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Dentists Offer Halloween Candy Buyback Program

samzenpus posted more than 3 years ago | from the what-can-I-get-for-a-candy-apple? dept.

The Military 1

Kids in Pennsylvania have an option for all the Smarties they collected this Halloween other than a trash can thanks to two dentists. Nalin and Arpan Patel will donate $1 to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq for every pound of candy they receive. From the article: "The dentists are accepting candy from November 1-5, and hope what is collected will cheer US troops overseas. 'Now during these hard times, the spirit of giving and helping is needed more than ever,' they said."

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Message to Canadians (1)

iSzabo (1392353) | more than 3 years ago | (#34104822)

Smarties (US) = Rockets (Canada)

If you already knew this, or didn't care please disregard this message.

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