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Ask Slashdot: Is There a Good Device Holster?

Soulskill posted 1 year,15 days | from the infinite-cargo-shorts dept.

Handhelds 296

gurps_npc writes "I have seen several technology holsters. There are a lot of good ones for cell phones, but I am looking for something larger — for a tablet (Nook/Kindle/Nexus/iPad). There is, however, a direct trade-off between being discreet and having decent carrying capacity. Has anyone found an ideal balance? I would love to hear from people with direct experience. Do you look like the worst kind of geek hipster while wearing it? Any feature I should look for? I found one from a company called techslinger, but it looks a bit too geeky for me (double-sided makes it really stand out)."

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Hipster (5, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44561973)

Good news, you won't have to worry about looking like a hipster at all. You will however, look like the worst kind of utility belt nerd, and there's no getting around it.

Re:Hipster (-1)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44561991)

Really, you'd be one step away from a fanny pack, and that isn't good for anyone.

Captcha: smellyfart

Re:Hipster (1)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562033)

Fannypacks looks better than those holsters. Just don't put your tech in the same pocket as your keys.

Wearing a holster for phones etc. just makes those cool accountants at work steal your lunchmoney

Re:Hipster (2)

dingfelder (819778) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562291)

fanny pack?
Seriously, as an american, I know that is a common term in the US, but do you know what a fanny is in the rest of the world? Bum Bag is the worldwide term. :-)

Re:Hipster (1)

oobayly (1056050) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562317)

I think in America a bum bag is something they put homeless people in when somebody important comes to town.

Re: Hipster (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562583)

You describe China, and any of the places where they play the world-level sport they call 'football.' Not the U.S.

Re:Hipster (2)

marxzed (1075971) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562503)

Americans can say "Fanny Pack" on the interwebbies but we non yanks can't say the same thing rephrased as "c*** bag"?
damn that's some serious linguistics cultural imperialism

Re:Hipster (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562903)

Well in the US 'fanny' refers to your bum, so the equivalent would reallys be s**thole bag, not c*** bag

Re: Hipster (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562857)

Fanny pack? If a fanny is a vagina, then obviously a fanny pack must be a tampon.

Bum bag.

Yes! Buy it now! (2, Funny)

For a Free Internet (1594621) | 1 year,15 days | (#44561977)

I put all my devices in my pants so it looks like I have a really big genitals. All the hot women want a piece of the action! I reccommend it. I am 100% percent serial.

Re:Yes! Buy it now! (2)

Joce640k (829181) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562879)

I have a modified Roman armor breastplate and use my iPad to make it look like I have a six-pack.

right.. (5, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44561979)

nice advertisement!

easy (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44561985)

Just put it in your underpants

Re:easy (2)

davester666 (731373) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562345)

Is that a smartphone in your pants or are you just not that happy to see me?

Build your own (5, Interesting)

Electricity Likes Me (1098643) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562005)

When I was travelling around Europe, for getting through airports I sewed my own leg-webbing for my phone and it's accessories out of black canvas. It wound up being very low profile since I wear black cargo pants normally, but was much easier to take off quickly in airports (and kept everything spread out for X-ray scanners) and allowed me to keep my phone much higher and closer to my belt (which was great for making sure I had my phone on me and keeping it easy to keep an eye on).

Carrying a tablet the same way could probably be done pretty discreetly - a 7" tablet would easily fit along the space of one's thigh without standing out at all. But I seriously doubt you'll find anything to buy - break out the sewing the machine and see what you come up with is my recommendation.

Get a purse (4, Insightful)

waitamin (2811853) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562007)

If you need to carry around stuff that does not fit nicely in a pocket, get a purse. I understand the attraction of slinging out your tablet with lightning speed. But really, despite our male need to have tools right where and when need them (it is both genetic and cultural, I guess), unless you need your other hand to hang on to your other tools (or a branch), a purse is really way more convenient for carrying around bulkier stuff.

Re:Get a purse (4, Informative)

lister king of smeg (2481612) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562133)

I perfer a backpack myself more space so you can also stow a laptop and external hdd plus all of the cords you could want and a lunch and still have room. I have also found that hoddies with front pocket will generally hold a seven inch tablet as will many coat pockets. an neither willget you beaten up by the local rednecks. Just my 2 for what its worth.

Re:Get a purse (1)

lister king of smeg (2481612) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562141)

and I see dice still hasn't fixed /. Unicode support I mean how hard is it to print a cents symbol

Re:Get a purse (2, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562221)

Be European... get a bag. Not a purse, a bag.

In places where you don't have a car, and have to carry stuff with you all day, you need a bag. Some are quite small, and none look like a purse.

Re:Get a purse (4, Insightful)

Sockatume (732728) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562377)

Satchel, bag, messager bag, whatever. Some sort of sack that goes over your shoulder and things go into. It's the twenty-first century, your options aren't restricted to "pockets, backpack, bum bag, or purse" any more.

That said, for something the size of a Kindle many suit jackets have appropriately sized inside pockets. Discreet, tasteful, comfortable. And probably fairly unique, unless you work in a horrible suits-based office building.

Re:Get a purse (4, Funny)

93 Escort Wagon (326346) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562479)

Be European... get a bag. Not a purse, a bag.

You can find them in the J. Peterman catalog.

Re:Get a purse (1)

Chris Mattern (191822) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562731)

Be European... get a bag. Not a purse, a bag.

Surely you mean a carry-all.

Re:Get a purse (-1)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562807)


Men have suitcases. Women have purses.

You can't ever look too Geeky... (4, Funny)

Bob_Who (926234) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562009)

To holster your equipment I recommend a jockstrap or brassiere.

Re:You can't ever look too Geeky... (-1)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562891)

You forgot jockssiere and brastrap for the other quadrant of the sex / gender space.

Not recommended. (5, Insightful)

fuzzyfuzzyfungus (1223518) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562013)

Unless you are built like a low-poly linebacker, there isn't anywhere on your torso where something as large as a tablet won't rest awkwardly with at least one protruding corner, unless you wear a McMurdo-grade winter jacket at all times.

Since you can't hide something of that size, you might as well go with a small messenger bag, which will have the same capacity as a very large holster; but won't look utterly ridiculous.

Re:Not recommended. (2)

rtb61 (674572) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562247)

A quick search around dug up this company [] and their range of clothing (male assumed) with extra pockets. It seems only a matter of time that most manufacturers will start to add in a phablet pocket somewhere, it makes a lot more sense than a holster.

Re:Not recommended. (1)

AmiMoJo (196126) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562293)

Scottivest products do a fair job of hiding large items without being too bulky.

Re:Not recommended. (1)

Aryden (1872756) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562491)

My nexus 7 fits in the cargo pocket of my shorts I bought at walmart.... and I am not a linebacker...

Pilots Kneeboard maybe (1)

Zimluura (2543412) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562017)

They even have ones specifically for tablets.

BDU cargo pants might work for a small tablet. People sometimes associate cargo pants with graffiti artists.

7" tablet works fine in cargo pockets (1)

Chirs (87576) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562127)

I've got several pairs of shorts and pants that could easily handle a 7" tablet.

You could go all Morpheus (from The Matrix) (4, Interesting)

mtippett (110279) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562025)

This is a true scene from the early 2000's when I was involved in some Linux conferences as a speaker...

Imagine if you will a white male, late teens/early twenties. Full length leather jacking swaying as he walks the floor. His sunglasses obscuring where he is looking. He is clearly carrying something under the leather jacket, but you can't quite see what it is...

Something catches his attention from across the floor. Quickly he moves across the aisle, his jacket and whatever is underneath following a split second later, the inertia of something heavy slowing it down. He walks across to a booth, and nervously asks a question or two. He looks agitated and frustrated. He adjusts his glasses reaches under his jacket and pulls out... His laptop.

I think it was LinuxWorld in 2000. There was a guy that had all his gadgets attached to cables under a full length Morpheus-style jacket. I swear, everything up above is true (well maybe not the agitated and frustrated part).

I can't quite recall if his sunglasses where nose-clip glasses...

Re:You could go all Morpheus (from The Matrix) (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562111)

That is so cool!

Damnit, don't leave us hanging (1)

SmallFurryCreature (593017) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562195)

What brand was his pocket protector... and did it have the required number of pencils for his job?

On a more serious note, if you even wonder about wearing a holster for anything but a gun, you are a nerd, you will look like a nerd even in the best suit dressed by the hippest person in the world. You are Duane Dibbley, don't fight it. Let the nerd flow through you.

There are some people meant to look in whatever they put on and there are some who don't. If you EVER thought about a mechanical pencil any more then, "I need to write down something, this will do" then you are in the last group. Accept it, now put on those white socks and your sandals, hike up your belt to above your navel and snort boy, SNORT!

Re:Damnit, don't leave us hanging (2)

solidraven (1633185) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562245)

During a summer job we wore holsters to hold our tools when working on a roof. Dare to walk up to the nearest roof construction worker and call him a nerd? :P

On a different note, how about those of us who actually had to do technical drawings by hand? I also fit in that category :(

Re:Damnit, don't leave us hanging (1)

Sockatume (732728) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562425)

It sounds like you've spent more time thinking about this than anyone here has spent worrying about holsters or mechanical pencils.

Re:You could go all Morpheus (from The Matrix) (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562203)

With lighter materials these days, it actually would be cool if pulled off properly.

In that era... wow.

Re:You could go all Morpheus (from The Matrix) (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562349)

While not quite as cool, one can get close to that with stuff from Scottevest

Re:You could go all Morpheus (from The Matrix) (1)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562373)

Imagine if you will a white male, late teens/early twenties. Full length leather jacking swaying as he walks the floor.

Tell us more about the leather jacking. Slowly please.

The Dork Brothers! (2, Insightful)

Roblimo (357) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562039)

All tech holsters look like they were made by the Dork Brothers, AKA the guys who design bicycle helmets. So forget holsters. And we won't even talk about fanny packs. Barf. I carry a small over-the-shoulder "messenger-style" laptop case that happily holds my little 11.5" subnotebook, my smarty-pants phone, some odds and ends, and my .22 pistol (along with a couple of extra magazines).

Re:The Dork Brothers! (1)

semi-extrinsic (1997002) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562089)

design bicycle helmets

If you can't find cool bike helmets you're looking in the wrong place. See e.g. [] . Granted, they cost more than ugly helmets, but design (and in this case rock solid engineering) tend to cost money.

those all look very hot (temperature, I mean) (1)

Chirs (87576) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562117)

Give me a bike helmet with lots of vents.

Re:those all look very hot (temperature, I mean) (1)

semi-extrinsic (1997002) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562341)

Yeah, those are all made by a Swedish company with Scandinavia as the main market, so high temperature is not their main concern. Besides, if you need lots of vents, you're travelling too slow ;)
But I guess you want something more like this: [] , which is used by several Tour de France-teams.

Re:those all look very hot (temperature, I mean) (2)

dunkelfalke (91624) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562905)

Besides, if you need lots of vents, you're travelling too slow ;)

You've got it the wrong way around. Cycling fast can heat you up quickly enough, even in winter.

Re:The Dork Brothers! (2)

bfandreas (603438) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562155)

I'll second the messenger bag. You are trying to conceal something flat and angular(with rounded corners) on your body which propably isn't. You are bound to look ridiculous.

Messenger bags can also come in leather and look a lot manlier even if they are basically manbags. Also you can put a lot of extra shit into these. Like extra batteries for your phone, a shit tonne of USB cables, wall warts, battery recharger pack, headphones and other life-important essentials. My messenger bag makes myself self-sufficient for 24h. Electronics-wise.

Re:The Dork Brothers! (1)

Sockatume (732728) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562391)

Extra magazines? Are you worried about getting into a shootout with, zhe Ghermans?

Re:The Dork Brothers! (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562601)

You fools! Take a leaf out of Darth Vader's fashion book and sew your laptop, phone and tablets into your all black clothes!!!! Alternatively, stop washing and pretty soon the sweat and spilled food will create a powerful glue which you can use to just stick your devices to your naked body....

A product likeTechslinger I used to use for books! (3, Funny)

Redfearn (1645459) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562053)

After looking at the Techslinger, I recognized it from the Missionary Training Center (30-some-odd years ago, next to BYU), they used to sell something like those in the missionary book store to stash our Books of Mormon, so we could always be ready with one! I kept it for years after my mission to Belgium before finally passing it along to one of my kids who thought it was cool. The only difference was that it was a zipper pouch, like an over-sized vinyl bank bag. (We also stashed our brochures in them.) The downside is that you always have to wear a coat or vest, even today, unless you want to start a trend somehow. The ones they sold us were inexpensive, though, made with simple straps and Velcro. Gosh, this brings back memories. (Those were the days when I was a true believer!)

Here was an option.. (1)

ThatAblaze (1723456) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562061)

This [] was an option, unfortunately the project is over. You might be able to get one by emailing them directly.. or you could use it as a model to make your own.

Re:Here was an option.. (1)

semi-extrinsic (1997002) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562093)

Is it just me that thinks it looks like a weapon holster? I'd hesitate to wear that to e.g. an airport.

Re:Here was an option.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562339)

That's right, cower before your TSA masters. Don't dare do anything that makes you look different. Comply with the other cattle and obey.

Re:Here was an option.. (1)

Sockatume (732728) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562405)

That looks exactly like a tiny clutch purse. I don't mean that as a criticism in and of itself but given that the device is meant to be the solution to carrying something that looks like a ladies' accessory I'm not sure they've hit their design goals.

Tablet Sling (Custom made?) (1)

Aereus (1042228) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562069)

Unfortunately, I haven't seen something like this IRL yet, but I really like the idea. So much so, that if I ever get a tablet in about that profile size, I plan to have a friend make one for me with her industrial sewing machine. [] (Robotics;Notes)

That's a screenshot from an animation set in the near-future. I don't have time to hunt down a more closeup shot, but essentially its sewn from leather, and holds the tablet in the small of your back. Secured by one of those hardened plastic speed-screws with a metal threading inset.

The gun holster guys need to get into the biz. (1)

johnny cashed (590023) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562095)

They are all about concealed carry. They should have a good opening into diversifying into the personal electronic device carry market.

Not that their business isn't already booming.

Yeah. but you won't like it... (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562097)

It's called a purse.

Backpack (1)

EEPROMS (889169) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562103)

I have a ton of gadgets I carry around and the best solution, well for me anyway is a backpack. You can get some really well designed backpacks now for holding your gadgets and some even have front storage compartments for mobiles etc.

not one that won't make you look silly (2)

sanitycrumbling (956413) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562113)

I have never, ever, ever looked at a person with a device holster, and not thought that they looked silly. Be it for your phone, tablet, or otherwise, device holsters are the crocs of technical accessories.

obligatory dilbert? (2)

johnsnails (1715452) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562121)

Dilbert []
Techno-bill []

Double entendre (1, Informative)

girlintraining (1395911) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562123)

Well, let me tell you from experience you want a leather one, not nylon. Those things chafe like you would not believe. Also, dual "device" holsters are not really practical... they're unwieldy, don't do the job, and often the device pops out which can be really frustrating.

Now, a lot of people here have mentioned size. This is an important consideration -- If you're going for a 10 or 12 inch device, you may find that the holster sags, and it can be very hard to get the device in. Something of a more manageable size, say 5 to 7 inches, gets the job done just as well, it's more practical, and it won't feel nearly as awkward walking around in public with.

cargo pockets or small messenger bag (1)

Chirs (87576) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562143)

Either go with pants/shorts with large thigh pockets, or else a small bag. Those holsters all look dorky, especially if you plan on wearing them in the summer with no jacket to hide them.

With a holster (2)

vikingpower (768921) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562147)

you look like a nork. That is 1/4 nerd and 3/4 dork. I'd rather work in marketing for the rest of my life than be seen here on the streets with such a thing.

Eheh... so you only wear it in the privacy of your (1)

SmallFurryCreature (593017) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562205)

Eheh... so you only wear it in the privacy of your own home? You are like a transvestite who only dresses up in his bedroom. Time to get out of the closet! Shout out loud: I am dork, hear me ROAR! Be nerdy and proud!

Sing with me "We shall, we shall not boot Windows"

Re:Eheh... so you only wear it in the privacy of y (1)

vikingpower (768921) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562307)

Hell. You uncovered my best-kept secret. I am eternally fucked in the tech world. Over. Out. From next week on, I'll be raising goats in Transylvania. Or should I apply for that exarch position of the Podocarpathian Uniates ?

Ask Slashdot: Is There a Good Device Holster? (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562153)

Scott eVest.

Be Bold (4, Funny)

Required Snark (1702878) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562161)

I'm sure that you can find something from the Hello Kitty line.

Re:Be Bold (1)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562451)

Hello Kitty that's okay if you're going for the 1974 look, but I think you'll find that most /.'ers prefer the 1983 look of My Little Pony. It goes with our parachute pants.

What sort of faggotry is this? (-1)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562167)

Just 3D print yourself one. It's the future.

And while we're at it (2)

korbulon (2792438) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562185)

What about a device for storing my tater tots?

How about it science?

If you want non-geeky - try different terminology (2)

jrumney (197329) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562189)

Do you look like the worst kind of geek hipster while wearing it?

For fashion advice, you might want to try a more appropriate [] site.

Fashion Police!!! (1) (245670) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562209)

If it doesn't fit in your pocket, it's too big to carry.

Unless it's part of your job and you're looking for some sort of tech tool belt.

Two Words (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562223)

Katana Space [] .

thinkgeek's holster (tho it sucked for me) (1)

xeno (2667) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562241)

Thinkgeek has a totally geeky side-holster that has potential. It's about as subtle as a black toolbelt can be, but it's not as bad looking as a fanny pack, it fits common devices, and it's relatively ergonomic (moves with you and doesn't bounce around). It also has the advanatage of NOT looking like a shoulder holster under a jacket and getting you shot by a mall cop when you have the urge for Angry Birds. The downside is Thinkgeek's sizing for the holster is complete nonsense; it says it fits up to a 43in waist, but fully extended it just barely fits my kid with a 32in waist. And I STILL had to buy extra nylon webbing and clips to make an extension to get the thigh strap to work (so your iplop or phablet don't go flying out). So if you're no bigger than a US men's medium, this is a pretty nice option.


Purse (2)

SSpade (549608) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562269)

I think what you're looking for is a purse. Pick a design and a colour and own it.

Versipacks. (1)

TemplePilot (2035400) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562287)

Grab yourself one of the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipacks, perfect every day carry gadget bag. Dress it up with morale patches too or just run down to your local headshop and buy up all the patches you can find affix velcro and you're in business :p Geek it up Tactical style! And yes in states that allow CCW, its a no brainer. This is the bag you want.

Re:Versipacks. (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562849)

I'll second this. When I go on vacation, I always wonder about guys who are wearing fanny packs. What are they thinking? They weren't. I use a Maxpedition Jumbo Versipacks for fishing, shooting competitions, vacation, etc. Check out the website:

Single? (1)

Blade (1720) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562325)

The linked website sells single holsters, if that floats your boat, so not sure how far down the person read in the first instance.

good cargo pockets (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562333)

Good cargo pants, like vintage paratrooper pants or LA police gear ones (the latter have pockets inside cargo pockets, but I don't like the material as much).
I buy those, have them cut down to shorts length; pocket fits 7" tablet with room to spare, with one button buttoned it is both easy to take out and hard to drop if you don't run, with both buttons on I ran and biked for many miles with it, bulletproof. Also fits bottles, cameras, baseball caps, plus there're two small bottom pockets.

Re:good cargo pockets (1)

marxzed (1075971) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562495)

pffttt don't even need that - with my North Face Boulder shirt I can fit my iPad mini in one pocket and my Samsung phaplet in the other... OK so I look like I've got chicken plates or asymmetrical cubist boobs.... but hey I'm a dork... I mean a IT professional .... why would I care what I looked like :)

bum bag (1)

thephydes (727739) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562361)

Unless you are carrying a 10" device then many bum bags will suffice. If you are worried about someone cutting the strap then consider a pacsafe.

If you're fat enough... (1)

BenEnglishAtHome (449670) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562401)

...a full-size iPad will fit in the back pocket of 5.11 Tactical cargo pants. 5.11s, in any size, are designed to have the largest back pockets possible.

I've lost a lot of weight and this trick no longer works for me...but I don't mind at all. (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562409)

I've been very happy with in the past. They also do custom work.

Scottevest jacket w/ "iPad-Pocket" (2)

bemymonkey (1244086) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562463)

It's the only viable solution I've seen so far: []

I've been wanting to get one for months, but TBH I'm a bit afraid it'll cost me twice as much here in Germany (with shipping and taxes)...

Fuck you (0)

buttfuckinpimpnugget (662332) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562477)

Seriously. Your post is worth less than this shitty hate filled post.

holster? no... (1)

marxzed (1075971) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562481)

... I can't even think why you'd want to "holster" a tablet... but for a very discreet tablet shoulder/messenger style bag try find a shop with the now discontinued smaller Crumpler "Herbas" it has no padding but will protect from scratches and minor bumps.
however given everyone, including the management suits seems to carry some sort of backpack/laptop/camera/carryon bag these days having a discreet bag is so different it's almost indiscreet.

Army pants ? (1)

Lennie (16154) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562487)

Lots of large pockets, maybe they are large enough ?

Try a European Carry-All (1)

Horshu (2754893) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562543)

And know deep in your heart that you're carrying a purse.

Urbn Tool makes a nice canvas one (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562569)

Get one custom-made! (1)

YoungManKlaus (2773165) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562579)

Ok, this may sound very hipster, but I know a bag-maker/leatherworker and got myself a custom-made bag for my macbook air which cost me not even a hundred bucks (and no, I am not a mac lover, at the time there was just no other decent ultrabook). So if you know people like that help out their business and get something unique!

urban tool holster (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562631)

Pricy but may be what you are looking for

I moved from nerdy bat-belt to handbag for my EDCs (2)

Qbertino (265505) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562639)

I moved from nerdy bat-belt over backpack to handbag for my EDCs. Seriously: Get a top-notch handbag or small messenger bag. Crumpler [] is good ... allthough I just see the german collection is by orders of magnitude better than the US one (???) - don't know what to make of that (Link is to the German collection with english copytext).

Another one, Freitag [] , is über-hip in Europe right now - they direct-recycle truck tarps, wasch them with rain-water and sow them into individual grungy cyberpunk-style pockets and bags. Entirely swiss-made btw. Sturdy, practical and very cool and fashionable. Popular with girls and guys alike over here. Cost a small fortune, but guaranteed no sweat shop work and about the most envionmentaly friendly you can get. ... A Freitag probably is going to be my next.

Not having my gadgets on me all the time in my bat-belt made me a more sociable person for that simple reason. You look cooler and you feel better not lugging your toolkit around with you all the time.

Bottom line: Ditch the bat-belt syndrome and get a neat rugged modern bag for your EDC - once you've gone through the initial withdrawal you'll feel much better. :-)

My 2 cents.

Get a bag. (1)

will_die (586523) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562777)

Get a bag they are easier, you are not adversiting what you are carring and you can carry extra items.
I have been using a bag from pacsafe, [] for a while and it works great for all electronics.
The main benefit of pacsafe is they are design primarily to prevent thieft, so they have wire mesh sewn into the bottom, straps have a metal core, items can be locked down, etc. They also have version with RFID shielding. Another benefit at being over 2 meters the straps are long.

Organic (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562789)

Forehead and crazy glue, then turn the camera on, so that forward vision works.

No. No, no, no. (3, Insightful)

DaveV1.0 (203135) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562841)

If one wears a large phone, let alone a tablet, on one's belt one is going to look like a dork. You are better off getting a bag of some sort. It won't matter if it is a man bag, a messenger bag, a backpack, a laptop bag, or a briefcase, you are better off getting a bag. Now, if you or someone you know does leather craft, Tandy Leather Factory has two kits, one for a "vertical messenger bag [] " and one for an "expedition brief case [] ". Of course, if you have the money, you can always check the Saddleback Leather Company [] .

At least for winter (1)

gmuslera (3436) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562843)

A jacket or coat with large interior pockets is usually enough for carrying 7" tablets, kindles and so on.

Just get a bag (4, Insightful)

Alkonaut (604183) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562865)

Just get a bag. Backpack or sling-type bag, depending on preference. Don't use belt pouches or anything like that. Ever. It doesn't make you look like a geek or hipster, it makes you look like an idiot. It's like having a bluetooth phone thing on your ear. Sure if you can strap a thing to your body under a jacket like a gun holster that is probably a good thing, it won't attract pickpockets and you won't have to carry a bag. But then you can't take yuor jacket off without looking like an idiot.

It's called a "Fannypack" (1)

EmagGeek (574360) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562871)

Embrace it. Use it. Love it.

You need a "poachers pocket" (1)

Bearhouse (1034238) | 1 year,15 days | (#44562875)

That's a large pocket at the back of your jacket, hidden in the inside.
Very easy to sew one in a few jackets...
Put some elastic at the top to stop the pocket mouth gaping, and hold the pad.
Works well for me.

Don't sit back against something hard, though, or you either smash the pad, your back, or both.

I would not suggest using a purse, since as you are probably not used to carrying one, you are likely to forget it...

murse (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#44562897)

Make sure you pack a mankini in that murse!

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