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School Officials Frown On "Kick a Jew Day"

samzenpus posted more than 4 years ago | from the was-that-wrong? dept.

Idle 8

10 North Naples middle school students were suspended for participating in "kick a Jew day." South area council for the Florida Anti-Defamation League, David Barkey said, “You are talking about an incident that has anti-Jewish bias if not anti-Semitism. You have Jewish students being singled out, harassed and assaulted. If the allegations are true, it is possible these students violated Florida’s new anti-bullying law. And, if students were physically assaulted, it could rise to the level of criminal conduct.” How the students knew it was kick a Jew day remains unclear but the school district has now set aside the first 20 minutes of each day to focus on character traits. I can't think of anything that can't be fixed in 20 minutes a day, problem solved.

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It's Florida (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 4 years ago | (#30217096)

The students should have known that only two similar holidays are recognized in Florida: Kick a Nigger day and the popular Whack a Wetback festival.

Kids these days are so ignorant of tradition...

No Kick The Baby (2, Funny)

bill_mcgonigle (4333) | more than 4 years ago | (#30222426)

Jesus, guys, listen to Ike once in a while.

Wait... wha? (1)

mackinaw_apx (1444371) | more than 4 years ago | (#30222986)

So, school officials simply "frown" on "Kick a Jew Day"? Is that to say that at one point it was allowed to even occur on campus? What? Seems like something you would forbid more than just simply frown upon if you ask me.

Kick a geek. (1)

inkrypted (1579407) | more than 4 years ago | (#30223458)

I bet this school has no stance on kick a geek day..........oh wait that goes on 24/365.

how bout (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 4 years ago | (#30224482)

Kick a bully day, and watch as the first person to kick someone gets kicked, then that person gets kicked and so on and round and round we gooooo :)

Re:how bout (1)

dmbasso (1052166) | more than 4 years ago | (#30237570)

Brilliant! You just made an AMD (Algorithm of Mass Destruction)!

AU Catholic school kids insult some w/Yellow Stars (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 4 years ago | (#30233146)

The subject is called SOCE (Society & Environment), but
in 2008, I think it crossed over the line into anti-semitism,
in the name of Education.

While it's fine to ask kids to dress up in Science Lab coats
to look & feel the part of being a Scientist, I didn't like the
look or feel of our SOCE teacher's asking some students
of the class to prominently wear hand-made Yellow Stars
on the tops of their school uniforms - for an entire school
- & take the part of Jews, around the time of Hitler's fanat-
ical terrorism.

Other students (by far, in the majority) were asked to look
for students wearing Yellow Stars and insult them, maybe
even bump into them as they delivered their insults,

So, while if could be argued that this "SOCE activity" was
useful to those wearing Yellow Stars, so they'd understand
their pain (&, hopefully, never let themselves be involved
in that kind of bullying - in school or life)...

I felt that the others were just as likely to carry away a les-
son in how it may feel to be part of a majority, bullying a
weaker group every chance it had to do so.

Although not a member of the SOCE class classed to do
or experience these things, I volunteered to wear a star,
myself, only to find that the insults & bumps were stronger
and harder than I would have ever expected.

Indeed, these "play-acting" bullies were no less fearsome
than the real Nazis (well, OK, it would be worse, eg, the
students were dragging Starred-kids away & out of sight).

An less obvious risk was that 3rd parties (eg, kids not in
the SOCE class, but able to see the bullies insulting, etc.
those wearing Yellow Stars, during lunch, recess & while
walking between classes) might copy their older class-
mates (some being sibblings in this close-knit country

I'll tell you, it's not the kind of thing that I'd want my kids
to be doing at school, and I'm surprised that a "religious"
school would ever consider "educational" it in the least.


Let's now compare the above to -two- of the educational
processes run in an attempt to bring Israelis & Palestinian
Arabs together (one by a musician, another by others,
possibly psychologists or peace campaigners...?):

1. forming an orchestra (aiming to get about half Israelis &
half Palestinians) rehearsing & playing music (from -both-
cultures) to either mixed audiences or sometimes to one
side & at other times to the other side of the conflict there.
(I don't recall the details...)

Music a great tool to bridge gaps, if chosen & used well &

2. in a mixed group of participants, a leader would pick a
human feature at random (eg, eye color, hairstyle, etc.) &
declare that those with a particular color or style were to
be shunned (for a few minutes), by the rest of the group.

Then, the chosen feature was changed and -others- were
shunning -other- participants.

While not quite unlike the Catholic school's Yellow Star
"Nazis-for-a-day" all of the shunning was contained in
the room, where the process was held, and there were
no non-participants to observe (and maybe copy?) the
odd behaviors of bullies-for-a-day in the SOCE class's
majority group.


Perhaps you can suggest some more good ones...?

They have those signs at my school. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 4 years ago | (#30234406)

"No bully zone." They have those all over my high school.
How the fuck the goddamn sign is supposed to do anything, I don't know. Of course, if you try and point that out to anyone, they trip over themselves trying to explain it to you, and then finally give up and explain that "it's something you just don't understand." Ha. No. It just sounds nice and you're a dumbass who never even thought to consider the sign's point.

Rant over, things like that piss me off.

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