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Furry Cartoon Critters Debate: Tablet Or Laptop?

Roblimo posted more than 3 years ago | from the furry-doesn't-mean-stupid dept.

Android 2

ericatcw writes "Despite the strong inroads that mobile devices are making (see this online list of mass iPad rollouts), many skeptics remain unconvinced of their usefulness. That's true even when confronted with news of Microsoft's fear, reasoned arguments, or even old-timey anti-laptop rants that, hilariously, echo all of the same criticism today against tablets. Will this Xtranormal cartoon video depicting two furry woodland creatures on opposite sides of the 'Tablet or PC?' debate sway your mind?"

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...*long silent stare*... (1)

Volguus Zildrohar (1618657) | more than 3 years ago | (#35148926)

Oh Slashdot, what happened? You used to be cool. .....

yeah, okay, that's not true. But still.

Does it matter? (1)

Thyamine (531612) | more than 3 years ago | (#35149194)

This is one of those geek debates that most of us don't care about except for a fun discussion. The people who are really pushing from one side or the other have motives of some type. I like the idea of tablets, am planning on buying an iPad, but I don't care if it's considered a PC or not. I'm going to use it regardless.
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