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No Social Media In These College Stadiums

kdawson posted more than 5 years ago | from the ninety-thousand-reporters dept.

Social Networks 265

RawJoe writes "Today, the Southeastern Conference (SEC) is expected to release a final version of its new media policy that, at the moment, can best be described as a ban on all social media usage at SEC games. Earlier this month, the conference informed its schools of the new policy, which says that ticketed fans can't 'produce or disseminate (or aid in producing or disseminating) any material or information about the Event, including, but not limited to, any account, description, picture, video, audio, reproduction or other information concerning the Event.' Translated, that means no Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TwitPic, or any other service that could in any way compete with authorized media coverage of the event. In the case of the SEC, authorized media coverage rights belong to CBS, who has a $3B deal with the conference over the next 15 years, according to The St Petersburg Times." Good luck with that. To quote Clay Shirky, "The idea that people can't capture their own lived experience is a losing proposition."

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Or Whatever the SEC version is. . . (5, Insightful)

MagusSlurpy (592575) | more than 5 years ago | (#29099993)

So in other words, I am not allowed to tweet, "Haha, the Bengals lost again?"

Re:Or Whatever the SEC version is. . . (1)

tresstatus (260408) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100021)

the SEC version would be, "haha, the commodores lost again". 8)

Re:Or Whatever the SEC version is. . . (1)

drcagn (715012) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100051)

Except the Commodores did quite well last season... How about, "haha, Bama lost to a MWC team in a bowl game!"

Re:Or Whatever the SEC version is. . . (1)

Hal_Porter (817932) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100455)

Yeah right. Commodore went bankrupt in 1992 and Mark Williams Company shut down in 1995.

Re:Or Whatever the SEC version is. . . (1)

tresstatus (260408) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100575)

it won't last.. it never does. vandy will always be the 2nd team in TN, regardless of what their record is. i live in nashville and can't stand the dores or the vols. in any other conference, vandy would be a contender every year. med and law students just don't have what it takes to compete with the good ole boys that go to all of the other SEC schools.

Re:Or Whatever the SEC version is. . . (5, Funny)

ToadProphet (1148333) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100903)

Football. Seriously, football talk on /.?

I'm confused and scared all at once.

Re:Or Whatever the SEC version is. . . (3, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100095)

Yes, but what does the Securities and Exchange Commission have to do with college sporting events?

Re:Or Whatever the SEC version is. . . (1)

jaymzter (452402) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100385)

the SEC version would be, "haha, Georgia lost to Florida again". 8)

Fixed that for you.

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Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100041)

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Re:Or Whatever the SEC version is. . . (2, Insightful)

timeOday (582209) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100491)

I don't know, does that happen to many pro sports fans? Because they've had just these sorts of rules for years and years. But let's not allow that to spoil our fun extrapolating the most insane abuses we can imagine.

Re:Or Whatever the SEC version is. . . (1)

Enderandrew (866215) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100763)

I mention this all the time I hear the disclaimer that I'm not legally allowed to disseminate any accounting of the game.

So fans can't discuss games? Is the NFL going to sue bloggers?

Re:Or Whatever the SEC version is. . . (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100901)

argument from antiquity. just cause it's old, don't make it right.

since i have terrible karma (-1, Troll)

fregare (923563) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100001)

frist post

Can a hearing aid rebroadcast it? (2, Interesting)

pecosdave (536896) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100005)

Seriously, from the surrounding ambient noise to the wearers ear?

Re:Can a hearing aid rebroadcast it? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100759)

Probably the lameness filter is going to complain about that, so I'll fix it by saying don't be a disingenuous tool.

As long as everybody Twitters, it'll be OK (5, Interesting)

olsmeister (1488789) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100025)

As long as everybody at the game just goes ahead and Tweets, it'll be OK. There's no way that the SEC can control thousands of people doing this at will. It will illustrate the ridiculousness of the whole policy.

Re:As long as everybody Twitters, it'll be OK (1)

bondsbw (888959) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100195)

Even if they could get through all that mess, how could they prove I actually attended the game? I could have given the ticket to a friend watched it on TV.

Re:As long as everybody Twitters, it'll be OK (1)

sortius_nod (1080919) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100471)

You could even go so far as to say you watched the game as a replay on TV and am commenting on that, not the same game you watched live.

The whole idea is stupid.

Re:As long as everybody Twitters, it'll be OK (3, Interesting)

Midnight Thunder (17205) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100557)

Ah well maybe everyone should participate in a flash crowd and dress up as birds in the stands and then tweet away about tweeting.

wrong (1)

NotQuiteReal (608241) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100705)

illustrate the ridiculousness of the whole policy

1) pick your political persuasion (often determines number 2)
2) pick your (in your opinion) reasonable activity
3) do it in a jurisdiction that doesn't agree that it is reasonable
4) be a criminal!

The world would be better off with fewer asshats, and the asshats are often not who you have been told they are.

so... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100753)

1) pick your political persuasion (often determines number 2)

In the USA - liberal, conservative, etc.

2) pick your (in your opinion) reasonable activity

smoke a joint, own a gun, etc.

3) do it in a jurisdiction that doesn't agree that it is reasonable

Florida, New York, etc.
4) be a criminal!

eventually there will be nowhere to go where you aren't jailable for something, unless you shut up and stay out of the way.

Re:As long as everybody Twitters, it'll be OK (1)

offrdbandit (1331649) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100959)

I don't think this is going to be much of a problem. Alcohol and mobile devices don't go well together, and everyone is drunk at SEC games.

Re:As long as everybody Twitters, it'll be OK (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29101037)

You're right. The RIAA has proven they can't win a lawsuit for people doing something they declared illegal.

Of course, those SEC fans might do what many music fans did...stop buying tickets.

Times like this (1)

Kamokazi (1080091) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100043)

It's times like this I wished I watched sports so I could boycott them. Oh well, guess I will continue not caring.

Re:Times like this (4, Insightful)

Fluffeh (1273756) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100715)

It's times like this I wished I watched sports so I could boycott them. Oh well, guess I will continue not caring.

Be careful mate.

"First they came for the Communists, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didnâ(TM)t speak up, because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me."
Pastor Martin Niemoller (1892-1984)

Re:Times like this (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100851)

And then they came for the Twits. And I sang "Thank God Almighty I'm free at last!"

The sensible answer is a protest (5, Interesting)

Gizzmonic (412910) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100063)

Using Twitter and Facebook when you're at a game is distracting at best, narcissistic at worst. However, the assumption that they are using to fuel their ban - that personal accounts and expressions are somehow not admissible, that CBS has a monopoly on communication - is dangerous, and should be protested. You can laugh it off and say, "There's no way that this is Constitutional," but you should stand up for your rights. As lame as it may sound, they should organize a huge Twitter contingent to post at the same time, and see if they can get kicked out. That would show people how out of touch the SEC is, and that people's rights cannot be signed away, with OR without their consent.

Re:The sensible answer is a protest (2, Insightful)

crispytwo (1144275) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100331)

Since people are generally stupid enough to not care until someone is sued, my prediction is that you will see no ban/contempt or consideration of protesting in any way. I think the best protest would be that no one go to the games until the agreement changes, but no - that wont happen either.

Stupid rules should lose them BIG money.

People are no longer political minded enough to care. The voting polls are an indication of that.

I can assure you that I wont go to any event unless I happen to get free tickets; then I will create a twitter account and post comments about a you-tube video I just posted about the event and invite others to do the same, or comment about CBS and their oppression.

Re:The sensible answer is a protest (1)

Jeff DeMaagd (2015) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100581)

Twitter contingent? You mean, getting a lot of people to pay to get access to an event to protest the event's rules? Are you sure you thought that one through? Vote with your dollars. Why not just avoid the event completely?

Re:The sensible answer is a protest (4, Insightful)

Jason Levine (196982) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100743)

Because intentionally violating the unjust rule is forcing their hand into enforcing it, thus revealing it to be unjust. I'd liken it to "colored" protesters back in the 60's who sat in the "whites only" sections fully intending to be arrested or to mothers who congregate and all breastfeed their babies together at a restaurant that bans breastfeeding everywhere except in the restroom stalls. (Would you want to eat your meal on some of those toilets?) Let's see the stadiums eject 100 fans per game for tweeting and see what kind of press coverage they get.

What if the ticket forms a contract? (1)

TheSpoom (715771) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100925)

What if all persons who bought tickets had to sign an agreement to such an effect, with the consideration that they are then able to see the game, and if they refuse, they are given a full refund?

Would that not form a binding contract?

They cannot control people doing things outside the stadium, but it's largely accepted practice that if you're in my home, you obey my rules. Same with any business place.

Re:The sensible answer is a protest (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29101415)

It sounds like it is a rule that is impossible to enforce, and of course it is.

It reminds me of a situation that happeded several years ago when the Japanese were purchasing the Pebble Beach Resort.

The Pebble Beach company announced that it was not permissable to take a picture of the 'Lone Cypress' that is on the 17 mile drive near the Pebble Beach golf course.

At the time I thought that it was a rule that was impossible to enforce, but then I thought that it was probably something the Japanese purchasers had demanded.

I suspect that this current 'rule' has been demanded by CBS and that SEC is making an effort to satisfy their demand.

Seriously? 15 years? (5, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100069)

Wow, what idiot decided to do that? Signing away broadcast rights for 15 years for a measly 3 billion? That's 200 million a year, that really is not that much money.

Who knows what kind of tech we will get in those 15 years? It's going to be very difficult to control that over the long term.

Re:Seriously? 15 years? (1)

that this is not und (1026860) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100171)

None of the social media people are describing is even broadcasting. Broadcasting itself is in jeopardy. Who wants to 'watch' a sporting event where there is only one channel to view it through?

Multicasting is the new chosen format. So the people in the stadium are doing nothing wrong if they share. The people who paid big bucks for the increasingly obsolete 'broadcasting rights' for 15 years are the suckers.

Re:Seriously? 15 years? (1)

jaymzter (452402) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100413)

Wow, what idiot decided to do that?

Please try harder. The SEC preserved their digital rights in those deals.

Re:Seriously? 15 years? (1)

LetsGoVandy (814297) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100417)

Let's $16.67 mil/yr in TV revenue. How much does that buy you? (source: [] ). -Tennessee spends $3.3 mil ... on football assistant coaches. -Central Florida (C-USA) spends $35.5 mil for ALL athletic programs -Florida (SEC) $98 million total/year all sports -Louisiana-Monroe .... $ 7 mil (all sports) (beating Alabama ... priceless) I can't tell you what Vanderbilt spends because Vanderbilt is a private school and has no "Athletic Department." But, as an NCAA-defined booster of the 'Dores I can tell you we need the 16.6 mil, a good contract negotiated at the start of the economic downturn. And until they pry it from my cold dead hands: []

Re:Seriously? 15 years? (4, Funny)

timeOday (582209) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100467)

That's 200 million a year, that really is not that much money.

Yeah, the seller sure got bamboozled!

Who knows what kind of tech we will get in those 15 years? It's going to be very difficult to control that over the long term.

Yeah, the buyer sure got bamboozled!

Uh, I mean... everybody sure is an idiot!

Re:Seriously? 15 years? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100801)

Not that much money?

I don't have a friggin' job, my car insurance is due on the 13th of next month and I need to find some way to stretch my last $69 to cover gas and whatnot.

Give me $500 and I'll say, "that's a huge wad of cash!" and be a happy camper.


Re:Seriously? 15 years? (1)

offrdbandit (1331649) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100977)

Do you have any idea how much these schools (and the conference as a whole) make in ticket revenues? They have the largest stadiums in the country and they are usually packed every weekend.

Who even cares (5, Insightful)

Brian Gordon (987471) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100071)

the Southeastern Conference (SEC) is expected to release a final version of its new media policy

That's nice. I'm releasing a new policy that anyone who says my name 3 times has to send me a $100 check.

So what if they release a policy? It's not like they have any sort of legal standing to enforce it. What are they going to do, stop selling you tickets?

Re:Who even cares (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100125)

More likely, they'll ban cell phones, and refuse you entry at the gate if you have one.

Re:Who even cares (2, Interesting)

Brian Gordon (987471) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100229)

I wouldn't go anywhere in public without my phone. Certainly not into a teeming mass of thousands of people. It's just an obvious safety precaution.

Re:Who even cares (1)

hal2814 (725639) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100219)

This is the SEC. They don't need legal standing. For most season ticket holders, losing their spot as a contributor/ticket holder would be far worse than spending a little time in jail and/or paying some sort of fine.

Physical enforcement is easy (1)

l2718 (514756) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100571)

They can easily enforce their policy by physically throwing you out of the stadium. It might be legal too: the fine print on the ticket will say that by using it to enter the building you agree to the policy. In fact, they may have a good case for trespass against you if you violate the policy: their house -- their rules. I doubt they'll successfully sue anyone for damages, but the threat of stadium security throwing you out is bad enough.

Re:Physical enforcement is easy (4, Funny)

Brian Gordon (987471) | more than 5 years ago | (#29101059)

I text "x just won!" A red light comes on in an operations room at the NSA. The operator verifies that it's illegal information. He looks up my cell number in a police database and forwards my name and number to the SEC quick response team. They search their ticket order database for credit card payment information corresponding to my name. There are 2 Brian Gordons at the game, so a technician dashes down to the video surveillance command. He hunches over an open workstation at the back of the room and calls up seating plans for the stadium and the camera coverage layout. He brings up a still frame from the correct camera. He can't tell exactly what he's looking at so he opens a 3D model of the stadium, counts off the seats to find my seat number, and zooms out toward the camera's position. He switches between the still frame window and the 3D model window until they match up perfectly. He registers a video stream from the video processing cluster since it hasn't been offloaded to storage yet. He connects to the stream, seeing a live feed from that camera. He sshes into the cluster and with a few quick commands to the stream server navigates to the exact time of the text. He zooms in, but my seat is too far from the camera to get a clear image. He has an idea- he'll try to see if the TV cameras passed over that section. He sshes into the producer's control workstation and downloads the XML cache of the camera location control software. The archive was never closed for writing so it's corrupt but WinRAR extracts most of the control commands. He filtered out every command except those 10 seconds around the call. There were about 100 files. He opened them all, and went through one by one. 11 files in, he finds a camera whose origin position and origin angle look down on E section. The HD stream hasn't been encoded for storage yet so he dumps the raw data for that camera, for that 1-minute interval around the call. At around 70MB per frame, it takes a few minutes to become available on the stream server. He streams it, manually seeks until it swings into the proper angle, and zooms in tightly on my seat. Sure enough, I'm texting. So it's definitely that Brian Gordon. He dashes back up to the quick response center and quickly opens a security ticket, assigning the E section attendants and marking it Immediate Alert so it will send them a text. They get the alert, containing my seat number. They spot me.

"Excuse me sir, please come with us."

Re:Physical enforcement is easy (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29101113)

It might be legal too: the fine print on the ticket will say that by using it to enter the building you agree to the policy.

Contract of Adhesion

Re:Who even cares (1)

TubeSteak (669689) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100627)

So what if they release a policy? It's not like they have any sort of legal standing to enforce it. What are they going to do, stop selling you tickets?

You're in their* stadium.
They have all the legal standing they need to wield the banhammer and blacklist you.

The SEC doesn't have to actively police tens of thousands of people per game.
All they have to do is make an example of a few high profile individuals.

*It's not really theirs, but their rules apply, which works out to be the same thing.

Re:Who even cares (1)

Liquidrage (640463) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100849)

This crosses a blurry line though.

Many of the stadiums and schools where this "policy" would naturally be enforced are on publicly funded campuses. This isn't quite the old "private entity - their rules" we so see often confused on the internet.

I'm not saying which way it would end up, but I would imagine that could put a twist on it.

Re:Who even cares (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29101263)

Brian Gordon, that's quite silly. Everyone knows that saying Brian Gordon isn't something that will get Brian Gordon $100. Oops!


Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100081)

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"Did you want to join him."

"I might have if he'd asked. He didn't."

"I like showing off my cock," said Ike. "A hard-on is somethng I always been proud of. A hard-on proves a man's a man. Makes me feel like a man that can do things." He looked up at me and winked. "You getting a hard-on fromall this talk, son?"

I nodded and looked away.

"Then maybe you should pull it out and show old Ike what you got."

"We shouldn't."

"Hey. A man's not a man till he jacked off with a buddy."

I wanted to but I was as nervous as hell.

Ike grinned and fingered his pecker. "C'mon, Boy, between friends, a little cock showing is perfectly fine. Lets see what you got in the cock and balls department."

In spite of my reluctance, I felt the stirring in my crotch. I had curiositythat needed satisfying. It had been a long, long time since I had walked in on my grandfather .

"C'mon let's see it all."

I shook my head.

"You can join the party anytime, said Ike. "Just drop your pants and pump away."

I had the urge. There was a tingling in my crotch. My cock was definitely willing and I had a terrible need to ajust myself down there. But my timidity and the strangeness of it all held me back.

Hope you don't mind if I play out this hand." I ke grinned. "It feels like I got a winner."

I stared at his gnarled hand sliding up and down that pale, white column and I could not look away. I wet my lips and shook my head.

Old Ike's about to spout a geyser." Ike breathed harder as he winked. "Now if I just had a long finger up my ass. You interested, boy?"

I shook my head.

The first, translucent, white glob crested the top of his cock and and arced to the dirt floor. Ike held his cock at the base with thumb and forefinger and tightened noticably with each throb of ejaculation until he was finished.

I could not believe any man could do what he had done in front of another human being.

Ike sighed with pleasure and licked his fingers. "A man ain't a man till he's tasted his own juices."

He squatted, turned on the faucet and picked up the connected hose. He directed the water between his legs and on to his still dripping prick and milked the few remaing drops of white, sticky stuff into the puddle foming at his feet. "Cool water sure feels good on a cock that just shot its wad," said Ike.


"Cock-tale telling time," said Old Ike. It was the next day and he rubbed the front of his dirty,worn overalls where his bulge made the fly expand as his fingers smoothed the denim around the outline of his expanding cock.

I wasn't sure what he had in mind but I knew it wasn't something my straight-laced Grandma would approve of.

"Don't you like taking your cock out and jacking it?" Ike licked his lips.

I shook my head in denial.

"Sure you do. A young man in his prime has got to be pulling his pud."

I stared at his caloused hand moving over the growing bulge at his crotch.

"Like I said," continued Ike, "I got me barely six inches when he's standing up." He winked at me. "How much you got, son?"

"Almost seven inches. . ." I stuttered. "Last time I measured."

"And I'm betting it feels real good with your fist wrapped around it."

"I don't do. . ."

"Everybody does it." He scratched his balls and said,"I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Then, looking me in the eye, he lifted his leg like a dog at a tree and let out a long, noisy fart.

Denying that I jacked off, I said, "I saw yours yesterday."

"A man has got to take out his pecker every once in a while." He winked and his fingers played with a button on his fly. Care to join me today?"

"I don't think so."

"What's the matter, boy? You ashamed of what's hanging 'tween your skinny legs?"

"It's not for showing off."

"That would be so with a crowd of strangers but with a friend, in a friendly showdown, where's the harm?

"It shouldn't be shown to other people. My Grandma said that a long time ago when I went to the bathroom against a tree whan I was seven.

"There's nothing like a joint pulling among friends to seal a friendship," said Ike.

I don't think so." I felt very much, ill at ease.

"Then what the fuck is it for," demanded the old man. "A good man shares his cock with his friends. How old are you boy?"

"Nineteen almost twenty."

You ever fucked a woman?"


"Ever fucked a man?"

"Of course not.

"Son, you ain't never lived till you've fired your load up a man's tight ass. "I didn't know men did that to each other."

"Men shove it up men's asses men all the time. They just don't talk about it like they do pussy."

"You've done that?"

"I admit this old pecker's been up a few manholes. More than a fewhard cocks have shagged this old ass over the years." He shook his head, wistfully, "I still have a hankering for a hard one up the old dirt chute."

"I think that would hurt."

"First time, it usually does," agreed I ke. He took a bite from his sandwich.

I looked at my watch. Ten minutes of our lunch hour had already passed.

"We got time for a quickie," said Ike. "There's no one around to say, stop, if were enjoying ourselves."

He unhooked the slide off the button of one shoulder-strap, pushed the bib of his overalls down to let them fall to his feet.

"Showtime," said Ike. Between his legs, white and hairy, his semi-hard cock emerged from a tangled mass of brown and graypubic hair. The foreskin, still puckered beyond the head of the cock, extended downward forty-five degrees from the horizontal but was definitely on the rise.

I could only stare at the man. Until the day before, I had never seen an older man with an erection besides my grandpa.

Ike moved his fingers along the stalk of his manhood until the head partially emerged, purplish and broad. He removed his hand for a moment and it bobbled obscenely in the subdued light of the potting shed. Ike leaned back against a bin of clay pots like a model on display. "Like I said, boy, it gets the job done."

I found it difficult not to watch. "You shouldn't. . ."

"C'mon, boy. Show Ike your peckeer. I'm betting it's nice and hard."

I grasped my belt and tugged on the open end. I slipped the waistband button and two more before pushing down my blue jeans and shorts down in one move. My cock bounced and slapped my belly as I straightened."

"That's a beaut." Ike stroked his pale, white cock with the purplish-pink head shining. "I'm betting it'll grow some more if you stroke it."

"We really shouldn't. . ."

"Now don't tell me you never stroked your hard peter with a buddy."

"I've done that," I finally admitted,. "But he was the same age as me and it was a long time ago." I though back to the last time Chuck and me jerked each other off in the loft of our old barn. Chuck wanted more as a going away present and we had sucked each other's dicks a little bit.

"Jackin's always better when you do it with somebody," said Ike. "Then you can lend each other a helping hand."

"I don't know about that," I said.

Ike's hand continued moving on his old cock as he leaned over to inspect mine. "God Damn! Boy. That cock looks good enough to eat." Ike licked his lips. "You ever had that baby sucked?"

I shook my head as I watched the old man stroke his hard, pale cock.

"Well boy, I'd sayyou're packing a real mouthful for some lucky gal or guy." He grinned. "Well c'mon. Let's see you get down to some serious jacking. Old Ike's way ahead of you."

I wrapped my fist around my stiff cock and moved the foreskin up and over the head on the up stroke. On the down stroke the expanded corona of the angry, purple head stared obscenely at the naked old man.

Ike toyed with his modest six inches. "What do you think of this old man's cock?" His fist rode down to his balls and a cockhead smaller than the barrel stared back at mine.

"I guess I'm thinking this is like doing it with my grandpa."

"You ever wish you could a done this with your grandpa?"

"I thought about it a lot."

"Ever see him with a hard-on."

"I told you about that!"

"Ever think about him doing your grandma?"

"I can't imagine her ever doing anything with a man.

"Take my word for it, sonny, we know she did it or you wouldn't be here." Begrudgingly I nodded in agreement.

"Everybody fucks," said old Ike. "They fuck or they jack off."

"If you say so."

"Say sonny, your cocks getting real juicy with slickum. Want old I ke to lick some of it away?"

"You wouldn't."

Ike licked his lips as he kept his hand pistoning up and down his hard cock. "You might be surprised what old Ike might do if he was in the mood for a taste of what comes out of a hard cock."

And that is what he proceded to do. He sucked me dry.

Then he erupted in half-a-dozen spurts shooting out and onto the dirt floor of the potting shed. He gave his cock a flip and shucked t back into his overalls. He unwrapped a sandwich from its wax paper and procede to eat without washing his hands. He took a bite and chewed. "Nothing like it boy, a good jacking clears the cobwebs from your crotch and gives a man an appetite."


The following day, We skipped the peliminaries. We dropped our pants. Ike got down on his knees and sucked me until I was hard and good and wet before he stood and turned.

"C'mon boy, Shove that pretty cock up old I ke's tight, brown hole and massage old Ike's prostate.

Ike bent forward and gripped the edge of the potting bench. The lean, white cheeked buttocks parted slightly and exposed the dark brown, crinkly, puckered star of his asshole "Now you go slow and ease it along until you've got it all the way in," he cautioned. "This old ass craves your young cock but it don't want too much too soon. You've got to let this old hole stretch to accomodate you."

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Easy boy, easy," he cautioned. "You feel a lot bigger than you look. Put a little more spit in your cock."

"It's awfully tight. I don't know if it's going to go or not."

""It'll go," said Ike. "There's been bigger boys than you up the old shit chute."

I slipped in the the last few inches.. "It's all in."

"I can tell," said Ike. "Your cock hairs are tickling my ass."

"Are you ready," I asked.

"How are you liking old Ike's hairy asshole so far?"

"It's real tight."

"Tighter than your fist?"

"Might be."

"Ready to throw a fuck into a man that reminds you of your grandpa."

"I reckon."

"I want you should do old Ike one more favor."


While you're pumpin my ass, would you reach around and play with my dick like you would your own? Would you do that for an old man?"

I reached around and took hold of his hard cock sticking out straight in front of him. I pilled the skin back amd then pulled it up and over the expaded glans. I felt my own cock expand inside him as I manipulated his staff in my fingers. I imagined that my cock extended through him and I was playing with what came out the other side of him.

"C'mon, boy, ram that big cock up the old shitter and make me know it. God Damn! tickle that old prostate and make old Ike come!"

I came. And I came. Ike's tightened up on my cock and I throbbed Roman Candle bursts into that brown hole as I pressed into him. His hairy, scrawny ass flattened against my crotch and we were joined as tightly as two humans can be.

"A man's not a man till he's cum in another man." said old Ike. "You made it, boy. But still, a man's not a man till he's had a hard cock poked up his ass at least once."

Every time I think of that scene, I get another hard-on. Then I remember the next day when old Ike returned the favor.

I never have managed to come that hard again. If only Ike were here.


Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100909)

TLDR Please troll shorter.

Higher Education (3, Interesting)

unlametheweak (1102159) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100083)

Since schools are disseminators of knowledge, this policy to ban knowledge/information attacks the entire institution of education. What network TV has to do with the educational process beyond Cable In The Classroom is beyond understanding. Clearly these policies will need to change or colleges will no longer be an effective means of higher education.

Re:Higher Education (2, Insightful)

ColdWetDog (752185) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100311)

Clearly these policies will need to change or colleges will no longer be an effective means of higher education.

The idea that Twitter is even remotely related to 'higher education' just seems, well, bat shit insane.

Re:Higher Education (1)

Brian Gordon (987471) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100387)

Men running around a field doesn't have anything to do with education anyway.

Re:Higher Education (1)

biryokumaru (822262) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100819)

Have you been to an American school lately? Whatever education has to do with academia has long since been forgotten.

Trying to police this... (4, Insightful)

yoshi_mon (172895) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100105)

As a longtime Gator I'm trying to imagine what kind of hell trying to police this will be. And that is from the prospective of being a Gator being that UF is pretty damn uptight when it comes to how they expect us to act at our home sporting events. Never freaking mind what happens at Ol'Miss or UT games.

Yeah, good luck with that SEC.

Re:Trying to police this... (1)

hal2814 (725639) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100173)

Sill Gator fan. They aren't interested in actually executing a real ban. They just want to have the full and proper authority to kick you out of the stadium for doing any sort of information transmission that could potentially harm their revenue stream.

Re:Trying to police this... (4, Insightful)

jcrousedotcom (999175) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100409)

I often work as a Deputy Sheriff for the local ACC (FSU) games during the season - in addition to making sure that drunk doesn't puke all over the kid in front of him or that gal that just downed the bottle of skyy doesn't fall down the stairs I am going to have to 'police' ppl taking pics and using their cell phones during a game?

I know, I know, this was SEC, but how long before some of the others pick this up? Real sure I took a picture last time I was at the FSU / UF game in Tallahassee - while in uniform and on duty - are they going to eject me as well? ;)

I think an earlier poster hit the nail on the head - it isn't so much so they will enforce it, just they will have the opportunity to enforce it if they so desire (selectively probably).....

Re:Trying to police this... (2, Interesting)

0100010001010011 (652467) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100297)

As an alumni, probably not much, but any student that gets caught with a facebook photo taken in the stadium: immediate suspension.

Or they'll give the poor student an option of paying a "Reduced fine" ($2-5k) and everything will be taken care of out of court. Everything done RIAA style against students that can't afford a lawyer to fight this.

Re:Trying to police this... (2, Informative)

jaymzter (452402) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100489)

Another long time Gator fan here. I believe what's driving this decision is that the SEC held on to their digital rights from the big multi-billion dollar deals with ESPN and CBS. Not only are they currently trying to ban twitter, facebook, et al., they are also "prohibiting" digital broadcasts of the games, since they are starting the SEC Digital Network.

Although I dislike this decision, it's pretty much par for course with Major League Baseball and the NBA, correct?

Go Gators

Re:Trying to police this... (2, Insightful)

Geckoman (44653) | more than 5 years ago | (#29101001)

They won't have to police it at our stadium. Drop an extra 70k people in town and you can barely make a cell call for a mile around the stadium, much less get net access inside of it.

There's not much need to spend effort enforcing something that's practically impossible anyway.

Suck it out (4, Insightful)

oldhack (1037484) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100157)

Hope this sucks the money out of college sports so the schools go back to teaching.

Re:Suck it out (1)

Blackhalo (572408) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100689)

Falling advertising revenue due to the economic downturn might accomplish the same thing. I wonder what the next big media contract might be.

Re:Suck it out (1)

wile_e8 (958263) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100949)

Uh, that's nice wishful thinking there, but this new policy a reaction to the new TV deal they have in place with ESPN. They are receiving approximately a metric fuckton of money and are trying to make ESPN happy by eliminating any dissemination through any other sources. Not that they can stop it, but I'm sure there are a bunch of people in suits that think they can if they pay enough legal fees. But as for sucking the money out of college sports, not even close.

Morons (3, Interesting)

Grayswan (260299) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100159)

I WAS an SEC football fan. I'm not whether I'm allowed to be now. Can I not discuss the game with friends the next day now? Fuck that.

Hmm... (1)

fuzzyfuzzyfungus (1223518) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100181)

"The idea that people can't capture their own lived experience is a losing proposition."

Only if you don't have a bottomless supply of other people's money, and a dash of state power, to enforce the ban. Dirty hippie.

How many lawsuits are they willing to file? (1)

Anonymous Freak (16973) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100193)

When the first SEC game is held, and 10,000 people all tweet (or post to Facebook, etc,) from their cell phone "Take that, SEC!", what will they do?

Not to mention, people who use pseudonyms. Will they actually take the time to track down people who are posting two pictures to TwitPic?

I can *MAYBE* understand them saying "no competing with our contracted partner", aka no having a running play-by-play via Twitter, with fifty+ accompanying pictures (think what lots of blogs do for Apple Keynote events...) But to say you can't post "I'm at the (xyz) game!" to Facebook is ridiculous.

Re:How many lawsuits are they willing to file? (2, Funny)

dangitman (862676) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100625)

When the first SEC game is held, and 10,000 people all tweet (or post to Facebook, etc,) from their cell phone "Take that, SEC!", what will they do?

Nothing, because that doesn't violate the rules. If they described the game, that would be a different matter.

The SEC doesn't get Viral Advertising (2, Interesting)

miracle69 (34841) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100241)

War Eagle to all, and I can't believe but totally understand the short-sightedness of this.

The SEC became the best conference in college football because fans are rabid. They live, eat, breath this stuff year round. They talk about it year round. Trying to control pics/video/texts from a SEC game is impossible from a practical standpoint and stupid from a marketing standpoint. You want more people talking about your sport, openly, and while there. That increases your brand penetration and desirablity.

$3Bn could buy coverage of actual news (1)

hoarier (1545701) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100281)

Three billion dollars? That would pay for some competent journalists at news bureaus around the world. Whereupon there'd be more competition for Fox "News" and CNN. Meanwhile, those interested in sports could either go and see sports for themselves (higher ticket sales!) or via YouTube. Less publicity for the universities? Splendid: they'd have less of this dubious obsession with male musculature and could instead put more effort toward encouraging places for intellectual stimulation, soft drugs, (safe!) sex, and revolution.

Re:$3Bn could buy coverage of actual news (1)

Brian Gordon (987471) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100425)

Why would the SEC rather see stiffer news competition than $3 billion in their account? Or why would CBS rather see high ticket sales? Your post makes no sense

Re:$3Bn could buy coverage of actual news (1)

hoarier (1545701) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100595)

Apparently CBS is shelling out $3Bn for "exclusive" (?) rights to this stuff. Despondently contemplating what passes for US TV "news", I'd rather see actual news than either ersatz news or people running around with balls. Maybe I'm unusual. I presume that, other things being equal, the universities and stadium owners would prefer higher ticket sales.

I see the future (1)

justcauseisjustthat (1150803) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100295)

Hundreds if not thousands of people streaming video of events from their phones over the AT&T 3G network, oooops, never mind :-)

Re:I see the future (1)

miracle69 (34841) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100321)

If you've ever been in an SEC stadium with 90,000 other people trying to use their cell phones, you'll understand that live streaming Just Ain't Happenin'â. Text messages are about all you can reliably send/receive during a game.

Impossible? (1)

johnek (740814) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100329)

How would they tie Seat 3F Section 110 to (phone number/Twitter User/etc.)? How could they tie it fast enough prior to the game ending and finding me? Cannot believed they think this might work.

Re:Impossible? (2, Insightful)

Brian Gordon (987471) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100439)

You pay with a credit card? You're a famous blogger?

Silence (1)

devnullkac (223246) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100343)

I suppose that would include turning to the person sitting next to you and commenting on the game. Or even cheering in response. In fact, I would expect a stadium filled with people studiously following these restrictions to be utterly silent. Aren't sporting events fun? Don't answer that.

Re:Silence (1)

miracle69 (34841) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100369)

I believe what you describe is a Notre Dame home game.

Re:Silence (1)

miracle69 (34841) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100403)

And the obligatory link []

Court-ready proof that this can't work: (4, Insightful)

Hurricane78 (562437) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100367)

There is another social medium, without which the whole event's existence can't even be proven: Good old fashioned direct human-to-human communication.
In other words: Does this contract rule (as opposed to a law) forbid people to memorize it and then tell it to other people (e.g. by talking to someone later)?
How would they expect to enforce or even check this? They can't control it. They would have to delete the memory inside the brain every time someone steps outside.
So if people can tell someone, then that other person can put in on a social medium site, because he/she never had a contract or anything with the SEC.
Which makes the rule pointless and by definition ineffective.

They have to face the fact, that the time of exclusive "big media" broadcast rights is over. Besides: Who watches it on "big media" anyway nowadays? I have no TV for nearly a decade now, and many friends of mine don't have one either. Or they only switch it on, to zap for some time, find that nothing is on, and switch it off again.

Is TV still that big in the USA? (Germany here.)

Re:Court-ready proof that this can't work: (1)

dangitman (862676) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100599)

They would have to delete the memory inside the brain every time someone steps outside.

Yes, they would. That's what scientists are for, to develop solutions to problems like this.

Re:Court-ready proof that this can't work: (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100855)

The NFL does try prevent describing the game to friends. Every game has the following disclaimer and most fans can recite it by heart.

"This telecast is copyrighted by the NFL for the private use of our audience. Any other use of this telecast or of any pictures, descriptions, or accounts of the game without the NFL's consent, is prohibited."

It's not a stretch that colleges do the same. Enforceability is another whole issue of course.

Re:Court-ready proof that this can't work: (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100935)

The brainwashed masses in the US have to get their doses of American Idol, Bridezilla's and Fox News. I never turn on TV here in the states. Sometimes if I want some BG noise I put on the History Channel or SCIFI.

TV is a complete waste of money in my opinion. My girlfriend likes to watch Law and Order and CSI stuff, think that's the only reason to keep TV around.

First they banned the twitterterizers. (1)

Alien Being (18488) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100371)

But I was not a twitterterizer so I said nothing.

Then they banned anyone who fraternized with twitterizers, but I didn't know any twitterizers, so I still said nothing.

Eventually they came for everyone who ever heard of a twitterizer.

Dickheads won, 21-21.

Even more absurd... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100395)

Is the fact that these kids are bringing in BILLIONS in sales, merchandising and advertising for these schools, meanwhile, they aren't allowed so much as a free coffee at the local Starbucks without risking their career. Nowhere else in America is that acceptable.

They can get their free coffee at the dining hall (1)

JSBiff (87824) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100643)

While I do agree that it's a little, I dunno, unfair to the students, I would point out that the schools can and do give them 'athletic scholarships', including tuition, room, board, and possibly other expenses. At a lot of these large Universities, that package deal could be worth something like $30,000 - $60,000 year (maybe more at some, I'm not sure). They can get all the free food, soda, and coffee they want at the University dining services, included in their 'scholarship'. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if these Universities had very nice, very exclusive dining halls just for their elite athletic students with better food and coffee than the 'normal' students get, you know, the people who are at the University to actually *study* things like science, engineering, mathematics, language arts, literature, history, etc. The University could, I'm sure, 'contract' with Starbucks to provide coffee for their football and basketball players, with no repurcussions for the players.

Any Surprise? (2, Insightful)

MarkvW (1037596) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100401)

Students are a mere adornment at these football institutions. Football for the students? What a quaint idea . . .

Pssst! Hey, buddie! (2, Interesting)

WheelDweller (108946) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100483)

There was this ball game the other, really! And since no one was paying attention, and no one was permitted to share in the reality, NOBODY SHOWED UP.

Are these the same boneheads who though the Federal government were smart enough to blow 20,000 to 30,000 times the "Cash for Clunkers" program, yet Clunkers was a dismal failure? (The fed is inept, period. No matter which country you talk about.)

These people smell like the RIAA...

Re:Pssst! Hey, buddie! (1)

RyuuzakiTetsuya (195424) | more than 5 years ago | (#29101385)

you know what I love? opinions that make clearly verifiable claims, like, "The fed is inept, period. No matter which country you talk about" yet have no desire to actually verify that claim.

Censor all Posters (1)

Midnight Thunder (17205) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100485)

Sounds like they need to be sent the message by having all their logos and posters covered with something like "Censored for due to communication of existence of teams and stadium - they don't exist".

That is just an idea thrown to the wind, if you decide to really do it is your choice.

Isn't this standard? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100497)

Isn't this the same as what Major League Baseball and the NFL always say at the start of all their games? The only thing different is its moving down to College Level?

This reply (1)

EEPROMS (889169) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100515)

cannot be commented about in a derogatory manner or distributed in such a manner that may damage said posters standing in the community. Failing to follow these actions will incur being locked in a room while Tron is playing backwards.

Seriously? (1)

bytethese (1372715) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100527)

This has to be the dumbest idea ever. So some collegiate body is going to tell me what personal experiences I can and cannot share with whom I please?

Um, no.

I have a brain, thoughts are produced, I wish to share those thoughts. No one necessarily has to listen to my thoughts but if I'd like to share personal experiences (and it doesn't involve national security) then I should be allowed to do so.


Re:Seriously? (1)

profplump (309017) | more than 5 years ago | (#29101045)

I don't know about you, but I fully expect to be able to speak my mind even if it does involve national security.

What is a social network? (1)

dangitman (862676) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100561)

Naturally, the summary focuses sensationalistically on the popular buzzwords du jour: Twitter, Facebook, et-fucking-cetera. But the actual wording of the ban seems to be much more broad than this - it would supposedly ban somebody describing anything about a game on a regular cell-phone call. You couldn't call your wife and say "sorry, I'll be home late, the game is going into overtime."

Which to me, raises another question, why do we refer to the privileged sites (MySpace, Twitter, Facebook) as "social network" but exclude the mobile phone network? Doesn't it perform the same function? What about actual face-to-face social groups, are they not social networks?

Another nitpick: the article already says "Good luck with that," so shouldn't it be tagged "goodluckwiththatgoodluckwiththat" instead of simply "goodluckwiththat"?

Re:What is a social network? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100841)

No one would say that a call to your wife is in any way appreciably competing with the SEC's approved coverage of the event. The issue with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, et al. is that they're one-way broadcasts. I'm sure you can see how that is of far more interest to them.

I think a mobile phone network would apply if you set up a service such that callers could dial in and listen to you recount the events you're watching. That's just radio with a cell phone twist.

Jokes on you (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | more than 5 years ago | (#29100725)

Anyone who pays to spend one second of their time watching a bunch of ooga booga nigger "athletes" chimpout on the field and actually enjoys the proceedings deserves to be raped by their corporate masters who put on such a disgusting spectacle in any way possible.

Capturing the experience is not the issue.... (1)

dos4who (564592) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100749)

""The idea that people can't capture their own lived experience is a losing proposition."" ... No one's saying you can't capture your experience... just don't broadcast your experience to the masses. Not that I agree with either argument, but let's stay on track with the issue here.

They aren't interested in fans (4, Insightful)

ISurfTooMuch (1010305) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100769)

Well, in a way, they are. What I'm trying to say is that they couldn't care less if you tweet to your friends or post to Facebook.

What they ARE interested in is controlling coverage of the game that competes with that of CBS. If you happen to be working for a newspaper, Web site, TV station, blog, or podcast that hasn't been blessed by CBS and/or the SEC, they're gunning for you. After all, you might do something crazy like publish real-time coverage of a game, a frequently-updated scoreboard, or, heaven forbid, you might interview a player. Want a video clip to use? Pay up. Want to post that footage you got of a player sucker-punching an official? Not unless you get approval. Want to do anything that CBS or the SEC doesn't want you to do? They'll show you the exit and place a boot in your ass at no extra charge.

If you want to really piss off the SEC, forget a mass tweet protest. No, start an unauthorized Web site providing coverage of SEC events, and make it better than what the SEC and CBS offer. That'll get their attention in a big way.

A Little Clarification (4, Informative)

cypherwise (650128) | more than 5 years ago | (#29100821)

It seems the ban applies to the press (ie. the media) that are covering the game. Those people actually are entering into a legally binding contract when they enter the stadium and begin covering the game. Much needed clarification is given by a Nashville Is Talking [] article with updates, their producer did what Slashdot should have done about 7 hours ago and actually read the f'in policy. Here [] is the actual Southeastern Conference Media Credentials EULA thinger.
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