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Carbon Nanotubes and Spongy Polymer Help Transistors Stretch

Soulskill posted 1 year,15 days | from the twist-fold-and-roll dept.

Technology 17

MTorrice writes "To make future displays that roll, bend, and stretch, electronics makers need the circuits that control the pixels to be elastic. In particular, they need flexible transistors. Now researchers have combined a carbon nanotube mesh with a spongy ionic polymer to build super-stretchy transistors. The scientists can pull the devices to lengths 57% greater than their resting length without disrupting performance."

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First fuck you post! (-1)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#45970277)

Fuck you fuckers!

Just a matter of time... (1)

ackthpt (218170) | 1 year,15 days | (#45970457)

Soon you'll be able to wear plain white or black close which will change pattern and color according to your whim.

Re:Just a matter of time... (2)

boristdog (133725) | 1 year,15 days | (#45970587)

Or change the smarmy phrase on your geek t-shirt at a whim.

polymorphic particles in our atmosphere (-1)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#45970515)

57% more problems with our skin. hair teeth & eyes too. we pay for that too... http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=weather+manipulation&sm=3 free the innocent stem cells http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=stem+cells&sm=3

Useless! (1)

loose electron (699583) | 1 year,15 days | (#45970563)

Totally useless, you can build flexible and stretchable interconnects and displays, the transistors themselves have no real need to stretch.

Re:Useless! (1)

kaiser423 (828989) | 1 year,15 days | (#45970789)

If you pay more more, displays flex and PCBs flex. It's been a solved problem and lots of high end electronics have flex PCBs and some cell phones even have flex displays.

The issue has always been the chips; they don't flex. Having the transistors not fail when stretched/bent is a necessary step, but we also need flexible chips/chip packaging as well as making the pads and solder that hold it to the board maintain a very good electrical connection throughout the bendy process.

Re:Useless! (2)

loose electron (699583) | 1 year,15 days | (#45971037)

Nope - just make the chips small enough such they can sit on a flex circuit and tolerate the needed bend radius. I do this all the time with ultra small medical electronics. Or put the silicon someplace that does not have to bend. This is totally a no brainer.

Re:Useless! (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#45970989)

You couldn't be more wrong. Think of this tech being applied to SoC and ASIC and display applications and not discrete transistors. You'll quickly get to the understanding that you could have a completely malleable phone, or gaming device, etc.

Re:Useless! (1)

Ukab the Great (87152) | 1 year,15 days | (#45971021)

Flexible transistors would actually be quite useful in the burgeoning wearable electronics industry. A molex under tight-fitting spandex might be mistaken for some strange growth, a nipple, or general happiness at seeing you.

Is this not just (2)

zacherynuk (2782105) | 1 year,15 days | (#45970595)

this: stretchy [extremetech.com]

C'mon now. Big Picture. (2)

rmdingler (1955220) | 1 year,15 days | (#45971333)

I want a friggin' cell phone I can put on in the morning like a slap bracelet.

Re:C'mon now. Big Picture. (0)

Anonymous Coward | 1 year,15 days | (#45971479)

There's no reason you can't have that today, though it would have four or five ginormous segments connected by wires across the metal slap bracelet.

Stop!!! (1, Funny)

stms (1132653) | 1 year,15 days | (#45971483)

You can stop posting a /. story for every new application for Carbon Nanotubes we get it they can do everything. At this point I would be more surprised if it was discovered that there was something they couldn't do.

Re:Stop!!! (2)

noobermin (1950642) | 1 year,15 days | (#45972539)

Yes, instead, we should see more articles about bitcoin and guns.

Re:Stop!!! (1)

TubeSteak (669689) | 1 year,15 days | (#45972901)

At this point I would be more surprised if it was discovered that there was something they couldn't do.

They can't get the /. editors to stop posting about Carbon Nanotubes.
Oh the humanity!

Stretching? The contrary would be more interesting (1)

c0lo (1497653) | 1 year,15 days | (#45971665)

The scientists can pull the devices to lengths 57% greater than their resting length without disrupting performance."

Monitors 57% larger with a resolution lower than a smart phone display? No thanks, I had enough

On the flip (and flop) side(s):
* if they manage to compress those transitors to 57% of their resting size without disrupting performance, we may get another cheap two years of Moore's law.
* (grin) I like much better devices that one pushes - in contrast to pulling (as the time passes, everyone - no matter the gender - will be reminded a meaning of "floppy devices" that doesn't relate to IT).

How about in more traditional devices (1)

morgauxo (974071) | 1 year,15 days | (#45972737)

I wonder if flexible, stretchy transistors would be useful in traditional non-flexible electronics.I'm thinking that being able to flex and move internally whenever the device is dropped or bumped might make things last longer.

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