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A Tardis Art Piece at the Austin Mini Maker Faire (Video)

Roblimo posted about a year ago | from the sometimes-art-and-technology-meet-and-make-joyful-noises dept.

Entertainment 25

One thing about a Maker Faire is that it brings a delightful number of non-mainstream projects to light that your neighbors have been working on. Scroll down the linked page above to see some samples of what came out of the woodwork at the latest Austin version. A Jedi Starfighter under construction.... a very strange little boat... and down at the bottom of the page we see The Type 40 Mark III Console, an "interactive sound sculpture" that redefines the term "bells and whistles" in a whole new way that pleases children and adults alike as they twist knobs and punch buttons, and things happen (or don't happen). It really does look just like a Tardis control console. Even project co-creator and spokesbeing Steve Noreyko says so, and he's the one who got in front of Timothy Lord's camcorder in an unfortunately noisy room. But there he was, with das blinkenlights behind him delighting and amazing a happily bemused crowd, just as Steve and his crew have amazed crowds at Art Outside, Burning Flipside, and other local festivals.

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Slashdot - (1)

phizi0n (1237812) | about a year ago | (#43725583)

News that makes your ears bleed.

Re:Slashdot - (1)

Sulphur (1548251) | about a year ago | (#43726065)

I have an awful cold. I sound like a Tardis.

Re:Slashdot - (1)

Charliemopps (1157495) | about a year ago | (#43726863)

Bo shit, who mixed this video? My parents have VHS tapes with better sound quality than this.

Really nice (1)

Intrepid imaginaut (1970940) | about a year ago | (#43725585)

The central column is hypnotic, I like the way it all synchs together. It definetely passes the 'stuff I would have in my house' test. Slashdot interviewer, fix your mic I couldn't hear a single question.

Re:Really nice (1)

Megane (129182) | about a year ago | (#43726767)

Fortunately I saw it in person and didn't have to deal with muffle-mic.

I think the best part overall was how it was so nicely wobbly. The bits inside seem to have been mounted to weak pieces of metal or springs, and that inset clock with the LEDs around it was most definitely mounted on springs. Then there was the general timey-wimey choice of things, like a sundial glued on top. And of course the blender control buttons switched to "blend". Yes, it does blend!

My god (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#43726039)

what a bunch of eunuchs we've become

What happened to the unmaker faires? []

Re:My god (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#43726337)

what a bunch of eunuchs we've become

What happened to the unmaker faires? []

They're still around for folks who like that sort of thing, but some of us have discovered that instead of "A Calculated Forecast of Ultimate Doom", we'd rather instil a spirit of creativity in future generations as well.

You do realize all that teen metal angst is just for show right? I mean one can only take so much, "Fuck everything Raaa! Satan Explosions!" Most people grow out of that eventually and wind up contributing things that are different and meaningful too. I mean, you're kind of being a fucking hypocrite. We teach the young 'ens how to make cool shit, then when they go through the teen angst phase they can build killer robots and rebel too. Get bent, noob.

Re:My god (1)

PopeRatzo (965947) | about a year ago | (#43726579)

Most people grow out of that eventually and wind up contributing things that are different and meaningful too.


Re:My god (1)

Megane (129182) | about a year ago | (#43726797)

There was unmaking going on there too. They had some old Dell computers and such for kids to break up and hot-glue bits together. The coin cells from the computers were dead, so I couldn't make a throwie, but they had some 9V batteries, and I discovered that I could bend the legs of an LED apart and suspend it between the battery terminals.

Re:My god (1)

Chas (5144) | about a year ago | (#43728955)

what a bunch of eunuchs we've become

What happened to the unmaker faires? []

Orson Scott Card and that damn Alvin!

I assume that, much like PF's The Wall movie, (1)

rmdingler (1955220) | about a year ago | (#43726287)

...this would be eminently more enjoyable under the influence of c.sativa.

Seems like a hit with all ages (1)

Sla$hPot (1189603) | about a year ago | (#43726391)

The tower looks likes a beacon on people walking by.
Love how the baby is totally consumed by the blue goggles. Hilarious.

My one major question: (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#43726581)

Why the FUCK is everyone so damn fanatical about Dr. Who (and not even a great one, yes, I've viewed one or two episodes, wasn't impressed, really kind of stupid...)?? It's just another fucking science fiction show. Jeez people, get over yourselves and get on with life already!

Re:My one major question: (1)

tazan (652775) | about a year ago | (#43727363)

Because when most of started watching it, it was THE SciFi show. There really wasn't much else.

Re:My one major question: (1)

ferret4 (459105) | about a year ago | (#43727567)

This is absolutely true, and when it was cancelled in 1989 we had no Sci-Fi again. Which explains why Star Trek TNG's pretty poor first two seasons were so successful in the UK when they went to air 9 months later. It's all there was.

Re:My one major question: (1)

rossdee (243626) | about a year ago | (#43728203)

" There really wasn't much else."

There still isn't much else.

Other good, or even great shows have come and gone (been cancelled mostly) Theres no other good SF shows being produced these days
I don't think Matt Smith is as good as David Tennant (or Pertwee or Tom Baker) but he is way better than they guy they started the reboot with.

Re:My one major question: (1)

wonkey_monkey (2592601) | about a year ago | (#43729427)

Why are you so upset that a lot of people enjoy it? No-one's having a go at you for not liking it.

Slashdot and the decline of modern civilization. (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#43727303)

Why is this on slashdot? Is there nothing interesting happening in the world? Some dude decides to build a mock-up of the tardis and now it's on slashdot. How is this is stuff for nerds and/or stuff that matters? Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against the Doctor. It's a fine piece of techno fantasy, and it should be discussed in one of the many forums/wiki's dedicated to the matter.

There is no technical merit, some dude bolts some bits together and ties it all with arduini so he can make a space ship. Grow the fuck up slashdot. I expect this from a 12 yr old. There is no artistical merit, he's just ripping off a stage design from a very old fantasy (not even scifi, btw) show... Badly.

Now, there is nothing wrong with making it and showing it on one of those fairs. I hope some actual 12 year olds see that and are motivated to pick up some bits and make something. If we are lucky one or two of those kids will be making something slashdotworthy in a few years. In the mean time, it's toys, microsoft bad, big goverment out to get you and petty distractions.

Supremely annoying headline (1)

sunderland56 (621843) | about a year ago | (#43727709)

I parsed that as the (Austin Mini) Maker's Fair, and was excited....

until I realized it was in Texas, not Birmingham, and that cars will only be involved in analogies.

Seriously? (2)

Ferzelic (571317) | about a year ago | (#43729265)

Seriously? This guy creates a TARDIS console he displays at a Maker Faire, and he is interviewed by Tim Lord?

I'm not sure if I'd prefer that to have been deliberate or coincidence...

Wait a minute... (1)

wonkey_monkey (2592601) | about a year ago | (#43729391)

Timothy Lord... Tim Lord... Timmy Lord... Tim E. Lord...

Oh god. I just had a horrible thought about the big reveal coming up in Saturday's episode.

Re:Wait a minute... (1)

unapersson (38207) | about a year ago | (#43729571)

Don't. Go. There.

Austin Mini (1)

jamesh (87723) | about a year ago | (#43729497)

I used to drive an Austin Mini...

Flash? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#43729947)

Hmmm ... would love to watch the video but its in Flash and I don't do that.

Ahhh... Insanity! HAHAHAH! (0)

cyborg_monkey (150790) | about a year ago | (#43731489)

I'm just crazy enough to build this! Aren't I fucking clever?

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