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DIY linux-based MP3 player Appliance

CmdrTaco posted about 13 years ago | from the for-the-do-it-yourself dept.

Hardware 153

An anonymous reader submitted " has just published an interesting how-to article about converting a GCT-Allwell set-top box into a linux-based TV set-top MP3 player. As a helpful aside it does useful things like email and web browsing through your TV. Looks like a fun project. A related article shows how to turn the same set top box into a router."

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YeeeFuckingHaaaw! (-1, Offtopic)

Cucumber_Fuckstick (450531) | about 13 years ago | (#2478064)

Get it inya!

(c) 2001 Spork_Testicle

Re:YeeeFuckingHaaaw! (-1)

benevolent_spork (446160) | about 13 years ago | (#2478072)


You fucking rock!

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First Nigger (460412) | about 13 years ago | (#2478098)

Fuck you, jackass!!!!!! You and cyborg_monkey both!!!!

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Clint Trollwood (528787) | about 13 years ago | (#2478145)

You get nothing! You lose. Good day, sir.

MoFo Moderators!!! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478478)

Mod me the fuck down!!!

Nice name Cucumber

Re:MoFo Moderators!!! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478488)

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That's Klingon for "Today is a good day to troll".

Re:MoFo Moderators!!! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478495)

HSAoiiaahH Oageqo Iagfefqa

That's Klingon for "Bend over and take it from CmdrTaco"

Re:MoFo Moderators!!! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478511)

Eat shit and die.

That's American for "Eat shit and die".

Hi everybody! (-1)

Flarners (458839) | about 13 years ago | (#2478069)

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Congratz! (-1)

The Intrepid Travell (528524) | about 13 years ago | (#2478101)

What? The Lameness filter didn't stop the ascii post?

What the fuck is taco thinking? How can he stop legit posts but let you get through? Huh, i guess the lameness filter really does suck after all.

Man, Taco is really terrible at coding. He should stick to sucking cock.

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Re:Congratz! (-1)

Clint Trollwood (528787) | about 13 years ago | (#2478203)

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Re:Congratz! (-1)

Jon Coktoastone (527727) | about 13 years ago | (#2478243)

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+3 Informative (-1)

Clint Trollwood (528787) | about 13 years ago | (#2478296)

Slashdot, putting the 2nd W in WWW!



Re:Congratz! (-1)

benevolent_spork (446160) | about 13 years ago | (#2478310)

cm? Is that you, you little cumguzzling turdburgling unwashed pink skirted la la dancing twatch sniffing fag?

Re:Congratz! (-1)

Jon Coktoastone (527727) | about 13 years ago | (#2478394)

Nope, DFW's troll alt.

Used this alt to pass the time while DFW was banned.

Then when DFW was back, I got this down to -1.

I use it to put loopholes in the /. system in my journal.

That way its easier to cut & paste.

Re:Congratz! (-1, Offtopic)

AdmlTroll (531188) | about 13 years ago | (#2478393)

How did you manage to get that past the lameness filter?

Re:Congratz! (-1)

Jon Coktoastone (527727) | about 13 years ago | (#2478431)

Click link in sig.

Make your own ascii art.

Re:Congratz! (-1)

Trolligula (527461) | about 13 years ago | (#2478607)

you sir, are a very good troll.

has anyone spoken to you regarding the cdpb?


Re:Congratz! (-1)

Jon Coktoastone (527727) | about 13 years ago | (#2478680)

What's the cdpb?

No, no one told me about it.

First Nigger! (-1)

First Nigger (460412) | about 13 years ago | (#2478078)

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Re:First Nigger! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478582)

Is it you who's giving Bill Gates [] a blow-job?

Oh heck, that's nothing (1)

Xpilot (117961) | about 13 years ago | (#2478085)

Last week I hacked up a microwave oven by putting fluxcapacitor on it and installing a custom Linux in its tiny memory. It got zapped into next Tuesday, so I can't verify that it worked until next week.

Re:Oh heck, that's nothing (1)

dstone (191334) | about 13 years ago | (#2478127)

When's the soundtrack being released?

Re:Oh heck, that's nothing (1)

ch-chuck (9622) | about 13 years ago | (#2478782)

Last week I hacked up a microwave

I kid you not: last saturday I wrapped some Al foil around an old radio vacuum tube, wired it to a Tesla coil and got enough X-Rays to make a few smudges on photo paper. After I get the lead shielding up and a geiger counter to make sure I'm not getting dosed I hope to use more sensitive film and get some real see-thru-stuff pictures,
Like this guy here [] . Unfortunately, no time travel occured.

There is a high voltage transformer in a microwaver, a couple of kilovolts. Just run that thru a tripler scavanged from an old color tv and get bodacious arcs and sparks. Just try not to kill yourself ;))

What a wonderful idea (0, Flamebait)

91degrees (207121) | about 13 years ago | (#2478089)

This is good, but I feel a lot of home users are somewhat intimidated by Linux. Perhaps it would make more sense to use an industry standard OS such as WinCE

Re:What a wonderful idea (1)

rhost89 (522547) | about 13 years ago | (#2478303)

Its kind of hard to believe that anyone that is trying to create a router (or mp3 player) would be intimidated by linux. Your comment sounds like a shameless plug for microsnot products to me.

Re:What a wonderful idea (1)

91degrees (207121) | about 13 years ago | (#2478471)

Well, I use MS products all the time. They might not be hugely reliable, but they do the job, and work fine if you avoid dodgy apps and drivers.

Anyway, loads of people have created an mp3 player. What you do is install winamp. How hard is that?

Re:What a wonderful idea (0)

Doug Neal (195160) | about 13 years ago | (#2478654)

But linux is hugely reliable and does the job too. And winamp's hardly suitable for an embedded device is it? :P Yeah yeah, what's the point in creating a set-top-box style player when you could do it on your computer... well, cos it's FUN!! :P

Your criteria are way off (2)

MemeRot (80975) | about 13 years ago | (#2478797)

This is to be a component. It should function as reliably as your cd changer. 'May not be hugely reliable' pretty much rules out an OS that is to be used for a consumer electronics style interface. Particularly since there was to be a car version. What will you say when you crash your car because you were trying to play an mp3 when your os hung?

This is a box that you might stick on top of your 5x100 watt receiver in an enclosed space - do you want the os to be unreliable?

Re:What a wonderful idea (2)

FatRatBastard (7583) | about 13 years ago | (#2478390)

Perhaps it would make more sense to use an industry standard OS such as WinCE

Thank you, thank you, thank you. After beating a shitty VB app around for three days for nought I needed a good laugh!

Re:What a wonderful idea (1)

mhatle (54607) | about 13 years ago | (#2478700)

well, I'll feed the troll...

Linux is an industry standard OS.. it has a higher market share then WinCE does.. (in the embedded market.)

Wow, this is really cool. (1)

Anton Anatopopov (529711) | about 13 years ago | (#2478090)

It looks kind of complicated though. Are you legally allowed to hack a set-top-box ? Doesn't the DMCA prohibit this ? I am sure when I signed up for cable, they explicitly stated that the cable company owns the set top box.

Mind you, I guess if they have no real way to find out what you have done then the DMCA doesn't come into it. What kind of soundcard to these things have ? Is it 16-bit or 24-bit ?

If I was making a home mp3 component, I would want one of the newer 24-bit soundcards like the new soundblaster.

Re:Wow, this is really cool. (1)

EllisDees (268037) | about 13 years ago | (#2478234)

No, you can't hack the set-top box that the cable company leases to you. You can, however, go out and buy your own cable box and do whatever you please with it.

Re:Wow, this is really cool. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478371)

Sigh. Is it asking too much to simply read the article before posting? This guy bought and hacked his own set top box. He did not hack the rental box from the local cable TV company.

Re:Wow, this is really cool. (2)

mindstrm (20013) | about 13 years ago | (#2478618)

The DMCA absolutely does not prevent this. It's your hardware. You own it. You aren't stealing their code, or breaking anyones copyright protection system.

Nice article, but some wrong info... (3, Informative)

Svartalf (2997) | about 13 years ago | (#2478126)

The Allwell 1030n is a National Semiconductor Geode based machine, not the Celeron that he claimed he bought.

Go to the Allwell website [] and look up the STB1030N from the products pulldown. Right now, they're selling these things for "router appliances" and really cheapo set-top boxes. In the router appliance arena, they're not too bad; in the set top box arena, they're weak (though usable for many things.).

They've corrected it since my last post... (2)

Svartalf (2997) | about 13 years ago | (#2478660)

It now reads like it's supposed to.

Why not a Media Box? (1)

dave-fu (86011) | about 13 years ago | (#2478129)

Open-source and Linux-friendly, Media Box [] looks to be about the keenest solution that I can think of for this sort of thing. Aside from the fact that it requires at least a Book PC-sized form factor in your entertainment center and all the heat and noise that comes with it.

Re:Why not a Media Box? (2)

MrResistor (120588) | about 13 years ago | (#2478291)

It looks like Media-Box requires windows ME or 2k. How is this Linux-friendly?

Re:Why not a Media Box? (1)

ananke (8417) | about 13 years ago | (#2478337)

From the webpage you just provided:
Media-BOX is not open source (yet).

Looks nice, but not open source.

muwahahaha! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478133)

When the subject is "Apple MP3 Player", CmdrTaco appends the word "lame" to the article, when the subject is "Linux MP3 Player", he gives his approval!

CmdrTaco, the king of trolls.

Riight... (2)

Svartalf (2997) | about 13 years ago | (#2478181)

The Apple player is nothing more than a Nomad or the like (No real big deal, and it was LAME of Apple to make one of it.).

This article is about an overview of a hacking project for people to do- big difference.

Someone forgot the closing italics tag.... (1)

Snarfvs Maximvs (28022) | about 13 years ago | (#2478134)

'Nuff said.

Re:Someone forgot the closing italics tag.... (0, Offtopic)

schtum (166052) | about 13 years ago | (#2478158)

Or a closing quotaton mark.

Oh, to be hindered not (-1, Offtopic)

Jingle Returno (531353) | about 13 years ago | (#2478143)

On Friday morning, the power of God continued to flow, as Pastor Benny brought forth a powerful word, "The Anointing." Towards the close of the session, Pastor Benny prayed for the pastors and church leaders, that they would go back to their local churches with holy fire!

Friday evening, the Tacoma Dome was filled with 17,000 people, including thousands of young people looking for a fresh touch from the Lord. When Pastor Benny called the youth forward, they literally came running out of their seats, hungry for more of Jesus! As he prayed for many of the youth individually, many more were crying out to the Lord for His touch on their lives.

The Tacoma/Seattle area will never be the same - the entire area was shook with the power of God in answer to their cries for healing, salvation, and manifestations of the Holy Spirit!

In regards to the Italics Tag (1, Insightful)

Georgia (531651) | about 13 years ago | (#2478147)

This is in regards to the non-closed Italics Tag which will probably be fixed by the time most moderators read this.

CmdrTaco recently spoke about making a slashdot pay site for readers that don't want to be spammed with ads. I must ask, what are we getting for our money?
I'd suggest that if you intend on people paying for it you start spell/grammar check articles to be posted, and check your tags

Something as simple as an Italics flag not being terminated (which should be in the code, because extra terminating flags don't hurt a thing) definately discourages anyone from paying for slashdot.

If I am going to pay you for your services, then I'd expect you to do more than click a button all day saying "this article is in" and "this article isn't."

Re:In regards to the Italics Tag (-1, Troll)

Cucumber_Fuckstick (450531) | about 13 years ago | (#2478226)


Im just wondering if in fact, you are my type? If so, I coming *home*, baby!

Re:In regards to the Italics Tag (-1)

benevolent_spork (446160) | about 13 years ago | (#2478293)

She looks like the frigid type to me, and believe me as I have alot of experience with wimins.

Re:In regards to the Italics Tag (-1)

cyborg_monkey (150790) | about 13 years ago | (#2478567)

you fucking retard.

Re:In regards to the Italics Tag (-1)

benevolent_spork (446160) | about 13 years ago | (#2478665)

You cm!

How the fuck are you spastic fuck?

How is the gf Jackie?

Re:In regards to the Italics Tag (-1)

cyborg_monkey (150790) | about 13 years ago | (#2478818)

d00d! you are the (wo)man!

Pull your head out of your ass.....

T-minus and counting on GiZ. We are making the final preparations.

Re:In regards to the Italics Tag (1)

driftingAimfully (516201) | about 13 years ago | (#2478256)

"I'd suggest that if you intend on people paying for it you start spell/grammar check articles to be posted ... don't hurt a thing) definately discourages ..."

"definitely", surely? Or is this a US English / British English thing :)

Re:In regards to the Italics Tag (1)

Georgia (531651) | about 13 years ago | (#2478263)

Sure, but I'm not asking you to pay for my bad grammar.
If you paid for it, you'd have a good reason to gripe.

Re:In regards to the Italics Tag (1)

driftingAimfully (516201) | about 13 years ago | (#2478282)

Good point. Fair enough. It's a weakness in my character. I can't resist being picky. People who meet me gradually hate me too.

Re:In regards to the Italics Tag (1)

ErikZ (55491) | about 13 years ago | (#2478760)

That's not true. I've never met you and I hate you already. :-)

Re:In regards to the Italics Tag (1, Offtopic)

cymen (8178) | about 13 years ago | (#2478284)

I didn't even notice he forgot the [/i]. Come on now... Lets bitch about something useful today. If you have been reading /. for years, even months, you should expect these types of errors on a regular basis. Instead of finding fault perhaps you should look at the beauty of human error. After all it is the subtle differences in an artists technique that enlivens art. Look for the errors and celebrate them as proof that our dear /. crew has not been replaced by robots.

If you'd rather bitch feel free but I think there are much better things to bitch about like the unintentional duplicate stories. This reminds me of usenet where flames about spelling pretty much mark the man.

His point (1, Offtopic)

wiredog (43288) | about 13 years ago | (#2478311)

Is that a missing </i> shouldn't happen in a pay site. Especially as frequently as it does here. Admittedly, when I saw it, I had to double-check the author to see that it wasn't Timothy. He's the most common offender there. Taco usually just demonstrates that US public schools can't teach spelling.

Re:His point (1, Offtopic)

cymen (8178) | about 13 years ago | (#2478387)

Personally I find it funny just because some people are so uptight they can't handle a missing </i>. This site has been a pay site all along. Maybe you and I didn't pay for it but someone did. Just because /. is going to offer a pay version without ads doesn't suddenly mean they will have mounds of income to invest in spelling assistants.

What I wonder is if the editors edit the stories in little textarea boxes like we do. If so I'm not surprised at all with the error rates. Now that /. has migrated to the new slashcode perhaps it is time for them to look at how editing is done. A simple parser for missing tags, a spell checker, an URL checker (in case of multiple stories), etc... For all the time we spend here and the number of people working on /. the slow speed of change is rather depressing.

So in the end maybe I agree with you guys. But I still think you are weenies for getting excited over a missing tags and spelling errors...

"Her" point (0, Offtopic)

Georgia (531651) | about 13 years ago | (#2478409)

Slashdot has editors, right?

What, per say, do these people do?

BTW - the italics tag STILL hasn't been closed.

Try making a comment w/o a closing italics flag. The /. system closes it for you. Why can't the articles borrow the same code?

Re:His point (0, Offtopic)

ctrimble (525642) | about 13 years ago | (#2478690)

One way of looking at this is that it's not simply a matter of slashcode getting updated, but CmdrTaco & the lot upgrading their skills. If they're going to be hackers and keep upgrading slashcode and that's it, fine, they don't have to know how to spell, close tags, etc. On the other hand, if they're going to call themselves editors, then, perhaps, they should learn the editing trade. And mostly (for the purposes of slashdot) it's simply a matter of reviewing what you do before hitting the submit button. Nobody's asking them to carry a copy of Fowler's English and The Chicago Manual of Style wherever they go, much less use them. What it comes down to is coders code and editors edit. I've seen coding here, but I haven't seen much in the way of editing.

Re:In regards to the Italics Tag (1)

RadioheadKid (461411) | about 13 years ago | (#2478297)

I totally agree. There should be some kind of review (and if there already is, it needs to be fixed) before a story is posted. I like the comments that the authors add to the submissions, they usually start interesting discussions, but when the authors sound like idiots because they can not spell or they use horrible grammar, it detracts from the submission and the authors' comments. I know all this has probably been said before, but I believe if /. really wants to move in a paysite direction, they need to be a little more professional.

(and because this is a grammar/spelling post I probably spelled at least two things wrong and made three grammatical errors...)

Go away. Geeks want substance, not style. (1)

glrotate (300695) | about 13 years ago | (#2478329)

Please go away and take all the grammer, html, spelling, nazi's with you.

Re:Go away. Geeks want substance, not style. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478372)

You want substance?
Fine, lets talk about the substance of this article [] .

Re:Go away. Geeks want substance, not style. (2)

(void*) (113680) | about 13 years ago | (#2478591)

Go away. Geeks appreciate the value of a coherent sentence expressed economically and grammatically using precise language.

Re:Go away. Geeks want substance, not style. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478671)

No, you want substance instead of style. The rest of us like something that's easily readable, and generally looks like it wasn't written by a 2 year old. or wuld u prfr dat we al rite lik dis?

Re:In regards to the Italics Tag (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478839)

this guy is just FULL of useless drivel today.

Slashdot requires you to wait 20 seconds between hitting 'reply' and submitting a comment.

It's been 16 seconds since you hit 'reply'!

oh, no!!! i forgot to close my -i- tag!!! somebody please kill me and put me out of this douchebag's misery!!!

first gpl is dung post! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478151)

Taken direct from RMS:

If anything deserves a reward, it is social contribution. Creativity can be a social contribution, but only in so far as society is free to use the results. If programmers deserve to be rewarded for creating innovative programs, by the same token they deserve to be punished if they restrict the use of these programs...

The real reason programmers will not starve is that it will still be possible for them to get paid for programming; just not paid as much as now...

In the long run, making programs free is a step toward the post-scarcity world, where nobody will have to work very hard just to make a living. People will be free to devote themselves to activities that are fun, such as programming, after spending the necessary ten hours a week on required tasks such as legislation, family counseling, robot repair and asteroid prospecting. There will be no need to be able to make a living from programming.


That's right, one of the goals of the gpv is the elimination of the professional programmer.

Re:first gpl is dung post! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478641)

hahahahaahha Thanks for posting this. This was the funniest thing I've read today. RMS sounds like one of those guys on the streets with tinfoil hats that talks to himself.

Ne entre pas dans le Metro sans ticket (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478152)

I know..

Please close the italic tag (0, Redundant)

I am Jack's username (528712) | about 13 years ago | (#2478162)

In the slashdot Light version, everything after this is in italic because there is no </i> at the end of this story.

PS: Slashdot's HTML is horrible, go check out XHTML [] and CSS [] .

this isn't even a hack! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478170)

At the risk of sounding like a flame, this is not a hack. It's an STB with a motherboard, a fairly hefty (233Mhz) CPU, DIMM slots, an IDE header, etc. If "hack" is defined as "open the box, add a hard drive, reboot" then I guess upgrading my hard drive in my PC is considered hacking. And what's with the $299 price tag? I can build a custom PC for that. And buy a linksys router for $80.

No, but it IS an embedded system project. (2)

Svartalf (2997) | about 13 years ago | (#2478209)

Uh, did you even read the article closely?

1) It's not as simple as plugging a HD in, despite the availability of an IDE header- the box can only accomodate a laptop HD at best. It also needs a special cable to adapt the 40 pin to the 44 pin on the HD (and you DON'T have a standard power header for the standard interface either...)

2) He used a Disk-On-Chip instead of an HD.

3) $299 gets you a box with a Fansink and a nifty space heater with a moving HD and NO TV interface- or you spend $299 on an embedded system with no moving parts whatsoever and a TV interface built into the box.

4) It could be argued that this could be a hack as there's at least a few of these boxes floating about that were shipped as set-top boxes (I know, my employer used to sell the boxes, rebranding them for people like NetFrontier, etc.)

ogg? (1)

schtum (166052) | about 13 years ago | (#2478176)


Install (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478204)


Plugging my own set-top box adventure... (3, Interesting)

cr0sh (43134) | about 13 years ago | (#2478186)

I have been "running" a group for a while now (almost a year old) dedicated to the task of hacking the Acer NT-150 set-top box - this box was intended for an actual service that never made it during the .com era - a lot of people have put a lot of work into getting this box to do things it wasn't meant to do.

Go to my site, follow the links, and see what has been happenning (actually, the mailing list archive is the most useful and up-to-date - I haven't had a lot of time to update the site for a while, but the majority of stuff is there as well).

While not an "MP3" playing powerhouse, there has been a ton of hack value...

Linux Distribution? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478289)

Do you know of anyone building a set top box Linux distribution? The AudioRequest I bought a year ago ($800) is nice, but I don't trust that they'll keep my interest in mind with software upgrades.

It'd make good sense to have an open source MP3/MPEG/OGG/Web Browser set top box OS. It's not like we don't have all of the software and hardware components available. It's mostly an integrated UI design issue.


Re:Plugging my own set-top box adventure... (1)

cymen (8178) | about 13 years ago | (#2478309)

You would probably get a lot more hits if you mentioned whether the Acer NT-150 can still be brought (and hopefully for cheap).

More information (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478195)

A similar project is run by a small chez firm Goa-Tse Electronics Ltd. Check out the related article: [] [] [] []

Here's a novel concept! (2, Insightful)

thejake316 (308289) | about 13 years ago | (#2478197)

Why, if you want a set-top mp3 player (why I have no idea) don't you just buy an Apex DVD player and burn mp3's on CDs? It works quite well. And why, if you need a router, don't you just BUY one? There's plenty out there that are actually DESIGNED to be routers, and some are very good deals.

"Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig."

Re:Here's a novel concept! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478320)

It's the challenge!
cisco router $1200 vs.

set top box configured into router $599

experience gained priceless........

Re:Here's a novel concept! (2)

cloudmaster (10662) | about 13 years ago | (#2478435)

I recognise that was a troll, but:

Actually, you can do some really cool compression/filtering things with the processing power of a somewhat modern PC and routing software like iptables or the ipfw thing those "other" guys use. A pc-based router can be better than a "real" router in several situations. The mp3 player thing makes sense if you want customizability, as the Apex has a pretty crappy interface. The Apex can't also be a router and mp3 ripper/encoder, either. ;)

Re:Here's a novel concept! (1)

betis70 (525817) | about 13 years ago | (#2478520)

How do you think the people that made your router learned to do it? By going to the nearest McUniversity and trying stuff out on embedded projects in the Engineering Building.

These articles are for people who want to try this stuff out at home. And learn through doing.

Or just to have fun. Yeah, I could run out and buy a Honda Accord like all the other sheeple, but I kinda like working on my old 2002 on the weekends. Its the same idea.

You are part of the great braying herd.

Re:Here's a novel concept! (1)

CheechBG (247105) | about 13 years ago | (#2478838)

well, your troll post aside...

Show me a embedded router that can be a MP3 player, router, HTTP server, FTP server, DNS server, DVD player, be totally upgradeable, i.e. sound, video, processor, etc.

I can show you my little Duron 750 that does all these things. Under Windows, no less. (working on the Linux port)

Been there done that (4, Informative)

Lumpy (12016) | about 13 years ago | (#2478260)

Many many of us did this and have been using our GCT allwell mp3 players (and Divix players) for over 1 year now. but we weren't robbed by GCT allwell for the tune of $500.00 for the box, we paid $59.95 for the exact same hardware (sans the ethernet) from compusa called the websurfer pro.

Dont do the Disk on chip route, stuff a 20 gig laptop hard drive in there and store the mp3's on that. (Or 2 of them for 40 Gig of storage.)

Me? I added a hollywood+ mpeg card and use my box as a movie on demand system... now to get a server with a couple of tv tuner cards to record tv shows and pipe them to the allwell box for later playback :-)

Oh and the article is no-where near a step-by-step to getting an mp3 player running, it only covers really basic steps to getting linux on the Disk on chip.

Re:Been there done that (1)

Kuroyi (211) | about 13 years ago | (#2478579)

Me? I added a hollywood+ mpeg card and use my box as a movie on demand system... now to get a server with a couple of tv tuner cards to record tv shows and pipe them to the allwell box for later playback :-)

Did you use any custom software for this or just the em8300 drivers and Xine?

Rick (rick*

Re:Been there done that (1)

bhsx (458600) | about 13 years ago | (#2478823)

^^^^^This is a good detailed account^^^^^
of turning the WebSurfer Pro into a web-server or a router with the Linux Router Project.

Very strong similarity to the WSP (4, Informative)

Ether (4235) | about 13 years ago | (#2478277)

About a year and a half ago, a company tried selling these rebadged thru Comp USA as "Websurfer Pros". At first, they didn't make you sign an activation contract, so you could get them for $50 out the door, for a 233 with 32 and and Disk on chip.


A friend of mine had one of these- it's an OK piece of hardware, but not anything to write home about, when you can pick up complete PPro systems for under $100, which have none of the space and configuration limitations of that slimline formfactor (limited expansion slots, small case, etc). As a set-top, it's underpowered, for my taste. The IR keyboard (at least the one that came with the WSP) is nice, tho. TVout is decent, also. The WSP also did not have the built-in ethernet.

Note that you also can't swap out the CPUs on these beyond the Cyrix MediaGX processor (it has on cpu video and sound).

It's the same box with a slightly faster CPU... (2)

Svartalf (2997) | about 13 years ago | (#2478402)

The clue is the MB1030 Ver 2.0A on the motherboard. (BTW, My current employer is responsible for the design and software that was on those- it's QNX based for that model, subsequent models used our own homegrown Linux distribution...)

I've got 5 of these things sitting on the floor of my office right now. There's more elsewhere in the space- it's my understanding we're planning a fire sale on these and a few other things on EBay shortly.

Neat!! (2)

powerlord (28156) | about 13 years ago | (#2478331)

Nice product. All you need to do is add a two port 10/100 NIC in the PCI slot, like this one [] (for a mere $275) and you can even have it manage a DMZ.

(we'll refrain from mentioning the Quad port NIC for $600 ::grin::)

Bill Gates is suprised by cock! (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478561)

Check this [] out!

Bill Gates enjoys the first blow-job of his life to commemorate the launch of Windows XP!

Great System Except... (1)

Coward Anonymous (110649) | about 13 years ago | (#2478612)

It sucks!

I can imagine how crappy the sound coming out of that box is. Any computer claiming to be a music player can't be taken seriously unless the output is digital. Analog computer outputs are good when driving 2-inch low quality computer speakers but start sucking royally when you are driving a real home Hi-Fi system.

Re:Great System Except... (2)

Pope (17780) | about 13 years ago | (#2478795)

Baloney. The outputs on my DiscMan, tape deck, turntable and LaserDisc player are all analog. All played through a 100 W/channel amp with pretty decent speakers.

What's the difference? It would just get converted all to analog before it hits the speaker wire anyways...

I'm working on something similar (2)

Tim Doran (910) | about 13 years ago | (#2478647)

Just for fun and geek value, I'm working on an old 486 to play mp3's, by sticking it into my stereo cabinet and plugging it into my home network.

The challenge? I don't want a keyboard or display plugged in. Sure, I could work something out with a wireless keyboard, but here's what I'm doing instead:

I'm taking an LRP distribution, stripping out much of the networking stuff and adding mpg123. By streaming mp3's to specific ports on my server, I can have mpg123 play whatever is streamed to it. And no moving parts after it boots.

The only user interface, then, is the floppy itself. I can stream drum 'n' bass to one port, house to another, techno to another, etc. By choosing the right floppy, I select which stream I listen to.

I haven't gotten very far (this isn't a top priority for me right now), but I'm convinced it'll work. I just gotta get around to running more Cat5 through the house...

and then sell it on ebay (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478685)

so I can put my kid to work building these and selling them on e-bay. I mean a Linux install should make the hardware worth an extra $100 or so right? That's my current strategy with my Linux laptop on ebay [] .

Wonder if it works? Since linux is such a dog to install oneself.

Small desktop cases? (1)

Indomitus (578) | about 13 years ago | (#2478697)

On a related note, does anybody have a recommedation on good small desktop cases that could be used for a settop box? I'd like to build my own Linux mp3/divx player and can't find any desktop cases with front panels that would look good in a stereo cabinet. Black would be nice but I can paint it if need be.

Slashdot Puzzle Contest: (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478724)

For all you puzzle solvers, here is a good one:

The Purplexing Problem of the Published Passenger Lists []

Your answers are eagerly anticipated.

Thank you.

bottom line (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478779)

Isn't there more economic opportunity in the underground economy than web page development?? How is this going to entice a dealer who is making more in a month than most of us in a year?

Gang Bangin is fun (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478831)

Last night was especially good, as Rachael brought over like 5 of her friends and all we did all night long was fuck, fuck, fuck.

It was fucking amazing, Rachael has a great pussy and her friend Jessica has an incredible rack.

God I love fucking them

Imagine.. (-1, Offtopic)

robvasquez (411139) | about 13 years ago | (#2478833)

a beowulf cluster of these.

oh my.

I got my dick stuck in my MP3 player! IT BURNS! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 13 years ago | (#2478842)

help me, billie! help me! i thought it was my wife's slot and i plugged my shnozzle into it and ZAP! roasted hotdog! barbequed sausage!

8=====| ==D | <--- MP3 player

^ my broken dickhead
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