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GAME Australia Now Also In Administration

Soulskill posted about 2 years ago | from the going-under-down-under dept.

Australia 57

Fluffeh writes "Yesterday the Australian Division of GAME saw an email from their Marketing Manager confirming that the 95-store chain has gone into voluntary administration. PriceWaterhouseCoopers partner Kate Warwick said, 'Initially we will continue to trade all stores, operating these on as close to a "business as usual" mode as possible whilst we get a clearer understanding of the current state of the business and actively pursue options to secure its future.' It also seems that GAME is having a bit of a fire sale, with many titles, including quite a few new releases, now in a $5-$74 bargain bin. Ms. Warwick also noted that the company's customers hold various claims against the company under loyalty cards, gift cards and vouchers. She said, 'We are working on schemes aimed at giving customers some return on these claims if they are used to make additional purchases.'" This follows similar news from the UK in March.

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Anonymous Coward 1 minute ago

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Bargin Bin? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#39999345)

$5-$74 is part bargin, part way too much money

Re:Bargin Bin? (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#39999365)

Came to see AusTards complaining about how they think their games cost too much when they make $20+ an hour at McJobs.

Leaving Satisfied.

Re:Bargin Bin? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#39999835)

As the both AC y FP, let me say that 1. I make a hell of a lot more than minimum wage and 2. I live well because I do not spend $74 on games. I will never spend more than 40. I can wait and let you first adopters take the hit.

Re:Bargin Bin? (1)

nedlohs (1335013) | about 2 years ago | (#39999445)

Not in Australia.

On Steam now Skyrim is $49.99 [steampowered.com] in the US and $89.99 [steampowered.com] in AU. So $74 is 18% off, not what I'd call a bargain but for the crazies who don't keep a US billing presence...

Re:Bargin Bin? (2)

Moheeheeko (1682914) | about 2 years ago | (#39999511)

http://www.glassdoor.com/Hourly-Pay/McDonald-s-Crew-Australia-Hourly-Pay-EJI_IE432.0,10_KO11,15_IL.16,25_IN16.htm [glassdoor.com]

http://www.glassdoor.com/Hourly-Pay/McDonald-s-Crew-Member-Hourly-Pay-E432_D_KO11,22.htm [glassdoor.com]

So working 9-10 hours to be able to afford the game in the US as opposed to 3-4 in AUS

Those poor gamers.

Re:Bargin Bin? (1)

kiddygrinder (605598) | about 2 years ago | (#39999569)

hey, it's not our fault your minimum wage sucks balls

Re:Bargin Bin? (0)

Moheeheeko (1682914) | about 2 years ago | (#39999595)

Not saying it is, just tired of hearing the same old "boo hoo, our games are expensive, boo hoo" when in reality, they aren't.

Re:Bargin Bin? (1)

kiddygrinder (605598) | about 2 years ago | (#39999709)

how does the minimum wage being different make the game worth less money? it's still almost double.

Re:Bargin Bin? (2)

protocolture (2460898) | about 2 years ago | (#39999875)

It is becoming a classic way of insulting Australians who want their higher wages to mean something. Making twice as much money is meaningless when our retailers triple the cost of overseas. People, often people who work for companies that make a mint off of this price gouging, like to tell us to suck it up as we earn more. Which is a false equivalence as our dollar is near parity with the USA, we should be paying near the same cost for goods and services as Americans.

Re:Bargin Bin? (1)

Moheeheeko (1682914) | about 2 years ago | (#39999891)

And you still work less than half to afford buying it.

It costs 34.99 Euro in the uk (about $45 us) and (to keep consistency) UK Mcdonalds workers make about 5 Euro an hour making that about 7-8 hours of work to buy Skrim. http://www.glassdoor.com/Hourly-Pay/McDonald-s-UK-Crew-Member-Hourly-Pay-E36806_D_KO14,25.htm [glassdoor.com]

So essentially, its worth less work in AUS than anywhere else, Making it the least expensive in AUS. If anything, you should be talking about how much better you have it, not the constant "woe is us" bull.

Re:Bargin Bin? (1)

rtb61 (674572) | about 2 years ago | (#40001349)

Sorry but under WTO rules, go screw yourself, global equal pricing is the rule so screw steam and go here http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=skyrim [amazon.com] parrallel imports are legal for individuals re-sellers just have difficulty. That the US calculates minimum wage on nothing but bullshit is nothing to do with Australia. Considering Australia's minimum wage also includes universal health care and not US bullshit $5,000 deductibles with 20% coinsurance (you pay the first $5,000 plus 20% of all following charges, can't pay, piss off and die. That's after paying thousands in insurance which minimum wage Americans still can't really afford but under Uncle Tom Obama will pay compulsory high profit margin private health insurance which never has to pay for minimum wage types because they can't pay the deductible anyhow, mwa ha ha).

The low income people aren't screwed over in Australia with wages doesn't mean they deserved to be screwed over with prices. So a big FU to U.

Re:Bargin Bin? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40004133)

Uk McD workers make over 5 euro per hour

UK min wage for 18-20 year olds is about £5 per hour which is c6 Euro per hour and for >20year olds equates to 7.60 euro per hour

McD pay more than min wage especially in the south east and London

Re:Bargin Bin? (1)

Merls the Sneaky (1031058) | about 2 years ago | (#40002725)

Also there is no tipping in Australia. Work as a waiter get wage + no tips. When Americans come here and give tips we pocket it and laugh our ass off.

Re:Bargin Bin? (1)

BackwardPawn (1356049) | about 2 years ago | (#40007715)

Why do you laugh your ass off? Its good to know I'm not expected to tip when I visit Austrailia, but the idea of a tip is that I'm rewarding you for good service and I expect you to pocket the money. Whether or not a tip is customary shouldn't the basic principal. There is some tip sharing among waiters/bartenders, etc, but it doesn't go to the restaurant.

Re:Bargin Bin? (2, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#39999905)

What a ridiculous statement. The US minimum wage sucks balls, but to use that as a justification for inflated costs is just batshit idiocy. If you want to try some comparisons then how about Sydney is a more expensive place to live than ANY city in the US that includes LA or NY. Australian food prices are also significantly higher to account for the higher wages of service staff.

Re:Bargin Bin? (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40000017)

Australian food prices are also significantly higher to account for being an infertile rock in the middle of the pacific.


Re:Bargin Bin? (1)

nedlohs (1335013) | about 2 years ago | (#39999925)

And what on earth does that have to do with whether a given price could be classified as a "special" or "bargain"?

Surely all that matters is what the normal price is, you know the stuff I listed.

Re:Bargin Bin? (0)

Moheeheeko (1682914) | about 2 years ago | (#39999963)

Actually what matters is the hours of work required to purchase the product, which in this case is less than half the rest of the world. That big flashy number means nothing when while you have bought and played that game for 5 hours, the rest of the world is still working off the other half of the game.

Re:Bargin Bin? (1)

bloodhawk (813939) | about 2 years ago | (#40000143)

Actually you more than likely end up working LONGER to afford the game in Australia. Australia has more expensive EVERYTHING not just games. paying for things like rent and food and transportation in Australia cost significantly more than the rest of the world. Do you actually think when food outlets are paying staff $20 an hour they still charge the same prices as the US????

Re:Bargin Bin? (2)

nedlohs (1335013) | about 2 years ago | (#40001197)

Sure if what was being talked about was the cost of living (well of gaming) in various places, but the topic was whether $74 was a bargain.

And all that matters for determining that is whether the usual price is more than $74. It makes no difference whether it takes one hour or 27 years to earn enough money to buy the thing. It makes no difference if the usual price is cheaper in some other country.

In this case I wouldn't call it a bargain, 18% off is a discount but I'd be holding on for the usual steam summer sales... Again that has exactly nothing to do with minimum wages in various countries.

Re:Bargin Bin? (1)

auLucifer (1371577) | about 2 years ago | (#40000153)

I'll take your links, with a single person sharing their salary and post from PayScale which has 12! Salary for McDonald's Corporation Employees - Australia [payscale.com]

The link you posted was likely a manager of a store, not one of the kids on front which would earn roughly the same as you do in the US so no, we don't earn twice as much as you guys so our games should not be twice the price.

Re:Bargin Bin? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40003075)

Since when was the McDonalds wage chart a good indicator of the wealth of a nation? Yes, Australians are relatively well paid. No, we're not twice as rich as Americans.

business as usual? not if you pre-ordered Diablo 3 (2)

crafty.munchkin (1220528) | about 2 years ago | (#39999367)

So for people who put down the $30 to pre-order or $50 to pre-order the collectors edition have lost that cash [news.com.au] . So I'd hardly say it's business as usual... My wife plans to pick up a few games from there but I'm still of the opinion that we should just get them from ebay or ozgameshop.com where it's cheaper anyway.

Re:business as usual? not if you pre-ordered Diabl (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40000001)

I'm sorry to say, but any idiot that "pre-orders" something which will be readily available when released anyway deserves to lose their cash.


Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40000227)

Congratulations, your comment #40000001 has been awarded 6 additional internets worth of credibility by being the equivalent of the Slashdot "40 million GET".

Seems Slashdot's database sequences are odd-only, so there you have it.

Mazeltov! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40001567)

That's numberwang!

As the other fellow pointed out, CIDs are all odd, so you got it!

Buy yourself a beer, you deserve it.

Re:business as usual? not if you pre-ordered Diabl (1)

bane2571 (1024309) | about 2 years ago | (#40002179)

Except that Collector editions of Diablo 3 sold out about a month ago. At least here is AU.

Kind of hard to not pre-order it and still get one since it was released today. Now, you could argue that collector additions are pointless anyway.

Re:business as usual? not if you pre-ordered Diabl (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40000973)

And right here, ladies and gentlemen, is why I will not put down money for a pre-order of anything in the game industry. Or, if I do, it'll be by credit card: chargebacks (on the basis of "goods were not provided as agreed") are your friend.

I also don't buy gift vouchers; cash is king. Even if it's considered gauche, I consider it less so than gift vouchers, which basically say, "I can't think of a good present, so here's some money that you absolutely have to spend at this particular store."

Re:business as usual? not if you pre-ordered Diabl (1)

c1t1z3nk41n3 (1112059) | about 2 years ago | (#40001749)

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5007290816 [battle.net] Blizzard announced in their forums they will be allowing people to get a refund of the preorder amount when ordering digitally. Doesn't really help if you really wanted the collector's edition but seems like a decent move on their part when they weren't even the ones who took your money.

mail order (3, Interesting)

vlm (69642) | about 2 years ago | (#39999389)

Its interesting watching the journalist / news release re publishers solely focus on competition from download services and totally ignore mail order.

Download took away all the "I want it on release day" and "I want it now".
Mail order took away all the "I want it cheap" and "I've got metered/slow internet access" and "I want something unusual"
That leaves retail stores with... gift sales? Apparently the book industry has given up on retail except for gift sales, and that works for them, but video games are too fast moving of a target.

Could you write this in Non-Australian? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#39999457)

What's GAME? What's administration? I'm guessing GAME is something like Gamestop or Best Buy, and administration is something along the lines of bankruptcy/liquidation?

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (1)

bloodhawk (813939) | about 2 years ago | (#39999579)

Game is one of the larger video game stores and online retailers in Australia. Realistically though I am not suprised they are going broke, it is far easier and many times cheaper to buy on the web from overseas for far less than any of the aussie retailers. places like play asia make stores like Game irrelevant. www.game.com.au

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (4, Informative)

bloodhawk (813939) | about 2 years ago | (#39999635)

PS: Voluntary administration is basically the step before liquidation/bankruptcy. An external entity is appointed to basically look over the books of the company on behalf of the creditors and then decide what is the best way forward to salvage the creditors money. options could include selling the company, breaking it up or simply liquidation


Frank T. Lofaro Jr. (142215) | about 2 years ago | (#40001647)

It sounds almost EXACTLY like it is the equivalent of Chapter 11 BANKRUPTCY in the US. (anyone with knowledge of the specific lawys tell me if I am right or wrong).

With liquidation being Chapter 7.

http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/1009395 [accc.gov.au]

Don't deal with bankrupt companies. In any country. If they can't pay their bills, they can't pay their suppliers, their inventory can get sold off, gift cards could be non-redeemable, your order could be paid for by you and the money gone and you get nothing.

If you see something in the store and you buy it right there you may be OK, just don't expect support, warrantee service, returns, refunds or exchanges.

They are going to die, and screw people on the way down.

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40003179)

noting one of the options is that the previous management was just full of shit at managing the company that when proper 'administrators' are brought in, the company can be brought back into operating condition and continue to function as a normal company.

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40012801)

Any option is possible, though that one is highly unlikely. when administrators are stepping in it usually means the damage is already done and dumping the management and continuing is a very very unlikely scenario.

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40000753)

They are?

JB HiFi - 153+
EB Games - 380
Game has almost no presence here in Brisbane. Yet you have to be legally blind to not run into an EB store in the city (as there's one on every street corner) .

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (1)

GumphMaster (772693) | about 2 years ago | (#39999607)

I am Australian and I've never heard of "GAME" or a chain of 95-stores with that name. Voluntary administration [wikipedia.org] is the step before formal bankruptcy, where an independent administrator is appointed by the company board to assess rescue options or (usually) wind-up the company and deal with creditors.

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40000815)

Do you live in the gap?

Are your neighbours Dingos?

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (1)

GumphMaster (772693) | about 2 years ago | (#40001639)

No, I live on the opposite side of Brisbane ;) I do have wild animals living next door, although their parents would probably not like me calling their darlings that.

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (2)

Billlagr (931034) | about 2 years ago | (#40002023)

I'd heard of them, but I don't recall seeing an actual store - whereas right now, I'm in short walking distance of 3 EB stores. (And 2 JB-HiFi's). Hardly a 'major' chain.

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40003329)


Or at least they were in the UK. Bought them all out a few years ago and slowly changed the shops over to the new branding.

They also own GameStation, and have no objections to putting a bunch of stores right next to each other, competing with themselves.

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40004581)

The EB I walk past on my way to work was well and truly trading at 9.00am this morning as I walked past, with an extremely large queue out the door collecting their Diablo 3's. game.com.au has notices about administrators being appointed, ebgames.com.au does not.

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40002653)

GAME Aus is a franchise based company. Trading as TGW, I think it was formed from the old "The Games Wizard" stores + opening up some of it's own.

There's a few stores in Sydney. Although my closest one did close about 2 years ago. I bought my PS3 at GAME 3 years ago and I'd say ~ 50 games (mostly online) from them. Yes, you can buy cheaper from OS, but generally speaking, if you weren't looking for specific titles (or new releases) you'd be able to find good games in the $15-$30 range every couple of weeks during their sales. Free delivery too. eg GoW III Collectors was $28 about 6 months after release at a time when all the major stores still had the standard for about $60

Much better service than EB (and they don't fool you with a fake "50%" sale like EB do). More approachable/knowedgable than JB HiFi. And better range than DSE.

It would be a shame for them to close.

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (2)

ozduo (2043408) | about 2 years ago | (#39999641)

Translating from OZ to Yank speak is easy. take out the U's so colour becomes color and switch S's with Z's so organisation becomes organization. Just imagine you are writing with a mock East German accent. Oh and you will have to dumb it down so they can comprehend it!

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (1, Funny)

Dutch Gun (899105) | about 2 years ago | (#40000851)

Well, sheezh, yo don't have to be an azz abot it.

Hggs and kizzes,
a Yank.

Re:Could you write this in Non-Australian? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40000929)

I am from Aztralia and that reply waz brilliant :)

And the customers will lose money in the end... (1)

Torinir (870836) | about 2 years ago | (#40000173)

Seems GAME AU couldn't get Diablo 3 because of financial problems, so customers who pre-ordered the game won't get the game and won't get a refund.

http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-05-14-game-australia-falls-into-administration [eurogamer.net]

Small retailer with shit business model folds (0)

Swampash (1131503) | about 2 years ago | (#40001669)

Thanks for keeping me abreast of this News for Nerds, this Stuff that Matters, Slashdot!

Claims against the company (1)

phorm (591458) | about 2 years ago | (#40002319)

the company's customers hold various claims against the company under loyalty cards, gift cards and vouchers.

Nice to hear that they have some respect for the customers in that regard. When Blockbuster went under, they stopped accepting gift cards locally (gift cards that were paid for in cash) for the final sales. Seems Australia treats the customer better than Canada in such instances.

Re:Claims against the company (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40003525)

I hope the staff don't get too badly shafted. When GAME UK wound down their stores in Éire, they didn't give the required notice, didn't pay wages due, and essentially just grabbed remaining money and buggered off to the UK, leaving the state to take care of redundancy pay (a process that could take months). Lax Irish law and an unwillingness by the government to deal with this didn't help matters, leading to staff in some stores staging sit-ins to prevent the removal of stock. Local Blizzard staff, among others, were pretty cool in helping to supply the staff with food for their protest.

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