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Q&A With Outercurve Foundation President Jim Jagielski Tomorrow 12-2pm ET

samzenpus posted about a year ago | from the got-a-question? dept.

Open Source 5

Jim Jagielski is likely best known as one of the developers and co-founders of the Apache Software Foundation, where he has previously served as both Chairman and President. He also is a director of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and now serves as President of the Outercurve Foundation. Formerly known as the CodePlex Foundation, the Outercurve Foundation is "a not-for-profit foundation created as a forum in which open source communities and the software development community can come together with the shared goal of increasing participation in open source community projects." Jim has agreed to answer your questions in real-time about his new position and the Outercurve Foundation itself on Wednesday, August 28th from 12-2pm ET (16:00-18:00 GMT). Check back tomorrow and hear what he has to say.

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CodePlex (3, Informative)

binarylarry (1338699) | about a year ago | (#44687951)

It's weird that they don't mention this is Microsoft's trojan horse "shared source" bullshit foundation in the summary.

Re:CodePlex (0)

kthreadd (1558445) | about a year ago | (#44688601)

Have you actually looked at what Outercurve and CodePlex is? It has nothing to do with shared source just so you know.

Re:CodePlex (1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#44694229)

It has nothing to do with shared source...

Except the common roots, and finances.

Just Follow the Money (TM)

Re:CodePlex (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#44688649)

Eh, shared source? This is basically the Microsoft equivalent to the Apache Software Foundation.

open source != free software (4, Informative)

chuckinator (2409512) | about a year ago | (#44688663)

Dig deep enough, and it's obvious all the projects are for Office and Visual Studio plugins, Windows applications, OData libraries, or ASP.NET frameworks.
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