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ACLU Pushes To Permit Prison Porn

samzenpus posted more than 3 years ago | from the doing-hard-time dept.

Censorship 4

The ACLU is fighting for your right to look at porn should you ever find yourself in a South Carolina prison. The Hill-Finklea Detention Center banned porn saying that it led to increased violence in the facility. A preliminary hearing on the case is scheduled in June. "If they don't like the wording in some of our policies, we'll be happy to try and create better wording for them. But, there are certain issues that we're just not going to be able to bend on," said Sandra J. Senn, an attorney for the Hill-Finklea Detention Center in Berkeley County.

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Violence? (0)

Kamiza Ikioi (893310) | more than 3 years ago | (#36309830)

I've never flown into a rage after viewing porn. Also, they view movies and television shows in prisons with moderate amounts of nudity. Have any riots started because of cleavage?

While I understand prison is punishment, I would sooner believe that forced sexual repression can probably cause manias and lead to deviant/violent behavior. It's like the effect of Drunk Tank Pink [] . Several municipalities have tried it. And while the color does create calm for a while, after an extended period and over exposure, the effect is completely reversed causing violent attitudes.

I want to hear what a real psychologist has to say about this.

Re:Violence? (1)

RockDoctor (15477) | more than 3 years ago | (#36326234)

While I understand prison is punishment,

Speak for your own government's system, but most theories of prison I've heard combine elements of punishment, prevention (by having people isolated from the society they've harmed in the past ; hence you're not allowed to continue running your crack-dealership from a mobile phone in the Big House), and most cost-effectively, rehabilitation (so they don't want to do [whatever] again).

Of course, if you've got private organisations or individuals profiting from the incarceration business, then their interests lie precisely away from having an effective penal system. It their treatment of prisoners were effective at stopping crime, they'd put themselves out of business.

FUD all around. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#36310464)

The Hill-Finklea Detention Center banned porn saying that it led to increased violence in the facility.

They've never permitted porn in the prison. And therefore they don't have any statistical data behind saying they believe that "porn will lead to more assaults and create a hostile environment". But if you read their statement, it's obvious that this is a long-standing policy and they don't plan on changing it.

But on the other side, TFA reveals that the pro-porn side isn't being truthful either when they claimed that they were "only" allowed to read the Bible, which isn't true:

reports surfaced that the facility only allowed inmates to read the Bible. But prison officials said that isn't true and inmates have a wide variety of reading material at their disposal

I understand I'm old, but... (1)

Stone2065 (717387) | more than 3 years ago | (#36325984)

I get it that we should treat our prisioners better than the rest of the world, or at least better than most, however...

What the FUCK ever happend to prisons being for PUNISHMENT? I hear all you folks out there saying "oh, but we're trying to rehabilitate these poor folks". Personally, I'm not for rehab. The fact that a prisoner has a better shot at getting a college education than the less well off members of society just sickens me every time I think about it. A friend of mine was joking the other day saying "you know, I need to do a crime that will get me in prison for 4-6 years. I need to get a free BS degree or two...". The problem was, it's no joke. With all the privilages a prisoner gets nowadays, (and yes, I understand the level of violence in prisons, so it's no cake walk) it's pretty sad that the less fortunate in society get worse treatment than someone that committed a Class A Felony, or six.

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