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Attack of the Clones: Less Plastic Crap, More Story?

chrisd posted about 12 years ago | from the jar-jar-is-raj-raj-spelled-backwards dept.

Star Wars Prequels 447

Newsweek has an article in which George Lucas states that there were parts of Episode One that were damaging to the Star Wars franchise. (shocker, I know) "The last movie did not live up to expectations." They'll cut the merchandise by two thirds, as they still have tons of unsold Episode One merchandise. Yahoo is also running an AOTC story. Mild spoilers in the linked stories, by the way.

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Anonymous Coward 1 minute ago

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All this means is... (-1, Offtopic)

Pr0n K1ng (160688) | about 12 years ago | (#3397884)

More first posting for me!

Get it in you!

chrisd learned his lesson! (-1, Offtopic)

MikeyMars (192647) | about 12 years ago | (#3397890)

Mild spoilers in the linked stories, by the way.

Now was that so hard to do? :)


FP (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3397893)


Episode II= Chick Flick (1)

ltsmash (569641) | about 12 years ago | (#3397894)

For some reason I have this huge fear the Episode II will be somewhat of a click flick. Please tell me I'm wrong.

Re:Episode II= Chick Flick (-1)

l33t j03 (222209) | about 12 years ago | (#3397937)

Yeah, god forbid a bunch of chicks show up. That would ruin your sausage fest.

You're wrong. (3, Interesting)

diverman (55324) | about 12 years ago | (#3397951)

Well, I can't really say for sure, but from interviews I've seen with various people involved with the film, as well as rumors this one is supposed to have a LOT more action, and be fairly dark.

I'm sure they'll play up the the romance a bit, but from what I understand it's PACKED with Jedi fighting. One rumor is that we find out why Yoda is the bad-ass he's supposed to be. Crossing my fingers to see some kick-ass Jedi fighting. I just hope I'm not let down like with the first one. *sigh*

Also, if it follows the basic trend from the first 3, The first one is more light hearted, introducing characters. The second one is dark, and deepens the plot. The third one will release the darkness, but show the light at the end of the tunnel. *shrug*

Just my thoughts, and what I've heard.


Re:Episode II= Chick Flick (1)

hexdcml (553714) | about 12 years ago | (#3397963)

who cares?? this looks pretty good.. chick flick or not.two words.. Natalie Portman! hahhaha, now plus loads of cool action sequences (at least from the trailers they were cool). Heck, even it is a chick flick, at least it would be cool to get my girlfriend interested in Star Wars! :)

Re:Episode II= Chick Flick (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398074)

Liar, you don't have a girlfriend.

Re:Episode II= Chick Flick (3, Funny)

inerte (452992) | about 12 years ago | (#3397977)

For some reason I have this huge fear the Episode II will be somewhat of a click flick. Please tell me I'm wrong.

Clusters of wannabe Portman teenager girls, worry about that for a second.

You Won't Read This On CNN #@ +1 ; Informative #@ (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398042)

The Real War On Terrorism by Robert Pelton [salon.com] April 23, 2002 | Back in December of last year, television viewers watched CNN in disbelief as John Walker Lindh was seen squirming on a cot in Afghanistan claiming to be an American member of the Taliban. It was one of those moments when the madness -- not to mention the weirdness -- of war gets fully depicted on a single human face. The person interviewing Walker Lindh was Robert Young Pelton, a sort of anti-travel writer who, over the course of several books and magazine articles, has demonstrated a strong affinity for war zones and rebel causes. For Pelton, this coup of an interview was another interesting case of being in the right place at the right time. In addition to talking with Walker Lindh in the aftermath of the Qala Jangi fortress uprising, Pelton had, "through intermediaries," arranged to spend time with legendary Northern Alliance general Abdul Rashid Dostum just as U.S. activities in Afghanistan were gaining momentum. Dostum and his troops were working in conjunction with a Green Beret unit to liberate Mazar-e-Sharif when Pelton arrived on the scene. His story of that endeavor ran in National Geographic Adventure magazine and provided a firsthand glimpse of the war and the soldiers fighting it. In fact, Pelton had the kind of access that seems to have eluded many other reporters covering the conflict; his up-close and personal portrayal of a Special Forces unit in both moments of reflection and acts of bravery harks back to the days when journalists were actually among the fighting troops, not relegated to the briefing room at base camp. Accessibility continues to be a bone of contention between the press and the Pentagon. Meanwhile, Pelton thinks the real story of the war is either being told too late, after the public has moved on to other topics, or is never even properly explored by mainstream media outlets that allow foreign governments to promulgate a more Western-friendly side of the story. Pelton's blunt appraisals find their way into his travel books too; they focus on skulls and crossbones rather than sandy beaches. He's the author of "The World's Most Dangerous Places," a compendium of key information about how to get into -- and, more important, how to get out of -- various war zones, drug dens and atrocity-ridden enclaves the world over. The book is devoted to far-flung disaster areas like Sierra Leone and Somalia. Not surprisingly, Afghanistan gets a chapter. Pelton has been going there since 1995 to cover both the Taliban regime and the late Northern Alliance leader Ahmed Shah Massoud's efforts to topple it. Pelton was getting ready to head back to Afghanistan to work on a documentary about the fortress uprising in Mazar-e Sharif when this interview was conducted. Regarding your piece in National Geographic, you seemed to have access that members of the mainstream press didn't have, and I'm wondering how you went about achieving that. Well, I'm not a journalist first of all, so that's probably why I have better access. There were about 200 journalists that had been waiting for six weeks in Termiz and Tashkent when I went over. I was quite intrigued by the activities in Mazar-e Sharif because I knew that most of the journalists had gone to the Panjshir Valley, which was a popular way to get into Afghanistan. But there wasn't much going on there. So there were about 2,000 journalists, according to my friends, sitting in the Panjshir area north of Kabul twiddling their thumbs, and I knew there was something going on in the north. Just based on people that you talked with? Or just an inkling? There were some preliminary news reports out of Iran and the Afghan press, plus I knew that Dostum had gone back in April so I was just intrigued why I wasn't hearing anything from there. And so I started calling [Western Afghan warlord] Ismael Khan's friends and Dostum's friends in the States and then once I set my trip up I actually called the president of CNN news and then I also called National Geographic and asked if they'd be interested in anything. It felt like nobody was really covering the war; they were all talking about what they had for breakfast and what it's like to hear a bullet fly by and all this kind of crap. But nobody was really involved in the actual war. And obviously it was ongoing. So surprisingly, they both said yes. So I brought in a cameraman and myself and my assistant, and it took me four hours to cross the Friendship Bridge [leading from Uzbekistan into Afghanistan], and it was fairly easy to cross, even though the actual bridge was closed. The day I got there was the day of the fortress uprising. There were some journalists that came across on a day trip and they just stayed, which pissed off the Uzbeks something fierce. That's the thing. You hear a lot about the press talking about how they have such limited access, but the military actually says that they can go wherever they want to go. Well you'll hear this from the military. Every time you ask the military, "OK, I want to be put on a plane and I want to go to the front lines and I need to be back by 5 o'clock," they just laugh, because it's not their responsibility to chauffeur people around and to entertain them and feed them and protect them. But it's also a different country -- it's Afghanistan -- so if you want to go to the front lines in Afghanistan you have to talk to Afghans, and nobody seemed to talk to Afghans. I talked to Afghans. If I want to go into a country, whether it's Algeria or the Philippines or whatever, I don't ask the government's permission. Next page | "We have killed thousands of people" 1, 2, 3, 4

Re:Episode II= Chick Flick (1)

ajrs (186276) | about 12 years ago | (#3398134)

boy meets girl

boy gets girl

boy gets to big for his britches

girl dumps boy

boy becomes evil, kills all of his friends. maybe the girl too.

yeah, sounds like a chick flick

Could you please... (2, Funny)

Brad Wilson (462844) | about 12 years ago | (#3397900)

...start reporting things before they're entire days (sometimes weeks) old? It's quite off-putting when us nerds get the news faster from Fark [fark.com] , which is hardly known to be the Speedy Gonzalez of news services. ;)

Tough Problem (1)

4of12 (97621) | about 12 years ago | (#3397905)

I'd like to help out so that they continue to have a chance to make some better Episodes.

Maybe they could unload some of the many Jar Jar dolls in sporting goods stores interested in diversifying their range of marksmanship targets?

Re:Tough Problem (5, Informative)

Stonehand (71085) | about 12 years ago | (#3397919)

I think this Lucas quote says it best:

"There's only one issue for a filmmaker," he says. "Will this make its money back so I can make the next one?"

From a Time Magazine article [time.com] .

but what about...? (1)

DaBjork (575727) | about 12 years ago | (#3397906)

Ok, but let's not forget the important questions brewing on every real star wars fan's mind...IS JAR JAR BINKS GOING TO EVER POKE HIS UGLY MUG ON SCREEN AGAIN? because if so I am returning my light saber.

I only hope so... (1)

ringbarer (545020) | about 12 years ago | (#3397936)

I need them to bring out those Life Size Jar Jar Dolls [landoverbaptist.org] again!

Re:I only hope so... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398125)

Jar Jar sucks, but it's funny how fundamentalists see a moral problem even where there is none. IE. Jar Jar

Ah, but it's HOW you return it... (2, Funny)

Ann O'Nymous-Coward (460094) | about 12 years ago | (#3397996)

"IS JAR JAR BINKS GOING TO EVER POKE HIS UGLY MUG ON SCREEN AGAIN? because if so I am returning my light saber."

So am I.
Direct to Georgieboy.
Rectally. (Oh, for a _real_ one!) ;>

Whew! (5, Funny)

jmoriarty (179788) | about 12 years ago | (#3397913)

At least now I know no major characters die at the end of the movie. Otherwise it would have been mentioned on Slashdot's main page.

Re:Whew! (1, Flamebait)

qslack (239825) | about 12 years ago | (#3398013)

At least now I know no major characters die at the end of the movie. Otherwise it would have been mentioned on Slashdot's main page.

How much you wanna bet that Hollywood snuck in a "Digital Millenium Spoiler Act" and that you're gonna be busted for stealing their profits? :)

Anyways, remember that **N&SYN.C (or however you format it) is making a cameo? They are all going to be Jedi Knights. Now, if only movies were more like real life -- apparently, they are going to be killed by the Empire within seconds of their appearance.

Re:Whew! (2)

batkiwi (137781) | about 12 years ago | (#3398051)

http://www.ananova.com/entertainment/story/sm_4918 17.html

check up on facts first

that's one of many links pointing out they were dropped by searching "nsync star wars" in google.

Re:Whew! (1)

inerte (452992) | about 12 years ago | (#3398058)

apparently, they are going to be killed by the Empire within seconds of their appearance.


Read the other article [eonline.com] linked at Yahoo's one, they are not going to appear anymore.

Re:Whew! (2)

wishus (174405) | about 12 years ago | (#3398059)

Anyways, remember that **N&SYN.C (or however you format it) is making a cameo? They are all going to be Jedi Knights.

According to one of the linked articles that you evidently did not read, N-Sync ended up "on the cutting room floor."

In Case Slashdot Gets Slashdotted (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3397926)

Attack of the Clones: Less Plastic Crap, More Story?

Posted by chrisd on Tuesday April 23, @05:58PM
from the jar-jar-is-raj-raj-spelled-backwards dept.

Newsweek has an article in which George Lucas states that there were parts of Episode One that were damaging to the Star Wars franchise. (shocker, I know) "The last movie did not live up to expectations." They'll cut the merchandise by two thirds, as they still have tons of unsold Episode One merchandise. Yahoo is also running an AOTC story. Mild spoilers in the linked stories, by the way.

Re:In Case Slashdot Gets Slashdotted (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3397988)

Verrry funny, thank you very much.

Lucas trying desparately to save face (1, Redundant)

delphin42 (556929) | about 12 years ago | (#3397929)

The toys went on sale yesterday at midnight, a month before the movie is released.

Spoiler footage will be aired on FOX during a showing of Empire Strikes Back this week (Thurs night).

Rumor has it that at least one person was shown Ep 2 (an early version) at the SXSW film festival in Austin a month ago (see earlier /. story).

Lucas is clearly trying hard to atone for his mistakes, but the real issue is whether AotC sucks as bad as tPM. I believe the hype machine will be successful in generating a ton of ticket sales on opening weekend. The question is whether fans will go again and again because the movie recaptures the magic of the original trilogy.

yeah right... (1)

hummer357 (545850) | about 12 years ago | (#3397933)

'attack of the clones'??

yeah right...

'attack of the license to print more free money' is more like it.

Re:yeah right... (3, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398006)

No, this film is about IBM in the 80's, and how they lost the PC market.

let down (1)

GutBomb (541585) | about 12 years ago | (#3397934)

episode one let alot of people down and i imagine most people are going to see episode two to see if it will be as bad as episode one, not to see it on it's own merits, or the fact that it is a star wars movie alone. with that said, i hope to be pleasently suprised with the outcome.

So... (2)

Black Parrot (19622) | about 12 years ago | (#3397940)

...are they cutting back on the marketing because it turns the traditional SW fans off, or because they didn't sell as much as they expected to last time?

Sounds like he's trying to spin a marketing problem as if it were a nod to his critics. We could get that pap from Bill Gates if we wanted it.

Re:So... (1)

inerte (452992) | about 12 years ago | (#3398103)

I hate to be repetitive, but you are right. Like when we had to see Celine Dion everywhere when Titanic was released.

If TFM was a commercial blockbuster like they were expecting, no matter what the "fans" had to say, AotC would get plenty of merchandising.

Nobody modifies a winning product, without risk. Maybe Lucas knew this risk, maybe he didn't see it all. But it's not working...

Good one, George (2, Insightful)

W2k (540424) | about 12 years ago | (#3397950)

Nice to see that Mr. Lucas realizes what a mess Episode One became - hopefully, this will mean a major improvement, both story- and character-wise, for Episode Two. Good for George, good for us, maybe some seven-year olds who never saw the originals will be disappointed that the film now lacks anyone they can identify with, but what the heck, I don't care.

The article (at MSNBC) does spoil some of the story but also sheds some interesting light. I don't think we can bet on Anakin killing Jar Jar for us just yet, though the co-writer, Jonathan Hales, promises no silly characters or kids. Personally, I expect Jar Jar to get screen time in Ep 2 as Natalie Portman's boobs, meaning a few seconds at most.

Re:Good one, George (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398029)

Idea for a poll:

Attack of the clones:

- will suck because Jar Jar lives
- will suck because it's a chick flick
- will be cool because it's Star Wars (I even have the "Luke, I am your father" boxers)
- can't be worse than The Phantom menace
- should star Bruce Campbell as a jedi
- Jar Jar must die
- should have the force glue Cowboy Neal and Jar Jar Binks together


Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3397953)

blah! jar jar binks..nuf . JAR JAR OWNZ everyone knows that. messa thinka--- heh..yeah right.. cannot sense any sarcasm here

sumbody- sumone

Last time (2)

SquadBoy (167263) | about 12 years ago | (#3397954)

I looked at all the new trailers bought toys the day they came out had read the book and comic book several times before the movie came out. This time I'm ignoring all of the marketing in the hope that having some surprises will help make this one seem better. I'm just wondering if anyone else is doing this and/or what you all think about this.

Re: Last time (1)

Black Parrot (19622) | about 12 years ago | (#3397978)

> 'm just wondering if anyone else is doing this and/or what you all think about this.

I'm not even going to go see it until I hear what my friends have to say about it. I have a low tolerance for crappy movies.

Re:Last time (1)

RatBastard (949) | about 12 years ago | (#3397999)

I went into Teh Phantmo Menice knowing nothing about it at all. I ignored the hype. I didn't buy the action figures. I didn't read the book, or the comics. I didn't go to movies I didn't like just to see the trailer.

My impression of Teh Phatnom Meanice? Pices of shit. Surprise and ignorance did nothing to make the movie better in any way.

I doubt very much it will help with Attakc Fo Teh Clownz, but you're free to do as you wish.

Can we trust Lucas? (4, Interesting)

NickRob (575331) | about 12 years ago | (#3397955)

I love the Star Wars movies with a great passion, but Lucas is, basically, a consumer whore. How many revisions of Luke in Hoth gear are there? How many Nein Numb and Momaw Nadon action figures are there? If you get .02 seconds of screen time you get 5 action figures, a T-shirt and a mug. There's even a Darth Vader Beer Stein for cryin' out loud!

I'll believe it when I see it... But right now, I'm believe that Toy stores everywhere are getting container shipments full of insignifigant characters.

Re: Can we trust Lucas? (4, Funny)

Black Parrot (19622) | about 12 years ago | (#3397990)

> There's even a Darth Vader Beer Stein for cryin' out loud!

Real vaders quaff their brew out of their helmets.

Re:Can we trust Lucas? (2, Funny)

ag3n7 (442539) | about 12 years ago | (#3398069)

A Darth Vader Beer stein??? Where? It'll look GREAT next to my Yoda hookah!!!

Will Episodes 7-9 Ever be made? (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3397956)

I know George Lucas has repeatedly said that Episodes 7-9 will never be made, but is this realistic? I know old man Lucas will be 61 when Episode 3 comes out, and maybe he will be too old to direct movies at that age, or will he? Since it takes 3 yrs. to make a Star Wars movie, he could still be a relatively young 70 yrs. old when Episode 9 debuts in theaters, if he stays on track with the production schedule.

Even if Lucas cant or wont direct Episodes 7-9, will he allow some other director to make them and complete the triple trilogy?

From a financial standpoint, I see Episodes 7-9 being made. Given the phenomenal success of 4 Star Wars movies so far, I think it's impossible to deny the box office goldmine that of the Star Wars franchise.....

The wideness is strong in this one (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3397964)

http://www.eveeieyhfgfcdoosammgwsnboivvbsczxlzga bc / /ooieiabdcdjsvbkeldfogjhiyeeejkagclmieooionoepdk / /abcdefmfighyiqxjklmonopqrosoyotuvwxoyqwertyuiov / /sdfghjklqewiuznmbjadzmcloeuirquakndsflksjdflkas / /fskdfasiewurznmcvweroiqewrnamdnzcvuowieramnfkas / /dfhzuxcihskjrnakjzkjcxbviusayrkajsfzxncvizudyri / /bakdnfbzkcvhgiuegriweramdnfzxlcvueirhamdnzkciue / /jranbsdmfzcowierandmfxzncbkjhfabsdifuweajzkxcuw / /erhasdfzxncvkjdfyiuzxcnvsikirkajeajsbdfkzxbuyef / /rahsdjbzcvxmnvcuweyriausdnfzxbcvkwueyrajnbvkjxg / /iwueyajdfkzxjcnbkeyriaushdfkjbzbuowrnasdkfbhuie / /asjmfnkkbyiurnakjsndfkzjbhiuwerajsknfkzbyhweiua / /dkfjbzkxvbjywekrjaskjnvzxjcweruiasdhfkzjxnsjkld / /fasoidfjalskdfasklhfxjdnmenrqoiuozxcopjgneaksjo / /nzxdkfajlsdfkljsdfoiasdfasndflzxkcvozixucoqweiu / /pwoeiruzxmncvoutyqwerizxnvmxmcnvoweurqmznxmbouw / /rmnzbkhuyrtjghanzxcvbkhgjweyriaudfbznbkweruyabz / /bcvnkdhityqhagsdfjglsieurakfsdnfbvfdsajkbiuyqwe / /kweorjasdknfbkjsdoifuzxbcmfgsltjewioahsdfnbzxcb / /heoiroaisjdfzbxckjksrhiuehadsfbzkxjcbhkeuryaksj / /fzbxcvkxlkcnvmndskfjwehaiursdfzjxnbjkdfhskdflas / /yroausdfzxmncvskeyiqozsjhfasdfoiwueranmcnzbkjhd / /ueafhksjfwheuirasdjhbzxiuewjhasmdnkfzxciurhaskj / /roiquwermcvkhiruhasdkjfnzxkjyeiuahsdbzxckjvopwe / /uqweuirjhvxzckjhweriuasydfoiqurnmxckvhweruiahdj / /znkxcvjhwierahsfzkxhhidufhsakjbzxjchiwueryqagsd / /kjhaksdfnbakwreyhaisknfjkzxbcvkoiqwueraskfzxcbk / /nlkwejrasoidjfxzlknvlkwjeroiasudflknzxlkbjeoiru / /slkdjfzxnmvkljdfawienzxveoriuaskdfjzxcmbnkseuri / /kfjlznxcvksjroeijasdklzjfowierqouasdhfzxncbkjhd / /jsdfljkweoriuasdfkjzxmcnvlkjdowuieraksdflkzxjbo / /werklasdnfmzxclkjewoijasdlfknzlkjwoeirqpweoiasd / /kjzxjvwperaksdjfxzweirjaslkdfzxnclvkjweroiasufd / /zxclkjeworijasdflknzlbkoiwuraksjflknxblkwjerois / /jfweknasdkfjzoxijkenraksjdfoizxjvlknwerlkajsdfo / /yroausdfzxmncvskeyiqozsjhfasdfoiwueranmcnzbkjhd / /ueafhksjfwheuirasdjhbzxiuewjhasmdnkfzxciurhaskj / /roiquwermcvkhiruhasdkjfnzxkjyeiuahsdbzxckjvopwe / /uqweuirjhvxzckjhweriuasydfoiqurnmxckvhweruiahdj / /znkxcvjhwierahsfzkxhhidufhsakjbzxjchiwueryqagsd / /kjhaksdfnbakwreyhaisknfjkzxbcvkoiqwueraskfzxcbk / /nlkwejrasoidjfxzlknvlkwjeroiasudflknzxlkbjeoiru / /slkdjfzxnmvkljdfawienzxveoriuaskdfjzxcmbnkseuri / /kfjlznxcvksjroeijasdklzjfowierqouasdhfzxncbkjhd / /jsdfljkweoriuasdfkjzxmcnvlkjdowuieraksdflkzxjbo / /werklasdnfmzxclkjewoijasdlfknzlkjwoeirqpweoiasd / /kjzxjvwperaksdjfxzweirjaslkdfzxnclvkjweroiasufd / /zxclkjeworijasdflknzlbkoiwuraksjflknxblkwjerois / /jfweknasdkfjzoxijkenraksjdfoizxjvlknwerlkajsdfo / /erhasdfzxncvkjdfyiuzxcnvsikirkajeajsbdfkzxbuyef / /rahsdjbzcvxmnvcuweyriausdnfzxbcvkwueyrajnbvkjxg / /iwueyajdfkzxjcnbkeyriaushdfkjbzbuowrnasdkfbhuie / /asjmfnkkbyiurnakjsndfkzjbhiuwerajsknfkzbyhweiua / /dkfjbzkxvbjywekrjaskjnvzxjcweruiasdhfkzjxnsjkld / /fasoidfjalskdfasklhfxjdnmenrqoiuozxcopjgneaksjo / /nzxdkfajlsdfkljsdfoiasdfasndflzxkcvozixucoqweiu / /pwoeiruzxmncvoutyqwerizxnvmxmcnvoweurqmznxmbouw / /rmnzbkhuyrtjghanzxcvbkhgjweyriaudfbznbkweruyabz / /bcvnkdhityqhagsdfjglsieurakfsdnfbvfdsajkbiuyqwe / /kweorjasdknfbkjsdoifuzxbcmfgsltjewioahsdfnbzxcb / /heoiroaisjdfzbxckjksrhiuehadsfbzkxjcbhkeuryaksj / /fzbxcvkxlkcnvmndskfjwehaiursdfzjxnbjkdfhskdflas / /yroausdfzxmncvskeyiqozsjhfasdfoiwueranmcnzbkjhd / /ueafhksjfwheuirasdjhbzxiuewjhasmdnkfzxciurhaskj / /roiquwermcvkhiruhasdkjfnzxkjyeiuahsdbzxckjvopwe / /uqweuirjhvxzckjhweriuasydfoiqurnmxckvhweruiahdj / /znkxcvjhwierahsfzkxhhidufhsakjbzxjchiwueryqagsd / /kjhaksdfnbakwreyhaisknfjkzxbcvkoiqwueraskfzxcbk / /nlkwejrasoidjfxzlknvlkwjeroiasudflknzxlkbjeoiru / /slkdjfzxnmvkljdfawienzxveoriuaskdfjzxcmbnkseuri / /kfjlznxcvksjroeijasdklzjfowierqouasdhfzxncbkjhd / /jsdfljkweoriuasdfkjzxmcnvlkjdowuieraksdflkzxjbo / /werklasdnfmzxclkjewoijasdlfknzlkjwoeirqpweoiasd / /kjzxjvwperaksdjfxzweirjaslkdfzxnclvkjweroiasufd / /zxclkjeworijasdflknzlbkoiwuraksjflknxblkwjerois / /jfweknasdkfjzoxijkenraksjdfoizxjvlknwerlkajsdfo / /yroausdfzxmncvskeyiqozsjhfasdfoiwueranmcnzbkjhd / /ueafhksjfwheuirasdjhbzxiuewjhasmdnkfzxciurhaskj / /roiquwermcvkhiruhasdkjfnzx/

Re:The wideness is strong in this one (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398116)

Mod this schiznit up, messa think it's +1 Funny

Still too many Dollys running around (1)

Shriek (261178) | about 12 years ago | (#3397968)

"To avoid a disastrous repeat, the 57-year-old filmmaker says he's cutting down the licensees by two-thirds for Clones"

Still too many Dollys in sci-fi costumes running around...

Rip all you like, he'll make more. (3, Interesting)

bziman (223162) | about 12 years ago | (#3397970)

Okay, everyone's ripping on Lucas, and perhaps rightfully so. On the other hand, maybe he does realize that he messed up.

Either way... I'm going to see Clones. It'd have to be really bad for me not to go back two or three times.

How about the rest of you? Vocal though you are, I doubt you will stay away. It doesn't matter how bad the dialogue is... guys with lightsabers are just too cool.

Re:Rip all you like, he'll make more. (2)

sphealey (2855) | about 12 years ago | (#3398087)

Okay, everyone's ripping on Lucas, and perhaps rightfully so. On the other hand, maybe he does realize that he messed up.
Yeah, he realizes he messed up because his licensing cut was down. Not because he damaged a great story.

That said, I actually thing TPM could be made acceptable by editing out sPh

My thoughts.. (0)

PimpNinjaWannaBee (513315) | about 12 years ago | (#3397976)

Since Episode I/Jar Jar Binks my instant reaction when hearing the words Star, Merchandise and Wars is: sell crazy someplace else, we're all stacked up here.

Hmmmp..suck my sig.

Revisiting TPM (4, Insightful)

interstellar_donkey (200782) | about 12 years ago | (#3397985)

After the DVD came out, I had the chance to revisit Episode one. It's strange, that when you strip away all the hype, the product tie-ins, the in your face constant advertising, and just go see the movie on it's own merits, it's not really all that bad.

And, for some strange reason, it seems to get better every time you watch it. You notice more of the details and craftsmenship that went into the movie.

Finally, if you can go into the film knowing the annoying parts (Jar-Jar, the announcers at the pod race et.al), you can pretty much tune them out.

When it's all said and done, the hype surrounding TPM hurt it more then the bad filmaking... which shows how media can so dramatically effect our expectations. The article mentions 'The Matrix'.. which I knew nothing about, and was blown away when I first saw it. But the more times I see it, the more it's luster wears off... it actually looses appeal every time I watch it, while TPM, strangly, seems to get better.

So Kudos to lucas for entering into this a little wiser. I don't think you're going to see nearly as many fanatic star wars geeks lining up for months in order to see this movie, you are'nt going to be pounded for weeks on end for advertisments for product tie ins... and in the end when we do go down to the theatre (and we will.. you know it) our expectations will have the chance to be a little more realistic.

Re:Revisiting TPM (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398036)

But will Lucas atone in the only way that will be forgiven? Making a cut of the Phantom Menace without those annoying parts? Maybe redoing the Jar Jar Binks vocals and actions to be more adult (what a piss poor replacement for Chewbacca!) and mature and less annoying, less scenes with Jar Jar in, etc. More big spaceships are needed - and more coverage of them. Who is still not impressed by the opening scenes of the original Star Wars? The weapons in the battles are gay, stupid blue bouncing balls? Replace them with lasers and missiles and shit - shouldn't be hard considering the whole battle was CG.

Re:Revisiting TPM (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398057)

Isn't watching the Pahntom Menace more than 3 times like listening to a bad song on the radio. Even though it's bad it'll stick in your head for the next hour.

Brainwashing :-)

Re:Revisiting TPM (5, Funny)

selectspec (74651) | about 12 years ago | (#3398081)

It's strange, that when you strip away all the hype, the product tie-ins, the in your face constant advertising, and just go see the movie on it's own merits, it's not really all that bad...

... it's worse.

This could be a plus (1)

sc_demandred (309821) | about 12 years ago | (#3397991)

If Lucas is not just feeding us a line of pap (go ahead, call me naiive, I am), this could actually bode very well for fans who were abused by the crappy dialogue ("Yippee!", anyone?), concept-rape (Midichlorians, anyone?), and marketing to the nickelodeon crowd ("I don't care what galaxy you're from, that's gotta hurt!").

Plus, it's got nat port in filmy, backless dresses! This could be the most titillating moment in the SW universe since Leia and the Chain-mail bikini!

too much to live up to (1)

PhilJackson (540641) | about 12 years ago | (#3397992)

It has so much to live up to, I know for a fact that if I hadn't seen the (first/last) three episodes epesode 1 would be one of my fave films this year!

The changing nature of movies in mass culture (5, Insightful)

SetarconeX (160251) | about 12 years ago | (#3397998)

I think one of the main problems Lucas is running up against is the fact that single movies don't exert the influence on mass culture they once did. Simply put, for quite some time now there has been a lack of big movies that "everyone" goes to see. This is not exactly a bad thing, it just shows that movies are differently targeted.

For example, if you ask me, there's been a distinct increase in the quality of war movies over the past decade, even though less people are going to see them. Saving Private Ryan wasn't for everyone, but I think most would agree it was at least a better movie than Force 10 from Navarone.

To get back to Star Wars though, I really think a big part of the problem with Episode I was the attempt to appeal to a wide audience. Keeping away from flaming comments about commercialism, the objective should not be to make a movie EVERYONE likes, but to make a movie every will agree was not a waste of time, even if it wasn't their cup of tea.

Debate me if you will, but I see Empire Strikes Back in this vein. A bit darker then the other movies, but bad? No. It was different, and it was good. Did everyone like it? No again, but few claim to outright hate the movie. It was quality filmmaking, not churned out sludge for mass appeal.

Why is George Lucas directing Episode I and II ? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398002)

He only directed Episode 4 and then let others direct The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

So why is he directing the prequels?

Please say it ain't so!!! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398007)

I know someone else out there has already downloaded the soundtrack.

Please listen to the Zam Wessel track.

Please tell me that is not an *electric fucking guitar* I hear in the background of a Star Wars song.

I think I'm gonna cry.

Re:Please say it ain't so!!! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398083)

Shit, you're right.

I hope it's from... I a bar they're passing or something.

Lucas doesn't get it (3, Interesting)

starseeker (141897) | about 12 years ago | (#3398009)

I read a Time article on this movie, and it is quite clear that Lucas either doesn't understand or doesn't care just how bad Phantom really seemed to the majority of his fans (including me.) He blames the internet for the crushing negative reaction to Jar-Jar, saying that C3PO and the Ewoks also got a lot of negative feedback and the reason those characters weren't so heavly dumped on was there was no internet to spread the word. Incredible.

I readly confess the Ewoks in particular are weak, but at least they and 3PO weren't so incredibly annoying. Jar-Jar should have been cut out completely once the fan response became clear, whatever Lucas may think about the reasons for the reaction. He states he is in the business to make money - why then doesn't he listen to his customers?? Is the man's ego really that much out of control?

I may see Clones, but I suspect unless the critics rave about it I'll wait for it to reach the dollar movie theaters first. Lucas got more money than he earned for Phantom, and I see no reason to give him more. He needs to wake up to the fact that hype will only carry him so far, and eventually he's going to have to produce a good product again.

watch Star Wars: A New Hope as an adult (2, Interesting)

DuckDodgers (541817) | about 12 years ago | (#3398118)

I hated The Phantom Menace when I first saw it.

Then I watched the original three flicks again. They're horrendous. 3P0 is marginally less annoying than Jar Jar. The stories have huge plot holes. Colossal. Mind-boggling.

You were probably ten, or five, or three when you first saw Star Wars. You were a lot easier on the inconsistencies and absurdities at that age than you are now. The Phantom Menace most definitely wasn't a film classic, but neither were the original three.

Re:Lucas doesn't get it (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398146)

Lucas either doesn't understand or doesn't care

It's the latter. He doesn't have to care. He knows whatever he does will be lapped up by the masses, no matter what it is.

why then doesn't he listen to his customers??

Look around you. Read the posts in this thread. His customers are drooling, sleepwalking fanboys who will gladly consume ANYTHING that Lucas produces. It's hard to respect someone who has no self respect to begin with.

Mod me down, but deep down, you know it's true.

Award nomination (5, Funny)

The Cat (19816) | about 12 years ago | (#3398028)

Lucasfilm saved its best goodies, though, for the Web geeks, a stratum of "Star Wars" fandom that, in the past, it had communicated with only via cease-and-desist orders.

Absolutely brilliant line.

Maxim Magazine... (3, Informative)

Razor Sex (561796) | about 12 years ago | (#3398032)

The current edition of Maxim has a pretty cool interview with George Lucas that covers a couple pages. Not too many spilers, and it also covers the general direction Lucas is taking it in (as a director and as a story). Some of us might find some cool stuff to look at in the magazine as well...

Tons-o-Crap (5, Funny)

ELCarlsson (570500) | about 12 years ago | (#3398033)

I can just imagine an archeological expedition thousands of years from now digging up an old garbage dump and what do they find? Tons of unwanted Episode 1 merchandise. "What a strange idol they worshipped" :Pulls string: "Me'sa tink d'is a ba' idea!" They'll think we're morons.

Re:Tons-o-Crap (5, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398085)

They'll think we're morons

We are morons, you moron.

I won't see Episode 2 (4, Interesting)

FurryFeet (562847) | about 12 years ago | (#3398038)

And it's not a boycott. It's the fact that Episode I sucked big time, and last week I was watching Montecristo (great movie) and saw trailers for Attack of the Clones.
And suddenly it hit me.
I was planning to watch it, it was pretty much a given. And then, seeing the scenes, I realized I don't really have a wish to see it. I just had a lemming reaction. The hype got to me. I had been brainwashed.
That is, I was going to watch it because it was a Star Wars film. But nothing I saw on the trailer, and nothing I saw in the prequel, compelled me to see it.
So, ask yourself: If this film wasn't a "Star Wars" movie, would I be compelled to see it? Would I feel it is a good film?.
I have decided it's not. And I won't give in to the hype, however alluring it becomes.

PS: For the opinion or David Brin, great science fiction writer who makes George Lucas look like the hack he is, read this. [salon.com]

Count of monte Christo suXX0red (1)

sc_demandred (309821) | about 12 years ago | (#3398055)

OT me all you want, but I highly reccommend you go get the book or rent the Book On Tape... the movie of Monte Christo was a typical paper-to-celluloid fiasco.

He's got one chance with me. (2)

El Camino SS (264212) | about 12 years ago | (#3398048)

Ok, let's recap.

Second to last movie: Ewoks.

Last movie: Jar Jar Binks.

Right now, he has one last chance with me. Two chances if he releases the first three movies on DVD ABOUT FIVE MINUTES AGO.

The sad part about it is that as member in good standing with his target demographic, I feel no urge to cruise his websites looking for "new info."

For all of you people that aren't Star Wars fans and wonder if we're really that P.O'd about tPM, well, we are. After all, I own ALL of the action figures from the first movies, and I really don't know if I'm even interested in seeing the movie now. I personally am more interested in Farscape and the idea that they might bring back Battlestar Galactica... and to put it in perspective, watching Battlestar reruns now is like going in for oral surgery.

I believe George should retire on the money he makes on this one, and sign the rights over to the fans before we sue over custody.

Re:He's got one chance with me. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398071)

Right now, he has one last chance with me. Two chances if he releases the first three movies on DVD ABOUT FIVE MINUTES AGO

I'm sure George Lucas is trembling at those words.

Re:He's got one chance with me. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398136)

You...are...so...fucking...lame...it...hurts...so. . ery...very...much.

Delusional rich man makes more crap movies. (1, Flamebait)

conner_bw (120497) | about 12 years ago | (#3398077)

An insightful comment by Maxpublic on Bill gates a few days ago about the rich and powerful. "The longer they spend at the top the stranger they seem to become, this process accelerating dependent on wealth and isolation."

Mod me down as flame, but seriously, the geek phenomena surrounding the *FRANCHISE* of star wars, i.e. a money making machine, does not deserve the respect it garnishes from it's seemingly blind followers. George Lucas lost it a long time ago. Failures repeatedly stated in many slashdot threads such as the Star Wars Christmas Special or the 2 Ewok based pieces of shit, prove his total suckiness.

He invests a lot of research in special effects, which is great, but as film, on the merits of film story, it's sucks ass. Most of it is pure garbage, his best Star Wars (Empire Strikes Back) wasn't even entirely written by him. (Run On Sentence Follows) All the rest of the crap, ESPECIALLY the last one where the whole movie stinks of "revolve this around a cool Ben Hur race so we can franchise a video game, and my kids are young I better throw in a Jar Jar so that good old dad looks cool" is based on Lucas' delusions as a writer; like Bill Gates delusions as a programmer and chief architect, instead of the reality of a rich investor, who should hire competent and talented people to do the parts he evidently can not do well.

The next one? "My kids are teenagers? I'll show you TEENAGE rebelion! Don't mess with DAD"

Star wars should have died a long time ago.

noooo!!! I _love_ the horrible merchandise!!! (1)

jdbo (35629) | about 12 years ago | (#3398078)

Less merchandise? They want to avoid making (and failing to sell) crappy merchandise? Dammit, I actively seek out the crappy merchandise!

I will be sincerely disappointed if there is nothing coming out of AOTC to at least rival TPM's Jar Jar Binks Moster Mouth Lollipop [fandommenace.com]

Crap, that thing made my year... read the testimony of several more eloquent kibologists [angelfire.com] if you somehow fail to be in awe of this "piece of merchandise".

And just because I'm on the topic of wonderful crap, I feel the need to mention the "Star Wars Holiday Special" and the "Theme from Lord of the Rings (1978) Disco Mix". Truly the stuff that dreams are made of!

Lucas said what? (1)

jbum (121617) | about 12 years ago | (#3398095)

>> George Lucas states that there were parts of Episode One that were damaging
>> to the Star Wars franchise. (shocker, I know)
>> "The last movie did not live up to expectations."

Yes, the movie sucked.

No, Lucas did not actually say that.

In fact, as the article says, "Lucas declined to comment for this story."

Dear slashdolts (-1)

Dick Veiney (553663) | about 12 years ago | (#3398098)

As every slashdot story is published, my hatred for each and every one of you slashbot knob-gobblers grows by a factor of two. Another daily reminder: I really hate you all! Plz die spd fcks thx!

Great Story on TIME.com (2, Informative)

Aix (218662) | about 12 years ago | (#3398102)

I really enjoyed this story [time.com] on time.com [time.com] but didn't feel like dealing with submitting it and having it summarily rejected.

Maybe I'm just paranoid (3, Insightful)

drinkypoo (153816) | about 12 years ago | (#3398105)

...but I could see the merchandise thing as a big win for Lucas.

Think about this; The merchandisers are the ones paying to make all the SW paraphenalia. It's not like Lucas is shelling out - They're paying HIM. Lucas knew there would be a rush by people making sure they would get all the collectible crap (is it just me, or is everything but the action figures lower quality?) so they made a whole bunch of it. Sure, they didn't sell it all, but Lucas surely realized a big scrooge mcduck-sized pile of money from it.

So this movie, they're going to reduce the quantity of stuff dramatically which means - you guessed it! - there will be a huge rush on it again. It might take a little time to build up momentum, so toys r us might not have to call in the riot police to get people away from the empty action figure aisle, but it still still produce plenty of cash, and the collectibles will actually have value this time. Not that they don't already, because within just a few months many collectibles were going for over four times their purchase price. I mean, less than a month after they were off the shelves.

And while we're talking about things which could be intentional; Everyone was going to go see episode one whether it sucked ass or not, so Lucas just didn't have to try. Now, many of us will be waiting to see what our friends have to say about episode 2 before we go see it. Based on the trailers I've seen, It's going to suck, but I guess those are not necessarily static or representative.

Say it with me, now: (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398109)


EP2 (or AOTC or whatever the fuck acronym you're using) could be called "I Hate All of You Stupid Fuckers," consisting of nothing but footage of Lucas taking a shit, and you would LINE UP AROUND THE BLOCK to see it. You will gladly pay him what he demands. Lucas relies on people like you.

Could be worse (2)

Animats (122034) | about 12 years ago | (#3398129)

Most big-budget SF movies suck in the plot department. Remember Artificial Stupidity? Melrose Troopers? Final Fuckup? Wing Confuser? Is there a decent plot in any of them?

Right, they are cutting on the merchandise... (0)

ilyag (572316) | about 12 years ago | (#3398135)

This site [yodajeff.com] describes several packs of chips labeled with Episode II. Check your local department store... And that's before the release!

I can imagine Episode II on DVD including 2 DVDs with movie, and three with "additional features".

Lucas Learns From The BIG Black Eye He Got (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#3398140)

Ep.I seems to have brought Lucas back to earth and that's a good thing. I suppose that after being told you're a genius-god for 20 years you might begin to believe it yourself and it seems he got carried away in his own legend, not believing he could make any critical mistakes, but after the cold shower of ep.I it looks like he's back on track. Only time will tell, but I'm hoping for the best.
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