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Pocketlinux Hits 1.0

Hemos posted more than 13 years ago | from the gimme-an-ipaq dept.

Linux 40

grek writes: "Just noticed that TVT have announced that Pocketlinux (their combination of linux, kaffe, and xml) v1.0 has been released -- as yet no packages but you can get the source via CVS using the v1 (or branch-v1) tag. I've benn playing with an earlier CVS version and writing apps for the pl framework is real nice, and easy. Now I just need a ipaq!"

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Re:HTTP request sent; waiting for response. (1)

Hallow (2706) | more than 13 years ago | (#497944)

Yeah, they're probably using a java based web server running jsp's on an ipaq... I can't imagine anything much slower...

Thats what the preview button is for! (2)

PopeAlien (164869) | more than 13 years ago | (#497945)

Ugh.. Not only is that an ugly open tag, but the link doesnt seem to work - Check out [] for an abundance of wallet cases - The cases for the Palm V will fit the iPaq. I hate this sluggish shared dialup -get me home to my DSL!

Re:MOSIX Clustering (1)

sprag (38460) | more than 13 years ago | (#497946)

There are more apps which can take advantage of MOSIX than there are for Beowulf. MOSIX is fork-and-forget, so every app can use it.

Yeah, the communication overhead is a bit much, but it is getting better.

Re:A Not-So-Wild Thought (1)

suraj_acharya (22255) | more than 13 years ago | (#497947)

It's already in there.

PocketLinux can be built for multiple targets and if you specify i386 as the target it'll run on your desktop with no problems. If fact we have i386 binaries included as part of the distribution so all you need to do is run in the binary/i386 directory.

Hehe (1)

flynt (248848) | more than 13 years ago | (#497948)

Why all the negative references about Pocket Pool, I happen to think it is a fun game [] .

Re:HTTP request sent; waiting for response. (1)

rafelbev (194458) | more than 13 years ago | (#497949)

I think this server [] will surely be much slower. Remember the Potato-Powered Web Server article [] ?

Oops, I guess the potato got slashdotted yet again :-)

Re:Uh, wrong article? (1)

pbryan (83482) | more than 13 years ago | (#497950)

How in the world did this get modded up??

Re:Size issues (1)

Adidas13 (245348) | more than 13 years ago | (#497951)

Additionally, if you REALLY want memory, get the CF sleeve and a microdrive. Now you're talking 320mb to 500mb to 1gb on your ipaq.

PocketLinux still sucks (1)

Betcour (50623) | more than 13 years ago | (#497952)

From the Casio Cassiopeia install instructions I've red :
- you don't boot in GUI but in console mode... pretty funny since you don't have a keyboard, you are forced to login thru some external mean
- you need a 64+ MB compactflash to put the whole filesystem
- you need a Linux box and a CompactFlash reader attached to it to fill the compactflash

in clear words : unless there's something I misunderstood here, this release is totally useless for real-world use. Just a few geeks will be able to install it and use it.

War, Huh... (1)

Dancin_Santa (265275) | more than 13 years ago | (#497953)

What is Pocket Linux good for?

What kind of apps are available for it? What does its interface look like? Is the site down already?

On a completely different note, it's interesting to think of the reasons behind porting Linux to everything and its brother. You can parlay your programming skill on one platform for use on another platform. This is essentially the reason Windows CE uses the WinAPI.

Now if I could just figure out how to write love letters on toast using STDOUT...

Dancin Santa

Re:Windows CE (1)

mai_ling (306730) | more than 13 years ago | (#497954)

I would think so, as well, but I'm not sure about pocket Linux. Do you know?

HTTP request sent; waiting for response. (1)

ch-chuck (9622) | more than 13 years ago | (#497955)

/.'d already....

MOSIX Clustering (1)

1nt3lx (124618) | more than 13 years ago | (#497956)

Who cares about Beowulf? Everyone always talks about like it's "cool". MOSIX is better, it provides transparent parallel processing.

docs and sources (1)

grek (30417) | more than 13 years ago | (#497957)

Since I posted this the sources [] and docs [] became available on the pocketlinux ftpsite [] .

Have fun

HHLinux Blackbox Distro (3)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#497958)

If you want Linux for your iPaq that runs X, check out the latest blackbox "Familiar Project" release. It's Debian based, runs a customized version of blackbox, has python embedded, allows system stettings to be saved to flash and runs the Agenda PIM software. Details here [] . Many interesting things are happening on the Linux iPaq front. has the lowdown... Cpt_Kirks

A Not-So-Wild Thought (2)

Christopher B. Brown (1267) | more than 13 years ago | (#497959)

Methinks it's pretty important for there to be "packaged" versions of this deployed in form readily usable with the "desktop" Linux variations.

After all, if the applications happen to be usable on a small screen, they ought to also be pretty good stuff with bigger screen, mouse, and keyboard.

With the bonus that the fact that desktop/server machines have heftier hardware and I/O devices are good places for people to actually do bits of development...

A fellow Lynx user! (1)

1nt3lx (124618) | more than 13 years ago | (#497960)

Lynx is the best browser through which to experience slashdot. even w3m supports tables which is unacceptable. I LIKE MY WEBPAGES RENDERED IN A VERTICLE COLUMN, Please.

Good for Nintendo! (2)

popular (301484) | more than 13 years ago | (#497961)

Congratulations to Nintendo on extending their copyrighted franchise into the open community.

This is excellent news for Linux, because it will suck young blood into the Linux community. Ask Joe Camel whether cartoon images sell! With the the popular images of characters of Ash Ketcham, Pikachu, Team Rocket, and the assortment of fantastically dimensioned women in Pokelinux, children will learn to use Linux as their first operating system, unshackling them from a lifetime of Windows or Macintosh dependence.

The article doesn't go into too much detail about the distribution, but it is my understanding that there will initially be 150 (or more) different CD's using various revisions of kernels 2.2 and 2.4, plus an additional 100 (or more) for the next devel version of the kernel.

Get 'em hooked while they're young!


Embedded Linux Journal interview (1)

CharlesDarwin (163099) | more than 13 years ago | (#497962)

The new Embedded Linux Journal [] has an interview of Transvirtual's Tony Fader and Paul Fisher. Unfortunately, the article isn't posted online.

Re:Windows CE (1)

mai_ling (306730) | more than 13 years ago | (#497963)

Excuse me? I don't understand.

Pocketlinux docs off the ftp server (4)

suraj_acharya (22255) | more than 13 years ago | (#497964)

Since the seems to be slashdotted you can try hitting the ftp server at:


Html Docs

Re:Size issues (2)

PopeAlien (164869) | more than 13 years ago | (#497965)

Re:LOL! +5, Funny (1)

arnald (201434) | more than 13 years ago | (#497966)


If I was going to reply to one of my own posts, which I don't, I certainly wouldn't use an abbreviation like "LOL", whatever the hell it means...

(and by the way, is "munchface" the best you could think of, or do you just like me?)

Re:pocket Linux (1)

meadowsp (54223) | more than 13 years ago | (#497967)

If you're that interested, why don't you look into it?

links is better (1)

P. Norbert Ebersol (265428) | more than 13 years ago | (#497968)

Links (not LYNX) is better and it can render exactly like lynx if you turn tables off, it even does frames and is GPL, it also does colour better and allows you to keep browsing while a web page is loading. plus i think its smaller than lynx too. its good. im using it right now.

The big question... (2)

arnald (201434) | more than 13 years ago | (#497969)

"Is that a penguin in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?"

Helio Support? (1)

emac (43771) | more than 13 years ago | (#497970)

It seems from the press release that they're not supporting the Vtech Helio with this version... or am I just not looking in the right places?

*sigh* Suppose I need an iPaq anyway.

Re:PocketLinux still sucks (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#497971)

Not on the iPAQ - with the iPAQ, you can remove wince completely by reflashing the system roms with linux. On the cassiopeia, you can't get rid of wince completely, so you're effectively using wince as an incredibly resource-hungry bootloader for linux.

Re:1.0? Whoa... (1)

Maldivian (264175) | more than 13 years ago | (#497972)

Whoa there, I think you got the wrong pocketlinux over there :) Or.. hmm you used pocket linux on an Athlon box 2 years ago? Now that's a troll :) Enjoy

This was FUNNY... get a sense of humor (1)

lowe0 (136140) | more than 13 years ago | (#497973)

To all the people who don't know why this was modded up...

It was FUNNY!

Get a sense of humor, already. Jeez.

These guys ripped off the Pocket Linux name! (1)

gabrieltss (64078) | more than 13 years ago | (#497974)

These morons ripped off the "Pocket Linux" name! The real Pocket Linux [] web page is here. If you want the REAL pocket Linux this is the one. I hate F*cking corporations that steal names, ideas etc.. and claim they are theirs. I had sent an email to the corporate bozo's telling them that they stole the name, and also had sent an email to Pawel AKA "Coven" when I had found out about this "distro" a while back. It is a sad day when the Linux community starts stealing from each other.......

Coven's Pocket Linux distro is fantastic! I carry a floppy around with it on it everywhere I go!

Re:pocket Linux (1)

CaptainCap (194813) | more than 13 years ago | (#497975)

Yeah. That the slashdot way.

1.0? Whoa... (1)

11thangel (103409) | more than 13 years ago | (#497976)

I still remember using this software. This is how i learned linux 2+ years ago. I still recall it not booting on my athlon box when i f**ked up glibc, and hwo i used to to comment out security configuration at school. a few months ago the homepage link was dead and the latest version contained kernel 2.0.38. Hopefully it'll be a LITTLE more up to date now =). Or at least boot on my athlon box the next time i play with glibc.

pocket Linux (1)

mai_ling (306730) | more than 13 years ago | (#497977)

Just how useful is a pocket Linux? I really haven't looked in to it much, but I would think that you're kind of limited as to what you can do with it.

Size issues (1)

autocracy (192714) | more than 13 years ago | (#497978)

Will it fit in my wallet to, or do I need more RAM there?

My karma's bigger than yours!

Whoops... (2)

11thangel (103409) | more than 13 years ago | (#497979)

Just realized, im refering to a project by the same name, which is a 1 floppy distro of linux, homepage is here [] .

Heh, and now all we need.. (2)

RJ11 (17321) | more than 13 years ago | (#497980)

Now all we need is BlueTooth and/or 802.11 base stations on every corner!

wifi... yummie.. (1)

nealrs (75987) | more than 13 years ago | (#497981)

yes.. imagine entire college campuses full of napster kids walking around "sharing" each other's music via Ipaq... its not such a bad idea... in fact it could supplement a college radio station. but even better, LINUX/MP3/802.11B thingies! of course... i dont have 999999 billion dollars in order to secure one of these things, and i still have to get my broken palm fixed. sigh... where is my dayrunner? -n-rs-

Re:MOSIX Clustering (1)

arnald (201434) | more than 13 years ago | (#497982)

Three small letters:

BSP. []

How long until (2)

green pizza (159161) | more than 13 years ago | (#497983)

we start to see Redhat Ready Crays [] ? Shouldn't be too hard, since the non-vector Cray T3E uses modified Alphas.
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