...which is yet another reason to be gentle. When that extra wetness combines with the push-out orgasm, you get actual ejaculation...like a guy, but much better tasting. The built up juices can shoot out in such volume that you, or she, may be afraid that she lost control of her bladder. That is (almost always) not what happened. The fear that she peed can be enhanced by the fact that the urethra is behind the g-spot, so that in rare cases the woman can sometimes get the feeling that she needs to pee, even though she does not.
In reality, in both men and women, enough sexual excitement prevents peeing, unless you try really hard. This is a built-in reflex, because urine is something of a spermicide. The "pee hard-on" that men get in the morning is partially his body taking advantage of this reflex, to keep him from accidentally wetting the bed with the urine that built up while he was sleeping.
Licking the Alphabet
Believe it or not, licking the alphabet, one letter at a time, on and around her clitoris/vulva actually works. The real goal is to be able to keep regular, rhythmic motions going, but to change them in some gradual pattern that isn't so different it throws her off, but isn't so redundant that she grows insensitive to it. The alphabet is probably the longest chain of shapes that you can be sure to repeat smoothly and rhythmically, without loosing track of where you are. Unless you are a victim of public education, I suppose, in which case you may have to stick to the letters of your name, or the numbers one through nine (being too confused by where to put the zero).
I would not suggest combining this with the g-spot stimulation, at least not with the intention of really giving her g-spot orgasms. The two techniques conflict a bit, as the focus of arousal is so different.
Around the World -- or the Sea, Anyway
Once you have your lover "used to" the whole g-spot stimulation thing (she will actually get "better at" cumming from g-spot stimulation, the more it's done to her), you can try, occasionally and for variety, stimulating her g-spot until she starts to really respond, then switching back and forth between pushing (as gently as normally necessary for that particular lover) her g-spot and pressing the length of your finger on the opposite side, as per the last section. Sometimes you can even get to the point of doing one press on one side, one on the other, back and forth, which can feel amazing and a bit "what on earth are you doing? No, I didn't say to stop" to her. Most likely, though, it'll work better if you switch every several seconds, not every time you press.
I should not fail to mention the cervix. You may not have even noticed it, by touch, but it's there and once you find it you'll wonder how you missed it (unless your lover has had histerectomy, in which case it's missing, no big deal). This is yet another area where you definitely want to build up to stimulating, as it can actually be painful to even touch if she's not excited enough...but, despite assumptions to the contrary, it can be very useful for stimulation, done correctly.
As I said, issue #1 is that she must be very aroused. Well, bearing in mind that everyone's different, of course.
The Cervix is also about 180 degrees around from the g-spot, but it's in much deeper (typically). It leads back to the rest of her reproductive organs, like the womb. If she's pregnant, don't mess with this at all. Watch out, too, for IUDs and diaphrams and the like. Hopefully you are on good enough terms with her to already know if she's using one of these contraceptive devices, which fit over the cervix.
The cervix is not an abtract "area", it actually juts up, like a little flesh mesa or something. It has an opening at its very "peak", but this is normally closed pretty tightly.
The best way to start is to gently caress around the sides and base of the cervix. Remember, she should already be very "hot" before you even start this part. Eventually, build up to circling it with one or two fingers, around and around, gently staying in contact with it so she can feel the motion through the cervix itself. How hard you can press depends a lot on the specific woman. This is also something that probably works better as a change of pace, not the "main course" of the cunnilingus session...unless she really gets into it.
That circling motion may get another round of "what on earth are you doing...hey! Don't STOP doing it!".
You may even, and in my experience this rarely works, but works well when it does, be able to press directly on the tip, with your finger or fingers, pressing it the way a penis might if one happened be entering her at the right angle to hit her cervix.
Anyone who likes, say, coffee or beer should have no room to complain about the way most women taste. No, I don't mean it tastes like coffee or beer, genius...I mean that beer and coffee are, at best, acquired tastes...they are not naturally pleasant to a human being, no matter how much your addiction to one or both has convinced you otherwise. Most people, whether they remember it or not, had to learn to like the taste of beer/coffee, and had the desire to be Like the Adults to help them along. Well, I'd list taking pleasure in cunnilingus above drinking addictive beverages on the list of things that prove maturity. Aside from that, there's the fact that many people who give it an honest try genuinely enjoy the taste/smell.
If you do have a lover who can experience repeated, extended orgasms from g-spot stimulation, and you (for some reason) need to take a break, the absolute best way to do this is to give her a clitoral orgasm. This can be as simple as pushing even more gently and slowly on her g-spot, while giving her clitoris more attention (it can often take more direct and firm stimulation by that level of arousal), so that her next orgasm is really caused by the licking, not the pressing of your finger(s). This works because, with many women anyway, clitoral orgasms leave her feeling very sensitive, and momentarily satisfied (or at least wanting to take a breather).
There is, on the other hand, a very interesting trick for staying "in the game" when your tongue is getting tired. Switch from moving your tongue directly, to using your whole jaw to move your tongue, by slightly opening and closing it. If you tire of this, move your entire head, so that it's doing the actual work that makes your tongue move. When even your neck tires, it's on to the final backup-plan, but the one that works the longest; gently rock your entire body back and forth, at the same speed that you were doing each of the other, so that it's your body that's actually doing the work to move your tongue. For someone who hasn't built up the mighty endurance that's useful with a lover who can have hours of orgasms, this is a great trick. Of course it mainly works when you're going simpler, rhythmic motions...save the fancy tongue stuff for when your tongue's doing all of the work (you should be able to switch back to tongue-only motion regularly, as it gets rested).

Re:fisty sport? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996796)

You totally screwed the formatting on that. Maybe you should leave it to the professionals.

Japanese English 1, Slashdot Editors 0 (5, Funny)

kvigor (66615) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996668)

Amazing! The Japanese promo literature is all correctly spelled, while the Slashdot story has at least three egregious errors. Unless "smurf", "shinny", and "Weib" are meant as some kind of sophisticated humor.

Re:Japanese English 1, Slashdot Editors 0 (3, Insightful)

NOT-2-QUICK (114909) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996784)

Perhaps you missed it, but the individual whom submitted the story and was being quoted intended the "smurf the weib" comment to be funny...this is quite obvious as it was followed by a half-assed © symbol - (c)...

While I agree that it wasn't funny, at last I checked it is not the Slashdot Editors' responsibility or duty to protect us from lame attempts at humor!!!

I can see it now.. (0, Troll)

korruptDOTcom (558100) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996677)

Ms. Anderson "Little johnny please pay attention"
Little Lohnny *watching pr0n on his headset"

Re:I can see it now.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996775)

Now that's so fucking funny. Can't think of anything humorous to say, can't even format his unfunny joke correctly. Why don't you go play over at the ZDnet forums or something?

But you don't wear it there.... (1)

danielrose (460523) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996678)

Smurf the Weib (c) via PHS or wireless LAN on your shinny new wearable SH-4 32Bit RISC processor running Windows®CE3.0

Shinny? Do you wear it on your leg or something?! What am I missing!!

Wearable crap .. or edible undies? (0, Troll)

lemonhed (412041) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996680)

Its really a dumb idea. This whole wearable computer business. Why would I want to wear a computer? do I wear my remote control? do I wear my cell phone? do I wear my PDA?

I use a frying pan all the time, but do you see me lugging a pot on my head all day long!

I can see it now... First wearable computers.. Next edible computers.... And finally... disposable computers..

how lame.

same as the Xybernaut Poma (2, Informative)

cruelshoes (122132) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996694)

This is the same thing that was posted a little while ago. It's being sold in the U.S. by Xybernaut.

Wow! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996707)

That looks f'ing sexy as hell!

Hmm, but of course I won't be approaching any women wearing that :)

anyone notice that ... (2, Informative)

duncanIdaho.clone() (457271) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996715)

this looks just like the xybernaut poma?

poma [xybernaut.com]

heh (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996722)

wow. a wearable internet appliance. for the kids who just couldn't get beat up enough in school.

CmderTaco is an idiot

MIGHT work... if you can't see it. (4, Interesting)

ratajik (57826) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996727)

Every wearable computer to date that I've seen won't fly... because it's waaay to visible (See: All the Dork comments). Saying that, from the specs and (small) number of pictures of this one, it might actually be useable. If you can really put that thing in your pocket, and just have the pointer and HUD when you need it... well, maybe. It'd sure be a lot better then lugging around a lap top (at 11 oz and 5x3x1).

I'd like to see people actually wearing it. Is it fairly invisible? Does it look like you should have a helicopter hat on? Something in-between?


Typos or truth? (0)

Sir Homer (549339) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996728)

Now you no longer need a high powered network to smurf the we(i)b. Do it from the comfort of the sofa or bed!

Hands-free (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996735)

I'm sure some Slashdotters would find that aspect pretty useful.

WIA What??? (2, Funny)

NOT-2-QUICK (114909) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996737)

While this is a quite interesting and intelligent question from the site's Q&A section, I believe that the answer was translated to English by the same people that did the translations for 'Zero Wing' (AYBABTU)...

Q: Do I need to close the other eye?

A: It is not necessary, and keep the other eye open is easy for this particuler display.Because a semi-transparent mirror is used so that the eye looking the displayed image will also see the"real-world" in some extent.Therefore, the display image can be seen just an additional object in the real world.

While mocking a poor translation on the site's Q&A page may seem a bit trivial, I think that this is a valid portrayal of why this will not work well in the US. Not only will they not supply the necessary marketing hype to get this thing off of the shelves and on to peoples heads, but as evidenced by their site's translations they are hardly catering to an English speaking market. Furthermore, in a country whose citizens are as vain about their appearance as Americans are (I know, I'm one of them...), I doubt that walking/driving around with one of these carbuncles attatched to your face is going to catch on quickly...

This is the Xybernaut Poma (3, Informative)

Vito (117562) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996740)

Or at least, I believe it is. It's been mentioned here [slashdot.org] before [slashdot.org] .

The Xybernaut Poma [xybernaut.com] is their OEM version of the direct-from-Hitachi model. Fifteen hundred bucks US gets you delivery before the end of Q1 2002.

It runs Windows CE, has no audio inputs, and I don't think anyone on the wearables mailing list [blu.org] has actually gotten one yet to see what development will be like, but it's very interesting, at least.

Re:This is the Xybernaut Poma (1)

Ando[evilmedic] (199537) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996759)

It is infact very similar to the Xybernaut Poma. For people who want to see what it looks like when it's on, there are two farily good
pictures of people wearing them in this PDF brouchure [xybernaut.com] .

Hitachi SH-4? (1)

Combuchan (123208) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996742)

Excuse my lack of Windows CE knowledge, but don't the vast majority of CE applications run on StrongARM processors instead of SH's? I thought SH-x's for WinCE were somewhat obsolete?

Oh, and seeing as how it hasn't been asked yet...

<Slashdot> Can we put Linux on it?

Re:Hitachi SH-4? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996849)

Actually, you're right - PocketPC 2002 and Windows CE.NET (both current) are slated to only run on StrongArm CPU's, so basically, this thing's shelf life is already over, just like my Casio E115's.

What you really want to look out for is the next generation of web tablets and wireless monitors that utilise Windows CE.NET - they're pretty cool.

Japanese press release (3, Informative)

BJH (11355) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996743)

Here's a quick translation of the Japanese news release [hitachi.co.jp] :


Industrial-use wearable Internet appliance launched in Japanese market
Hitachi, Ltd.'s venture company, Net-PDA, (CEO: Matsuoka Shigeru) will begin shipping the WIA-100NB wearable Internet appliance, with head-mounted display, from February 28.
Mobile computing needs are increasing with the spread of wireless communication infrastructure and Internet access from mobile phones.
The company completed an OEM licensing contract for wearable Internet appliances with the U.S. Xybernaut Corp. in June of 2001, and has conducted marketing in Japan. As a result, it judged that wearable Internet appliances are an effective solution for work environments such as clean rooms and machine rooms where printed materials cannot be used, as well as for hands-free viewing of blueprints and Internet/intranet access via PHS [a Japanese form of mobile phone] and wireless LAN.
The WIA-100NB, in order to meet these needs, weighs 310 grams for the main body, with the head-mounted display weighing a mere 80 grams, and the total package weighing less than 500 grams even with the addition of a pointing device. By rubbing the pointing device's optical sensor with a thumb, it is possible to move the cursor on the head-mounted display, allowing the operation of the unit in any position.
Used as terminals for improving work efficiency, wearable Internet applicances are predicted to form a major part of the market for portable information devices. The company aims to develop this valuable market further.


Then it lists the specs, and where to buy it (here [hitachi.co.jp] , but you'd better know Japanese).

The obligitory.... (0, Offtopic)

Jack Auf (323064) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996748)

Gosh a Beowulf cluster of these would be....you could just strap them all over your body and...

OK, I feel better now.

Re:The obligitory.... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996785)

how about several people's wearables as a Beowulf, or would that be too much like The Borg? (See Bill Gates Slashdot logo)

Just to beat anyone else to the punch (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996754)

The first lawsuit to allege that wearable internet appliances cause brain cancer will be filed in May, 2005.

Focus adjustment (1)

tit4tat (255420) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996760)

From the Q&A on the website:

Q: Does it have focus adjustment?

A: It is not necessary. Screen image will be presented at 2 feet from your eye. To see it is exactly the same as you see real objects at 2 feet from your eye. If you need corrective eye glasses or contact lenses, you can use them while wearing the display.

Obviously the display is not 2 feet from your eye, i.e., sticking out from your forehead by two feet. So there must be some optic gimmick to make it appear 2 feet from your eye. What kind of gimmick is this that would never need focus adjustment for any reason, such as, oh I dunno, I have a big protruding forehead so my display is further from my eye than the next guy's? Can someone familiar with optics shed some light on this (no pun intended)?

Re:Focus adjustment (2)

Graspee_Leemoor (302316) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996944)

I probably sit a different distance from my tv than you do, but neither of us see a need to focus a tv. The only reason they answer a (hypothetical) question about focusing, (I suppose), is that people may compare the device's display to a telescope or binoculars since it goes close to your eye.

The reason the display "appears" to be two feet away is because it is basically up close to your eye, so pretty much fills your view from that eye.

Actually I think they are playing on the concept of those "iglasses" or whatever they were called- you know, the ones where you gave them a video source and they displayed it on a pair of spectacles. The difference with these when compared to this display is that the "iglasses" showed a different picture to each eye so you could create the impression of a giant cinema screen (you can create false depth information), and secondly the "iglasses" wouldn't let you see anything else except the display- this display sounds as if it is either transparent or you can see round the edge of it.


How Useful Is WinCE (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996766)

The only problem with the unit is that it uses WinCE and an embedded processor; this basically means that there is zero application support. There is no reason that somebody cannot create a fully compatible Windows/Linux system using a portable pIII processor and solid state storage. The most difficult part about designing such a system is cutting cost and creating a usable display.

It seems that Hitachi has a decent display and they should focus on bundling it with a system that is actually flexibile enough to run complex Internet/Intranet connectivity applications.

Re:How Useful Is WinCE (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996787)

oh please. it's attitudes like this that keep us locked into those rediculous bloated processors that Intel keeps spewing out.

embedded devices aren't going to run the same types of applications as your average desktop for the near future. they're designed for totally different markets. this device is not going to be a consumer-level device at first: it's going to run very customized software for customized work environments.

additionally the PIII/4 are lousy processors. yes, they'll run pretty damned quickly, but they need to be clocked to rediculous clock speeds to do so. the only reason that the Pentium series is still a leading processor is because Intel is pouring billions of dollars into its development! if they were to pour that many dollars into a well-designed RISC processor, the results would be even more impressive. there will aways be more life in the x86 family, but those improvements come with huge development costs because they're tacked onto an infrastructure that really wasn't meant to do it.

on a related note, if you put a PIII in a device like this and wore it on your belt you'd probably get third degree burns on your hips. the PIII was never meant for embedded applications. it's all about using the right tool (or chip) for the job

but anyhow, i'm ranting. but still, i don't see why x86 has to be everywhere. there are better processors for these types of environment, and hanging onto this archaic backwards compatibility is seriously hampering development. embedded devices should use embedded processors, and hey, maybe it's even a chance to help break the WinTel monopoly: Linux runs perfectly well on every embedded processor I've worked on. eventually you have to give up, and move to a new architecture that's better designed for the task at hand. embedded devices are a great place to start this change.

so do yourself a favour and start looking into the PowerPC, MIPS, SuperH and other embedded processors. the x86 is not the be-all-and-end-all of microprocessors!

Designed for Windows (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996774)

"...running Windows®CE3.0."

And where did they put the Reset button ?

Excellent news! (1)

homebru (57152) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996791)

I, for one, am delighted to see this announcement. This appears to be very nearly the device that I have been saving my pennies to purchase. I had not actually expected to see one, though, so I was preparing to buy one of the Linux-based Sharp Zaurus thingies.

The fact that this dream device is being pre-announced is obviously a move to keep me from buying a Sharp in the immediate future. So that means that Hitachi must have found out that the production release of the Sharp is going to happen any day now.

So HOORAY! The Sharp is on the way!!!

Or not.

otay (1)

Morphine007 (207082) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996795)

DONE!!! [devnull.net]

not sure about the whole shinny thing though...

How about not (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996798)

This thing looks rediculously(SP) high-tech. Do they really think people will be walking around the street with that thing on their heads, get real. Its probably going to be complicated and overpriced anyways.

Hitachi's Suggested Applications for this (2)

guttentag (313541) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996801)

Hands-free referring to manuals, etc.
You mean, as opposed to the carpal tunnel syndrome-inducing Braille screens we all use today? The only thing hands-on about reading a manual is turning the pages, but even with this device I'd still have to use a hand to scroll through a digital manual
The display achieves desk-top PC level quality in mobile environment... WIA will come with you and present all the images while you are relaxing in couch, sofa, or even in bed.
What a breakthrough in mobile computing! That's about as mobile as my 1992-model PowerBook. If only I'd thought to duct tape the laptop to my head so the display sits in front of my face... I'd be rich today!

replica (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996806)

This is exactly the same as Poma [xybernaut.com] from Xybernaut

The lack of health consideration is appalling. (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996817)

Manufacturers expect consumers to wear these devices -- often for hours at a time -- but no substantial testing has been done for health risks.

Nobody knows what the long term effects of wearing a tiny screen a few inches away from your eye might be, and nobody has bothered to find out. This is characteristic of the technology sector, though. No one considered the risks of keyboards until people started losing the use of their hands. No one asked if monitors were healthy until people started going blind.

I am not anti-technology, by any means. However, it is ridiculous to destroy one's body for whatever short term gains you may be pursuing. Ultimately, it is an individual's responsibility to assure their own safety, but callousness of manufacturers is appalling. Until congress forces a change, though, I doubt health considerations will be taken into account when designing a product.

Woo Hoo! (1)

beefstu01 (520880) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996819)

So now I can read slashdot everywhere I go, and won't have to ever be without it for more than 10 minutes. Maby I can get some first posts in too...

Played with this at Comdex (5, Informative)

Anemophilous Coward (312040) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996823)

First off, for those who mentioned this looks like the Xybernaut Poma, you are correct.

From the main english Hitachi page [hitachi.co.jp] : FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, July 18, 2001 - Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT) and Xybernaut Corporation (NASDAQ: XYBR), today announced that Hitachi has entered into a license agreement under Xybernaut's broad patents for wearable computing and communications to develop a Wearable Internet Appliance (WIA) for the consumer market.

That said, I played around with one of those for a little bit when I visited the Xybernaut booth at Comdex. My thoughts? They are ok items. The screen projection is not too bad. Until you can focus one eye on the screen and simultaneously focus the other eye on faraway objects, you'll still only either chew gum or walk...if you know what I mean. The screen does flip up so both eyes can be used to focus on the task at hand when needed.

Someone asked about the input device. The one I played with (and you can see in the photos) has a hand-held input device. It has a touch screen which you move your finger (or rather thumb) around on to move the mouse pointer. I don't remember a keyboard, but I think another model might have had small keyboard you strap to your forearm. Otherwise, I think the model I played with had an on-screen keyboard you can bring up and tap out virtual keystrokes with the mouse pointer. This of course was some what a pain in the arse for me...but I guess YMMV.

This will be fairly useful in warehouse situations. Maybe on an assembly line: you can work on your task, and if computer assistance is needed, just flip the screen down and look up a part number or whatever. These still aren't the best for long-term computing sessions.

-A non-productive mind is with absolutely zero balance.
- AC

Hands Free? (0, Redundant)

Snoopy77 (229731) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996825)

That all depends on what you're looking at.

Obligatory Beowulf Joke (5, Funny)

Skirwan (244615) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996832)

Q: Wow, can you imagine a beowulf cluster of these?!

A: Yes I can, it's called a Borg Collective.

Damn the Emperor!

What purpose will this serve? (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996833)

Think about it; are you going to walk around the with this high-tech eyepatch on? And do you really need to be viewing /. in full color while away from your computer? I just can't see any practicality in these type of devices.

Sure, they look cool, but I won't be buying one anytime soon. Besides, I would probably have to stop paying rent just to afford it anyway... I'd be kicked out of my apartment, but at least I can browse the interet with a headset!

Re:What purpose will this serve? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996857)

I'll tell you right now at least one set of folks whowill use it: Aircraft Avionics and Powerplant maint techs. Those guys could use a "flip down" PC instead of having to climb back to the computer, etc. There are a lot

So the price point isnt for you college /. slackers, nor for coders. Tts for people who work for a living away from a desk.

a different kind of GUI? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996872)

I think it would be better if the view screen were paper thin and transparent. This way I could focus through it to the outside world if need be, and it would be less intrusive. Maybe something like a double blink to turn on/off the display.

Then it can used as a heads up targeting display, etc. In that kind of mode, a GUI is possibly the wrong angle, or else would have to be redesigned on rather different principles.

Color depth (2, Interesting)

suso (153703) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996834)

Full color.Color depth is 18 bits, 260,000 colors

WTF? 18 bits?

Wearable computers (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996839)

Guys, isn't this great?! What a great day, when some day in the future, ENTIRE CITIES will be built around this technology!

engrish.com (0, Offtopic)

stak (3074) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996840)

I smell a new website akin to www.engrish.com ... just for /.

Wrong Priorities (1)

fm6 (162816) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996867)

This product will fail for the same reason all the other "web appliance" products have failed. The necessary data infrastructure isn't there. Previous products, like the Audry, didn't fail because their display technology wasn't cool enough. They failed because there's still no way for the average non-geek consumer to connect such a device to the Internet.

Someday (hopefully in my lifetime!) high-speed access will be pervasive, affordable, and not require constant hand-holding when used by ordinary people. When that happens, the IAs will come thick and fast. Until then, they're just another way to fritter away VC cash.

Effects on the eye (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996894)

The only thing that makes me nervous about these things is that essentially your eyeball is just a few millimeters from a bright light source. Has anyone seen any research information about the long-term effects of close-proximity displays? I've got a gut feeling that it just can't be good for your eyes.

Dork (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996909)

It's bad enough that I'm a dork. Now I have to look like one, too?

$1500 bucks for an embedded processor, Windows CE driven headgear that will scare away potential mates and attract the law enforcement?

Make you go Blind? (0)

SillySlashdotName (466702) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996922)

Other than the hands free viewing of pr0n, 800x600 on a 13 inch display at 24 inches probably WOULD make you go blind. Would it even be possible to read characters on the screen? Especially when it seems it would be more like a HUD than a monitor (i.e., look through, not look at).

I have been holding out for the olympus Eye-Trek [olympusamerica.com]

One of these days...

Why I'll never buy one (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2996925)

When I take my laptop down the bar, girls might find me attractive. They might confuse me with a writer or something.

That'll never happen with one of these.

Gargoyles (2, Interesting)

lostboy2 (194153) | more than 12 years ago | (#2996940)

Countdown to Snow Crash [brown.edu] !

Right now this is Just Another Geeky Toy, but it doesn't seem like it's that far of a leap from the numerous PDAs that people love to carry around.

Personally, I'm waiting for x-ray goggles! ;-)

-- D
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