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TrollTech's Harri Porten On KDE Present And Future

timothy posted more than 12 years ago | from the good-name-for-a-programmer dept.

KDE 11

Joe User writes: "Harri Porten is one of the most active KDE developers, working on mostly on Konqueror, while he is also a TrollTech employee, the QT creators. Harri talks to OSNews in an interview about KDE, QT 3, licensing and more."

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TRoLLaXoR (181585) | more than 12 years ago | (#2524398)

Participants of Troll Tuesday 2001:

Congratulations! Your efforts on 10/30 resulted in the most successful Troll Tuesday in Slashdot history. Rob Malda, ESR, Michael Sims, Jamie McCarthy, and even VA Linux felt the brunt of our wrath, and the effects are permanent and signifigant...

Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda began early Wednesday angrily coding new troll-deterrents into his flavor of SLASH 2.2f14 ("faggot version 14" of SLASH 2.2). Currently being filtered are the strings "truth," "gay," "homosexual," and even the word "Linux!" We're clearly forcing Slashdot to turn in on itself in its efforts to guard against trolls, and lose sight of its original focus!

Jon Katz has already contacted lawyers regarding libel suits to bring against Slashdot trolls because of the many illicit, likely true but furiously denied claims of anal rape and sodomy love between he and Rob Malda that appeared on 10/30. Among the claims he is denying are that he rapes rabbits, has had sex with Hemos, Rob Malda, and virtually all of the VA Linux staff, that he never graduated high school, that he can not write, and that he is a Satanist neo-Nazi kike Jew faggot cum lover.

Michael Sims and Jamie McCarthy spent most of the day in a panic(k)ed conference call with ESR, brainstorming ways to quell the tsunami of trolls. Finally agreeing on a strategy, Jamie further enhanced code in SLASH to forget IP address harvested by the commenting system; this brought a lot of heat from Larry Augustin but Sims, McCarthy, and ESR gangfucked Larry's ass and all was well by the end of the onslaught.

Two other unprecedented achievements the trolls won 10/30 were the renaming of VA Linux and the dropping of from VA's OSDN.

After posting the Linux Gay Conspiracy over and over on 10/30, VA Linux knew the truth was out and could only hope to hide the facts afterward, and so changed their name from VA Linux to VA Software. Linux faggotry was revealed and VA's hand was forced! Good job, trolls!

VA was also cornered into dropping from its banner of homosexual websites-- for eons now Slashdot trolls, feeling solidarity with their k5 brethren, had been posting the truth about VA's Nazi attempts at censoring heterosexual propaganda posted on k5. After 10/30, however, the game was up and straight white truth prevailed. Again, congrats on this and the above unprecedented success in trolling!

All in all, Troll Tuesday 2001 was a great success. The trolls came out in force, using their skills and creativity, and forced changes in SLASH, Slashdot, VA Software, the OSDN, and the lives of Slashbots everywhere.

Thanks, trolls & crapflooders of Slashdot, who are now heroes of this generation.

We'll be doing it again soon.

Harry Potter? (-1, Offtopic)

FoxIVX (104861) | more than 12 years ago | (#2524472)

I love those books! When's the movie coming out?

DEAR HARRI (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2524535)

hi there harry i wanted to thank you about your work on KDE for lunix operating system and say that you ROCK!!!! and that youre cool and stuff. BUT i also wante dto ask you about something else too

for many years we statuephiles havent been able to petrify under lunix "naked and petrified" is not soemthing we can do we have to do it in a closedsourfec operating system like windows SHEESH!!!

all we want is soem tools that are open-sorec for use under lunix so we can use them o nhot young actresses hehehe you know. so then we can do things liek "NATALIE PORTMAN NAKED AND PETRIFIED"!!!

thank you.

I hate to be a troll (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2524542)

But the best parts of the interview are the mangling of the english language...

"How Trolltech chooses the parts of Qt that will be kept commercial and which parts will be open sourced?"

"Microsoft is trying to create a 'new way' of running applications through the internet, applications written in C# or VB?"

"Why such a feature is not part of Qt?"



Re:I hate to be a troll - then don't be (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2525053)

The editor is Greek and the interviewed is Norwegian. What did you expect?

Geographical location a concern for Trolltech? (1)

thehe (305416) | more than 12 years ago | (#2525164)

At least for the few of us located up here in Norway (info on Norway [] ), and possibly as an indication for the rest of you, it would have been quite interesting to hear Harri's comments on Trolltech being based in the cold corner up by the North Pole.

Due to the overall slowing down of the computer related business worldwide, there has lately been quite a few people in the Norwegian computing sector asking themselves, and each other, whether being based in Norway is the most profitable choice. Although from the first half of 2001, this [] article (sorry, norwegian only) states that some 40% of Norwegian tech companies are based abroad.

Personally, I do not believe Norway to be the worst of choices, for any number of reasons, not the least of which is probably that I am Norwegian...

But it would have been nice to know have someone in Trolltech felt about this!


Dodges the X question? (1)

RadioheadKid (461411) | more than 12 years ago | (#2525389)

I found it a little interesting how Porten says while answering the question about should QT replace X:
" to see why we should be interested in replacing any of them [meaning X or other graphical platforms]."

But later on in the same answer states that "KDE and Qt Palmtop are existing examples of how this framework then can be used to build a complete desktop."

This question could have definetly used a follow-up, too bad it was an email interview...

Re:Dodges the X question? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2526807)

I fail to see your point. IMHO you're getting into the usual comparing of apples and oranges... the X-Server is a component that allows programs to display graphical and textual information. Nothing more, nothing less. It isn't a desktop environment like that Windows aspires to be. So there is nothing wrong when KDE and Qt Palmtop try to be the framework in such an environment. X is just the low level layer and it's not the worst. I wholeheartedly think that X is quite a good, reliable and dependable component on unix. There is nothing wrong about it except maybe that it lacks a few percent of performance because of network transparency (whis has saved my a** more times than I can remember).

So to surmise: A graphical platform is not an desktop environment.


Harri, fahr schon mal den Wagen vor... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#2526235)

Ja, Stefan

wow (-1)

Anonymous Pancake (458864) | more than 12 years ago | (#2526295)

a whole company devoted to trolling? nice

I love it. (1)

Q*bert (2134) | more than 12 years ago | (#2529104)

For almost every question asked, his response boils down to, "Yep, we already have that. It was released a while ago. Here are the classes involved..."
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