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Magicka Sequel Planned, Console Version a Possibility

Soulskill posted more than 3 years ago | from the deja-vu-all-over-again dept.

Games 62

Indie action-adventure game Magicka has been an unqualified success since its launch in January. While work is still underway on the original game, the CEO of publisher Paradox told Joystiq that a sequel is not in doubt: "When we — and I'm not saying 'if' — but 'when' we are doing a sequel to this game, it's going to be done on a totally different technology. It was super buggy at release. We addressed most of them in the first week, but there are still issues with laptops and a few other things. It's due to the engine that we produced the game on." He also indicated that console ports of Magicka are a strong possibility.

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Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (4, Interesting)

am 2k (217885) | more than 3 years ago | (#36032816)

Yes, they rolled their own engine based on XNA, which seems to be very picky about graphics cards. I got it on Steam, but still haven't been able to run it, even though my system is well within the specs (runs Crysis2 just fine etc). Crashes with some Direct3D exception.

What made me angry was their comment on the Steam forums about those isses was (paraphrased) "Do you want us to make the game compatible with a wider range of cards, or add more features? Obviously we opted for more features." If so many folks can't run your game because it's so picky, they don't care about more features, because they're never going to seem them.

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (1)

Deltaspectre (796409) | more than 3 years ago | (#36032908)

I have a lower end graphics card from a recent generation, but when I tried playing even the main menu was chugging. This title definitely isn't on my list of games to check out again when I fully upgrade my computer. I don't think I bothered getting far enough that it would start crashing though!

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36032938)

Upgrades wouldn't help anyway. I have a Geforce GTX 460 which could run cirlces around that game. Yet I cannot play it due to graphic bugs.

The game wasn't "super buggy" at release. It was super buggy two weeks ago when I last tried it.

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (1)

Jesus_666 (702802) | more than 3 years ago | (#36034008)

There's lies, damn lies and Magicka patch logs. My graphics card (Geforce 8800) handles the game just fine but it has an annoying tendency to randomly crash when moving between areas that makes it impossible for me to finish the first act. Between that and the game's pathetic excuse for a multiplayer mode (seriously, Gamespy is leagues ahead of Magicka) it's been a huge disappointment for me.

Magicka has a nice humor but that doesn't do it any good if it simply won't run properly.

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36034960)

Between that and the game's pathetic excuse for a multiplayer mode (seriously, Gamespy is leagues ahead of Magicka) it's been a huge disappointment for me.

lol wat? I've been playing the multiplayer mode with friends obsessively since the Vietnam expac and having a blast; what's your complaint, exactly? It's...just like singleplayer, except with more people. What are you expecting it to be?

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (1)

Qzukk (229616) | more than 3 years ago | (#36036162)

It's...just like singleplayer, except with more people. What are you expecting it to be?

I'm expecting it to work, personally. Nobody has a fucking clue what ports to open to get your game listed on the server browser and the steam forums aren't helping. It apparently either works or it doesn't. Seriously, it's 2011. Everyone and their dog has a damned cheap broadband router/firewall assigning 192.168.x.y. Stop using the local IP in your protocol. Penalty points for integrating steam's server crap and yet failing to allow people to be invited into games or join a friends' game.

Of course, this isn't unique to Magicka, I can count the number of online games I've played in the last few years that properly documented the ports that needed to be opened without needing to wade through pages and pages of chicken-waving misinformation and rumors posted by other users (or games that worked without opening ports) on one hand with several fingers to spare.

(Also, lag. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. It was hilarious the first time the screen started shaking like an earthquake with everyone bouncing around and falling through the floor. The second time, not so much.)

My circle of friends has exactly one person who can host a game everyone can connect to. But yeah, when it works, we all have a blast.

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (1)

Jesus_666 (702802) | more than 3 years ago | (#36037590)

I found that the game would randomly decide to see or not see people. If you do see them there's random disconnects right from the lobby onwards. It kind of feels like setting up a WINS network. We didn't even make it to the basement in over an hour of trying due to people randomly dropping out of the game and the lobby showing random subsets of who's online.

Then again it does work semi-reliably for two of my friends (except for the lobby) and I have crashing issues so it's probably me who causes the networking issues as well. Still it's weird that random people drop out and not just me.

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (1)

Whorhay (1319089) | more than 3 years ago | (#36037692)

I'm using two software SLI'd 8600's and the game runs pretty smoothly with some exceptions. Those exceptions being that the menus are very sluggish and stuttery, and sometimes I get seemingly random game crashes. I haven't finish the Fafnir chapter because I always crash before reaching him.

Even with those issues though I've gotten my money's worth out of it easily.

I haven't bothered with multiplayer because multiplayer rarely interests me unless it's an MMO.

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36032958)

It's frustrating when developers have different priorities than you, but either extreme tends to annoy me (unstable features in constant flux / stable product with a featureset from ten years ago). Really, all you can do is find someone who has priorities similar to yours and stick with them. I've always despised Debian, for example, but I can recognize that other people find it easier to sleep at night, knowing that none of those newfangled "features" made it into their distribution. Have fun with your 2.0 kernel and A.OUT binaries, Debian fans!

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (1)

TemperedAlchemist (2045966) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033798)

Take a look at StarCraft 2. It's beautiful with a wide range a support-- and even functions well on low-end systems with integrated graphics on low settings. Needless to say, it isn't that they can't make it function better, but merely that they're unwilling to spend money/time on polishing their game. It's a shame too, Blizzard has the defining edge in gaming with enough money rolling in to develop portal technology for shower curtains, you'd think someone would be taking notes.

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (1)

Whorhay (1319089) | more than 3 years ago | (#36037578)

Starcraft 2 is also essentially a reskin of a million other RTS games. Yes it looks pretty and runs on everything from a Ti-85 to the latest gaming rig. But it also was developed by a behemoth studio over the course of many years with a budget that could fund several small nations.

Magicka was developed by ten or less people in much less time with a budget to match. The gameplay is actually inovative and original. And while I haven't played through either game completely Magicka's story line even seems to be much more entertaining.

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36034110)

It doesn't get that great of a framerate either, but the game is cool. Call of Duty games run great cranked on my sys yet this game chugs.

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36036346)

If it crashes during the logo scean you need to install the DirectX from MS, yes yes I know your computer already has it, but it doesn't have some obscure library which magika is using. (IF you look at the log file, it's missing a directinput driver or something)

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (1)

blahplusplus (757119) | more than 3 years ago | (#36037238)

For $9 (if you didn't pirate it), give your complaints a break. These people were not expecting such a huge success the thought they would sell 3000 copies over the ENTIRE LIFETIME of the game, instead they got a HUGE SUCCESS despite the games flaws. It speaks to how fun the game is given the game industries AAA rehashes every year. Magicka was a giant breath of fresh air - a return to gameplay finally.

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (1)

am 2k (217885) | more than 3 years ago | (#36037306)

I didn't ask for my money back. However, especially with the huge success you'd think that they'd have some time for getting the thing to actually work.

Re:Bad Hardware QA Broke it for Me (1)

blahplusplus (757119) | more than 3 years ago | (#36043840)

Problem is they are rookies, lets not forget many triple AAA games suffer from the first game being rough (mass effect 1 vs mass effect 2, Assassins creed 1 vs AC2) lots of games are developed where they are not finished and buggy on release and some bugs never get fixed

Magicka (3, Informative)

ledow (319597) | more than 3 years ago | (#36032846)

1) Slashvertisement.
2) I played the demo - seemed okay, seemed to make good progress, interesting ideas, had to restart from a checkpoint a couple of times but nothing too taxing etc. Bought it on that basis.

Had to re-do everything I'd done in the demo (in fact, in a worse way because there were some vital elements that weren't highlighted in the full game that had been in the demo until they patched them). Then realised that save-"checkpoints" only worked if you didn't quit the game in between.

So you struggle through a level - get right to the end, die. You restart and restart from just before you died but then if you choose to close the game and try again later - bam - right back to the very start of the level. I didn't get past more than about 30 minutes of actual gameplay (after many hours of trying) and the developers have zero interest in changing it because dozens of complaints on the forums.

Yes, if you sit down and wish to play it through in one session after reading up on every spell combination and memorising them all and then just spamming the most powerful ones, you can complete the game in one sitting and never hit the issue. But if you want to PLAY the game and experiment (which is kinda the selling point of the game), then you're stuffed and find yourself re-treading old ground constantly (with extended cutscenes etc. each time) over and over and any progress you make better be a LOT of progress or it won't save between sessions even if you've touched a "save" checkpoint.

And then they sold out and just produce a bucket of odd DLC for it without bothering to fix many of the issues. And that's from someone who had a relatively smooth ride bug-wise because I tried the demo and read the specs beforehand, but it still crashed out on me a couple of times (it doesn't matter "how often", games should not crash out). After the first two days of trying, I literally just left it to linger on my Steam account and haven't tried since.

I never even tried to play it multiplayer because all of my friends steered clear of it but the single-player is all but impossible if you can't dedicate a whole day or two to completing it. Even then, the multiplayer had ridiculous network traffic sizes that made it mostly impossible for four-people on ordinary broadband connections to play together (and there were all sorts of sync issues).

Basically, it was a really, really, cool idea that they buggered up by being too focused on selling instead of fixing. And you should look at the Steam forums and the number of complaints about "my super-duper graphics card can't run this at all".

Re:Magicka (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36032980)

Stop your whining, i completed it by learning to play not by reading spell guides. I realised this issue with checkpoints which granted was annoying but didn't stop me playing, i just sat down and completed 1 chapter at a time. The Multiplayer is however a pain in the ass as there are multiple ports you have to forward to get it to work even a little which means only 1 of my friends can host it, and he plays the least. They should of allowed it to merge better with steam but that’s not a big problem because i view it as a game only made for 5 min chuckles anyhow.

Also if you learn to do just a couple of powerful spells via mixing then you can complete it really quick and it's not necessarily about firing big powerful spells but spamming out quick reasonable ones.

Re:Magicka (1)

RogueyWon (735973) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033018)

Yeah, the savegame issue was a killer for me. I was enjoying the game, but after accidentally losing half an hour of progress due to quitting the game a few seconds earlier than I was supposed to, I gave up on it. I'm sorry, but there really is no excuse not to have a proper quicksave feature - particularly in a PC-exclusive game. I know there are people who try to defend games that try to screw around with their save systems "oooh, it adds tension because there's a penalty for failure" or some rubbish. The problem is that stupid, restrictive save systems make it much, much harder to dip into a game for a quick blast. If I have half an hour to kill before I need to go out, I need to know that I can just press a button and save my progress wherever I am at the end of those 30 minutes. Ok, there will always be the odd area where allowing saves isn't technically feasible or doesn't make sense (eg. mid-cutscene, or perhaps mid-boss-fight), but I do expect developers to at least make an effort.

Magicka is by no means the only offender here. The Halo series not only has a badly broken checkpoint system (with checkpoints often triggering at really random times, and often very large gaps between them - infuriating in a series that loves 1-hit deaths), but it's also done some odd stuff with how you actually save properly in some of its installments. ODST was perhaps the worst - your checkpoint saves are not permanent unless you pause the game and choose "save and quit" before turning off or rebooting the console. This is not the norm on consoles (where you generally just turn the machine off when you're done) and also cost me a large amount of progress.

Seriously, developers, if somebody on your team suggests trying to do something with saving that isn't "save wherever you want", sack them. If you feel the need to do something for those weirdos who actually like being subjected to screwed up save systems, maybe include a free screwdriver in the box, so that they can stab themselves in the hand, or maybe a leg, with it while they play, since they like pain so much.

Re:Magicka (1)

SilentStaid (1474575) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033892)

Did you ever consider that you're just terrible? Back in my day if you turned the game off you were done. If you died 3 times before getting X amount of points and getting a free play, you were done.

I'm 23 years old, and all I can think of is this: Get off of my lawn.

Re:Magicka (1)

ledow (319597) | more than 3 years ago | (#36034144)

I'm 32. I have 300+ games on my Steam lists, most of which I've completed at one time or another (and my Steam account was made from my original WON copy of Half-Life which saw thousands of hours of play before Steam even came along). Hell, I completed Nonterraqueous before you were even born, and games of that era were nigh-on impossible to complete (especially as most of them had no saves at all, or Pause most of the time).

I never mind being bad at a game, so long as I can attribute it to: bad reactions, bad choices, bad timing, lack of a certain definable skill, lack of patience, etc.

With Magicka, it's lack of patience with a stupid design decision: a lack of time that I can bothered to sit there hacking away at things and hanging on to dear life by a thin thread the whole while, just to reach a checkpoint and so on and so on and so on and do it all in one session to reach a "real" checkpoint that'll write some bytes to disk. You can't experiment to find out the best spells because you end up spending half your life walking back to the big fights to try them out again (and, yes, you could just look them up on an FAQ but in my day, you didn't even have FAQ's).

Sure, I can sit behind a shield that the enemy can't walk past (at least in the early levels), refill it for ever, and pop out only to shoot out a spell you've been building up safely behind the wall for - but after the first battle with 8+ enemies that kinda gets tedious. Asking me to do that several times in a row, without dying, passing through several "save" points, just to get to a save point that will actually save is stupid.

Played it. Liked it. Got frustrated by a single game dynamic that would take a line of code and a button in the options to fix (and I'm nowhere near the only one complaining). To be honest, I'll do what I did with most of the Spectrum games - wait until I can run it in a virtual environment where I can literally reload back two seconds instead of 30 minutes work and retry, retry, retry. It's fun enough to play, so long as you can be bothered to complete it in one HUGE sitting and never want to save/quit.

At the moment, like the stupidly-difficult last missions of Driver and Syndicate, I played the bit I liked, got to the bit that frustrated me and then just left it there, likely forever until I can be bothered to reclaim my disk space.

A game is meant to feel fun and absorbing. A game that promotes itself with "find all the spells and combinations that work" should allow the player to actually do that. Magicka does neither, not because the game is crap, but because of a tiny, silly, stupid design decision that wasn't playtested properly.

Re:Magicka (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36035238)

Singleplayer is hard until you get a very good feel for the mechanics, but isn't somehow impossible. The best way to get a good feel for the mechanics is playing with friends, which both makes it easier, and takes pressure off of you in that there's another target running around. The heal element is a directional-beam, for christ' sake, and it heals others more than it heals you, that's how obvious it is that this is a multiplayer game. The chapters aren't even long if you're not awful, adding quicksaves and quick-reloads where you can just mash F4 at the beginning of every fight and spam F5 to start it over again the minute you take any damage or find yourself surrounded would completely remove any difficulty from an already not-that-hard game.

I'm not trying to pick on you here, but bragging about all the hard games you've completed then talking about furiously cheating in an already not-that-difficult PC game is not impressive (And that's exactly what "lol rewind 5 seconds because I fucked up" is.) Find a friend that wants to play the game and work through the campaign together. It's much more satisfying than having to restart every time you die (why do you think you get the revive spell in the prologue?) as dying itself is pretty expected, look how easy it is to kill yourself, but entirely avoidable.

Re:Magicka (1)

lymond01 (314120) | more than 3 years ago | (#36035910)

I played Rogue neé Nethack on Dec Alphas back in college. You couldn't save and you only had one life. And we liked it that way. We loved it, and that's a fact. I remember one session, we called them study breaks since most of our time was spent in the computer lab anyway what with trying to fit in 38 engineering classes and 5 humanities into 8 semesters there was barely time to sleep never mind play Nethack and midnight frisbee golf...but I digress. There I was in the 22nd level, already wielding the mighty Mjolnir and a pet Red Dragon named Fred, and I made a sudden move, maybe a quick flick of the finger towards the S key, and the onion I was wearing fell right off my belt...

Consoles? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36032876)

So does that mean it will now be limited to DX9 with a rumoured DX10 patch in the future? Bah, it doesn't really matter, so long as I can buy a hat or potato skin in the shop. My credit card is ready and waiting!

Will the fix the first one first? (3, Informative)

ZackSchil (560462) | more than 3 years ago | (#36032888)

I bought Magicka and while it's incredibly fun, it's also completely broken. Singleplayer is buggy as hell and multiplayer straight up doesn't work. I tried playing online with a few friends and it was an absolute blast but after a while, events stopped triggering, we'd get stuck in cutscenes, if anyone had network connectivity issues we'd have to start the level over again entirely... you can't rejoin a game in progress. After 4 hours of the first two levels over and over, we gave up. We got to a point where we'd finish a certain battle and then nothing would let us continue. We tried ten times or so restarting the server, restarting the game, reinstalling the game, nothing.

It's so painful because underneath it's one of the coolest games I've played in a really long time. But as much goodwill as that gets from me, it's not enough to overcome the fact that I purchased a game that essentially doesn't work. And not in a hardware, oh my PC setup is weird, thing. It runs beautifully. Graphics are glitch-free, frame rate is high, everything is great on that side of things. This is the sort of problem where actual game logic is broken and there's no way for me to troubleshoot my way around it.

If the developer is going to start planning a sequel before fixing this game, than consider me a customer lost. I very strongly suggest all of you avoid their products as well.

Re:Will the fix the first one first? (2)

PhrostyMcByte (589271) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033052)

The big bugs have all been patched. Some minor glitches remain, but nothing that takes away from gameplay. Give it another try. I've been able to run through the game with friends without a hitch for a while now.

Re:Will the fix the first one first? (1)

ZackSchil (560462) | more than 3 years ago | (#36035834)

The experience I wrote about happened this past Friday, when I bought the game through Steam. We played version and encountered no fewer than 5 game halting bugs (had to restart area/restart server) and one game breaking bug where we could no longer progress.

I don't know what to say other than it's still very much broken.

Re:Will the fix the first one first? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36033154)

Have you played it recently? Shit's fixed and is more stable than SC2 for me at this point. Both are incredibly stable, btw.

Not Madoka? (1)

kitsunewarlock (971818) | more than 3 years ago | (#36032966)

At first I thought (albeit off topic for the normal Slashdot crowd) this was going to be about Puella Magicka Madoka getting a sequel. I know its considered one of the best (non-pornographic) adult anime of the last decade or so but seriously...

Re:Not Madoka? (1)

hk-cylau (1106533) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033024)

Same to me to thought it is Madoka......

Re:Not Madoka? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36055080)

Me too :P
And a Madoka sequel is planned, it is however rumored to be a slice-of-life based on the same characters.

Brilliant (1)

PhrostyMcByte (589271) | more than 3 years ago | (#36032970)

Okay, so the game had little story, got a little easy near the end once you learned some good spells, and it has little replayability. But the spell building mechanic was a brilliant contribution to gaming—something I think will influence many RPGs in the future. I can't wait to see how it gets refined in triple-A RPGs.

And the inside jokes were great. Every so often you hear PR-speak about how a game was designed by gamers for gamers, only to cringe at things you know any gamer wouldn't have done. Magicka was different. You could tell the game was made by people who have truly loved gaming for a long time. Their game was a celebration of it.

Re:Brilliant (1)

mctk (840035) | more than 3 years ago | (#36037150)

I have to admit that the negativity in the comments is surprising to me. I totally agree, the spell binding was genius. When I started playing, I was surprised at the lack of Mana meter. "What? So I can just keep casting spells over and over? This is going to be stupid easy." Not so! The spell-casting limitation was shifted from some arbitrary in-game number to the skill of the person actually playing. Casting spells finally feels like you're doing something. I hope more games pick up on this idea.

Also, I played it through with my friend without issue and had an awesome time. Well worth the price of a Guinness.

Paradox (1)

Cederic (9623) | more than 3 years ago | (#36032972)

I have a lot of games released by Paradox. They make some fun games with excellent mechanics.

Europa Universalis III: Crashes so often it's unplayable
Europa Universalis: Rome: Crashes so often it's unplayable
King Arthur the RPG: Crashes so often I don't dare even try the expansion, despite owning it
Hearts of Iron III: Didn't even bloody start

Hopefully the ones I haven't tried yet but got in a Steam bundle will be more stable. I'm not holding out much hope though.

Re:Paradox (1)

ciderbrew (1860166) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033054)

I want to buy from them as they do not put any DRM in their games. I didn't know Magicka was so full of bugs so I wont be buying it. I was going to buy it as a reward to me after I finished renovating my place. Most of their other strategy games look way to heavy for me to play. I can't give that amount of time over to something any more.

Re:Paradox (2)

DirePickle (796986) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033140)

You can try the demo to see how it runs, of course, but my experience is that Magicka is perfectly playable these days.

Re:Paradox (1)

ledow (319597) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033056)

Wow - thought that was just me. Although Magicka wasn't too bad on my hardware in terms of compatibility, I still got crashes, and those other games are currently sitting uninstalled on my Steam list.

I rarely check the publishers but you're right, there's a common theme there.

Re:Paradox (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36033984)

I've been playing King Arthur the RPG for a while now without a single crash issue mid game. the only thing ive seen is sometimes it mucks up when i quit and throws an error instead of finishing the quit process. Steam ver if it makes a difference.

Bummer (1)

atomicbutterfly (1979388) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033068)

I'd like to play the game properly, but I'm suffering a high level of stuttering in the game despite having decent hardware, and I'm not the only one according to the Steam forums. Even the developers aren't sure why some people get the stuttering and others don't, but hey - let's move onto the sequel before fixing this eh!

Complaint will be rescinded if they surprise me by fixing this soon. :)

Why Magicka was so great and why it sucks... (2)

Fri13 (963421) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033122)

Only 7 people developed Magicka and 2 of them are coders. There have always been one of them in games Steam forum answering questions and taking suggestions. Something what players have never got from hollywood budget game developer groups what includes dozens/hundreds of developers. It is great to see that indie game developers who at least cares about players and does what they can with their knowledge and skills to fix bugs.

Magickas humor is to stick 4 players together where everyone shares their same view, so no one can escape from another. You need to stay together to see ahead of you. If you separate, the front persons does not see ahead at all.

  Humans does errors, especially in Magicka where the "weapons" are 5 combinations of elements: Fire, Ice, Shield, Stone, Life, Arcane, Water and Electricity. And you need to enter those in different ways to get wanted effect for specific enemies (usually to kill them) and then launch combination in few different ways (beam, natural, area, weapon, directed, shielded) and when you and your friends (or even random people, it really works! And better if no VOIP possibility) play and make mistakes, the game turns fun.

As the fun part is not just the story, it is funny in first and second time. But the real humor comes when you and your friends are blowing up yourselfs when trying to kill enemies. Nothing is so fun as accidents happening to friends... You know the situations when friend hits head to something and hurts himself (more to pride than physically) and the situation is just too funny? Well, Magicka is about that. Everyone gets good laughs (2-4 co-op) when one guy gets idea to use one specific combination and blows up friends in the pieces or set them in fire and they burn. And everything what you can hear from VoIP (if used) is "Ooops...."

There are two bad things in the game:
a) the game was coded using XNA. The game is slow as hell. It demands more resources than the graphics actually gives to expect. Even the menu takes more resources than most maps. And because XNA you can not play game with laptops or almost any computer what has integrated GPU, even that computer could run Crysis, as integrated GPU's are blocked and game does not start.

b) The game has few too powerfull combinations what players learn at some point and start easily using just them to make playing easier. And that is mistake as it is not fun anymore and it turns just as boring as FPS pipe shooter. And at that point only fun thing is the Magicka adventure. And the enemies should have littlebit more variations for different spells. Developers have done great job to make just enough differences to enemies to have them a different weaknesses but it really should be retought as many use the same 1-2 combinations all the time. SPOILER: Example many always joins beams to cause most effective hit to enemies and when they do it for every enemy, it is boring game to pla... watch.... Or that they just does same area attack to kill in 1-3 fast strikes everyone on that area.

Magicka is worth of its 9,99 price tag if you just have computer to run it. They even managed to rebalance the game well for gamepad owners and keyboard+mouse players. So you can play over online the Co-Op or on same computer. And that if something is rare thing. Example the other great game "Trine" allows 3 player Co-Op, but only on same computer. Not possible over online or even LAN to play the game. What actually killed the game very well from most friends.

For next "adventure" I am expecting they would code the engine with C/C++ or with any other sane language so it would be efficent for laptop owners. Graphics are good enough now but some new enemies and more liking... different kinds what have totally different weakness could be better. And to invent something what would force players to change gameplay tactics all the time so it could not be possible just to hit few same combos (many have started to use macro programs for that, what is cheating) to kill every enemy.

I have full support for the developers and I believe that if they just trust themselfs, they can pull another great adventure story and fix many of the bugs just by sticking away from Microsoft technologies (OpenGL/OpenAL please and port the game for Linux systems and Mac OS X!) and they can rebalance the game when just listening still strong community, what they have done exclusivily!

Re:Why Magicka was so great and why it sucks... (3, Informative)

ledow (319597) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033170)

Sorry - I don't see the developer support that you do - there are dozens of people basically saying "I've bought it, I meet the specs, it just doesn't work" and there's nothing but the promise of possibly a future patch once they "lock down the issues". (I have no technical problems in terms of performance, but I've seen the odd crash - just not enough to disturb me yet).

Lots of people cried out for savepoints, which is literally half-a-dozen lines of extra code. "We'll look into it", from the very first day of release - nothing, and no decision, 4 months later. Network multiplayer was borked for most of that time and is STILL the heaviest bandwidth I've ever seen on a game (and still on the "To Do" list that the developers post on Steam forums every now and then).

Yet in that time, there's been 2 entire DLC's. It's called chasing the easy money. That's fine. But *my* money isn't easy, so they won't be getting any more of it.

They might be there on the support forums but they are basically there for reassurance - actually getting anything done is rare. When was the last patch that actually *changed* something? A month ago. What did it change? Mostly crashes. What did the previous SIXTEEN updates fix? Mostly crashes.

Good things to fix, but 17 updates to get rid of some huge, major, quite obvious crashes and yet they focus mainly on two DLC's (three if you count releasing a tiny little weapon to start you off as a DLC - offered for free with early purchases).

And there's no way I'm subjecting three of my friends to the issues that just I've experienced with it (and ignoring the huge numbers of people still reporting "game doesn't even start" or "game crashes" on the forums) and certainly not by giving them another three lots of money.

Re:Why Magicka was so great and why it sucks... (1)

Fri13 (963421) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033446)

Dont mistake support and developers skills. Magicka started as school project so they seems to be a newbloods in coding not knowing nice tricks as many on slashdot does. But it is true that they have gave lots of support. Implenting new features (balancing game, fixing problems of existing ones) and, yes, causing new bugs as well. Thats as well the black humor of the first free suite what was with broken sword, staff of bugs and multiple times patched robe...

And yes, forums have lots of posts that game does not run/crash etc. But I have played the story trough four times now, in the beginning, it was possible easily with few minor bugs. But then some patches caused too serious bugs like crashing always after chapter 10. But at that time, it was still in days where they released new patch _every day_.

The forums includes lots of whining posts... Like first how the checkpoint system is so stupid, what you mentioned, and reasoning for that how game is not playable. But after following few months the forums, they are almost same people who whine about everything. First they would not buy it because they dont get their +1 sword and +1 staff with nice hat what pre-ordereds got. So developers made it as DLC for small fee. Then it was impossible to beat first chapter enemies when they did not have skills for it. Then the game did not run at all.... Some of the enemies were so annoing when they grabbed player and they did not know how to get free from it... After months, it came out that most of the biggest whiners were played game multiple times trough... even that they said they would not buy it, they would not suggest it to anyone, but still they played the game with their friends.

The game designers need to keep balance in the game playability. The checkpoints are just great for games like Magicka. They dont work on FPS games or similars same way. In Magicka, the chapters are actually easy to play once player just learns something. And Magicka is more like a oldschool game what was used in many great old games as well without checkpoints. It is not so hard to play the game trough under 4 hour, even that first times it takes closer 10-15 hours.

Oh, and some whiners... they bought the game without trying out the demo to find out how well the game works on their computers. Yes, it is very stupid excuse that "integrated graphic cards are so slow" but it was wrong choise in the beginning (a school project and usually in schools you are teached only with MS tools...)

There are still many huge problems, but most of them are already something what does not effect so much to gameplay. It could always be done better. But it seems that to do that, the whole game should be written from scratch without MS technologies.

Re:Why Magicka was so great and why it sucks... (1)

IICV (652597) | more than 3 years ago | (#36037104)

Yet in that time, there's been 2 entire DLC's. It's called chasing the easy money. That's fine. But *my* money isn't easy, so they won't be getting any more of it.

There's been two DLCs? I thought it was just the Magicka: Vietnam DLC? Unless you're counting the Wizard's Starter Kit, which barely even counts - it's just a different hat, sword and staff. And if you're counting that, then there's been three DLCs - there was also the buggy release DLC, which includes a tattered robe, a broken sword, and a staff that summons bugs.

Re:Why Magicka was so great and why it sucks... (1)

ledow (319597) | more than 3 years ago | (#36037360)

Magicka: Marshlands.

Re:Why Magicka was so great and why it sucks... (1)

IICV (652597) | more than 3 years ago | (#36037536)

Sweet! I didn't know that was out already!

An unqualified success? (2)

cmonkey_1973 (844398) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033264)

Really? Unqualified?

"It can still be hard to find a game and the game browser is missing a dozen basic components, but the potential for the perfect game we saw at preview is re-emerging."

"It's long, it's tough, it's huge fun, and it's cheap. But it will never be perfect."

Some of us do read the articles you link...

New to me. (1)

Jaysyn (203771) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033572)

I've never even heard of this game. The magic system sounds like fun. []

Re:New to me. (1)

Phydaux (1135819) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033828)

It is fun. It's one of my favourite additions to gaming in a long time.

You should try the demo. You'll get a complete taste of it (if the game runs on your hardware).

Re:New to me. (1)

Jaysyn (203771) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033954)

Even better, it has a demo too. Will try it out for sure, thanks.

Re:New to me. (1)

Liambp (1565081) | more than 3 years ago | (#36034250)

I absolutely loved it. The magic combinations are a complete hoot. Watch Total Biscuits play through on Youtube for a good aided of what the game entails.

I feel sorry for those folks who couldn't get it to run but I really do believe Magicka is an important gaming milestone.

Heart Magicka (2)

garatheus (993376) | more than 3 years ago | (#36033582)

Wow, so many non-positive reviews... I simply love Magicka - and have had it for what, like a month now... I've experienced very few bugs, one or two crashes from the first version I had of the game, and it runs perfectly fine on my machine too!

I will admit that the networking is pooh - who the hell requires you to connect to the Internet to play in LAN mode? Kind of defeats the purpose (and here in RSA we're stuck with poor bandwidth and bad connections - so it makes it difficult to "start" a game - even though its meant to be played in LAN mode)...

But other than that I think it's one of the more classic games I've played. Not too difficult either, and the single player is easy enough to bash out in a couple of hours - its really not that difficult.

Even the DLC has been pretty fun for LAN mode :-)

Re:Heart Magicka (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36037926)

You know how many games I have ever had that crashed "once or twice" in the first month? One. Just one. Know how many times I finished that game? Never. I really really liked the parts of that game that I played, too.

I thought Magicka would be an interesting title. but fuck that, I won't touch it. I don't give a shit about the awesome gameplay I'll miss out on, because I will also miss out on the crashes and bugs. I'm willing to forgive some buggy software, after all I am still playing Battlefield 2, but software that has major issues starting and playing 4 months after retail release.. no. Just no. Thats for alpha test builds and "meh, it was free" software.

Steam-free (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36033622)

Hopefully this time they don't rely on Steam for its multiplayer capabilities so they can release a version that is Steam-free. They had to cancel the non-DRM-fucked version because of that. []

ugh... (1)

hitmark (640295) | more than 3 years ago | (#36034108)

tried it, found the gameplay way too intense.

1. the area one can move in is small, maybe a screen maybe less (depending on the stuff in the scene, like water).

2. enemies moves damn fast!

3. you need to key in the spells over and over. no way to key one in once and have repeat, or even store a couple on a hotkey for quick access. Oh and lets not forget that you can direct the effect of the spell towards yourself by hitting the wrong button.

So here you are, running circles with the enemy barking down your back trying to hammer in the right combo to drop that uber spell and hope you do not hit the wrong button that will turn the spell against yourself and end the session right there.

Re:ugh... (1)

nschubach (922175) | more than 3 years ago | (#36034630)

Call it cheating, but I just programmed a set of spells into my G15. ;)

Re:ugh... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36035346)

3. you need to key in the spells over and over. no way to key one in once and have repeat, or even store a couple on a hotkey for quick access.

That would wholly undermine the primary mechanic of the game, so no, you can't do that.

Oh and lets not forget that you can direct the effect of the spell towards yourself by hitting the wrong button.

So here you are, running circles with the enemy barking down your back trying to hammer in the right combo to drop that uber spell and hope you do not hit the wrong button that will turn the spell against yourself and end the session right there.

The only way to "turn the spell against yourself" is to middle-click instead of right-click.

Don't do that.

If you can't avoid doing that, you probably shouldn't be playing video games to begin with.

Re:ugh... (1)

Whorhay (1319089) | more than 3 years ago | (#36036900)

Are those all things you consider drawbacks? In my opinion those are some of the elements that make the game really great. It makes the game a real challenge. Too many games have gone the route of making the player too powerful and the game might as well be a giant cutscene. My only complaints have been that in a specific chapter my game always crashes before I can reach the end and sometimes it seems like the game is dropping keypresses for summoning elements. The crash happens seemingly at random so I eventually gave up on it, although I should go back and see if they fixed it. The keypress thing was a bit frustrating but I just learned to live with it by checking to make sure I had the combo right before actually casting it.

Re:ugh... (1)

rekenner (849871) | more than 3 years ago | (#36041040)

quite. I'd say the OP is more a pussy rather than those are drawbacks.

I'll buy it. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36034790)

It's buggy and the UI outside of the actual game is really unintuitive. It's also brilliant. I'll buy the sequel.

Unqualified success? (1)

Krakadoom (1407635) | more than 3 years ago | (#36035820)

By what criteria was Magicka an unqualified success? The game was so buggy at release it was basically unplayable for any length of time - for some it's still entirely unplayable. I think you'd have to set the bar too low to call that a success at all.

Buggy as Hell (1)

deweyhewson (1323623) | more than 3 years ago | (#36036000)

Maybe this time around they won't release a game so riddled with bugs as to be almost completely unplayable, especially in multiplayer.

The game had potential, and was pretty fun at parts, but it was so broken when it first came out that I didn't pick it up again for months, only to find then that many of the same bugs still remained.

That being said, I think I'll pass on any future releases from Paradox Interactive until they have been thoroughly vetted.

Has spelling mistakes (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36039128)

I played the game a couple weeks ago. Right in the early part of the tutorial the text had some grammatical errors. They should proof-read it before porting it.

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