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Snake Honored As "Distinguished Professional"

samzenpus posted more than 4 years ago | from the please-call-back-kathy dept.

Businesses 2

scamdetect writes "Strathmore's Who's Who says that inclusion in its two-thousand-page directory honoring 'distinguished professionals' is a real honor. They only include 'individuals who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession.' So how did UK based scam awareness website Scam Detectives get a pet snake approved for inclusion by the 'publishing committee' for his outstanding work in 'Rodent Control'? It turns out that if you have $1,200 to spare, you're in!"

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This isn't news (1)

Locke2005 (849178) | more than 4 years ago | (#31902310)

All the "Who's Who" directories work like that; they are in the business of listing anyone vain enough to pay $500 or more for a copy of the book. Yes, my father paid for a listing once in the '70s.

That's nothing! (1)

Locke2005 (849178) | more than 4 years ago | (#31902384)

This Who's Who [] contain biographies of over 19,000 snakes!
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