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Thief Returns Stolen Laptop Contents On USB Stick

samzenpus posted about 4 years ago | from the it's-been-a-pleasure-being-your-victim dept.

Crime 352

While it's true that Sweden is responsible for unleashing IKEA and ABBA on humanity, not everything they produce is terrible. Their thieves are some of the most considerate in the world. An unnamed professor at Umeå University received a USB stick with all his data after his laptop was stolen. From the article: "The professor, who teaches at Umeå University in northern Sweden, was devastated when ten years of work stored on his laptop was stolen. But to his surprise, a week after the theft, the entire contents of his laptop were posted to him on a USB stick. 'I am very happy,' the unnamed professor told the local Västerbottens-Kuriren newspaper. 'This story makes me feel hope for humanity.'"

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Kinf Theives? (0, Redundant)

Stregano (1285764) | about 4 years ago | (#33946704)

What next, a person that steals your car stereo mails you back the CD that was in it?

Re:Kinf Theives? (4, Funny)

zill (1690130) | about 4 years ago | (#33946906)

A single CD being shared by two people? Sounds like copyright infrignment to me.

I have a feeling the RIAA lawyers will hunt down both perpetrators before the cops can finish their donuts.

That depends (1)

WindBourne (631190) | about 4 years ago | (#33947620)

Did the CD have ANY value to the thief? If not, they MIGHT just do that, esp. if they respect you.

Honor Amongst Thieves (5, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33946708)

Reminds me of when a friend had their radio stolen from their car, however, the thief took the time slimjim the door rather then bust his window. He even locked it up after he was finish. Just because you're gonna be a thief, doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it.

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (3, Funny)

Xaedalus (1192463) | about 4 years ago | (#33946830)

I'll second this. I had a thief break into my car to steal my CD changer. He broke the glass in my driver window, but then all he did was cut the cable, pop the trunk, and pull everything out. He actually took the time to pile up the CDs and what he didn't need on my driver's seat. Then he closed the door behind him. While I was out a CD changer and a window, it could have been a heck of a lot worse. I was struck by how... kind... basically the guy was.

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (5, Funny)

Combatso (1793216) | about 4 years ago | (#33946976)

i heard about a guy that left a Justin Bieber CD on his dash... when he got back to his car the window was smashed, and someone left a second CD

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947334)

Yes is this being kind or cruel?

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947604)

No, the joke goes like this:

I had two front-row tickets to see the Maple Leafs play on Tuesday night. I had them on the dash in my car, and went into a store. When I came back out somebody had broken into my car. Bastard left two more.

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (1)

sqldr (838964) | about 4 years ago | (#33947990)

This happened to a friend of mine IRL..

They burgled his flat about 350 CDs but made sure they left the Simply Red one :-)

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (2, Interesting)

vlm (69642) | about 4 years ago | (#33947144)

Two behaviors: Trying to look good in front of the judge if they're busted 10 seconds later, and trying not to walk off with personally identifiable property.

The CD changer probably had no recorded serial number, but was full of your CDs, easily identifiable.

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (4, Insightful)

DarkOx (621550) | about 4 years ago | (#33947182)

See, I don't see that as any specific kindness. Honestly that sounds like the thief was less dickish than they might of been but there is nothing kind about stealing your property.

Now if say he broke into you car and all he took was the bag of groceries out of the trunk you were on the way home with well, we might say they must have been hungry and it was kind of them to do the littlest damage possible, I guess, but there is nobody who "needs" a CD changer, that is just theft and vandalism and I really don't feel much need to excuse the guy the perp.

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947930)

I don't think he was going to keep the cd-changer for longer than it took to get it sold.

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (1)

RawJoe (712281) | about 4 years ago | (#33947946)

but there is nobody who "needs" a CD changer, that is just theft and vandalism and I really don't feel much need to excuse the guy the perp.

Maybe you don't "need" a CD changer. Maybe you need money that comes from selling the CD changer. You know, to buy groceries because your hungry and the car had no groceries in it.

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (1)

ubrgeek (679399) | about 4 years ago | (#33948002)

> but there is nobody who "needs" a CD changer

Oh yeah? Try a four-hour car ride with kids younger than 8 when you only have one Barney CD.

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (1)

Crudely_Indecent (739699) | about 4 years ago | (#33947888)

I wish my experience was as nice as yours.

The last time I had a stereo stolen, the thief bent the hell out of the door frame to get the window out of track, then used a scissor jack to open the dash up in order to remove the 1 bolt holding the stereo in place.

$1000 damage for a $99 stereo.

Upside was that I got a scissor jack out of the deal.

Someone came back a few months later and busted a window to find that I hadn't put a new stereo in yet. Another $150...

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (1)

madigan82 (1179493) | about 4 years ago | (#33947084)

Back when I was in college, somebody stole my hubcaps (stock civic ones) and I didn't notice for a day or two. They actually took all of the bolts off the tires, took the hubcaps, and rebolted the tires. If they didn't, my tires would have fallen off as I drove around.

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33948096)

Back when I was in college, somebody stole my hubcaps (stock civic ones) and I didn't notice for a day or two. They actually took all of the bolts off the tires, took the hubcaps, and rebolted the tires. If they didn't, my tires would have fallen off as I drove around.

Usually when someone is going through the trouble to remove wheels, they would put blocks under the axles, take the entire rim and tire, and whatever other parts that they want, and then toss a lit book of matches into the car and walk away. At least thats how it goes down in new york city.

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (1)

ObsessiveMathsFreak (773371) | about 4 years ago | (#33947162)

Unless you're from Wall Street.

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (2, Insightful)

mysidia (191772) | about 4 years ago | (#33947282)

This could also be serving self-interest of keeping a low profile. Smashing a window attracts a lot more immediate attention than fumbling with a lock.

It will be immediately obvious that the car has been busted, the police might get called sooner, resulting in a catch of the thief still nearby

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (3, Informative)

tukang (1209392) | about 4 years ago | (#33947306)

That phrase doesn't mean what you think it means

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947968)

I'm always cool to the people I steal from. I usually leave a Hallmark card from the "So your shit got ripped off" genre.

Re:Honor Amongst Thieves (1)

Voyager529 (1363959) | about 4 years ago | (#33948004)

Interesting. About two years ago, my car stereo was stolen. There was no broken glass, so I only assumed that I left my car door unlocked. The thief stole the stereo, and even reassembled the bracket - the stereo had an OEM mount that took some effort to reinstall, and he did so after it was removed. The real twist was that it was a lower end Kenwood deck I bought for $200 new. This guy took that stereo, but left my camera bag, which had a Canon EOS Rebel XT and a bunch of accessories. He clearly went through it because the wires were all over the place and it was on the front passenger seat, while I knew I'd left it on the floor in the back. The police officer that took the report was in a state of disbelief, and I really couldn't blame him. The most logical thing we could postulate was that the thief was interested in the stereo specifically because he already had a buyer that was more than just a generic pawn shop.

Socialist dystopia at work (1)

soupforare (542403) | about 4 years ago | (#33946714)


Backup ffs! (2, Insightful)

somersault (912633) | about 4 years ago | (#33946724)

This story makes me feel sad for humanity.

Re:Backup ffs! (0, Flamebait)

Barny (103770) | about 4 years ago | (#33946896)


Seriously, if his data fitted on a USB stick, he could have at least used Mozy's free service to backup.

Guy deserved to have his data stay lost.

Re:Backup ffs! (0)

Sir_Lewk (967686) | about 4 years ago | (#33947336)

Congratulations. You apparently have less empathy than a common thief.

I'm sure your mother is so proud.

Re:Backup ffs! (2, Interesting)

theaveng (1243528) | about 4 years ago | (#33947824)

It's not unsympathetic when people do dumb stuff. I had a college friend lose all his work when his laptop died (HDD stopped spinning). I said, "I told you when you bought that laptop, make sure you get an external USB to back it up."

He wanted to hit me, but he should have been hitting himself.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Re:Backup ffs! (1)

Fumus (1258966) | about 4 years ago | (#33947492)

I wish the thief would leave a newspaper-cutout note saying "Back up your data dude!"

Backup? Shoulda dropbox'd it (1)

eparker05 (1738842) | about 4 years ago | (#33948038)

That's why I use Dropbox; not only is it saved to the ethereal cloud, but a hard copy of all my work is on my wife's computer.

A pickpocket did something similar for me (2, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33946730)

He took the time to scan money he stole from me and provide me a convenient pdf file.

I feel so much better about humanity.

Re:A pickpocket did something similar for me (1)

WindBourne (631190) | about 4 years ago | (#33947668)

If you will leave your email here, I can add more pdf's via an outlook file to you. In fact, I am sure that others will be happy to help you in the same fashion.

LOL (5, Insightful)

arcite (661011) | about 4 years ago | (#33946736)

10 years of work on his laptop without a single backup?

Re:LOL (2, Insightful)

nebulus4 (799015) | about 4 years ago | (#33946868)

You'll be surprised how common this is.

Backups (1) (595837) | about 4 years ago | (#33947192)

Yes, he says

Unfortunately, I have been bad at backing up my computer.

This remind me I have still some data with no backup... :/

Re:Backups (1)

GargamelSpaceman (992546) | about 4 years ago | (#33948042)

I blame microsoft for actively trying to encourage computer illiteracy in an attempt to create lucrative 'features' people are ever so grateful for but which actually provide less than what the user could have achieved themself with just a modicum of computer literacy.

Every time a new version of windows comes out, the folder structure changes. Fuck 'My Documents' and all it's ever shifting directory of welded into the OS subfolders right in the Goat-Ass!

Every time a new version of windows comes out, I have to look up on the internet how to show all files, even the hidden ones so that select-all/copy/paste works as expected to back stuff up. Every time a new version of windows comes out, I need to ask google how to show the file extensions of files, and adjust file associations.

Basic info like: 'Where is "My computer"?', 'Where is "the C: drive"', 'What is "the path to the folder that actually contains the items on the desktop"', are also subject to change/disappear/move EVERY FUCKING TIME a new version of windows comes out.

Shit like, Dammit! I used Skype for one fucking call, and now it starts up every time I start windows slowing things down needlessly, How do I remove it from the startup items? Oh, dammit, now there's no such thing, I have to adjust a setting IN THE PROGRAM ( which will be different in every program so I need to search it out for each program, and god forbid I install something a little bit shady and reluctant NOT to start up and splash me with spam every time I boot... Any bit of knowledge a user gets that gives them an advantage in getting stuff done themselves is promptly made useless so that a solution can be sold to them for money.

Once upon a time 'backing up' was as simple as 'Select All' 'Copy' and then 'Paste' onto any disk with the space. There is NO reason, ABSOLUTELY no reason why this can't still be the case. It's 10000% easier than any of the hundereds of convenient backup solutions devised since. I seriously remember when everything, OS and all fit on a COPYABLE floppy disk. It actually profited a user if they knew what a directory heirarchy was, and where their files were saved. The OS was designed to educate the user about this.

Now, most users can't find their documents, so they can't back them up. The documents come up in a drop down list whenever they open their favorite program, and they select from that. They never click on the document and have the program open. Or if they have figured out how to get to their documents and click on them from the desktop, then they can't find their disk drives.

Most non-free efforts to 'make computers easier' just introduce a new way to do less than what you could do before, while at the same time making it less convenient to do things the way you used to.

Free software doesn't have this problem. New ways of doing things don't ruin old ways, but compete on an even field to be preferred.

Nope. Just lousy journalism. (5, Interesting)

Ecuador (740021) | about 4 years ago | (#33947322)

No, the quote was used in the wrong context. He was not referring to his laptop/data but his calendar which was in the stolen backpack that was returned by the thief (backpack with calendar, other documents etc) a few hours later. Then, a week later he also got the USB with his work for which we simply know that it was not backed up well...
Way to go Telegraph. Read this instead: []

Re:LOL (1)

ceoyoyo (59147) | about 4 years ago | (#33947722)

He's hopefully learned something far more valuable than the cost of a laptop.

Re:LOL (1)

hardware1949 (1777614) | about 4 years ago | (#33947838)

Listen to me because I am a smart man. I am a college professor. I don't have the brains to consider what would happen if my data were to go missing. Sigh. Appears the NEA / AFT is everywhere.

Re:LOL (1)

savvysteve (1915898) | about 4 years ago | (#33947998)

10 years of work on his laptop without a single backup?

I agree with nebulus4.... you would be surprised... The average to below average end user has no understanding that a hard drive has moving parts that can and will fail. Only more computer savvy people have backups. Normally it takes a major loss of data before someone begins backing up religiously. Most people just get lucky and either change PCs frequently or just lose everything and deal with it.

How many GBs? (1)

srussia (884021) | about 4 years ago | (#33946744)

Ten years of work? What does this guy teach, English Lit?

I bet (1)

airdweller (1816958) | about 4 years ago | (#33946746)

the thief is a student or a fellow teacher :)

Re:I bet (1)

somersault (912633) | about 4 years ago | (#33947066)

Genius detective work there.

Re:I bet (1)

Frosty Piss (770223) | about 4 years ago | (#33947068)

the thief is a student or a fellow teacher :)

Exactly. Someone he knows who was having trouble looking the guy in the eyes. Student most likly.

Wait, what? (1, Insightful)

oodaloop (1229816) | about 4 years ago | (#33946766)

Someone stole a 10-year old laptop? How much is that worth on the black market? More than the thumb drive possibly. Or maybe he just really needed a machine on which to test DSL.

Re:Wait, what? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33946922)

Or maybe you should revisit your assumption that 10 years worth of data means the machine the data is on is 10 years old.

Re:Wait, what? (1)

Abstrackt (609015) | about 4 years ago | (#33947906)

Or maybe the common thief doesn't really know/care how to recognize the value of what they're stealing and they just grabbed what they figured they could sell fastest.

Hope for humanity... (2, Insightful)

the_one_wesp (1785252) | about 4 years ago | (#33946812)

my butt! I'd feel it too if he had backed up his hard drive at home and wasn't commending a criminal who just stole his freaking laptop!

Re:Hope for humanity... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947198)

I have a feeling 10 years of work is worth considerably more than a laptop, which is probably insured anyway.

Re:Hope for humanity... (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947702)


He's is from Sweden for god's sake, didn't you hear about Stockholm syndrome?

Hope for humanity (1)

NYMeatball (1635689) | about 4 years ago | (#33946854)

I'm not sure I feel that same sense of hope when we have someone teaching at a higher level institution who leaves ten years of his work up to chance.

He's "lucky" it was stolen. There's a lot more things that can happen to a laptop that can render its data unrecoverable.

Maybe he'll learn his lesson and store his data in more than one place, lest he become devastated once more.

Kudos to the thief, though.

I don't know... (4, Insightful)

Millennium (2451) | about 4 years ago | (#33946866)

Is that considerate, or really creepy ? First you get your laptop stolen, then you get proof that the thief was rifling through your data and evidently thought some of it was important enough to back up and send to you at their own expense. I don't know if 'hope' is the right word to express what I'd be feeling.

Re:I don't know... (2, Funny)

Chris Burke (6130) | about 4 years ago | (#33947058)

Uh, that doesn't sound all that creepy to me. Yeah, someone who stole my laptop looked at its contents. Yeah it's an invasion of privacy, but you have to assume it happened regardless. Getting the data back at that point is pure positive IMO.

To make it more creepy to get your data back, it'd have to be something like all your pr0n, only sorted by type and quality or with photoshopped annotations. Or your non-pr0n data like your documents but with pr0n inserted into them. That'd be both creepy and potentially devastating... "Oh good I got my data back just in time for my presentation to the reagents tomorrow!"

Re:I don't know... (2, Funny)

natehoy (1608657) | about 4 years ago | (#33947158)

just in time for my presentation to the reagents

I bet he'll get a reaction.

Re:I don't know... (1)

a whoabot (706122) | about 4 years ago | (#33947670)

I bet he'll get a reaction.

In the form of an erection.

Re:I don't know... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947288)

It's equiv to getting your sons bloody shirt back from the killer, after your son's been murdered.
You just stand there thinking, WTF is WRONG with you?

Re:I don't know... (1)

Chris Burke (6130) | about 4 years ago | (#33948066)

It's equiv to getting your sons bloody shirt back from the killer, after your son's been murdered.
You just stand there thinking, WTF is WRONG with you?

No, it's actually the complete opposite. It'd be like having your son kidnapped, but then he's returned unharmed only missing his expensive shirt.*

Losing your material possession in the form of the laptop isn't cool, but it's ultimately just an annoyance.

It's the ten years of data that is irreplaceable. It's losing that data that would make the loss of the laptop heartbreaking. Getting it back means the thing you actually care about was returned.**

* Which, granted, would still be a WTF moment, just a different kind.

** And hopefully teaching you the lesson to back the things you care about. Which gives me an idea for my son...

Re:I don't know... (1)

huckamania (533052) | about 4 years ago | (#33947646)

I had a laptop stolen out of my garage that had about 6 months worth of work. I wish the thief had returned the data. I had a replacement laptop, better then the one stolen, by that afternoon.

It was a silly project (;1), but the work was starting to produce results and I had planned to go even further with it. Live and learn.

Re:I don't know... (2, Interesting)

Krau Ming (1620473) | about 4 years ago | (#33947062)

being almost done my PhD, the thought of losing all my data is enough to make me want to cry. of course my work is backed up, but if i was in that prof's shoes, creepy or not, i'd be doing a big time happy dance upon receiving that usb drive.

Re:I don't know... (1)

somersault (912633) | about 4 years ago | (#33947114)

Perhaps one of his students' degree plans would have been messed up if this guy was fired or suicidal over losing 10 years' work, so said douche of a student decided to return the data so that he could finish his course.

Re:I don't know... (1)

TheCarp (96830) | about 4 years ago | (#33947800)

or perhaps one of the students degree plans would have been screwed up if the data wasn't changed, and he felt stealing the laptop was the only way to ensure that he had enough time with the data to find what needed to be changed and return it?

Just another unfounded guess to toss on the pile


Re:I don't know... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947308)

I'm more inclined to say that it was somebody he knew that took the laptop and felt guilty when he heard how the missing data was irreplaceable.

tub6irl (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33946884)

THEY ARE COME ON of the waaring marketing surveys [] on his

This almost makes up for Abba (1)

assertation (1255714) | about 4 years ago | (#33946912)

Pretty cool story!

Something similar but creepier happened to me... (5, Interesting)

Solarbeat (691941) | about 4 years ago | (#33946916)

A long, long, time ago, I moved into the campus dorms a week early to lay claim to the only network port in the room (yes, back then there was only one). Only thing is that the dining halls hadn't opened. I went out to grab a bite to eat and got my wallet pick-pocketed, leaving me without money for food for days. A few weeks later, a package arrived with my empty wallet, even with my credit cards, ID, etc... the only thing missing? Cash (of course), and the creepy part: the guy took all of the pictures of family and friends I had. Rather than making me feel hope for humanity, it showed me how creepy we can be.

Re:Something similar but creepier happened to me.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947804)

Sorry, but your mom was just to hot to give back.

Back up at LEAST once every year (1)

digitaldc (879047) | about 4 years ago | (#33946928)

Then, he would have only lost 1 year of research! For a professor using a computer, he doesn't sound like he has a lot of common sense.
I am glad he got his research back, though. Very kind of that thief.

10 years worth of data on a laptop (0, Redundant)

Combatso (1793216) | about 4 years ago | (#33946936)

makes it sound as tho he had never offloaded any data and had no backup... and was apparently using a 10 year old laptop, lol... I know I keep my most important documents on a 5.25" floppy disk, which I keep hidden behind my radiator

Re:10 years worth of data on a laptop (3, Funny)

JWSmythe (446288) | about 4 years ago | (#33947206)

    It sounds like the thief would have been kinder to steal a newer machine for the professor, preload it with his data, and send *that* back to him. :)


Re:10 years worth of data on a laptop (1)

Combatso (1793216) | about 4 years ago | (#33947720)

perhaps the professor dropped his laptop, broke it, and forgot he sent it to a Data Recorvery firm...

That and "good news everyone! my data isnt lost afterall"

Trojan time? (5, Interesting)

foodnugget (663749) | about 4 years ago | (#33946940)

The story of the thief who returns someone's goods with some opera tickets and an apology comes to mind -- when the victim goes to see the opera, the thief cleans out the victim's house.

Kinda makes me wonder if there's a rootkit on that drive for the purposes of emptying out this gent's bank accounts.

Also, wtf, no backups? ffs.

ABBA (5, Funny)

Massacrifice (249974) | about 4 years ago | (#33946966)

I'm listening to Abba right now, you insensitive clod!

In Sweden, stealing laptops is The Name Of The Game! Obviously, The Winner Takes it All except he brings back some of it's MP3 on a USB stick to the Dancing Queen, who had been sending out an S.O.S. She then says to the thief Thank You For The Music, followed by Voulez-Vous?. At which point the story turns to swedish erotica which is not appropriate to relate here.

Re:ABBA (1)

arielCo (995647) | about 4 years ago | (#33947362)

This is why /. *needs* a "favourite posts" (bookmarks) feature :)

Hopefully he'll do backups now (2, Informative)

jandrese (485) | about 4 years ago | (#33947108)

His butt was saved by an unusually considerate thief, but I hope he learns his lesson and makes backups of his life's work on a regular basis. There's really no excuse for losing 10 years worth of work because your laptop was stolen. What if the thing caught on fire? Or the hard drive self destructed? It's ridiculous not to back up something that important.

Not everything the swedish produce is terrible??? (1)

mark-t (151149) | about 4 years ago | (#33947116)

I happen to really *LIKE* Ikea furniture.

It's not prohibitively expensive, and quite good quality furniture. Plus, it's ridiculously easy to match ikea furniture with other furniture to create a room with a theme.

Okay, now that I've gotten that rant out of the way...

I'm sure that the police would want to examine that USB stick quite closely, as it could provide evidence of who the criminals were. Unfortunately giving it to the police would mean he would not be able to use it himself. If he withholds it from the police, he could be prosecuted for withholding evidence, and if he *were* to use it himself and then give it to the police, he would be considered to be tampering with the evidence. If he witholds evidence or tampers with the evidence, he would not be able to claim any loss on theft insurance, because the sheer convenience factor of having some unknown thieves send you back your data on a USB stick would likely be found to be implausible (even if it were true), and any insurance claim could be seen as an attempt to defraud the insurance company.

Re:Not everything the swedish produce is terrible? (1) (1265320) | about 4 years ago | (#33947422)

Somehow I don't think an officer would understand: "all I did was DD the contents to an ISO!"

which scares me. basic IT != rocket science.

Re:Not everything the swedish produce is terrible? (1)

damien_kane (519267) | about 4 years ago | (#33947532)

Not really tampering...
His prints will be on the stick regardless if he 'finds' it in an envelope.
He wouldn't know it's his data until he sticks it in a pc and looks at it.

1. Receive new stick (physically pull from envelope?)
2. Insert into PC
3. Realize what it is, copy all data off
4. Hand over to police

Re:Not everything the swedish produce is terrible? (1)

Missing.Matter (1845576) | about 4 years ago | (#33947550)

I love IKEA furniture. I just bought $1000 worth of it to furnish my new apartment, and that money went a long way (I got a bedroom, living room, and kitchen, and bathroom out of it). Aside from that, I felt vindicated that my childhood lego skills came in handy. I'd say that IKEA furniture is legos for adults... but who am I kidding? Legos are legos for adults.

Love thy thief (5, Funny)

SigmundFloyd (994648) | about 4 years ago | (#33947226)

'I am very happy,' the unnamed professor told the local Va:sterbottens-Kuriren newspaper. 'This story
makes me feel hope for humanity.'

But that might be Stockholm syndrome speaking.

What's fucking wrong with Abba ? (3, Insightful)

unity100 (970058) | about 4 years ago | (#33947244)

im 35 years old, i listened to iron maiden at their prime, listened to metal for my teenage years, yet i didnt see any problem with abba even then. good music, is good music, regardless of genre.

Genre bias (4, Insightful)

thePowerOfGrayskull (905905) | about 4 years ago | (#33947418)

There's a surprising number of people who will classify entire genres of music as crap without considering that talented musicians can make an appearance anywhere. (Example: Prince. Once of the most versatile and talented musicians around today - largely disdained because his music is "pop" ). The funny part is that the same people will listen with steadfast determination to their own chosen genres, apparently deaf to the fact that the ratio of crap to talent is the same there as well.

Re:What's fucking wrong with Abba ? (3, Insightful)

characterZer0 (138196) | about 4 years ago | (#33947494)

Sweden gave us ABBA.

Canada gave us Celine Dion.

The US gave us Hanson.

England gave us Coldplay.

Everybody is guilty of incredibly annoying but not quite bad enough to stay off the radio music.

Re:What's fucking wrong with Abba ? (1)

operagost (62405) | about 4 years ago | (#33947904)

And you got modded "Troll" for having a "wrong" opinion. "-1, Whoosh!" on that mod.

Anonymous Cow (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947262)

Come on it was probably his GRAD STUDENT and he must have laughed when his advisor said: "This story makes me feel hope for humanity."

Profs dont BACK THINGS UP? (0, Redundant)

Lumpy (12016) | about 4 years ago | (#33947320)

His fault if 10 years of important information is not backed up.

Honestly, why cant people, even highly educated people can not understand the basic important thing of BACKING UP WHAT IS IMPORTANT.

Plus, how does he have such a tiny amount of important info that it all fits on a usb stick? Just my last year of research takes up a 40 gig DLT tape.

Re:Profs dont BACK THINGS UP? (1) (1265320) | about 4 years ago | (#33947498)

it astounds me how often people just can't wrap their mind around this!

I honestly know people that refuse to backup files that they NEED because they think of them like paper documents. "if it's still there today, it'll still be there tomorrow. it's in a safe place!"

I even have a friend who teaches that thinks that he can't backup student's submissions because, get this: he think's it's plagiarism. he feels that making copies of documents is like taking it for your own.

ever time I yell at him, telling him what a horrible idea it is to keep everything on a single external hard drive. does he listen? not yet!

Re:Profs dont BACK THINGS UP? (1)

PeterM from Berkeley (15510) | about 4 years ago | (#33947828)

You realize that the ENTIRE KING JAMES BIBLE is only 4.8MB in size?

Not everyone's research needs 40G of storage! How many lines of code can you write in a day? Maybe 10kB, if you're really good? 1000 days of work is just 10MB.

Let me ask you this, what kind of wasteful drivel are you producing that requires 40G per year?

I lost all hope for humanity (1)

140Mandak262Jamuna (970587) | about 4 years ago | (#33947360)

A professor stores 10 years of his work in a single laptop without any back up? I just lost all hope for humanity. If that prof is from the School of Liberal Arts, I lost all hope for humanities too ;-)

Same in Germany for wallets (3, Interesting)

ciaran_o_riordan (662132) | about 4 years ago | (#33947392)

In Germany, wallet thieves often take the valuables and throw the wallet (with ID card and whatever else) in the nearest post box and it gets returned to its owner.

Saves the victim a load of hassle at least.

10 years on 1 USB stick? (2, Interesting)

fooslacker (961470) | about 4 years ago | (#33947466)

Blah blah, theft, nice thief, should have backups etc....but I'm more concerned that he could fit 10 years of work on a single usb stick. I guess some jobs generate more data than others but that's pretty lean research work. I guess maybe some academics don't generate more than their own writing.

Retardation (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947484)

How retarded you have to be to store 10 years worth of data on the laptop without having backup anywhere. Where exactly he got his degree?!

Wait... (1)

RivenAleem (1590553) | about 4 years ago | (#33947510)

Who steals a 10-year-old Laptop?

Oh, If it were in this country... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947536)

...Nobody would return anything. Instead, the thief would blackmail the professor about the content, save on in child porno images, use the laptop info to get info on how to hijack him and use it as an explosive. I wouldn't say what my country is.....

Grades? (2, Insightful)

SirLestat (452396) | about 4 years ago | (#33947538)

What he failed to notice is that the file where he keeps students grades have been slightly altered!

Are the "bad thieves" the ones we think? (1)

kangsterizer (1698322) | about 4 years ago | (#33947554)

I certainly would have been happy too. Sure the original act is bad blabla but hey, when you get 10y of data back, you're happy.
Thieves are stealing from people or companies directly, but they don't usually mean harm.

The lobbies, companies, government, etc, steal for people far larger amounts every single day - and they don't give you "your data back" all that easily either.

It's all a matter of perception and point of view. I'm all for respectful thiefs. Be it common ones or larger ones I wrote about. Since we can't actually suppress thieves:p

10 year old laptop? (2, Funny)

Markizs (674865) | about 4 years ago | (#33947650)

10 years of data on the laptop - are they implying that said stolen laptop was 10 years old? And thief bothered, not only to steal it but also boot it up? Sweden is scary sometimes.

fuckk3r (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947738)

But it';5 not a

What surprises me... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947832)

Is a professor who doesn't make backups.

Ah Sweden... (2, Funny)

simonsays22 (1716730) | about 4 years ago | (#33947836)

...the country that brought us their massages, little gummy fish, and that legendary muppet chef, now brings us great höpen för åll thé frickén wöörlden. That is, until the professor clicks "gEt_uR_fiLezz_bäcken.exe" on an unfortunate colleague's borrowed laptop.

What kind of moron... (1)

Just Brew It! (636086) | about 4 years ago | (#33947854)

...keeps the only copy of their past 10 years' work on their laptop? While the incident may have helped restore the poor prof's faith in humanity, it has knocked mine down a few notches knowing that people like this are teaching in our universities.

Encryption (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 4 years ago | (#33947860)

Good thing he didn't use Truecrypt!

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