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Brookhaven Physicists Produce "Doubly Strange Nuclei"

michael posted more than 13 years ago | from the stranger-than-we-can-imagine dept.

Science 7 writes: "Advanced physics news! Physicists have produced double "strange quarks" atoms using the biggest Proton Beam Laser on Earth... "UPTON, NY - Strange science has taken a great leap forward at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory. There, physicists have produced a significant number of "doubly strange nuclei," or nuclei containing two strange quarks. Studies of these nuclei will help scientists explore the forces between nuclear particles, particularly within so-called strange matter, and may contribute to a better understanding of neutron stars, the super dense remains of burnt-out stars, which are thought to contain large quantities of strange quarks.""

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frist psot (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#2212850)

For Natalie Portman, naked and petrified, and hot grits down my pants!

ya, whatever...

Is the world gone yet? (1)

DahGhostfacedFiddlah (470393) | more than 13 years ago | (#2213025)

I read an article a few years back that explained how scientists at CERN, IIRC were trying to determine if there was any chance that perhaps these experiments would cause an unexpected chain reaction that would destroy the world....glad to see we're still around.

Re:Is the world gone yet? (3, Informative)

DahGhostfacedFiddlah (470393) | more than 13 years ago | (#2213047)

Actually, here's a story [] on how we narrowly averted an apocalypse, thanks to the wonders of the laws of physics.

Excellent... (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 13 years ago | (#2213225)

Gee brain, what are we going to do tomorrow night?

The same thing we do every night pinky?

Read slashdot?

No, produce double strange nuclei and take over the world!

Doubly Strange? (2, Funny)

Vuarnet (207505) | more than 13 years ago | (#2214274)

Scientist1: Hey, check this out.

Scientist2: Wow... that's strange.

Scientist1: Really strange.

Scientist2: It's more than just regular strange, it's... strange strange.

Scientist1: Yup, doubly strange.

Scientist2: I wonder how we should call it?

And the rest, of course, is history.

Re:Doubly Strange? (1)

espo812 (261758) | more than 13 years ago | (#2223842)

That's like strange in digital surround sound.

Sorry. (0, Offtopic)

GuidoZ (172008) | more than 13 years ago | (#2214317)

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