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Vermont Considers Legalizing Teen Sexting

samzenpus posted more than 5 years ago | from the have-fun-kids dept.

Idle 2

The Vermont Legislature is considering making sexting between teenagers legal. Under current laws, participants can be charged with child pornography, but lawmakers are considering a bill to legalize the consensual exchange of graphic images between people 13 to 18 years old. The bill passed the state Senate earlier this month. Hiding in the bushes and peering through windows will remain a crime.

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So it's OK between teenagers... (2, Insightful)

michelcolman (1208008) | more than 5 years ago | (#27567985)

But a 17 year old sexting her 19 year old boyfriend will still be jailed and branded a sex offender, right?

Why not within 3 years? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#27569383)

It would make too much sense. 17 and 20 is OK and 17 and 21 probably isn't. Everyone's happy except the creepers.

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