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Lone Gunmen Get the Axe From Fox

CmdrTaco posted more than 13 years ago | from the that-sucks-man dept.

Television 323

squee23 noted that Fox is axing the lone gunman. Almost everyone I know watched the seriers premiere and bolted, which was unfortunate: the premiere sucked but almost every episode there after was pretty damn good: the first episode simply wasn't funny, and airing it was suicide. The X-Files is returning, sans Mulder. Fortunately, The Family Guy will come back, as well as the premiere of the live action version of The Tick.

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who watches TV anymore? (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#214982)

"Fifty-seven channels and nothing on."

Re:It made US look stupid! (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#214983)

Not that you need any help with that anyways.

Re:I really like TLG (2)

Alan (347) | more than 13 years ago | (#214987)

I gotta agree with you. It wasn't "real", but what on TV is? I hope that those complaining that TLG wasn't researched enough aren't the same type who compare "Boot Camp" with anything resembling reality.

It was a decent enough show to come home to on a friday night anyway. Now what is there? Will I have to go out and discover a "real life" or something?

Re:Yeah, The Tick! (2)

jandrese (485) | more than 13 years ago | (#214988)

At one point in the series the Tick decided he needed a "battle cry." Well he was a super hero and all, and of course all super heros have battle cries. Unfortunatly he eating soup when this idea accidentally collided with his tick-sized brain. Arthur (his sidekick with the moth outfit) stayed perfectly in character and choose "Not in the face!" as his battle cry. It was a classic moment in the series.

Nobody is prepared for the return of the Ottoman Empire!

Down that path lies madness. On the other hand, the road to hell is paved with melting snowballs.

Re:It's all about the Family Guy (2)

The Man (684) | more than 13 years ago | (#214990)

Fox has tonnes of shitty shows they can pull instead.

Agreed. Even though I can't stand Family Guy, it's still better than the 76th rerun of Police Videos Episode 41. But neither of them holds a candle to Lone Gunmen. There are only three things I even watch on Fox any more: Futurama, Lone Gunmen, and Malcolm. Nothing else looks even vaguely worthwhile. I'll miss Lone Gunmen; Friday night between Police Videos and the news is about the worst slot I can imagine, so it sounds like they never really gave it a chance. Now the question is what to do during the hour after Futurama and before Malcolm. The Simpsons has decayed badly, and there's no way Family Guy will keep me watching...

Re:who watches TV anymore? (2)

drsoran (979) | more than 13 years ago | (#214992)

Clearly this kind of wholesale signal piracy will not be tolerated for much longer. When will the TV stations cut off this copyright abuse and start broadcasting encrypted digital signals where you are required to have a special box that you have to pay a subscription for to unlock? I can't believe Hollywood puts up with letting people have this stuff for free. Hell, we already know many people will PAY for cable TV or DSS and still watch the commercial too. Why should they give it away at all anymore?

The X-Files was good. (1)

Tofu (2355) | more than 13 years ago | (#215004)

I am glad they cancelled the show. It was stupid. Badly written and badly acted. Just like most of this seasons X-Files. I wish they would cancel that. I know most of this is redundant but I feel I have say something. The X-Files needs to be stopped. Check out [] for more.

Re:Oh Gawd no! (1)

Tofu (2355) | more than 13 years ago | (#215005)

You are right!! The first four years were GREAT!! But you are right. After season 5 and some of season 5 it has sucked.


Archfeld (6757) | more than 13 years ago | (#215016)

The TICK is awesome, I just hope the live action doesn't totally blow it.

I aspire to become like my hero, Little WOODEN BOY

There is no spooooooon (1)

forkboy (8644) | more than 13 years ago | (#215018)

It's his battle cry. It's completely silly and arbitrary, and I'm not exactly sure why it's funny, but if you've ever seen the great gusto with which he bellows it, you can't help but chuckle.

Picking apart "Lone Gunmen" (5)

Mike Buddha (10734) | more than 13 years ago | (#215026)

The big problem I had with the show was twofold: Jimmy Bond and Eve. They were so poorly written and so miserably acted that it was painful. In later episodes Jimmy became almost a good thing, because the character became less plain stupid and more idiot savant.

Eve is an all around loss. They really didn't need a guardian angel to come in and save the day every single episode. She's just too competent to believe. Plus, the woman who plays that character is a terrible actress.

All in all I think the "bit" characters dragged the show down. I think it's too bad that Chris Carter didn't feel that the Lone Gunmen could carry the show by themselves and had to come up with these two sorry anchors.

Dawgone it! (3)

rnturn (11092) | more than 13 years ago | (#215029)

The only thing worth watching on Friday night and now it's cancelled? Looks like I'll get more reading done now so I guess there's an upside after all.

(Sorry but `The Family Guy' was/is not funny.)

Re:Just goes to show... (2)

SteveM (11242) | more than 13 years ago | (#215030)

Hack the flight control system of a commercial airliner and land it. =) Not over the phone ...

Agreed. Yet everyone seems to like the X-Files and they make the same type of drive you nuts errors.

How many times does Mulder or Scully go into a dark room/cave/alley/... alone without calling for back up? Pull out the damm cellphone and let somebody know where you're going for christsakes!

Aliens, immortals, poltergists, are all fine but it was the details that made the show unwatchable for me. Just like TLG.

Steve M

Oh Gawd no! (2)

Lumpy (12016) | more than 13 years ago | (#215033)

X files has sucked from season 5 and after. I'm sorry but you can only re-hash the same over and over and over and over. The first 3 years were the best, it's time to bury it.

I used to love X files, now it's just some stupid soap.

It's not the network's decision! (2)

RasputinAXP (12807) | more than 13 years ago | (#215038)

It was handed down from above, from men who know more than they let on! Men who hold the secrets of this country in the palm of their hands!

And it'll all lead to a race of oil-slick aliens that can only be killed with a needle in the back of the neck before they seal their eyes and mouths with skin and...

Oh dear (2)

Jethro (14165) | more than 13 years ago | (#215042)

I can honestly say I can live without another Lone Gunmen series. It really wasn't THAT good, although funny at times. I had absolutely no respect for the guys after Lara Croft^W^W^WYves Adele Whatever kept screwing them over and bailing them out all the time - I mean, come on, the show's about THEM. If you're going to portray them as incompetent fools a-la Inspector Gadget (the original), do it. Don't give me half way we-can-hack-into-the-pengaton-but-a-chick-in-a-tig ht-outfit-can-totally-pull-a-sheep-over-our-eyes crap.

It looked like that was going to change toward the end. Maybe it'd have got better.

The thing that really bothers me is it ended with a cliffhanger. I hate not knowing what happened next!


Re:It's not the network's decision! (1)

Photon Ghoul (14932) | more than 13 years ago | (#215043)

"You have offended my family, and you have offended a Shaolin temple."

Are you sure that's not "the Shaolin temple"?

Re:season finale (1)

Photon Ghoul (14932) | more than 13 years ago | (#215044)

Turn your television off.

Lone Gunmen isn't X-Files (2)

crow (16139) | more than 13 years ago | (#215046)

The problem is the the Lone Gunmen show isn't at all like the scenes from the X Files with the Lone Gunmen.

In the X Files, the Lone Gunmen were cool geeks. Sure, they were exaggerated, but if you can believe the government/alien conspiracies, you can easily accept that.

I the Lone Gunmen show, the Lone Gunment were a geeky three stooges. Instead of being serious characters, they became funny. Humor is fine, but they went for forced sitcom humor. I don't want to watch a geek sitcom.

Why would anyone like X-Files? (1)

Wee (17189) | more than 13 years ago | (#215048)

What's to like? When I saw the first X-Files, I thought it was satire. It's probably the worst series ever produced for TV. It's worse than bad. It's not even bad-good. It's just plain bad. It's Sandra Bullock and The Net bad, not Bruce Campbell and Evil Dead bad.

The plots are nonsensical, the characters one dimensional and the premise is completely absurd. Most science fiction is so far out there that it's not hard for one to suspend disbelief, and this is usually required (unless you're insane or some such). But the X-Files tried to be just on the edge of reality, yet had so many incongruities that disbelief was required. It's vey contradictory.

I just never understood why anyone with more than two neurons to rub together would willingly watch the X-Files. I guess it's a matter of taste. Otherwise I'm stumped.


season finale (1)

joekool (21359) | more than 13 years ago | (#215053)

I hope that we at least get to see the season finale! as for those of you who stopped watching--shame on you, now what am I supposed to do on fridays, while I am stuck at work? oh wait, Dark Angel will be on then!..well what about on tuesday?...oh isn't that when the tick is on?... well, then..what about...wednsday? no..thursday?--no...monday?...what am I supposed to do on monday? watch allymacbeal/boston public? thank you, but just plain NO!

Yes! It's... the Ultimate Evil!!! (1)

Smallest (26153) | more than 13 years ago | (#215059)

every 2nd episode is... The Ultimate Anthropomorphic Evil form the Sewer! It drinks blood and can read your mind, but it looks just like you and me until night falls!

could they be more predictable?

even with mulder back, they can't do anything but Evil Lizard Man or Spooky Indian Death Eater Man.

fuckin retards. (them for writing, me for watching)


unfortunate (1)

jgilbert (29889) | more than 13 years ago | (#215060)

I'm sad to see it go. I had pretty much quit watching the X-Files when mulder went off and have only recently been watching with his return. The Lone Gunmen was my replacement. oh well. The mulder cameo in the last episode was nice.

BTW, what the hell are they going to do to explain the season finally? probably nothing I guess.


Re:It's all about the Family Guy (2)

Wah (30840) | more than 13 years ago | (#215063)

i always wondered where the other 5 fans of the family guy had gotten to.

here's one of them. And I know at least a few others use Bearshare, if you know what I mean. Don't let stupid network execs keep you from watching raunchy comedy. I hope they decide to order some more episodes, it was good stuff.

Re:It's all about the Family Guy (1)

Tower (37395) | more than 13 years ago | (#215069)

Amen to that - a great, funny cartoon. The lineup of Futureama, Family Guy and the Simpsons is nothing but gold... though it does make my sides hurt.

Re:Live action Tick? (2)

Flounder (42112) | more than 13 years ago | (#215072)

Almost forgot. Ninjas! Lots and Lots of Ninjas!

Re:Why Lone Gunman Failed (2)

Flounder (42112) | more than 13 years ago | (#215073)

Lone Gunmen could have worked. They were geeks, just like us. Our lives are exciting enough for a weekly TV show.

Counter-Strike, compile kernel, router down, All Your Base
Action, suspense, drama, comedy

Re:Live action Tick? (3)

Flounder (42112) | more than 13 years ago | (#215074)

What sweet honey is going to play American Maid?

Because of some licensing issues, characters created for the cartoon series (American Maid, Die Fleidermaus, Sewer Urchin) will NOT be in the live action Tick. However, characters from the comic books can appear (even if they appeared in the cartoons also). And the pilot episode has the replacement characters, Lady Liberty and BatManuel

I haven't seen the pilot, only the brief previews and pictures. I think this show will be awesome. It looks like we'll finally see a great comic to live action show. At least, until Spiderman comes out.

All I want is a live action Chairface Chippendale! And Paul the Samurai! And Man Eating Cow! And The Chainsaw Vigilante! And Clark Oppenheimer!

Fuck!!! Argh! (2)

cr0sh (43134) | more than 13 years ago | (#215076)

When I first heard that there was going to be a "Lone Gunmen" spinoff - I thought "Great! It might be a fun show..." - then I saw the preview trailers, and thought "Gah! They made it a comedy!" - and I didn't bother to watch it.

Five weeks (and episodes) later, my SO brought home a tape she borrowed from a coworker - it had those five episodes on it - and I decided, "well, I will take a look"...

The following week I began archiving the episodes, figuring I would dump them to MPEG at some point - and get the tape from that guy again to dump and make an mpeg of that...

I love the show! It is campy - lot's of "in" jokes (esp in the pilot episode) that ONLY geeks would get. I hated when they brought in that "dumb guy" (Steve? Jeff?), but even he has his purpose, and I am beginning to see it. One of the recent episodes showed that their "base" of operations is a lot larger than x-files ever let on - it is warehouse size, with what seem to be apartments, or at least "sleepover" type rooms for those late nights.

Now it is all going away...figures.

Now I definitely have to get a copy of that tape, just so I can have all the episodes (I was hoping that after the season finali, provided they show it, that there was going to be re-runs, and I could catch the others that way - not a chance, now - and no chance for store tapes or anything).


Worldcom [] - Generation Duh!

Re:Just goes to show... (4)

superid (46543) | more than 13 years ago | (#215082)

Yeah, there were some cheesy comments, and missing/incorrect detail for the anal, but IMHO the show and the characters had great potential. Cheers, WKRP in Cinnci, Barney Miller and most of the Treks were horrible until they had time to cook (stew? fester?) for a bit.


Free Database Hosting []

Lone Gunmen is Fantastic! (2)

Local Loop (55555) | more than 13 years ago | (#215084)

What are all you guys complaining about? The Lone Gunmen is a great show! The characters are fantastic, breaking stereotypes and being multi dimensional as well.

It's the best TV show since Babylon 5. And the storylines are original and interesting

As for the tech not being perfect, who cares? TV isn't about tech, it's about character and story. Haven't you ever heard of artistic license?

You geeks need to get a life. Not every story has to read like a Cisco technical manual.


Re:/. doesn't like X-Files? (2)

Cy Guy (56083) | more than 13 years ago | (#215085)

"X-Files" has actually gotten good again over the past few months.

Do you mean over the last few months where Mulder returned? SInce Mulder won't be back next year, I think everyone is dreading the samething I am, another season along the lines of Fall '00 episodes wher we have Scully as the believer (aka Mulder standin) and T2-guy as the skeptic (aka early Scully standin), minus all the sexual tension between Scully and Mulder.

They have run through all of the major thread of the X-files (actually probably more than once at this point) which basically leaves them with the monster of the week shows, which frankly, Special Unit 2 was doing better this season since they at least have the sexual tension between the leads.

Re:Lone Gunmen is Fantastic! (1)

spinkham (56603) | more than 13 years ago | (#215086)

The tech is better then normal fair anyway..
Watch "Dark angel" for a really bad look at tech..
That show sucks more in every way, and it's doing better then Lone Gunmen.. Don't get it...

Casting (3)

The Queen (56621) | more than 13 years ago | (#215088)

El Seed? Who cares? I want to know who the hell can pull off Chairface Chippendale without the use of CG??! :-)

"Smear'd with gumms of glutenous heat, I touch..." - Comus, John Milton

Why Lone Gunman Failed (2)

citizenc (60589) | more than 13 years ago | (#215090)

The Lone Gunman filed simply because the writers tried to expand characters that were originally created for a supporting role into full-blown characters. There simply wasn't enough .. ahem .. meat to them.


my two cents (2)

joq (63625) | more than 13 years ago | (#215094)

On the X Files the guys rocked because it was something new. With their own show we expected to see something as serious as the X Files in the form of the hackers which never happened. Comedy? The show flat out sucked, and it was surprising it lasted as long. Same happened with Level 9 which aired for about 4 weeks that I know of. For those who never even heard of it, it was supposed to be I guess what people think the NSA are, a bunch of hacker crime fighters which never materialzed.

I watched that show once or twice till I heard them say "his website is untraceable, he keeps moving IP address." or something along that line, and quickly thought "stupid ass clueless producers don't even do research."

Family Guy is funny as hell tho' Stewie just owns.

Sad to see the Lone Gunmen go, maybe Chris Carter will script them into X-Files a bit more since they do have that role under lock down. But by themselves... they're boring.

Lone Gunman []

Other sources ? (1)

BorgDrone (64343) | more than 13 years ago | (#215095)

Are there other sources to get my weekly Lone Gunman fix ?

Re:And you Americans still complain (1)

Stonehand (71085) | more than 13 years ago | (#215103)

The original versions often really, really stink. With luck, the worst of those die off before they can cross the Atlantic to you.

I'm not sure you're missing much, except perhaps PBS programs; I don't know whether you can get _Frontline_ and so forth.

Re:Great TV returns! (2)

RedX (71326) | more than 13 years ago | (#215107)

I agree. Family Guy is fantastic, but has been screwed by FOX with the way it was moved around, yanked from the lineup every couple of weeks and then for this entire past season. Even in renewal, it gets screwed by being placed in a timeslot where it has no chance, opposite Friends and Survivor. I'll certainly be duethanks to the fact that very few others will be watching.

Just goes to show... (4)

decipher_saint (72686) | more than 13 years ago | (#215109)

You just can't make a T.V. series for geeks without doing your homework. The writers just applied the use of Treckbabble to modern technology and I wince every time the characters try to explain something ("My cookies are comprimised..." ugh!).

Ah well... anyone else curious about the new Tick show?


Re:Mindless Ramblings (1)

bjorky (78181) | more than 13 years ago | (#215111)

The Family Guy is the funniest. Weren't there problems with voice-actors finding other jobs, however? Someone have a link?

Family guy was put on hiatus because the creator didn't think it was going to be renewed, but it actually did quite well in the ratings... the only problem was, because he thought it wasn't going to be renewed, he had no new episodes ready. Rather than run the same reruns over and over and get people sick of the show, they slated it to be a mid-season replacement, but that got pushed back because of the possible writer's strike. According to Planet Family Guy [] it'll be back on in the fall.


Gunmen (plural), not Gunman! (5)

antdude (79039) | more than 13 years ago | (#215113)

Yahoo's article has the title spelling wrong.

Don't believe me? Try visiting the official Web site [] . :)


AugstWest (79042) | more than 13 years ago | (#215115)

Goddammit, Family Guy is funny and all, but somebody needs to pick up Home Movies. It was genius.

The Tick (2)

szcx (81006) | more than 13 years ago | (#215118)

There's some information about the show including photos of the characters here [] .


I really like TLG (2)

LordNimon (85072) | more than 13 years ago | (#215122)

Apparently I hold the minority opinion here, but my wife and I really liked The Lone Gunman (I'm a geek, she's not, but she likes geek humor). I don't remember the premier too well, but I don't recall thinking it sucked. It certainly was good enough for me to want to watch more.

For me, the X-Files is the only show on Fox worth watching. I hate TV shows about "dumb, average people", so I can't stand Simpsons, Family Guy, etc.
Lord Nimon

Great TV returns! (2)

D. Mann (86819) | more than 13 years ago | (#215123)

Family Guy is one of the single best television shows in years. The gags are all on-target, although it's a little crude at times. It definitely ranks up there with "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" as one of my favorite animated shows.

The humor is a little divergent from "The Simpsons" and "Futurama," though. The Simpsons tends to be more satirical (or used to), while Futurama is a little more sight gag/pun oriented.

Family Guy's approach is different. It just throws crude and offensive material at you until you can't help laughing.

If Fox dumped "King of the Hill" (funny, but not side-splittingly so) and replaced it with Family Guy, my ass would be glued to the couch from 7 to 10 pm every Sunday. (Fox lineup until 9, then the Sopranos on HBO)

Re:Why would anyone like X-Files? (2)

duplicate-nickname (87112) | more than 13 years ago | (#215124)

...and this coming from an Evil Dead fan? The only reason you like Evil Dead is because its *hip* to like it. Hell, you probably never heard of the movie until one of your friends told you about Army of Darkness. Lozer, go home!


Re:Sad, But Maybe for the Best (2)

Vinson Massif (88315) | more than 13 years ago | (#215127)

odd. I kind of liked the premier and got turned completely off the show when they added, and almost completely focused the show on, the Doofus-Guy. It seemed to me that the 1st episode was done, then Hollywood got hold of it, couldn't understand the anti-hero slant and bolted the 4th guy on.

There is no spoon! :-( (1)

Nonesuch (90847) | more than 13 years ago | (#215130)

Too bad nobody here is showing reruns of the animated series...

Re:And you Americans still complain (2)

Nonesuch (90847) | more than 13 years ago | (#215131)

You want to watch American TV with the original soundtracks? Get yourself a fast connection and find an archive of these shows in DiVX format.

Any show that has a rabid fan base will have somebody who puts the time and effort into capturing the episodes, encoding them, and finding sites to host the files.

Or wait a few years and buy the episodes on DVD, such as the X-files sets just now coming out.

It's all about the Family Guy (3)

Mr2001 (90979) | more than 13 years ago | (#215133)

I loved that show.. I'm more than happy to trade some X-Files spinoff for one of the best cartoons ever.

]$`};L(;/proc);[I(;];<C{;};1S[;`\/while=1E1L[`\p roc{>=

The Lone Gunmen were cool when they were lone (2)

BierGuzzl (92635) | more than 13 years ago | (#215134)

Bringing them into the spotlight took away what made them special. They were no longer 3 social misfits with some tech know-how who'd stumbled on some secret fbi stuff. The whole reason people liked them to start off with was that they _weren't_ the center of attention. Who understands nerds as the protagonists of a show? Unless it's satire, like in Revenge of the nerds it's just not accepted.

The Tick! (1)

Codex The Sloth (93427) | more than 13 years ago | (#215135)

I don't see how it can be good. The clips I have seen stunk and I'm sure it will be dumbed down. The real question is why the original cartoon went off the air -- it was great! My favorite was the "Ants in Pants" episode -- they'll never have a live action episode like that. Those bastards!

Lone gunmen, what the....? (1)

Delrin (98403) | more than 13 years ago | (#215139)

I never knew there could be a spinoff of a spinoff. what a terrible idea.

Not quite... (1)

11thangel (103409) | more than 13 years ago | (#215144)

Actually, thanks to some last minute changes in the script of the premiere by some not-so-well-known hackers, it was us geeks who made THEM look stupid =) Yeah, right. Back to that shitty reality with nothing to do formerly known as friday night. /me waits for another cheap parody like the star trek cast shooting phasers at the executives until they took the props away

Re:season finale (1)

cybermage (112274) | more than 13 years ago | (#215149)

I hope that we at least get to see the season finale!

Friday's episode was the season finale. Unfortunately, it was done as a cliff-hanger. Joy. Perhaps they'll finish the story my having Doggett & Scully (or even Mulder) come to their rescue, since they were pretty much screwed. They can explain it all in an X-Files episode next season. I doubt Carter will stop using them and it's pretty unlikely that he'll use them again without some explaination of how they got out of the trouble they were in. With any luck, Yves will get shot, driving Jimmy to suicide and we'll just have the guys back.


Re:who watches TV anymore? (1)

Kwelstr (114389) | more than 13 years ago | (#215151)

I've cut the cable off and set up a roof antena... Free TV! What a concept. Same crap, but free.

This prolly means... (1)

garbs (121069) | more than 13 years ago | (#215154)

That none of us Aussies will ever get to see this show, unless of course it's been on tv without me knowing about it.

Oh well...


Fox missing X-files precident, and other errors (2)

afflatus_com (121694) | more than 13 years ago | (#215155)

X-files in its debut season wasn't watched by many, it was 2-3 years before the storm really picked up. X-files did have better writing to its benefit. But the premise of Lone Gunmen was good, and at least something slightly different than the rest of current television. There is unlikely something better that fox can come up with to replace it...perhaps a situation comedy with a bunch of urban 30 somethings getting into all kinds of crazy hijinx, or a new show following the highs and lows of a fake emergency ward, or maybe a staged quiz show where contenstants can vote each other out.

This is reminiscent of Fox's pulling of "Get A Life", which was by far and away the most creative sitcom of its time, and just replacing it with crap emulating things that were on TV elsewhere. Get A Life episodes are now out on DVD, for people to see what television can be before Fox pulls the plug on innovation.

"And the beast shall be made legion. Its numbers shall be increased a thousand thousand fold."

Too Bad, an HDTV-like show bites the dust... (1)

-tji (139690) | more than 13 years ago | (#215161)

I thought it was a decent show. I watched it a few times, mostly to get a look at Fox's Enhanced Definition TV (EDTV) picture quality (on Fox stations supporting digital broadcasts).

It was broadcast in 16:9 Widescreen format, like HDTV, and 60 fps progressive scan, but was at a lower resolution: 480p. While not up to the quality that CBS shows, in 1080i, it was MUCH better than standard TV.

FYI - Fox also does The X-Files, Malcolm in the Middle, Ally McBeal, Boston Public, Titus, & Dark Angel in this format. CBS does even more, in full HDTV, 1080i mode.

Re:Just goes to show... (2)

coolgeek (140561) | more than 13 years ago | (#215162)

Obviously, not all of us _get_ The Lone Gunmen. Take a little Vaudeville, mix in some elitist fun-poking at a technophobic society that believes _everything_ it reads, sprinkle with some hot chicks, and there you have it. The way it "reaches the geeks" are the impossible things that transpire. We know at the same time, millions of the clueless not only believe it will happen, their spare moments are occupied thinking about how they will respond when it does happen.

Hack the flight control system of a commercial airliner and land it. =) Not over the phone...

mmm Family Guy... (1)

ellem (147712) | more than 13 years ago | (#215167)

So broccoli we meet again!

Who the Hell do you think you are?

Someday you're going to make a Jewish man very happy.


Yeah, The Family Guy!!! (1)

Fat Lenny (150637) | more than 13 years ago | (#215168)

That show RULES!!! TFG is a lot like pot -- most people can't get off the first few times. Trust me, that Stewie (annoying baby) character is a much better character than anyone expects him to be. He grows on you in a good "love to love" way, not the "love to hate" thing going on with the host of The Weakest Link.


WELL.. (2)

slashdoter (151641) | more than 13 years ago | (#215170)

I watched 3 or 4 of the shows and I was disapointed. I think they were trying to go after the geek sector, or at least the techno savy. The problem I had was the "dumbing down" of every thing tech, We have all see the ten sec hack in about every hacker movie. I would have expected better from theses people, They liked to drop alot of buzz words but failed to make it work. But it did have potintual. It could have been very good


And you Americans still complain (1)

mkoeller (155622) | more than 13 years ago | (#215172)

I HATE this. How could Americans still complain about which series they can watch on TV? In Germany it takes the major TV networks YEARS to start on a translation and it's practitcally a sure thing that these dubbed versions SUCK. I wisch I could watch any of theses series in their original language - it's simply not possible. I also wish that I wouldn't have to wait over a year to watch them here in Germany. That's really not cool.

Well, anyway. Have fun watching your TV series. But please DON'T COMPLAIN about some of them being axed because I'M ALREADY JEALOUS ENOUGH.

Family Guy? (1)

JCMay (158033) | more than 13 years ago | (#215176)

Oh, that's right. The first thing that came to my mind when I read, "Family Guy," was instead the "Family Man" of Family Auto Mart [] , which started here in Melbourne and now has another used car lot in Orlando.

The Family Man runs some infomercials on local cable that have to be seen to be believed.


captnitro (160231) | more than 13 years ago | (#215178)

The best show in the history of man. Enough said.

I watched some new pilots... (2)

FortKnox (169099) | more than 13 years ago | (#215186)

I was asked to watch some pilots for drama shows for CBS. You know what I spent an entire saturday watching? Either spinoffs of popular shows, or copies of popular shows. It blew chunks. I wrote all over my reviews "BE ORIGINAL. Nobody wants a copy of what they like, they want something new."

Of course, my opinion mattered little, because the new dramas coming out this fall are just copies of popular dramas on TV. And they will be replacing the copies/spinoffs of popular shows that just got cancelled (the tick may be a good exception, though).

That's what sucks about publishers for media. They want copies of what sells. That is why the video game shelves are full of FPS that are the same-old. No one is willing to take a chance on something new, unless you are proven in the field (i.e.: Warren Spector aka God).

Re:Why would anyone like X-Files? (1)

Golias (176380) | more than 13 years ago | (#215187)

I never considered X-Files to be a great show, but I think you are selling it a little short.

When I saw the first X-Files, I thought it was satire...the premise is completely absurd.

It is satire. Or, at the very least, escapist fantasy. They took the silliest stories that were showing up in the tabloids in the early 1990's, and created a setting where they were all true.

If they were to go over the top and play if for laughs (like the "Men in Black" film), it might have been an okay comedy, but the appeal to it is that they play it straight. The actors behave like they are in an ordinary drama about FBI agents. For about 5 or 6 seasons, that made for some fairly amusing television.

I am in the camp of people who thinks the show has really outlived its shelf-life, but if Fox wants to make it and some people want to watch it... that's fine by me. Nobody is forcing me to watch it.

Oh, there is one other thing that people found appealing about the show: Gillian Anderson is hot enough to melt rocks.

Re:Yeah, The Tick! (1)

Golias (176380) | more than 13 years ago | (#215188)

Ben Edlund, not Elton. My bad. I had him mixed up with the guy who co-wrote the Black Adder series for BBC TV. Thanks for the correction.

Re:Yeah, The Tick! (4)

Golias (176380) | more than 13 years ago | (#215189)

The Tick thought he needed a war cry, and "SPOOOON" was the first thing that came to mind, because he was holding one at the time.

For those wondering about the new series, here is the skinny....

The pilot was made, clips of it have been leaked, and it is damned funny.

Yes, it stars the guy who was Puddy on Seinfeld.

No, it does not star anybody else you have heard of.

Yes, the show is written by Ben Elton, creator of the original comic book as well as the animated series.

Characters from the original comic book (Arthur, Chairface, etc.) can show up in the new series, but characters developped for the Fox cartoon (American Maid, El Seed, etc.) can not, because this is a Sony production and Fox holds the rights to those characters. Therefore, if you were a fan of the cartoon, several of your favorite supporting characters will either be absent or re-named.

The show was slated to be a mid-season replacement, but was then bumped to next fall. There is still no assurance from Fox that it will be in the Fall line-up, either... so you might not actually get to see it until January of next year.

Details are scattered all over drooling-fanboy sites like Ain't It Cool, so you can read more there.

Oh, FWIW. The Lone Gunmen did not get more funny as it went on. I had a friend who talked me into watching a couple more episodes, and if anything it got worse. So don't feel bad if you tuned out after seeing the pilot suck so badly. You have missed nothing. (Yea, yea "IMNSHO", "YMMV"... whatever. It sucked.)

"Dark Angel" moving worries me... (1)

Nilatir (179045) | more than 13 years ago | (#215192)

"Dark Angel" is a good show but I worry about it moving to Friday. I can't think of any FOX show in recent times that has survived a move to Friday nights.

They come up, blank look.
Ask dumb question about disk drive.
Told, they will return.

Twenty Four???? (2)

SomeoneGotMyNick (200685) | more than 13 years ago | (#215215)

Is this the new paradigm in television?

Create shows that are short lived and complete in a handful of episodes? I wonder where they got that concept from? <cough>Survivor</cough>

Is this television's way of both catering to our short attention spans while simultaneously preventing television shows from going on so long that the actors can demand more money to keep a good thing going?

I only recall one good series that worked this way. It was called Starblazers.

What do they have against Dark Angel? (1)

renderhead (206057) | more than 13 years ago | (#215218)

Fox must really have it in for Dark Angel, since they plan to move it to Friday night, the time slot where good TV shows go to die.

Anybody remember the show "Brooklyn Bridge?" Didn't think so. It was an excellent show from my youth that lasted 2 seasons on CBS, but midway through the second season it was moved to, you guessed it, Friday night. Whatever made Fox think "The Lone Gunmen" was strong enough to survive the time slot is beyond me. Friday night is when the key demographic, young Americans in high school and college, are out having lives, not sitting at home watching Fox. If you ever see your favorite show move to Friday evening, either make like the trekkies of the sixties and start a massive write-in campaign to save it, or start your funeral preparations. That show is dead meat.

Re:Mindless Ramblings (1)

The Ape With No Name (213531) | more than 13 years ago | (#215220)

The Tick live version will be disappointing, but I think that it is neat that someone is giving a nod to a really funny cartoon. The whole Civically Minded Five is worth every moment. Fledermaus hittin' on American Maid and busting the Tick's balls for being "a bit too brave."

Stewie rules -- Rex Harrison on acid.

Yeah, The Tick! (2)

The Ape With No Name (213531) | more than 13 years ago | (#215221)

Those super monkeys have tossed themselves into my salad again! I understand that the dude who played Putty on Seinfeld will be the Tick. Excellent casting choice. But who for Arthur? More importantly, who will be cast as El Seed, quite possibily the funniest evil character ever.

Re:Yeah, The Tick! (2)

The Ape With No Name (213531) | more than 13 years ago | (#215222)

There you go making your blue monkey troubles again!

Taco is on a colon kick. (1)

Vann_v2 (213760) | more than 13 years ago | (#215223)

He put a colon into the Shrek article, which was new. But then, then he put two into one sentence for this article. That has to be a record of some sort.

Live action Tick? (1)

Hairy_Potter (219096) | more than 13 years ago | (#215232)

What sweet honey is going to play American Maid?

Anyhow, I don't see a live action Tick working well.

It made US look stupid! (1)

NineNine (235196) | more than 13 years ago | (#215238)

Thank GOD The Lone Gunmen is gone! It was so bad it made us geeks look stupid!

Coming soon - The Tick on Futurama! (2)

WillSeattle (239206) | more than 13 years ago | (#215239)

Yes, sure The Tick will be live action, but has that ever stopped anyone? Of course not!

So, when the opening credits of Futurama start running and you see a blue figure leaping from building to building, you'll know The Terror That Has No Sequel, Episode Zero!

Fox has exactly two good shows: (3)

Omerna (241397) | more than 13 years ago | (#215241)

1) Simpsons. A classic, simply the funniest show on TV. To get all the visual puns takes approximately 4.6 viewings a show, which is the perfect amount.

2) Futurama. Almost as good as the Simpsons, in the same style. Bender is quite possibly the funniest character on TV right now.

As long as Fox has these they're OK.

Re:Yeah, The Tick! (2)

ZeiramMR (245794) | more than 13 years ago | (#215243)

Yes, the show is written by Ben Elton, creator of the original comic book as well as the animated series

Just a quick correction, the creator of "The Tick" is named Ben Edlund, not Elton. You are correct in that he is writing for the live-action show and the rest of your information. I've been waiting on Fox to get off their duff and air it for a while now, but at least the comics have continued.

Re:Yeah, The Tick! (1)

Art_XIV (249990) | more than 13 years ago | (#215248)

All I have to say irt The Tick is :Spoon!

Re:Just goes to show... (2)

sparcv9 (253182) | more than 13 years ago | (#215250)

Cheers, WKRP in Cinnci, Barney Miller and most of the Treks were horrible until they had time to cook (stew? fester?) for a bit.
Yes, but those all aired back before the prevalence of cable television. Now the Networks have to compete with 500 other channels, rather than just each other. If something is getting low ratings, they pull it and replace it with a rip-off of another network's most popular shows. Did we really need Survivor/Survivor II/Temptation Island/Boot Camp/etc? Now we even have a game show where contestants vote each other off!

End result: a never-ending parade of lowest-common-denominator crap.

To quote Frohike (1)

jeff13 (255285) | more than 13 years ago | (#215252)



Sad, But Maybe for the Best (1)

CrazyLegs (257161) | more than 13 years ago | (#215253)

Look, I liked the show. The premier SUCKED, but I gave it some time and it got better. But really, where was the premise going? We knew the Gunmen already as interesting - albeit 2D - characters and the new show didn't really flesh them out any further. Instead, they add the Good-Hearted-Doofus-Guy and Mysterious-Sexy-Gal to round out the show's possibilities. These characters were interesting to watch, but really amounted to denizens of the same last ditch sidekick world as The Great Gazoo and Scrappy Doo. In the end, the show was better than Harsh Realm, but still couldn't stand up on its own without a lot more depth of character. *sigh*

Well.. (1)

Seeka (258435) | more than 13 years ago | (#215254)

I'm glad the X-Files are coming back, but they didn't have to cancel the lone gunman. In my opinion, the downfall of the show was when they put it on Friday. I just have Sunday nights reserved for Fox. Friday's are more NBC-based. ;)


Re:Just goes to show... (2)

mighty_mallards (259544) | more than 13 years ago | (#215258)

The best TV series I've seen for geeks was Freaks and Geeks, which is currently showing in reruns on some cable channel (I think it's Fox Family). That show was the best!!

Re:It's all about the Family Guy (1)

grievous (303180) | more than 13 years ago | (#215266)

i always wondered where the other 5 fans of the family guy had gotten to.

i just wonder if this show can possibly pull any ratings after being debuted, canceled, resurrected, disappearing, re-appearing, and then repeating the same cycle over again.

then again, it doesn't look like fox can kill it - got to wonder if the guy who created it has some compromising photos of rupert murdoch.

Re:/. doesn't like X-Files? (1)

Zaknafein500 (303608) | more than 13 years ago | (#215267)

I think the renewal of "X-Files" for a 10th season is bigger news . . .

Well, that would be big news, especially since next season will only be The X-Files ninth.

. . . Anyone see Sunday's episode? Damn, that was well-done action/adventure TV! . . .

I will agree, last week's episode was good. However, the general quality of the series has degraded significantly this season. The last few episodes have been good mostly because Duchovny has been back. The episodes earlier in the season were lacking in comparison to some of the greats from the earlier seasons. It was rumored that there were two options for the series after the eighth season, keep going another year, or stop and produce one last film. I would have loved to see the series end on a high note like that, rather than try to squeeze out another 20 episodes without Duchovny.

/. doesn't like X-Files? (1)

Artifice_Eternity (306661) | more than 13 years ago | (#215270)

I think the renewal of "X-Files" for a 10th season is bigger news than cancellation of "Lone Gunmen" after half a season. "X-Files" has actually gotten good again over the past few months. Anyone see Sunday's episode? Damn, that was well-done action/adventure TV! Full of plot holes you could drive a garbage truck thru (and they did, at the end), but that's just something you get used to, like technobabble on Trek.

All we ever see stories about on /. is Trek drek.

Let the flames begin.

cult status (1)

JohnnyKnoxville (311956) | more than 13 years ago | (#215273)

The sad thing about the FOX network is that if a show doesn't achieve cult status, it gets cancelled. It seems FOX has cancelled alot of shows that would have made it on other networks. Many good shows have seen the FOX axe. Ned & Stacey comes to mind.

You need TiVo (1)

McSpew (316871) | more than 13 years ago | (#215285)

Sorry to sound like a mindless drone with a brainslug, but I used to think there was never anything good on TV until I bought my TiVo [] . Now there's always something good on TV. Usually, there's a lot more than I can possibly watch.

I thought The Lone Gunmen was hilarious and I'm really sorry to see Fox pull the plug so damn fast. Sometimes, it's really hard to believe they're the same network that kept the X-Files on the air when it wasn't popular, or that had the nerve to put The Simpsons on the air.

Re:Yeah, The Tick! (1)

Chakat (320875) | more than 13 years ago | (#215287)

Forgive my ignorance, as I always seemed to have soccer games when Tick was on, but what's up with the Tick and Spoon? Enquiring scrats want to know.

Hmmm. Didn't see that coming. (1)

Aerog (324274) | more than 13 years ago | (#215288)

But can you really be surprised since it's Fox? This isn't the first time they get a great show then just cancel it because it doesn't fit the apparent "standards" they set out. I'm specifically thinking of Escaflowne (which they butchered nontheless with their translation and story "fixing") but it's happened before and I don't have any doubt it'll happen again. At least they brought back the Family Guy (after they prematurely cancelled it, too).

Re:Just goes to show... (1)

Publicus (415536) | more than 13 years ago | (#215295)

The last episode I saw was the one with the super-intelligent chimpanzee. He was getting his little text to speech app up on one of their laptops and the guy with the long hair said "What language is that?" The guy in the suit responded: "It's Linux."


Re:Fox has exactly two good shows: (1)

chemical55 (446280) | more than 13 years ago | (#215298)

Dude, you forgot "When Animals Attack pts 1-5"

Mindless Ramblings (2)

kypper (446750) | more than 13 years ago | (#215299)

The X-Files is returning, sans Mulder. Fortunately, The Family Guy will come back, as well as the premiere of the live action version of The Tick.

K... I'm impressed with how well that dude from Terminator 2 has done in Mulder's place, but... X-Files isn't X-Files without Duchovney.

The Family Guy is the funniest. Weren't there problems with voice-actors finding other jobs, however? Someone have a link?

The tick was humourous in it's cartoony elasticity. Live Version=Suicide.

Just my 2 cents.

Fox giveth and Fox taketh away (1)

varchar (446957) | more than 13 years ago | (#215300)

I'm angry, but not surprised that Fox killed The Lone Gunmen. I think they should have kept showing it on Sunday nights at 9:00 so they could stick the X-Files back to it's original Friday night spot where I could more easily miss it.

I'm glad to read that The Family Guy is back. That is one of the best shows to ever be televised!
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