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New 'Star Trek' Series Set For Fall

timothy posted more than 13 years ago | from the vulcans-in-tight-skirts dept.

Television 291

demaria writes: "Executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga of ST: Voyager are at it again, and we can expect another Trek series in the fall, according to this article. Rumors are that it'll take place during the early days of the Federation. I wonder if they'll make the bridge have the same cardboard/buttons glued-on look as TOS did." Just my luck -- the more Star Trek spinoffs there are, the more toys I have to buy for Trekkie friends, and I'm always a few shows behind. Hopefully this one will have some cool merchandise. ($15 MP3 playing "communicators" for kids?) So send in scripts early, if you want to counteract an expected writers' strike. Note that Rick Berman specifically denies the "early Federation" rumors.

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Anonymous Coward 1 minute ago

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Signs of the apocalypse (2)

hrieke (126185) | more than 13 years ago | (#420900)

On TV, that is
1. Studios and recoding industries on a rampage agiast consumer rights, check.
2. Mindless TV programs coving "hoaxes", check.
3. New Star Trek series, check.
Well people we're all going to hell. Bring marshmallows.

Re:Damn! No advendtures of Captain Sulu. (1)

wesmills (18791) | more than 13 years ago | (#420904)

Danger ... pedantic :)

Should be: "Would you like me to talk like George Takai some more, Mike?" - Tom Servo, Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Movie


Come on! (1)

Art Tatum (6890) | more than 13 years ago | (#420906)

DS9 was the only series that *didn't* read like a soap opera. It had lots of cool military and political plots.

Re:Early days could work (2)

Dare (18856) | more than 13 years ago | (#420908)

Extraterrestrial starship captain. Can't go any further than that ;-)

Yes you can. No captain at all. The entire ship is run by a committee... or it could be an anarchy... or a group mind... Hmm, this might even get me to watch the series for an episode or two.

Star Trek: Cash Cow (2)

tenzig_112 (213387) | more than 13 years ago | (#420913)

An enormous golden calf roams through the outer-regions of the known universe to exploit merchandising opportunities and maximize the ROI of Paramount investors.

There will be no human actors. In a merchandising first, the actual toys will finally take center stage.

And, of course, Roddenberry's widow will play a bit part. She will appear on alternate episodes to feed the cow.

live long and profit [ridiculopathy.com]

some ruminations (1)

Salieri (308060) | more than 13 years ago | (#420914)

The thing I didn't like about Voyager was how technology got in the way of character. Episode after episode seems like the writers had a three step process :

1) What really cool thing can we show the audience (e.g. a 29th century Borg, Harry Kim is actually an alien, etc)
2) What technobabble do we need to get INTO this situation
3) What technobabble do we need to get OUT of this situation

There are of course exceptions, but the malfunction of technology got more character than any of the characters. Especially holograms - in the Star Trek world, when computers malfunction, they don't crash -- they become sentient!

Hopefully, a show set before the invention of all this technology will give us more Roddenberrean plots, where human frailties are the focus instead of technological ones. But I'm not holding my breath because it's been this way for so long -- and, given a writers' strike, it's surely easier to make up enough technobabble to get from plot point A to plot point B.


curse you, Rick Berman! (5)

ChristTrekker (91442) | more than 13 years ago | (#420917)

Rick Berman doesn't know good Trek from a hole in the ground. What we really wanted was Excelsior [startrekexcelsior.com] ! Get it straight, Berman!

I'm personally fed up with the over-merchandised crud that's being pushed on us under the guise of Star Trek nowadays. The quality of the series has been consistently declining since TNG. Even the low-budget TOS (my personal fave because it's the original) beats DS9 and VOY.

Re:Friends in Space? (1)

Eric Wayte (4583) | more than 13 years ago | (#420918)

Easy - Galaxy Quest!

"Never give up, never surrender!"
Cmdr. Peter Quincy Taggart

Re:Future Past (2)

0xdeadbeef (28836) | more than 13 years ago | (#420919)

And I suppose you prefer dry, dim-witted intellectual puzzles propped up by ridiculous nonsense? The great thing about DS9 is that it usually ignores the bogus technology, and focuses on the politics and interpersonal relationships, and unlike the other shows, the characters are almost interesting people.

I share your opinion on SG1, but I can never quite make my brain ignore the fact that every race they encounter speaks English and represents some cultural stereotype, just like in Star Trek, past the first one where "Tealk" lives. It is especially irritating since so much of the appeal of the movie was the depth of the foreign culture and Daniel's process of learning the language.

Bush's assertion: there ought to be limits to freedom

Better not be Star Fleet academy... (1)

Mantrid (250133) | more than 13 years ago | (#420921)

I remember hearing it was going to be about Star Fleet academy with like Nog and friends...I'd have to give that series a miss! I think what I'd like to see is a non federation centered series. Maybe some semi-rogue trader type...of couse the ships crew would encounter federations and other major races...But I'd like to see some of that universes' seemy underbelly! Hehe like ST:Privateer or Han Solo in Rodenberry land or something! Either way hopefully they'll do a good series because there aren't many to chose from lately!

Hidden message in slashdot story!! (4)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#420922)

New St-
Ar Trek Series Set For Fa-
L Posted by timothy
on Monday Februar-
Y 19, @03:13AM fr-
Om the v-
Ulcans-in-tight-skirts dept. dema-
Ria writes: "Executive producers
Rick Berman and Brannon
Braga of ST: Voyager are at it again,
And we can expect another trek serie-
S in the fall, according to this articl-
E. Rumors are that it'll take place
during the early days of the Feder-
Ation. I wonder if they'll make the b-
Ridge have the same cardboard/buttons glu-
Ed-on look as TOS did." Just my luck -- the more Star
Trek spinoffs there are, the more toys I have to
Buy for Tr-
Ekkie friends, and I'm a-
Lways a few sh-
Ows behind. Hopefully this o-
Ne will have some cool merchandise. ($15 MP3 playin-
"communicators" for kids?) So send in scrip-
Ts early, if you want to c-
Ounteract an expected writers' strike. Note that Rick
Berman specifically denies the "early Federation" r-

-- Optimal, minimum-bandwidth solution, found by dynamic programming for your viewing pleasure. --

Groovy ST! (1)

jeff13 (255285) | more than 13 years ago | (#420923)

Recently, I've gotten into watching the original Star Trek on SPACE here in Toronto. These are remastered, full shows. Whole scenes missing since they were hacked off to make commercial room have returned. To me, it's a whole new Star Trek.

I looove the designs! The funky colours, the costumes, the sets, the hair! It stands up to the current shows without a problem. In fact, I find the old show to be incredably original and smart. It's hard to believe sometimes that I'm watching a sci-fi show made in 1965!!!

I hope the new show is as thoughtful, and funky as Star Trek has been in the past.

Tentative Series Titles (3)

paranoid.android (71379) | more than 13 years ago | (#420924)


(Star Trek: One Last Pathetic Grab for Money)




Re:What was unrealistic about ST tech? (1)

demaria (122790) | more than 13 years ago | (#420932)

No the question was, will the show's stuff look like 1968 or 1999? Will the new TV show maintain that old federation look?

prediction on new ST (2)

radja (58949) | more than 13 years ago | (#420935)

the new ST will probably not have a space-setting. It'll take place on a planet, which may be under fire from a new threat to the federation. Crew will consist partly of federation personnel (about half), other half is from the indigenous population who will have invented space-flight, but not warptech. Add some cloak-and-dagger stuff, the occasional infiltration, some beginning trade with the Ferengi (possibly the world is brought into the federation by the ferengi, as they provided warp-tech to the "primitive" natives). Occasional visits by Q are optional.


Summary of new series: No plot, meaningless actors (2)

Spoing (152917) | more than 13 years ago | (#420937)

I'm bored with the whole ST 'universe'. Give me a show with a larger plot that spans a whole season or even multiple seasons.

The lead characters should change over time, get replaced, or even die. There should be real humor and banter amoung the characters. They should carry grudges.

This ST Voyager 'let's see what's new this week' same-old, same-old, just shows how worthless Paramount's 'franchise' has become.

Who would care if Janeway, Paris, or any of the other characters die. They are not 'real' in any sense of the word. They have reset buttons, and spring back at the begining of the next show.

Good 'space' shows are;

Earth: Final Conflict

Babalon 5



Of these, B5 had the strongest series plot line, leading to the show ending.

At least they won't have this: (1)

Craig Maloney (1104) | more than 13 years ago | (#420939)

At least we won't have to deal with another damn malfunctioning Holodeck episode... Now they'll actually have to travel back in time to screw with history. :)

Re:Early days could work (1)

Pope (17780) | more than 13 years ago | (#420940)

(At one time there was a "Particle of the week" web site, updated whenever Voyager introduced a new particle, which was about every week.)

And as I've said before when complaining about ST:TNG, "Let's just channel (particle X) through the deflector array!"

I'd still rather watch TOS than the newer ones, however I've still yet to see TNG's big finale. Damn!


Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength! Monopolies offer Choice!

A rumour From England (1)

Alistair Graham (254201) | more than 13 years ago | (#420942)

Last year i heard that there were two possible series scenarios, the first and best by far would be a show , where every week you follow a story on a diffrent federation ship in the star trek universe , and the stories slowly weave into each other , and each season finale ties up all of the threads that were placed on the diffrent ships over the past weeks, the second was the story of Captain Sulu and his journeys, which come to think of it would tie in with the theme you guys mention here, lets just hope they stay clear of to many human interst story episodes cause those suck, imagine a entire new episode of " this week on Star trek , Sulu realises that he has feelings , and shares them with the crew , only to find out nobody actually cares " , charater insite is such a bore, who ever said they liked the way picard was like a farther to " Weasel " Crusher, but i remeber those time travel ones

Re:Tentative Series Titles (2)

abischof (255) | more than 13 years ago | (#420943)

Could someone explain this AYBABTU ("All Your Base Are Belong To Us") business? I've seen it all over the 'net like a bad meme. Someone enlighten me :).

Alex Bischoff

Yuppies in Space; GenX in Space (2)

peter303 (12292) | more than 13 years ago | (#420944)

The 2nd series, The New Generation, resembled
"yuppies in space". Most of the characters were
30-somethings in the early 90s. They were upscale
and concerned about their careers, like yuppies.

Another Roddenbery-derived series- Andromeda-
resembles GenX in space. It has 20,30-somethings
of the current era. Includes geek, slacker
and artistic types.

The first Star Trek series was pre-boomer.

Yeah, screw the writers (5)

The Cunctator (15267) | more than 13 years ago | (#421001)

Nothing like busting unions made up of creative people, artists, etc. Some writers get oodles and oodles of dough, but most don't, and it's pretty lame to say, lookee, a writer's strike, let's let the megacorps trample all over individuals because the rabble won't support its own.

Civil liberties are dependent on grass-roots-level solidarity (ooh, scary word that); just as militias and insurrections are our defense against the depredations of a corrupt government (see Yugoslavia, the Phillipines, Indonesia, etc.), unionizing, strikes, walk-outs etc. are our defense against the depredations of corrupt corporations.

I mean, the sides are writers who are ST geeks vs. UPN [kband.com] aka Viacom/Paramount etc.

Hooray for megacorps. BTW, the Viacom boardroom is sweet, let me tell you.


I think we have already seen the start of it... (3)

bubbasatan (99237) | more than 13 years ago | (#421008)

Remember that Sun Microsystems commercial from a few months back that showed the space ship dealing with some space-based threat? You know, the one with the character that was made to look as much like Mr. Spock as possible without infringing on any copyrights? Right down to him saying that "the Dot is highly logical," or something quite similar. Heck, they might even convince James Doohan to do a commercial for Sun where he says his famous "Hello, Computer" to the mouse. And the Dot could actually answer. Oh, and let's not forget the M$ Borg who would have to be the main enemy..."I am BillGatus, of Borg. Your life as it has been is over. From now on, you are one of M$."

Technology scaling (1)

Elbelow (176227) | more than 13 years ago | (#421009)

It might indeed be difficult to portray a level of technology that is sufficiently advanced to seem futuristic to us, but still less advanced than the LEGO-controlled computers with pneumatic voice synthesizers seen in the original series.

Prequel, eh? (1)

VultureMN (116540) | more than 13 years ago | (#421017)

Well, if it is actually set in a time frame Before the original series, it may be worth watching. It'd be interesting to see how the ST universe evolved early on. I just hope they don't fuck it up. Maybe they oughta get Turtledove to write a general outline of the history for them. Muahahah.
I bet it takes about 1/2 second after the first episode airs for some hardcore ST fans to start pointing out errors in the history, tho. But then it could be all explained away by rampant neutrino flux and uncoiled 11th dimension reflex sproingies.

Friends in Space? (1)

_Quinn (44979) | more than 13 years ago | (#421024)

I wonder... 'Wagon Train in Space' worked so well for the first series: what show will they copy now?


To quoth Bones McCoy: (3)

Mr. Flibble (12943) | more than 13 years ago | (#421039)

Bones: "Dammit Jim, the Star Trek series is dead!"

Spock: "I believe, doctor, your observation is in error."

Future Past (4)

KFury (19522) | more than 13 years ago | (#421042)

I'm curious to see how they handle presenting the "future's past." Star Wars Ep I did a pretty bad job of making the past feel like it was actually earlier. As CGI techniques improve, it's harder to apply them without making things look more futuristic. Even the DS-9 tribbles timewarp episode spent half its efforts in getting the color palette right and making up for series discrepencies.

I bet they go for an earlier time, somewhere between first contact and The Enterprise. It could make for an interesting series, where more impactful discoveries are made than just another 'subspace anomaly.' It's been a long time since I watched an ST creation and actually felt like they were "boldly going where noone has gone before."

Will they change it back to "no man" since it's set earlier? Will Guinan guest star? Will Q?

Kevin Fox

Let's see what www.startrek.com sais... (1)

asciimonster (305672) | more than 13 years ago | (#421045)

Let's see what www.startrek.com [startek.com] sais...

It sais:
"HTTP Error 403

403.9 Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected

This error can be caused if the Web server is busy and cannot process your request due to heavy traffic. Please try to connect again later.

Please contact the Web server's administrator if the problem persists."
...Mmm, nice.


Oh, here it is. And no mention of the new series. Then it must be a rumour, because "when it's not on startrek.com it still a rumour" (yeah right)

If they are not doing the "Birth of the Federation"-thing they might as well introduce the quantum slipstream drive. Than they can really go where noone has gone before...

I'll try to miss the first two series of the show. Because both ST:DS9 and ST:V started out pretty lame and became better near the end.

Anyone for a "Star Trek: Birth of the Federation"-drinking mug? ;)

Re:Future Past (1)

CleverNickName (129189) | more than 13 years ago | (#421052)

...As CGI techniques improve...

Oh, great. If you thought Wesley was annoying, just wait until we have a CG character, ala Jar Jar Binks running around Starfleet. Warm up the airlocks now.

Early days could work (5)

steveha (103154) | more than 13 years ago | (#421061)

A show based in the early days of the Federation could work.

The biggest problem facing the writers in Star Trek is that the technology can do so many different things. If the characters are in trouble, why not just beam them out? If a friend is fighting an enemy and you can't get a clear shot at the enemy, why not just stun them both? If the Federation had a cloaking device that not only made things invisible but could actually make things slide through solid matter, wouldn't they have done something with it when fighting a major war?

The current answer is just to handwave with silly made-up words: "We can't use the transporter right now because there is a cluster of verteron particles in the area." (At one time there was a "Particle of the week" web site, updated whenever Voyager introduced a new particle, which was about every week.)

A series set in the early days of the Federation would let them put more limits on the tech. They might go as long as a month before introducing a new particle to us.

If I were somehow put in charge of Star Trek, I know what series I would make. We know that when a civilization invents warp drive, the Prime Directive ends and they are invited into the Federation. We know that sometimes the Federation sends in a covert team to make sure things go smoothly--remember the episode where Riker was undercover and that alien chick was blackmailing him for sex? So, the series I would make is about a covert team that goes from planet to planet, helping smooth the way as each planet makes the final leap and joins the Federation. Because they are covert they can't just run around with phasers, communicators, and other gadgets, and they can't just beam out whenever they feel like it. Ideally it would have a story arc like Babylon 5 had, where it would take multiple episodes to resolve all threads in the plot and get the planet introduced to the Federation; over a 7 year run we might see 10 planets helped in this fashion. I wanted to call this "Star Trek: First Contact" but they used that title for a movie.

Anyway, setting the show in the wild-and-wooly early days of the Federation might work out well. But I still don't expect them to take any actual risks with the new show. It will be more of the same, but just a little bit different.

Hmmm, let's extrapolate from the past: white male starship captain, older starship captain, black starship captain, woman starship captain... I figure the next one up will be an older, woman black starship captain. Probably not bald, but we can't be sure.


StarTrek Toys... (1)

vk2tds (175334) | more than 13 years ago | (#421063)

Speaking of StarTrek, I picked up some StarTrek TriCorder computer mice with lights and sound effects when I was in the Hollywood Entertainment Museum [7000 Hollywood Blvd, or somewhere close to that at least].

They sold out of them in the beginning of December, but got more stock at the end of January. Also the museum has the bridge from ST:TNG, and will let you sit in it...


Re:Tentative Series Titles (1)

ASCIIMan (47627) | more than 13 years ago | (#421066)

Or even better...


(Star Trek: You Are On The Way To Destruction)

hmm (1)

nomadic (141991) | more than 13 years ago | (#421070)

Rumors are that it'll take place during the early days of the Federation

Good, maybe we'll have characters with some backbone, rather than a bunch of conflict resolution counselors who let their ships be mostly destroyed before they return fire. Whatever faults the old series had, at least they had a little bit of testosterone.

Re:Future Past (3)

Dyolf Knip (165446) | more than 13 years ago | (#421073)

10: After slugging down six Shirley Temple's in 10-forward, Wes stumbles to the holodeck, which he commands to "take me to hell." His broken body is later found on the empty holodeck in a pool of vomit.
9: Wesley gets gang-raped by a group of female Klingons.
8: Riker gets carried away executing an order from Picard to "knock the little snot around a bit."
7: Data catches him tossing off. Uncomprehending, he requires a detailed explanation from Wesley, who dies of embarrassment.
6: Extensive lab analysis of a green slime found on one of the control panels uncovers the fact that our favorite ensign has, once again, been picking his nose. He is summarily fired and commits suicide.
5: Wes gets gang-raped by a group of male Klingons.
4: On an earlier episode, Wes got to kiss a girl who turned into a Chewbacca-like creature. Here, she returns, and they once again get involved. (Un)fortunately, once she gets really heated, she mutates back into a wookie and forces Wesley to be her cringing sex slave. She then tears him limb from limb and eats him.
3: In a rare episode involving characters from both ST and ST:TNG, Spock attempts a Vulcan mind-meld with Wesley. Wesley's head explodes. Spock barely survives, spending the next several days scratching himself and whining.
2: Worf notices a Romulan ship on the scanners, and sends Wesley down to clean out the photon tubes. Later, someone makes a comment about the needs of the many having outweighed the needs of the few.
1: Wes gets involved in a deviant sexual practice known as "tribble stuffing," not realizing that tribbles multiply _anywhere_. Even an emergency laser enema by Dr. Crusher fails to save him.

These are obviously not my own, but I thought they certainly applied. May the writers take them to heart when they get an urge to write in an annoying character WHO DOESN'T DIE AND STAY DEAD, DAMMIT! [wipes drool]


Forget the past! Go forward (1)

2nd Post! (213333) | more than 13 years ago | (#421076)

Star Wars had a cop out answer for your allegation. It was a time of greater glory and civilization, before the fall of the old Republic and the rise of the Empire. It was, as it were, the Golden Age of Rome, the Pax Romana, before the middle ages, before the crusades, before the Vandals and the Visigoths.

If I it really is about the birth of the Federation, they could do some really cool stuff. And I don't think they should be limited to making our future match with the past of ST:TOS technology. Make it a series as groundbreaking as the first Star Trek, about teamwork and survival and exploration. Make it about first contact, and learning how to be polite in a rude and uncaring world.

Those are my thoughts. If they pulled that off, I think I'd watch.

Geek dating! [bunnyhop.com]

new ST special effects test shots... (3)

Tumbleweed (3706) | more than 13 years ago | (#421080)

Here are two special effect shots I created for the new show. I've put them up on my site for you all to see - Paramount will probably make me take them down once they find out about them, though, so mirror these quickly! I could tell you more about the show, but then I'd have to kill you all.

You can get a good feel for the new show seeing the setting in the first one & one of the craft used. The second shot has a pic of some aliens.

Craft & Bases [tumbleweed.net]


Aliens [tumbleweed.net] .

Inside info (1)

x-empt (127761) | more than 13 years ago | (#421084)

Yes, it will start in the early days of the Federation. It will start with First Contact and detail the years of war and destruction that followed. I think First Contact will be a great place to start, since it really does tie in well with not only one, but TWO other star trek series...

The show, if I remember correctly, will be called something like "Star Trek: Birth of a Federation" (I know thats not it... but it will be quite similar)

Actor's Guild strike: your big chance! (1)

paranormalized (278300) | more than 13 years ago | (#421086)

Yes, you too can star in one of your favorite series! If the strike comes, as some fear, it needn't be the end of star trek production! Just make a tape of yourself in some dramatic role, send it in to the creators, and before you know it, you might be piloting the latest addition to the Federation's fleet!

Muhahahaha! Now I will prevent the series from ever getting made! If hundreds of tapes of pasty white geeks in their feeble acting attempts don't discourage the producers, nothing will! Ah, it's good to be evil...

What!?! The microphone is still on!?! Damn voice recognition systems!

IANASRP- I am not a self-referential phrase

Re:Future Past (1)

Pxtl (151020) | more than 13 years ago | (#421087)

Not to mention the simply obscene number of inconsistencies you have to consider if you think of Ep 1 as the prequel its supposed to be - for example "to train your father as Yoda trained me" (Jedi) vs that in Ep1, Obi-Wan is trained by Qui-Gon. And how about the fact that Threepio and Artoo knew and met Annikin as a boy? Why didn't they mention this to Luke? Is there an abundance of Skywalkers out there, and they never considered that this new master might be related to that kid and that mess on Naboo a ways back? Or "Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru" - Annikin's an only child - this is excusable, Uncle and Aunt could just be an affectation.

Although Star Trek has a horrible record for inconsistencies, this sort of playing with time opens up a whole new can of worms for the sort of bumbling they could do.

Re:hmm (1)

odaiwai (31983) | more than 13 years ago | (#421090)

An earlier setting should have more military overtones and could (or should) be closer in tone to David Gerrold's Star Wolf books.

They've already done exploring (twice: TNG, TOS), lost in space (V) fixed (DS9). What's left?

Star Trek: Navy^W Federation SEALS going undercover, etc
Star Trek: Dark Knight - A federation under martial law, rigid control, very gothic.
Star Trek: Galaxy Quest - Get a completely useless crew who barely survive from one fuckup to the next.
Star Trek: Klingon - A whole series from the Klingon point of view. IMHO, unworkable because the necessary violence would freak out the nanny state.
Star Trek: The Science Guys - A whole series dedicated to a team of scientist observing something and teaching it to the kids. Educational but dull.
Star Trek: Taking the Piss - Picard and the crew add fifty pounds each, forget how to act, wear silly hairpieces otherwise impersonate the TOS crew in the Movies.

No more jumpsuits! (3)

FastT (229526) | more than 13 years ago | (#421095)

Personally, I can't wait for an earlier Star Trek series, when Starfleet uniforms for women were those really short miniskirts instead of those horrible Deanna Troi jumpsuits.

Re:Future Past (1)

greentoad (212070) | more than 13 years ago | (#421098)

Lucas did try and keep C3PO from meeting Obi-Wan as that would screw up C3PO's consistency in the original starwars where he quite plainly doesn't know who Obi-wan is. It was rather painful to watch this contrived avoidance though.

As for R2D2, C3PO does the translation and avoids stuff that seems "ridiculous", so R2D2 probably knows everything - god knows why they don't fix him up with a voice synthesizer.


Set for fall, indeed. (5)

Observer (91365) | more than 13 years ago | (#421108)

My first reaction to the headline was "yes, very probably true". Then I remembered that fall is the US word for autumn.

Re:Future Past (1)

AllYerBaseRBelong2Us (317335) | more than 13 years ago | (#421111)

TOS was okay, TNG mostly shit, DS-9 90% shit, Voyager 110% shit. This new series is going to be more horrible than you can imagine. Braga and Berman are 21st century hacks.

Does anyone remeber the good old days when all TV show genre's were new and exciting? Star Trek has been done to death. It's time for it to rest.

How involved was Roddenerry? (2)

The Mutant (167716) | more than 13 years ago | (#421113)

Is this / was this another one of his supposed ideas?

I'd don't think they can milk the Star Trek franchise any longer - let it die already!

And some of his other projects that never saw the light of day while he was alive - Andromeda or Earth Final Conflict - were pretty damn weak.

Its pretty clear that someone is trying to market the Roddenberry name pothumously.

Re:Early days could work (1)

_fuzz_ (111591) | more than 13 years ago | (#421115)

...white male starship captain, older starship captain, black starship captain, woman starship captain... I figure the next one up will be an older, woman black starship captain.

Why not a hispanic starship captain? And I know just the guy for the job. I just watched that Antitrust movie the other night and there was this guy that presented the Grace Hopper Award to Ryan Phillippe... what a great actor he could make!

There is a writer's strike. (2)

Kletus Cassidy (230405) | more than 13 years ago | (#421118)

Did you read the article you linked? The first paragrapgh reads
With the threat of
writers and actors strikes looming this year, the real drama surrounding drama pilot season is the cliffhanger of whether any of the projects will be produced in time to launch the 2001-02 season on schedule in the fall.
Anyway try the Writers Guild of America [wga.org] website for more news on the negotiations which currently seem to be deadlocked [yahoo.com] .

Re:Friends in Space? (1)

ooze (307871) | more than 13 years ago | (#421122)

That seems likely, as I read somewhere in a TV mag, that one of the plans for the new series is a Star Fleet Academy setting. So young hip masses of Wesleys, Kims and Parises (and maybe a female Vulcan with big uns complaining about unreasonable beheaviour [amazon.com] )will spread all the sceens.

Different POV (3)

Codeala (235477) | more than 13 years ago | (#421126)

I think it will be really interesting to have a show with a non-federation point of view. Will others races see the Federation as an evil monopoly that forces their ways to others? The Federation way or no way! Anyone not in the federation is pretty much a bad guy. I can see it now...

We can't give you replicator or transportor technology unless you join us. And when you finally get them, you will need our technical people to install them for you. Of course you will also need our energy source, comm system, etc. Can't pay us? No problem, we don't belive in material wealth. Just lets our crew have their R&R in your planet, setup bases in your system...

Just a joke, Trekkies leave me alone!


Psshaw! (4)

Sir_Winston (107378) | more than 13 years ago | (#421128)

Unionizing and strikes are fine, but they aren't inherently good any more than all corporations are bad. In recent decades unions have done as much to harm some workers as they've done to help others. As an example, the closed shop concept, in which you aren't allowed to get a job at a given employer unless you join the union. Well, what if I am opposed, diametrically, to many of the things the union supports? Well, if I want to work at that job, I still have to join the union. Are you telling me there are *no* Republican middle-class workers? As one myself, I'd be outraged to have my dues going to fund a party I don't usually vote for. Fortunately, I live in a state where closed shops are outlawed--but my state is, if I recall correctly, in the minority. Often, non-union workers are just people trying to make a living in their chosen field without having extra money siphoined from their paychecks, and used for political purposes. Unions often try to squash anyone who isn't a member, and act as bad as any strongarming corporation.

So, don't whine and boo-hoo about someone making a joke at a union strike. Non-union writers have every bit as much right to work as union members, and probably deserve more respect since they don't try to bully people into unionizing just to work and paying a union-tax that gets used for PAC money whether the worker forced to pay union dues agrees with it or not. Now, legally, union members don't have to pay the portion of dues used for political bribery--err, lobbying--but Big Unions managed to successfully defeat a bill that would have required union shops to post this information, so few union members even know this. Kind of reminds me how slimey megacorps buy legislation, eh...

Re:Early days could work (2)

Jethro (14165) | more than 13 years ago | (#421129)

A series set in the early days of the Federation would let them put more limits on the tech. They might go as long as a month before introducing a new particle to us.

In theory that's true. But this is Star Trek. They ran out of ideas years ago. I'm willing to bet that no matter what show they decide to do, they'll still Particle-of-the-week and deus ex machina (sp?) the hell out of it.

That's what I don't like about Trek. At the end of an episode, usually everything is EXACTLY the way it was at the begining. Except in Voyager it's like "Oh yeah, we used that SuperTransHyperWarp drive for 5 seconds so now we're closer to home. Also, 7 of 9 tried a new hairdo".

Babylon 5 ruined Trek for me (:


Re:Early days could work (2)

harmonica (29841) | more than 13 years ago | (#421132)

Hmmm, let's extrapolate from the past: white male starship captain, older starship captain, black starship captain, woman starship captain... I figure the next one up will be an older, woman black starship captain. Probably not bald, but we can't be sure.

Extraterrestrial starship captain. Can't go any further than that ;-)

Re:Gak... Licensing run amok (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#421135)

They have made a few, they have all be POO!

Re:Early days could work (1)

ooze (307871) | more than 13 years ago | (#421138)

What about a series of the first Romulan-Federation war. It was told in the original series that they were not able to communicate, and that the war was very cruel. May be two plots, one federation side, one Romulan side and how they affect each other without ever knowing each other. Could be a quite claustrophobic series.

Re:Psshaw! (1)

nycdewd (160297) | more than 13 years ago | (#421140)

"there is strength in a union"... and capital owes no allegiance to anything but itself (and the accretion of more capital, and thus aims to expand its markets), it has no allegiance to any local community, state, nation, etc... capital will NOT act in the best interest of anything but itself, and therefore needs regulation and oversight to make it behave with some semblance of responsible behavior towards the community, state, and nation in which said capital is privileged to do its business... in order for capitalism to have a 'human face' (as opposed to having a rapacious gaping maw, as it would like) it must be made to behave in ways somewhat less than its ruthless nature would have itself do. a union is only one of the ways to attempt to make capital and capitalism behave somewhat responsibly and with a 'human face'...

Re:Nothing can compare to the original series (1)

nycdewd (160297) | more than 13 years ago | (#421145)

Star Trek... bubosh! i hated it then and now... I remember my abject disappointment when I viewed the first episode of the FIRST Star Trek when it FIRST aired, do I remember the episode itself? NFW! A seminal and transformative experience in my very early (!) youth: "A Wrinkle In Time" by Madeleine L'Engle...

Ahhh a blessed era, before brat kids were allowed (3)

bug_hunter (32923) | more than 13 years ago | (#421146)

1) The Federation has not made contact with Ferrengi yet.
2) Little brat kids are not allowed on board the ship at all. This means you Wesly, Nog & Naomi.
3) As with point number 2, this isn't "The Original Series Kids". We wont have the young adventures of Captain Kirk
4) Not the love boat in space as Deep Space 9 was.

The way I see it the series looks like it's going to be a whole series of first contacts with important races, and discoveries of technologies taken for granted in other series.

Major plot devices will be easy to come up with because they've already been in the series, just not introduced. We'll occasionally have some time travel so we can have star apperances, and probably an unrecorded Q encounter.

The question is what social/ethnic group will play Captain? Sadly not Sulu (which would of rocked cause he has coolest voice) slightly wrong time zone.

Oh well I've blathered enough.

Re:Future Past (1)

ReinoutS (1919) | more than 13 years ago | (#421148)

Score: 3, insightful?? If anything the above post is flamebait.

Anyway, DS9 has been the ST show I enjoyed most, and I find TOS boring. But then, I only started to watch ST when TNG was halfway.

The only point I agree on with the author is that the new show will have to be pretty surprising to attract some viewers. I'll stick with Farscape [farscape.com] in the mean time!

Re:Future Past (1)

dbarclay10 (70443) | more than 13 years ago | (#421149)

Who moderated that post up?

It's a troll, and an obvious one. While the last thing they said, "Star Trek has been done to death. It's time for it to rest." had the ring of truth to it, this person was still obviously being an arse for the sake of it.

Just because a post has a bit of insight, doesn't mean that the troll who wrote it should be rewarded. Take the entirety of the message into account.


Barclay family motto:
Aut agere aut mori.
(Either action or death.)

Re:Aint It Cool stories on this (1)

Golias (176380) | more than 13 years ago | (#421150)

The Ain't It Cool stories about Star Trek that have been put up recently are entirely without a clue as to what the new show will be like, so that site's stories from an entire year ago are probably worth less than nothing.

Ain't It Cool is a rumor site... take all stories there with a grain of salt.

Origin of The Federation... (1)

Catmeat (20653) | more than 13 years ago | (#421151)

Designing the look of this would be horribly difficult. If it's say 100 years pre-TOS, then it'll be 100 years (give or take) in our future and by our standards be outrageously high-tech. But at the same time, it's got to be cruder then TOS, which to us today, looks rediculously cheesie and old-fashioned.

The trouble is, visions of the future are always warped by the era in which they where invented and so go out of date rediculously fast.

I always liked the idea of a series based on a Federation Black Ops unit. But it seems to contradict the Federations boy scout ethos too much for the suits to buy it.

Re:Early days could work (2)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#421152)

In America, "hispanic" refers to the mixed-lineage offspring of Spaniards and the native tribes of Central America. Most hispanics have skin that is darker than asians. It is a very unique group of people.

(BTW, I don't like the word "race" as a delimiting category among people... our "race" is "human".)

Re:Psshaw! (4)

cyber-vandal (148830) | more than 13 years ago | (#421153)

Exactly all unions are bad, workers banding together in order to provide support to each other against a management who are solely focused on making money. Unions are the reason why you have a good education and work in safe conditions, rather than being a chimney sweep at 12 and crippled by lung disease by 40. The closed shop was in response to management paying higher wages to non-union workers in order to undermine strikes. Remember that the media disapproves of unions because of their owners not because organised labour is bad. Unions are not perfect, but what's the alternative? Treating people as expendable again because it's more profitable in the short-term?

Re:How involved was Roddenerry? (1)

SlamMan (221834) | more than 13 years ago | (#421155)

That realy ought to be "I don't think they should milk it any longer"

Writer's strikes are bad news - ask Wesley! (4)

GlenRaphael (8539) | more than 13 years ago | (#421156)

Remember how sick everybody got of Wesley? That was due to a writers's strike during the production of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Here's how it happened:

About once a week, the writers and producers would get together and have a big brainstorming session. Ideas are tossed out at these meetings. The group as a whole thinks about continuity and character development: What areas haven't we explored lately? What interesting things might we do next? What overall direction should the show take, what relationships should we develop? What are we doing wrong that we could do better? That sort of thing.

Anyway, one fine week at the writer's meeting the chief Suggestion From On High was: "Hey, what about Wesley? We haven't really done much with that character. He's around, but we don't have much sense of who he is as a person." Everybody agreed, so that was the closing thought that a half-dozen Star Trek writers went away with.

And what's the easiest way for the audience to learn more about and identify more with Wesley? Have him save the ship! Arrange things so that some unlikely danger comes along that only Wesley's special talents are capable of recognizing or defending against. So what comes back is a slew of "Wesley saves the ship" scripts.

Most of these scripts were actually pretty good as individual scripts, but you wouldn't want to use them all sequentially as a matter of balance. Rather, in an ideal world you'd want to slip in a "Wesley saves the ship" script every now and then among the more traditional "Picard surrenders the ship" or "Geordi dislikes being blind" scripts. Use the better Wesley scripts first, send the weaker ones back for a rewrite or keep them around for a rainy day. No two consecutive episodes should be allowed to seem too similar.

But then the writer's strike was declared. When you've got a show to film and no new scripts are coming in, you use the scripts you've already got, regardless of whether this makes for a balanced presentation. Therefore, Wesley got to save the ship every other week, no matter how annoying it was to the fans who watched the show religiously. Thus, the "die-wesley-die" phenomenon.

[my best friend's godmother produced some of the ST:TNG episodes]

Damn! No advendtures of Captain Sulu. (1)

Rhinobird (151521) | more than 13 years ago | (#421157)

I guess that since it's gonna be before TOS that would preclude a series of adventures starring Capatain Sulu. Oh well, at least it means that the ships probly won't have transporters and would have to use shuttlecraft of some sort. Always seemed like a cheap cop out to me to have the transporters.

I'm aghast (5)

Ross C. Brackett (5878) | more than 13 years ago | (#421158)

Hopefully this one will have some cool merchandise.

Merchandise? From Paramount? Not likely. Call Paramount a lot of things... but not sellouts.

Nosiree - Paramount has been careful about who it licenses the Star Trek name to. So far, they've carefully limited themselves to posters, books, flashlights, magazines, pencils, cereals, pretend phasers, Christmas ornaments, lunchboxes, action figures, clocks, calendars, buttons, feminine napkins, crappy ceramic figurines, decorative plates, jackets, cheese doodles, pretend communicators, aerosol sprays, hot water bottles, trading cards, toothpaste, children's vitamins, AOL CDs, video games, role playing games, board games, snow domes, playing cards, cheap jewlery, dolls, hats, keychains and mugs that make Mr. Spock disappear when you add hot water. So don't expect them to start licensing the name to just anyone who offers them $20 and a bottle of Jack Daniels. The asking price is $40 and two bottles.

Re:Future Past (1)

Jorrit (19549) | more than 13 years ago | (#421160)

I don't agree at all with that classification. For me this is the order of preference for the Start Trek series:
  • 1. Star Trek TNG
  • 2. Star Trek Voyager
  • 3. Star Trek DSN
  • 4. Star Trek Original

So I actually like the original series the least.

But that's probably just me :-)


yeah, sure, Tim, we believe you (1)

streetlawyer (169828) | more than 13 years ago | (#421161)

the more toys I have to buy for Trekkie friends

Yeh. Right. For your friends. Strange, isn't it, that whenever you see someone loaded up with armfuls of Trekkie merchandising crap, it's for their "friends".

I suppose that the only reason you were at that Star Trek Convention was "to see how gay it was", too, huh timmy?

Own up. You're fooling nobody.

Federation Timeship Relativity (1)

HRbnjR (12398) | more than 13 years ago | (#421162)

I would love to see a series based on the Federation timeship Relativity!

On Voyager, episode "Relativity" [startrek.com] , they were visited by this ship, which was capable of moving through space and time on it's mission of policing the timeline.

The possibilities for exploration on a series such as this would be endless. And it would be so much sexier than a series based on the past. I want way cool new ships and technology and stuff, not more of the same! Though, I could be talked into something to do with the Q, or the Borg :-)

An important issue for all trekkies... (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#421163)

...is the fact that Captain Kirk, among his perverted associates also known as Captain Jerk-off, is a porn-man. How can I state such a thing? Well, just look at how he, in each and every one of the episodes of that sci-fi series Scar Track, walks around, softening - yes, mind you, softening - every reasonably (or not so reasonably) attractive female in his path. And, as if this highly irresponsible behaviour wasn't enough, I can assure you, that when he is not engaged in such hideous activities, he is either laying naked in his cabin, spreding his legs and softening his very own reproductive organs in a terribly pornographic manner, or is having boy-sex with is equally perverted collegues, Dr. Boner McToy-boy, and Mr. Spank.

Thank you.

Re:Early days could work (2)

mpe (36238) | more than 13 years ago | (#421164)

Because it's only in america that hispanics are considered a separate race from whites.

More to the point it's an American term with little meaning in the rest of the world.
It's only possible meaning would be as the Latin for "Spanish".

Re:Early days could work (1)

Konovalev (316879) | more than 13 years ago | (#421165)

Covert team idea? Sounds like Contact/Special Circumstances ("the moral equivalent of black holes, where the rules cease to apply") from Iain M Banks' Culture novels. Check out "Use of Weapons" in particular. Special Circumstances operates with _very_ restricted tech (in order not to break cover) to change civilisations in the direction the Culture wants - by force if necessary. Actually, the Fed/Culture similarities have been getting quite striking; both cashless communist utopias, interspecies harmony, strong sense of moral superiority etc. Except the Culture has better starships - General System Vessels forty klicks long, with names like "What Are The Civilian Applications?" and "Very Little Gravitas Indeed". Roll on the Culture movie... Konovalev.

Re:Gak... Licensing run amok (1)

IT Mercenary (316817) | more than 13 years ago | (#421166)

If it wasn't for Lucille Ball in the sixties GR would've got zero budget. So if you don't like Star Trek blame her.

Nothing can compare to the original series (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#421167)

I was about 7 years old when I saw one of the original Star Trek Episodes on television (yes, I know this dates me) and it scarred me for life. This has to have been during it's original run on network television and I never found it again. I do remember the feeling though when I saw the pointy eared guy on the bridge of what they called a Starship. A thrill went through my young mind at the mind-boggling implications. It was indescribable and when my parents asked me two years later what I liked to read, I replied stories about rocket ships. It was....transformative and led me to the greats of Heinlein and Asimov, authors who shape my mind to this day. The transformation was matched a couple years later by finding on my elementary school bookshelf a copy of Geroge McDonald's The Princess and the Goblin (which gave me nightmares) and James Thurber's 'Many Moons'. I didn't feel that mind expanding rush which reached from my brain to my toes again until at 14 I saw the orignal trailers for 'Star Wars'. I saw all the episodes of Star Trek when it was in syndicattion when I was (relatively) adult. Nothing compares to it. I watched ST:TNG religiously for 3 years, but the wonder had gone out of it and I knew enough physics that their bogus particles turned me off. DS9 was a real drag and Voyager just seemed like another Lost In Space to me. I hate to see what Rodenberry's vision has become. But at least the original series was that, a real vision. Remember the wonder! PS: People may think me a romantic git, but I really like the new Rodenberry vision, Andromeda.

Re: first white trash (1)

nycdewd (160297) | more than 13 years ago | (#421168)

yeah, YOU... you filthy subhuman racist swine... stinking OFAY MOFO scumbag from hell WHITE TRASH oh, and Star Trek? I quit watching that dumbass program after the third episode in the ORIGINAL series (when it first aired)... get a life, y'all

Re:Damn! No advendtures of Captain Sulu. (1)

zephc (225327) | more than 13 years ago | (#421169)

"Would you like m to keep doing my George Takai impression, Mike?" :)


Old series ideas (1)

Jasonv (156958) | more than 13 years ago | (#421170)

I was a trekkie back in the TNG days. Before Deep Space Nine came out there were a bunch of rumours of what the series would be about. Apparently some of the ideas were:

A sitcom based around Troi's Mom (Gosh, I forgot her name!)
Star Trek: The Klingon Empire (Based around the Klingons instead of the Federation)
Star Trek: DS9 - What they ended up actually using.
Star Trek: The Academy Years. This was supposed to be about Kirk while he was training in the Academy.

Perhaps they might of revived the latter idea?

Impossible (1)

RotateLeft4Bits (317629) | more than 13 years ago | (#421171)

Sorry But it can't be done, (though that never stopped them before) there is no way a new series can be done without a radical departure from the Genre of StarTrek, the reason?, The Fans, the people who watch the show know more about it that the writers, of course they might just find a crack in the event horizon, that leads through a worm hole, where the quantum coefficient of tachyon burst g-boson wavicle particles has been altered by subspace harmonic quarks, that allows them to come up with something remotely original. But then again we know this is only possible by using a disruter field reconfigured to run enertia less singularity pulse fragmentation scans of the continuum particles created by an emergance Folon particle from the corona of a Red Giant.

Re:Future Past (2)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#421172)

DS9 was like an australian soap opera, but in space. I find that the people who like it are generally the people who would like tacky soaps with emotion-laden interpersonal interactions like "Neighbours" and "Home and Away", but won't admit it to themselves, and so have to watch the same thing dressed up in a thin veneer of pseudoscience.

Give me Stargate SG1 any day - at least it has thorough and largely accurate technobabble.

Re:Damn! No advendtures of Captain Sulu. (1)

thefunkychicken (55010) | more than 13 years ago | (#421173)

The transporters were a cheap cop out - Roddernberry couldnt afford to land the ship/shuttle craft each week, so they invented the transporters as a way to get arround it!

What was unrealistic about ST tech? (1)

swb (14022) | more than 13 years ago | (#421179)

I wonder if they'll make the bridge have the same cardboard/buttons glued-on look as TOS did.

What was unrealistic about the technology in the original episode? Given that the state of technology in 1968 *was* Das Blinkenlights and that the very few Americans who had actually seen a computer saw a lot of blinking lights and buttons, it's kind of hard to criticize the original ST set people for making technology look like it did.

Even if you didn't like the "look", they still had some advanced tech even by today's standards: Stuff like large-screen displays (the main "panel" on the bridge), solid-state memory packs (the little disk-type things they use), voice recognition and computer generated voices, advanced computers, the tricorder (a Palm on steroids?). This doesn't include the tech that really makes it sci-fi -- faster-than-light travel, artificial gravity, phasers, shields, and so on.

Given the budget and what computers of the day actually looked like, I thought they did a pretty good job of creating a high-tech environment.

Re:Early days could work (2)

cthugha (185672) | more than 13 years ago | (#421183)

If the Federation had a cloaking device that not only made things invisible but could actually make things slide through solid matter, wouldn't they have done something with it when fighting a major war?

There was a TNG episode ("The Pegasus", I think), where the Federation did develop a phased cloak that could make your ship go through stuff (the Enterprise used it to fly through a large asteroid), but the development and use of cloaking devices is banned under the Treaty of Algeron (the treaty that ended the second Romulan War).

We know that sometimes the Federation sends in a covert team to make sure things go smoothly--remember the episode where Riker was undercover and that alien chick was blackmailing him for sex?

I don't know that episode, but of course occasionally the Prime Directive gets bent. I don't know whether the script writers would allow such systemic breakage of Starfleet General Order One. Remember, this is the show where the major ethical dilemma is "Should we save these people, or should we let their planet blow up beneath them to prevent contamination of their culture?"

I have some ideas I would like to see written about regarding the treatment of nascent space-faring cultures:

  • We know that cultures that seek admission to the Federation go through a lengthy petition process (e.g. Bajor, and they had the incentive of the wormhole). It would be interesting to see what goes on during this process. The show could centre around the team that the Federation Council sends to the planet seeking admittance.
  • What rights does a new space-faring culture have in Federation space. Do they have to obey local interstellar law. What about providing space/planets for colonies. After all, it isn't their fault that they evolved in space claimed by the Federation. I don't know how that translates into a workable show, though.

Just my $0.02, in a culture where money is an outmoded concept from a barbaric era...

I think it will be from (1)

Thorne-LNX (314465) | more than 13 years ago | (#421186)

I think that the new star trek is going to be from a new point of view. look at what Berman said "aliens that we have come to know and love" and "wonderful new aliens" .. If we went far back in time we would know see the same aliens. Maybe we will see a new star trek from the point of view of the Klingons. Or even the Q . I could be wrong but that just seems like a wicked idea to me. I will post more info as i get it about this whole ordeal at www.tomuch.org Thorne

Re:Early days could work (1)

cthugha (185672) | more than 13 years ago | (#421187)

Covert team idea? Sounds like Contact/Special Circumstances ("the moral equivalent of black holes, where the rules cease to apply") from Iain M Banks' Culture novels.

AFAIK, the Culture has no qualms about wantonly interfering in another society's development, unlike the Federation. I think it's actually encouraged.

Except the Culture has better starships - General System Vessels forty klicks long, with names like "What Are The Civilian Applications?" and "Very Little Gravitas Indeed".

Don't forget The Anticipation of a New Lover's Arrival. :>

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