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Man's Finger Bitten Off At Health Care Rally

samzenpus posted about 5 years ago | from the Obama's-finger-reattachment-panel dept.

Idle 23

A 65-year-old anti-health care reform protester had his finger bitten off during a fight with a pro-health care reform protester. Around 100 protesters were holding a health care reform rally when a group of anti-reform folks gathered on the opposite side of the street. A witness says a man walked through the anti-reform group to get to the pro-reform side when he got into an altercation with the 65-year-old. It's good that we can have this debate in a calm, adult manner before we start biting off digits.

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The problem with protest rallies (1)

oldspewey (1303305) | about 5 years ago | (#29300879)

The problem with protest rallies is that they are primarily attended by brainwashed slogan-chanting fools with absolutely no ability to grasp the nuances of the topic at hand.

Re:The problem with protest rallies (1)

Bob-taro (996889) | about 5 years ago | (#29304539)

The problem with protest rallies is that they are primarily attended by brainwashed slogan-chanting fools with absolutely no ability to grasp the nuances of the topic at hand.

That is an unfair generalization. It may be that every person but one at this event were reasonable, intelligent, "nuance-aware" people engaging in their right to peaceably assemble.

Luckily... (1)

kjd (41294) | about 5 years ago | (#29300991)

...he qualifies for Medicare.

Re:Luckily... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 5 years ago | (#29304821)

"I didn't earn it, I don't need it, but if they miss one payment I'll raise hell!"

Re:Luckily... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 5 years ago | (#29306863)

...he qualifies for Medicare.

Isn't it great to see somebody getting government healthcare while protesting government involvement in healthcare?

Re:Luckily... (1)

El Royo (907295) | about 5 years ago | (#29307775)

Let me fix that for you: He is -required- to use Medicare. Once you hit Medicare you are forced into the system, like it or not. Checking the Medicare [] Wikipedia page didn't exactly clear anything up for me, but it seems like there may be additional insurance options with it, but no getting out of it.

Re:Luckily... (1)

psm321 (450181) | about 5 years ago | (#29309805)

Citation please?

Re:Luckily... (1)

El Royo (907295) | about 5 years ago | (#29310909)

Murky but this post seems to confirm you -cannot- opt out of Medicare part A: []

Re:Luckily... (1)

psm321 (450181) | about 5 years ago | (#29320153)

That's a guy that wants to get out of paying the taxes in return for giving up Medicare benefits. I thought you were saying that people are forced to use Medicare's services, which I doubt is the case. It's like public schools... you have to pay taxes to support them but you can choose to send your child to a private school, nobody is forcing you to send them to the public school.

Re:Luckily... (1)

El Royo (907295) | about 5 years ago | (#29320381)

Best I could find. According to my father-in-law (yes, anecdotal) he cannot get fee-for-service. The doctors cannot (he says) take fee-for-service from medicare patients. Apropos of government run programs, doctors taking medicare say they cannot rely on when the government will actually pay them for the services performed.

Another story: My pharmacist says that medicare drug coverage specifies his -profit- on medicare prescriptions. He loses money on every one he fills when he factors in the labels, his time to fill, the paper bag, the cash register receipt and all that. Unlike CVS and others he doesn't make it back on all the other (high margin) products people can buy while in the store.

Re:Luckily... (1)

psm321 (450181) | about 5 years ago | (#29321433)

I'm sorry, but I sincerely doubt the no fee-for-service thing... unless you can find a solid reference :)

And if your pharmacist loses money on filling medicare prescriptions, why does he fill them? Sounds like someone who's actually making money off of it but just not as much as he wants.

Re:Luckily... (1)

El Royo (907295) | about 5 years ago | (#29322937)

Well, this is devolving into a private conversation. The pharmacist takes the medicare because he wants to be a neighborhood pharmacy. Turning away customers would turn people away from his store. Those people do occasionally buy cold medicines and other items from him so it's best to keep them as customers.

If only criminals had teeth (1)

frederickroyceperez (865361) | about 5 years ago | (#29301899)

If only criminals had teeth then fingers would be toothless

Anonymous Coward (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 5 years ago | (#29302317)

I heard a first hand account of this incident on the radio by "Scott" from Thousand Oaks who saw the whole thing and called in to share the story.
The Obamacare supporter, who was on the side of the street with other supporters, came across the street toward the anti-Obamacare crowd and singled out an elderly man and proceded to "get in his face" about his views. The Obamacare supporter then pulled the old man out into the street, unprovoked I might add, and then bit the old guys finger off while the old guy was just trying to get away. The old man then shuffled off toward a hospital.
The person giving this account,"Scott", then went out into the street and found the old man's finger. He and some others called 911 and the dispatcher gave them the location to the nearest hospital which she said would be thier best bet for finding the man. They rushed over and were able to find the old man and provide him with his finger. Scott then went back to the scene to wait for police. He gave the police the entire account and they tried to find the attacker amongst the Obamacare supports, but he had fled by then.

Doesn't that... (1)

FlickieStrife (1304115) | about 5 years ago | (#29302485)

I may be wrong, but i think getitng your finget bitten off at a HEALTH CARE rally is against some kind of sanitation regulation. The irony is priceless.

The guy who lost his finger (-1, Troll)

Profane MuthaFucka (574406) | about 5 years ago | (#29304563)

He punched the guy who bit his finger off in the face first.

If you ask me, he ought to be HAPPY that he only lost his finger. He could have lost his life. And if it were me who was punched in the face, his surviving family would have been treated to news footage showing me balls deep in his eye socket.

Conservatives: You are on notice. If you lay a hand on us, we will eat as much of you as we can before someone stops us. If you want to bully someone, go home and beat your wife.

Re:The guy who lost his finger (-1, Troll)

Profane MuthaFucka (574406) | about 5 years ago | (#29308305)

Ah, a conservative must have taken offense at my threat of cannibalism and modded me down. I assure you, it is no threat.

I've eaten two cocks and three pussies today, and it's not even breakfast yet. If you punch me, I WILL eat you.

Anti-reform? Bias much? (2, Insightful)

MrLogic17 (233498) | about 5 years ago | (#29304601)

The rally was about Obama's version of health care reform. Many people are opposed to THIS plan, yet still want a number of reforms.

There have been several Republican bills submitted on health care reform, but without the votes in the House or Senate, it's purely a symbolic gesture.

Re:Anti-reform? Bias much? (2, Informative)

cstepan (731228) | about 5 years ago | (#29304957)

If anyone can tell me what's in THIS plan, I'll give them a cookie.

Right now, I don't know what the hell we're all arguing about. I work in the healthcare field (I can tell you some stories about how absolutely monstrous the insurance companies are), have been paying close attention to this "debate", and I don't know what THIS plan or THAT plan contains. There's been some talk about a public option (which I hear is tantamount to replacing Congress with the Politburo) that's in some versions of the bill and not in others. And apparently a modest proposal to kill all the old people and Stephen Hawking. But other than that, it's all a big blur.

So please enlighten us on what sort of meaningful reforms the Republicans have proposed. Other than their courageous stance against eugenics.

Re:Anti-reform? Bias much? (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 5 years ago | (#29306893)

It's all about the Death Panels. Obama is pro-death panel. From what I've heard, in fact, he supports liquefying old people to feed intravenously to our young.

Awesome (1)

Bitch-Face Jones (588723) | about 5 years ago | (#29304671)

did he fall into The Cracks of Doom afterwards?

Re:Awesome (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 5 years ago | (#29308247)

This made me laugh.

Amazing comment :)

I'll go ahead and say the obvious, but... (2, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 5 years ago | (#29307087)

I hope his health insurance will cover that.

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