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Anonymous Coward 1 minute ago

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Re:Can you download/archive these? (2)

chrisd (1457) | about 13 years ago | (#302776)

Nope, when we put up the other formats (see my other posts) you'll be able to d/l and archive them. We have no problem with that.

Chris DiBona
OSDN Events

Grant Chair, Linux Int.

Will be posted in other formats. (3)

chrisd (1457) | about 13 years ago | (#302777)

In the interest of expediency, we've posted real formats, but we have mpg, mp3 and divx formats available, and they'll be up later on.

Chris DiBona
OSDN Events
Grant Chair, Linux Int.

Can you download/archive these? (2)

Booker (6173) | about 13 years ago | (#302778)

does curl or wget speak pnm or rtsp yet? I'd love to archive these. Or would that be in violation of all sorts of copyright rules.... *sigh*


Re:Can you download/archive these? (2)

Booker (6173) | about 13 years ago | (#302779)

yep, but it's fetched from a server that communicates via rtsp or pnm. Suggestions on retrieving that file? :)


[sandeen@Porter sandeen]$ cat osdn_4summit_0330_128.ram
rtsp://a488.r.akareal.net/ondemand/7/488/400/v00 01 /valinux.download.akamai.com/400/osdn_4summit_0330 _128.rm
pnm://a488.r.akareal.net/ondemand/7/488/400/v000 1/ valinux.download.akamai.com/400/osdn_4summit_0330_ 128.rm


Real? (2)

Zico (14255) | about 13 years ago | (#302782)

Why does the Open Source Developer Network require you to install a closed source program to view the summit? Especially one with such an arduous install process, where most time is spent immediately afterward disabling spam and spyware features.


Re:Hmmmmm (2)

Zico (14255) | about 13 years ago | (#302783)

Heh, if Microsoft ever decided to do an ad campaign against Linux, they should use that picture. :)


Where are the slides? (2)

doom (14564) | about 13 years ago | (#302784)

What I'd like to know is where are the slides? I was checking out Lance Larsh's talk about high-performance database needs, and he keeps referring to these diagrams, but all I get to see is his goatee.

Incidentally, having Lance droning on about elevator algorithms in Real while I've got the "Artifcats" album by Information playing in Freeamp is pretty cool.

Re:Real? (1)

dlb (17444) | about 13 years ago | (#302785)

Probably because nobody wants to take the time to write REAL applications, like streaming video and sound, or a journaling file system, or games that dont suck, or some GOD DAMN DOCUMENTATION besides the freakin source code.

They'd rather write yet-another-napster-clone, and yet-another-irc-bot, or yet-another-irc-clone, or yet-another-mysql-mp3-database so they can waste more time denying the fact that what they really need to do is move out of mom's basement at age 25 and get some sun once in a while.

Re:Hmmmmm (1)

Black Parrot (19622) | about 13 years ago | (#302788)

> Damn dude, where are the chicks?

Chicks??? Where are the beards! I thought these were supposed to be real hackers.


Re:Annotated version (3)

Black Parrot (19622) | about 13 years ago | (#302790)

> Here is the version with names put to faces.

They forgot to give the surname for some guy named Linus.


Re:What could be more lame (2)

Flower (31351) | about 13 years ago | (#302792)

I stand by my comment. The broadcasts are interesting and disseminate useful information on what was talked about at the summit. As there was no way I could or even should have been there it is nice that I can see the talks for myself and get something out of it. I also called the parent to my post as I saw it. Maybe I should have elaborated why I disagreed with the parent to this thread. *shrug*

What is really lame is sitting in a technical meeting to discuss what Exchange can do for your company and listen to a marketdroid talk for half the meeting. At least with these webcasts I'm getting 100% signal.

Re:Can you download/archive these? (1)

Tower (37395) | about 13 years ago | (#302794)

It would be a nice thing... web broacast classes, for example, are a great thing for those of us who work full time, and want to watch the class from home on a broadband connection... however, the connection at the school, or their real video server, has major problems after about 15 minutes... it usually takes about twice as long to watch a single class - not very effective. They won't allow direct access to download the files (due to IP issues, I suppose - though for a couple of these classes the prof is nearly reading from a couple books for a number of the class sessions)... but aren't interested in solving the problem, giving really lame answers, confusing KB/s with Kb/s, and just being altogether unhelpful. If would be nice for to have some type of client that would just go get the whole thing, so we could watch it w/o problem. [/rant]


Re:higher level software dev is hard for women, du (1)

umeshunni (37684) | about 13 years ago | (#302795)

d00d, while talking of software development, high level programming is usually the web/vb kinda programming and low level is the kernel/asm kinda programming

.u2 5p33k5.

Re:Annotated version (1)

salyavin (67828) | about 13 years ago | (#302797)

I was wondering that as well, too bad you didn't get a responce. It might have helped if you got a loging.

Annotated version (5)

Lish (95509) | about 13 years ago | (#302799)

Here [lwn.net] is the version with names put to faces. Interesting to see what some of those people really look like.

And yes, it's definitely a male bunch...


We're working on it. (1)

kcarnold (99900) | about 13 years ago | (#302800)

The problem is, video, especially highly-compressed video, is riddled with patent issues and other junk like that, or else somebody would have written a nice low-bitrate encoder by now (I'm not counting OpenDivX here, because it isn't really open if you read the license, unless the situation has changed since I last checked). And doing proper streaming isn't as easy as one might think; especially for video there is a lot of data management to be taken care of, for example if you're coding the next frame by motion compensation, sending just a motion vector for an object instead of the whole object, the streaming format must ensure that the whole object has been sent sometime or else the viewer will probably see just a moving black blob.

If you want sorta-open streaming now, though, check out OpenDivX streaming [projectmayo.com].

osdn down ?? (1)

n3m6 (101260) | about 13 years ago | (#302801)

"It Worked! The Apache Web Server is Installed on this Web Site! "
hey .. it seems that the osdn site is down.. i'm getting a 404 for the conferences/kernel webpage.

and the osdn.com site seems like they have installed a new version of apache.. hmm..

Re:Hmmmmm (1)

rjamestaylor (117847) | about 13 years ago | (#302803)

Damn dude, where are the chicks?
Where are the non-white, non-geeky, non-eye-sight impaired, non-balding, non-slovenly dressed people?
Ah yes. it's great to see these Stereo[Type]Gram pictures...


great laundry list, when can i get 2.5.0? (1)

mark_lybarger (199098) | about 13 years ago | (#302805)

looking over the list of features, changes, whatever, i'm wondering when it's going to starting showing up on kernel.org? 2.4 took linux to the next level, 2.5 seems to be making it more stable, business oriented.

Interseting but... (1)

Gehenna_Gehenna (207096) | about 13 years ago | (#302806)

DEAR GOD are these guys DRY.

I've seen more excitement at nursing homes. I understand, it's the kernel, how exciting can it be....

but COME ON...

Not gonna look... (1)

snoop_chili_dog (314897) | about 13 years ago | (#302808)

Is there no free open alternative to real player? They have a great format, but I don't like their privacy policy. Besides it would be nice to be able to get third party players. It just annoys me that the only really good streaming audio and video format for low end connections is proprietary

Re:We're working on it. (1)

snoop_chili_dog (314897) | about 13 years ago | (#302809)

Thanx but that unless everyone starts using opendivx streaming I'm probably not going to watch too much streaming media. Actually asf isn't bad and I don't worry too much about privacy with it.

Re:Can you download/archive these? (1)

ShayAllen (323110) | about 13 years ago | (#302812)

Just download the linked file and "cat" it. You will see the address where the data is fetched.

Re:Can you download/archive these? (1)

ShayAllen (323110) | about 13 years ago | (#302813)

Never mind, didn't work in that instance. Sometimes the true URL of the .rm file is in the pointer file...

Real (3)

ShayAllen (323110) | about 13 years ago | (#302814)

"Real is required to view it, but instructions for download/installation are on the site."

I wonder...if you have trouble installing RealPlayer, would you be interested in the Kernel Summit?

Re:Not gonna look... (1)

Count Fecal (416007) | about 13 years ago | (#302815)

Ogg Vorbis looks promising. I have downloaded beta version of the ogg codec and have found it comparable or superior to mp3 at the same file sizes. http://www.xiph.org/ogg/vorbis/index.html Ogg Vorbis is a fully Open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general-purpose compressed audio format for high quality (44.1-48.0kHz, 16+ bit, polyphonic) audio and music at fixed and variable bitrates from 16 to 128 kbps/channel. This places Vorbis in the same class as audio representations including MPEG-1 audio layer 3, MPEG-4 audio (AAC and TwinVQ), and PAC.

Re:Hmmmmm (1)

Tech187 (416303) | about 13 years ago | (#302816)

A few years back there was an ad in Unix Review that featured a gangly looking bunch of programmers. It was counterposed with a Windows NT solution of some kind that didn't involve employing a bunch of misfits. It seemed like a very effective ad to me at the time. And since Unix Review now has ceased to exist, after a transition period when it was a Unix/Windows NT magazine, the ad appears to have been on the mark.
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