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Truly Off-The -Shelf PCs Make A Top-500 Cluster

timothy posted about 13 years ago | from the ready-to-wear dept.

Technology 231

SLiDERPiMP writes: "Yahoo! News is reporting that HP created an 'off-the-shelf' supercomputer, using 256 e-pc's (blech!). What they ended up with is the 'I-Cluster,' a Mandrake Linux-powered [Mandrake, baby ;) ] cluster of 225 PCs that has benchmarked its way into the list of the top 500 most powerful computers in the world. Go over there to check out the full article. It's a good read. Should I worry that practically anyone can now build a supercomputer? Speaking of which, anyone wanna loan me $210,000?" Clusters may be old hat nowadays, but the interesting thing about this one is the degreee of customization that HP and France's National Institute for Research in Computer Science did to each machine to make this cluster -- namely, none.

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Katy and Physics test! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389877)

I have a physics test today! I love you Katy! I am going home tonight!

Re:Katy and Physics test! (-1)

spork_and_mindy (448050) | about 13 years ago | (#2389893)

Hello! I am Spork from Ork.

Re:Katy and Physics test! (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389923)

Katy! I love to fuck you in the ass until your rectum tears, and then I pull out and cum all over your face! Then I punch you until your face splits open, and I put the blood, cum, and a healthy pile of your mom's steaming crap into the blender ... and make your dad drink it! I love that, you filthy fucking whore! Marry me, cunt! You little bitch, I love you! I want to slice off your nipples and fry 'em up!

Re:Katy and Physics test! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389976)

You are bitter and angry. I suspect you are also a virgin.

sirft sopt (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389881)


slashdot needs a new server farm (-1)

Sexual Asspussy (453406) | about 13 years ago | (#2389913)

i don't like waiting goddammit

Re:slashdot needs a new server farm (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389935)

Klerck, this is your mom. Shut the hell up, get off that damned Internet, and clean your room! Don't make me force you to lick my fish mouth again.

Can you imagine? (obligatory) (5, Funny)

Andorion (526481) | about 13 years ago | (#2389888)

Can you imagine a Beowulf cluster of these... erm... clusters?


Re:Can you imagine? (obligatory) (1)

zm (257549) | about 13 years ago | (#2389900)

I guess they'd call it "BeoDrake"...

Re:Can you imagine? (obligatory) (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389902)

Damn it! I was going to say that!

P.S. This "Slashdot requires you to wait 20 seconds between hitting 'reply' and submitting a comment." is annoying. I waited 30 seconds and still got this message. Lame Slash 2.0.

Get funky with recursion! (0, Redundant)

ekrout (139379) | about 13 years ago | (#2390026)

Imagine a Beowulf cluster of Beowulf clusters!

Stephen King, author, dead at 54 (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389898)

I just heard some sad news on talk radio - Horror/Sci Fi writer Stephen King was found dead in his Maine home this morning. There weren't any more details. I'm sure everyone in the Slashdot community will miss him - even if you didn't enjoy his work, there's no denying his contributions to popular culture. Truly an American icon.

Anonymous Coward, troll, dead at 12 (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389927)

I just heard some great news on Kur0shin - Troll/ Crapflooder Anonymous Coward was found dead in his parents basement this morning. There weren't anymore details. i'm sure everyone in the Slashdot community will miss him - even if you didn't read at -1, there's no denying his lame trolling skills. Truly a cockgnome.


Re:Anonymous Coward, troll, dead at 12 (0, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389949)

Louis Armstrong, trumpet player and Jazz pioneer, died yesterday morning in his Los Angeles home. He was 71. Armstrong's last performance was at James Madison University's Convocation Center on March 24, 2001, where he played to a standing room only 5,000. Armstrong was helped off the stage by his wife of 20 years, and he later told a reporter for the campus newspaper "I don't know how much longer I can do this. This may be one of my last shows." His final song was his biggest hit, Hello Dolly! He is survived by his wife, 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

Hofstadter's Law? (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389950)

Wow, that's weird. Anonymous Coward posts Anonymous Coward's obit. Hofstadter would have a field day.

-AC 4eva! w00p! 4ll j00r b4s3!

Re:Hofstadter's Law? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389965)

And then Anonymous Coward himself thinks that it is weird posting his own obituary.

Oh, wait...

Anonymous Coward, fag, dead at 92 (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390200)

I just heard some sad news on Slashdot - faggot Anonymous Coward was found dead in his boyfriend's ass this morning. There wasn't any more jizz. I'm sure everyone in the gay community will miss him - even if you didn't suck his dick, you probably enjoyed it up your ass. Truly an american fag.

harmony (1)

vrmlknight (309019) | about 13 years ago | (#2389899)

"We had to face heterogeneity by spreading it over Linux and Windows too," she said. "It's not scientific, but technically it's good experience." its good to see the two getting along...

If I had a supercomputer... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389904)

What the hell would I do with a supercomputer anyhow? Probably a lot of pong, maybe some TuxRacer.

Re:If I had a supercomputer... (1)

jgomez (518892) | about 13 years ago | (#2390072)

You can crack every FBI, CIA, and any other encrypted file you can get your hands on... hmmm. That makes me uneasy

Re:If I had a supercomputer... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390163)

Some son of a bitch would die!

Pentium 1 cluster (1)

Mr. Eradicator (470089) | about 13 years ago | (#2389905)

I've got an old POS Compaq with a Pentium 1. I say we all get our old POS's out and make our own cluster to get in that top-500 list :)

Re:Pentium 1 cluster (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389936)

I have a Cyrix 586 chip crammed up my ass right now. Overclocked with no heatsink. I say you reach up there and fish it out; it's kinda running a little raw in there, y'know?

Re:Pentium 1 cluster (1)

Mike Buddha (10734) | about 13 years ago | (#2389968)

Yeah, I've got an old p-166 lying around here somewhere, we could cool POS with chintzy fans from Wal-mart!

Re:Pentium 1 cluster (1)

gavinmead (112093) | about 13 years ago | (#2390004)

It can live at my house! I'll feed it and water it and love it! I promise!

Now, just start sending those donations...

It's a pitty (0)

morbid (4258) | about 13 years ago | (#2389906)

..because the official line of the HP sales people at the moment is that the entire world will be using 64-bit Windows XP within 2 years.

Ported?! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389963)


Is being ported.

And people will actually be running it.

In two years.

Yeah, right. Tell me another. I remember NT4...

Re:Ported?! (0)

morbid (4258) | about 13 years ago | (#2389981)

Well, that's what they're telling their (potential) customers just now...

What was even cooler... (4, Funny)

UserChrisCanter4 (464072) | about 13 years ago | (#2389907)

Was when the HP-powered cluster started assimilating some of the Compaq multi-Alpha machines as it's own.

Stephen Douglas, slashdotter, dead at 34 (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389909)

I just heard some sad news on talk radio - Horror/Faggot Stephen Douglas was found dead in his Virginia home this morning. There weren't any more details. I'm sure everyone in the Slashdot community will miss him - even if you didn't enjoy his cock, there's no denying his contributions to popular culture. Truly an American icon.

I like goats (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389912)

yes! I do!

$210,000 ?? (5, Interesting)

a.out (31606) | about 13 years ago | (#2389914)

How about $0 Baldric [] a student run beowulf at the University of Western Ontario built one on hardware dontations. It's not exactly top 500 but it still kicks ass.

Re:$210,000 ?? (0, Offtopic)

nolageek (526520) | about 13 years ago | (#2390126)

Damn them geeks are cute. Jeff Gardiner, marry me! Um, nevermind.

Practically anyone? I think not. (3, Insightful)

Pulzar (81031) | about 13 years ago | (#2389915)

Should I worry that practically anyone can now build a supercomputer?

Unless "practically anyone" has the funds, the storage room, and the manpower to maintain this monstrosity, there is nothing to worry about.

And even if anyone could build a supercomputer, what's there to worry about? We don't live in the "War Games" world where supercomputers play chess, tic-tac-toe, and start nuclear wars for fun.

Re:Practically anyone? I think not. (1)

pmancini (20121) | about 13 years ago | (#2389962)

Actually I worry that people like Saddam Hussein might get ahold of enough parts and knowlege to build a system specifically for modeling atomic weapons design. He's tried it before when he attempted to get hundreds of PS2's when they first came out.

Re:Practically anyone? I think not. (3, Informative)

Pulzar (81031) | about 13 years ago | (#2389975)

Actually, the worry about the PS2 machines was that their imaging capabilities are strong enough to be used in the missile guidance systems. I think he never actually attempted to get any of them, but US blocked shipments to Iraq just in case.

Re:Practically anyone? I think not. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389977)

are you nuts? like anyone would fucking bother with your bullshit PS2? Get a life and a clue.

Re:Practically anyone? I think not. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389983)

whoo, wow, aren't you bitchy ...

Re:Practically anyone? I think not. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390012)

Yes I am. Rather than kick some co-worker's ass to next tuesday I can take it out the the vertiable plethora of idiots on slashdot who will belive just about anything apparently.

Re:Practically anyone? I think not. (3, Insightful)

KyleCordes (10679) | about 13 years ago | (#2390050)

My guess is that people who understand how to use computers to do modeling for nuclear weapons design would be somewhat harder to come up with than the appropriate degree of computing power.

Knowing nothing about it, I would nonetheless guess that it's rather non-trivial.

Keep in mind that nukes were invented without the aid of a Beowulf or a Cray.

Re:Practically anyone? I think not. (2, Funny)

archen (447353) | about 13 years ago | (#2390013)

think I'd be more worried about someone building a cluster using AMD Athlons, and thus reducing everything for a 500 meter radius into a smoking pile of ash.

Re:Practically anyone? I think not. (1)

BLAG-blast (302533) | about 13 years ago | (#2390160)

>Should I worry that practically anyone can now build a supercomputer?

Unless "practically anyone" has the funds, the storage room, and the manpower to maintain this monstrosity, there is nothing to worry about.

It's only 256 machines, how hard could it be to steel(steal?) 256 computers. Rip off a couple of Gateway (are they still in business) and Dell trucks, maybe rob a few schools. Now that you've gotten (by fair means or foul) a super-computer that is rated in the top 500, what would you like to do with it? How about any brutt force crack that you feel like (it's not like you need some neat algorthyms with that much firepower)? How about generating insane encryption levels that FbI and CiA can't crack?

Of course, about 256 people with laptops and wireless modems, all running mandrake, sitting in the train station solving tough mathematical problems just annoy people....

Putting them to work. (5, Informative)

nairnr (314138) | about 13 years ago | (#2389921)

Well, it seems like super clusters are becoming very easy to build hardware-wise. If you throw enough commodity at a problem, it becomes easier. I would think the biggest problem with supercomputers is no longer the hardware itself, but networking, and the programming to take advantage of the hardware. These computers still only really work for something that distributes easily. The biggest factors are now the ability to distribute, and schedule work for each node. The more nodes you engage, the more you hope your problem is CPU bound, so it will scale more.

Data transfer and message passing are such a big issue I belive the most important developments are in the networking topologies and hardware for these environments.

That said, I still want one in my basement :-)

Re:Putting them to work. (1)

spaceyhackerlady (462530) | about 13 years ago | (#2389958)

That said, I still want one in my basement :-)

Yeah. Me too.

This even more strongly underscores the current state of the art: we have astonishing hardware. OK, now what do we do with it? Other than grumble about Windows XP memory requirements? :-)

I wouldn't mind finding out. I bet it will be cool.


Re:Putting them to work. (1)

ogrizzo (23524) | about 13 years ago | (#2390111)

That said, I still want one in my basement

That'd be good in the winter, but, hey, it's going to be really hot at your place next summer!

Imagine... (0)

SnoopDobb (204814) | about 13 years ago | (#2389922)

a beowulf cluster of these!

Re:Imagine... (3)

Bonker (243350) | about 13 years ago | (#2389945)

A Beowulf cluster of E-machines?

I dunno. It's kinda lacking when you compare it to all the other Beowulf clusters we've considered.

Re:Imagine... (2, Insightful)

xkenny13 (309849) | about 13 years ago | (#2390038)

  • A Beowulf cluster of E-machines?

    I dunno. It's kinda lacking when you compare it to all the other Beowulf clusters we've considered.

Maybe so, but this cluster still made into the top 500 most powerful computers.

Now, imagine a cluster of Athlon 1.4GHz machines doing the same thing ... now there's a drool factor, and probably cheaper to boot!!

Re:Imagine... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389984)

i wish i had mod points right now so i could mod you to -100 for being a complete dumb-ass.

Re:Imagine... (1)

yellowjacket03 (470997) | about 13 years ago | (#2390121)

If you really want to impress me, than you should not only build one of these from eMachines, but all eOnes... :)

Draw Your Own Conclusions (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389924)

by Dr. William Pierce

Two weeks ago I told you about the atrocious murders of four young White men and women in Wichita, Kansas, last month by two Blacks. Two of my reasons for telling you about these murders were, first, the fact that the controlled news media in America had imposed a total blackout, outside the Wichita area, on the news of these atrocious crimes; and second, the fact that the Whites who were murdered didn't resist the Blacks who murdered them, and I wanted to draw a lesson from this failure to resist.
Well, another two weeks have passed, and the national Jewish news media have maintained their total blackout on the murders -- and during this time I have learned a few more details about the crimes which accentuate both points I made two weeks ago. What I told you in my earlier broadcast was that two Black brothers, 20-year-old Jonathan Carr and 23-year-old Reginald Carr, invaded a White home in Wichita on the evening of December 14, kidnapped the three White men and two White women in the home, all of them in their 20s, forced them to withdraw money from several ATM machines, then drove to a snow-covered soccer field on the outskirts of Wichita. There the Blacks raped the two White women, then told all five of the Whites to kneel in the snow and shot them in the back of the head, one at a time. After that the two Blacks returned to the Whites' home, burglarized it, and killed a pet dog they found there: a small, gray terrier.

One of the young White women they shot in the head didn't die however. She regained consciousness, ran naked and bleeding through the snow for a mile, and summoned police, who arrested the Blacks a few hours later. That's what the Jewish media bosses decided we didn't need to hear about, and they clamped a complete blackout on the story on December 15. In eager collaboration with the Jewish media, local authorities -- local politicians -- also imposed an embargo on all news about the affair. The local female district attorney, Nola Foulston, repeatedly asserted that race was not a factor, and that the rapes and murders would not be treated as "hate crimes."

What I have learned recently is that after the two Blacks drove the five Whites to the soccer field, they not only forced the White women to strip and then raped them, but they also forced all of the Whites to put on a sex show for the amusement of the Blacks. On that snowy soccer field they forced the White men to engage in homosexual acts; they forced the White women to have sex with each other; and they forced the White men to have sex with the White women before shooting all of them. After the Blacks forced the Whites to kneel naked in the snow and shot them in the back of the head, they deliberately ran over them with one of the vehicles they were driving. This additional information was leaked from the grand jury which heard the evidence in the case, despite the official news embargo.

Furthermore, three days earlier the same two Blacks murdered another White woman, Ann Walenta, a cellist in the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, while she was sitting in her car outside her home. And four days before that, on December 7, they kidnapped, robbed, and pistol-whipped a White man, 23-year-old Andrew Schreiber, the manager of a Wichita convenience store.

Nothing racial about any of that, right? And certainly nothing that the White public should be told about, right? I mean, it's certainly not as newsworthy as the dragging death of a Black ex-convict in Jasper, Texas, in 1998 by three White ex-convicts, is it? I mean, the Jasper killing was given top billing by all of the controlled news media in America -- and in Europe as well -- for two years, and the racial angle was emphasized over and over and over again: hardened White racists drag innocent Black man to death. So obviously the murders and rapes of five White people in Wichita by a couple of underprivileged and misguided Black youths doesn't need any news coverage. Enough news already about interracial crime, right? No need to exacerbate racial tensions, right?

Well, that's one of the points I wanted to accentuate. The other point is the total lack of resistance of the White victims. It now seems that the two Blacks were armed only with a .380 caliber semiautomatic pistol. All of the killings were done with that same gun, and the police are still looking for it. Now, you certainly can be killed with a .380, especially if you're shot in the back of the head at close range, but it's not much of a man-stopper. It's a pretty anemic caliber, and it's only used because it's small and can be carried concealed easily. It's a ladies' gun. And yet three able-bodied White men let two Blacks armed only with a .380 pistol force them to stand and watch their women being raped and degraded and even to participate in the degradation themselves. And then they knelt obediently in the snow and let themselves and their women be slaughtered, one at a time.

That's really embarrassing. One expects more of a White man. This sort of sheep-like behavior reminds me of a scene in one of my novels, Hunter, in which a group of White office workers kneel obediently on the floor and let a Black with a straight razor go down the line and slit their throats, one at a time. In my novel the Whites submit because they have been conditioned by the Jewish mass media not to resist Blacks. They have been conditioned to regard any resistance to Blacks as "racist." When I wrote Hunter 12 years ago, I was concerned that perhaps I was getting a bit ahead of myself, and that to portray Whites as so strongly conditioned by the Jewish media that they would meekly let themselves be butchered by Blacks would not be credible to my readers. I asked myself, will most Americans believe that Jewish media propaganda can have that strong an effect on people? Well, I worried about it at the time, but I left the scene in the book, and what happened in Wichita last month suggests that I really wasn't getting too far ahead of myself after all. That's a real shame.

Now let's talk about Jewish media propaganda for a while. Is it fair of me to describe it as deliberate, calculated psychological conditioning designed to demoralize White people -- and to emasculate White men in particular? Am I imagining things in believing that the mass media are slanted deliberately by the people who control them, with the aim of weakening White people and softening them up for the slaughter? Do I believe such things only because I don't like Jews and am therefore too ready to attribute bad motives to them?

Some listeners think that is the case. Some people suggest to me that the attitudes portrayed by the Jews in the entertainment they produce for White people simply reflects their prejudices, but that there's no purpose behind it to corrupt or weaken us. Nearly all Jews are liberals, they tell me, and so it is natural that they produce films and television shows that portray liberal attitudes. And I suppose, following that line of reasoning, that the way in which they cover the news for us also is simply an unconscious reflection of Jewish likes and dislikes, with no ulterior motives behind it.

Other listeners suggest to me that I am putting the cart before the horse to blame Jewish media propaganda for changing public attitudes and opinions. What the Jews put into their Hollywood films and television programming is simply a reflection of life in America, they tell me. Americans have become more liberal, they tell me, and the Jews of Hollywood and Madison Avenue simply are following that trend, not leading it. After all, they say, the Jews are businessmen, and they're just giving the American people what they want. And the same thing applies to the news. If the American public really wanted to know what happened in Wichita last month, then the Jewish media bosses certainly would have told them. But Americans don't want to hear that kind of news, they tell me. That sort of news has a racist flavor to it, and it makes Americans uncomfortable. That's the only reason the Wichita story wasn't covered; Americans didn't want to hear about it. On the other hand, they were interested in the Jasper, Texas, dragging story. Americans felt that sort of story needed to be told in order to help fight racism. That's why the Jewish media told it . . . and told it . . . and told it.

Anyway, that's what some people tell me in order to explain why the Jewish media do what they do: why they suppress some news and exaggerate other news. Personally, I don't believe it. I believe that the Jewish media lead the trends instead of following them. I believe that the Jewish media bosses have a propaganda agenda. I believe that they use their control of the news and entertainment media in a calculated way to shape public attitudes and influence public behavior in America deliberately in order to achieve goals of their own. And I believe that those Jewish goals are inimical to our people.

But you know, you should decide that for yourself. You shouldn't just take my word for it. Yesterday a new Jewish film premiered. The name is Save the Last Dance. The film was made jointly by Paramount Pictures and MTV Films, both of which are subsidiaries of the Viacom Corporation. The Viacom Corporation is run by -- and largely owned by -- Jewish media boss Sumner Redstone, who was known to his parents as Murray Rothstein. And Redstone also acquired CBS recently, making him one of the top three media bosses in America -- all three of them Jews, of course. Redstone has staffed his media empire with Jews from top to bottom. He has put in a Jewess, Sherry Lansing, as president of Paramount Pictures, for example. And Viacom's MTV division, which specializes in interracial entertainment for trendy young White people, is well represented by the executive there who has handled the Save the Last Dance project, David Gale. Gale, a Jew, is senior vice-president of MTV Films.

Save the Last Dance is a film aimed at 13- to 17-year-old White girls. Its message to these teenaged White girls is that sex with Black boys is "cool." Very briefly, the story line is this: Sara is a White high school girl who lives in a very White small town in Illinois with her mother. Sara loves to dance, and her ambition is to become a ballet dancer. Then Sara's mother is killed in an accident, and Sara moves to Chicago to live with her father. In Chicago she attends a mostly Black high school, meets a Black boy who is into hip hop, and the two of them are drawn together by their shared interest in dancing -- although their dance styles are as different as . . . black and white. And so, of course, they end up in bed together, despite the objections of Sara's "racist" father.

I might not have mentioned this film to you if it were simply another piece of the race-mixing filth the Jews of Hollywood have been churning out during the last few years. All of this filth has the same aim, but with most of it the people who don't want to see the truth about what the Jews are up to could argue that it is simply typically low-grade Hollywood entertainment which uses interracial sex for spice, for titillation, but that there's no evil motive behind it, no intent to encourage interracial sex.

Well, they can't argue that about Save the Last Dance. This is a film which is aimed squarely at teenaged White girls, by far the most impressionable and susceptible segment of the White population, and its intent is to make them more receptive to the idea of interracial sex. All sorts of advertising promotions have been launched for this film, and they're all aimed at teenaged White girls. If you want to know what's on the minds of the people who made this film, go to their very own web site,, and read what they say. Clearly, encouraging interracial sex was the thing most on their minds. The film's Jewish producer, Robert Cort, discusses his motivation with his co-producer, David Madden. They say that they and others at Paramount wanted to produce a film about:

interracial romance and the social impact created by such a subject. We felt a movie could explore what those obstacles were for people involved in such relationships, particularly young people in high school.
So the Jews at Paramount Pictures turned to a Black director who has a fixation on interracial sex, Thomas Carter. According to the movie's official web site,, Carter:

had been looking for a story about interracial relationships that he could bring to the screen. Carter says the film positively reinforces the possibilities for people to love and understand each other, even when they are from different backgrounds and races.
Well, that's just a small sampling. Look at some of the film clips from Save the Last Dance that you can view free on the Internet. Look at some of the promotions that are so obviously intended to persuade teenaged White girls to see the film and to imitate Sara's behavior. The clear message of the film to these teenaged White viewers is, "Go thou now and do likewise."

The last thing I want to do is put more money into Sumner Redstone's pockets, but I recommend that you see the film for yourself, so that it will stick in your mind and you still will remember it when the time for the cleansing of America comes.

I don't want to give you the impression that there's something special about Redstone or the other Jews at Viacom. Some Jewish media push interracial sex more blatantly than others, but they're all behind it: all of the Jewish newspapers and magazines from the New York Times and Newsweek magazine on down, all of the Jewish film and television producers, all of the Jewish advertising agencies. It's not just a Redstone thing or a Viacom thing or a Paramount Pictures thing; it's a Jewish thing.

I'll give you another example. The Miramax division of Disney also has a new film promoting sex between teenaged White girls and Black boys. The name of the Disney film is O. Although it hasn't been released yet, there's plenty of information available about it. It's been finished for more than a year, but the release has been postponed several times, reportedly because the Jewish bosses at Miramax, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, were nervous about some of the sex and violence in the film. There's a horrific scene in the film where the Black "hero" brutally rapes his pretty, blonde, teenaged girlfriend.

The Weinstein brothers are very close to both Al Gore and Hillary and Bill Clinton, and it has been rumored that they were concerned that controversy over the film might hurt Gore's chances in the recent presidential election. Perhaps Michael Eisner, the Jewish boss of Disney, Miramax's parent company, was worried too. And maybe the film's Jewish executive producer, Michael Levy, also expressed concern. Unless there's another postponement, however, O finally should be released sometime in the first half of this year. You should see that one too, in order to steel yourself for the hard and bloody things we will need to do in the future.

And really, that's what this is all about. As important as it is for White Americans to be informed about the criminality of Blacks and the hatred that Blacks have for us, as important as it is for us to be informed about atrocities such as those in Wichita last month, what is far more important is that we understand the systematic and deliberate distortion and suppression of the news by the Jewish bosses of the news media. The Wichita rapes and murders are more important as evidence of Jewish intent than of Black criminality.

And as important as it is for decent White Americans to be aware of the sort of destructive filth coming out of Hollywood which is targeting our children, what is far more important is for us to understand the systematic nature of this destructive filth, to understand that there is a purpose behind it, and to understand what that purpose is and whose purpose it is.

On these broadcasts I believe it's fair to say that I try harder than anything else to make myself clear. I try to state things as simply and unambiguously as I can. I try to find the most compelling evidence I can and to present it accurately and in a way that makes its meaning easy to grasp. Whenever I can, I use evidence that listeners can check for themselves if I tell them where to look. Certainly, that's true of the things of which I've spoken on this broadcast: both the Wichita rapes and murders and the Jewish films promoting miscegenation. And I try to draw my conclusions from the evidence in a way that makes those conclusions unavoidable for any reasonable listener. The principal conclusion I have drawn in this broadcast is that the Jews who dominate our news and entertainment media are not simply businessmen trying to maximize their profits, like any other businessmen. They are men who also have a political, social, cultural, and racial agenda. They report the news selectively in order to advance their agenda, and they produce entertainment for the public designed to advance their agenda. Among other things on their agenda are the moral disarmament of the White public, the destruction of any sense of White identity or White pride, the inculcation of a sense of White guilt, and the paralysis of our will to resist the total Jewish domination of our society, the paralysis of our will to survive.

Now, that's a strong conclusion to draw just from the evidence I've presented in this broadcast. But I've presented corroborating evidence in more than two hundred other broadcasts. The selective reporting of the news in a way designed to make Whites feel guilty and the production of Hollywood films that attempt to persuade teenaged White girls that they should look favorably on sex with Blacks fit in perfectly with the Jews' support for open borders, the Jews' tireless work for "diversity" and multiculturalism, the Jews' advocacy of more and more "hate crime" legislation, the Jews' campaign against the Second Amendment, the Jews' efforts to censor the Internet and obtain legislation against "speech crime." Look at Jewish motives and activities in the light of history. Look at the way in which America has changed demographically, culturally, and morally during the past half-century under the impact of Jewish propaganda and Jewish policies. These changes did not come about by accident. They are the result of design.

The biggest and most important single factor in the Jewish campaign against White America is the Jewish control of the mass media of news and entertainment. Most Jews, of course, are not media bosses. Most Jews are not in a position to plan the selective reporting of the news or produce films designed to encourage interracial sex, the way Sumner Redstone and Michael Eisner and the Weinstein brothers are. But all of them -- or nearly all of them -- support the same things these Jewish leaders do. What is happening to America is not simply the consequence of having a small number of powerful and evil Jews in the media. It is happening as a consequence of having six million Jews in America. A small number of them control our mass media. The rest provide the Jewish tribal infrastructure which makes that control possible.

Again I say to you: don't just take my word for it. Think about it for yourself. Check the evidence for yourself. Draw your own conclusions. But don't just continue sitting on your hands and ignore what is being done to your country, to your civilization, and to your race.

This just goes to show you (4, Insightful)

bstrahm (241685) | about 13 years ago | (#2389926)

How powerful standard desktop computers are. There is only two orders of magnitude between a normal desktop computer (I refuse to call a Pentium III 733 as outdated) and a mainframe computer.

Now all we need are ways of getting local connections significantly faster (Did someone say Gig Ethernet) to allow faster communication between the nodes and we will be able to scale beyond several hundred and break the top 100. I hear 1gig NICs will be falling in price to under $100 US retail soon...

How fast do you connect to your cluster ?

Re:This just goes to show you (1)

dirtyhippie (259852) | about 13 years ago | (#2390092)

No... What really is needed is not more bandwidth, but lower latency (more bandwidth IS nice, however)... That way we could have hard real-time distributed supercomputers. Wouldn't mind one or two of those myself...

Re:This just goes to show you (1)

bstrahm (241685) | about 13 years ago | (#2390175)

Well here I thought we were staying with commodity hardware, but if we are going to go beyond commodity hardware into stuff that is engineered to provide low latency, high bandwidth, lets look at technologies like Infiniband [] which is engineered to avoid almost all OS latencies by delivering data directly to applications from hardware with OS bypass (almost no software between your app and the hardware anymore), and at 2 Gb/sec it isn't too bad on the performance scale. However I am betting that when this stuff comes out it will be a little pricey and go slightly over the 210,000 dollar budget

worry? (3, Funny)

motherhead (344331) | about 13 years ago | (#2389932)

Should I worry that practically anyone can now build a supercomputer?

Yes, you should probably worry that practically anyone can build a supercomputer. But you could mitigate all that fear with the fact that not practically anyone can whip up software that takes full advantage of it.

Thank god there isn't any off the shelf "missile trajectory" software in the CDW catalog. you would hope that any society that can whip together motivated coders to write such code already has access to some pretty spiffy kit.

(yeah i said "kit"... and I'm from Chicago... I feel like such a wanker.)

On the preponderance of "Kit" (2)

ColGraff (454761) | about 13 years ago | (#2390117)

As we all know, "kit" is a british slang term for computer hardware. What many people may not know is that it is also the secret weapon in a British campaign of cultural assimilation.

Yes, you heard me right. Cultural assimilation. The brits are sick of seeing Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and the sexy chick from Enterprise on TVs all over the world, and they're going to do something about it.

The British invented the English language, and in many circles certain British accents are percieved as more sophisticated or upper-class. They're capitalizing on that by inventing slang terms - "kit" being among the forerunners - that other English-speaking peoples appropriate. Thus is begins.

Soon, British TV will move off of PBS, where it belongs. British computer games and hardware will surpass American in popularity. And there is nothing - absolutely nothing - we can do about it.

(In case you hadn't realized it, yes this is a joke. And yes, I know it's offtopic and will be moderated as such. But this was fun to write.)

Re:On the preponderance of "Kit" (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390162)

thanks, i enjoyed reading it.

The British invented the English language? (0)

glrotate (300695) | about 13 years ago | (#2390165)

They did? I always thought it was the amalgamation
of german and french after the battle of hastings.

Re:The British invented the English language? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390186)

whenever you see the word "french" in history, replace it with "latin"

it might not be accurate, no. but at least it disassociates the modern world from the stinking french.

Seems like a lot of effort (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389933)

just to run Mozilla.

The amusing implication of this (0)

WillSeattle (239206) | about 13 years ago | (#2389940)

is that Iraq and Afghanistan could develop their own nuclear bomb programs.

Think about it. Mandrake supercomputer cluster + determination + funds = more fun for us.

And all the attempts by the NSA to restrict code will be meaningless.

Air strikes against computers? (2, Interesting)

Dr. Spork (142693) | about 13 years ago | (#2390130)

I bet you HP and many other tech companies have people who called the government telling them they should bomb "enemy" computers because they are "weapons systems." With this cluster, we see this justification could apply to any computer whatsoever.

Then, the US gets tired of bombing, and HP sells them new machines. Soon thereafter, we decide their new "good" dictator is just as bad as their old "bad" dictator, and the cycle begins again.

Re:The amusing implication of this (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390192)

A cluster of linux pc's, no matter how much mentalmasturbation a nerd or two does, cannot be used to create nuclear weapons. For that, you need lots of enriched plutonium and smart scientists, Iraq and Afghanistan are low on both at the moment.

What is more worrying is the possible aquisition of stolen russian suitcase nukes [ttp] . Can you say "holy jihad holocaust"? I thought so.

An interesting project (2, Interesting)

bstrahm (241685) | about 13 years ago | (#2389943)

I have not had the chance to play with Beowulf clusters at all. Do I still get a local desktop on certain clustered computers ???

The ultimate Linux selling tool, every linux box in your company is a node in a cluster, add a few servers for extra speed, add a few computers to provide file I/O and backup capability, and you have one of the fastest supercomputers available to your company without having to spend an extra dime (everyone needs a desktop anyway). Can you imagine the extra cycles available for simulation, whatever when people start going home at 5 PM.

Re:An interesting project (1)

ichimunki (194887) | about 13 years ago | (#2390047)

And can you imagine the damage to your data set when some dipshit spills coffee all over his/her desktop/node, or tries to open the latest Outlook virus? :)

Re:An interesting project (2, Insightful)

bstrahm (241685) | about 13 years ago | (#2390076)

Absolutely none I would hope... The dataset resides on a centrally managed server, and because they are running a Linux desktop I get to laugh at what a trojan horse virii can do to a user account on a Unix box. This can also be removed as a problem by putting a keyboard, mouse and monitor on the desktop and locking the PC into a cabnet under each desk... What the user can't touch the user can't screw-up

That is a serious problem though, and one I assume Beowulf clusters will take care of, what if a node goes down in the middle of processing, how does the cluster respond to it ?

Saddam Hussein's is faster (1)

corebreech (469871) | about 13 years ago | (#2389964) []

You'd think a top computer manufacturer would be able to beat out a part-time dictator from the third-world in gigaflops, but I'm thinking it was more a demonstration by HP that they're getting set to embrace Linux and shelve HP-UX.

Yahoo! news (3, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389967)

shouln't that be Yahoo! Serious News now?

Technicly.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389972)

Technicly all you have to do is buy a single G4 Mac and you have a super computer. If you buy $210,000 worth of them, and use BlackLab linux from the Yellow Dog folks youll be good to go. Or you can just buy a few of their Briqs.

Re:Technicly.. (2, Informative)

flegged (227082) | about 13 years ago | (#2390062)

Yes, we all saw the Apple ads for the G4 being capable of 1GFlop. What you didn't see, was that the Pentium III 500 was capable of ~2GFlop. Now that can run an 1GHz. You also didn't see that AMD's Athlon, having a superscalar FPU, is faster than a P3. And now they can run at 1.6GHz. The P4 has new instructions to speed up certain types of multimedia processing as well. By contrast, the G4 is only now approaching 1GHz. Go figure (as you Americans say.. :o)

An Apple is not a supercomputer.

RISC does not mean faster. It allows for simpler design which can lead to increased speed, but as we have seen, Apple have consistently failed to compete with Intel and AMD (not that they even make thier own chips...). CISC is actually a good idea, since with the huge speed differential between CPU and memory, and the introduction of cache, the bottleneck in any system is the memory bandwidth. Think for a moment : why did Intel add instructions to the x86 architecture in every iteration? Because its faster having one instruction doing something complex, than many simple ones, simply because of the reduced frequency of memory access. In todays computers, RISC doesn't mean anything, since memory, storage and network bandwidth is the bottleneck.

The moral of this story:
1: Don't believe Apple's advertising.
2: Don't believe what a Mac Zealot will tell you about RISC or some other claptrap.
3: Get ppc Mandrake if you're unfortunate enough to have actually bought a G4.

Yes, I use Macs. Daily. And I hate Apple. But my PHB is a Mac zealot. It frightens the hell out of me seeing all our company's work being stored on a Mac (OS9 (no pre-emption, memory protection, RAID, journalling, or anything you would want for a server...)).

Re: RISC (2, Informative)

Turq (319326) | about 13 years ago | (#2390103)

While I agree with what much of flegged said, his/her post implies that modern Intel/AMD CPUs -are- largely CISC devices. This simply isn't the case. Both (the AMD moreso though) make heavy use of RISC-type design and technique.

RISC does matter, or Intel and AMD wouldn't be using it.

Re:Technicly.. (1)

nusuth (520833) | about 13 years ago | (#2390198)

nonsense. It is not the superiority of cisc, it is the superiority of amd and intel. Opposite is also nonsense, cpus do not directly execute instructions for the last 20 years or so, there is always a layer for translation to simpler operations. It is not the architecture that counts- after all every current cpu is risc in a sense- it is the implementation.

Spare cycle approach is interesting... (2)

alexhmit01 (104757) | about 13 years ago | (#2389973)

They mention in the end that they are working with Microsoft to support this approach. They also suggest using spare cycles. Unlike SETI@home, where you download some stuff, work on it, send it back, this appears to be a system where the power scales linearly with nodes.

Windows support makes a difference. Take a large company (10,000+ in a single location) that has some intensive projects. In this case, they could just drop the $210,000 (call it $750,000 with installation, support, etc.) and put it in a room.

However, a smaller shop, say, 50-250 employees, being able to install this software on the staff's machines. They rarely use their computers to capcacity, and can probably contribute 90% of the CPU 90% of the time. This approach could let people doing giant calculations do so cheaply.

The real question, however, is who needs that kind of horse-power. For those that need the horse power, is the savings with off-the-shelf components meaningful.

Its a tremendous accomplishment, and I wonder how much of the changes were new (vs. Beowulf clusters that we always hear about). However, if this fills a need, congratulations, its an impressive accomplishment regardless.


Is this a story from 1993? (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389974)

Uh, I was doing this in the early 90's (as were many others). The idea of using idle cycles from your workstations is beyond old. Is it somehow newsworthy because HP did it? The article makes it sound like a revelation. I'm willing to bet what I was doing was more sophisticated. My processes would relocate themselves whenever a regular user logged in and would even save the system state to prevent any lost work. Hmmm ... sounds like a nasty virus! And while I'm at it, Beowulf was nothing more than rehash as well. How far back does PVM date? Guess it is just because the name sounds cool.

[OT] Yahoo news posts (1)

realdpk (116490) | about 13 years ago | (#2389979)

Argh. Is it possible that when news articles come listed from Yahoo that a non-Yahoo source could be used instead, or at least added as a secondary link?

As soon as I see a blur (pop-behind) ad I quickly close the page I'm on in the naive hope that they track when people stop visiting their sites and don't leave via an ad... ;)

story should actually read... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389982)

SLiDERPiMP writes: "Yahoo! Serious is reporting that HP created an 'off-the-shelf' supercomputer, using 256 e-pc's (blech!). What they ended up with is the 'I-Cluster,' ...

hey (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389988)

lick my god damn mother fucking balls

real winner == open source cluster software (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2389994)

you have to admit that the free open source tools, drivers, os code, and yes for the STALLMANnanites - GNU code are the real winners here.

They make it possible.

Kind of like having a linux router project floppy and adding enough to download/accept workloads from another system. No HD required == $150 or less per node.

okay um.. (2)

Wakko Warner (324) | about 13 years ago | (#2389996)

i'll give you $210,000 so you can do exactly what with your new supercomputer?

also, who will pay your power bills?

i don't get this "drool factor" thing some people have for supercomputers... sure, they're cool and all, but they can do exactly nothing you would want or need to do on a day-to-day basis...

Re:okay um.. (2)

dillon_rinker (17944) | about 13 years ago | (#2390067)

Photo realistic first-person shooters, 75 frames per second.

To Divx-Encode DVD rips in minutes? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390078)

. . . so you can do exactly what with your new supercomputer?

seriously (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390002)

please suck my god damn cock

Okay, so I'm curious: (3, Funny)

Saint Aardvark (159009) | about 13 years ago | (#2390006)

Sez the cost was $210k US w/o cabling...why the qualification? What *would* cabling for 225-odd boxen cost?

NEXT:clustering consumer electronics + computers (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390009)

"A more daunting task might be taking the model to a consumer environment, which, Richard pointed out, is full of often dormant processors like those in printers and DVD players.

what scares me is... (1)

pXgray (464284) | about 13 years ago | (#2390027)

The individual machines that made up the I-Cluster are now out of date, each running on 733MHz Pentium III processors with 256MB of RAM and a 15GB hard drive. HP introduced a faster version at the beginning of this month and will launch a Pentium 4 e-PC by the end of the year.

this kind of hardware is out of date? unless i'm mistaken HP markets these e-PCs toward home users looking for light processing power, such as the ability to view web pages, read emails, and play solitaire. this looks more like a power-user rig, or something a gamer would have as a decent Q3A machine. how in the world could this hardware be obsolete? i guess i should replace the pentium III 933 i'm running because lord knows it just won't hold up to today's high powered apps! man it's almost a year old, i should start worrying...


Re:what scares me is... (2)

Fencepost (107992) | about 13 years ago | (#2390142)

It's probably out of date because processors that speed are either already unavailable or will be shortly. They could presumably underclock, but it makes more sense to just tweak the model number slightly.

It's at #385 in the list (4, Informative)

CormacJ (64984) | about 13 years ago | (#2390030)

The latest top 500 list is here : []

The cluster is at #385

Re:It's at #385 in the list (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390077)

Avalon was at #113 in 1998
It used completely off-the-shelf hardware.

Why not just a g4? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390032)

You could spend $210,000 or just get a g4 from apple for about $4,000! G4s are sure super computers too. And then you can use OS X instead of Mandrake Linux. Much better.


Re:Why not just a g4? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390123)

See above, RE your rendundant comment.
Please read before posting.

distributed supercomputer cluster (2, Interesting)

maxpublic (450413) | about 13 years ago | (#2390048)

What I'd like to see is a shot at a distributed supercomputer cluster utilizing the spare cpu cycles of computers on high-speed internet connections (cable or DSL). Since efficiency would be remarkably degraded by slow communication times and the fact that many of these computers would be running Office (ahem), you'd have to scale up at least one order of magnitude.

Technically I can't see why this wouldn't be feasible. It would be beyond SETI and protein folding in that the 'control center' could change what problem was being worked on at any time. It may not be incredibly practical compared to setting up specific machines in a single large room, but it would be free and have a potential user base in the hundreds of thousands or millions.

Imagine: instead of the same SETI screen output time and again, you'd get a message on your SS saying "would you like to see what your computer is working on right now? How about high-pressure fluid dynamics in environment x?"


Let me get this straight... (-1, Redundant)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390069)

The worst terrorist attacks in United States history occurred less than, I dont fucking know how many weeks now, and you people are discussing "Off-The-Shelf PCs as Clusters."

How do "Clusters" help the 6000+ people that died as a result of being burnt to death, ripped to shreds, smashed, blown to bits, jumping from 80 stories to their death to avoid being burnt alive or being pinned between thousands of tons of steel and concrete for a week?


Unless you are going to discuss something worthwhile to humanity, such as ridding the world of disease, then shut the fuck up and stop discussing this useless shit, please.

Quite frankly, the 6000+ people who died in this unprecedented tragedy could give a rats ass about the clusters.

You people absolutely disgust me. You are all poor excuses for human beings.
I am almost ashamed to visit this site after seeing the terrorist attacks in the news on this site for a few days and then just brushing it aside and moving along as if it was no big deal.
You people simply play too many computer games and thus have no grip on the reality of this tragedy.
Its obvious that computer-game-playing-linux-geeks have no sense of reality, are very self-centered and have no regard for human life.

You should all be glad that you are alive and well and able to masturbate as frequently as you like while looking at, and not stuck under 100 stories of a collapsed building with your penis sliced off from shrapnel.

By the way, we all know that Linux is a fucking piece of shit operating system thats only used by so-called "elitists" because it looks "complex" and childish technical messages scroll accross the screen when something goes wrong. The fact is, they should be running the superior operating system, Windows, on this cluster. It could be much more efficient.

Re:Let me get this straight... (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390146)

stfu. the president said "move on." so move on already. plus, you're a fool.

A cluster of Rippers (1)

sabinm (447146) | about 13 years ago | (#2390088)

Richard said that supercomputing power could come in handy for certain tasks, like converting large video files from one format to another, that currently take a good amount of patience.

Any one else notice that this seems to be a very elaborate (and expensive) project just to bootleg encrypted DVDs?

Power Usage (2, Interesting)

Xunker (6905) | about 13 years ago | (#2390104)

I wasn't able to get hard facts about this, so I'm going to throw out the question for general "gee whiz" value.

I was pondering the computrons per watt of a cluster such as this versus a real honest-to-Bob supercomputer (Something from Cray/Terra/SGI, for example). we can assume that each machine in HPs cluster uses probably 60-80 watts (because they're sans monitor), so youre looking at about between 1.2 and 1.8 kilowatt hours to power this thing. I'm not sure what a Cray TSE [] uses, but I have to think it's nowhere near that because of all the redundancy that PC clusters use (one Power supply, chipset, etc per Core).

Though, I'm sure if you can afford either a Cray or 256 PCs, you can afford the power bills, too. If you have to ask how much it will cost you, you can't afford it. But while CIP (Cluster of Inexpensive PCs) is cheaper, is it as efficient?

MS Costs (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390113)

So if this solution was done with MS licensing.. what would it cost? 225(machines) * $1800(Advanced Server) + $210000(initial cost) = $615000. Ouch. And I believe theres a licencing cost for Cluster Services too isn't there?

what about... (2, Interesting)

Phalkin (413055) | about 13 years ago | (#2390125)

using a bunch of those 1U dual athlon rackmount boxes for this? seems like it would reduce the overall footprint by several orders of magnitude, as well as easily doubling (if not tripling) the power. comments, anyone?

An idea for a business plan (2)

motherhead (344331) | about 13 years ago | (#2390149)

Hey remember all those completely and hopelessly out of work Russian PhD CS grads sitting around and starving and writing strong crypto software for the Russian Mafia? You might even have heard that the Russian Mafia is always looking to explore new business ideas and strategy.

Well hell wouldn't this be a great business opportunity for both of them?Call it RMBM (Russian Mafia Business Machines), and then build cheap super-clusters and turnkey code for "specialized" clients. The possibilities are endless.

This is where you get them now: Support. You sell them the machines at a 25% markup and then charge a ridiculous annual service agreement.

From the presentation:
"Using "borrowed" Post-CCCP Mi-8TV assault/commando choppers RMBM support staff can be deployed to your corner of the desert in a matter of hours! Lets see IBM match that! Not even Larry Ellison and his personal Mig can touch that! (canned laugh track)"

I don't know, maybe not.

Q3 Hmmm (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2390158)

I wonder how many FPS you could get in Quake 3 running on a PVM? Or for that matter, install Free-M-Ware (or VMware if you like) and install XP on it. Heck, it might even run at a half way usable speed, judging from reports from people that may not be to far from the truth..

Downturn clustering (2, Funny)

Daniel Quinlan (153105) | about 13 years ago | (#2390194)

I guess this is what you do with all of that extra inventory. Clusters coming from Gateway and Dell next.
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