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Danger:Hot Frosting.

CmdrTaco posted more than 14 years ago

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I'm baking this kellogs pastry thingee in a toaster oven. Now I'm a veteren of many a pop-tar, but this is a variation on the theme that I'm unfamiliar with... the little bell goes off and I excitedly whip the glas door open. I rish inside to grab the tasty treat, only to overshoot, and plunge my fingers into the surface.

Now poptart frosting is made of some bizarre substance that nobody has ever quite reverse engineered. Scientists have heated it to thousands of degrees, yet it never leaves its solid form... I assumed that this pastry would behave similiar, but I erred with painful results. This frosting melted. I stuck my finger into it. It was hot. Real hot.

I yelp and begin sucking my fingers and making hurt noises as loud as can be expected considering my mouth is full of crisped fingers. The frosting tastes good, but my hands hurt. CowboyNeal laughs at me and I stick my fingers under the tap and run cool water over the pain.

Now I have burn blisters on 2 fingers. Damn pastry.

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