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New Star Trek Series Rumblings

CmdrTaco posted more than 13 years ago | from the stuff-to-not-care-about-at-all dept.

Television 414

Tycoon Guy writes "TrekToday just posted a write-up about the next Star Trek series, containing info on all the characters. Here's a quote: 'Series V will indeed be set on a Starship Enterprise, under the command of human Captain Jackson Archer. The backdrop of the series will be the 22nd Century, at a time when starship travel was a relatively new endeavour, humans and Vulcans still had much to learn about each other, and the universe really was still filled with strange new worlds, new life and new civilizations.'" I guess I'd care more if the last 2 Trek series, and the last Trek Movie maybe, didn't suck monkey. The casting information reads just as bland as you would expect. I'm actually much more interested in tonight's premiere of The Lone Gunmen (X-Files spinoff). Please don't suck!

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Re:Lets all be honest... (1)

Pxtl (151020) | more than 13 years ago | (#384995)

Umm, personally I think most people look back on TNG through rose-coloured glasses. I think DS-9, second last season, was easily as good as the last season of TNG. TNG kinda ran out of ideas towards the end - I mean, people seemed kinda disappointed if they didn't fight the borg every episode. Main thing I liked about DS9 - plot continuity - yesterday is not the same as today is not the same as tomorrow. Things change more often then once per season. DS9 had, though worse actors, more believable characters.

I think DS9 and TNG have about the same maturity, most of the time. But yes, Voyager is for small kids who are easily distracted by shiny objects and large breasts.

Hoax? (3)

Hitokage_Nishino (182038) | more than 13 years ago | (#384997)

This seems very unlikely. The NCC-1701 that Captain Kirk commanded was the very first starship enterprise... and even the Enterprise B and C have been given crewnames(not matching that list). Also, didn't the producers previously deny the 22ng century setting?

Re:Hoax? (2)

SuiteSisterMary (123932) | more than 13 years ago | (#384999)

Yeah, but Kirk wasn't the first captain, remember.

Get rid of Starfleet. (1)

Glytch (4881) | more than 13 years ago | (#385001)

How about this: A Trek series not involving Starfleet, set in the early days of the Federation, or just before it.

It could be from the point of view of independant explorers, prospectors, smugglers, or freighter captains. The main characters don't have a ship of their own, they're just wandering around the galaxy, out of pure wanderlust. They don't have to save the universe every week, all the character development is about them and the exploration of the galaxy.

And most of all, THEY DON'T HAVE TO FOLLOW THAT GODDAMN PRIME DIRECTIVE(a.k.a. The Plot Killer Device).

Re:not a trekkie (1)

Bitsy Boffin (110334) | more than 13 years ago | (#385002)

I don't like DS9 at all I find it dull, boring and just very "un-Start Trek", but Voyager is sweet.

I have to agree though that you don't need any reason above the fact that Seven Of Nine appears in it ... mmmm...Seven Of Nine. That sounded so good I'll say it again ... mmmm...Seven Of Nine.

Did I get across the fact that 7of9 has a great body (and that uniform shows it off too), not to mention a incredible mind and that incredibly attractive hard, logical, efficient manner... I'll just make sure... mmmm...Seven Of Nine.

Tired of the same old crap. (3)

TheDullBlade (28998) | more than 13 years ago | (#385004)

Maybe people are just tired of the same old political correctness, deus ex machina problem resolution, goofy technology (thousands of weapons, and not a one that leaves gibs; stuff that works or doesn't work as the plot demands), and utter lack of continuity.

The same old plots come up over and over again: resolving generations-old blood feuds in a few days, refusing to take or use over-powerful weapons, facing trial by god-like aliens, respecting alien culture (no matter how stupid), forced alliance between old enemies, etc.

TOS was okay when it was new. TNG was okay for those who hadn't seen TOS, or were pathetically desperate fans of the sort who can watch the same second-rate show a hundred times without getting bored of it.

Going from loading an optical illusion into the borg so their computers will crash to giving the shapeshifters an incurable virus is not creating a new story. We've heard it all before, the players just keep putting on new masks.

It could be interesting.... (2)

Ripp (17047) | more than 13 years ago | (#385026)

IF they'd just be more interested in creating new planets/aliens/stories instead of always falling back on the soap-opera-ish plot lines of recent trek series. Somehow I don't think Gene would approve.

We don't need our officers screwing eachother dammit!

Hrm... (4)

Edgewize (262271) | more than 13 years ago | (#385100)

So this would be Star Trek, the 0th Generation?

Lets all be honest... (1)

azephrahel (193559) | more than 13 years ago | (#385104)

Even if it does end up sucking, we'll all watch it as long as its on the air. Myself (And I know this is heresy) I enjoyed voyager much more than ds9, but hell. I watched whichever one was on next. Its just how these things work.

The new Lone Gunman series... (5)

Skyshadow (508) | more than 13 years ago | (#385107)

The new Lone Gunman series is gonna suck.

The problem with really great supporting characters is that they're really great supporting characters -- you usually just can't give 'em enough to do on their own. Think of all those spin-offs that failed horribly; the only ones I can think of which succeed are complete departures from the original premise (for example Fraiser is technically spun off from Cheers, but is in all important respects completely unrecognizable as a derivative).

The Lone Gunman were barely enough to pull off an episode that was mostly them (the DefCon Vegas convention epp, and even that one had a lot of help from Scully).


Re:It could be interesting.... (2)

ConceptJunkie (24823) | more than 13 years ago | (#385110)

Yeah, kinda like Voyager. They travel halfway across the galaxy only to find everybody looks like humans with small bits of latex glued to their faces. I know there are budget concerns, but Star trek hasn't had a really unique and/or interesting alien culture in about 10 years or more.

I'm not sure I get it (1)

JediTrainer (314273) | more than 13 years ago | (#385115)

Previously, a staple of the Star Trek series' gaining interest was always new species, in particular, new enemies that are somehow different from anything we've seen before. Also, there'd be "innovative new technology" always coming out.

Does this mean we're going back to Klingons and Romulans? Does this series mean that we'll be stuck with 22nd century tech? It's not like they can invent new stuff, because if they do, then that'd be stuff we should have seen in the 3 24th century shows, right?

Oh well. In any case, I used to be a huge Star Trek fan but the past couple of years have made me stop watching and I've since lost interest. To be this seems to be sort of a step back. I don't see how you can be creative with this show when so much of the ground's already been covered.

Suckage and Star trek? (2)

carlcmc (322350) | more than 13 years ago | (#385117)

1)The 'characters' of the original characters were what initially got the series off the ground and not the space notion behind them. The space notion and associated circumstances helped extend the series into a full-fledged production for years, but it was the characters which helped hold audiences at first. 2)Too many times recently, computer FX are leaned on too heavily without adequate character development/story development/motivation. Just saw that preview for those computer nerds from x-files looks like some good stuff. Lone gunman may get my viewing time!

Re:laugh its Sunday (1)

Skyshadow (508) | more than 13 years ago | (#385126)

My God, the trolls have gotten so much better here lately.


Re:The new Lone Gunman series... (1)

CerebusUS (21051) | more than 13 years ago | (#385132)

And what programming IDIOT decided to put this premiere up against the Sopranos?

most people arent dumb enough to click those links (1)

b0r1s (170449) | more than 13 years ago | (#385134)

well, some are, but they probably deserve it anyway...

Sounds excellent to me. (2)

euroderf (47) | more than 13 years ago | (#385137)

The whole problem with the Next Generation edition of Star Trek is that it has become inward. In the days of the original Star Trek, men were men and women were women, and Mankind was travelling outwards to explore the galaxy.

When TNG came along, things seemed so inwards - they were no longer exploring other worlds, they were reciding into their own minds and the issues had become much more social. This is why the holodeck (a crappy addition to the show) and Diana Troy both annoy the crap out of me.

I am glad that this show is earlier in time, because it suggests to me that the series will be returning to its roots, that of exploration of the physical universe.

Re:The new Lone Gunman series... (1)

Skyshadow (508) | more than 13 years ago | (#385138)

CRAP!!!!! You just reminded me that I forgot to pick up the damn cable box yesterday!

Oh, I am so dead. My girlfriend is gonna whack me -- Big Pussy had it easy last season in relation to what's in store for me.


I'm with Berke (1)

update() (217397) | more than 13 years ago | (#385142)

From the recent interview with Berke Breathed [] :

Scott and Chris: Assuming you were, at one point, a fan of Star Trek, are you still one now? How do you feel about the current state of the franchise?

Berke: I quit cartooning because I wanted to go out before things exhausted themselves. Its a pity others don't do the same. Haven't watched in ten years. Although I did sit with Jonathan Frakes the other day while he directed a movie. I had to pretend that I had watched more Trek than I had. Seemed the right thing to do.

Unsettling MOTD at my ISP.

Re:Torrid Tryst at Geek Cumpound 3 (1)

ericdano (113424) | more than 13 years ago | (#385150)

That was totally off topic but hella funny

The Lone Gunmen (2)

Mike Hicks (244) | more than 13 years ago | (#385154)

I'm really excited about tonight's Lone Gunmen [] premiere. Like Taco, I hope it won't suck, but I've been disappointed before.

Voyager was a pretty disappointing series for me, at least until about halfway through (this last season has actually been very good, IMHO, but it's unfortunate the series took this long to really get going).

I thought Deep Space Nine was quite good, though I haven't seen it for a while (nobody plays DSN reruns around here). I never got to see as much of it as I wanted, since it was on at the same time as Friends. Sorry guys, but some days I really need to laugh ;-)

Anyway, hopefully TLG will be good.

The big question is.... (2)

OakLEE (91103) | more than 13 years ago | (#385158)

will they bring back the good old card board sets and cheesey phaser effects. I mean if the original was like that, whats this show gonna be like? I can just imagine a fight involving a bunch of Star Trek models bought from Hobbytown flying around on strings. Now that would be worth watching


Re:It could be interesting.... (1)

Ripp (17047) | more than 13 years ago | (#385160)

It's not so much the human-ish looking aliens. Thats part of ST's core (how many TOS aliens were really that unique? Mostly just funky skin color and clothes) That's one of the points Gene was making, was that the aliens shouldn't be *too* different from us.

My problem is the whole 'inbreeding' thing that the recent producers have going. Since Gene's departure it's become more the main-plot than anything. Sure Riker had Troi but they didn't bear any ill will nor did they carry on any flings on board. None of this crud happened while Gene was around. At least Kirk got a different exotic alien babe nearly every episode! :)

Voyager *is* one step up from 'Sisko's Bus Station No. 9' anyhow.

series V sounds good... (1)

god_of_the_machine (90151) | more than 13 years ago | (#385162)

... but maybe I'm just reaching! But the description in the link, if accurate, sounds like it would be a load of fun. Imagine the first contact with the Klingons or other trek staples? It could be more of an initial space exploration show than a "prime directive" show which the trek series focused on way too much. Oh well, I'm willing to give it an honest shot for sure.


what I hope it is (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#385166)

I think it'd be cool if they made it like the low-budget original series and actually hired some good writers and didn't try to make it dramatic and stuff. Good writers make a series, not a large budget. Testament to this is Doctor Who, the British sci-fi which lasted well over 20 seasons, seven doctors while it was being made by BBC, and an eighth from the movie, and it was really low budget, and imho, the best sci-fi series ever. Unfortunately, BBC didn't see it that way and "put it on hold" largely because it was low-budget and stuff like that and they wanted to replace it with what they thought was better.

Re:taco , for real... (1)

samrolken (246301) | more than 13 years ago | (#385168)

There is no need to jump to conclusions about startrek and trekkies. Star Trek should be supported. There is nothing to gain by lashing out at it. I am really disapointed in Malda.

Thoughts... (1)

BRSQUIRRL (69271) | more than 13 years ago | (#385183)

<<I guess I'd care more if the last 2 Trek series, and the last Trek Movie maybe didn't suck monkey>>

I really don't think "Deep Space Nine" sucked...I think it broke a lot of new ground dramatically, and flew in the face of the critics who said that Trek (especially DS9's predecessor "Next Generation") took itself too seriously. DS9 bent the rules of Trek and was a success, critically and IMHO.

As for the new series, I think it has the opportunity to do the same thing. Based on the information that the series is going to be set in the not-so-distant future (relative to the other series at least), it sounds like the characters might be more identifiable and real.

In any case, I'll have the chance to get back into a Trek series from the beginning...I've totally lost track of (and to a certain degree, interest in) "Voyager".

One last thing: I've heard that they are pushing to get it on the air sometime this fall...that seems a bit optimistic for me, given the strikes taking place in Hollywood right now. I hope they don't rush things like casting just to get it out there sooner.

Re:They had Starfleet mini skirts back then, right (1)

frisket (149522) | more than 13 years ago | (#385187)

Don't knock's already the 21st century here: these could be your great grandchildren :-)
C'mon babe, get those quanta bouncin', we gotta universe to explore!

XSL: think like a tree, not like a chainsaw

Re:Sounds excellent to me. (1)

american goon (319935) | more than 13 years ago | (#385192)

ha. By that logic, Deep Space 9 would have totally sucked.

oh wait, DS9 did totally suck ass. It was a goddamn soap opera. I'm with you on this one.

Spinoffs ARE successful! (2)

psychonaut (65759) | more than 13 years ago | (#385193)

The problem with really great supporting characters is that they're really great supporting characters -- you usually just can't give 'em enough to do on their own. Think of all those spin-offs that failed horribly; the only ones I can think of which succeed are complete departures from the original premise (for example Fraiser is technically spun off from Cheers, but is in all important respects completely unrecognizable as a derivative).

What you say may be true in the general case, but spinoffs work enough of the time to make trying them profitable. Sure, some spinoffs are doomed failures. (Does anyone remember The Ropers from Three's Company, or Golden Palace from The Golden Girls? I didn't think so.) But how about Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which was spun off from Law & Order? I'd hardly call SVU a "complete departure" from Law & Order. Likewise with the hugely popular Star Trek: The Next Generation and, to a lesser extent, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, which were spun off from Star Trek. Also let's not forget the countless successful children's cartoon series spun off from movies, such as Beetlejuice and Ghostbusters.


I Seriously Doubt This... (2)

suwalski (176418) | more than 13 years ago | (#385196)

I've been following this for a while. I'd be very doubtful if this was real. The biggest issue is credibility. If they did it now, they would have all sorts of cool gadgets that are supposed to predate TOS, but would be more advanced. Without this, no one would watch. Furthermore, and Rick Berman personally agrees with this: You just can't bring back the 60's mentality. Star Trek is an issues show, and any issues that correspond with the TOS era from the 60's just don't exist anymore. I think the future (a la 29th century) is more credible, and Brannon Braga (STSV exec), agrees that this would be the logical course of action. Let's face it: they can't go back pre-TOS.

Re:Sounds excellent to me. (2)

maggard (5579) | more than 13 years ago | (#385199)

In the days of the original Star Trek, men were men and women were women, and Mankind was travelling outwards to explore the galaxy.
Thats right! Women should be barefoot, pregnant & in front of the food replicator! Commanding Starships, exploring he Galaxy, what kind of progressive poppycock is this! Next they'll have inter-racial kissing & perhaps someday reconizably gay characters....

In the meantime bring on more 20th-century Earth references that even the aliens recognize and use, offer us more bubble-haired green chicks in heat for Shatner's studly charms, and of course never forget this weeks new bit of st-jargon ("Ohmygoodness the omicron-multiphase-inverter-particles have discombobulated the interociter! Eject the core!")

Frankly I'd appreciate some more characters that weren't sicky-sweet, who did have personal lives more substantial then the cardbord props and plot-lines that weren't direct from Ethics-101 or badly reinterpreted sf-staples.

If going back to before the beginning is what it takes to get themselves out of the mess they've written themselves in to so much the better. Lets see what brought this Federation about and how all these folks got to be such good pals. Finally, lets get a few more aliens that don't have bad nose-jobs but are Horta rock-eating-blobs or whatnot.

Oh, seat-belts, air-bags, chairs without wheels, circuit-breakers, spare oxygen supplies, The-Club-for-Starships and a damn manual-override on the Holdodeck (perhaps a big red button mounted on a nearby bulkhead?) would all also be appreciated.

Finally, if they bring Shatner back on more time I want his toupee to get screen-credit, perhaps as a Tribble-pelt.

ST Historians: Please Help Me... (3)

Chris Brewer (66818) | more than 13 years ago | (#385200)

I'm not totally clued up on my ST History, but:

Is this series before or after the set up of the UFP? If it is after, then logically the Enterprise would have an NCC designation.

However, we know that the TOS Enterprise must be the first NCC Enterprise, otherwise they wouldn't keep putting on the A, B, C suffix...

And another thing... in ST:TMP after the alien intelligence infilitrated the crew member's body, they took her on a tour of the Enterprise and they passed through a rec lounge (or similar) and mentioned "all these craft were called Enterprise" with pictures of the AC, Space Shuttle, and a few others. I can't remember the details exactly, but is this new Enterprise going to look like one of those, or are they going to fix that in the Directors Cut?

Re:Sounds excellent to me. (2)

maggard (5579) | more than 13 years ago | (#385214)

I just realized, a dozen clueless will pounce on the inter-racial kissing bit: I KNOW ST was the first to broadcast this on US TV.

Sometimes a bit of subtlety is wasted on folks...

Thank god... (1)

xxxtac2 (248028) | more than 13 years ago | (#385215)

I used to be a huge trek fan. Ive seen all of the original shows and most of TnG, however i really havent been able to fall in love with ds9 and voyager. I think both of those shows were great ideas carried out badly. i think that going back to an earlier time in trek history is going to make for a very interesting show. Im expecting lots of interesting plot ideas from this series, as long as theres no time travel i think ill be pretty happy. This looks like it might be a great series, hope the writers can make this work.

Re:The big question is.... (1)

Erataikasu (164339) | more than 13 years ago | (#385218)

This would be a great opportunity to totally rejig the Trek design. The 80s Next-Gen styling is getting very old and boring.

Mind you, I'm not holding out too much hope. In First Contact, the first ever Warp Ship was given a standard Next-Gen design.

Let's have some PROPER BUTTONS, not that silly touch-screen stuff.

it WILL suck. (1)

Pheersum (243554) | more than 13 years ago | (#385220)

Since Star Trek takes place in a vacuum, one can presume that it will suck, a lot.

not a trekkie (1)

PharCyDE (101385) | more than 13 years ago | (#385223)

i hope this star trek is alot better then voyager..only reason to watch voyager is seven of nine...DS9 was pretty kool in my opnion..well atleast when they had the war with the dominion in full swing.. but i always thought it would be kool if they did a star trek based on a kligion ship...klingions as the main characters..more action..less talking..and certainly less prime directive issues... i luv'd TNG but sometimes i wished they would jus fire photons and blew up anyone that gave em problems...besides klingions are the most popular of the alien races and it would bring about a new prespective... BTW i hope the lone gunmen does well..but the reviews so far have it branded as pathetic slap stick comedy..which would seriously disappoint me..

not a trekkie (1)

PharCyDE (101385) | more than 13 years ago | (#385224)

i hope this star trek is alot better then voyager..only reason to watch voyager is seven of nine...DS9 was pretty kool in my opnion..well atleast when they had the war with the dominion in full swing.. but i always thought it would be kool if they did a star trek based on a kligion ship...klingions as the main characters..more action..less talking..and certainly less prime directive issues... i luv'd TNG but sometimes i wished they would jus fire photons and blew up anyone that gave em problems...besides klingions are the most popular of the alien races and it would bring about a new prespective... BTW i hope the lone gunmen does well..but the reviews so far have it branded as pathetic slap stick comedy..which would seriously disappoint me..

Re:The Lone Gunmen (1)

disc-chord (232893) | more than 13 years ago | (#385225)

). I never got to see as much of it as I wanted, since it was on at the same time as Friends. Sorry guys, but some days I really need to laugh ;-) You make me sick.

Character Run Down... (1)

ScottBrady (60469) | more than 13 years ago | (#385239)

Here's my run down of the Enterprise crew:

  • Captain Jackson Archer - Cross between Kirk/Janeway
  • Sub-Commander T'Pau - Spock
  • Commander Charlie 'Spike' Tucker - Paris/Riker
  • Doctor Phlox - Nelix
  • Lieutenant Joe Mayweather - Kira/Kim
  • Lt. Commander Malcolm Reed - Bashir/Worf/Barkley (eek!)
  • Ensign Hoshi Sato - Palaski/Torres

But seriously... I'll watch the pilot out of curiosity but they had better get it right or I'm abandoning ship. Hey, after DS9 and Voyager could it get any worse?

I sure hope not...

Re:I'm not sure I get it (2)

Bert Peers (120166) | more than 13 years ago | (#385240)

Well, I'll bet you there'll be a dozen episodes about the prototyping/betatesting/simulating of a brand new technology, which goes horribly wrong, so the crew must now rescue the world by reversing the tech's effects. Naturally such an evil technology will not show up in the 24th century. Think the omega particle, but also think first warp drives, first subspace alterers, first holodeck, first dadadee, daddaa.

And as for the thing about no-new-aliens, I think it's actually for the better. The species that kicked the Borg's ass (four thousand something) had so much potential, yet it was wasted by just using the species as a motivator for a human-Borg business deal. I'd rather not see any new species than a species that could've been a lot but never went anywhere because the soap must go on...

last 2 series suck monkey? (2)

chrischow (133164) | more than 13 years ago | (#385244)

but DS9 is the best ST series ever! Voyager is ok, not as bad as some maintain. most of the criticism of it comes from people who sound like they only saw the pilot

What my concern is... (1)

Alatar (227876) | more than 13 years ago | (#385246)

I'll be happy as long as they don't make this series "Political Correctness in Space", like they did with The Next Generation and V'ger.

series V, voyager, etc. (1)

syrinx (106469) | more than 13 years ago | (#385248)

I used to watch Star Trek a lot... but Voyager just, well, sucked, and I haven't kept up with it. And now that I've seen Babylon 5 (thanks SciFi channel!), I don't know that I'll be able to go back to the "continuity? what's that?" of Star Trek.

Sure I'll give the series a chance though. You never know, they might be able to come up with something good.

One of the problems with Voyager is that they never knew where they were going. They start off with this setup of "we need to get home" or whatever, but there was no sense of progression, really. Ocasionally they'll pull off a super-jump ("we're now 4259.1453 light years closer!"), but then nothing ever comes of it. They still meet aliens that were around before, etc.

Well, I hope the new series turns out good, I'd like to watch a good, new, sci-fi series.

And, barring that, maybe Sci-fi will buy the rights to Crusade and bring that back into production.

Re:I Seriously Doubt This... (4)

dat00ket (249468) | more than 13 years ago | (#385249)

"You just can't bring back the 60's mentality. Star Trek is an issues show, and any issues that correspond with the TOS era from the 60's just don't exist anymore."

The 60's thing has been done. The logical next step is obvious:

Q: What predates the 1960's?
A: The 1950's!

They could dress all the girls in poofy pastel dresses, all the boys would wear either light blue college jackets or black leather, depending on if they're good guys or bad guys, and all the people in engineering could wear black horn-rimmed glasses.

And I'm sure they could squeeze out a least a season or two with just the storyline of pinko aliens trying to take over the universe.

Scary thing is, I'd probably watch that.
________________________________________________ __

Re:I'm not sure I get it (1)

dachshund (300733) | more than 13 years ago | (#385251)

Does this mean we're going back to Klingons and Romulans? Does this series mean that we'll be stuck with 22nd century tech?

If you think about it, we never really knew a whole lot about 22nd century tech. It was all Christmas tree lights and warbling noises. It'd be nice to see those things fleshed out a little more. I would also venture to say that less tech might make the series a lot more interesting.

Re:I'm not sure I get it (2)

Alatar (227876) | more than 13 years ago | (#385253)

Don't worry...when an episode calls for it, they'll have a visit from a time traveler, or change decades of Trek history by changing the way an invention came to be, or what have's not required that the show's writers be able to eat without drooling.

Re:I'm not sure I get it (1)

waif69 (322360) | more than 13 years ago | (#385254)

This series could be revolutionary in TV, if they did one thing. Hire good writers. We are finding many writers these days are relying on tech, sex and shock instead of good story line these days. We could only hope that this show stands up to the lowering standards of TV.

Non-recurring characters (3)

SVDave (231875) | more than 13 years ago | (#385277)

Commander Williams

Admiral Leonard

Admiral Forrest

Anyone else see a pattern here?

Re:It could be interesting.... (2)

Kwikymart (90332) | more than 13 years ago | (#385279)

Voyager is nothing compared to DS9. Havn't you ever noticed that all the episodes of Voyager are the freaking same??? Its either some stupid time loop or some of/all of the crew get abducted or held captive. Its too damn repetitive. They ruined the B'Ellana Torres character with making her pregnant and getting married to that moron Paris. Voyager is just a soap opera.

DS9 has a lot cooler non repetitive conflicts. It has an elaborate plot, and great characters. The only thing I hate about it is the stupid "new" Dax, but its not really that big of a deal. The only reason you probably dont like it is because you didnt start watching from the beginning and nothing made sense.

On another note, I would rather see the new series set in the future instead of the past. The only problem is that they are starting to run out of ideas. I dont want to see a "Timeship" series or anything like that, I want to see something with a helluva lot of kick ass CG ship fighting scenes. I dont want to see some dinky poor ass soap opera involving a love interest that spans a whole season. They are going to have to do a really good job of the show to keep me interested if it's set in the past (relative to TOS). There is a lot of potential for a good series, it seems to be wide open for new ideas.

I hope they dont wreck everything like voyager did. Voyager screwed up big time, all their time travel crap screws up the other series and the future for their own series. Does anyone not find the fact that Seven of Nine was assimilated by the borg ~20 some years ago in her parent's ship? This would probably be before the Federation even knew ANYTHING about the Borg. She would have been born way before TNG Borg encounters... and it would have took 10 some odd years to get to the Delta quadrant to inventigate the Borg!!! This would make them leaving ~30 years ago (from current voyager time).... WTF!! This is obviously not very accurate, but it just makes you think. ALL I WANT IS A WELL THOUGHT OUT STAR TREK SERIES WITH NO RELATIONSHIP CRAP AND NO PLOT HOLES!!!!

How the hell? (1)

rosewood (99925) | more than 13 years ago | (#385282)

There has been a steady movement as we move further in the future and the Trek shows move further, THINGS LOOK BETTER! I mean - how crappy are they gonna have to make the shuttle craft doors? Is Cochran still alive, and if so does he still listen to Steppenwolf (and is he a 'hero' yet?) I dunno - seems like a mess to me!

If the Trek series is set in the past, think of all the limitations they are gonna have due to the fact 'it isn't discovered until stardate 86931 by Dr. Voliskine acording to episode by48x' and I just typed random numbers for the stardate too.

Re:It could be interesting.... (1)

chrischow (133164) | more than 13 years ago | (#385285)

what about the alien that looked like a bird/giant insect they had in Voyager a few series ago?

Re:It could be interesting.... (1)

Gangis (310282) | more than 13 years ago | (#385286)

Actually, the borg has transwarp capability, so they can circumvent larger distances in less time. I assume it's Warp 9.99999997. :P

Star Trek in the 29th century (3)

DreamingReal (216288) | more than 13 years ago | (#385287)

While I think the premise of showing the future history of Trek in Series V will be cool, what I'd really like to see is the Trek universe several centuries after the TNG, DS9, Voyager escapades. Similar in with what they did for TNG with respect to TOS. Set it 78 (or 500!) years in the "future" and let us know what has happened in the meantime and what new challenges await.

Let's see some more of the 29th century Federation Timeship Aeon! ( Future's End, I & II [] , Voyager, Season 3). How many more wonders of space can they create for Series V? Let's see the wonders of time that confront the crew of a Federation Timeship. Hell, if they wanted to show some Trek history, then write an episode w/ Cpt. Braxton returning to "fix" the timeline in the 22nd century and do it there.

I just wonder how soon the premise for Series V will wear itself out. A 29th century will at least give the writers a whole new playing field. I honestly think a radical departure from what they have done in the past is the only way this francise can keep itself going without a break after 14 years.


The new ST series will succeed... (1)

The Blackrat (255469) | more than 13 years ago | (#385288)

while the new lone gunman will fail. We will all watch ST, even if it degrades to a fat old guy sitting in a refrigerator box saying 'raise shields'. Lone gunman, on the other hand, will fail, just like the Einis spinoff from Dukes of Hazzard.

Pre-Kirk Star Trek (3)

Iron Webmaster (262826) | more than 13 years ago | (#385289)

As soon as Roddenberry was too sick to maintain creative control TNG got all sickly liberal. Even the Ferengi turned into cute Munchkins. So is there hope it will go back to the original idea and maybe, just maybe, actually kill the bad guys instead of understanding them? Is the creative talent of Hollywood actually creative?

Maybe it will be before they have a prime directive to circumvent as a plot gimmick every other episode. Maybe there will be "insensitive" ear jokes about the Vulcans and vice versa. Maybe there will be pre-catastrophe Klingons who still look like humans.

Maybe there will be only one plot per episode.

Re:The new Lone Gunman series... (1)

tweek (18111) | more than 13 years ago | (#385290)

Well I just checked the lonegunmen site and it seems that the first 5 episodes will bounce around before it settles into a friday time slot. These are the times that I thank $DIETY for vcr's. I can't miss soprano's.

Re:The new Lone Gunman series... (1)

HongPong (226840) | more than 13 years ago | (#385291)

These are the times that I thank $DIETY for vcr's.

That's sort of amusing... a DEITY variable for a shell... I wonder if we should ask Korn to put it in the next version of ksh.


Re:T'Pau? Does no one remember the 80's? (1)

Kimble (17437) | more than 13 years ago | (#385292)

T'Pau will obviously be the heart and soul [] of the new series.

...of course, I thought they were a 1-hit wonder, and not the one you quoted. :^)

Re:Lets all be honest... (2)

Eloquence (144160) | more than 13 years ago | (#385313)

Maybe that's how they work for you.. personally, I loved Star Trek TNG as a kid -- there were many thought-provoking episodes (The Inner Light, Deja Vu, the parallel universe episode) and great characters (except for Lwhatshername Troi, Weasley Crusher & Worf's retarded son, of course). TNG was where the Borg were introduced -- then they screwed up the whole "collective" concept by adding a queen.

Well, I kept watching DS9 for a while after TNG had ended. I watched it regularly until "Way of the Warrior", which was when they had turned it into a "Wild West Soap Opera in Space" with religious overtones. It almost seemed to me like they had examined their "core demographic" and wanted something with more action, less plot & some "spiritual" elements. And then, for the even younger kids, they created Voyager, which was just plain ridiculous. Every single episode of Voyager I watched sucked.

Completely illogical plots, dumb basic setting ("We want to get home .. we want to get home .. will we ever make it? Oh, the pain, the sorrow .."), extremely stupid characters:

  • Holo-Doc - sure, he's funny, but they created more reality problems with that than any amount of echnobabble could ever resolve
  • Tuvok - the guy doesn't act emotionless, he acts aggressively, military-style. I will never be able to rid my memories of this fake of a so-called Vulcan.
  • Janeway - I'm trying to act like a liberal progressive male here, but the woman just acts like a bitch most of the time. "Do this, do that, that's an order!" Given the fact that they can't escape her, I wonder why none of the crew members has a) committed suicide in the transporter room, b) gone "Columbine" on her.
  • Neelix - ARGH! Most annoying Star Trek character, EVER! Perhaps I should get this ST-VOY 3D game, maybe this would give me an opportunity to kill him .. and again .. and again ..
  • Tom Paris, Harry Kim, B`Elanna - Are these really characters? They're about as expressive as O'Brien .. when he was still on the Enterprise!
  • Seven of Nine - How did she get there? I can see it: "Oh cool, let's have a Borg chick! We can have flashbacks and funny implants! It worked with Picard, didn't it? Now Voyager gets its own emotionless super-intelligent crewmember, what a new idea! Plus we'll give her a sexy suit, because we received so many complaints that Kes' tits were too small." 'nuff said.

So after I watched about the first 10 episodes, I sampled the series every 20 episodes or so, with the aforementioned results. TNG was a mature series, DS9 was for ages 15-19, Voyager is for 7-14. So unless they want to combine this new series with the Teletubbies, I don't see many options to get much worse, it'll probably be similar to DS9, without the religious crap.


Re:ST Historians: Please Help Me... (3)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#385315)

I know it really ticks you nerds off when Star Trek isn't logically consistent, but who the fuck really cares? Take off your spock ears.

I suppose they should do a special Directors Cut of Wrath of Khan because a genitically engineered superman didn't really rule half of Asia in 1986.

On the subject of the movies... (1)

Hollinger (16202) | more than 13 years ago | (#385316)

Has anyone noticed that the odd-numbered Trek movies as a whole, were pretty bad, and the even-numbered movies were great?

Mike Hollinger

T'Pau? Does no one remember the 80's? (1)

dat00ket (249468) | more than 13 years ago | (#385319)

Don't push to far, your dreams are china in your hand
Don't wish to hard because they -something- -something-
And you can't -something-

Come on people, it was a big hit in the 80's. Was I the only one hanging out at fifth-grade discos back then?

(And in case it wasn't clear, I was in the fifth grade myself at the time so I'm not some creepy weirdo... at least not THAT kind of creepy weirdo.)
________________________________________________ __

Re:The new Lone Gunman series... (1)

rosewood (99925) | more than 13 years ago | (#385321)

Yea - saw that on the TeeVee the other day - made me realise how much the show would suck poo

Re:series V, voyager, etc. (1)

Kwikymart (90332) | more than 13 years ago | (#385322)

Exactly. One thing I hated about Voyager is that they play around with the new technologies or get some big jump home. They get all this help, but they never seem to "really" make it. This is followed by some lame excuse for it. eg) This slipstream drive technology. They were able to run it for a good length of time and get on the edge of the alpha quadrant (but crashing on a planet). This was erased, however, because Kim and Chakotay went back to fix it. But, if could run it for half the time, but make a couple of burst trips, they could be back in no time!!! They already got it working before, whats to stop them?? its safe if they do it in small jumps!!!

Why all the negativity? (5)

Rob Kaper (5960) | more than 13 years ago | (#385323)

It seems like many people think anything since the TNG series sucks. Why?

Do you even know *why* DS9 was so different from TNG? Because TNG was starting to get boring with all those nice and almost flawless characters and another series like that would be very boring. Instead, DS9 was different. A lot more shades of grey, flawed characters with dark sides and yes, perhaps not always the most positive view of the future.

Gene wouldn't have liked it that way. Well, wake up: we were not exactly getting along with the Klingons and Romulans in TOS, are we? Sure, there was no large war like the Dominion one, but there was conflict. (actually there was plenty of war, just not during the timespan of the series)

I'm glad DS9 explored some new grounds. Not yet another starship, but a station. Many reoccuring characters. True, a soap-like arc, but therefore also bigger story arcs and some continuity I *like* in TV shows.

As for Voyager: again something else. Away from Starfleet. While I would agree that could have played out better at times, the concept was good and it created some nice shows. The whole Hirogen arc was terrific. Seven of Nine is a babe but also gave us room to explore the Borg and I think they did a fine job there most of the time.

Last but not least, Insurrection. Come on, it wasn't that bad. Stop comparing it to First Contact. We all know that one was better. Look at it this way: it was definitely the best odd-numbered movie.

I am sure the new series will have shows that suck. And I am sure some shows will be very interesting and exciting to watch.

And if you really think Star Trek sucks nowadays, just ignore it and watch reruns of the shows you did like or watch other series and movies.

Re:I Seriously Doubt This... (3)

gradji (188612) | more than 13 years ago | (#385324)

Also ... am I the only person to nice this: take a look at the names of the 'Admirals' toward the casting list. Admiral Forrest. Admiral Leornard. Admiral Williams. Make the last one singular ... and don't you have the first names of the actors playing the lead charaters in the original series? I find this very suspicious.

Note: The Admiral names may be placeholders (i.e. they haven't decided on names quite yet for the ancillary character)

Re:taco , for real... (1)

Walterk (124748) | more than 13 years ago | (#385325)

We all are, samrolken, we all are...

Re:Hrm... (1)

ThePlague (30616) | more than 13 years ago | (#385326)

Perhaps Star Trek: The Previous Generation

Re:It could be interesting.... (1)

Kwikymart (90332) | more than 13 years ago | (#385327)

Did they explain that in a series, or is that just a theory you came up with?

Suck? You mean like their site? (1)

F.Prefect (98101) | more than 13 years ago | (#385328)

Let us all pray to whatever we hold holy that the series's suck-o-meter rating is nowhere near the Lone Gunmen webiste suck-o-meter rating.

The last site I saw that sucked so hard did so on purpose.

If only they can get writers and actors (2)

baronmog (247345) | more than 13 years ago | (#385329)

I'm trying to be possitive, 'cause I really want the next series to not suck too much. However, I hope the cast of characters isn't set in stone. The Chief Engineer looks like someone took "Bones" and pulled out his "Medical Officer" module in favor of a "Chief Engineer" module. A Vulcan Science Officer? An "excentric" Medical Officer? A female Communication Officer? It sounds far too much like ST:TOS (I know originality and vision are rarities in Hollywood, but a little effort would be nice). The thing that really gets me is that out of seven regular characters, only two are female. What is this, the 50's? "Women are too soft and can't cut it out here on the wild frontier?" Most of this wont make a difference if they can get a group of decent writers and actors. I just hope they can.

Andromeda (2)

sigma (53086) | more than 13 years ago | (#385330)

Like many, I'm getting very tired of the Trek franchise.

However, I find Andromeda [] to be a refreshing show. Although there are some TNG like storylines (it is a Roddenberry show after all), the universe and characters are quite interesting.

For instance, Andromeda has advanced technology like seat belts, and consoles that don't explode and kill people! The character's don't blindly love thier captain like in TNG, and the dialog is quite un-Trekish. Oh, there's no holodeck!

It's still in it's first season shakedown, still I'm hoping it will get better with time, although the other recent Roddenberry series, Earth: Final Conflict was basically unwatchable by the middle of it's second season.

Give Andromeda a shot.

Re:Spinoffs ARE successful! (2)

Skyshadow (508) | more than 13 years ago | (#385331)

I dunno -- SVU is less a spin-off than just an additional airing of Law and Order each week.

Consider how much of the cast for SVU came from the original Law & Order, how the production and "feel" of the show is really similar and how the writing and etc. feels almost the same. It's like they took 50% of the scripts from Law & Order, adjusted the names and shot them with a different cast -- like how "Airwolf" used to have two casts, just with fewer plot holes. (Disclaimer: I don't like SVU).

ST:TNG can rightly be called a spin-off of TOS, but DS9 and Voyager both had a really TNG feeling to them -- similar casts, similar writing, similar production and directing. There's no distinct *feel* of the show; it's almost just they just turned over the cast, tweaked the transporter effects and changed one important plot point. DS9 got away from this towards the end and almost made a mark as a new, grittier Trek, but my that time few people were watching.

I mean, remember how half the crew of Voyager started out being blood enemies of the other half? I sure don't; it took maybe three episodes to completely resolve all those years of bitter armed conflict (maybe we ought to lock Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat away on the ISS for a week and let them resolve all their differences). Instead, the whole crew just lapsed back into the same happy operating life as Picard had going on the Enterprise (or as RMS would insist we call it, the Enterprise-D, so as not to confuse it).

Anyhow, it's worth remembering that for every Frasier, there are a dozen AfterMASHes, Michael Richards Shows and other doomed-before-they-started drek.


Re:Character Run Down... (1)

servasius_jr (258414) | more than 13 years ago | (#385345)

Agreed, except Spike (he's the Southerner right?) will be Dr McCoy-ish, in a desperate gambit to re-invent the holy tripartate of the original series: Kirk, Spock, and Bones. I'll bet you a dollar he'll like arguing with Vulcans . . .

Re:I Seriously Doubt This... (2)

angelo (21182) | more than 13 years ago | (#385349)

Seriously, I have to agree. For one thing, the number of "mysterious" alien species they mention. What is this, a rip off of B5's Dilgar in the Suliban? The Suliban will have to be gone by TOS, making them sound suspiciously like Dilgar. And another Enterprise(TM)? Give me a break. You think they'd find another ship name by now..

I loved DS9.. mainly because it was B5 in a Trek universe. Then again I liked B5 because it was like real life in space.

There once was a time when TV didn't suck... (1)

Master of Oblivion (322036) | more than 13 years ago | (#385351)

...and then there was doom.

Re:It could be interesting.... (1)

modecx (130548) | more than 13 years ago | (#385353)

I'll have to agree with you on the fact that Seven would have had to have been abducted before the STNG borg series (with the possible exception being where the Enterprose is taken to the Delta quadrant by Q) However, Seven's family followed the borg through a slipstream portal somewhere in the Alpha quadrant, on the other side ot the DMZ, to the Delta quadrant. They studied them, and all got assimilated.

*Me cleans the drew off my chin, and wanders off...*

Re:it WILL suck. (1)

Kwikymart (90332) | more than 13 years ago | (#385355)

Just because it's in a vaccume, doesn't mean its going to suck!!! If it did suck (ie: decompression) there probably wouldn't be much of a cast left. However, one thing I would like to see along the lines of sucking is the action of sucking all the air out of the writer's heads and replacing it with skill!!!

Re:Why all the negativity? (1)

Walterk (124748) | more than 13 years ago | (#385356)

Finally someone I can relate with! It ain't bad, jsut depends how you look at it, and if you don't like it, don't look at it! Pure and simple.

Re:ST Historians: Please Help Me... (2)

MathStud! (17330) | more than 13 years ago | (#385357)

Actually, the Enterprise(NCC-1701, Constitution class starship)was first launched about 20 years before Kirk ever got to it.. how does this work out with the date of Series V? of TOS? Hell if I know.. but I think I'm going to name my first child DeForest : )

no (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#385358)

noone has noticed this.

Re:I Seriously Doubt This... (2)

Rob Kaper (5960) | more than 13 years ago | (#385359)

I agree. First of all, this sounds a bit too much like yet another TOS, right down to the characters.

I really have my doubts whether this information is genuine. Many people at the TrekBSS [] forum seem to agree - or I agree with them, if you prefer. :-)

The Lone Gunmen (1)

krappie (172561) | more than 13 years ago | (#385360)

There are three of them. They're not exactly lone.

Smokedot [] : Stop the war on drugs. Slashdot style.

Best reason not to: time travel SUCKS! (3)

TheDullBlade (28998) | more than 13 years ago | (#385361)

Time travel works for the occasional episode, or standalone work of fiction, viewed in isolation, purely for its "wierd thought" value. The paradoxes of time travel are fun to think about once or twice a year, but a series based on free-roaming time travellers would just be stupid.

Time-travel paradoxes are always resolved by fiat: "Yes, today you can go to yesterday and murder yourself; it doesn't really matter, as a time-traveller, you're insulated from the effects." "No, even if you don't do anything important, you'll return to a dramatically different universe." It gets boring and obnoxious quickly.

The only logically consistent bidirectional time-travel is one in which a new parallel universe is created every time someone makes a jump backwards. Which means that you never actually accomplish anything by time travelling, which is totally unsatisfying when you're faced with it for more than an hour or two.

There's just no way to make a good time-traveller series.

Re:It could be interesting.... (1)

modecx (130548) | more than 13 years ago | (#385362)

Nah, it was all right there, for the world to watch. Dunno what episode it was (I'm not that nerdy)

Re: Babylon 5 (4)

CrusadeR (555) | more than 13 years ago | (#385363)


Someone kept pestering me to watch the re-runs of B5 on Sci-Fi (I missed the entire original run), and I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and cohesiveness (it helps that it was almost entirely written by JMS instead of an army of vying authors). I've never liked DS9 or Voyager very much, and this new series doesn't sound promising either :/.

There's a report [] that the 13 Crusade episodes are getting shown on Sci-Fi (which JMS has apparently confirmed), as well as a possible new B5 movie (which is more realistic than Crusade itself being picked up as a production series I think).

I guess my point is that people looking for good sci-fi on TV don't have to settle for Star Trek or the dreck in Sci-Fi's original shows... (I also found it very amusing that TNN is getting the Next Generation re-run rights).

Please! No more Trek! (5)

Bill Daras (102772) | more than 13 years ago | (#385364)

Damnit! Let it die already!

The people in charge have proven they cannot write themselves out of a wet paper bag....well actually they can, but it requires a new particle of the week and 40 minutes of pure Celine Dion-grade melodrama. And no matter how bad or potentially life-changing the whole experiance is, no one will remember it ever again. There will be no mention of it, and all it's effects will be purely short term.

This pisses me off like nothing else.

- The Trek writers cannot develop characters that are remotely believeable. Only mindless, one dimensional cliche's.

- They cannot handle character development. They tried on DS9, but it was always herky-jerky and forced. People didn't develop over time, they developed in one of their two or three designated character development episodes. Even then they couldn't convince anybody with an IQ above 74 that it was remotely natural and believeable. At the end of TNG, everybody was almost exactly the same as they were Season 1. Let's not even mention Voyager.

- They cannot handle long-term story arcs. The Trek way is to start a war in one ep and forget about it for oh......8 episodes or so, with a few infrequent cut and paste mentions here and there. Even then, you can forsee the outcome 3 seasons in advance. Their "surprises" are incredibly weak and convoluted. God forbid they start a conflict in an ep that isn't the season finale!

- No character ever dies unless the actor playing them asks for more money or quits in frustration when the writers can't think of anything to do with them. Everybody has their nice 6 year contract.

- The writers cannot come up with a new and exciting story, most of it is recycled from other Trek shows, and even if they can write a script you could consider "passable" everything is neatly wrapped up by the end of the hour.

- Did I mention the Trek universe has zero consequences?

- The surroundings are always sterile and unrealistic. Unless you count the one, single "plot-device-personal-possesion" each major character has.

- Everyone is obsessed with the 20th century and makes references almost exclusively to this time period.

- The solution to any problem is a particle-of-the week/technical thing we have never heard of before. While the "realistic" and "logical" soltion is impossible because of veteron radiation or something.

- The Federation believes itself to be infallible.

- All bad guys are one-dimensional caricatures who either die or come around to the infallible Federation way of doing things. Not to mention the fact they look like 50 other aliens we have seen.

I could go on for it any wonder why a lot of people who watch B5 for long enough get so disgusted with Trek?

It's depressing to think the brain-trust behind the past decade of incresingly mediocre Trek has been handed the reigns once again.

Oh well, let's hope "Crusade" comes back.

Any Trek refugees are welcome in the land of Babylon 5, right now Season 5 is winding up on SciFi. Season 1 should begin again on March 9th.

Re:It could be interesting.... (1)

Zerth (26112) | more than 13 years ago | (#385365)

Yes, they did. You must of missed the episode where they found her folks' ship(the Raven I think).

The Problem with St these days (1)

HongPong (226840) | more than 13 years ago | (#385385)

Well, I've been a sort-of-fan for some years, and I believe I know the root of one big problem. A lot of the guest actors REALLY suck! I think in particular of one example, the one where the Doctor gets to be a famous opera singer. His love interest on the planet was the most terrible actress I've seen on TV in a long time.

Then I had an idea: Why not use the same core group of actors repeatedly to play all sorts of occassional characters? An actor could become known for his plethora of alien beings. It would sort of harken back to the theatre, I suppose.

I remember that that one crazy chick, Cezca, the Cardassian spy, played a Romulan security officer watching the cloaking device on DS9, so it isn't as if this hasn't been done before. And of course Tom Parris played a senior cadet in TNG. And Nurse Chapel == The elder Ms. Troi. And Doctor Pulaski played a blind weirdo on TOS. Wow, they've actually done that a lot. How do I remember this stuff?

Anyhow, this would be a definite shift from the usual garbage, I say.


Star Trek: The Next ReGeneration! (1)

Jucius Maximus (229128) | more than 13 years ago | (#385386)

Paramount has just approved a return of TNG! It will be called:

Star Trek: The Next ReGeneration!

Yes! They bring together all casts and crews from everywhere for a giant huge conglomeration of Star Trekness! Watch in amazement as they splice together old series shots with new series shots, and as the Enterprise-D runs rings around the Enterprise-Nothing! Watch for a dramatic conclusion of the popular cult debates:

- Spock vs. Data
- Scotty vs. Geordi
- 'Bones' vs. Crusher
- Kirk vs. Picard
- Chekov vs. Ensign Ho
- Nurse Chapel vs. Nurse Ogawa
- Spot vs. the Vulcan Gatorbeast
- Worf vs. Sulu (breakfast time!)
- Wesley try to survive Kirk!
- Whether or not Kirk will ever leave the damn Holodeck!
- Whether or not the Vulcan Nerve Pinch will work on Worf!
- The elapsed time between first contact with Kirk and when Worf gets sick of his arrogance and opens fire!

Watch vicious new love triangles form, including:

- Worf, Troi, Nurse Chapel!
- Spock and Data!
- Kirk, a mirror, and the Holodeck!
- Scotty and TNG Warp drive!
- Riker and Uhura (!!!)
- Guinan and Uhura (!!!!!!!!)
- Sulu and Nurse Ogawa
- 'Bones' and the New Sickbay

Terrible tragedies...

- Kirk ReGenerated!! ARGH!HHHHHH!!H!H!H!H!H!!H!!!!
- Riker and Ensign Noname in a one-night stand which inevitably ends in death!
- Worf having to wear the "Ensign Noname" death shirt!
- Crusher have another child (ARGHHHHHH)
- Troi make passes at the confused Chekov
- Spock contemplate same-sex benefits as a logic problem
- TOS crew seeing TNG accommodations
- Kirk meeting the Borg. Heh. Heh. Heh.

And, of course, new discoveries...

- Kirk's rug
- Spock's ears
- Bone's fetish (can't say for what, gotta save some secrets!)
- Uhura a lesbian???
- Chekov loses his accent
- Scotty gains his accent to the point of non-understanding
- Crusher's hair dyeing secret
- Picard's rug (unlike Kirk, he knows enough not to wear it!)
- Riker as Kirk's long lost son (makes sense, no?)
- Troi's feelings for Worf
- Worf's feelings for Data
- Data's feelings for Spot
- Geordi's feelings for Troi and Data (?!?!!?)
- Ensign Ho's padded bra (!!!)
- Wesley as some super Traveller-like being (oops, too late)
- Guinan's relationship with Picard (his slave)
- Q's friends R, F, and P.
- The Borg discover Kirk's arrogance when they assimilate him
- Tasha's Grandfather's Sister's Son's Niece's Daughter's Mother's Great-Great-Grandmother is Nurse Chapel!

Don't miss this exciting new Trek phenomenon! Watch the pilot episode, Friday October 12th at 8:00 EST! Star Trek: The Next ReGeneration! Don't miss it!

This was written by someone called Black Ninja.

O'Toole's Commentary on Murphy's Law:

Sopranos! (1)

Parise (423) | more than 13 years ago | (#385387)

Yeah, The Lone Gunmen [] might be an okay spinoff, but I'll have to catch it some other time. Tonight is the premiere of the third season of The Sopranos [] !

Re:The big question is.... (1)

Glytch (4881) | more than 13 years ago | (#385389)

You mean something like Star Trek 5? ;)

Re:Why all the negativity? (1)

Iron Webmaster (262826) | more than 13 years ago | (#385391)

When Roddenbery was in charge the Ferengi really were a different species. Bab5 actually had some different species. Not in looks but in actual motivation and behavior.

With the original ST we got dumb stereotypes like Kirk wearing a fancy uniform identifying as a member of the secret police and Romans trying to act decadent. In both ST and B5 we get the absurd stereotype of WWII Nazi stereotypes just to teach us poor benighted science type that sentients are all the same and equal even though they have to be farther apart than chickens and snails.

Rather than another regurgitated juvenile morality play about something that happened last century to Europeans in Europe which was at most a footnote to WWII, I'd prefer something which really built upon ST as TNG started out trying to do.

Since we are talking Hollywood we can be certain of one thing. It won't happen.

Oldskool, (1)

Bender Unit 22 (216955) | more than 13 years ago | (#385392)

Heh, I remember when I started watching TNG, all the old dudes said that TOS was the only real Star-Trek. Now it seems we have moved one series up. :-)
I must admit that I didn't care much for DS-9, too much talk, at least in the EPs I saw, but I have enjoyed watching the EPs of Voyager I could get my hands on.

No channel in the country I live is showing them, except for season 1, so they are a bit hard to come by.


Re:It could be interesting.... (1)

Pxtl (151020) | more than 13 years ago | (#385394)

I assume you mean species 8472, as named by the borg (they need a real freaking name). Y'see, they didn't seem to have the budget for that or something, as the next time they were featured, they'd somehow all been metamorphosed into humans to impersonate starfleet acadamy. Instead of cool aliens, we get the academy groundskeeper, Boothby.

I can't wait (3)

ajuda (124386) | more than 13 years ago | (#385395)

I hope they brink back yoda, he is my favorite star trek character. Since he trained jedi for over 800 years, I am sure that he was around when the federation was formed. This would be a wonderful tribute to Gene Roddenbery: May the Force be with You.
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Hope it doesn't suck (1)

maddman75 (193326) | more than 13 years ago | (#385396)

Personally, I've liked all the trek franchises. TOS was essentially the 'wild frontier' TNG was basically to modernize the series, but after awhile it started to feel like they weren't boldly going where no one has gone before, but patrolling thier well known and well traveled borders.

DS9 essentially wanted to get politics into the mix. They did this well, and the characters were interesting and well developed.

I'm one of the rare who actually LIKE voyager (and not just for Jeri Ryan's ass, fine though it may be). The show in many ways return to TOS, giving much more of a feel for being out of the frontier.

Several people commented on hating holodeck...I don't have a problem with them except for one thing...why is there an option to override safety protocols? When is it EVER a good idea to let holograms kill you? So why would the programmers even put that choice in there?

Set in the past, I don't know. I don't think they can convince me that this is before kirk and his crew. They aren't about to go back to cheesy animations for phaser fire or overly large colored knobs on the control panels, or that weird bowl think Sulu used to steer the ship with

I want something DIFFERENT! (3)

mOdQuArK! (87332) | more than 13 years ago | (#385397)

Damnit, I wish they'd come up with a storyline which DOESN'T involve a Federation crew, but still in the Star Trek universe. Something where the crew isn't all the "best of the best", and always going around preaching goody-goody stuff.

Maybe a trader-of-ill-repute (read: smuggler) operating on the fringes of Federation space, in a ship which is constantly in need of repairs and/or imaginative engineering, and where the basic goal is survival first, money second - and the great lengths they go for the second will often result in desperate moves to do the first.

They could have a female Klingon "captain", who has a tendency to get drunk, with the resultant havoc :)
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