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Point, Shoot and Translate into English

timothy posted more than 12 years ago | from the from-the-hip dept.

Technology 159

edstromp points out this New York Times "story on using a pocket pc to translate a street sign. It requires at least a dialup connection as it sends the photo to a server for the majority of the processing: OCR, translation, English overlay for new image, and then transmission back to the user. All said and done, it takes about 15 seconds to translate a street sign. Put this with some augumented reality, and you have a rather useful tool."

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The 102nd Dumbest Moment in Business (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166338)

The 102nd Dumbest Moment in Business

Slashdot creates a pay-for-no-ads service []

"Even worse, advertisers will choose a site because they are interested in targeting people who are most interested
in the content. And those are precisely the people who this site can no longer deliver to the advertisers.

And they still have not fixed the page widening bug!

Are YOU getting your moneys worth from Sla$hdot!?!?!?

Copy, paste, and widen the page! (-1)

Klerck (213193) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166339)

I love wide pages!

.I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that .you .don't .have .enough .charaters .per .line .that .really .sucks .when .that .happens .and .you .have .to .put .some .lame .lameness .filter .defeater .text .in .there .i .wonder .how .many .people .will .read .this .whole .comment .I .certainly .hope .it .doesnt .annoy .too .many .people .This .is .just .the .beginning .because .PAGE .WIDENING .IS .BACK .I .like .wide .pages .I .wish .all .pages .could .be .as .wide .as .this .dont .you .wide .pages .are .much .cooler .than .those .narrow .pages .you .are .used .to .reading .because .you .dont .have .to .worry .about .the .lameness .filter .telling .you .that

Re:Copy, paste, and widen the page! (-1)

Luke SkyTroller (564295) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166383)

Personally I don't see what all the fuss is about. I mean, if you don't like it you can always go buy one of those new ultra wide 16'x 22" monitors sony just put on the market. With mine, I never even notice.

Re:Copy, paste, and widen the page! (-1)

real_b0fh (557599) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166527)


you rock.

What we need to do: nuke Mecca! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166342)

Lots of sentiment for nuking Mecca. Moderates opt for something more along these lines: "Baghdad and Tehran would be the likeliest sites for a first strike. If we have clean enough bombs to assure a pinpoint damage area, Gaza City and Ramallah would also be on list. Damascus, Cairo, Algiers, Tripoli and Riyadh should be put on alert that any signs of support for the attacks in their cities will bring immediate annihilation." Then there are those who think we really can't do too much differently than what were doing now (my original proposition).

This is a tough one, and I don't know quite what to think. Mecca seems extreme, of course, but then again few people would die and it would send a signal. Religions have suffered such catastrophic setbacks before. As for the Saudis, my only thought is that if we're going to hold them responsible for terrorism, we had better start doing it now, not after an even more catastrophic attack. And, as a general matter, the time for seriousness--including figuring out what we would do in retaliation, so maybe it can have some slight deterrent effect--is now rather than after thousands and thousands more American casualties.

bad for long trips... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166346)

going down the highway having to stop for 15 seconds every quarter mile or so really makes that 70 mph speed limit rather slow

Re:bad for long trips... (1)

Timid_Monkey (125284) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166587)

Which foreign countries would have speed limits of 70 mph? Remember, the rest of the world has wisened up and switched to the metric system looooong ago! Which brings up up question...

Say you ARE driving down some foreign street and you use your nifty pocket pc to read perhaps a French sign that something to the likes of, "100 kilometres per heure". Wouldn't it be the "American" thing to do, to not only translate the (simple, I know), sign, but also to convert it into mph so we silly Americans don't blow a brain fuse?

Cool (1)

crumbz (41803) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166355)

I can't wait until that is embedded in a contact lens.

Augmented Reality (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166359)

This story conjures up images in my mind of a person walking dowm the street with a wearable computer and visor-mounted display, having a good belly laugh at everything around him whilst passers-by look on in bemusement. He's laughing because he's configured his translator to run everything through English->Foo->English translation.

I wonder if you could use this... (1)

khog (146409) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166364)

...while driving.

Music Time! (-1)

j0nkatz (315168) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166366)

Steady Trollin'" by j0nkatz<BR>
Original song "Steady Mobin'" by Ice Cube<BR>

God damn, the bigger the Troll the bigger the peelin<BR>
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Four or five trollers in a mothership<BR>
Better known as a goose and we all wanna first post shit<BR>
Bent, front and back glass got tint<BR>
Tryin to get our hands on some dollars and cents<BR>
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And I might start slangin cow pies<BR>
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I take you to the pad zoom<BR>
Went to mom's house and dropped a load in the bathroom<BR>
Jumped back in my low rider<BR>
Comin out feelin about ten pounds lighter<BR>
Went to MFS's house so I can get the gat<BR>
His is the place where all the hoes kick it at<BR>
GiZ Mob ain't nuttin but tramps<BR>
But hoes lickin us like stamps <BR>
One fool brought the music for the yams<BR>
But j0nkatz had more amps, get in Fent<BR>
Cause I had the jam on<BR>
And I don't want to hear shit about a tampon<BR>
Give me the nappy and make me happy<BR>
Kathleen said 'Pappy could you slap me<BR>
on the ass hard and fast<BR>
and could please try not to leave a gash?'<BR>
I said yeah, but I don't play sex<BR>
When I'm putting on the latex<BR>
Slipped on the condom<BR>
Fucked around and dropped the bomb son<BR>
And it came out sort of like confetti<BR>
In for the night, no longer steady Trollin'<BR>

Re:Music Time! (-1)

Commienst (102745) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166709)

Post in Htmtl Formatted and not text, buddy.

Augmented Reality Porn (5, Funny)

mikosullivan (320993) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166367)

You walk down the street and the cute girls are modified so that they appear interested in you.

... oh wait, we already have beer for that.


Re:Augmented Reality Porn (1)

bje2 (533276) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166460)

I was thinking more like you walk down the street and all girls are modified so they appear cute... ...but beer does that too...

Re:Augmented Reality Porn (2)

sean23007 (143364) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166637)

I though beer just made the girls who are interested in you appear cute?

Re:Augmented Reality Porn (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166706)

I'd like a gadget that you point at a girlie and it spits out the optimum pick-up line.

It just might be possible (2)

mikosullivan (320993) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166730)

If everybody started wearing the systems, and you could hack the systems, you could be walking down the street and your server could discover that the girl walking towards you (it knows who she is because she's wearing the system too) subscribes to certain magazines, is a mamber of such and such clubs, and has participated in certain discussions. Then the system could provide info for picking up.

It could happen.


Timeline (1)

Renraku (518261) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166370)

This can't be too far away, then. in Michael Crichton's "Timeline," they have little earbuds that can translate spoken words into something that the wearer can understand, on the fly. If only we had something like this in reality. Not too much farther away...

Re:Timeline (2)

Dimensio (311070) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166432)

What, are you suggesting that the Babel Fish is fictional?

Microbes (was: Re:Timeline) (1)

xris (11996) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166559)

I think calling "microbes" "earbuds" is a bit out of proportion (literally) - or did i miss an episode? :-)

Re:Microbes (was: Re:Timeline) (2)

Renraku (518261) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166660)

In the book, they were earbuds.

Augmented Reality ... (1)

LL (20038) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166372)

I believe Linux Conf Australia had a speaker (see h) who discussed converting predefined glyphs into 3D overlays. Extending this capability to a wider set of real-world signage would be a worthy project for the Linux-based PSX2 and it would require insane amounts of image processing.


A voice enabled translation tool (2, Informative)

darnellmc (524699) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166373)

Go to and click the link on the right side of the page that says "Does your PDA parler français?". It is video for a translation device. It's pretty amazing.

The guy was talking into it in English and this thing repeats the words in the selected language.

I'm sure it's far from perfect, but this thing is like one step closer to some Star Trek like technology in regards to translation.

Re:A voice enabled translation tool (1)

Peyna (14792) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166446)

Does your PDA to speak french? They could have at least used the right conjugation for 3rd person present tense: parle.

I refuse to accept such a level of American-centric reporting, especially when it contains such blatant grammatical errors as these. Bah!

Re:A voice enabled translation tool (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166592)

Ah, who cares. It's only the French.

In fact, I think everyone should intentionally start butchering francais just because it annoys them so much.

Re:A voice enabled translation tool (1)

Ctrl-Z (28806) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166645)

What's the problem? That's perfectly valid franglais.

Re:A voice enabled translation tool (2)

Peyna (14792) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166691)

'parler' is an infinitive, and doesn't fit in the sentence, it should be 'parle'. I just found it amusing that it had to do with translation, and had something simple like that incorrect. oh well.

Re:A voice enabled translation tool (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166793)

Yay, someone else whining about a USA-centric site...Is this becoming a new pasttime for non-Americans now?

Just deal with or don't read the damn sites, geez.

I have this now... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166722)

....I'm an English speaker, living in Korea.

One button push for automatic translation. Voice operated and 100% accurate voice recognition.

I have this device that you can speak Korean into, and then have it come back as English. It's called a cell phone.... all you need is a friend that speaks both languages on the other end.

Of course, this assumes you are too lazy to learn another language.

You guys can't get over your own lack of imagination....shame.

what if there's no connection (1)

DimitryP (560878) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166375)

i can see it being useful if you have some way of connecting, but without it, all you will get are some pictures of signs in a foreign language.

boobies (-1, Offtopic)

VAXGeek (3443) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166376)

boobies should be like recognized at long range!

What I'd like to see... (3, Interesting)

Space Coyote (413320) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166380)

...Would be a similar system that can use OCR to read street signs and then send the text to a voice synthesyzer. Seems like that would be endlessly useful for people with low vision who have trouble reading signs in awkward locations.

Re:What I'd like to see... (1)

gnarled (411192) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166613)

As you crash into another can in an intersection you hear over your headphones your computer shout, "STOP!!" But its to late.

Correction can = car [n/t] (1)

gnarled (411192) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166630)


Slashdot, in the future *OOOOOH* (-1, Offtopic)

Serial Troller (556155) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166384)

  • 2002. Slashdot publishes 1,000,000th rumor passed off as actual story. The story generates 480 comments, 263 of which agree with the article, and 107 of which point out its a rumor and are modded down as redundant. The remaining comments are all first posts.
  • 2002. CmdrTaco married to Kathleen Fent. Many geeks believe Kathleen, a purported transvestite, outmeasures CmdrTaco.
  • 2002. Slashdot parent corporation VA Research^W Linux^W Software stock worth 35 cents. Rumors that AOL, Microsoft, or even Jimmy the hobo who lives under the Longfellow Bridge may buy it.
  • 2003. VA Software bought by Microsoft for a cup of coffee and a donut. All Microsoft-critical articles mysteriously disappear from Slashdot. Bill Gates as Borg logo replaced with Bill Gates as God.
  • 2003. Papperatzi videos of Miguel de Icaza caught going down on Bill Gates in his private yacht spread across Usenet. Miguel swears that recent decisions to rename the Gnome desktop to Windows NT 6.0 have nothing to do with it.
  • 2004. CmdrTaco loses hist virginity.
  • 2004. The WIPO Troll returns again, showering Slashdot in 45,000 copies of the same post: Lick my crotch hairs. Slashdot, despite running on 18 redundant IIS/8.0 servers, buckles under the load. The term Slashdotted is replaced with WIPO-Trolled.
  • 2004. Slashdot, the last vestige of VA Research^W Linux^W Software^W Microsoft, officially shut down. Millions of screaming, unwashed geeks invade Redmond campus and lynch Bill Gates. CmdrTaco is believed to posess the only remaining copy of the Slashdot database on several hundred CD-Rs.
  • 2005. The Linux is world is shocked when Linus Torvalds and Anal Cox are found dead along with six penguins, an empty tub of crisco and several used condoms. Millions of screaming, unwashed geeks invade Redmond campus and lynch Steve Ballmer.
  • 2005. CmdrTaco rumored to have had sex again.
  • 2006. CowboiKneel found dead in hotel room with 56 pizza boxes covering his bloated corpse. Three suffocated gay prostitutes are extracted from beneath his body as police remove it with a backhoe.
  • 2007. CmdrTaco actually has sex again. With a woman.
  • 2007. BSD is still officially dying. No word on when its demise will take place.
  • 2007. CmdrTaco starts new weblog to replace Slashdot, creatively named Dotslash. Remainder of Linux users flock to the site and immediate WIPO-Troll it out of existence.
  • 2008. CmdrTaco has sex with his wife for the first time.
  • 2009. After years of living under the heel of his domineering wife, and being deprived of companyof his life-long friend, Jeff Homos Bates, CmdrTaco commits suicide. Another unwashed geek mob gathers and tears Kathleen Fent to shreds. Geeks discover Ms. Fent was indeed a woman, but dont exactly know what that means. Driven by their sexually-repressed rage, they subsequently invade Redmond again and lynch the current CEO of Microsoft, Miguel deIcaza.
  • 2009. Richard Stallman mysteriously murdered. Conspiracy theories run rampant, most involving Microsoft in some way. Invasions of Redmond campus by hordes of geeks become commonplace.
  • 2010. Stallman murder solved when Eric S. Raymond confesses. Raymond blamed the collapse of VA Research^W Linux^W Software^W Microsoft on Stallmans dogmatic insistence on prefixing every open-source project with GNU. Raymond is subsequently committed to an insane asylum, again giving the horde of geeks an excuse to raze Redmond.
  • 2010. An ex-hacker reports witnessing CmdrTaco at a gas station in Tennessee. The nearly-defunct Linux movement is rekindled as CmdrTaco sightings become common.
  • 2011. Microsoft campus burnt to the ground by screaming, unwashed geek mob after Microsoft is blamed when a Linuxhacker in Cambridge, Massachusetts spills his coffee on his pants. Microsoft undaunted as their plans to buy out the Federal Government come to fruition. Washington, D.C. renamed Microsoft Capitol 2010.

Combine this technology... (3, Funny)

TrebleJunkie (208060) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166385)

Combine this technology with last summer's craze,, and I think you got something. (15 seconds to know if the chick you wanna pick up in a bar is really hot? Priceless.)

Let Them Speak English (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166387)

Went to one them countries abroad 'while back. Filled with foreigners, it was. Everywhere I looked was foreigners yammering in some strange foreign tongue. I can't see why they just don't learn to speak English...much easier than wasting my time with some sort of pocket translater.

Re:Let Them Speak English (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166443)

Rock on Chachi!

Because... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166509)

>> why they just don't learn to speak English...

Because English is very confusing, very complicated. If it was (were?) more logical... 20+ years of English and I learn something "different" now and then.

I grokked my native language when I was 11, I believe. Not to mention Esperanto, which is waaaaay easier and more logical.

But don't take this as offensive... because this means English-speaking people are in some ways very intelligent to deal with it.

Re:Because... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166702)

While it is confusing, incorrectly spelt (why is it not phynitical(sp)?), it is poety.

Re:Because... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166790)


that's not useful (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166389)

Think of all the better things they could do. They could translate it from Enligsh to hax0r! "5p33d l1m17: 55 mph" "570p!" "j00 c4n 4d0p7 4 h1ghw4y!"

How long... (2, Funny)

theMAGE (51991) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166391)

How long till' people will drive using this as input? "Computer: what is that red sign over there?" ... crunch scan crunch ocr crunch exception: macromedia plugin required crunch downloading... ... 15 seconds later, from the car's wreckage: IT'S A STOP SIGN. REPEAT IT'S A STOP SIGN

Scientific American on Augmented Reality (3, Interesting)

willybur (217434) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166393)

On that note, this month's issue of Scientific American features an article on augmented reality [] . It's a good read.

15 seconds? (2)

InsaneCreator (209742) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166394)

Driving down the street...

What's that sign?

*click* (take a photo)


Translation comes in: "STOP" sign

Re:15 seconds? (1)

Trisk (314745) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166452)

Wow, just 1 minute after. Amazing coincidence [] .

Re:15 seconds? (1)

Tablizer (95088) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166573)


"Don't stand here, this is a bus r.........."

Much experience (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166395)

I have had much experience in digital film and can say that this would be quite hand. However, for the most part I have only taken still photographs and not delved much into the realms of OCR. For example, here is an incident in which I was able to hone my digital picture and video skills.

There's nothing special about me. I'm just an ordinary man named Jon Katz - aged 44, balding, fighting a losing battle against my bulging waistline and cash-hungry kids and CmdrTaco who seem to be making more and more demands on my weekly pay-packet. I've just this weekend, had a sexual experience though, which was so good that even the world's richest multi-millionaire couldn't have pleasured himself better.

Today's Tuesday, last Saturday Taco took his mother and our youngest to a family get together 200 miles away. My other two kids arranged to visit friends for the weekend, leaving me - JonKatz- home alone for the first time in years. My only responsibility was to walk and feed the dog. Saturday passed pleasantly, but uneventfully. I went to the supermarket, had a drinks with some mates at lunchtime, watch t.v. sport all afternoon and had a solitary curry that night. I watched Terminator II for about the sixth time on the t.v. and fell asleep at around 11pm.

Sunday was a beautiful morning. I woke up at 10am, made coffee and went back to bed to read the papers. At 12.30pm I decided to take the dog for a walk over to the woods which are about 3 miles away. So off the 2 of us went in the car. The walk was fine - nothing interesting to report there until pretty near the end I spotted someone sleeping on a bench. I didn't really pay much attention - just another down and out I thought. As we got closer, I actually noticed the down and out was a male. A male I'd noticed before - he's around 40, a big fat man, who I've seen drinking in the street and making merry often. Although pushing 40, he had always caught my eye because underneath the beard and lived-in sweat, he looked like he had a decent body on him. I've fancied and fantasized about Fat men since an Uncle of mine introduced me to sexual pleasure when I was just 16. Fat men - let's be blunt - turn me on and this man is a good 220 pounds with tits which always looked enormously big under his layers of clothes. Anyhow, me and the dog were walking by him and I was beginning to look away (it's always embarrassing isn't it, when some down and out tries to draw you into a conversation) when the man called out "Got any spare change?" Under almost any normal circumstances, I'd have just shaken my head and said "No" and kept moving, but he'd got a magnificent body and I had nowhere better to rush to - so I turned and replied "What did you say?" Thinking maybe I was a bit deaf, he repeated "I'm dead broke and really hungry - can you spare me some change?" - "You don't look all that hungry". "Cheeky git". "No, I meant it as a compliment". He laughed and got off of the bench, hhe was drunker than I'd realized and did a slight sexy shuffle. His huge massive breasts shimmied wonderful. I was mesmerized, but no way would I admit it. "So, you like the look of me body then, get away with you, I'd flatten you with the size of these!" he laughed and pulled his pants tighter, showing me the gigantic contents of his almost endless crotch. "I think it's beautiful" I told him in a voice that wasn't mine.

What was I thinking?Talking to a smelly (he really did smell terrible - I can't imagine when he'd last had a bath) tramp and complimenting him too. He got right to the point - "I've met your type before - give me £10 and I'll let you have a proper look at it". I looked around, the woods were empty - we were close to the park area but there wasn't a soul around for a good 200 metres. "And what would you do for more money?" I said it, but I didn't believe I'd said it. 2 minutes ago, I'd been quietly walking the family spaniel - now I was bartering for sexual favors with a filthy hobo. "How much more?" "A lot, for the right thing". His eyes narrowed. "You filthy devil - what would you be wanting to do with me them?" "What do you think?" I couldn't bring myself to say it out loud, but the growing lump in my trousers made my desires all to obvious to me. I wanted to fuck him. Wanted him more than I'd wanted anyone for ages. He might've been smelly but his big plump body reeked of just sex to me. "I think you'll be wanting to fuck me". I nodded and honestly expected him to lose his temper, fling the empty bottle of meths alcohol at me, start swearing blindly at me - I got ready to run. "How about £50?" "What do I get for that?" "You get to take me into them there woods" he jerked a finger at the heavily-treed area I'd just come from "and have a quick poke at my fanny".

I was tempted, even with the smell, but I wanted more - something had taken over me. I just felt so fucking horny. Hornier than I had for years. "What would you do for £200?" "What have you in mind?" "I want to take you home, give you a bath, fuck you, sit down for a good lunch and then fuck you again". "How long for?" "All night, if I want to". "Make it £500". "That's too much". "£400 then". "£300?" "Okay". "How about booze - you got any booze?". "Scotch, gin, brandy - the lot". "And I can drink them?" "Help yourself, as much as you want". He fetched her few belongings which were in some tatty carrier bags - "Right then fella, you're on". I gave him £60 (all the money I had on me) and we got in the car. I deliberately took a long complicated route home to make sure he'd never be able to find my place again. We got to my place and I raided the savings and gave her £100 more. I told her he'd get the balance once our sexual transaction was over. We went upstairs and I poured her a hot bath with plenty of Taco's expensive perfumed bath oil and some disinfectant in it too.

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An hour later, I was at him again. I had him stand up and bend over the dressing table, then very little difficulty, I maneuvered my dick up his big fleshy arse. His bum hole felt so good - so tight so rewarding. I kneeded his mega-cock while fucking him. I was in heaven. I came right up his arsehole and left my shrinking ick in there for a good few minutes. During the next 21 hours, I had sex with him 14 more times. No, I didn't cum each time, I'm not super-human! I came 4 more times and the last 2 times made my testies really sore and drained. It was well worth it thought. I fucked his mouth and his arse. I fucked him between the man-breasts and I put an empty bottle of gin right far up his fanny. I videod myself fucking him too, all the positions. I've watched it 2 times already and it's good - I may even let you guys see it and sell it for me - who knows?!!! I also watched him (and videod it) taking a piss which was nice. My loving family were due back at 6pm Monday, so CowboyNeal re-dressed at 10am yesterday morning. I'd already called in sick to work. He was grateful for his £300 and his bath and clean clothes. I gave him £5 extra for buy some new knickers. I kept the (cleaned) old ones as a sexy momento. I bet you anything I'll have wank watching the video of CowboyNeal and me tonight, when Taco's gone to bed and I'll have those very well worn, still stained but now biologically cleaned knickers wrapped around my dick as I tug myself off. I've arranged to meet him again, this Sunday for a £50 open-air fuck and I can't wait.


this is gonna scare the hell out of tourists... (2) (89920) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166397)

...just imagine visiting some far-away place, sending of a picture of a street-sign for translating, and getting back "beware the polar bears"!

Re:this is gonna scare the hell out of tourists... (1)

func (183330) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166510)

Hey, if they're travelling in my neck of the woods, they'd be right. The signs do say "beware of bears", and they better be scared! :)

Re:this is gonna scare the hell out of tourists... (1)

Valgar (225897) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166681)


In my area of the cube farm the "beware of BOFH" sign prevails.....

and we are much worse than bears, bears don't stuff your keyboard up your ass in response to stupid questions...:)

Suspicious (2, Funny)

EvilBastard (77954) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166398)

I was messing with the Prototype for this, and after I tried about the 40th sign, I got this back

Warning !
Wrong Way
Go Back

bwahahahahah (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166496)

keep up the great posts! we're all in stitches over here, and if I weren't an AC, I'd mod you up to +3, Funny [as you no doubt hoped in a not-so-secret way]...



Re:Suspicious (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166521)

that's stupid

Babelfish (1)

KeatonMill (566621) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166402)

Definately reminds me of the babelfish... although I don't think they worked for reading... I read an article a month or so ago about a research group working on AR (augmented reality). The setup they had weighed about 50 pounds and required a big bulky headset. But with the rate of miniturization these days... who knows what'll be possible in the not-too-distant future. I envision everyone wearing glasses that project the AR, and connect to a computer in a pocket somewhere... Maybe it'll be contacts.

Really useful, that (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166403)

"translate street signs" but requires a "dial-up connection".

So what happens when the translation site gets slashdotted?

"Honey, what's that sign say?"

"I don't know dear, it's just not responding"

skreeech BAM! (test of Pauli exclusion principle on a macro scale completed...)

"Now the site's up honey....Oh, it's a stop sign."

Lazy lazy! (1, Interesting)

Aurorya (557733) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166407)

Part of the joy of going somewhere (for Americans) other than America is that everything is probably in a foreign language. And that people refer to these places, concepts, foods, etc., in the language that describes them best: their native one. I'm not going to go to la Rue d'Auguste Lançon in Paris and have my cute little pocket device translate it into "August Lancon Street". Parisiens giving me directions are going to call it la Rue d'Auguste Lançon!

Ok, so what about China or Japan? If you are going for travel, you can learn a few Kanji. It's the least you could do. If you're going on business, as the article suggests, you should be a good little representative and be chosen because you know something about where you're going. Hopefully you know a lot, or at least enough to be able to order food from a menu.

It's kind of sad that no people won't even have to make the smallest step into being somewhere new of calling places by their real names. If you lovingly name your kid George, would you be upset if the Mexicans only refered to him with the pronunciation "hor-hey"?

Re:Lazy lazy! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166602)

If you lovingly name your kid George, would you be upset if the Mexicans only refered to him with the pronunciation "hor-hey"?

Erm, no. And exactly why should I care?

Sorry dude, I'm just not following your point.

Re:Lazy lazy! (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166734)

I agree with you when you're in Europe, but it's a different story in places like Taiwan, where I'm working at the moment. There are some signs in Latin text, but some of the minor roads are only written in Chinese.
When someone tells you to go to Chong-Shen North Road, how would you know that äå±±åOE--è is the correct address? I would love a gadget like this! It would make living here so much easier.
It would make learning Chinese easier as well.

(Apologies if the Chinese doesn't display properly).

Col the Limey

Was waiting for this... (-1)

Serial Troller (556155) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166416)

I wonder how much location and user information it phones home with. Nice way to slowly introduce tracking devices to the DROOLING CONSUMERS, as if cel phones aren't enough...

Cached (3, Informative)

BrianGa (536442) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166426)

Google [] has a cache [] of the PopSci article [] .

yeah, but... (2, Funny)

KingPrad (518495) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166429)

...can you get through the airport with it? Carry any more technology and those security guards will tear you apart.

Re:yeah, but... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166456)

Carry any more technology and those security guards will tear you apart.

Got in trouble with this one myself. I was translating signs at the airport with my old 286, when two guards grabbed me, took my shoes, strip searched me. Demanded cash. When I looked back at the computer, I saw too late the sign translated as: Do Not Feed the Security Guards.

Have a friendly login (1)

waltmarkers (319528) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166431)

For all those who need one:

l: slashdotter1
p: slashdotter1


Hey a Haiku (-1)

Commienst (102745) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166433)

Learn fucking English
You foreign fucks never will learn
Be assimiliated.

Perhaps Oui Perhaps No? (1)

alphaparadigm (306270) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166436)

Well, this is about as useful as my flying toaster!

Seriously though, i wonder about what happens when the sign gets babelfished and you end up eating dog testicles instead of the "beefy camel tips" you thought you ordered.

Yay, just like babble fish! (-1)

Serial Troller (556155) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166444)

*reads sign while driving and keys it in*
*fifteen seconds later*

Not rapidly please
Kilometres learning under distance 2 for
Around children where had fun

"What was that??"

Actual meaning of sign:
Slow - School Zone 2km
Children at play

Why Translate Street Signs? (4, Insightful)

cporter (61382) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166447)

I don't see this as a positive development. It's an excuse for crappier signs in a world where signs, schedules, maps, and notices are confusing even if you're fluent in the language. We should focus on standards [] and intuitive design. []

OK, maybe translating train schedules and restaurant menus is good. But street signs, especially, are supposed to be unambiguous, their meaning readily apparent to anyone, whether literate in their native language or not.

And does this thing work on signs that some redneck has shot holes in with a 12-gauge?

Re:Why Translate Street Signs? (-1)

Profane Motherfucker (564659) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166467)

Exactly. Some dumb motherfucker has got a real stiffie about this fucking crap. I have absolutely no faith in this cocksucker. Fucking signs, but their shitty defination, are designed to be understood by a bunch of illiterate assholes. If you can operate some stupid jap handheld piece of dogshit, you can lookup the fucking word in a dictionary. I say: this is a bunch of bullshit and ought to be proper fucked. It's queer.

Re:Why Translate Street Signs? (2)

sporty (27564) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166520)

What are you talking about? You want unambiguous, you use longitude and latitude. "Yeah, I'm only a few seconds away from 40 degrees latitude and a minute from 43 degrees longitude" :)

Flame me for not knowing where 40x43 is :P Its a joke son, ya' hear'?!

Re:Why Translate Street Signs? (2)

Peyna (14792) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166727)

The latitude and longitude you gave could correspond to 4 different locations on earth, so I'd say that's pretty amibiguous too. =]

Although, if you go with 40 N 43 E, it's approximately somewhere in the middle east. (Some people use a +- system, searching this was the first time I had seen that, I've only used N S E W, etc.)

Commoditize this thing (2)

WillWare (11935) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166478)

Configure the translator as a web service with a fairly-obvious SOAP API. Do everything in Unicode. Allow a wide range of both input and output languages. Make plenty of clones of the server, sprinkled all over the planet. Start in tourist spots and big cities, and let them trickle out to other places.

In the 1950s and 60s, TV commoditized and homogenized American speech patterns and culture. This will commoditize understanding between cultures, but nobody has to give up their native language. Ideas and commerce will flow more easily. It'll be a good thing.

Somewhat Related... (3, Interesting)

peterdaly (123554) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166482)

On a somewhat related topic I have been thinking about recently:

Java (J2ME) is now in cell phones, I have one and have played around a bit. Biggest problem with real applications is lack of a good input device. Now, for speed dialing, my phone has "voice recognition", which is really a pattern match against a saved database of me saying each person's name. It is an i85 Nextel Phone.

Why not have a voice recognition processor? Now, the phone does not have enough horsies to crunch the stuff needed to do that...but: The phone has direct-connect. Why not a feature like direct connect, but instead of 2-way radioing another person, a voice processor system, which returns the processed speech as text into whatever is running on the phone? Take the time used out of alloted's not like they have to connect anything in your call to the phone system to establish a call for you.

Data connection is only about 300 baud or so, but how much faster can you really talk (so that a computer can uderstand you) than 300 baud worth of text? Same thing for reading. I can't read my email while driving (at least not safely), but why not have a "my phone" (really a computer talking to my phone) read it to me? That solves the small screen display problem too.

Ok, enough crazy thinking for now, I could go on and on about this stuff.


Re:Somewhat Related... (1)

mlk (18543) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166632)

You can get 100% java voice recognition systems, so you could maybe do it on one of the new mobiles.

Still does not help for Quake, but for MUD's it would be cool...

But all that said and done, it would be easy to a system that you phone up your PC, it answers and send what you say through a voice rec. app, the pipes the output to a shell.


The Bird (1)

long_john_stewart_mi (549153) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166493)

So if somebody flips you the bird, take a picture and find out what he was really saying!

Chicken and egg situation (3, Funny)

suso (153703) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166517)

What do you do if you're trying to read signs that would lead you to a cybercafe?

Re:Chicken and egg situation (1)

mlk (18543) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166545)

Point your Nokia 7560 at the sign, click a button, get the sign back in English.
Or (as he has done) point your digital camera at a sign, have your PDA take the pic, send it via your mobile phone to a mainframe then fly back to your PDA.

not bad (1)

negativethirsty (555244) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166532)

But why not just have a bluetooth type chip embeded into all signs and landmarks? Walk up to it with some type of reciever/pda/device and wha-la. Even embed a gps etc.

Sensory Overuse (1)

ironfroggy (262096) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166535)

This all relies too much on sight. These things, no matter how efficiently designed, do get in the way of your sight, even if transparent. Why use sight at all? Personally, I would prefer a system with a larger learning curve but effectively bringing a new sense into play. Electrodes applied to the body would send raw singles, which we would learn to interpret. This could have many possibilies. "Oh, would you look at that dream-woman, my alarm is going off. Hold on, let me set it back an hour." All while sleeping. Well, maybe not, but I think its cool. Just an idea.

I'm suprised (2, Informative)

madenosine (199677) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166541)

I'm suprised that nearly nobody has carried the story of the brown reaserchers who put a microchip into a monkey's brain which allowed them to control a computer mouse by thinking

They first played a game with a joystick, then played the same game controlling it with their mind, and they got about the same score both ways

Very interesting story.....has anybody seen anything on this? It's on brown's website at 01-02/01-098.html []

Tie in with "Sensory Overuse" (1)

ironfroggy (262096) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166566)

Now this is what im talking about. I want this! Do you think there are any legal issues against doing this to myself? And does this work both ways? ie, could the joystick in their head have "force feedback", therefor applying a new sense?

Re:I'm suprised (1)

lux55 (532736) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166579)

I posted that story here around noon today, but it was rejected. I find this sort of thing very intriguing, interfacing machines to neurons and such. There's crazy potential to help people, and it's freaky futuristic.

What I want to see is a video of these monkeys, to see how accurate it really is (which I'm sure also depends on the monkey's intentions as well).

Re:I'm suprised (1)

madenosine (199677) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166590)

If it were done by MIT, slashdot would be all over it....

Re:I'm suprised (1)

mlk (18543) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166653)

Your not alone
2002-03-14 02:25:37 Computers that read your mind! (articles,news) (rejected)

Re:I'm suprised (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166759)

don't blame us, we tried.

2002-03-13 22:03:53 Monkey with Embedded Chip Controls Computer (articles,news) (rejected)

I can see it now... (2, Funny)

Eric Damron (553630) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166568)

I'm on a business trip in Paris. My wife flys in to be with me. Fourteen hours later I show up at the airport.

Wife: "Where the hell have you been!!!"

Me: "server was slow..."

Yeah... (2)

mcrbids (148650) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166570)

Put this with some augumented reality, and you have a rather useful tool.

... Just stay out of Canadian Airports, eh?

American to English road sign trans? (1)

Nathdot (465087) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166575)

Does it do American to standard English road sign translation? You know... something for the tourists:

<STOP>: "Prepare for car-jacking"
<DRIVE-THRU>: "Drive By"


Technology boldly solves problems (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166578)

no one cares about. Uh, what's wrong with your brain and using a Berlitz guide??

Fifteen seconds? Useless! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166582)

"All said and done, it takes about 15 seconds to translate a street sign."

Oh yeah.. thaaaat's great! 15 seconds. I can see it know... "waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. oh, it said, 'BRIDGE OUT'... DOOOOOOooooohhhhh" [splash]

hello tehre (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166594)

I would like to post some text now.

# insert whitespace into long words, convert <>& to HTML entities
if ($fmode == LITERAL || $fmode == EXTRANS || $fmode == ATTRIBUTE || $fmode == CODE) {
# Encode all HTML tags
$str =~ s/&/&amp;/g;
$str =~ s/</&lt;/g;
$str =~ s/>/&gt;/g;
### this is not ideal; we want breakHtml to be
### entity-aware
# attributes are inside tags, and don't need to be

and here is some more text.

York Times "story on using a pocket pc to translate a street sign. It requires at least a dialup connection as it sends the photo to a server for the majority of the processing: OCR, translation, English overlay for new image, and then transmission back to the user. All said and done, it takes about 15 seconds to translate a street sign. Put this with some augumented reality, and you have a

New York Times Again? (1)

release7 (545012) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166600)

New York Times new slogan: "All the news fit for nerds"

Slasdot's: "News from New York. Stale links that mattered 6 hours ago."

Driving in unfamiliar territory (1)

denubis (105145) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166603)

These augmented street signs would be incredibly cool if they showed up as small popup boxes on your field of vision as you're looking for streets. Better yet, augment with mapquest, and have a line to follow to get to your destination. Adjusting for traffic and the ilk. That would be cool.

the amazing thing is (2)

gtx (204552) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166685)

i've trained myself to do similar things without computers. i was enrolled in a state funded training program for 12 years, where they taught me to identify english road signs, read them, translate them into english, and understand them. i also learned how to translate the following things into english:
  • books written in english
  • product labels written in english
  • movie subtitles written in english
  • magazine articles written in english
then, after my 12 years of state funded black-ops training, i decided to continue my education in a private 4 year institution where they even taught me how to WRITE in english, a topic which wasn't quite covered well by the state-funded institution. perhaps if the government would make this type of training available to all members of our society, we wouldn't need computers to understand these cryptic road signs that nobody seems to be able to decode.



Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166701)

Mod this up, it's the funniest damn thing I've read since Christmas.

15 seconds later.. (1, Redundant)

MongooseCN (139203) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166700)

While driving along some roads...

Take a picture of that sign and see what it says.

-15 seconds later-


Improvement idea (2, Insightful)

Timid_Monkey (125284) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166721)

With the processor speeds and storage abilities of current Pocket PCs, why require a dialup connection? Especially when the majority of users wouldn't have one while, say, traveling in a foreign country. (GSM still has yet to pick up here in the US).

Why not allow the OCR program, and any necessary foreign language translation dictionaries to live in the PDA's memory? I can't see it taking up anymore than several MB, (which could certaintly be offloaded when not traveling).

Is there something I really don't understand here?

I've had this for almost 3 years now.... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3166732)

I have this device that you can speak Korean into, and then have it come back as English. It's called a cell phone.... all you need is a friend that speaks both languages on the other end. Mine happens to be 24, and she sports a TOEIC of 982.

Voice operated and 100% accurate voice recognition.

Of course, this assumes you are too lazy to learn another language.

You guys can't get over your own lack of imagination....shame.

augumented?? (-1)

full_tide (136848) | more than 12 years ago | (#3166743)

I'm a bad speller too, but damn....that's REALLY bad.
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