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YouTube Videos On Display At the Guggenheim

samzenpus posted about 4 years ago | from the eye-of-the-beholder dept.

Youtube 19

crimeandpunishment writes "Move over comes 'Charlie bit me.' 125 YouTube videos are now on display at Guggenheim museums around the world. The videos, chosen from more than 23,000 submissions, are part of an exhibit called 'YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video', featuring both well-known YouTube hits and barely-seen works by students. This group of videos will be narrowed down to about 20 entries, which will be featured at the Guggenheim in New York next month." We ran a story about this in June when museum officials started accepting submissions.

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This was going to happen eventually (1)

Pojut (1027544) | about 4 years ago | (#33653244)

YouTube, despite hosting tons of mostly pointless vidoes, has fundamentally changed the way a lot of things work. learning new skills, spreading opinion and information, etc.

Not to mention its effects on this point, if a politician has ever said something on camera, the proof can be quickly found.

Re:This was going to happen eventually (1)

jo42 (227475) | about 4 years ago | (#33669958)


YouTube is art now? (1)

Even on Slashdot FOE (1870208) | about 4 years ago | (#33653302)

I hope this collection does not include that "Best Crank Calls" video.

after a few more tornadoes, etc... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33653368)

the guggenheim (before&after) will be on display at the youtube.

This is art (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33653418)

What the internet was invented for. []

Rick Rolling... (3, Insightful)

leonardofelin (1211778) | about 4 years ago | (#33653434)

I wonder if you'll get Rick Rolled at the museum...

4chan might be more their style (1)

pegasustonans (589396) | about 4 years ago | (#33653470)

Last time I went to the Guggenheim, they were having a special exhibition, which, as far as I could tell, mostly consisted of rough portraiture of various well-known artist's private parts.

I remember thinking if this is high art, then I should already be renowned as a serious connoisseur.

Re:4chan might be more their style (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33655212)

oldfag speaking

or that one song... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33653532)

(insert some random line that somehow may or may not rhyme with rain)
(another random like like before... repeat from the top)

Then have a 10-11 second piano loop play while doing so, and before you know it, 56 MILLION VIEWS.

Cue... A zillion DMCA Takedown notices (1)

RotateLeftByte (797477) | about 4 years ago | (#33653628)

Filed by the MPAA etc.

This will be regardless of the actual content of these videos. They will still file them even if none of them violate even one frame of copyrighted material (in the eyes of the MPAA etc)


This bunch of shysters are suing Google. They want YouTube closed down.
They virtually have to use this just to keep the facade of their case alive.
IF they don't do this then they will fail to get it closed down as they will by their failure admit that their is indeed non Hollywood/Bollywood/RIAA/BPI etc copyrighted material on YouTube.

Re:Cue... A zillion DMCA Takedown notices (1)

Even on Slashdot FOE (1870208) | about 4 years ago | (#33653966)

One problem is that, apparently, the MPAA and RIAA have the right to charge you for displaying things they do not have the rights to. They make quite a killing demanding royalties and then not paying the creator, regardless of his opinion, even if he is the one making the performance.

And if you do not pay them to show movies/music you wrote and performed, they can ensure you receive massive fines.

tl;dr - They ALWAYS demand a cut. Or else.

Hyperbole (1)

spamuell (1208984) | about 4 years ago | (#33653796)

Youtube is just a medium. Video has been considered art for a long time. Another pathetic example of slapping Web 2.0 in a headline just to get clicks.

"biennial"? (1)

VolciMaster (821873) | about 4 years ago | (#33654068)


"YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video"

How do we have a biennial of creative video when video didn't exist 200 years ago?

Re:"biennial"? (1, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33654248)

Biennial is two years. The word you are thinking of is "bicentennial". Presumably, these are popular videos from the last two years?

Plastic (1)

SnarfQuest (469614) | about 4 years ago | (#33654420)

Do we get to see such import videos, like a plastic Jesus statue dancing in a bottle of urine? Government subsidied, of course.

Deep Sunshine (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33655608)

But what we all wanna know is:

Did they select Deep Sunshine "The Final Countdown"?

But what is hardware/software will display it (1)

bjamesv (1528503) | about 4 years ago | (#33658666)

Immediately i wondered if the videos will be hosted locally, or if they'll just slap a PC into a slot in the wall & stream it in a browser.

"presented ... and hosted on the YouTube Website by Google, Inc (“Google”)"
from event details, (linked to from url in article) []

maybe the physical display set up will be neat. Looks like they are jumping full in on the "gee there is content" angle

Re:But what is hardware/software will display it (1)

bjamesv (1528503) | about 4 years ago | (#33658690)

bleh, proofread fail - *But what hardware...h
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