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CmdrTaco posted about 13 years ago | from the it's-been-awhile dept. 1057

It's been a long time since I posted an update about Slashdot but a few recent changes warrant me doing it. You should see the OSDN Navbar atop the page now. I don't like it any more then many of you, so if you log in, there is an option to disable it. (Click the 'X', or look in Preferences:Misc) A few more notes follow including the lowdown on subscriptions, formkey bugs, and AC filters.

The formkey bug that was wreaking havoc all weekend was fixed. It was a mistake in seeding rand that was causing a small percentage of users to have problems posting. It wasn't a conspiracy designed to thwart anyone, just you. Man it was a pain in the ass. But it was squashed on Sunday (thank god).

Anonymous Coward filtering is now in place. It's not exactly finished, but it'll do for now. Essentially there is now a user preference that sets all AC posts to -1. This has been a very common user request for some time, so turn it on if you like. It's currently off by default. It's only a baby step: eventually there will be more fine-tuned controls for anonymous posts, as well as comment types. For Example: I'd personally like to assign a -2 penalty on any comment rated 'funny' because most of them frankly just aren't funny at all. But humor is far too subjective to say that the moderation is unfair. Anyway, now everyone can decide for themselves. That should happen in the next few weeks.

Last up, I'm gonna talk a little about advertisements and subscriptions. Slashdot continues to grow: our traffic has increased by like 10% in the last few months, and simply selling the banner ads you see on top of each page isn't going to be enough to keep us afloat if we keep growing. And selling banner ads in 2001 is an awful lot harder then it was in 1999.

The change will be a different ad size on the article page. Currently we have the standard banner size on top of all pages, but soon the article pages will instead have those huge square things that you see on CNet or ZD. I know this will be unpopular with many people, myself included, but when we make the switch, we will also have some sort of subscription system where you can pay a fee to disable them honestly. (No I don't know how much yet!)

Just to shut down the conspiracy theorists, nobody is forcing us to make these changes: The navbar. The new ad formats. The subscription system. I could just say 'No' to changes like these. But Slashdot is now four years old ... and I want it to still be here four years from now. I hope you can understand the expensive reality associated with making this site happen every day for a quarter of a million readers.

Now flame me if you feel it necessary. Get it out of your system.

Sorry! There are no comments related to the filter you selected.

Man, I love calculus (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463077)

I just got the biggest erection of my life, staring at a third derivative calculus problem. I need to clean up now. -Fran

Re:Man, I love calculus (-1)

evil_spork (444038) | about 13 years ago | (#2463118)

Too bad they've done nothing to stop the crapflooding. You can try, Taco, but you can't win. You can only hope to contain the crapflooders.


Dear Taco (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463163)

Hey, CmdrTaco....

Shut the fuck up [] !!

The new bar... (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463079)

BUG: I've hit the X to get rid of it. It disappears for the following page but comes right back on subsiquent pages.

Re:The new bar... (-1, Redundant)

Kalak451 (54994) | about 13 years ago | (#2463094)

I had the same problem, but it seems to be fixed now. Thank god.

Re:The new bar... (0, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463134)

Cmdrtaco: X will make less sense to blind folk. If you put a title="blah" attribute in your anchor tag for the X you can have proper description of the link :)

First Post. (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463080)

First Post.

OSDN Bar (-1, Flamebait)

swordboy (472941) | about 13 years ago | (#2463082)

I don't like it any more then many of you, so if you log in, there is an option to disable it.

Then why is it there? I assume because of the money involved. Doesn't that make you a whore?

Re:OSDN Bar (0, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463122)

You are so full of shit I can't believe it.

Give the guy a break. Are they supposed to pull the money for the servers and bandwidth out of their asses?

Re:OSDN Bar (-1)

evil_spork (444038) | about 13 years ago | (#2463141)

No, they are supposed to pull the money from this ass [] . Too bad they can't because Jon Katz's dick is stuck in it.


Re:OSDN Bar (-1)

evil_spork (444038) | about 13 years ago | (#2463159)

Did I mention that *BSD, VA Linux, and Slashdot are all dying?


Re:OSDN Bar (-1)

evil_spork (444038) | about 13 years ago | (#2463178)

And don't let CowboyNeal get stuck in the doorway on the way out!


Re:OSDN Bar (-1)

evil_spork (444038) | about 13 years ago | (#2463197)

Taco just can't make enough money whoring himself out because nobody likes all that shit encrusted on his dick.


Re:OSDN Bar (-1)

evil_spork (444038) | about 13 years ago | (#2463213)

And who the fuck would want to pay for Slashdot? I sure as fuck wouldn't want to pay for this sorry piece of junk to go on.


SLASHDOT IS DEAD (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463137)

I think this is finally it. taco is just trying to delay the inevitable a little bit longer

How much? (2, Interesting)

RollingThunder (88952) | about 13 years ago | (#2463087)

Any ideas on how much de-advertising will cost?

Re:How much? (3, Redundant)

david614 (10051) | about 13 years ago | (#2463099)

Yeah. I presume that you have looked at ars technica's approach to subscriptions so that you can make this work.

You owe your readers early information on subscriptions. Otherwise, add busting software will make nonsense of your switch to ads plus subscriptions.

Last thing.

Those big mid-page ads on CNET are why I don't go there anymore.

You better have a good explanation for why you think that slashdot folks are willing to tolerate them.


Re:How much? (1, Redundant)

cloudmaster (10662) | about 13 years ago | (#2463108)

sites with big middle-of-the-page ads get images blocked by squid and perl. Slashdot's ads are explicitly allowed right now, but if they get big and/or obtrusive, they will be blocked as well. As they are, I leave them in (and even click them sometimes) in order to support the dot.

Re:How much? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463229)

If you genuinely want to support slashdot in the long term then buy something. Sure, you're under no obligation to buy, but without any interest to buy you shouldn't be clicking those links. You're just lowering the clickthrough/buy ratio - and believe me when I say that advertisers watch that kind of data to see where they should advertise in the future.

Re:How much? (4, Funny)

hexx (108181) | about 13 years ago | (#2463143)

Last thing.

Those big mid-page ads on CNET are why I don't go there anymore.

You better have a good explanation for why you think that slashdot folks are willing to tolerate them.

You don't have to tolerate them! Taco just said you can buy a subscription and disable them!

And as unpopular as it is to pay for the things, people work on slashdot so we can all have fun reading it. And they have to make money too (god knows their stock ain't worth shit anymore).

Re:How much? (2)

MAXOMENOS (9802) | about 13 years ago | (#2463161)

You owe your readers early information on subscriptions. Otherwise, add busting software will make nonsense of your switch to ads plus subscriptions.

Let me second this. Please, Tac, please, Hemos, give us some information on the subscription service. I personally wouldn't mind paying a subscription fee for Slashdot, if it means Slashdot will survive into the future, but do let people opt in for a month or two before the nasty-ads show up.

Worst case scenario, the nasty-ads will drive readership, and therefore costs, down. :)

Re:How much? (1, Redundant)

Hacker Cracker (204131) | about 13 years ago | (#2463166)

How much will it cost to de-advertize? How about nothing?

If you use Opera that is. Simply press the 'G' key and viola! No ads!


-- Shamus

I Hate Ads!
This space for rent! EZ terms!

i blame taco! (-1, Redundant)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463090)

blame! blame!

X is broken (-1, Redundant)

ShaunC (203807) | about 13 years ago | (#2463093)

I click the X. It takes me to the miscellaneous options page. I click Save, and... The OSDN nav menu comes right back.

Can't we make this option a little/b more persistent? ;)


As long as there are no X10 ads... (3, Offtopic)

Robber Baron (112304) | about 13 years ago | (#2463095)

Otherwise we'll really have to hate you.

Re:As long as there are no X10 ads... (2, Informative)

cascino (454769) | about 13 years ago | (#2463175)

Actually I would prefer X10 ads - as another /. reader pointed out, X10 ads can be turned off [] for 30 days at a time.

Re:As long as there are no X10 ads... (1)

Bender Unit 22 (216955) | about 13 years ago | (#2463191)

Wait until you close your /. browser.....

Not so bad (2)

MxTxL (307166) | about 13 years ago | (#2463096)

I don't like it any more then many of you, so if you log in, there is an option to disable it.

I didn't even notice it until i read that it was there.... but thanks for the option to disable.

Re:Not so bad (0, Flamebait)

Telek (410366) | about 13 years ago | (#2463114)

Oh I noticed, because I was in the middle of posting a comment and instead I wasted my time because I got a "this form doesn't accept the POST method" and my comment was lost. This happens far too often for my likings, then I saw this navbar at the top, and /. was apparently screwed because I couldn't do anything except for view the static homepage...

For a site that preaches the values of open source, it sure is funny that /. can't seem to keep their site up for more than a week at a time without some sort of system failure.

Re:Not so bad (1)

gfilion (80497) | about 13 years ago | (#2463174)

<i>rm -f /bin/laden</i>

I would say: cat /bin/laden | kill


who cares? (-1)

Bilton (517325) | about 13 years ago | (#2463098)

Important raw materials: The attempt which maintains the post of the topic. Try the fact that you answer to the comment of the other people in the change which begins the new thread. In order to avoid the fact that what is said your monopolized ones already reproduces simply, before posting, read the message to the people. You describe use the clear subject concerning those where is your message. The Offtopic and the inflammatory, inadequacy, illegality or the causing ê which is eased there was no offensive comment. (As for you the uniform post of everything which is eased, it can read with the adjustment of your boundary in the page of user preference)

Ugh... more blatant captialist garbage. (1)

Twilight1 (17879) | about 13 years ago | (#2463100)

VA strong arming OSDN yet again... turning it into a huge marketing machine and statistics generator for SourceForge.

It may be necessary, but god... it is ugly... and when those big ugly square ads come along, I'm finally going to make the jump to junkbuster.


Re:Ugh... more blatant captialist garbage. (1)

Twilight1 (17879) | about 13 years ago | (#2463185)

...and I would like to point out that I would gladly pay to see NO advertising... but only if that was truly no advertising. No blocky ads, no banner ads, no text ads. Of course, inadvertantly advertising something cool by posting a neat-o factor article about it would be fine.

And I will shoot CmdrTaco the first time I hear him doing the Paul Harvy ad/testamonial. Good day.

--Twilight1 Has Let Me Down (0, Offtopic)

ekrout (139379) | about 13 years ago | (#2463103)

Regarding the link in the new Slashdot NavBar -- Has Let Me Down -- Yes, they got hacked, and yes, they lost a ton of data, but that was many many months ago. It's ashame that us KDE folks have had to migrate elsewhere [] , but what else did the folks expect. They provided a great service for many years, but were unable to continue it. They've been promising a new site for awhile now (there's actually a beta version up), but it's just been too long of a wait for most of us. Has Let Me Down (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463182)

Aye, it be true. They are slack.

I mean really. Themes and desktops for several environments, each with resizable screenshot and comment system. Oh, and polls options and front page news stories.

If it's dead they should give it a proper funeral. If it's coming back they should set a date.

shit. (1, Flamebait)

garcia (6573) | about 13 years ago | (#2463104)

formkey bugs have been pissing me off for longer than just the weekend. It happens at like 1 out of 3 posts for me. It is actually pretty annoying to be told you cannot post b/c you already did. Nevermind the fact that sometimes it tells me that I don't have enough in the post (I think that a 12 word sentence is plenty).

Advertisements.. Eat me. "Slashdot is 4 years old and I want it here in 4 years." If the fucking traffic has increased 10% then that is just that much more money that you are making. Don't feed me this bullshit that I have to pay to get rid of them. The god damn subscription fee best be $1/yr or else you are full of shit.

-- enough of my annoying crap --

Funny posts -2? You said half the time they aren't funny (yes subjective..) yet more than 3/4 of the time they are funny. Assigning them -2 isn't much good, just remove them all together if you don't like them -2 is just going to make a 5 post a 3 and most people are still going to see it.

As far as blocking AC's... I say put in a AC asshole filter. Only blocking the god damn idiots that post (anything w/your specified words).

Thanks for keeping up the site for the most part you do a good job. I will pay $1/yr to remove the ads, otherwise you are making more money off me than you would if I just had the damn ads.

Re:shit. (3, Insightful)

JMan1865 (223387) | about 13 years ago | (#2463150)

If the fucking traffic has increased 10% then that is just that much more money that you are making. Don't feed me this bullshit that I have to pay to get rid of them. The god damn subscription fee best be $1/yr or else you are full of shit.
Do you have any understanding of the nature of business? Sure, page hits have increased 10%, but advertsing rates have dropped 50-75% - hence LESS MONEY MADE. I know it can't be easy to have a site strong enough to withstand the ungodly amount of hits that the /. servers withstood on 9-11 - but it's going to take some money to keep this up.

Deal with it people. If /. is worth it to you, pay for it. If not, bugger off. That will kill off most of the AC's - if they have to pay, no one will be an AC, and /. will increase its signal/noise considerably. A small price to pay for a bit more intelligent /.

Re:shit. (-1)

cyborg_monkey (150790) | about 13 years ago | (#2463199)

I say put in a AC asshole filter. Only blocking the god damn idiots that post...

I say let's put a garcia filter in place, that that will eliminate the assholes and the idiots in one shot.

Re:shit. (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463204)

"Slashdot is 4 years old and I want it here in 4 years." If the fucking traffic has increased 10% then that is just that much more money that you are making.

I would hate to ever see full sized ads, the banner is bad enough! But a 10% increase does not mean 10% more profit. Quite the opposite actually. That's 10% more strain on your network and equipment, but you'll be lucky if 1% click on the banner ads which is the money maker.

-2 for jokes: (1)

moogla (118134) | about 13 years ago | (#2463222)

What I think taco meant was that he wanted an entire system where each user gets to assign their own "values" to various "categorical ratings" (depending on your prefs), and he would add more of these categories. He added, that personally, he would like Funny to be -2, so only the really fucking funny ones would show up. But to each his own, he was quick to add. I think this is a great idea.

Can you change the colors? (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463109)

Something besides oogel would be good :P

That stuff might look ok on Freshmeat, just doesn't look right on /doot

That sound you hear... (5, Funny)

dlittled (187714) | about 13 years ago | (#2463110) 500,000 slashdotters clicking the "off" radio button for the OSDN bar -d

The X on the NavBar (0, Flamebait)

jmorris42 (1458) | about 13 years ago | (#2463111)

Har Har, very funny.

Clicking the X on the OSDN NavBar just logged me off /. and it didn't wanna log me back in again.

Using Mozilla 0.9.4 on RH7.1

Some contradiction here? (5, Insightful)

MongooseCN (139203) | about 13 years ago | (#2463112)

Most slashdotters are advocates about retaining their privacy and personal information. Yet when it comes to other peoples privacy, ie Anonymous Cowards, it's just unacceptable. Those same people want the Anonymous Cowards modded down. Maybe someone posting as an Anonymous Coward has no choice. If they need to post something negative about the company they work at or an opinion they don't want people to know is theirs, then they have to post anonymously.

Things need to work both ways here. Now go ahead and mod me down for "trolling".

Re:Some contradiction here? (1)

thehossman (198379) | about 13 years ago | (#2463145)

Hopefully some distinction will be made between ACs who are just being pricks, and people who are logged in but posting Anonymously

Re:Some contradiction here? (5, Insightful)

Telek (410366) | about 13 years ago | (#2463157)

Yes, however when the MAJORITY of people posting as Mr Anon Coward do so in order to post stupid or defamitory comments, FP/SP/TP/Xth Post comments or pictures of stupid ASCII art about goatsex, then things change considerably. Try reading at -1 and see all of the crap that is posted by these Anon Cowards and you'll get my point.

I see absolutely no reason why someone can't post as a logged in user. If, on the rare occasion, they need to have their anonimity protected, then post as an AC or make a new account. If the post is legitimate then it will be modded up to where people can read it.

Mind you, I personally see no problem with the system the way that it is.

Re:Some contradiction here? (3, Interesting)

Omerna (241397) | about 13 years ago | (#2463169)

This looks like a good argument, and in theory I agree, but if you take the time to look at every AC comment, I'd guess 90% are crap/ flames/ pointless. I realize there are some legitimate posts, but they are vastly outweighed by the static. Anyway, if you're privacy is such a concern that you'll post as AC, why not create an account just for this purpose? I don't remeber the exact procedure, but becoming a member here only took a couple of minutes max. Not to big a time investment.

Re:Some contradiction here? (1)

Phork (74706) | about 13 years ago | (#2463202)

I would say that it is still possible to maintain your privacy and post from an account on slashdot, thats because slashdot doesnt use your real name. slashdot is psuedononymous(sp?), no one forces you to have you email address or website listed.

Re:Some contradiction here? (5, Informative)

Surak (18578) | about 13 years ago | (#2463224)

Most slashdotters are advocates about retaining their privacy and personal information. Yet when it comes to other peoples privacy, ie Anonymous Cowards, it's just unacceptable.

How is this about privacy? The *only* piece of personal information you are *required* to give slashdot is a real e-mail address, which is required for validation purposes and for subscribing to the headline poster. (A few other things like messages were added with Banjo!)

The address you give them doesn't even have to be your main address anyway. You could (any many people do) give them a hotmail address or whatever.

Your posts can always get linked back to your IP address, AC or no AC, there's no way around that short of an anonymizer and there aren't too many of those around either. Besides anonymizers can't be trusted anyway.

So if you're so worried about privacy, disconnect your computer from the Internet, get your phone shut off, and move into microbus and go traveling around the country, even then you wouldn't have complete privacy.

Flame! (0, Redundant)

Mofo_abc123 (472684) | about 13 years ago | (#2463116)


Fewf, thats out of my system ;) seriously though given the state of things now, I'm glad that you guys are taking measures so that this site will be around for a while, keep up the good work

Please using SSL on every bit that /. sends out. (0, Offtopic)

Moray_Reef (75398) | about 13 years ago | (#2463117)

Please start encrypting every page that /. serves up. Just think how much chaff that will be for the FBI to filter out when they sniff (the ass of) every packet on the internet.

Reality: Love it or Hate it.... (4, Insightful)

MidKnight (19766) | about 13 years ago | (#2463120)

I had some fleeting thoughts about posting a flame-inducing rant here about the unsustainable nature of "free" stuff (news outlets, software, ketchup, take your pick), the inherent greed of human nature, and other related topics. I'm a capitalist... so shoot me.

But instead I'd like to just point out that Slashdot is an amazing accomplishment, and everyone who keeps it running deserves to get paid for it. The only people that will bitch about the (potential) subscription cost are the same ones whose posts I never read anyway.


that's nice (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463121)

Welp slashdot sold out.

It was semi-fun while it lasted.

After VA Linux sold out i know it would only be a matter of time before the hypocrisy trickled down to this place.

Oh well, linux news sites are a dime dozen, this place can kiss my ass...

ZDNet style ads...psh, no thanks. Censoring AC so more people feel pressured to make accounts, no thanks, i'll go to a Free site.

Please inact a subscription service! (3, Insightful)

lkaos (187507) | about 13 years ago | (#2463126)

I am an avid slashdot reader. I get more quality reading material out of slashdot than alot of the magazines I subscribe to (ok, it doesn't beat playboy, but what does...).

I personally have no problem paying a subscription fee.

And to start the flames off, that navbar really really sucks. What a dirty little trick to try to boost revenue at thinkgeek...

Extra goodies for subscribers??? (1)

adoll (184191) | about 13 years ago | (#2463228)

Hmm, and just like we could buy mulligans at the United Way golf tournament, can us subscribers get extra moderating ability? Or better yet, limit the moderating only to the subscribers? After all, we are the ones who are willing to put our pocket book on the line for the site...

And the ODSN bar doesn't really bug me. The colours are neutral enough that they don't cause a problem.


flame on (0, Flamebait)

cat_jesus (525334) | about 13 years ago | (#2463128)

Now flame me if you feel it necessary. Get it out of your system.

You she bitch of a goat's gizzard!

You distasteful snout of an eel's bladder!


Why the OSDN banner? (0, Redundant)

wdr1 (31310) | about 13 years ago | (#2463132)

Thanks for the update, CmdrTaco!

I really don't mean this in any sort of negative tone, but why add the OSDN banner if you didn't have to, and you didn't like it either?

Just curious,

CONSPIRACY & Score : 5, Insightful & (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463135)

This is obviously a sellout conspiracy masterminded by the evil genius CMDR TUNA TACO

Ads are not necessarily bad... (2, Interesting)

TheMacGenius (526831) | about 13 years ago | (#2463136)'s just the implementation of some of them that everyone hates. I personally don't mind ads at all as long as they are embedded into the page and not pop-ups or pop-behinds. You really want to make them effective? Figure out a way to target them a little better. Perhaps a preferences page or something. I have no interest in the latest rack mount system, so if you could figure out a way to hide that when I log in and show a tasty ThinkGeek caffeine ad instead, then your sponsor's ad dollars will be much better spent.

Re:Ads are not necessarily bad... (2)

Bonker (243350) | about 13 years ago | (#2463193)

I agree. The big square boxes in ZDnet or CNet pages are really not that bad. I prefer them infinitely over the dread x-10 camera pop behind ad. And the all the flag companies that are attempting to profit from the disaster... *sigh*

The in-page ads are even better at catching my attention, especially if they are well designed, or offer something interactive, like the HP graphing calculator add, or the Sun breakout ad from a little while back.

The problem with the graphic calculator ad (which worked a lot like the 3d calculator from macOS for those who didn't see it) was that I spent all my time playing the controls, but never actually visited HP's site.

How bout a mini-Tux Racer applet ad? I'd click if it meant I got to race Tux again.

Better targetted ads, not popups or popunders (1)

WillSeattle (239206) | about 13 years ago | (#2463223)

I'd second this. I don't mind semi-relevant ads (although those flashing ones I get on Yahoo! really bug me, and that means I won't buy their products).

I would like to be able to check a box that says SPORTS and then noone tries to sell me SPORTS.

Because I'm just not interested.


Re:Ads are not necessarily bad... (1)

AnonymousNonCoward (528209) | about 13 years ago | (#2463230)

"I personally don't mind ads at all as long as they are embedded into the page and not pop-ups or pop-behinds. " Aren't they called pop-unders? Am I the only one to not wonser why they're not called "pop-behinds"?

test (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463138)

testing out that -1 AC crap for myself

I want to help! (0, Troll)

fm6 (162816) | about 13 years ago | (#2463142)

I love popups! I'll take everybody else's!

Subscriptions are (unfortunatly) the future... (1)

ferratus (244145) | about 13 years ago | (#2463144)

So it seems /. is next. It seems like in order to view quality content (and buzz off if you feel /. isn't quality, then go elsewhere), we're gonna have to pay.

I don't mind paying for a site or two, but obviously, that's going to get readership down ALOT for most site. I wonder what will happend the internet going to become literally an electronic version of what we can buy in stores ? I mean, there's always going to be personnal sites, but anything that contains "" starts at -2 in my book.

Hopefully, the really good sites will survive.

Suggestion for users about the ads... (2)

Omerna (241397) | about 13 years ago | (#2463146)

Get an ad-blocking program. I have one that came included with my firewall (Norton Internet Security, think that's the name) and usually it blocks the all the ads. Sometimes it blocks legitimate pictures, but they're easy to call up. Instead of annoying ads I get nice white-space (BTW, ad designers, I'm more likely to glance at an ad if it's not overly cluttered, take a hint).

Also, some specifics about the pay feature would be nice, especially cost...

Re:Suggestion for users about the ads... (1)

czardonic (526710) | about 13 years ago | (#2463181)

(BTW, ad designers, I'm more likely to glance at an ad if it's not overly cluttered, take a hint).

Either Norton isn't doing as good a job as you say, or you aren't likely to look at ANY ads.

Re:Suggestion for users about the ads... (2)

Omerna (241397) | about 13 years ago | (#2463221)

Sometimes it's necessary to turn it off. When it's on, it's good. Most ads are blocked, and pop-ups are usually replaced by $-Save Now! in the header (Blue part at top w/ info about site). Norton deserves praise for what is, IMO, a good product.

Re:Suggestion for users about the ads... (2, Troll)

Hrunting (2191) | about 13 years ago | (#2463215)

Get an ad-blocking program.

Yeah, that's great until the sites that you want to read go the way of the dodo because they depend on the click-throughs that their ads generate and that you're eliminating because you're more intent on preventing something from showing up than you are on actually getting the content you need.

Not you personally, but the royal "you".

Take a look at the world around you. On television, you see advertising, unless you're watching a premium service that you pay for, like HBO or pay-per-view. On radio, you see advertising unless you're listening to a station like NPR which is funded through user donations (and during fund drives, fundraising pleas work just like advertisements). Even movies have taken on advertising to supplement the rising costs of making movies people want to see. I'm not sure what made the Internet think it was going to be any different, but that attitude has caught up with its proponents and sites are failing.

I really wish that rather than Slashdot taking on additional, large-scale advertising or premium payment, they move to an NPR-like member format, where Slashdot is "sponsored" by various individuals and companies. I have more respect for NPR than I do for HBO, and I hope Slashdot doesn't turn into "every other site", but rather becomes a model of a way to be successful and still maintain respect.

Raise your hand if.... (2)

Arctic Fox (105204) | about 13 years ago | (#2463148)

The formkey error bit you...
(thanks for the fix /. crew)

You "X"ed that OSDN bar on top...

OSDN Bar was disabled for me... (2)

Bonker (243350) | about 13 years ago | (#2463149)

And I never set it one way or the other. Did some /.ers get a lucky draw of the hat or was this a db column add that defaulted to 'null' instead of 'true'.

My wishes for CmdrTaco (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463153)

My wish for CmdrTaco is that he gets butt fucked by some big black bucks. He is an asshole.

Of course, he probably likes to get butt fucked by big black bucks.

You're becoming bitter, Rob... (0, Troll)

Bowie J. Poag (16898) | about 13 years ago | (#2463158)

You're becoming bitter, Rob. What a shame. ;)

Other membership benefits? (1)

blogan (84463) | about 13 years ago | (#2463162)

Will there be any other membership benefits? I mostly use lynx while I browse /. so ads aren't a problem for me. Perhaps have a membership for all of OSDN with perks at each site. Considering how much Slashdot's been down lately, I don't know if I'd get a subscription for just ads. Make new features that will make people want to pay, but nothing that excludes greatly the non-paying.

sort comments by threshhold and...type (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463164)

I think that we should be able to sort comments by the type(i.e. Funny, Insightful, Informative).

How about some innovation? (1)

haslup (30471) | about 13 years ago | (#2463165)

Ok, so we knew this had to happen at some point, right? No other advertising-only seems to be doing very well, so why would slashdot survive? I don't think the t-shirt sales from ThinkGeek will cover the expenditures of a site that gets so much traffic (although more products with "#include " might help).

So where's the innovation from the Slashdot readers? Yeah, we all hate the ads, but can we give Slashdot a viable alternative? Subscriptions are one, but that's boring and isn't likely to be a complete solution. I don't even think larger ads combined with a subscription will work, either...

Throw out some other ideas -- micropayments? Just another way to do subscriptions, but it could be interesting. Depost $5 into your slashdot account each week, but be careful of how many headlines you click into for 5 cents a piece...

Is there anything else? Or are web sites going to degrade down to a few sites owned by a few mega-companies that use them to provide a wee bit of news with a ton of ads promoting their new fall lineup?


Re:How about some innovation? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463180)

VA Linux wants to be a mega company...

They just failed utterly...

Mega Company, Failed Mega Compay, same difference.

Paid Logins (2)

h2odragon (6908) | about 13 years ago | (#2463168)

"de-advertising" blah. Give us who cough up real money endless moderator points... something. "Karma" made it all a game; EQ has shown how profitable that can be. If its not too expensive I'll pony up.

Re:Paid Logins (1)

KilljoyAZ (412438) | about 13 years ago | (#2463232)

Give us who cough up real money endless moderator points... something.

Hmm, money earning certain viewpoints a louder voice. Sounds a lot like Congress to me ;)

Reality Programming (1)

Marcus Erroneous (11660) | about 13 years ago | (#2463171)

Do what you must just don't Yahoo on us. It's been a good ride so far and I agree that you do a far better service by surviving another four years than by going the way of ;) Make the adjustments that you need to to live in the real world but don't stop showing it a new way to skin the cat. Oh, and don't go respectable on us. :) Rock on Dudes!

all ads gone? (2)

jonbrewer (11894) | about 13 years ago | (#2463172)

I'll pay more to get rid of the banners at the top. Serious. In fact, I'd pay $10/month for no images at all and some good, clean XHTML/css or XML/XSL. Give me more information, faster, cut all the ads, the lousy HTML formatting, and I'll gladly pay for it.

Give the customer whatever s/he wants, and you'll stay afloat.

Re:all ads gone? (2)

Zachary Kessin (1372) | about 13 years ago | (#2463226)

The problem with this is if you say I would pay site X $10/month to get rid of the adds. And you have more than 1 site that you read regularly, and I have about a dozen. Then you could end up with $100+ a month to not see adds. That is more than I want to pay.

A few questions... (1)

Stauf (85247) | about 13 years ago | (#2463173)

#1 would have to be the obvious - how much?

#2 would a subscription disable all ads (including those at the top of the page)?

#3 apart from ads, what benefits would subscribers get? I realise this will depend on the price (i.e. I wouldn't expect anything more if it cost $5/year, but if I end up paying $10/month then I'd want something more)

Apart from that - I do believe that adding a subscription may be necessary, I read /. almost everyday and I wouldn't be opposed to paying a small fee in the interests of keeping the site afloat.

Feature request: ignore karma bonus (1)

Jaeger (2722) | about 13 years ago | (#2463177)

One feature I'd love to see is a user setting to ignore the +1 bonus those with high karma get. I would usually rather read a low-karma user's comment that got moderated up by one point than an unmoderated high-karma user's comment.

Problem with the -2 for Funny (2, Interesting)

cjsnell (5825) | about 13 years ago | (#2463183)

This feature could be a problem. If there was a +4 Informative post, I could mod it to +5 Funny and it disappears for everyone who has the -2 Funny feature enabled.

A better solution: find the average of the ratings: If there are 4 Informative's and 1 Funny, Informative is how the post is rated.


Calm down (4, Insightful)

geekoid (135745) | about 13 years ago | (#2463189)

OK, reality has finally hit the last corner of the internet, /.

I like slashdot, there I said it. It is like any other news source, and it need to make money. After years of readership, I actually trust the people who run /. far more then the edotor of any print newspaper.
/. need to get money, and quit frankly I have no problems with putting an ad in a story. hhhm who else does that, let me think, oh yeah every newspaper oin the last 100 years. how many of you flame the newspaper because they dare sell advertising space?
/. has problems, and run stuff I don't like from time to time, but most of the time its interesting.
Pop-up ads I have a problem with. many employers will track that has more surfing.

/. has finally done something I've wanted for years, and I can finally get rid of those darn AC comments.

Now if /. would only get rid of Jon Katz, I'd be really happy. That was not intended as humor. Fortunatly i can just ignore his stories, so I tend to not complain too loudly. I wouldn't complain at all, but I'm sure he's sucking valuable resources from /.
Bottom line: Good Job, keep up the good work, can't wait to see how the next four years go!"

I'm not surprised. (-1, Flamebait)

NotSurprised (525043) | about 13 years ago | (#2463190)

But Slashdot still sucks dick.

Nothing wrong with the navbar (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463192)

But why the ugly colors?

And while you are at it why don't you make the sucky html validate? remember, standards, does it ring any bells?

OSDN is serious about this bar... (4, Funny)

Omerna (241397) | about 13 years ago | (#2463195)

Every time I click on the X I get logged out... I think they're saying it's the bar or no Slashdot for me. I can take a hint, I'll leave the bar : )

Give me some targetted marketing (5, Interesting)

CyberKnet (184349) | about 13 years ago | (#2463196)

Give me some nice, tasty preferences in that misc section to tell you what type of ads I'd like to see.

Much like slashboxes, in that none selected will show you the default selection, and some selected will show only those type. Also show the default selection if none of the selected types are showing at that given moment.

I would be very receptive to setting those preferences. I think most other folk around here would too.

here's some flaming for CmdrTaco.. (1, Flamebait)

flikx (191915) | about 13 years ago | (#2463206)

Dammit Malda, there has got to be a better way. I can just imagine 50% of the user base firing up junkbuster just about now, but calling it dishonest. WTF??

Last time I checked, this isn't ZDNet. Don't join the crowd!!!

The subscription thing, that just might be a good idea.

paypal (1)

skt (248449) | about 13 years ago | (#2463208)

Why not setup some kind of paypal tipping system? This topic has been discussed many times here, and it is something that I would consider putting money into. It seems to me that asking for money that way on a purely voluntary basis would increase revenue (relative to asking for a donation to remove advertising).

Otherwise, you risk making people angry at the forced, intrusive advertising and he or she will leave your site.. These types of sites remind me of Windows 'crippleware', where you have to register or give money to disable some annoying popup box or software limitation.

subscriptions? (1, Interesting)

orakle (233985) | about 13 years ago | (#2463210)

Taco, you gotta get off the crack man. Do you really expect that people are gonna pay for this? News for Nerds my ass! If anything, you might have a few people paying, a few people just tolerating the ads, and a VAST majority just filtering them so what good does it do you anyway? I personally don't mind the standard-size ads on the top of the page, Hell, i even click on them quite a bit because they're interesting. Those big ads in the middle of the page like some news sources are just downright annoying. Thats the kind of thing that drives me away from them, Especially when they advertise windows XP or the annoying shits like X10 that have a "pop-under" ad that just appears "under" your main browser windows so it catches you while you're closin it. Royal Pain. I Realize i'm rambling on and on, but whats next? popups? click-the-banners to enter like on warez sites? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW.

My take on the "decision" (1)

MwtrV (311470) | about 13 years ago | (#2463214)

I, for one, don't think Slashdot should go a subscription route (nor do I think it's completely possible) -- while I'm certainly not an avid poster or member of the community, I've probably been reading Slashdot since 1998 and I thus have some insight. What made Slashdot Slashdot? The open door it presented to anyone who was interested in the topics presented. Gaining new people would be difficult if the door was closed and -- this is where I do throw the flame -- I doubt a lot of people out there would be willing to pay for what is essentially regurgitated news.

But, an even greater point, Isn't Slashdot focused on "openness"? I

From a more positive perspective: if Slashdot did become a subscription service, it would serve to further attract more users to alternative web sites (i.e. Kuroshin.) So, in a way, it wouldn't be a *horrible* curse to the community -- it would actually bring about more of a variety in web browsing habits, perhaps.

Also, I think it's very possible mirrors can be set up for a project like this.

And so it begins/Dead pool thread... (1)

supabeast! (84658) | about 13 years ago | (#2463217)

Ok, anyone who paid attention during the dotcom bust knows where this is all going to lead. So I suggest that in the name of bad taste, we revel in this by starting a dead pool thread. I will go first.

Date that Pud will be posting that /. is dead and gone on January 1, 2002.

The joys of having karma to spare...

Niggaz Niggers Niggahs (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2463219)

There are many ways to spell the word ngger. Enjoy!

At least make the navbar black. (1)

DMouse (7320) | about 13 years ago | (#2463220)

I know the theory about the navbar having to be the same across all sites. Its crap.

Theme the navbar black, and give the X a box, the link to it being a close button is way to tenuous without it being button shaped. It looks like a link to some site called "X"...

Changes Changes everywhere (2)

Darkstorm (6880) | about 13 years ago | (#2463225)

Well, I guess it had to happen evetually. With all the problems the economy has been having. I'd be willing to shell out a few $ to keep the adds out of my face.

I'm also in agreement about a word filter. Somtimes the AC's actually have something good to say. But if I could restrict certain messages based on content that would be nice.

Huh? (1, Troll)

Leven Valera (127099) | about 13 years ago | (#2463227)

[blockquote]For Example: I'd personally like to assign a -2 penalty on any comment rated 'funny' because most of them frankly just aren't funny at all. [/blockquote]

And then what will those of us too stupid to post information about the article do for karma?

Here's a long-term revenue solution... (1)

Cutriss (262920) | about 13 years ago | (#2463231)

Hold every website ransom and threaten to unleash millions of news-hungry geeks upon their servers unless they pay up hundreds, nay thousands of dollars in fees!

This, also, has already happened...

Shit...let's just do what we always do...Hijack some nuclear weapons and hold the world hostage. Sound good? Yes?

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