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Google Publishes Commitments It Made To Settle EU Antitrust Case

Soulskill posted about a year ago | from the keep-your-nose-clean dept.

Google 8

itwbennett writes "Google has done what the European Commission declined to do: publish the details of the latest commitments Google made in a bid to settle a long-running antitrust case involving its treatment of rival specialist search services, among other matters. On the company's European policy blog, Google's senior vice president and general counsel, Kent Walker, announced the publication of what he called the 'full text' (PDF) of the company's commitments. In fact, the 93-page document contains a number of redactions, including details of a parameter used to rank search results, the identities of two companies with customized contracts for Adsense For Search, and a proposal for modification of those contracts to comply with the other commitments."

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Redacted properly! (2)

Threni (635302) | about a year ago | (#46251085)

Not NSA stylee!

Re:Redacted properly! (3, Insightful)

AlphaWolf_HK (692722) | about a year ago | (#46251999)

Some of that stuff actually makes sense to redact, for a very good reason.

I remember how shitty search engines were in the 90's. Usually searching involved putting in your key words, getting a bunch of what you didn't want, adding more keywords, and then going through at least 10 pages or so of search results before you found your intended page. It sucked balls.

This was mainly the result of spammers gaming the search results to make sure you found their crap instead of what you were actually searching for. By keeping their page ranking algorithm and all of its quirks secret, it makes it that much harder for spammers to game the system.

2 stories on the front page with 2 comments (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46251249)

Get with it shazbot

Re:2 stories on the front page with 2 comments (1)

nazsco (695026) | about a year ago | (#46253671)

Everyone is circlejerking on hackernews nowadays.

Re:2 stories on the front page with 2 comments (1)

Raenex (947668) | about a year ago | (#46254345)

Everyone is circlejerking on hackernews nowadays.

It's the subject matter. At the time of writing, there's 6 comments on this story, and 773 comments on, "Star Trek Economics".

FUCK BETA (0, Offtopic)

mrcoolbp (928930) | about a year ago | (#46252037)

FUCK BETA Slashcott people


Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46253445)

In Soviet Russia BETA fucks you!

Not many comments yet (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year ago | (#46254693)

If you are wondering why there are such few comments, it's because this was posted on Friday evening. Most of the Apple's PR staff have already left for the weekend. They will be back on Monday at which point we will see how this is equivalent to the next coming of Hitler.

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