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PS2 Demand Will Not Be Met

CmdrTaco posted about 14 years ago | from the thats-what-we-figured dept.

Games 136

oMaT writes: "An article @ CNN states that Sony is having problems purchasing as many of some components as they need. They state that the projected 1m units to be shipped on Oct 26 will actually be more like 500,000. They also hope to have the demand met after the holiday season... Jan-Feb. Bummer." I've heard that if you want to pre-order one, you better pay in advance, as it isn't looking good. Personally, I'm just gonna play the new Zelda, and wait and see what happens with the PS2.

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Cabbage Patch Frenzy (1)

Hellburner (127182) | about 14 years ago | (#747353)

This is a totally manufactured event. Cabbage patch frenzy. Every kid and geek from age 3 to 35 is going to stampede for these things. "Scarcity" allows price gouging...and creates a swarming panic to buy since "you've gotta get the last one!" So...I'll be putting nails in my Louisville slugger for that trip to Toys R Us in October. Heh heh...

CmdrTaco is right. Play Zelda and wait it out. (2)

Deffexor (230167) | about 14 years ago | (#747354)

Seriously, I've always thought console gaming was overrated; until I played Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Now with the new one on the way, the N64 in my house should keep me busy for another month. Heck, maybe we should all re-live our youth. download MAME from and get all the ROMs you want from - Man, it takes me back to when gaming was all about the game and not just fancy graphics and surround sound. I lost 2 hours last night just playing all those different versions of Pac-Man (Ms and Jr., too!)

Cost? (2)

ukyoCE (106879) | about 14 years ago | (#747355)

How much is the PS2 expected to cost(at retail, not inflated price)?
And how is development going? I just remember all this jazz about developers were having troubles making use of its power, and that it's game wouldn't even look much better than Dreamcast for a couple cycles of development.
And since Dreamcast is backwards compatible with PSX through Bleem...I'm not yet seeing any reason to buy a PS2.
I hope they have some good first-party games planned...why pay 300-400$ for a gaming system worse than my PC?

Re:Cabbage Patch Dolls (2)

jayhawk88 (160512) | about 14 years ago | (#747356)

I'm not buying the whole parts shortage excuse. How long has Sony been gearing up for an American PS2 release? At least over a year now? And they're just now learning they can't make their original shipping estimates, a month from release?

I think this really is a cheap ploy to drum up hype for the system. Limiting the supply in October will result in a lot of disappointed people who couldn't get the console. Then, around December 1, you suddenly announce your shipping a new batch, and bam, they fly out the doors right before Christmas.

Re:Let consoles die a quick painless death. (2)

levik (52444) | about 14 years ago | (#747362)

The "limitation" is a good thing. Because of the lack of variables such as different versions of video cards/OSes/drivers/periferals/kitchen sink you can generally play console games out of the box. And the troubleshooting guides will never offer "reinstalling windows" as a possible solution to lack of sound.

Now, granted, consoles may not be as cost-efficient compared to PCs today as much as they were five years ago, but if someone is looking for a great looking game with not an overly elaborate amount of depth and zero hassle, consoles are still the way to go.

Re:Killer Game? (1)

jacoplane (78110) | about 14 years ago | (#747363)

Well Konami (the maker of MGS) seems to be a major partner of Microsoft.

Also Square might be making Xbox games. The next Oddysee game will also be out for Xbox.

I know it sucks, but the Xbox looks like it might steal the show. That will probably mean developers will use DirectX more and more, and OpenGL less and less.

Hype Hype Hype (2)

cancrman (24472) | about 14 years ago | (#747364)

<Oliver Stone hat>

This is purely manufactured PR put on by Sony in order to whip the public into a frenzy over its latest and greatest box. Its a perfect announcement because it a) rallies the people who might be interested to go out and try to preorder a machine asap (like they have a chance in hell) and b) provides great free advertising.

I think Sega did this last year with the Dreamcast, too. Can anyone confirm that?

Has anyone noticed any advertising for this machine yet aside from the endless hype on any number of web sites (including this one)? Right, you haven't. Cause their isn't any. Kinda strange for a major, major product launch that is going to happen in a month.

As for "killer apps" for the PS2, launch games usually suck. Hard. Look at the Dreamcast launch. Out of 18 games there were maybe 4 good ones (NFL2k, Soul Calibur, Sonic, and ....). Sure there will be 26 launch titles, including madden, but I'd be really surprised if more than 6-7 of them were REALLY good. But MGS2 and GT2000 will make the system worth owning.

Thank god I ordered mine the day that preorders went up.


Re:Killer Game? (1)

Steveftoth (78419) | about 14 years ago | (#747365)

The one and only reason to buy a PS2.GRAN TURISMO 2000
The killer game of the century!
How about the new Metal Gear (going to be 1st on the PS2), the new Abe's oddysey (I can't remember the actual name.
Of the launch titles, DOA2 (if you haven't already played the DC version, Summoner (looks really awesome, I think it was the first with Anti-Aliased graphics), Armored Core 2, Ridge Racer V, Unreal Tournament (Even more colored lights), Kessen, and Silent Scope.

This launch blows every other launch away. The only game worth buying for the Dreamcast was Soul Calibur.

Nintendo 64? Mario 64. (maybe pilotwings)

PSX 1? I think that launch blew goats, Ridge Racer 1 and tekken 1. ( I never liked Tekken )

PSX2 will rock the house, if you are waiting for the XBox because it will be better, all you are doing is depriving yourself of GREAT games. Just so you know, I DON'T have a PSX2 reserved and probably won't geet one until next year. I'll probably go get one when GT2000 comes out. That's the killer game to me. When it comes to killer games, every one has their own favorite, and the one that will make them buy a system. For some it's mario, zelda, Street Fighter 2, Final Fantasy, and for even some, it's Tetris.

Why would you not want to buy it? It's going to havve some great games regardless of how "amazing" the XBox or Nintendo GameCube (or whatever it's called) will be. If you're on a budget and can only buy one the the 3 new systems coming up then I say, work harder! (oh yeah, you want the box so you don't have to work harder, my bad )

Launch Title list from IGN []

I'm a former Software Etc. manager and... (1)

Geccoman (18319) | about 14 years ago | (#747366)

We used to use opportunites like this to make some good sales. When PlayStation demand was high and there was low supply, we could typically pre-sell them and have the money in the bank for a week or two before the product showed up and they picked it up.

For some reason, this is also when we sold a higher percentage of accessories, too...

Also, the more pre-orders that we could get, the more that we had access too in the long run.

Conspiracy Theory (2)

MrP- (45616) | about 14 years ago | (#747367)

PS2 stinks, isn't doing too good in Japan, in fact there were a few polls that say the Japanese like Dreamcast better... I think Sony is just doing this to increase the hype so later when it says PS2 sold out, more people will freak and go crazy to get it ... I just want Sonic Adventure 2 for my Dreamcast, and GameCube, Sony stinks.

What can I get for MY PS/2? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 14 years ago | (#747368)

I have an old PS/2 model 25, but I thought IBM made them, not Sony....

Does this mean I can get a lot of money for it on eBay?


Re:Cynical old me sez (1)

Balaroo (237715) | about 14 years ago | (#747369)

If they did do it "to drive demand" than they are complete jack-asses because according to voodooextreme.. "Shares of Sony stock plummeted some 14% today as a result of the cut back, with many top game companies quickly following suit. You can read more at CBS Market Watch and WRE who reports that the loss is due to key componet shortages." Way to go SONY!

Re:Cynical old me sez - OT (1)

Longstaff (70353) | about 14 years ago | (#747370)

Uh...yeah. Do you have any idea how many heads I turn when I cruise down the street with the top down in my little miata?? Quite a few...

They're far from the fastest things on the road (124bhp, ~2100lbs), but that's not what they're about. They're all about style and fun. Just like the old MG B's and Midgets, but 1000x more reliable.

Anyway, back on-topic, the game that I can't wait for is Gran Turismo 2000. The first two have kicked much ass and this one looks to be no different.

Killer Game? (3)

djKing (1970) | about 14 years ago | (#747373)

Is there a killer game for the PS2?

When I got my super nes, the first 15 games available all sucked. It wasn't till Street Fighter II came out that I felt the machine lived up to the hype. (About 6 months later)

I've heard that none of the PS2 Games on the market in Japan are killer games. Is this true?


Cynical old me sez (1)

Hairy_Potter (219096) | about 14 years ago | (#747375)

This is just hype to drive demand, and if they sell out their initial runs, they will magically find a few hundred thousand more.

But hey, we're gullible, if Sony says by now, we may run out by December why shouldn't we believe them.

Though a small part of me hopes this is true, the part of me that feels for the geeks that complain that they can't find a MOTAS. Maybe if they don't spend them Christmas holiday in a PS2 induced trance, they might get out and meet a few chicks. And no, you won't impress many chicks with a new gaming console, try a Miata instead.

not going to meet demand true (1)

bdavenport (78697) | about 14 years ago | (#747377)

two of my friends at work both pre-ordered units from EBWorld [] . they got emails this week saying that people that had not pre-ordered prior to July 1, 2000 would not be receiving their units on the Oct 26th release date.

Looking bad beating that weekend sales record during the Japanese release.

joy... (1)

tiwason (187819) | about 14 years ago | (#747379)

So PlayStation2 will be the (Talking Elmo|Furby) of this holiday season...

As long as we don't have to hear about it day after day in the media.....

Let consoles die a quick painless death. (2)

Lord Kano (13027) | about 14 years ago | (#747381)

Console systems were only good when most people couldn't afford a computer. $100-200 for a console was better than $3000-$4000 for a computer.

Now that we've got sub $1000 PCs, I don't see the point in spending so much money for an obviously limited console.


Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (3)

_xeno_ (155264) | about 14 years ago | (#747382)

Basically, that's the reason I'll be getting one. If you haven't seen the trailer, GO! Two places the came up immediately on a Google search [] were [] and ZDNe t.c om [] , so go and download the trailer.

One look at that and you'll know one of the major reasons people will be purchasing PS2s... (Backwards compatibility and Final Fantasy X are the other reasons for me...)

8*) (1)

Shotgun (30919) | about 14 years ago | (#747384)

I will always love, honor and respect my high school wrestling coach for the greatest wisdom ever imparted to me:

"If that is the worst problem you ever have, you will be a lucky person."

Re:Hey! (1)

Steveftoth (78419) | about 14 years ago | (#747385)

Are you trying to say that F-Zero was boring?

OHhhhhhh I hate that.

F-Zero is the only game still worth playing for the SNES. Long after you've beaten and gotten every item and uncovered every bug in FF3, F-Zero changles you more. Enticing you on to the Master difficulity. It was the last great 2-d racing game. (Yes I know it was 2.5-d with the mode 7 effects and all but it was really 2-d)

SOme may argue that Super Mario Kart racing was better, since it allowed you to race VS people.
But I call them fools. I never liked the style of SMK, F-Zero was the bomb. I'll still play the OLD F-Zero rather then the new one.

Re:Killer Game? (1)

DeepThaw (63775) | about 14 years ago | (#747386)

It's just too bad that they gave Solid Snake a mullet in the new game.

Playstation Negative Buzz (1)

mcarbone (78119) | about 14 years ago | (#747387)

Hmm.. I tried to pre-order one the other day and was told that most pre-orders in my area are sold out already - this decrease in numbers doesn't help. If you want one, you'll probably have to get up early and wait in a long line at a store without pre-orders (like Best Buy).

I've been wanting to get one for 1) the DVD player 2) metal gear solid 2 and 3) final fantasies. But now I've heard so many negative things (good games are hard to develop, hasn't been overwhelmingly popular in japan, etc.) that it's beginning to sound like the buzz that surrounded the N64 when that came out, and we saw what happened to that - limited success.

I guess now I'm hedging my bets on Nintendo. Like CmdrTaco, I'll play the new Zelda for now, maybe get a DVD player, and wait for the what looks like the superior GameCube. Is it time for Nintendo and Sony to switch places?

Re:Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (1)

bswick (29721) | about 14 years ago | (#747388)

fyi, that's not pre-rendered.

Phantasy Star Online! (1)

Juln (41313) | about 14 years ago | (#747389)

Dream cast will statisfy me once this long awaited title is made available!! aaaaagagah!

one word: (1)

Lord Omlette (124579) | about 14 years ago | (#747390)


two words:
final fantasy

three words:

Ok, I'm not good at this...
Lord Omlette
ICQ# 77863057

Balance among companys (1)

webwallabee (235875) | about 14 years ago | (#747391)

I would like to say I'm sorry about the PS2's delay, but I'm really not. I never liked Sony's strangle-hold on the console market. Yeah, yeah, I know that Nintendo had that for quite awhile, and that the Game Boy is still the handheld to beat, but I don't know why Sony had such a hold. People are like, "Oh but it has a ton of games." Well, alot of them are grainy, and lacking a plot. (No offense intended to the people who work at the companys) Hopefully, with the Dreamcast, Gamecube, and PS2, (I left X-box out, because that's a joke, right? [end sarcasm] )it will balance again, because competition is good for the gamers, as more quality games will be made, and prices will drop.

Re:Killer Game? (1)

grapeape (137008) | about 14 years ago | (#747392)

Well thats great except...MGS2 isnt due out for another year and a half, FFX is 3rd quarter 2k1 and FFXI hasnt even started development yet.

Re:Killer Game? (2)

cancrman (24472) | about 14 years ago | (#747393)

It's been said before but you should look for:
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Gran Turismo 2000
Dynasty Warriors 2 (launch title)
SSX (Launch)
Madden (Launch)

Regarding the SNES initial games, what about f-zero. f-zero was one of the first titles to use much hyped "z-function" or whatever the hell they called it. Basically it let the system rotate the background and foreground based on what direction the car was facing. Whatever, it was really cool back in the day. Super Starwars was pretty badass too.


Of course; it falls out of the economics (2)

Froid (235187) | about 14 years ago | (#747400)

Look. A month ago, Japan raised its primary lending interest rate from 0% to 0.5% (out of national egoism, more than any other reason, but that's another post altogether). This makes it more expensive to obtain the loans necessary to finance large manufacturing operations, so it's entirely natural that Sony should feel the pinch when it comes to getting these machines out the door. It's as simple as Sony not building another plant in time. That's all.


Only 500,000 (2)

Shotgun (30919) | about 14 years ago | (#747401)

And on Oct25 some guy says Ready,Set,Go, and on the 26th, 500,000 units are ready to ship?

They've probably go 2,000,000 sitting in a warehouse already. Like the Kernel said, "Never give them too much." (or something like that, I never was a big Elvis fan).

Re:Killer Game? (1)

Longstaff (70353) | about 14 years ago | (#747402)

GT2000 is supposed to be availible at the PS2 launch. I've had my PS2 reserved since April and GT2000 reserved since they announced the date in July.

All of you Conspiracy Theory nuts.. (1)

Balaroo (237715) | about 14 years ago | (#747403)

hahaha.. If Sony created the shortage than they really have some investor relations problems.. according to voodoo extreme, "Shares of Sony stock plummeted some 14% today as a result of the cut back, with many top game companies quickly following suit. You can read more at CBS Market Watch and WRE who reports that the loss is due to key componet shortages." That sound like something a company would do ON PURPOSE?!?

i have starcraft (1)

Lord Omlette (124579) | about 14 years ago | (#747404)

I don't need a PS2. :)
Lord Omlette
ICQ# 77863057

Re:Let consoles die a quick painless death. (1)

pallex (126468) | about 14 years ago | (#747405)

I think this has been discussed, er, once or twice before.

I prefer PSX games cos i get to stick a disk in and it works, and the games (generally) dont crash.

Other people have the money, time and patience to install a game and get it working with their hardware and their 400 dollar gfx cards etc and can put up with that horrible jerkyness you get with graphics on the pc (yes, i know its in a higher resolution and colour depth, i just dont really care ).

*Most* people who buy and play games agree with me, and buy games for consoles, and not pcs.

Re:Cost? (1)

Longstaff (70353) | about 14 years ago | (#747413)

The Toy's R Us by me is taking orders based on a $399 price tag, last I checked. I pre-ordered mine at Kay-Bee for $360 6 months ago, but I've seen it advertised for $299 from some mail-order places.

And yes, they do have some good games scheduled for release at launch and some more good ones scheduled for Nov / Dec.

crock of shit... (2)

Wakko Warner (324) | about 14 years ago | (#747414)

yeah, and we really couldn't make Cabbage Patch dolls fast enough either. That's why they cost so much.

I fully expect stupid people to pay $1500 for these things on eBay.

- A.P.

* CmdrTaco is an idiot.

Sounds familiar (1)

Cabana (206257) | about 14 years ago | (#747415)

This exact same thing happened when N64 came out..."not enough to meet demand", then right before Christmas they were suddenly able to produce more. Hmmmm....

Blockbuster? (1)

jafuser (112236) | about 14 years ago | (#747416)

How about the fact that you can play PlayStation 1 games and DVD's from blockbuster on them. Why do you single out Blockbuster? There isn't some kind of restriction on what DVDs it will play is there?

EFF Member #11254

Where can I pre-order in Canada? (1)

Malc (1751) | about 14 years ago | (#747417)

Anybody know where I can pre-order one of these things from here in Canada?

Re:Killer Game? (1)

grapeape (137008) | about 14 years ago | (#747419)

Howbout that for the price of a psx2, you can buy a dreamcast and have enough money left over to get a dvd that actually has a remote and some real functionality. BTW the psx1 compatablity is nowhere close to 100% and is not enhanced visually in anyway... Oh wait i forgot most of the dreamcast games have to suck since most are actually innovative rather than sequels.

Re:Killer Game? (1)

blazer1024 (72405) | about 14 years ago | (#747420)

I have to agree. When I saw that old TV commercial for the original Legend of Zelda, I just had to get myself a NES. Too bad my parents had the strange idea that video game consoles were "evil." (Yet I could play any game I wanted on my C64. Strange) I think they were actually trying to keep the TV to themselves.

In any case, one of my friends got one, and I was over there every minute I could be, playing on that damn thing. :) I loved the original NES.

Later, when I got a SNES, I just couldn't find anything too exciting for it. Street Fighter wasn't too terribly exciting for me (I'm more of an adventure or strategy game player myself) and the Zelda for the SNES wasn't even exciting (I never really played it much until once when I was bored, and I got crazy with the emulators). Sure, I played SMW and beat just about every single area there was. (Was there more than 100? Somebody let me know. Heh)

In any case, the graphics were surely better on the SNES, but the NES was way more fun. (Maybe it was just because I was younger back then? Oh well)

I haven't really liked consoles since. The only game I like for the N64 is Zelda (figures) and the Final Fantasy series for the PSX/PS2 are good, but those usually show up in PC version these days... so there's not an incentive for me to purchase a new console. So, it doen't really bother me that they can't order new parts.

If a friend of mine gets one, I'll probably go play it. Since with the PSX, I always enjoy a good game of Tekken 3. Anyway, I'll shut up now.

Re:Let consoles die a quick painless death. (2)

cancrman (24472) | about 14 years ago | (#747421)

Some quick Math here

Playstation 1: $100 Playstation 2: $300
Xtra Controller: $20 Xtra Controller:$35
Memory Card: $20 Memory Card: $35
28 Games @$30: $840 12 games@$50: $600
Total: $980 Total: $970

Reasonable PC*: $800
4 games @$50: $200
Total: $1000

If I just wanted to play games I know which one I wouldn't be picking. Open your mind. Consoles are good for more than you think.

*(This is really low for a game PC)

Re:Killer Game? (1)

psxndc (105904) | about 14 years ago | (#747422)

Baloney (bolonga). The bacwards compatability is lik 95% and there is (though mainly texture smoothing) some enhancements to some games (Metal Gear Solid being one of them). Will PS2 live up to the hype? Who knows, but it could, and a lot of the japanese launch games have been retweaked to take advantage of the hardware anti-aliasing that Volition figured out.


btw, DC ($150) + one game ($50) = good DVD player for $100? Please.

Re:Let consoles die a quick painless death. (3)

Malc (1751) | about 14 years ago | (#747423)

I want a console because it's more social than a computer. The console will go in the living room where I can sit round with my friends and have a laugh with them, in comfort. I don't want a computer in my living room, and I don't have enough money to set up another room with the social features for playing games on my computer.

Re:Is this a surprise? (1)

ennuiner (144711) | about 14 years ago | (#747424)

I'm not so sure - I don't know what goes in the guts of a consoles, but from what was said about Cell Phones and MP3 players, there have been widespread shortages for D/A chips and DSP chips. A Playstation would have to have some kind of D/A converter, just to create an analog video signal. I find it hard to believe that Sony makes their own general purpose chips, since the economy of scale would suggest that it would be cheaper to use off the shelf chips used by a variety of manufacturers, so, no, if Sony uses any third party chips, I don't think they can dictate how many PS2s get made.

Re:Cynical old me sez (1)

Lifewolf (41986) | about 14 years ago | (#747425)

And no, you won't impress many chicks with a new gaming console, try a Miata instead.

Don't worry guys, there are girls out there who are impressed by a new gaming console. My wife has eight console systems connected to the television right now, has two handheld systems, had her pre-ordered PS2 paid off months ago, and is eyeing the Dreamcast now that it is gaining some RPGs. In fact, one of her favorite Valentine's Day gifts was Zelda64 the console on which to play it. They're out there guys, and for the record, they're not too fond of Miatas.

Re:Cynical old me sez - OT (1)

psxndc (105904) | about 14 years ago | (#747426)

They're far from the fastest things on the road (124bhp, ~2100lbs), but that's not what they're about. They're all about style and fun. Just like the old MG B's and Midgets, but 1000x more reliable.

Like he said: A miata? C'mon.


PS2 (1)

nigelb0 (234670) | about 14 years ago | (#747432)

If people are really after a PS2 that much, so much so that they need to have one in the first week, maybe they should have dished out that bit extra for a Japanese version. I live in the UK, it won't be released over here until the end of November. If I end up getting one it won't be until the new year. I agree about the Zelda comment, the N64 still has a little life in it yet.

Re:Killer Game? (1)

joshsisk (161347) | about 14 years ago | (#747433)

If you ever get bored, download an SNES emulator and some ROMS and have some fun... you will discover that it was the best console ever.

I don't think it compare to the original NES. Sure, the SNES is better, but it's an evolutionary leap better than the NES. The first time I saw a NES game (Zelda?), I was floored. I just couldn't believe it, and I knew I had to have one. Man, I whined for months about that to my parents, mowed what seemed like a million lawns, harassed neighbours to let me wash their cars- I didn't care, I had to have it.

Josh Sisk

Re:Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (1)

grapeape (137008) | about 14 years ago | (#747434)

I really dont understand I have friends doing the same preording a console for a single game that isnt even due out until Sept of 2001...and after the inevitable delays probably 1st quarter 2k2.

Re:Killer Game? (1)

Longstaff (70353) | about 14 years ago | (#747435)

DAMNIT! I just did a quick search and found a release date of 1/1/2001 from and 1/17/2001 from

Why do they have to tease me like this??? :-(

With some help from Molson's marketing dept.... (1)

Malc (1751) | about 14 years ago | (#747436)

Re:Killer Game? (1)

psxndc (105904) | about 14 years ago | (#747437)

Ridge Racer V will be a launch title though and listed as PSMs (sorry, in the mag, no link) Top 5 must have PS2 games (others were SSX, Tekken Tag, Summoner, and Dead or Alive Hardcore).


Re:Where can I pre-order in Canada? (1)

omay (192614) | about 14 years ago | (#747438)

Dont you need to have electricity first?

Re:Killer Game? (1)

crazyaxemaniac (219708) | about 14 years ago | (#747439)

What??? Zelda, Mario World, and F-Zero were all excellent games.

Re:one word: (1)

psxndc (105904) | about 14 years ago | (#747440)

If I had a mod point, it would be yours. I love all gaming platforms (pc included), but that was classic.


Re:Let consoles die a quick painless death. (1)

joshsisk (161347) | about 14 years ago | (#747441)

Now that we've got sub $1000 PCs, I don't see the point in spending so much money for an obviously limited console.

Have you ever tried playing a fighting game with a few friends on your computer? Or how about a four-player racing game? Or Madden?

Certain games (fighting, football, etc.) are just plain more fun on a console than on your computer. The same thing is true for other game genres. I can't imagine playing Starcraft on a Playstation... Or, for that matter, Quake.

Plus, the "put the disc in, turn it on, play" aspect of consoles is nice, when just wanna lay back on the couch and play for a few minutes.

Josh Sisk

So what's the PS2 killer game, then? (2)

b1t r0t (216468) | about 14 years ago | (#747442)

The killer game for the PS2 so far is the DVD player. Apparently they've caused a real surge in demand for DVD video discs in Japan due to this being an affordable DVD player (and somewhat able to play out-of-region discs). Until the PS2, there was no ultra-cheapie DVD player like we have in the USA with the Apex, Oritron, etc. players.

PS2 games are selling in Japan in a lot less quantity (in terms of the ratio of games sold to machines sold) than Sony would like. And since modern game systems are sold very close to cost (being the razor handles), and all the profit is made in manufacturing the games (the razor blades: proprietary format, monopolistic manufacturer, or why else would we have triple-edge razor blades after all these years? fresh patents!), this is not a good thing for Sony.

Since DVD has already become well entrenched in the USA, and we already have plenty of cheap crappy (and hackable) DVD players, we don't need the PS2 to for that.

Nintendo got it right when they decided not to pay the $20 per unit licensing fee to the DVD consortium for the N^3. Why confuse customers with a half-assed DVD player when you can concentrate on making a good game system without strange hard-to-program hardware? (Anyone remember the Atari Jaguar? Like the PS2, it also had "wierd" hardware that was difficult to write code that could use it to the maximum potential.)

About the only thing you can rely on is playing most (but not all) PS1 games, so the customer droids won't mindlessly sell them off all their old PS1 stuff simply because they can't comprehend the idea of owning more than one game system at a time. And if they're playing used games... then Sony doesn't get to sell new blades! The difference is real razor blades wear out, but CD-ROMs don't.

Personally, I think most of the PS2 sales are going to be blindly on the hype of being the hottest latest thing. Little Johnny wants it because all the hype makes it sound like the most shining golden heaven thing in his current world. Little Johnny's consumerism-brainwashed mother will do everything she can to get one so her son won't grow up with a horrible inferiority complex just because he didn't get some stupid game system on its release date and then grow up to knock off liquor stores and go to jail.

Re:Cost? (1)

psxndc (105904) | about 14 years ago | (#747443)

At EB the price tag will be $299. I'm going to pay it in a month anyway, so I went and paid it in full a couple weeks ago (I'd rather get hit over two months for $300 than in one for $600 (games, contollers, etc)). I also contacted them today and asked "Well what if everybody pays it off?" They said "You'll have one, don't worry". Kinda sad that I know them all on a first name basis (and I've only talked to them _at_ EB).


This is not a problem... (1)

Dest (207166) | about 14 years ago | (#747444)

because PS2 sucks it only has 4mb ov vid memory.

Re:Let consoles die a quick painless death. (1)

psxndc (105904) | about 14 years ago | (#747445)

If you can get Deus Ex to run on an $800 'puter, show me. On my PIII 500, with 256 RAM and a 32 MB TNT2 Ultra, it still crashes, AND I've dl'ed the d3d patch. But I've never had a problem with any of my cosoles. Nor had to patch them.


If you haven't preordered... (3)

DrEldarion (114072) | about 14 years ago | (#747448)

I saw this a while ago on ZDNet Gamespot... it's probably good news if you haven't preordered yet.

WalMart and Target have not initiated a preorder campaign for the Sony PlayStation 2. Both retailers will be selling the console, games, and accessories on a first-come, first-served basis. For those who haven't preordered yet, these major department stores may provide the largest supply of PS2 consoles on launch day.

Oh, and we've known about this shortage of parts for some time now... if I'm not mistaken it was discussed here before, but I could be wrong.

-- Dr. Eldarion --

Re:Killer Game? (2)

_xeno_ (155264) | about 14 years ago | (#747450)

Is there a killer game for the PS2?


Metal Gear Solid 2: The Sons of Liberty.

Plus, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XI, the next Oddysee game, etc, etc.

It's in the mail (1)

empesey (207806) | about 14 years ago | (#747452)

I've heard that if you want to pre-order one, you better pay in advance, as it isn't looking good.

Oh, now there's a glowing example of optimism. Hold on. I'll go get my check book.


Re:Killer Game? (1)

Nerftoe (74385) | about 14 years ago | (#747453)

Super Mario World sucked? I loved that game. I had never seen the SNES in action until I saw SMW when I first got my system. I was blown away with the graphics. Compared to the NES, it was like a real-time cartoon.

If you ever get bored, download an SNES emulator and some ROMS and have some fun... you will discover that it was the best console ever.

Actually, 1.3 MILLION by XMAS (2)

Cy Guy (56083) | about 14 years ago | (#747456)


It says the following at the end:

After the 500,000 units available at the U.S. launch date, Sony estimated it would be able to supply 100,000 units per week to the U.S. market.
. . . . . . .

The company anticipated shipping 1.3 million PlayStation2 units in North America through the winter holiday season. It said it would have 26 software titles available at launch time, rather than an originally expected 15 titles.

So, by Xmas, there will be just as many units as originally planned and nearly twice as many titles.

remembering the #U58 (2)

Cromulent (117530) | about 14 years ago | (#747457)

I will agree that this is all part of Sony's marketing hype to make the PS2 seem like it was molded from a single piece of gold but we all have to remember back to the original playstation. Back when the original playstation came out in the states the first generation model had a very easy way to bypass the region lockout. "Swaptrick" was what it was called. After this first batch of around 2 million units was produced (serial number on the swaptrick playstation's was U58XXXX-XXXX) Sony caught on to this swap trick and they disabled it for future versions. This certain playstation was a hot item before a modification chip was developed. Since this was around 94-95 when internet was just starting out it was hard to find one of these playstations so import shops were selling it with a $100 markup. So what I think sony is trying to avoid here is having a widly released first generation in America. Cause you know how much Americans love their piracy and illegal importing!
After someone eventually cracks the protection scheme allowing for playing of imports (something that sony doesnt like) which will inevitably be within a month or two. They will change the system to close the security hole. SO HURRY AND BUY A FIRST GEN PLAYSTATION AND MARK UP THE PRICE!

Social engineering by marketing (1)

jafuser (112236) | about 14 years ago | (#747458)

Why does everyone think they need one of these the day they come out? You've waited two years for them; what's a few more months? Besides, the price will probably be cut in half in Februrary. Wait a few months and see what it looks like and what develops. If you want to try out a few games, get out of your house for once and go over to a friend's and play games on theirs!

I'm so sick of the marketing departments in these companies instilling a false sense of urgency by manipulating people's basic psychology.

If you want to be socially engineered by a large corporation, go ahead and get on that waiting list. BTW, for those of you who have been following the IP debate, don't forget Sony is a major contributor to the MPAA *and* the RIAA.

I'll take the red pill.

EFF Member #11254

Re:Killer Game? (1)

Steveftoth (78419) | about 14 years ago | (#747459)

Unfortunatly, it not going to be ready until christmas at the soonest.

(boo hoo)

Re:Killer Game? (1)

Kriticism (225999) | about 14 years ago | (#747460)

If you think about it, the degredation of computer games only makes sense. It is just a matter of where the majority of the effort is going. On the NES, the developers didn't have a whole lot to work with, so they spent their time trying to make the most compelling games they could (though there was still a lot of crap mixed in there). The graphics sucked, the color range was practically non-existent, and the sound was a bunch of glorified beeps and whistles. And yet, we got to see works of genius like Zelda, Metroid, and Metal Gear. And then there was the marvel that was Mario 3, a game which in many ways surpassed Mario World.

With the advent of 16bit and later systems, however, more and more of the emphisis has gone into making them 'look' good. Developers have become so obsessed with eye-candy that they don't bother with content anymore (waitaminute, sounds like hollywood....).

Granted, there were a few in-betweener games, such as Final Fantasy 2 (IV overseas). At that point, SquareSoft didn't quite understand what the SNES was capable of, so they added a few bells and whistles (rotating planets, scaling landscape) to what would otherwise be an old-style game. And it rocked. Compare it to the later incarnations of FF (VIII anyone?), and you'll see the marked difference. FF8 was all bells and whistles, little actual quality. Just the same thing, over and over again. How can Squall compare with the likes of Cecil Darknight?

Granted, there have been exceptions to this. Chrono Trigger (funny how Square keeps coming up), Super Metroid, Actraiser, and others were terrific games. Unfortunately, they have been the exception rather than the rule.

There are signs that this is beginning to turn around, however. Gamers have gotten to the point where they've seen it all, and are saying "It looks nice, but it's just a fancier version of X, Y, and Z. And I've played them to death." If games like Planescape Torment, Deus Ex, and Chrono Cross are any indication, developers are starting to see the light. And, as the available tools for graphic design and are getting more sophisticated, making something look good is getting easier and easier. Meaning, the trend of eye-candy over content may turn around.

Anyway, that's just my take on things, flame away.


Re:Conspiracy Theory (1)

psxndc (105904) | about 14 years ago | (#747461)

I doubt it. Dreamcast is surviving alone by American sales. Its doing horrible in Japan. Too bad too, I love mine.


Re:Where can I pre-order in Canada? (1)

MKalus (72765) | about 14 years ago | (#747462)

Here in Toronto the Toys'r'us on Yonge street takes pre orders. 100 down and I think the total is 700+ (incl. Tax) with 2 games and 2 controllers.

Rambus to blame? (2)

AFCArchvile (221494) | about 14 years ago | (#747463)

The PS2 uses Rambus (kinda figures, Sony embraces new, unproven technology like a straitjacket on a psychopath). Does the Rambus boycott factor into this at all?

Re:Hey! (1)

Kriticism (225999) | about 14 years ago | (#747464)

No, the last best SNES racing game was Rock-And-Roll racing, by the incredible team of Interplay, and Blizzard (then Silicon and Synapse). Hhorrifyingly addictive gameplay, cool vehicles, and one of the best soundtracks ever seen in a console game. Shame it didn't get farther than it did.

All hail Olaf!


Re:CmdrTaco is right. Play Zelda and wait it out. (1)

BJuano (169118) | about 14 years ago | (#747465)

Hehe. I was thinking the exact same thing.

Re:This is not a problem... (1)

psxndc (105904) | about 14 years ago | (#747466)

Its not the size, its what you do with it. How the VRAM is used is up to the developers. If they don't push every ounce they can out of it, yeah, the graphics will suck. The biggest stumbling block has been wrapping their heads around how to do it. Volition for instance managed to do it and Summoner looks great. The Namco kids figured it out too and are redoing Ridge Racer V and Tekken Tag. The latest batch of screenshots look a lot better than the versions that came out at the japanese launch.

Are you saying that my HP I just bought (as a router box kids) that has "up to 11 MB of video RAM" (its integrated AGP ala Intel) will have better graphics capability than a PS2 because its 11 as opposed to 4? Trust me, I doubt it.


Overpriced box with no games (1)

DrXym (126579) | about 14 years ago | (#747467)

Why is there a big rush to buy one of these things? Why not wait for the price to come down, the BIOS and hardware to go through a few revisions and for some games to appear?

Re:Let consoles die a quick painless death. (1)

crazyaxemaniac (219708) | about 14 years ago | (#747468)

Actually, I woudl just say that there haven't been very many good fighting games for computers. One thing that has been a stumbling block is that multiple game controller support was less than optimal. Hopefully things are different now that there's USB. I still think One Must Fall 2097 is the best fighting game I have ever played.

In fact consoles are just horrible for most multiple player games. I tried to play a few, but got sick of looking at my window which was a 1/4 of the screen. Even on a 27" TV this is small and the low resolution does not help this any.

So, maybe people just need to but themselves a couple of USB gamepads and a video card with TV out. Maybe more computer games should come with some sort of split-screen multiplayer option.

I just don't know. =)

Re:Hype Hype Hype (1)

sincubus (221663) | about 14 years ago | (#747469)

Sega may or may not have done this last year, but Nintendo does this ALL THE TIME.

"Ooh we won't have enough of such and such product so hurry up and give us your money before it comes out".

Think about it guys, EB is telling people that the only way to guarantee your PS2 at launch is to pay in full. Um, what if more than 500,000 people pay in full? Sony is saying that there isn't going to be enough for everyone, yet EB is promising everyone a chance to guarantee one. Yeah that makes a lot of sense.

I'm in no rush to buy one at launch. The launch titles are weak. Grand Turismo 2000 is confirmed to not be finished by launch. Metal Gear Solid 2 isn't coming out until late 2001. Madden...? I have NFL2K1 already. You'd be surprised what that little machine can do - online. Set aside your GeForce 2-having, broadband-connecting elitist mentality and try the thing. Great graphics, great gameplay, and no lag.

Don't be fooled all, this is just a ploy to get everyone who wasn't 100% sure of buying one to plunk the cash down now. Wait and see how the games turn out first.

Re:Cynical old me sez (1)

dedhed (145748) | about 14 years ago | (#747470)

A Miata? Come on..

I don't think Sony is sinister or anything but... (1)

PotatoNO (15935) | about 14 years ago | (#747471)

This will certainly do a great deal to keep the price of the Playstation2 high until after Christmas. The supply problem could actually hurt their software sales some, (less ps2s==less customers) which is where all the profit is at.

linkfilter [] get that fresh links feeling.

Hey! (1)

Trans (209035) | about 14 years ago | (#747472)

Are you on crack my friend? I got my super NES with Zelda...I loved that game! I can still remember the beginning of the game with the music and rain. I thought it was just amazing.

And as for Street Fighter II, I still think the original street fighter was the best of all of them. But that's just my opinion, and many people think I'm an idiot.

There's going to be some very unhappy gamerz... (2)

TBHiX (26224) | about 14 years ago | (#747473)

Mind you, who finds the timing of this just a little suspect? A couple of months before the solstice-oriented holiday rush, people are told "oops, we're going to be short some units". (Implied: "better buy early".)

Just a thought, but I'll be watching to see if there's a miraculous appearance of components just in time to meet the end-of-year demand.


Cabbage Patch Dolls (4)

mayonaise (29272) | about 14 years ago | (#747474)

The same story [] at the Daily Radar mentions that this could be like the Cabbage Patch Dolls situation. It could be a smart marketing ploy to peak demand quickly, and continue it when it turns out that there isn't a shortage.

I'm don't buy that theory though, although i'm not dismissing it either. There is some sort of an electronics parts shortage, so that could very well affect Sony's production. I'm not a manufacturing engineer-type person, but i would've thought that Sony would have secured the amount of parts they needed to meet their desired output.

In any case, I'm guessing this will peak the demand for them - pre-orders will be flying out of the door. I, being a poor college student, will hold out until the price lowers. Justin

Typical (1)

wmoyes (215662) | about 14 years ago | (#747475)

Typical marketing ploy. Think back to when the N64 came out. The boxes were so scare only 1 parent in 20 was able to get his/her hands on one. Then all of a sudden a ton of the machines showed up at the store 1-2 weeks before Christmas. Can you say conspiracy (its spelled marketing).

Re:Hey! (1)

Evangelion (2145) | about 14 years ago | (#747476)

He was talking about the games available when the Super NES first existed, which were mostly boring. F-Zero, Sim City, SMW, etc...

I do disagree with the assesment, as I owned Final Fantasy II before I had actually gotten the thing that Christmas ;-)


Is this a surprise? (4)

bfree (113420) | about 14 years ago | (#747477)

Every console release I have ever seen (at least of consoles people want) has always had these stories before their release. Here in Ireland we always get REALLY screwed as the UK is always short and anything around ends up there first.

Imagine Sony had all the PS2's required to satisfy the Christmas demand, there would be no mystique or charging over to your friends to see his. This is all about fueling demand for the PS2 and ensuring no-one bitches about the initial price-point. Once the Christmas rush is gone (with the stories of how Joe Schmoe payed $1500 for a PS2 for little Joey), we will still see stories of the first PS2's arriving and then a bit later about how the shortage still isn't quite over and all the time Sony will be rubbing their hands with glee as the false demand will ultimately allow them sell more devices.

Bottom Line: I don't believe for a minute that Sony could have any problems producing the numbers they would like to have, they have a lot of money and have had plenty of time to prepare themselves.

Re:Social engineering by marketing (1)

psxndc (105904) | about 14 years ago | (#747478)

I think you have a very good point (though I'm a sheep and anxiously awaiting mine). The only thing I will contend is the price issue. It won't be cut in half in by February. It took two years for the original PSX to drop to half of what it originally cost (life cycle for a console is max 5 years). The Dreamcast JUST came down to $150 a year after its launch (down only $50 or 25%) so saying it will be half of what it will be at launch in February (especially when the other 500K out of 1M be shipping) is misleading to the other sheep.


Re:Killer Game? (1)

spezz (150943) | about 14 years ago | (#747479)

Knee jerk answer...Not at launch. There won't be a soul calibur or a wipeout (why I bought the first PS) but they will have a big football game or two.

Starfighter [] looks nice but may just end up being a prettier version of Rogue Squadron. I'm really excited about Z.O.E. [] , which not only features anime style giant robot fighting over martian colonies [] but will contain a demo of Metal Gear Solid 2, which recently had some of it's thunder stolen as it will not be faithful to PS2, but will gussy itself up later for M$ with Metal Gear Solid X [] .

Don't get me wrong, I'll buy the damn thing, but the wait shouldn't kill anyone.

Re:Social engineering by marketing (1)

jafuser (112236) | about 14 years ago | (#747480)

I was nonverbose in explaining that the price will be half of what it goes for before christmas. Since they are spreading this FUD, the price will probably rise to $500 before christmas, and then fall back down to $300 to $250 around February.

EFF Member #11254

Not all playstations are delayed. (2)

Greg@RageNet (39860) | about 14 years ago | (#747481)

Well at least this playstation [] will meet it's delivery date [] .

-- Greg

They're getting exactly what they want. (1)

JurriAlt137n (236883) | about 14 years ago | (#747482)

Attention, that is. The moment I'm writing this posted 137 posts have been written reacting to this story. That means 137 times the words PS2, Sony, etc. How's that for free afvertising?

I'm guaranteed mine (2)

askheaves (207302) | about 14 years ago | (#747483)

I got a call last Saturday morning from Electronic Boutique. I had preordered, and they told me that Sony wasn't going to make demand. They told me that to guarantee my PS2, I would have to go down there and pay in full. So, duh, that's what I did. I'm like #20 on their list. They were originally expecting about 400... I hope they can handle 20.

As for Killer Apps, I think GT2000 will be really nice (although not in time for release), and there are a bunch of other nice ones.

A supliment to the CNet article is found at Daily Radar [] .

Re:Let consoles die a quick painless death. (2)

Evangelion (2145) | about 14 years ago | (#747484)

You do realize that getting a Dreamcast would cost me roughly half of what I paid for my video card?


Re:Cynical old me sez (1)

Hairy_Potter (219096) | about 14 years ago | (#747485)

A Miata? Come on..

Oh, would you prefer this? [] Yuck!

Miss the Christmas season? Gimme a break! (1)

Cymbaline (200653) | about 14 years ago | (#747486)

This has GOT to be a ploy by Sony. What major manufacturer would seriously state that they hope to have more units available "After the holiday season", and miss out on the frenzy?

Not to mention the blow that their stock price should receive. 500K * 200/unit = Boatload of missed revenues.

We'll end up seeing a flood of them in mid -to-late November.


Sounds like a marketing ploy (1)

TangentMan123 (134048) | about 14 years ago | (#747487)

Announcing that there are shortages but you can pre-order sounds like a marketing ploy to me.

Re:Miss the Christmas season? Gimme a break! (1)

TangentMan123 (134048) | about 14 years ago | (#747488)

Heh, look at the next post.
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