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PR Firm Unwisely Tangles With Penny Arcade

Soulskill posted more than 2 years ago | from the internet-lynch-mob-engaged dept.

The Internet 419

New submitter FSWKU writes "Courtesy of Penny-Arcade, Paul Christoforo of Ocean Marketing provides a perfect example of what not to do when interacting with customers, especially if you are doing so on behalf of another company. There's name dropping, an ego trip worthy of Charlie Sheen, and even what appears to be a promise to commit libel. Other outlets are already picking up the story and running with it, and an examination of Ocean Marketing's website has generated accusations of plagiarism."

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Anonymous Coward 1 minute ago

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Don't kid yourself (5, Funny)

kelarius (947816) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507472)

At least Charlie Sheen's ego has some success to support it, what has this guy done other than troll the entire internet?

Re:Don't kid yourself (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507604)

What, like gain ~3.5 million viewers, launch an annual gaming expo that broke seventy thousand attendees, and use that fame to create a charity with a running total of over eleven million dollars donated to improve the lives of kids in children's hospitals? Aside from that, nothing special.

Re:Don't kid yourself (5, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507638)

Who are you talking about? The Ego-Asshat was not from Penny Arcade, he was from the PR firm that was speaking on behalf of another company.

A classic example... (4, Interesting)

Torinir (870836) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507494)

of how not to do your job. I have been laughing all day at this debacle, and will continue to do so. This is a comedy goldmine.

Re:A classic example... (4, Insightful)

TheKidWho (705796) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507558)

Well he did get a lot of PR so that is debatable.

Re:A classic example... (4, Interesting)

lightknight (213164) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507826)

Yes, lots of (bad) PR, and is probably going to bankrupt his clients. This particular interaction, combined with name dropping and poor spelling / grammar, ranks up there with a PR nightmare. He might as well have said that his much-awaited product was made with using parts left over from Chernobyl and orphan child labor, at a UNICEF convention. Ocean's various semi-hidden threats of violence really adds a certain flair to the discussion.

And I have an undying urge to short the stock of Ocean's clients; were I one of Ocean's clients, I would be taking the steel wool and matches approach to my relationship with Ocean.

But seriously, I think everyone on /. needs to chip in, and buy this guy some spelling lessons:

"OK Mike whatever you say lol , are you sure hour not in Boston I spoke to the person who ran the show in Boston last year. If you let some little kid influence you over a pre order then we don’t want to be a your show ,Ill be on the floor anyway so come find me , I’m born and raised in Boston I know the people who run the city inside and out watch the way you talk to people you never know who they know it’s a small industry and everyone knows everyone. Your acting like a douchbag not that it matters pax east pax west , e3 , CES , Gamer Con , SSXW ,Comic Con, Germany I’m all over the place. If we want to be there we will be there with industry badges or with a booth you think I can’t team up with turtle beach , Callibur or Koy Christmas , I can’t get Kevin Kelly to pull some strings or G4 , Paul Eibler Ex CEO of take 2 , Rich Larocco Konami , Cliff Blizinski Epic who were working with on a gears version , Activision who were working with on a MW3 and Spider man Bundle , The Convention Center Owners themselves , Mayor of Boston come on Bud you run a show that’s all you do and lease a center in Cities you have no pull in its all about who you know not what you do. I’ll see space where ever I want , with who I want when I want and where I want so many ways around you and so many connections in this industry its silly. Anyway , I have no issue with you Sean Buckley Engadget, Scott Lowe IGN and the list goes on and on. Little kids unhappy with a PRE ORDER starting trouble and you email that to us , he’s a customer unless you’re his boyfriend then you should side with the company not the customer. Be Careful"

Re:A classic example... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508062)

Meh, if that's all it is then it's not that bad. It's obvious the guy is some sort of ADHD type guy, which a lot of marketing/business/public relations people are. It's just one long stream of thought.

I only see a couple of spelling errors. Lots of grammatical errors (basically the whole thing) but very little actual spelling errors.

Seems more like the kids are making it into a bigger deal than it really is. I have to deal with idiots like that guy all the time... so what.

Re:A classic example... (3)

tripleevenfall (1990004) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508086)

He does seem like the blowhard/BSer/sales/marketing type, but there's a big difference between being Full of S--t and being a S--thead

Re:A classic example... (5, Insightful)

AngryDeuce (2205124) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508312)

Meh, if that's all it is then it's not that bad. It's obvious the guy is some sort of ADHD type guy, which a lot of marketing/business/public relations people are.

Did you even RTFA? I think ADHD is being a little generous; more like fucking retarded. I have never once in my life seen an exchange quite like that between a professional in any industry and a paying customer! They fucking train minimum-wage counter jockies at McDonalds better customer service skills than that idiot displayed. Even the most meaningless marketing double-speak is better than that shit, because at least that's polite...

Then, of course, when he realizes he's talking to Gabe, instead of that adult sense of self-preservation we so often see when someone realizes they seriously fucked up, he starts fucking arguing with him, belittling a customer to a guy with a website seen by millions of people daily.

If this is "not all that bad", I really need to see an example that fits your definition of "that bad". Does the guy have to fuck his mother? Kill his dog? How much worse can a Customer Service/Public Relations scenario get without involving direct bodily harm or, at the very least, multiple felonies?

Man, I wish I worked for this marketing firm, if only to see the shit-storm from the inside. The fact that they even hired someone that responds to a customer in such a fashion is ridiculous. I don't give a shit if you work in an "edgy" field or one that's primary demographic is children and young adults (as if that were even the case with gaming, but supposing it is); obviously the people buying the goddamned things are adults. You're not writing an email to one of your dickhead coworkers. It's not an IM. It's an official communication with a paying customer, an unhappy paying customer at that. Put on your "big boy hat" and write a professional email. Proper grammar and punctuation is not a suggestion...not unless you want to make yourself look like even more of a retard.

Just one more company to add to the "Never Do Business With These Clowns" list.

Re:A classic example... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508138)

I'm sure there was a perfectly plausible explanation....liek beeng on metphhhhh?

Re:A classic example... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508320)

He took a page out of the Derek Smart guide to marketing in the game industry.

Re:A classic example... (1)

bfandreas (603438) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508228)

I dunno. I wasn't aware of this new controller and it looks...funky. I'm actually intrigued by this seemingly jury-rigged thing.
From an engineering point of view there's all kinds of things that could go wrong with it but it at least tries to solve the problem that the X-Box controller relies too much on the right thumb.If anybody has a suggestion for people who have more than a thumb and one finger on each hand I'd be much obliged to hear it.
I think the whole PR mess is genuine and we have a real goon at our hands.Wether he has 'roid rage or not he's a real tool. Sad thing is there are a bunch of engineers behind this one who hired the wrong PR guys to do the talking. If decency is all it takes to do the job then I might be overqualified.Aspergers or no.
I am actually intrigued.This is actually a thing? And it is on sale?

Re:A classic example... (-1)

Hello Kitty (62674) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507666)

I'm hearing now that it's a hoax. This takes away absolutely none of the funny.

Re:A classic example... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507748)

I'm hearing now that it's a hoax.

[citation needed]

Re:A classic example... (5, Informative)

Hello Kitty (62674) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507898)

Yeah, I gotta quit wading around in the Twitter during meetings. Not can I now not find the original hoax-claim, I'm seeing the Kotaku article indicating that it's just so, so, so much better than a hoax [kotaku.com] -- yeah, really at a loss as to how this could get better. But I am willing to wait and see, yeah.

Re:A classic example... (4, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508028)

I'm hearing now that it's a hoax.

Paul, is that you? Loving the nickname :)

How to live in denial. (5, Informative)

freeze128 (544774) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507696)

I was one of the lucky customers to order an Avenger PS3 on Dec 5th via Amazon. There were only about a dozen reviews on amazon, and mostly positive, so I placed the order. I waited for about a week after the amazon estimated shipping date, and asked why my status was only "Shipping soon". Their first reply was that it was a pre-order, and that Amazon got the date wrong. I never saw anything on the product page to indicate it was a pre-order. They said that the product would be shipping Dec 17th. I waited 9 more days, and asked why it was still "shipping soon". At this point, I suggested that they do the right thing, and contact all the amazon customers and let them know the status. They pointed me to their order page (not through amazon) which had an update, but no specific date on it.

Today, I saw all the posts and reviews at amazon, and canceled my order. I commented that the reviews on amazon had bottomed out, and that I had lost all confidence in the product and company. The reply I got was simply "It's spam". Yeah, 128 1-star reviews from different people, and it's spam. This guy is already living in his own universe.

Re:How to live in denial. (5, Informative)

SethJohnson (112166) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507782)

What's most interesting about your experience was that Amazon had "about a dozen reviews" for a product that hadn't even gotten into the hands of American consumers. If anyone is spamming Amazon, it sounds like the marketing company selling the product astroturfed Amazon with fake pre-release reviews.

I hope these kooks come to "SSXW" in Spring of 2012 as promised.


Re:How to live in denial. (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507996)

Ever heard of imports, and people shipping overseas as gifts? Nah, probably not. Get back under your bridge, troll.

Re:How to live in denial. (4, Funny)

rotorbudd (1242864) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508066)

Ever heard of imports, and people shipping overseas as gifts? Nah, probably not. Get back under your bridge, troll.

Paul, is that you?

Re:How to live in denial. (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508186)

Christoforo, is that you?

Re:How to live in denial. (1)

freeze128 (544774) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508022)

I did some research on this Avenger controller, and it looks interesting. There were indications that people had these in their hands earlier this year. It made sense because there were some shipping delays then as well (but not a whole out backlash like today). It's a shame, because I wanted the controller as a Christmas gift for a friend who often has trouble with the standard Sony Controllers because his hands are much larger than your average Asian's.

Denial of Denial is what? (5, Insightful)

RobinEggs (1453925) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508032)

The reply I got was simply "It's spam"

Here's the problem: I'd bet money that at least 1/2 of those *are* spam. Vindictive pricks who bomb the shit out of product review scores are becoming more common. They'll negatively review products they've never seen from companies or people they've never spoken to because of the author/companies political views, PR gaffs, a nerd-o-sphere uproar like this, etc. They'll organize campaigns to bomb the reviews of every single book from an author or every product from an entire corporation for purely political or vengeful reasons. We've discussed this problem on slashdot many times before.

These self-righteous bastards view it as some kind of justice, when in fact they're just polluting the review ecosystem with lies, hearsay, and crappy manifestos. If the product or company is that bad it will become clear, from the legitimate reviews, quite quickly. No need to break out your weird brand of street justice and fuck up the system for everyone.

This time the people at Ocean Marketing are arrogant, mismanaging pricks; most of the time you can't be so certain when you see this kind of event unfolding.

Honestly, when I was reading the Penny-Arcade post I started wondering whether this was really just a vengeful ex-employee, or even corporate espionage from another vendor. It wasn't until I read multiple older reviews and forum posts corroborating this story that I became convinced otherwise.

Beware internet justice: you never really know who's behind the keyboard or just what kind of destructive, ignorant campaign they're running.

Re:A classic example... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507760)

I am laughing so hard.

So many examples of internet toughguy syndrome here. Did he just call himself MAFIA LOLOLOL.

Oh Sh!t this is not going to end well.

More like a classic example... (1)

MrEricSir (398214) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507860)

...of an Internet Tough Guy.

Which, unless you're getting paid to be a jester, is the wrong way to do any job.

With Jews you lose (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507562)

The harassment of an 8-year-old girl by ultra-Orthodox Jews in the Jerusalem suburb of Beit Shemesh is shaking Israelâ(TM)s self image to the core, stirring nationwide outrage about escalating religious zealotry and creeping public segregation of women.

Related stories

The other Israeli conflict: with itself
Hillary Clinton compares parts of Israel to Jim Crow south
Religion Judaism Middle East Politics Israeli Politics
For months, Naâ(TM)ama Margolis and classmates at her school endured insults and spitting by the neighborhood's strict Orthodox Jews â" known in Hebrew as "Haredi,'' or God fearing â" who complain that they should dress more modestly. When their story was featured on a weekend news magazine several days ago, it ignited already simmering worry about efforts of the ultra-religious to exclude women in places like public buses or the army.

"I think the whole country needs to wake up ⦠that itâ(TM)s not just a corner in Beit Shemesh,â(TM)â(TM) said Ailsa Coleman, a 42-year-old neighbor who volunteered to escort Margolis's classmates outside the school and was also spat on. "Itâ(TM)s happening everywhere."

RECOMMENDED The other Israeli conflict - with itself

In recent days there have been repeated clashes between ultra-Orthodox protesters and police and attacks on news crews in Beit Shemesh. Thousands of protesters gathered in the city with signs reading "Segregation of Women is my Red Lineâ(TM)â(TM) and warning of an Israeli theocracy.

The segregation reflects the Haredi minority's growing influence on Israel's politics and economy. Civil rights advocates and Beit Shemesh locals say that the government and law enforcement authorities have turned a blind eye, even though the examples of exclusion proliferate.

They point to special arrangements for ultra-Orthodox communities where women are relegated to the rear of the buses, have separate lines in eateries, and sit in health clinic waiting rooms that are divided by gender. There are also efforts to erase images of women from public billboards. Last week, a secular woman was heckled for riding in the front of one of the buses and pressured to move.

"This ties into whether we are democratic liberal state that protects womenâ(TM)s rights, or whether weâ(TM)re not going to be a democracy in a future," said Einat Horovitz, a spokeswoman of the Religious Action Center, an Israeli nonprofit which challenged the bus segregation in Israelâ(TM)s Supreme Court. "Politicians donâ(TM)t realize that being a democracy isnâ(TM)t only about the rule of the majority, its about protecting human rights and the rights of the minority, and this has escaped our politicians."

In Beit Shemesh, prominent signs calling for modest dress and excluding women from certain sidewalks near synagogues have been tolerated for years in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood near the elementary school, which happens to serve a less strict group of Orthodox Jews.

Yanks are arrogant, fat and lout, News at 11. (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507616)

2 fat yanks bitching about their ego's ranting in emails typing like 12 year olds.


All 3 of them are as bad as each other. Loud mouthed, fat assed and egotistical.

Nothing new here....

Yanks are arrogant, fat and lout, News at 11.

Ironically: My capatcha word was "handbags". Very appropriate.

Re:Yanks are arrogant, fat and lout, News at 11. (1)

Moheeheeko (1682914) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508308)

FYI "lout" is a noun, not an adjective.

You may wish to review your grammar before calling an entire country ignorant.

Wow (3, Insightful)

cranky_chemist (1592441) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507642)

From the article:

"You placed a pre order just like any software title the gets a date moved due to the tweaks and bugs not being worked out and GameStop or any other place holds your cash and im sure you don’t complain to activision or epic games so put on your big boy hat and wait it out like everyone else."
Well, now your little tirade has been Slashdotted. I hope you take your pwning like a big boy.

Re:Wow (4, Insightful)

PrescriptionWarning (932687) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507876)

Thing is, there's a difference between the expected maturity of a representative of a company to not behave like someone trying to win an argument on the internet. The complaint that was made was a valid one and shouldn't have been dismissed as one belonging to a child. I think if the argument went any further that guy from the company would have brought out a Nazi comparison at some point.

Servers just melted (5, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507650)

their servers need to put on their "big boy pants"

Don't pick a fight (5, Interesting)

newsman220 (1928648) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507656)

with people who buy ink by the barrel. That's an old saying about fighting newspapers. What's the best way to update that for the internet? "Don't pick a fight with people who have huge daily unique views." "Don't pick a fight with people whose backlinks beat 5 digits." Help me out here.

Re:Don't pick a fight (5, Interesting)

Ogi_UnixNut (916982) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507800)

Don't pick a fight with people who buy bandwidth by the terabit? It's the closest analogy I can think of... (as in both cases, people who have a lot of influence will need lots of ink, or lots of bandwidth, to reach their audience).

Re:Don't pick a fight (1, Informative)

kyrio (1091003) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507910)

"Don't pick a fight with people whose backlinks beat 5 digits."

That's the one.

Re:Don't pick a fight (2)

91degrees (207121) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508008)

Don't pick a fight with the internet.

Not really analogous to the old saying, but seems to be what this company has done.

There Are Penny Arcade...Fans??? (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507694)

A shitty and unfunny webcomic's drama on the front page of Slashdot?

This site really is circling the bowl...

the bad side of outsourceing (3, Interesting)

Joe_Dragon (2206452) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507708)

Now maybe if just N-Control had there own Marketing maybe they would not end up as part of this mess.

Re:the bad side of outsourceing (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507766)

From what I can see, N-Control were too busy milking money out of investors and needed someone else to take on the important role of milking money out of customers.

Re:the bad side of outsourceing (5, Informative)

black3d (1648913) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507994)

Apparently N-Control decided to stick with this guy even when they were told not to:
http://kotaku.com/5871400/cut-paul-oceanmarketting-christoforo-a-breakhe-probably-just-has-roid-rage/ [kotaku.com]

To explain the pre-amble, in the article, Paul pretends he's Brandon in an email earlier on:

Hi Joel,

I have been following this story since this morning when someone notified me about what was going on. I did not write that response to you.

Yes, in the past I received email at brandon@avengercontroller.com but even then we were an outsourced marketing agency for N-Control. I no longer receive email at that address because we fired N-Control as a client about 8 months ago due to constant shipping delays (which we had to deal with) and their association with Paul Cristoforo who is a street thug masquerading as a self proclaimed "Marketing Professional". This guy is a complete fool and somehow strong armed his way into working with the company so we walked away. I am not surprised in the slightest bit by what's going on right now. In fact, we told the owners of the company on many occasions that this would eventually happen.

I wasn't going to chime in but since he is replying as me, I can't resist. I personally can't stand him.


Lost in the noise (1)

MichaelSmith (789609) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507718)

Companies get their correspondence hauled across web pages so much these days that potential customers see bad aspects to any approach they could take. A person who reads this thread could find themselves dealing with this same company in the future because it is at least the devil they know.

Re:Lost in the noise (1)

wiedzmin (1269816) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507940)

Perhaps, but not so much potential employers googling this guy's name in the future... From what I understand, his entire company was just him and his wife.

Re:Lost in the noise (1)

MichaelSmith (789609) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508152)

A proven ability to stiff your customers and keep their money will get you a nice corporate job, unfortunately. I lost a position in the company I work for because I went out of my way to ensure that the customer got what they paid for.

What is with that guy? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507728)

"Shit man, I’m really gonna feel bad if I think that sick children may somewhere down the line have fewer avenger controllers because I got into a pissing match with a sad old man"

Oh, the poor children... they'll have to endure not playing video games (with a specific controller)... THE HORROR!

Wow. (1, Insightful)

hudsonhawk (148194) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507734)

Does anyone involved in there come across as anything but a douchebag? Certainly the PR guy is the worst but the whole thing is a pasty nerd slapfight of the worst degree.

Re:Wow. (-1, Troll)

happylight (600739) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507836)

Yeah pretty much. Dave with his wall of text over two controllers. Get a life.

And then some dumbass goes on and on about his popular comic as if he's someone important. Get a life too.

Re:Wow. (4, Insightful)

Huntr (951770) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508048)

Seems to me the customer has a right to be pissed off if the company is screwing him around and then insulting him on top of it.

Re:Wow. (2)

capedgirardeau (531367) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508230)

The customer certainly started out about as polite and reasonable as one could possibly expect for any situation. I don't see him as a dbag at all.

Sounds like a Sociopath (4, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507750)

Seriously. Re-read the e-mails and ask yourself, "Does this sound like something a sociopath would say?"

If you don't know what a sociopath is, then read Snakes in Suits [amazon.com].

Re:Sounds like a Sociopath (4, Informative)

wiedzmin (1269816) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507906)

No, it's just the steroid rage [kotaku.com]; apparently the guy also plagiarized his entire website and faked his industry credentials [reddit.com].

Re:Sounds like a Sociopath (4, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508106)

Both of these indicators of Antisocial Personality Disorder [wikipedia.org] (sociopathy).

From Wikipedia [emphasis mine]:

A) There is a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring since age 15 years, as indicated by three or more of the following:

      1. failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest;
      2. deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;
      3. impulsiveness or failure to plan ahead;
      4. irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults;
      5. reckless disregard for safety of self or others;
      6. consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations;
      7. lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another;

Go PA! (5, Interesting)

mustPushCart (1871520) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507768)

Go Penny Arcade! Not only do they run one of the oldest and kickass web comics for games, they run their own gaming convention, their own charity called child's play (its mentioned in the email thread) and they've featured jack thompson on the comic a bunch of times along with the modest video game proposal thing:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Modest_Video_Game_Proposal [wikipedia.org]

LOL!!!! (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508080)

A shitty and lame web comic.

The lamest 'game convention' that no one gives a shit about.

What a bunch of fucking loser.

Paul Christoforo is screwed (1)

wiedzmin (1269816) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507774)

Is it me or is Ocean Marketing website now down and with its reputation buried on WOT?

Here's the response from an email to them (5, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507838)

Thank you for your email. Due to the overwhelming customer feedback we're getting from the situation with Ocean Marketing we are asking those with specific product related concerns to send emails to customerservice@avengercontroller.co Please know that Ocean Marketing is no longer handling any PR or customer service for our company. We apologize to our customers for Ocean Marketing's remark to one of our customers. We at Kotkin Enterprises know that it's our customers are the true arbiters of our products success and we would never intentionally jeopardize what we see as a relationship between us and our customers. We hope that this incident hasn't put you off of purchasing a truly revolutionary controller. Thank you for expressing your concerns and we hope for your continued support in the future. Kotkin Enterprises Avenger Controller Customer Service Team

This is wrong! (-1, Troll)

MatthiasF (1853064) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507872)

And I don't mean the jerk in Ocean's customer service (he's wrong too).

But to post these private messages without permission and set a mob on the guy is completely unethical.

I love Penny Arcade's humor and they make good points in some of their blog articles, but this is pretty insidious and inappropriate to abuse their fan base to make personal attacks.

If this is where the Internet is headed, I'll go back to BBS, please.

Re:This is wrong! (3, Insightful)

Metabolife (961249) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507960)

These aren't personal e-mails. This is akin to Microsoft telling you to fuck off. One bad employee shouldn't ruin it for the whole company, but who allowed this guy to be part of the team in the first place?

Re:This is wrong! (2, Interesting)

kevinNCSU (1531307) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508316)

These emails are also from the president and founder of the company, not some out sourced customer relations kid. So yea, it probably should ruin it for the whole company.

Re:This is wrong! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508018)

If this is where the Internet is headed, I'll go back to BBS, please.

Goodbye, you won't be missed.

Re:This is wrong! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508060)

These aren't personal emails. They are from the customer service department. Did you READ the thread? Of course you didn't. Because ALL PARTIES gave permission to post this far and wide.

Cool that you feel all burned by the internet though, without even reading the fucking article. Wouldn't be slashdot without dipshits like you!!

Re:This is wrong! (2)

fahrbot-bot (874524) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508142)

But to post these private messages without permission ...

While I agree with your sentiment, once you send something to someone else, even a letter, it belongs to that person and they can do whatever they want with it... (and Mike's event, PAX East, was mentioned and he was subsequently CC'd into the thread). As for the reasonableness of the participants, the Golder Rule should still apply -- though I'm guilty of ignoring that too sometimes - as are others here on /.

Re:This is wrong! (2)

Tubal-Cain (1289912) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508182)

But to post these private messages without permission and set a mob on the guy is completely unethical.

The guy (Ocean Marketing) was acting in his capacity as a Customer Service representative. Nothing he says is private if the customer doesn't want it to be.

Re:This is wrong! (5, Insightful)

Feyshtey (1523799) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508188)

Penny Arcade told the guy it was going to be published in an article about the events, and the Ocean Marketing response was, "Great !! Love PR".

He shot himself in the foot, emptied the clip and then reloaded.

Also the product sucks on its face... (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507874)

What happens when I want to press "X" or "Y" and pull click "RB" or "LB" at the same time?

Lame product, controller works fine as is. I keel u.

Re:Also the product sucks on its face... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507886)

Also, I'm not sure what a pull click is. I meant click.

MacHeist took credit - Stunt Gone Wrong (2)

Erik Noren (926115) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507882)

MacHeist [macheist.com] has claimed in a tweet [twitter.com] that this was a stunt gone horribly wrong.

The 'Ocean Marketing guy' is a made-up character in a MacHeist stunt that spiraled out of our control. We are very very sorry.

Re:MacHeist took credit - Stunt Gone Wrong (1)

az.sandhawk (2540220) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508024)

Uh, then that would mean that the other people who are coming forward about being ripped off by the guy are participating it, as well.

Re:MacHeist took credit - Stunt Gone Wrong (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508222)

MacHeist is making a joke. The controller company is actually confirming it to be all true.
They are just trying to ride the wave of attention, I guess.

Confirmed on a twitter, but i don't know how to link to a specific twitter thread.
This guy pretty much confirmed it, and MacHeist made a trollface in reply.


Idiots (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38507944)

Both sides acting like idiots. I'm halfway down the book he wrote rambling on and wasting his time. I don't waste my time with retailers like this. Chalk it up to experience and move on. He totally wasted his time with that response full of all caps sentences.

Customs fuck up a lot of things. They never expected the shipment to get held up in customs, and there is no telling when they will be let loose after that (if at all).

I've ordered a lot of foreign shit, and it takes anywhere from weeks to months to arrive. Sometimes you get a letter from customs saying they confiscated your package and you can contest it. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes the foreign retailers resend it. Sometimes they don't. You call the credit card company and issue a chargeback.

Big fucking deal. Good god. Bitching about it to the manufacturer, retailer, etc. will do no good. They are answering hundreds of these emails a day and many are probably quite abusive. As he made clear, "no one is special including you".

So you say, well they should refund everyone's money, etc., herp derp. No, because they have employees to pay, etc. Don't like it? Don't order from startups. I'm assuming this is a startup based off them having issues in customs. But who knows.

Kid should try ordering something questionable from overseas and having it shipped directly to his door. In comparison, he'd appreciate the service he's getting over the controllers.

Re:Idiots (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508154)

Kid should try ordering something questionable from overseas and having it shipped directly to his door.

I've done it. From Deal Extreme. Arrives without a hitch, within a week or two and for free. Any other suggestions?

@OceanMarketing is now @OceanStratagy (2)

devitto (230479) | more than 2 years ago | (#38507980)

FYI, Ocean Marketing is now Ocean Stratagy - same guy, same service - he's even directly insulting magazine editors now!

Re:@OceanMarketing is now @OceanStratagy (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508196)

@OceanMarketting, not @OceanMarketing.

You assume too much from Mr. Christoforo.

How to succeed at PR (2)

msclrhd (1211086) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508056)

1. Spell your companies name wrong many times on your website and twitter, plagiarizing content for your site from other sites.
2. Give cryptic responses to a query on the progress of an order from a customer.
3. Go on a trippy, grammar and spelling free email rage with the customer and an owner of a successful and popular website.
4. Threaten the people in step 3 and name drop any important people you met briefly or have no association with what-so-ever.
5. ...
6. Profit???

Also known as ... how to implode a company overnight.

I almost feel sorry for the PR Guy (3, Insightful)

Borland (123542) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508184)

This should be entertaining to me; it is a pretty sweet burn to someone that appears to deserve his fate. Yet I can't laugh at the exchange; it's like taking joy in reality television. Many people do, but I just feel dirty watching the downward trajectory of humanity. Is the customer that less of a dick? Is his motivation at making this exchange public to help other frustrated gamers or to make revenge so sweet and cold? The motive is probably somewhere closer to revenge than help.

"Just Wow" is not a subject line. (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508216)

Nor is it a valid comment. Anyone writing "Just Wow" or "Wow, Just Wow" is a fucking idiot and needs to stop writing until they pull their head out of their ass.

Direct your zeal appropriately (5, Informative)

black3d (1648913) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508278)

Don't post negative product reviews to "punish" Paul. It won't (directly, anyhow). It will directly punish the manufacturers of the product, for which Paul is merely a third-party marketing arm. As Dave points out in his emails - the product is great and he truly feels the public should have access to the product. Trying to drive the company which manufactures it into the ground isn't going to help anyone.

Avenger has indicated they'll no longer use OceanMarketing after the events of the past day. This guy should be going down in flames on his own, not taking a great product with him. Sure N-Control, etc, made mistakes working with this guy. Sure, like most companies they saw only the $$$ but this is nothing new or unique to that particular organisation.

Gaming Mug (1)

physburn (1095481) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508294)

Cyberdog present, a space invaders mug/tv cup. It came complete with Sherbet UFOs falling into the cup, and scoreline: 19780033144 I Googled the scoreline, and read deeply from the book of numbers. And lo barry wrote a page to match the scoreline.


Retrogames [feeddistiller.com] @ Feed Distiller [feeddistiller.com]

Wow (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508300)

There are douchebags like Gabe and Dave and Mike in the world!

I am shocked.

small and foolish business? (1)

mpgalvin (207975) | more than 2 years ago | (#38508330)

They sound like a small shop that totally depended on a fast run through customs to make their ship dates, and it didn't happen. (If you can't ship it yet, don't sell it yet! or the internet will eat you.)
Also, Meathead Marketing really ought to be dismissed with grievance - that's just gross Fail there.

Why (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#38508344)

Why is this on the front page of Slashdot? It's juvenile arguing at best, who cares? I don't see how it's news for nerds or stuff that matters?

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