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Bloodsucking Parasite Named After Bob Marley

samzenpus posted about 2 years ago | from the three-little-reef-fish dept.

Idle 64

Hugh Pickens writes "The Christian Science Monitor reports that Gnathia marleyi, a tiny crustacean that feeds off the blood of reef-dwelling Caribbean fish, has been named in honor – for lack of a better term – of the Jamaican musician Bob Marley. Marley, who died in 1981, was an iconic exponent of the Jamaican-born music known as reggae. One of his standards is 'No Woman, No Cry.' Marley joins the 'I have a species named after me' club, which includes Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert, Mick Jagger, and Beyonce. 'I named this species, which is truly a natural wonder, after Marley because of my respect and admiration for Marley's music,' says Paul Sikkel, an assistant professor of marine ecology at Arkansas State University. 'Plus, this species is as uniquely Caribbean as was Marley.' Juvenile gnathid isopods hide within coral rubble or algae so they can launch surprise attacks on fish, and then infest them. As adults, the parasites don't eat. 'We believe that adults subsist for two to three weeks on the last feedings they had as juveniles and then die, hopefully after they have reproduced,' says Sikkel. Specimens of Gnathia marleyi will be housed indefinitely at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. 'We are currently discussing with AMNH the possibility of creating an exhibit featuring this species that could be viewed by the public.'"

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Of all place to honor Bob - Arkansas!!! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40623339)

Paul Sikkel, an assistant professor of marine ecology at Arkansas State University

But... (4, Insightful)

msauve (701917) | about 2 years ago | (#40623345)

Isn't there some Wall St. banker, living off the usury, after which a blood sucking parasite would be better named?

Re:But... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40623587)

Same thing, bob was into some shady things.

Re:But... (0, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40623853)

You are correct, sir. In spite of the so-called good intentions of the scientist who named it after Bob Marley..."out of respect"...all parasites should be required to have "federal reservicus" somewhere in the nomenclature...

Re:But... (1)

plopez (54068) | about 2 years ago | (#40628031)

Gertnerii perhaps? Greenspanii? ii?

Re:But... (2)

Lord_of_the_nerf (895604) | about 2 years ago | (#40624119)

Parasites usually aren't usually bigger, better politically connected and more powerful than their hosts.

Re:But... (3, Funny)

msauve (701917) | about 2 years ago | (#40624135)

You don't know about Congress [] ?

Re:But... (2)

NonUniqueNickname (1459477) | about 2 years ago | (#40624473)

I believe GP means:

Parasites in nature aren't usually bigger, better politically connected and more powerful than their hosts.

Hence, it's inappropriate to name natural parasites after parasites of the human variety.

Re:But... (1)

plopez (54068) | about 2 years ago | (#40628021)

But even in nature, parasites with primitive neuro-systems can manipulate the brains of larger animals through use of hormones and neuro-transmitters. Continuing the analogy, in politics that would be manipulation through fear, greed, and propaganda.

Re:But... (1, Flamebait)

tripleevenfall (1990004) | about 2 years ago | (#40626549)

Maybe they already named some west coast bottom feeding animal after Pelosi...

Re:But... (1)

mcgrew (92797) | about 2 years ago | (#40627541)

I believe the blood sucking parasite is a woman. "No wonan, no cry."

a tenuous grasp, at best (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40623355)

"I admire you, Marley, you blood-sucking parasite faggot asshole aaaha haha aaha haa aha ha ha ha"

Yoko? (4, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40623357)

Is Yoko Ono already named after something ?

Re:Yoko? (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40624221)

Yep, a rare STI from South America

Re:Yoko? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40624619)

Is Yoko Ono already named after something ?

Of course one could name these mysterious Jamaican anal seeking parasites [] or perhaps a sub species of this little monster called Toxoplasma gondii Yoko Onous [] . Be careful where you sit down in Jamaica!

Re:Yoko? (1)

Bing Tsher E (943915) | about 2 years ago | (#40626463)

Jamaican anal seeking parasites

So, you're implying that John Lennon was an asshole?

Hadn't heard that one yet, but it's plausible I guess.

Re:Yoko? (1)

Tarlus (1000874) | about 2 years ago | (#40630533)

Is anything named after her?

Don't forget Strigiphilus Garylarsoni (4, Informative)

tragedy (27079) | about 2 years ago | (#40623411)

Gary Larson (creator of _The Far Side_) had a variety of chewing louse that infests owls named after him: Strigiphilus Garylarsoni [] .

Re:Don't forget Strigiphilus Garylarsoni (1)

postofreason (1305523) | about 2 years ago | (#40624321)

Thank for posting that. I couldn't remember the name of the organism.

Masiakasaurus knopfleri (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40623459)

Mark Knopfler has a dinosaur named after him. Keith Richards deserves a cockroach.

Re:Masiakasaurus knopfleri (1)

plopez (54068) | about 2 years ago | (#40628053)

But do cockroaches deserve him? Better he pass into obscurity and we all clean our brains of his crappy music.

Mildly funny that. (1)

siddesu (698447) | about 2 years ago | (#40623569)

The parasite does not refuse blood infusions.

Great tags! (4, Funny)

Tim the Gecko (745081) | about 2 years ago | (#40623595)

"reefmadness" and "nocrustaceannocry" are great tags. Thank you someone out there!

I'm listening to Bob Marley now (1)

GoodNewsJimDotCom (2244874) | about 2 years ago | (#40623625)

This is pretty good music to chill out to []
I just find it amusing, I'm listening to some Bob, even No woman No Cry when I run across this article

I wanna read a biography on the man sometime. I hear he even brokered peace between two nations at one point.

Re:I'm listening to Bob Marley now (3, Funny)

RNLockwood (224353) | about 2 years ago | (#40623813)

I'm listening to Bob Marley now

"He's dead, Jim."

Re:I'm listening to Bob Marley now (2)

GoodNewsJimDotCom (2244874) | about 2 years ago | (#40623823)

Well I did hear from God after listening to Bob Marley in 2003 :)

Re:I'm listening to Bob Marley now (1)

msauve (701917) | about 2 years ago | (#40624101)

ITYM "Jah".

Re:I'm listening to Bob Marley now (1)

RPI Geek (640282) | about 2 years ago | (#40626747)

I'm listening to Bob Marley now

"He's dead, Tim."


Re:I'm listening to Bob Marley now (2)

TapeCutter (624760) | about 2 years ago | (#40628101)

Been a fan of Marley's music since the 70's and particularly like the yrics to "Get up, Stand up". His bio is interesting, at one point he was looking after about 5000 peasants in his hometown. Oh and he didn't die from lung cancer but I wont spoil it for you.

I hear he even brokered peace between two nations at one point.

Well....he was a big supporter of the Zimbawean revolution, as was Stevie Wonder and many other people. He held a concert at a jail where political prisoners had just been released. However it didn't work out as well as people had hoped, in the 3 decades since the revolution Zimbawe has gone from one of Africa's most productive nations to a third world hell hole, and Mugabe has gone from national hero to international tyrant.

Re:I'm listening to Bob Marley now (1)

oldmac31310 (1845668) | about 2 years ago | (#40630637)

Two political parties, the PNP and the JLP.

apparently someone read that Headline story (3, Insightful)

decora (1710862) | about 2 years ago | (#40623661)

recently about how Huffington Post can put up the same story with an inflammatory title and get 10 times more hits than the New York Times.

what???? (1)

kcin (34043) | about 2 years ago | (#40623695)

IT'S CUZ HE WAS BLACK. so racist!! jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

Rather Ironic (3, Interesting)

walshy007 (906710) | about 2 years ago | (#40623705)

The funny thing is he was rather anti-science and anti-medicine. I mean the guy refused to be treated for skin cancer because of his religious beliefs... skin cancer is easy to treat compared to most other cancers, you just remove it.

I'd almost put it up for the darwin award, where people let religious beliefs kill them.

Also unlike the stereotypical peace-loving image, he was known to get in quite a few fights in his day. He was also quite rebellious. I don't see this as a bad thing, but I think it is kind of crazy how he has been romanticized as a bringer of peace after his death.

as opposed to john 'wife beater' lennon? (1)

decora (1710862) | about 2 years ago | (#40623733)

or maybe Ira "I dont know how she got in that trunk in my closet" Einhorn?

Re:Rather Ironic (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40627341)

I suggest you go watch the rockumentary "Marley" before making statements about religious beliefs. He did get a minor removal of his big toe which was the very least of what was proposed to happen. Had Marley undergone the original amputation to his hip that was recommended by the then doctors of the western world, Marley would have:

1) Not been able to play soccer as he had so much loved.
2) Not been able to be as enigmatic and energetic as he always loved to be on stage.
3) Most likely would have not gone to South Africa and been such an influence on the then movement of the time (big stuff)
4) Most likely been relegated to the footnotes of history.
5) The list could go on and on...

I see it as a self (not intentional) Martyr. The man gave up the ultimate price to be there for both sides to any coin and especially above all, freedom. The man brought together the warring parties (NLP and PNP) in Jamaica, thats freaking hardcore.

"Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights! " - B.Marley

Re:Rather Ironic (1)

TapeCutter (624760) | about 2 years ago | (#40628277)

Well in his case "just removing it" meant amputating his foot, but as much as I love the guy and his art I have to agree he reasoning for not doing it makes him a Darwin contender. Nevertheless he is still a "hero" of mine, not for anything he did but for what he managed to express in his art and persona. John Lennon and Pink Floyd have a similar strong appeal to me, however I'm old enough to realise all "heros" have feet of clay.

lyrics (3, Interesting)

theb4sa (2682269) | about 2 years ago | (#40623841)

“the babylon system is a vampiresucking the blood of the sufferer”

Most likely Related to a Similar Species (1)

l0ungeb0y (442022) | about 2 years ago | (#40623933)

It seems these are related to Hippius Pesticus, usually seeking to seek money, food and favors out of the creatures around them. It's likely the Hippius evolved from this more simple blood-sucker to diversify to make itself more adaptable to varying environments and the rise of humans -- probably around the same time the Ancient Aliens wiped out the Dinosaurs to make way for Humans so they could farm Xenomorphs.

Re:Most likely Related to a Similar Species (1)

O('_')O_Bush (1162487) | about 2 years ago | (#40624463)

So what you are saying is, humans are tools of the military-industrial complex, and therefore the parasitic species is evolutionarily superior (since it is able to adapt rather than being force into a form)?

I realise the snark was intended to be funny... but it is an interesting foray.

How about an entire profession? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40624059)

I nominate Legalis Professionem.

Merely a step ahead of the Wall Street types.

It's a fitting name (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40624083)

A free loader named after a black man. It fits. Niggers are free loaders

Bob Marley? (2)

Shoten (260439) | about 2 years ago | (#40624439)

Why not call it Yoko instead?

Re:Bob Marley? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40626345)

You want to name Yoko after Bob Marley? man, I know Bob was a wacko, but he surely does not deserve THAT!

Not named after his record company??? (4, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40624461)

They ripped him off and live like parasites on his music to this day... madness.

Re:Not named after his record company??? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40625361)

It's ok as it is not worth much. Just go download some mp3 files.

Sponsor a species (3, Interesting)

wisebabo (638845) | about 2 years ago | (#40624647)

Ok, I know this is desperate but with the ecosystem facing another Great Extinction (where a substantial portion of the species on Earth are going to be driven to extinction except this time is because of US)* we've got to do something.

Why not auction off the names of newly discovered species? (And preferably give the money to conservation efforts).

I think people (and maybe even corporations) would be more interested in conservation if they had a species named after them. If they knew their species was endangered or the habitat their species lived in was threatened, they might rally to save it. I mean, this is another form of IMMORTALITY, very few people will be remembered after a few centuries but a species name? It reminds me of the scientist Seaborg, he said while other scientists got Nobel prizes he was on the periodic table for eternity! (or something like that).

Maybe if we get REALLY desperate we could re-name already named species. I know it's repulsive but surely Exxon would pay a huge amount to have the (scientific) name of the Tiger changed to it. Or Apple would similarly pay perhaps for the entire family of apples to be named, well you get it.

While unglamorous (is that a word?) species wouldn't fetch much money perhaps, in some cases, that could be turned around. Consider the guinea worm, a species very close to eradication (yay!). Just like smallpox, it could be named because there is no such thing as bad publicity. (Some pest removal company would probably pay dearly for that name!).

*no I don't mean US as in United States (although I know we bear more than our share of the blame). Anyway, have you seen the funny video "So you've got a case of the Humans"?

Re:Sponsor a species (3, Interesting)

cyborg_zx (893396) | about 2 years ago | (#40625221)

After extinctions new species get a shot - a desire to maintain the status quo of species that happen to exist at the time humans are around is just another form of anthropocentrism.

FZ (2)

gkndivebum (664421) | about 2 years ago | (#40624723)

Don't forget Frank Zappa, with 4 species and an asteroid []

Don't forget the famous spider (1)

Trogre (513942) | about 2 years ago | (#40624787)

Calponia Harrisonfordi

Christian Science Monitor? (4, Insightful)

InspectorGadget1964 (2439148) | about 2 years ago | (#40624803)

Isn't that an oxymoron?

more herb, less derp (3, Informative)

Johann Lau (1040920) | about 2 years ago | (#40625251) []

It's so easy and cheap to derp... but will you walk in the light of truth with me? Come on, you know you want to ^_^

Eddy declared that the Monitor's mission should be "to injure no man, but to bless all mankind."


The paper has been known for avoiding sensationalism, producing a "distinctive brand of nonhysterical journalism". In 1997, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, a publication critical of United States policy in the Middle East, praised the Monitor for its objective and informative coverage of Islam and the Middle East.

Don't shit where you eat son, and respect your betters. Just an idea.

Re:more herb, less derp (1)

InspectorGadget1964 (2439148) | about 2 years ago | (#40636845)

The light of truth? That makes me think of what happened on June 22nd, 1633 on the great hall of the convent of Santa Maria sopra Minerva.... If you don't know what I'm talking about, use google and you will find out that the Inquisition tribunal forced Galileo to kneel down and agree to their claim of earth being the center of the universe. He did it, not because the church was right, but because being a man of science, he understood that he was more important as a live man of science than as a dead martyr... Christianity has never been on the side of science. Religious organizations in general prefer to keep people ignorant as it is then possible to "explain" natural phenomena using supernatural (Smart people should read BS) causes. Galileo was not the only one that has been silenced by a religious organization, Copernicus followed and even today religious organizations push to favor organized ignorance onto the unfortunate and uneducated masses. People that look for the truth about the universe and life have been prosecuted and silenced for thousands of years and even today to speak out for real knowledge displeases religious people and scientists are being threatened and even bombed by religious zealots.

Wait, Blood Sucking Parasites? (3, Insightful)

Eyeball97 (816684) | about 2 years ago | (#40625023)

Surely they got it wrong, it should have been Island Records / Universal Music Group

Christian Science Monitor? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40625461)

When did slashdot become an errand boy for everything a self respecting geek resents?

"hopefully" ? (1)

arisvega (1414195) | about 2 years ago | (#40625493)

"We believe that adults subsist for two to three weeks on the last feedings they had as juveniles and then die, hopefully (emph. mine) after they have reproduced,"

Yes, because more parasites is exactly what we need now.

Did this guy actually know *anything* about bob? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40625503)

For a rastaman, having something that sucks blood named after him would be a slightly disturbing. And thats a understatement in manor proportions.

Aren't (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40626971)

republicans already named?

CAPTCHA = forego

Reminds me (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40627949)

Reminds me of the German cockroach. But no cockroachs are found in Germany.

Bernie (1)

TheP4st (1164315) | about 2 years ago | (#40628373)

Wouldn`t Gnathia Madoffi be more accurate?

Missing are slime-mold beetles named by Bush & (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40629519)

I wonder why the linked article on livescience misses the slime-bold beetles named for Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld (see

from Pimper's Paradise by BM: (0)

spads (1095039) | about 2 years ago | (#40629911)

"Every need's got an eagle to feed."
("A pimper's paradise, that's all she was...")

Amount that I esteem BM: immense, though I can by no means claim to fathom his actual dimensions.

Amount that I esteem some middle American's thought about Darwin awards: immeasurably small

Water Bear (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#40638403)

Madonna has one too Echiniscus Madonnae...

Still Yammin' then... (1)

Remixdj (2665697) | about 2 years ago | (#40731583)

To 'Yam' is to eat for those of you not familiar with Jamaican Patois. Are there any other artists who have adopted similar monikers? I can think of a few: The Beatles - all of them named after insects. Sting - named after a viscous python and Meatloaf - named after a pie. The list is endless I'm sure...

Zancudo (1)

rmdingler (1955220) | about 2 years ago | (#40771607)

Getting BSP's high since 1959.
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