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Text-Mining Your E-mail

Hemos posted more than 12 years ago | from the doing-the-research dept.

News 229

Misha writes "There have been a number of weeks/months in anyone's life that called for a better organization of your Inbox. filtering and folders work, but it'd be nice to have an text-mining tool running in the background that categorized incoming messages by topic as they arrive. It's nice to see that besides NLP research, there are some great algorithmic advances being done, as seen in this paper. Perhaps even one of them Perl monkeys will quickly hack such a background tool." Note: it's a PostScript file.

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FP!!!! (-1)

DonkeyHote (521235) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402565)

Quarry Dirt Bird Earth Katz is a child m0lester Sand Raptor Earth Bird Earth Flyer Foul
Earth Worm Bird Katz is a child m0lester Worm Bird Earth Worm Foul Quarry Crust Foul
Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Quarry Earth Earth Dirt Sand Raptor Raptor Foul Foul Bird
Feathers Dirt Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Katz is a child m0lester Sand Katz is a child m0lester Earth Sand Sand Earth
Foul Flyer Worm Flyer Raptor Crust Katz is a child m0lester Sand Quarry Dirt Feathers Sand
Worm Quarry Flyer Bird Foul Katz is a child m0lester Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Flyer Sand Dirt
Bird Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Quarry Dirt Crust Sand Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Flyer
Earth Earth Worm Katz is a child m0lester Crust Foul Katz is a child m0lester Crust Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Feathers Foul
Sand Quarry Quarry Sand Katz is a child m0lester Sand Flyer Earth Quarry Feathers Foul Crust
Crust Crust Sand Crust Sand Flyer Flyer Feathers Foul Dirt Flyer Crust
Earth Bird Flyer Quarry Quarry Worm Quarry Quarry Dirt Raptor Flyer Worm
Sand Earth Bird Foul Bird Raptor Earth Raptor Foul Feathers Crust Raptor
Sand Crust Raptor Flyer Raptor Foul Katz is a child m0lester Bird Crust Sand Flyer Dirt
Raptor Bird Katz is a child m0lester Earth Foul Feathers Bird Crust Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Bird Worm
Quarry Dirt Worm Flyer Raptor Flyer Worm Bird Flyer Foul Flyer Foul
Raptor Foul Flyer Feathers Flyer Foul Katz is a child m0lester Earth Quarry Crust Earth Feathers
Quarry Bird Dirt Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Bird Katz is a child m0lester Earth Raptor Sand Dirt Earth
Dirt Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Earth Flyer Worm Flyer Flyer Earth Raptor Flyer Worm
Foul Raptor Katz is a child m0lester Flyer Crust Dirt Earth Bird Sand Raptor Flyer Foul
Katz is a child m0lester Earth Worm Dirt Worm Raptor Bird Bird Quarry Foul Katz is a child m0lester Katz is a child m0lester
Dirt Flyer Sand Worm Raptor Raptor Quarry Feathers Worm Worm Worm Katz is a child m0lester
Dirt Raptor Quarry Worm Katz is a child m0lester Quarry Bird Quarry Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Bird Quarry
Katz is a child m0lester Foul Worm Katz is a child m0lester Katz is a child m0lester Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Sand Sand Raptor Katz is a child m0lester Sand
Worm Quarry Worm Katz is a child m0lester Bird Flyer Crust Worm Quarry Feathers Earth Raptor
Worm Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Foul Katz is a child m0lester Crust Foul Foul Crust Crust Earth Katz is a child m0lester
Crust Quarry Earth Quarry Feathers Foul Bird Raptor Katz is a child m0lester Earth Flyer Flyer
Raptor Feathers Feathers Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Foul Flyer Foul Bird Feathers Feathers Bird
Flyer Raptor Katz is a child m0lester Worm Quarry Bird Raptor Bird Flyer Foul Earth Earth
Earth Crust Feathers Dirt Earth Katz is a child m0lester Flyer Earth Crust Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Feathers
Foul Crust Quarry Quarry Feathers Sand Earth Dirt Worm Bird Sand Raptor
Dirt Dirt Crust Feathers Crust Crust Quarry Foul Feathers Foul Raptor Foul
Flyer Crust Raptor Bird Sand Foul Crust Dirt Raptor Dirt Quarry Dirt
Earth Dirt Crust Flyer Flyer Worm Crust Bird Bird Feathers Foul Foul
Bird Dirt Earth Foul Worm Bird Foul Foul Foul Sand Dirt Quarry
Quarry Foul Earth Foul Earth Worm Quarry Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Flyer Quarry Feathers
Worm Worm Earth Feathers Flyer Sand Foul Dirt Flyer Bird Sand Earth
Quarry Foul Bird Katz is a child m0lester Foul Bird Sand Raptor Quarry Bird Flyer Foul
Bird Bird Raptor Foul Crust Dirt Bird Raptor Feathers Dirt Sand Bird
Katz is a child m0lester Crust Foul Katz is a child m0lester Flyer Foul Quarry Foul Sand Flyer Sand Crust
Dirt Flyer Bird Dirt Earth Flyer Earth Crust Katz is a child m0lester Worm Foul Katz is a child m0lester
Worm Foul Earth Foul Crust Earth Flyer Earth Earth Foul Bird Feathers
Sand Bird Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Crust Flyer Foul Foul Earth Bird Crust
Feathers Bird Sand Bird Raptor Feathers Dirt Feathers Crust Crust Worm Worm
Raptor Raptor Quarry Foul Earth Crust Bird Quarry Flyer Sand Sand Quarry
Quarry Bird Bird Worm Dirt Feathers Raptor Earth Earth Worm Raptor Dirt
Foul Foul Dirt Feathers Worm Flyer Earth Feathers Sand Raptor Quarry Dirt
Earth Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Flyer Foul Quarry Katz is a child m0lester Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Bird Crust Sand
Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Katz is a child m0lester Foul Dirt Flyer Dirt Flyer Foul Raptor Katz is a child m0lester Raptor
Raptor Foul Foul Raptor Sand Raptor Earth Dirt Earth Feathers Raptor Foul
Crust Raptor Raptor Earth Bird Flyer Worm Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Flyer Worm Foul
Crust Earth Quarry Sand Foul Bird Feathers Bird Raptor Worm Raptor Dirt
Foul Sand Sand Quarry Crust Worm Flyer Dirt Sand Bird Foul Dirt
Sand Flyer Quarry Worm Sand Bird Katz is a child m0lester Quarry Quarry Sand Foul Worm
Earth Feathers Bird Dirt Raptor Worm Feathers Bird Earth Bird Dirt Crust
Sand Earth Sand Worm Foul Sand Feathers Worm Foul Foul Crust Bird
Earth Bird Feathers Quarry Flyer Foul Bird Foul Quarry Earth Dirt Foul
Crust Flyer Worm Bird Bird Sand Earth Quarry Sand Foul Bird Flyer
Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Dirt Feathers Worm Raptor Dirt Sand Crust Quarry Crust Crust
Katz is a child m0lester Flyer Sand Katz is a child m0lester Earth Feathers Feathers Raptor Flyer Feathers Quarry Worm
Quarry Earth Crust Dirt Earth Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Crust Flyer Bird Raptor Dirt
Feathers Bird Dirt Bird Flyer Feathers Earth Raptor Raptor Feathers Earth Earth
Bird Katz is a child m0lester Katz is a child m0lester Worm Earth Feathers Flyer Worm Foul Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Flyer
Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Bird Raptor Foul Quarry Feathers Feathers Dirt Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Raptor
Bird Worm Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Dirt Crust Earth Sand Sand Worm Foul Crust
Sand Foul Raptor Feathers Foul Earth Crust Dirt Crust Flyer Crust Bird
Katz is a child m0lester Worm Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Crust Crust Dirt Earth Raptor Sand Crust Bird
Feathers Worm Dirt Quarry Quarry Earth Raptor Feathers Worm Raptor Earth Feathers
Sand Feathers Bird Quarry Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Foul Worm Dirt Sand Feathers Raptor
Crust Earth Raptor Flyer Quarry Quarry Quarry Feathers Sand Foul Dirt Feathers
Sand Dirt Crust Quarry Quarry Sand Sand Bird Raptor Feathers Bird Foul
Flyer Bird Worm Flyer Foul Katz is a child m0lester Earth Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Quarry Feathers Quarry
Katz is a child m0lester Foul Sand Foul Bird Sand Foul Earth Foul Earth Bird Foul
Foul Bird Crust Sand Flyer Flyer Crust Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Feathers Quarry
Earth Quarry Sand Earth Bird Sand Dirt Foul Worm Worm Quarry Sand
Foul Crust Quarry Raptor Sand Katz is a child m0lester Foul Katz is a child m0lester Worm Quarry Dirt Feathers
Worm Dirt Foul Worm Sand Feathers Foul Flyer Crust Earth Sand Sand
Bird Worm Crust Earth Sand Flyer Foul Worm Foul Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Flyer
Bird Feathers Flyer Quarry Bird Feathers Foul Dirt Feathers Sand Sand Flyer
Flyer Foul Earth Bird Katz is a child m0lester Quarry Earth Bird Quarry Katz is a child m0lester Flyer Flyer
Dirt Feathers Foul Sand Raptor Katz is a child m0lester Worm Crust Flyer Crust Worm Foul
Foul Katz is a child m0lester Crust Flyer Quarry Foul Raptor Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Worm Crust
Earth Raptor Foul Worm Dirt Sand Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Katz is a child m0lester Bird Dirt Katz is a child m0lester
Feathers Bird Raptor Bird Dirt Foul Quarry Dirt Quarry Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Raptor
Dirt Earth Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Crust Sand Feathers Earth Foul Dirt Raptor Dirt
Crust Bird Crust Dirt Sand Worm Quarry Crust Quarry Katz is a child m0lester Foul Feathers
Worm Earth Sand Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Bird Sand Foul Foul Quarry
Earth Worm Flyer Feathers Crust Feathers Raptor Flyer Flyer Earth Flyer Bird
Foul Quarry Raptor Quarry Flyer Sand Raptor Worm Crust Dirt Raptor Crust
Flyer Raptor Worm Foul Flyer Dirt Feathers Foul Foul Raptor Earth Foul
Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Earth Raptor Sand Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Crust Dirt Quarry Sand Earth
Sand Quarry Raptor Foul Quarry Flyer Foul Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Earth Flyer Foul
Raptor Flyer Foul Earth Quarry Earth Katz is a child m0lester Bird Bird Worm Worm Dirt
Quarry Crust Sand Crust Katz is a child m0lester Foul Raptor Raptor Bird Foul Quarry Crust
Feathers Feathers Dirt Crust Katz is a child m0lester Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Earth Crust Worm Earth Feathers
Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Feathers Foul Dirt Flyer Crust Dirt Sand Bird Worm
Crust Bird Sand Feathers Flyer Raptor Feathers Worm Dirt Earth Katz is a child m0lester Worm
Crust Foul Foul Sand Sand Raptor Foul Earth Flyer Flyer Dirt Earth
Katz is a child m0lester Foul Flyer Flyer Worm Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Feathers Dirt Crust Sand Sand
Crust Worm Foul Raptor Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Feathers Sand Foul Bird Worm
Flyer Foul Foul Worm Bird Quarry Foul Katz is a child m0lester Foul Earth Foul Earth
Katz is a child m0lester Katz is a child m0lester Worm Quarry Foul Katz is a child m0lester Worm Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Earth Worm Sand
Bird Katz is a child m0lester Flyer Worm Katz is a child m0lester Earth Earth Earth Raptor Feathers Flyer Feathers
Feathers Crust Earth Foul Katz is a child m0lester Foul Worm Worm Dirt Dirt Sand Worm
Foul Sand Flyer Worm Sand Flyer Sand Foul Feathers Earth Flyer Raptor
Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Crust Quarry Dirt Crust Flyer Earth Sand Raptor Feathers Bird
Earth Crust Dirt Crust Flyer Crust Raptor Sand Dirt Foul Dirt Worm
Crust Worm Dirt Dirt Worm Dirt Raptor Sand Dirt Flyer Foul Foul
Foul Worm Earth Foul Crust Quarry Crust Bird Sand Earth Sand Dirt
Crust Feathers Bird Bird Feathers Foul Earth Flyer Earth Bird Sand Foul
Crust Dirt Foul Feathers Raptor Katz is a child m0lester Crust Dirt Worm Quarry Foul Katz is a child m0lester
Sand Flyer Feathers Raptor Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Quarry Quarry Flyer Flyer Dirt Katz is a child m0lester
Worm Earth Foul Sand Katz is a child m0lester Crust Worm Earth Foul Quarry Raptor Flyer
Crust Feathers Feathers Bird Foul Katz is a child m0lester Crust Flyer Raptor Earth Quarry Bird
Raptor Sand Flyer Earth Feathers Bird Raptor Sand Foul Dirt Quarry Feathers
Bird Earth Earth Crust Raptor Bird Flyer Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Sand Flyer Foul
Crust Worm Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Sand Flyer Earth Dirt Feathers Raptor Sand Earth
Sand Feathers Bird Raptor Crust Dirt Bird Foul Dirt Bird Sand Feathers
Crust Flyer Feathers Feathers Earth Raptor Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Quarry Worm Worm Bird
Worm Katz is a child m0lester Bird Katz is a child m0lester Flyer Worm Earth Feathers Sand Feathers Sand Katz is a child m0lester
Crust Dirt Sand Feathers Dirt Bird Feathers Quarry Sand Feathers Bird Katz is a child m0lester
Katz is a child m0lester Earth Foul Feathers Foul Raptor Sand Foul Sand Bird Feathers Foul
Flyer Feathers Raptor Earth Quarry Raptor Foul Flyer Foul Dirt Crust Worm
Earth Flyer Raptor Worm Earth Feathers Foul Feathers Foul Sand Worm Katz is a child m0lester
Earth Worm Dirt Feathers Crust Bird Bird Worm Raptor Quarry Foul Flyer
Dirt Sand Raptor Raptor Earth Sand Earth Katz is a child m0lester Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Dirt Quarry
Dirt Quarry Katz is a child m0lester Worm Worm Katz is a child m0lester Katz is a child m0lester Foul Bird Earth Bird Flyer
Crust Dirt Feathers Crust Quarry Crust Dirt Raptor Feathers Feathers Feathers Earth
Earth Katz is a child m0lester Flyer Flyer Sand Feathers Dirt Worm Crust Worm Earth Feathers
Crust Crust Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Sand Crust Sand Katz is a child m0lester Foul Earth Earth Bird
Dirt Foul Raptor Foul Earth Foul Dirt Earth Dirt Bird Foul Crust
Bird Crust Quarry Sand Raptor Earth Dirt Bird Earth Quarry Feathers Flyer
Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Raptor Worm Flyer Dirt Sand Feathers Foul Flyer Raptor Feathers
Sand Foul Quarry Flyer Earth Worm Earth Raptor Foul Bird Sand Flyer
Sand Crust Raptor Foul Feathers Sand Sand Dirt Dirt Worm Katz is a child m0lester Raptor
Bird Foul Earth Dirt Quarry Earth Raptor Katz is a child m0lester Katz is a child m0lester Earth Dirt Worm
Raptor Foul Dirt Dirt Sand Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Foul Quarry Bird Worm Quarry
Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Earth Quarry Earth Feathers Earth Feathers Earth Dirt Sand Bird
Earth Flyer Dirt Feathers Bird Worm Earth Sand Dirt Raptor Feathers Foul
Dirt Raptor Earth Quarry Feathers Foul Foul Crust Earth Crust Bird Sand
Earth Foul Earth Feathers Sand Quarry Sand Worm Earth Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Raptor
Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Foul Feathers Flyer Bird Quarry Dirt Raptor Bird Bird Worm
Crust Raptor Katz is a child m0lester Sand Crust Sand Crust Quarry Raptor Crust Raptor Raptor
Bird Earth Dirt Crust Flyer Flyer Crust Foul Earth Sand Worm Quarry
Bird Flyer Sand Foul Sand Earth Quarry Raptor Flyer Katz is a child m0lester Dirt Sand
Quarry Dirt Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Sand Katz is a child m0lester Feathers Quarry Foul Katz is a child m0lester Crust Katz is a child m0lester
Raptor Earth Sand Quarry Bird Crust Crust Foul Foul Earth Feathers Feathers
Worm Sand Dirt Katz is a child m0lester Foul Crust Foul Raptor Feathers Worm Quarry Quarry
Feathers Feathers Katz is a child m0lester Earth Quarry Quarry Foul Bird Sand Sand Bird Feathers
Flyer Crust Worm Worm Raptor Bird Sand Foul Dirt Foul Katz is a child m0lester Dirt

Re:FP!!!! (-1)

trollercoaster (250101) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402586)

I bow to your skills, for you have beaten me to the phirst poast. I must be getting slow in my old age.

Viva Los Unidos Estados (-1)

DonkeyHote (521235) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402615)

Missle Missle Soldier Israel Soldier Death Massacre Raped Raped Death Assaulted Israel
Missle Abused Soldier Attacked Attacked Raped Child Missle Missle Assaulted Palastine Attacked
Palastine Israel Palastine Missle Death Massacre Palastine Attacked Missle Israel Assaulted Death
Missle Death Assaulted Assaulted Missle Child Abused Murdered Israel Palastine Israel Palastine
Palastine Attacked Raped Attacked Raped Palastine Assaulted Death Abused Death Raped Abused
Raped Murdered Missle Raped Israel Massacre Attacked Palastine Israel Attacked Palastine Palastine
Israel Raped Soldier Palastine Missle Abused Death Attacked Assaulted Assaulted Abused Raped
Murdered Raped Murdered Raped Murdered Raped Massacre Child Israel Murdered Abused Abused
Missle Massacre Palastine Massacre Massacre Raped Israel Raped Death Raped Palastine Abused
Attacked Soldier Attacked Assaulted Palastine Massacre Assaulted Israel Israel Murdered Raped Missle
Raped Assaulted Abused Abused Death Child Child Israel Child Raped Raped Attacked
Missle Missle Assaulted Child Death Assaulted Child Abused Assaulted Assaulted Attacked Child
Abused Child Abused Attacked Abused Massacre Massacre Abused Attacked Israel Missle Death
Raped Palastine Abused Death Soldier Attacked Soldier Assaulted Child Raped Soldier Missle
Raped Palastine Missle Palastine Palastine Raped Murdered Death Missle Attacked Soldier Palastine
Israel Soldier Murdered Death Child Attacked Child Soldier Death Attacked Missle Child
Israel Death Israel Death Assaulted Massacre Massacre Palastine Raped Soldier Death Assaulted
Death Attacked Soldier Assaulted Child Abused Soldier Soldier Massacre Soldier Soldier Murdered
Child Soldier Attacked Soldier Raped Abused Child Israel Assaulted Attacked Palastine Death
Massacre Israel Israel Palastine Massacre Abused Palastine Child Missle Massacre Murdered Israel
Murdered Assaulted Attacked Missle Soldier Assaulted Raped Child Murdered Child Massacre Raped
Massacre Child Murdered Attacked Murdered Assaulted Israel Israel Abused Assaulted Murdered Abused
Assaulted Murdered Massacre Murdered Raped Israel Murdered Missle Soldier Attacked Murdered Israel
Assaulted Murdered Child Child Missle Raped Assaulted Massacre Soldier Assaulted Assaulted Israel
Soldier Israel Murdered Massacre Death Murdered Attacked Missle Soldier Palastine Attacked Raped
Soldier Attacked Massacre Missle Raped Missle Assaulted Palastine Assaulted Missle Palastine Raped
Death Abused Palastine Raped Missle Palastine Abused Abused Soldier Israel Assaulted Palastine
Soldier Death Assaulted Murdered Attacked Raped Assaulted Palastine Child Soldier Raped Massacre
Murdered Missle Palastine Raped Abused Death Soldier Assaulted Israel Raped Attacked Abused
Abused Assaulted Massacre Israel Death Abused Death Attacked Assaulted Israel Assaulted Murdered
Missle Abused Child Missle Assaulted Israel Abused Soldier Soldier Israel Child Israel
Raped Raped Palastine Assaulted Soldier Child Raped Murdered Death Missle Raped Massacre
Missle Soldier Assaulted Murdered Death Murdered Death Massacre Soldier Missle Missle Child
Missle Attacked Israel Abused Missle Israel Raped Raped Palastine Massacre Murdered Palastine
Attacked Attacked Massacre Assaulted Attacked Missle Assaulted Assaulted Abused Palastine Palastine Soldier
Abused Child Murdered Massacre Raped Soldier Murdered Attacked Israel Abused Attacked Assaulted
Child Abused Israel Death Soldier Massacre Attacked Assaulted Assaulted Assaulted Soldier Child
Death Attacked Death Palastine Soldier Raped Soldier Raped Assaulted Massacre Palastine Attacked
Assaulted Murdered Abused Abused Soldier Raped Abused Raped Soldier Massacre Abused Child
Assaulted Murdered Assaulted Israel Massacre Massacre Attacked Assaulted Raped Murdered Massacre Raped
Death Palastine Murdered Soldier Israel Abused Death Missle Israel Child Massacre Assaulted
Israel Raped Attacked Death Assaulted Massacre Israel Assaulted Child Child Death Child
Palastine Murdered Soldier Missle Abused Child Palastine Massacre Child Missle Palastine Abused
Murdered Attacked Raped Raped Massacre Death Raped Soldier Attacked Israel Assaulted Abused
Missle Abused Raped Missle Child Abused Israel Soldier Missle Abused Palastine Soldier
Soldier Assaulted Missle Murdered Raped Palastine Death Israel Raped Child Soldier Massacre
Child Raped Child Missle Child Abused Massacre Attacked Massacre Attacked Massacre Murdered
Soldier Israel Massacre Missle Massacre Assaulted Israel Murdered Palastine Attacked Murdered Death
Assaulted Missle Death Assaulted Israel Child Death Abused Missle Raped Raped Attacked
Raped Massacre Massacre Missle Israel Massacre Attacked Attacked Soldier Attacked Child Abused
Murdered Abused Death Missle Massacre Assaulted Assaulted Soldier Abused Abused Massacre Death
Missle Massacre Attacked Missle Attacked Massacre Raped Death Raped Soldier Murdered Palastine
Soldier Assaulted Attacked Murdered Attacked Attacked Soldier Massacre Death Death Assaulted Soldier
Death Murdered Attacked Child Abused Raped Palastine Assaulted Assaulted Massacre Murdered Murdered
Attacked Israel Missle Soldier Israel Soldier Raped Death Death Raped Massacre Raped
Attacked Missle Murdered Abused Death Israel Murdered Death Palastine Murdered Raped Murdered
Death Attacked Assaulted Death Assaulted Soldier Child Israel Death Child Death Death
Israel Attacked Assaulted Missle Raped Missle Abused Soldier Abused Attacked Death Murdered
Death Soldier Murdered Palastine Death Palastine Soldier Attacked Massacre Child Abused Soldier
Abused Soldier Raped Attacked Israel Assaulted Abused Soldier Raped Death Child Soldier
Assaulted Soldier Assaulted Attacked Child Assaulted Massacre Assaulted Massacre Death Soldier Raped
Child Massacre Missle Missle Soldier Israel Murdered Missle Murdered Murdered Soldier Raped
Abused Assaulted Child Attacked Soldier Murdered Missle Assaulted Abused Israel Assaulted Israel
Abused Soldier Soldier Abused Raped Attacked Attacked Death Raped Attacked Assaulted Soldier
Murdered Palastine Massacre Abused Child Missle Assaulted Israel Death Soldier Death Death
Soldier Death Death Israel Abused Abused Massacre Murdered Assaulted Raped Palastine Palastine
Missle Israel Murdered Raped Assaulted Massacre Death Missle Murdered Israel Abused Attacked
Palastine Palastine Massacre Assaulted Abused Murdered Assaulted Attacked Soldier Assaulted Palastine Israel
Death Death Child Attacked Missle Attacked Soldier Murdered Massacre Child Abused Israel
Murdered Raped Attacked Missle Raped Abused Assaulted Assaulted Raped Raped Death Abused
Abused Raped Massacre Child Soldier Israel Attacked Death Murdered Israel Palastine Attacked
Attacked Assaulted Assaulted Massacre Soldier Murdered Assaulted Massacre Israel Attacked Palastine Abused
Child Murdered Missle Murdered Raped Attacked Israel Child Soldier Attacked Palastine Death
Raped Palastine Death Assaulted Death Assaulted Death Murdered Soldier Abused Death Soldier
Murdered Assaulted Missle Raped Missle Raped Massacre Abused Missle Assaulted Assaulted Massacre
Palastine Israel Missle Murdered Israel Child Attacked Murdered Missle Death Israel Assaulted
Missle Raped Child Attacked Palastine Raped Abused Raped Palastine Attacked Israel Israel
Palastine Israel Israel Israel Missle Missle Attacked Raped Assaulted Israel Missle Murdered
Massacre Child Death Death Soldier Missle Assaulted Assaulted Abused Palastine Missle Missle
Murdered Palastine Soldier Assaulted Death Murdered Massacre Massacre Israel Child Soldier Abused
Assaulted Missle Assaulted Palastine Death Abused Raped Palastine Assaulted Raped Attacked Assaulted
Death Death Abused Massacre Death Israel Murdered Child Massacre Murdered Soldier Soldier
Israel Death Assaulted Death Murdered Abused Attacked Abused Missle Death Attacked Assaulted
Assaulted Child Missle Death Raped Missle Soldier Attacked Israel Child Abused Israel
Palastine Palastine Attacked Assaulted Death Soldier Murdered Missle Raped Massacre Missle Murdered
Child Palastine Murdered Israel Abused Child Missle Murdered Murdered Israel Soldier Soldier
Palastine Child Palastine Death Death Death Raped Missle Massacre Soldier Raped Attacked
Abused Israel Missle Child Massacre Palastine Death Attacked Attacked Death Massacre Raped
Death Attacked Soldier Child Raped Missle Death Attacked Death Death Attacked Attacked
Missle Death Murdered Death Death Assaulted Israel Raped Missle Missle Palastine Assaulted
Attacked Assaulted Death Missle Child Attacked Assaulted Abused Assaulted Israel Death Palastine
Missle Assaulted Child Murdered Palastine Murdered Israel Massacre Assaulted Missle Raped Massacre
Attacked Massacre Child Massacre Raped Missle Palastine Soldier Raped Missle Palastine Palastine
Abused Child Abused Abused Death Missle Assaulted Abused Abused Death Israel Soldier
Missle Raped Israel Abused Massacre Murdered Child Murdered Soldier Attacked Missle Israel
Abused Death Palastine Raped Israel Abused Child Attacked Israel Israel Israel Death
Massacre Death Murdered Attacked Massacre Palastine Palastine Israel Missle Missle Missle Soldier
Soldier Raped Abused Soldier Palastine Soldier Soldier Abused Raped Murdered Israel Massacre
Attacked Assaulted Raped Child Massacre Death Death Child Assaulted Death Palastine Attacked
Assaulted Raped Assaulted Raped Attacked Death Child Abused Palastine Soldier Massacre Raped
Assaulted Assaulted Murdered Soldier Abused Attacked Abused Palastine Palastine Assaulted Raped Missle
Palastine Israel Missle Abused Massacre Death Murdered Child Assaulted Attacked Attacked Raped
Murdered Attacked Death Raped Assaulted Israel Palastine Death Attacked Murdered Child Child
Death Abused Assaulted Raped Missle Murdered Missle Soldier Abused Raped Raped Raped
Palastine Attacked Death Attacked Missle Palastine Child Raped Death Massacre Massacre Missle
Abused Massacre Child Attacked Abused Assaulted Israel Soldier Child Palastine Murdered Massacre
Soldier Raped Raped Child Death Israel Palastine Israel Raped Missle Attacked Attacked
Raped Raped Soldier Raped Assaulted Soldier Murdered Abused Child Attacked Child Murdered
Massacre Attacked Missle Soldier Assaulted Attacked Assaulted Soldier Raped Death Assaulted Murdered
Abused Missle Child Massacre Assaulted Death Murdered Attacked Child Abused Murdered Missle
Child Abused Murdered Missle Raped Massacre Attacked Israel Soldier Assaulted Raped Abused
Israel Palastine Child Raped Child Palastine Murdered Child Missle Israel Israel Death
Palastine Israel Soldier Israel Massacre Child Child Israel Death Abused Murdered Murdered
Death Attacked Massacre Soldier Raped Child Child Soldier Child Death Raped Attacked
Murdered Death Murdered Palastine Massacre Missle Massacre Child Murdered Assaulted Soldier Attacked
Massacre Palastine Israel Death Soldier Abused Soldier Soldier Child Soldier Murdered Missle
Abused Child Raped Death Attacked Death Child Attacked Death Palastine Israel Israel
Massacre Palastine Abused Massacre Attacked Israel Murdered Abused Missle Massacre Attacked Attacked
Attacked Murdered Abused Raped Missle Attacked Palastine Missle Palastine Death Murdered Death
Murdered Palastine Abused Raped Israel Raped Massacre Abused Murdered Child Raped Massacre
Massacre Abused Israel Assaulted Raped Palastine Assaulted Death Soldier Attacked Abused Soldier
Death Israel Murdered Abused Death Death Attacked Raped Death Assaulted Soldier Murdered
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Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402624)

Klerck Rules.
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Re:FP!!!! (-1)

DonkeyHote (521235) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402667)

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Re:FP!!!! (-1)

YourMissionForToday (556292) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402835)

For more interesting crapfloodtastic words, please check my bio. THX LOL!

Re:FP!!!! (-1)

DonkeyHote (521235) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402927)

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Perl Monkey: Hard At Work (-1)

DonkeyHote (521235) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402941)

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hello (-1)

trollercoaster (250101) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402566)

text mine this!

zeroth post (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402573)

zeroth post!

Link to a postscript file? (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402575)

Wow, that's terribly useful! Somebody convert it to PDF, mmmkay?

Re:Link to a postscript file? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402613)

just get ghostview i mean, u have to get acrobat to read pdf, right? unless you're on OS X or something... get ghostview, clicking on the ps document in mozilla magically invokes it, thus u prevail

Re:Link to a postscript file? (1)

jordan_a (139457) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402641)

Yeah, a link to an standard document format that you can get viewers for on almost every platform. Damn that's soo inconsiderate, where's those word documents?

Re:Link to a postscript file? (1)

Pfhreakaz0id (82141) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402718)

How about plain text, HTML, RTF, or PDF? Every person who's been on the internet longer than two months has Acrobat.

Re:Link to a postscript file? (2)

tps12 (105590) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402754)

Postscript has the best reproduction accuracy for the file size. Assuming it has any kind of figures or equations, the only other reasonable alternatives are dvi and pdf. I've never seen dvi files rendered in a decent amount of time, and pdf is too fat, esp. for a paper linked to by slashdot. :)

Re:Link to a postscript file? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402770)

Amen, brother.

Especially considering NeXT used postscript for its internal rendering, you'd think OSX could at least do the same.

Re:Link to a postscript file? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402869)

It shouldn't take two months to get ghostscript and ghostview. In fact, it comes with most modern operating systems.

Re:Link to a postscript file? (2)

tps12 (105590) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402725)

Not to mention that a PDF would be 10x the size. I have no idea why Mac and Windows OS's are so baffled by postscript...half the printer drivers have to deal with it already, why not just bundle a damn interpreter with the OS and have a minimal frontend on it for screen viewing?

Re:Link to a postscript file? (4, Funny)

SuiteSisterMary (123932) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402784)

why not just bundle a damn interpreter with the OS and have a minimal frontend on it for screen viewing?
Gee, wouldn't that be illegally using their monopoly to muscle out third party developers? Why, if the OS had a PS viewer built in, nobody would every buy one! Businesses would go bankrupt!

Re:Link to a postscript file? (2)

Kiaser Zohsay (20134) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402871)

Actually, ghostscript created a PDF about half the size of the .ps file.

-rw-r--r-- 1 kz None 239121 Apr 24 14:13 bhs.pdf
-rw-r--r-- 1 kz None 433678 Apr 24 14:02

Of course, the PDF is Flate encoded internally, and the ps is a big fluffy text file, so the ps file would compress to well below the PDF size.

i suck (-1, Offtopic)

negacao (522115) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402581)

i do.

"next to first post"..

See? told you so.

Re:i suck (-1)

Anonymous Cowrad (571322) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402828)

will you be my friend [] ?

i got lotz of softwarez! []

there is no way to win... (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402583)

They'll end up finding a loophole in your filtering, or you'll end up filtering out real emails.

Only way to win is to kill it from the source. End of story.

Re:there is no way to win... (1)

ldopa1 (465624) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402696)

Doesn't this effectively amount to censorship? I agree that we (as individuals) need to make spamming less cost effective, but just preventing people from emailing (which is what you'd have to do) is censorship, unless of course you're the govt, in which case it's "protecting national interests"...

Re:there is no way to win... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402790)

You're kidding, right? Please tell me you are.

It's no more censorship than me seeing a letter and not opening it. Censorship is when you prevent the person from ever saying it in the first place, not if you decide not to listen to them.

Censorship? (2)

PCM2 (4486) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402832)

Hoo boy. Here we go again. When are you kids going to get it straight?

- Choosing not to listen to somebody is *not* censorship.
- Throwing your mail away before you open it is *not* censorship.
- Choosing not to relay somebody's spam is *not* censorship.
- Choosing not to broadcast somebody's TV program, even if you own a TV network, is *not* censorship.
- Telling a movie producer you won't distribute his/her movie unless he/she makes cuts or changes to the subject matter is *not* censorship.
- Rallying your church group together to burn books is *not* censorship.
- Refusing to sell certain magazines or newspapers, if you own a newsstand, is *not* censorship.

The only way somebody can be truly "censored" is when there is no legal means for that person to get his/her speech/art/etc. produced and disseminated to the pubic. Generally speaking, the only body with that type of power is the government -- because they make the laws.

Everything else is merely an inconvenience. It may piss you off, sure, and you may wish things were different. But you can't force people to support you, encourage you, or fund you if they just don't want to. For example, people in this country (the US) *do* have a right to decide what material constitutes pornography, relative to their local community standards -- and if you don't like it, you are within your rights to move to another town.

"No censorship" does not mean being forced to look at every piece of crap that somebody wants to throw in your face, and god help us if it did.

Re:Censorship? (-1)

DonkeyHote (521235) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402852)

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What I want (2, Funny)

clion999 (565741) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402597)

Here's to the researchers. I would like:

* An email box that lets me extract the threads with my friends.
* An email box that automatically ages the files effectively archiving them. Some of my mail folders/files are huge now and it takes too long to append them when new mail arrives.

Yes, I realize I should get off my butt and do this, but it's faster to post on slashdot.

Re:What I want (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402635)

Some of my mail folders/files are huge now and it takes too long to append them when new mail arrives.

Maybe you should use a mail program written by someone how *knows* about fopen(filename, "a"), rather than by someone who thinks you have to load everything in RAM and rewrite everything to disk.

Re:What I want (2)

quigonn (80360) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402826)

In fact, at least point 2 can be easily realized using mutt.

Re:What I want (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402842)

Don't short yourself karma, tell us how! I use mutt and I didn't know this...

Re:What I want (2)

Col. Klink (retired) (11632) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402853)

Use nmh. Messages are stored in separate files rather than an entire folder in one file. You can then auto-archive by date with something like:

refile `pick +inbox -before '1 apr 2002'` -src +inbox +archive

Re:What I want (2, Informative)

Jobe_br (27348) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402883)

For your second point:

An email box that automatically ages the files effectively archiving them. Some of my mail folders/files are huge now and it takes too long to append them when new mail arrives.

you could switch to using the Maildir format instead of the typical single-file 'mbox' format. Maildir is popularly used by the qmail MTA as well as courier-imap. I run all my email servers in this matter and I've noticed significant speed improvements in mailboxes that have many messages.

Maildir maintains three directories, of which 2 are significant: cur and new. Any new messages delivered into the Maildir mailbox is placed in the "new" directory, once its been read, its moved into the "cur" directory. Each message is its own file, so no speed penalty is invoked for appending messages to mailboxes with many messages. Of course, all these different directories and such are transparent to the end-user, Maildir capable MUAs (for console users) and of course Maildir capable IMAP/POP systems are freely available (qmail does SMTP+sendmail wrapping and includes a basic POP3 daemon; courier-imap does IMAPv4 amongst other things; all the apps lend themselves to be used in an SSL via stunnel environment)

Just a thought ... :)

Re:What I want (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402911)

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PS-PDF Document format conversion (5, Informative)

Misha (21355) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402601)

Here's a link to a terribly useful site for converting your postscripts and word docs into pdf or jpeg. []

Israeli Conversion (-1)

DonkeyHote (521235) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402634)

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Re:PS-PDF Document format conversion (1)

d3xt3r (527989) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402638)

If you run linux ps2pdf works nicely as well.

Re:PS-PDF Document format conversion (2)

DeadSea (69598) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402814)

PS-PDF is great for quickly mirroring webpages. I'm suprised that I don't see more people doing it here on slashdot to get some quick karma when sites get slashdotted. You have the webpage open in your browser (because you got there before the crowd). First you print it to a postscript file (netscape does this nicely). Then you run it through ps2pdf or some other tool like this and you have have the webpage (with all the pictures) mirrored in a single file. My friends were doing this on sept 11 when all the news sites were going down. Anything one of us saw, we all saw.

Background tasks and such (-1, Offtopic)

68030 (215387) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402606)

Yes, soon someone will use such techniques to
generate a nice little background console app
to scan Slashdot to automatically fire out
First Posts and "Imagine a beowulf cluster of
these!" on the relevant topics. Truly the
best possible use of data mining. (:

The importance of E-mail history (2, Insightful)

Phred_Johnston (530218) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402619)

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that having a good history of well filtered incoming, and especially just about all of my Outgoing (Outbox) available for searching. My Outbox has been a lifesaver several times when someone claims that they didn't have that (electronic) discussion with me. It's great to quote "in a message sent... ...I asked you to...".

Re:The importance of E-mail history (1)

Liora (565268) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402912)

One question... I agree that it is useful to have an outbox archive, but what do you do if they still say they didn't get that or say that? Admittedly I can print out their email, but that can be fabricated and then printed, or I can forward them their own original message, but that can be fabricated, etc... Am I missing something?

Re:The importance of E-mail history (1)

ManDude (231569) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402916)

I'm on the other end of ""in a message sent... ...I asked you to..." IT, corporate, and sales send a lot of email and it becomes imposible to keep track of everything that they want you to do or not do. I am to the point where I skim very quickly anything that they send. I am expecting an email any time for one of them saying ""in a message sent... ...I asked you to..." and all I can say is "f?(k-you".

Filtering (1)

pyrrho (167252) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402622)

That feature in the description is not text mining, just filtering.

Yet another reason for.. (4, Informative)

Dr Caleb (121505) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402623)

Lotus Notes.

It automagically does full text indexing of all specified databases. To it, your Inbox is just another database.

Re:Yet another reason for.. (-1)

DonkeyHote (521235) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402648)

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Re:Yet another reason for.. (2, Insightful)

LeeZard (109522) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402658)

That's not the point. The paper is talking about modeling spikes in topic/content of data streams over time. This is the second layer analysis of the meta-data that gets stored in the database.

Re:Yet another reason for.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402741)

But notes cant ever sort a messages subject without writing an agent for it.

Since 5.0 it can (3, Informative)

barzok (26681) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402889)

Message rules are very easy to set up and manage. No agents.

Re:Yet another reason for.. (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402768)

you stupid faggot - you either work for Big Blue balls or you are a filthy consultant. Lotus notes licks the unwashed scrotum of a frenchman. The email portion of lotus is tacked-on piece of crap, the interface is about as usable as a woman is to jon katz.

Re:Yet another reason for.. (2)

ConceptJunkie (24823) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402855)


Lotus Notes does all kinds of things automagically.


It's _Lotus Notes_, the application that makes Microsoft Office look lean and mean.

Re:Yet another reason for.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402931)

Lotus Notes


I would not wish the horrific crap which is Notes upon anyone! It is the biggest, bloatedest, most non-functional, slowest, worst (in every way) excuse for a email client that I have ever had the unfortunate displeasure of having to use. It is awful. I think I am understating my position here. I hate it more than all that is evil in the world. Really. It's that bad.

The company that owns it forces all employees to use it. Yes really they do. My productivity when forced to use Notes drops by exponential levels.

Why does it suck so bad? Let's see:

  • Windows only. If you want to run it on another OS, you've got to use either a VM (like VMware or similar) or Wine. VMware et. al. only double the bloat and Notes under Wine has many problems (and Notes doesn't need any more problems!!!).
  • Graphical only. Hello, anyone ever heard of remote access (like ssh?!?). Welp, can't check my email because Notes is graphical. Oh, but pine, mutt, etc aren't - that's why I use them (I use pine).
  • Gigantic. Notes takes up hundreds of Megs of memory. Really. If you don't have a 200+ MHz processor and more than say 128M RAM, you're not going to be doing anything with your system except Notes. Of course I guess on Windows, who multitasks anyway? Also, such a bloated program means long startup time (as compared to pine whose startup is easily less than a second).
  • Slow. Not only is it bloated (which slows it, and your entire system, down) but it is also very slow. When I click on "Mail" it sometimes takes up to 15 seconds to get to the mail screen. Then clicking on a specific mail item (to view the email) sometimes takes up to 10 seconds, or sometimes even more! Completely unacceptable.
  • Proprietary. And I don't mean the program here. I mean the email format!!! There is tons of pure crap like setting up meetings, marking things "urgent" and "confidential" which cannot be translated into real email format (besides changing to text). Notes speaks a language its own and the Domino server's Notes to real email translation is not the best. But worst, people who only use Notes do not realize that crap like coloring email doesn't translate to real email! I've gotten countless "Notes" that say "see my replies in blue" where their text is intermixed with what I sent - except in real email it ain't blue!!! I have to think back or use the context to figure out what's mine and what's theirs. And god forbid I am just a CC: on the topic, especially if I didn't see the original! I have no chance of figuring out who said what. The worst part is people do this while CC'ing (external) customers, who of course don't know what the hell they are talking about - if they've never used Notes they wonder why some idiot thinks he can color an email!

transluscent butt-plugs (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402644)

fucking transluscent butt-plugs are all the rage among those ass-reaming afficiandos like hemos, cmdrtaco and cowboy "ride-him-hard" neal.

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Anonymous Cowrad (571322) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402726)

MT93V - GXPJQ - W4HQ3 - DV2Q7 - 8G64Y
VXKC4 - 2B3YF - W9MFK - QB3DB - 9Y7MB
F6PGG - 4YYDJ - 3FF3T - R328P - 3BXTG
F2T26 - BMK6H - 69QX8 - FYV8D - TY4CM
RM233 - 2PRQQ - FR4RH - JP89H - 46QYB


hi, i need to ask a question (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402650)

How can I forget something? I've just learnt something that I want to forget (in the past hour), and I want to forget it completely. It's pretty damn important. Thanks.

Re:hi, i need to ask a question (1)

ldopa1 (465624) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402722)

I used to know how to do this, but I forgot it as soon as I figured it out. Go figure...

What was I talking about?

Re:hi, i need to ask a question (-1)

Guns n' Roses Troll (207208) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402802)

I know it sounds silly, but if I need to forget something, I think of my brain as a hard drive. Scoot on over to the sector that holds the information you want to forget and then write all over it. Assure yourself that the thing you want to forget is a lie and then give it a new value. Do that a few times and at the same time, think about other things too. After a while, you probably won't exactly remember the thing you're trying to forget.

Well, it works for me at least.

The ultimate spam blocker? (2)

ldopa1 (465624) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402666)

This would be an awesome tool to block spam. If this program could look at the text of an email message and determine that it is a solicitation of some kind and then drop it into an email "pit" (you know, a folder mapped to /dev/null), that would make my life a LOT easier...

Re:The ultimate spam blocker? (1)

set (19875) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402701)

SpamAssassin does this already, using a genetic algorithm.

Re:The ultimate spam blocker? (1)

ldopa1 (465624) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402786)

Do you have a link to this? Any more information you have would be welcome..

Re:The ultimate spam blocker? (2, Informative)

jmb-d (322230) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402724)

This would be an awesome tool to block spam. If this program could look at the text of an email message and determine that it is a solicitation of some kind

SpamAssassin [] will do this part for you.

procmail! [Re:The ultimate spam blocker?] (5, Informative)

Styx (15057) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402872)

I use procmail, with weighted scoring []
First, I sort out mail from the mailingslists I read.
Then, mail from friends, and people I correspond with a lot.
Finally, I have a weighted scoring recipe:

:0 Bh
* -199^0
#Assign an initial value of -199, mail gets filtered, if the score is above 0, at the end of the recipe.
* 50^1 ^(From|To):.*
* 50^1 ^(From|To):.*
* 50^1 ^(From|To):.*
* 50^1 ^(From|To):.*
* 50^1 ^(From|To):.*
* 50^1 ^(From|To):.*
* 50^1 ^(From|To):.*
#Most mail to and from these domains is spam, so score it.
* 100^1 opt-out
* 50^1 opt-in
* 200^1 OTCBB
* 50^1 viagra
* 50^1 zyban
* 50^1 propecia
* 75^1 FREE
* 75^1 LEGAL
* 50^1 100%
#Words I only see in spam.

This works quite well for me. If any spam gets through, I try to find some words, that I don't get in normal mail, and add them to the scoring.

Have you tried.... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402668)


a suggestion (1)

56ker (566853) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402669)

"that categorized incoming messages by topic as they arrive." - you can already sort messages into different folders depending on their topic by setting up rules.

Re:a suggestion (2)

spencerogden (49254) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402735)

This is a little more in depth than just matching strings in headers. This is about determining the topic of and email.


Too much information. (5, Funny)

abucior (306728) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402672)

Personally, I'd prefer that I simply get less email. The fact that we need NLP tools to pre-screen our email for us just shows how information-overloaded our society has become. What I really need is a tool at the sender's end that can pre-screen my email and tell the sender "Don't send this. He just doesn't care!"

Re:Too much information. (1)

ldopa1 (465624) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402763)

If our society has too much information, why did you just add that little tidbit to my stream of conciousness? Are you trying to make my head explode?

Frankly, there is no such thing as too much information. Information is never created, knowledge is created. The information was always there (and always will be), you're just percieving more, creating knowledge of the information.

Re:Too much information. (2)

ConceptJunkie (24823) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402875)

Yes, but by your definition, information equals entropy, and there's definitely too much of that. We need some way to reverse that trend.

I wonder what could be done with a really hot cup of tea...

she said this, and she created COBOL too (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402682)

"It might help if we ran the MBA's out of Washington." -- Admiral Grace Hopper

Re:she said this, and she created COBOL too (2)

Rorschach1 (174480) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402732)

Damn you, Admiral Hopper! I've got a huge stack of COBOL listings on my desk that I've got to translate to, of all things, vbscript (damn you, Bill Gates!)

Sort it by domain... (1)

qurob (543434) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402690)

I can sort reports from devices, co-workers, clients....each goes in its own folder....

text inside the PS file - references cut (0)

GutBomb (541585) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402698)

Bursty and Hierarchical Structure in Streams * Jon Kleinberg # Abstract A fundamental problem in text data mining is to extract meaningful structure from document streams that arrive continuously over time. E-mail and news articles are two natural examples of such streams, each characterized by topics that appear, grow in intensity for a period of time, and then fade away. The published literature in a particular research field can be seen to exhibit similar phenomena over a much longer time scale. Underlying much of the text mining work in this area is the following intuitive premise -- that the appearance of a topic in a document stream is signaled by a "burst of activity," with certain features rising sharply in frequency as the topic emerges. The goal of the present work is to develop a formal approach for modeling such "bursts," in such a way that they can be robustly and efficiently identified, and can provide an organizational framework for analyzing the underlying content. The approach is based on modeling the stream using an infinite-state automaton, in which bursts appear naturally as state transitions; in some ways, it can be viewed as drawing an analogy with models from queueing theory for bursty network traffic. The resulting algorithms are highly efficient, and yield a nested representation of the set of bursts that imposes a hierarchical structure on the overall stream. Experiments with e-mail and research paper archives suggest that the resulting structures have a natural meaning in terms of the content that gave rise to them. *A version of this work appears as Cornell Computer Science Technical Report 02-1863 (March 2002). #Department of Computer Science, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853. Email: Supported in part by a David and Lucile Packard Foundation Fellowship, an ONR Young Investigator Award, NSF ITR/IM Grant IIS-0081334, and NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award CCR-9701399. 1. 1 Introduction Documents can be naturally organized by topic, but in many settings we also experience their arrival over time. E-mail and news articles provide two clear examples of such document streams: in both cases, the strong temporal ordering of the content is necessary for making sense of it, as particular topics appear, grow in intensity, and then fade away again. Over a much longer time scale, the published literature in a particular research field can be meaningfully understood in this way as well, with particular research themes growing and diminishing in visibility across a period of years. Work in the areas of topic detection and tracking [2, 3, 5, 61, 62], text mining [36, 56, 57, 58], and visualization [26, 43, 60] has explored techniques for identifying topics in document streams comprised of news stories, using a combination of content analysis and time-series modeling. Underlying a number of these techniques is the following intuitive premise -- that the appearance of a topic in a document stream is signaled by a "burst of activity," with certain features rising sharply in frequency as the topic emerges. The goal of the present work is to develop a formal approach for modeling such "bursts," in such a way that they can be robustly and efficiently identified, and can provide an organizational framework for analyzing the underlying content. At one level, the approach presented here can be viewed as drawing an analogy with models from queueing theory for bursty network traffic (see e.g. [32]). In addition, however, the analysis of the underlying burst patterns reveals a latent hierarchical structure that often has a natural meaning in terms of the content of the stream. My initial aim in studying this issue was a very concrete one: I wanted a better organizing principle for the enormous archives of personal e-mail that I was accumulating. Abundant anecdotal evidence, as well as academic research [6, 42, 59], suggested that my own experience with "e-mail overload" corresponded to a near-universal phenomenon -- a consequence of both the rate at which e-mail arrives, and the demands of managing volumes of saved personal correspondence that can easily grow into tens and hundreds of megabytes of pure text content. And at a still larger scale, e-mail has become the raw material for legal proceedings [34] and historical investigation [8, 38, 44] -- with the National Archives, for example, agreeing to accept tens of millions of e-mail messages from the Clinton White House [45]. In sum, there are several settings where it is a crucial problem to find structures that can help in making sense of large volumes of e-mail. An active line of research has applied text indexing and classification to develop e-mail interfaces that organize incoming messages into folders on specific topics, sometimes recommending further actions on the part of a user [4, 9, 13, 29, 30, 39, 46, 47, 49, 50, 51, 53, 54] -- in effect, this framework seeks to automate a kind of filing system that many users implement manually. There has also been work on developing query interfaces to fully-indexed collections of e-mail [7]. My interest here is in exploring organizing structures based more explicitly on the role of time in e-mail and other document streams. Indeed, even the flow of a single focused topic 2. is modulated by the rate at which relevant messages or documents arrive, dividing naturally into more localized episodes that correspond to bursts of activity of the type suggested above. For example, my saved e-mail contains over a thousand messages relevant to the topic "grant proposals" -- announcements of new funding programs, planning of proposals, and correspondence with co-authors. While one could divide this collection into sub-topics based on message content -- certain people, programs, or funding agencies form the topics of some messages but not others -- an equally natural and substantially orthogonal organization for this topic would take into account the sequence of episodes reflected in the set of messages -- bursts that surround the planning and writing of certain proposals. Indeed, certain subtopics (e.g. "the process of gathering people together for our large NSF ITR proposal") may be much more easily characterized by a sudden confluence of message-sending over a particular period of time than by textual features of the messages themselves. One can easily argue that many of the large topics represented in a document stream are naturally punctuated by bursts in this way, with the flow of relevant items intensifying in certain key periods. A general technique for highlighting these bursts thus has the potential to expose a great deal of fine-grained structure. Before moving to a more technical overview of the methodology, let me suggest one further perspective on this issue, quite distant from computational concerns. If one were to view a particular folder of e-mail not simply as a document stream but also as something akin to a narrative that unfolds over time, then one immediately brings into play a body of work that deals explicitly with the bursty nature of time in narratives, and the way in which particular events are signaled by a compression of the time-sense. In an early concrete reference to this idea, E.M. Forster, lecturing on the structure of the novel in the 1920's, asserted that . . . there seems something else in life besides time, something which may conveniently be called "value," something which is measured not by minutes or hours but by intensity, so that when we look at our past it does not stretch back evenly but piles up into a few notable pinnacles, and when we look at the future it seems sometimes a wall, sometimes a cloud, sometimes a sun, but never a chronological chart [17]. This role of time in narratives is developed more explicitly in work of Genette [19, 20], Chatman [11], and others on anisochronies, the non-uniform relationships between the amount of time spanned by a story's events and the amount of time devoted to these events in the actual telling of the story. Modeling Bursty Streams. Suppose we were presented with a document stream -- for concreteness, consider a large folder of e-mail on a single broad topic. How should we go about identifying the main bursts of activity, and how do they help impose additional structure on the stream? The basic point emerging from the discussion above is that such 3. bursts correspond roughly to points at which the intensity of message arrivals increases sharply, perhaps from once every few weeks or days to once every few hours or minutes. But the rate of arrivals is in general very "rugged": it does not typically rise smoothly to a crescendo and then fall away, but rather exhibits frequent alternations of rapid flurries and longer pauses in close proximity. Thus, methods that analyze gaps between consecutive message arrivals in too simplistic a way can easily be pulled into identifying large numbers of short spurious bursts, as well as fragmenting long bursts into many smaller ones. Moreover, a simple enumeration of close-together sets of messages is only a first step toward more intricate structure. The broader goal is thus to extract global structure from a robust kind of data reduction -- identifying bursts only when they have sufficient intensity, and in a way that allows a burst to persist smoothly across a fairly non-uniform pattern of message arrivals. My approach here is to model the stream using an infinite-state automaton A, which at any point in time can be in one of an underlying set of states, and emits messages at different rates depending on its state. Specifically, the automaton A has a set of states that correspond to increasingly rapid rates of emission, and the onset of a burst is signaled by a state transition -- from a lower state to a higher state. By assigning costs to state transitions, one can control the frequency of such transitions, preventing very short bursts and making it easier to identify long bursts despite transient changes in the rate of the stream. The overall framework is developed in Section 2. It can be viewed as drawing an analogy to the use of on-off Markov sources in modeling bursty network traffic (see for example the overview article by Kelly [32]), as well as drawing on the formalism of hidden Markov models [48]. Using an automaton with states that correspond to higher and higher intensities provides an additional source of analytical leverage -- the bursts associated with state transitions form a naturally nested structure, with a long burst of low intensity potentially containing several bursts of higher intensity inside it (and so on, recursively). For a folder of related e-mail messages, we will see in Sections 2 and 3 that this can provide a hierarchical decomposition of the temporal order, with long-running episodes intensifying into briefer ones according to a natural tree structure. This tree can thus be viewed as imposing a fine-grained organization on the sub-episodes within the message stream. Following this development, Section 4 focuses on a case in which the document stream is comprised not of e-mail messages but of computer science conference paper titles over the past several decades; the set of bursts in this stream corresponds roughly to the appearance and disappearance of certain terms of interest in the papers. Section 5 discusses the connections to related work in a range of areas, particularly the striking recent work of Swan, Allan, and Jensen [56, 57, 58] on overview timelines, which forms the body of research closest to the approach here. Finally, Section 6 discusses some further applications of the methodology -- how burstiness in arrivals can help to identify certain messages as "landmarks" in a large corpus of e-mail; and how the overall framework can be applied to logs of Web traffic. 4. 2 A Weighted Automaton Model Perhaps the simplest randomized model for generating a sequence of message arrival times is based on an exponential distribution: messages are emitted in a probabilistic manner, so that the gap x in time between messages i and i + 1 is distributed according to the "memoryless" exponential density function f (x) = ffe-ffx, for a parameter ff > 0. (In other words, the probability that the gap exceeds x is equal to e-ffx.) The expected value of the gap in this model is ff-1, and hence one can refer to ff as the rate of message arrivals. Intuitively, a "bursty" model should extend this simple formulation by exhibiting periods of lower rate interleaved with periods of higher rate. A natural way to do this is to construct a model with multiple states, where the rate depends on the current state. Let us start with a basic model that incorporates this idea, and then extend it to the models that will primarily be used in what follows. A two-state model. Arguably the most basic bursty model of this type would be constructed from a probabilistic automaton A with two states q0 and q1, which we can think of as corresponding to "low" and "high." When A is in state q0, messages are emitted at a slow rate, with gaps x between consecutive messages distributed independently according to a density function f0(x) = ff0e-ff0x When A is in state q1, messages are emitted at a faster rate, with gaps distributed independently according to f1(x) = ff1e-ff1x, where ff1 > ff0. Finally, between messages, A changes state with probability p 2 (0, 1), remaining in its current state with probability 1 - p, independently of previous emissions and state changes. Such a model could be used to generate a sequence of messages in the natural way. A begins in state q0. Before each message (including the first) is emitted, A changes state with probability p. A message is then emitted, and the gap in time until the next message is determined by the distribution associated with A's current state. One can apply this generative model to find a likely state sequence, given a set of messages. Suppose there is a given set of n + 1 messages, with specified arrival times; this determines a sequence of n inter-arrival gaps x = (x1, x2, . . . , xn). The development here will use the basic assumption that all gaps xi are strictly positive. We can use the Bayes procedure (as in e.g. [14]) to determine the conditional probability of a state sequence q = (qi1, . . . , qin); note that this must be done in terms of the underlying density functions, since the gaps are not drawn from discrete distributions. Each state sequence q induces a density function fq over sequences of gaps, which has the form fq(x1, . . . , xn) = Qnt=1 fit(xt). If b denotes the number of state transitions in the sequence q -- that is, the number of indices it so that qit 6= qit+1 -- then the (prior) probability of q is equal to ( Y it6=it+1 p)( Yit=it+1 1 - p) = p b(1 - p)n-b = p 1 - p ! b (1 - p)n. 5. (In this calculation, let i0 = 0, since A starts in state q0.) Now, Pr [q | x] = Pr [q] fq(x)P q0 Pr [q0] fq0 (x) = 1Z p1 - p ! b (1 - p)n nY t=1 f it(xt), where Z is the normalizing constant Pq0 Pr [q0] fq0 (x). Finding a state sequence q maximizing this probability is equivalent to finding one that minimizes - ln Pr [q | x] = b ln 1 - pp ! + nX t=1 - ln f it(xt)! - n ln(1 - p) + ln Z. Since the third and fourth terms are independent of the state sequence, this latter optimization problem is equivalent to finding a state sequence q that minimizes the following cost function: c (q | x) = b ln 1 - pp ! + nX t=1 - ln f it (xt)! Finding a state sequence to minimize this cost function is a problem that can be motivated intuitively on its own terms, without recourse to the underlying probabilistic model. The first of the two terms in the expression for c (q | x) favors sequences with a small number of state transitions, while the second term favors state sequences that conform well to the sequence x of gap values. Thus, one expects the optimum to track the global structure of bursts in the gap sequence, while holding to a single state through local periods of non-uniformity. Varying the coefficient on b controls the amount of "inertia" fixing the automaton in its current state. The next step is to extend this simple "high-low" model to one with a richer state set, using a cost model; this will lead to a method that also extracts hierarchical structure from the pattern of bursts. An infinite-state model. Consider a sequence of n + 1 messages that arrive over a period of time of length T . If the messages were spaced completely evenly over this time interval, then they would arrive with gaps of size g = T /n. Bursts of greater and greater intensity would be associated with gaps smaller and smaller than g. This suggests focusing on an infinite-state automaton whose states correspond to gap sizes that may be arbitrarily small, so as to capture the full range of possible bursts. The development here will use a cost model as in the two-state case, where the underlying goal is to find a state sequence of minimum cost. Thus, consider an automaton with a "base state" q0 that has an associated exponential density function f0 with rate ff0 = g-1 = n/T -- consistent with completely uniform message arrivals. For each i > 0, there is a state qi with associated exponential density fi having 6. 0 1 32 g ln n per state 20 1 3 tree representation 0 1 32 bursts b) time optimal state sequence a) q q q q0 1 2 3 qi transition cost transition cost 0 emissions at rateg-1 s i Figure 1: An infinite-state model for bursty sequences. (a) The infinite-state automaton A*s,fl; in state qi, messages are emitted at a spacing in time that is distributed according to f(x) = ffie-ffix, where ffi = g-1si. There is a cost to move to states of higher index, but not to states of lower index. (b) Given a sequence of gaps between message arrivals, an optimal state sequence in A*s,fl is computed. This gives rise to a set of nested bursts: intervals of time in which the optimal state has at least a certain index. The inclusions among the set of bursts can be naturally represented by a tree structure. rate ffi = g-1si, where s > 1 is a scaling parameter. (i will be referred to as the index of the state qi.) In other words, the infinite sequence of states q0, q1, . . . models inter-arrival gaps that decrease geometrically from g; there is an expected rate of message arrivals that intensifies for larger and larger values of i. Finally, for every i and j, there is a cost o/ (i, j) associated with a state transition from qi to qj. The framework allows considerable flexibility in formulating the cost function; for the work described here, o/ (*, *) is defined so that the cost of moving from a lower-intensity burst state to a higher-intensity one is proportional to the number of intervening states, but there is no cost for the automaton to end a higher-intensity burst and drop down to a lower-intensity one. Specifically, when j > i, moving from qi to qj incurs a cost of (j - i)fl ln n, where fl > 0 is a parameter; and when j 0, since all gaps are positive.) If q* is an optimal state sequence in Aks,fl, then it is also an optimal state sequence in A*s,fl . Before proceeding to the proof, here are two key points to note. First, in all the experiments here, an optimal state sequence in A*s,fl can be found by restricting to a number of states k that is a very small constant, always at most 25. Second, some condition requiring gaps to be positive is necessary in order for the theorem to hold, as the following example shows. Suppose that x were to consist of n gaps, each equal to 0, where n is large enough that sn > nfl . Then the state sequence q(j) in which all n states are equal to qj has cost c iq(j) | xj = j(fl ln n) - n ln fj(0) = j(fl ln n) - n ln ffj = j(fl ln n) - nj ln s + n ln g = j(fl ln n - n ln s) + n ln g. 8. For increasing values of j, these costs c iq(j) | xj form a sequence of negative numbers tending to -1, and hence there is no state sequence in A*s,fl that achieves a cost less than or equal to that of all others. When all gaps are positive, however, no such example is possible, since Theorem 2.1 establishes that there is a state sequence in A*s,fl achieving the minimum cost. Proof of Theorem 2.1. Let q* = (q`1 , . . . , q`n) be an optimal state sequence in Aks,fl, and let q = (qi1, . . . , qin) be an arbitrary state sequence in A*s,fl. As always, set `0 = i0 = 0, since both sequences start in state q0; for notational purposes, it is useful to define `n+1 = in+1 = 0 as well. The goal is to show that c (q* | x) = j0 >= j* + 1, then - ln fj00 (xt) >= - ln fj0 (x). Since k = d1 + logs T + logs ffi(x)-1e, one has ffk-1 = g-1sk-1 = nT * sk-1 >= 1T * slogs T +logs ffi(x)- 1 = 1 T T ffi(x) = 1 ffi(x). Since ffi(x)-1 >= x-1t for any t = 1, 2, . . . , n, the index k - 1 is at least as large as the j for which - ln fj(xt) is minimized. It follows that for those t for which it 6= it0 one has- ln fi0t(xt) it0 = k - 1. Combining these inequalities for the state transition costs and the gap costs, one obtains c (q0 | x) = n-1X t=0 o/ (i 0t, i0t+1)!+ nX t=1 - ln f i0t(xt)! 0. Note that although the final computation of an optimal state sequence is carried out by recourse to a finite-state model, working with the infinite model has the advantage that a number of states k is not fixed a priori; rather, it emerges in the course of the computation, and in this way the automaton A*s,fl essentially "conforms" to the particular input instance. 3 Hierarchical Structure and E-mail Streams Extracting hierarchical structure. From an algorithm to compute an optimal state sequence, one can then define the basic representation of a set of bursts, according to a hierarchical structure. For a set of messages generating a sequence of positive inter-arrival gaps x = (x1, x2, . . . , xn), suppose that an optimal state sequence q = (qi1, qi2, . . . , qin) in A*s,fl has been determined. Following the discussion of the previous section, we can formally define a burst of intensity j to be a maximal interval over which q is in a state of index j or higher. More precisely, it is an interval [t, t0] so that it, . . . , it0 >= j but it-1 and it0+1 are less than j (or undefined if t - 1 n). It follows that bursts exhibit a natural nested structure: a burst of intensity j may contain one or more sub-intervals that are bursts of intensity j + 1; these in turn may contain subintervals that are bursts of intensity j + 2; and so forth. This relationship can be represented by a rooted tree \Gamma , as follows. There is a node corresponding to each burst; and node v is a child of node u if node u represents a burst Bu of intensity j (for some value of j), and node v represents a burst Bv of intensity j + 1 such that Bv ` Bu. Note that the root of \Gamma corresponds to the single burst of intensity 0, which is equal to the whole interval [0, n]. Thus, the tree \Gamma captures hierarchical structure that is implicit in the underlying stream. Figure 1(b) shows the transformation from an optimal state sequence, to a set of nested bursts, to a tree. Hierarchy in an e-mail stream. Let us now return to one of the initial motivations for this model, and consider a stream of e-mail messages. What does the hierarchical structure of bursts look like in this setting? I applied the algorithm to my own collection of saved e-mail, consisting of messages sent and received between June 9, 1997 and August 23, 2001. (The cut-off date is chosen here so as to roughly cover four academic years.) First, here is a brief summary of this collection. Every piece of mail I sent or received during this period of time, using my email address, can be viewed as belonging to one of two categories: first, messages consisting of one or more large files, such as drafts of papers mailed between co-authors (essentially, e-mail as file transfer); and second, all other messages. The collection I am considering here consists simply of all messages belonging to the second, much larger category; thus, to a 10. rough approximation, it is all the mail I sent and received during this period, unfiltered by content but excluding long files. It contains 34344 messages in UNIX mailbox format, totaling 41.7 megabytes of ascii text, excluding message headers.1 Subsets of the collection can be chosen by selecting all messages that contain a particular string or set of strings; this can be viewed as an analogue of a "folder" of related messages, although messages in the present case are related not because they were manually filed together but because they are the response set to a particular query. Studying the stream induced by such a response set raises two distinct but related questions. First, is it in fact the case that the appearance of messages containing particular words exhibits a "spike," in some informal sense, in the (temporal) vicinity of significant times such as deadlines, scheduled events, or unexpected developments? And second, do the algorithms developed here provide a means for identifying this phenomenon? In fact such spikes appear to be quite prevalent, and also rich enough that the algorithms of the previous section can extract hierarchical structure that in many cases is quite deep. Moreover, the algorithms are efficient enough that computing a representation for the bursts on a query to the full e-mail collection can be done in real-time, using a simple implementation on a standard PC. To give a qualitative sense for the kind of structure one obtains, Figures 2 and 3 show the results of computing bursts for two different queries using the automaton A*2. Figure 2 shows an analysis of the stream of all messages containing the word "ITR," which is prominent in my e-mail because it is the name of a large National Science Foundation program for which my colleagues and I wrote two proposals in 1999-2000. There are many possible ways to organize this stream of messages, but one general backdrop against which to view the stream is the set of deadlines imposed by the NSF for the first run of the program. Large proposals were submitted in a three-phase process, with deadlines of 11/15/99, 1/5/00, and 4/17/00 for letters of intent, pre-proposals, and full proposals respectively. Small proposals were submitted in a two-phase process, with deadlines of 1/5/00 and 2/14/00 for letters of intent and full proposals respectively. I participated in a group writing a proposal of each kind. Turning to the figure, part (a) is a plot of the raw input to the automaton A*2, showing the arrival time of each message in the response set. Part (b) shows a nested interval representation of the set of bursts for the optimal state sequence in A*2; the intervals are annotated with the first and last dates of the messages they contain, and the dates of the NSF deadlines are lined up with the intervals that contain them. Note that this is a schematic representation, designed to show the inclusions that give rise to the tree \Gamma ; the lengths and centering of the intervals in the drawing are not significant. Part (c) shows a drawing of the resulting tree \Gamma . The root corresponds to the single burst of intensity 0 that is present in any state sequence. One sees that the two children of the root span intervals surrounding the 1These figures reveal that I receive less e-mail per day than many of my colleagues; one contributing factor is that I do not subscribe to any high-volume mailing lists based outside Cornell. 11. 2/1410/28-2/21/0010/28/99- 11/1610/28- 11/1611/2- 11/15 11/9- 7/10/00-10/31/00 7/10-7/14 1/2-2/4 1/2-1/5 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 1.4e+06 1.5e+06 1.6e+06 1.7e+06 1.8e+06 1.9e+06 2e+06 2.1e+06 2.2e+06 2.3e+06 2.4e+06 2.5e+06 a) c) Minutes since 1/1/97 Message # b) 2/14 10/28 11/16 1/2/00 11/16 11/15 11/2 11/9 2/4 7/10 2/21 7/10 7/14 10/31 10/28/9910/28 (large proposals) 11/15: letter of intent deadline 2/14: full proposal deadline 0 1 2 3 4 5 1/2 1/5 1/5: pre-proposal deadline (large proposals) 4/17: full proposal deadline(large proposals) 7/11: unofficial notification 9/13: official announcementof awards intensities (small proposals) (small proposal) Figure 2: The stream of all messages containing the word "ITR," analyzed using the automaton A*2. (a) The raw input data: the x-axis shows message arrival time; the y-axis shows message sequence number. (b) The set of bursts in the optimal state sequence for A*2, drawn schematically to show the inclusions that form the tree \Gamma . (Lengths of intervals are standardized and hence not to scale.) Intervals are annotated with starting and ending dates, and the dates of the NSF ITR program deadlines are lined up with the intervals that contain them. (c) A representation of the tree \Gamma , showing inclusions among the bursts. submission deadlines and notification dates, respectively. Moreover, the sub-tree rooted at the first of these children splits further into two sub-trees that are concentrated over a week leading up to the deadline for letters of intent (11/15/99), and four days leading up to the pre-proposal deadline (1/5/00). Finally, note that there is no burst of positive intensity over the final deadline for large proposal, since we did not continue our large submission past the pre-proposal stage. Figure 3 shows an analysis of the stream of all messages containing the word "prelim," which is the term used at Cornell for (non-final) exams in undergraduate courses. One sees that the raw data in this example (part (a) of the figure) exhibits an arguably more regular structure than in the previous example. I taught undergraduate courses in four of the eight semesters covered by the collection of e-mail, and each of these courses had two prelims. 12. prelim 24/11/00 prelim 12/24/00 prelim 24/15/99 prelim 12/25/99 11/13/00prelim 2 1 2 3 40 5 6 7 8 prelim 110/4/00 intensities 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 200000 400000 600000 800000 1e+06 1.2e+06 1.4e+06 1.6e+06 1.8e+06 2e+06 2.2e+06 2.4e+06 Minutes since 1/1/97 Message # a) c) b) Figure 3: The stream of all messages containing the word "prelim," analyzed using the automaton A*2. Parts (a), (b), and (c) are analogous to Figure 2, but date annotations are omitted. In part (b), the dates of prelims (exams) are lined up with the intervals that contain them. For the first of these courses, correspondence with students was restricted almost exclusively to a special course e-mail account, and hence very little appears in my own saved e-mail. The remaining three courses are captured very cleanly by the tree \Gamma computed from the optimal state sequence of A*2 (parts (b) and (c) of the figure) -- each course corresponds to a long burst, and each contains two shorter, more intense bursts for the particular prelims. Specifically, the three children of the root are centered over the semesters in which the three undergraduate courses were taught (Spring 1999, Spring 2000, and Fall 2000); and the subtrees below these children split further into two sub-trees each, concentrated either directly over or slightly preceding the two prelims given that semester. Overall, these structures suggest how a large folder of e-mail might naturally be divided into a hierarchical set of sub-folders around certain key events, based only on the rate of message arrivals. The appropriateness of Forster's comments on the time-sense in narratives is also fairly striking here: when organized by burst intensities, the period of time covered 13. in the e-mail collection very clearly "piles up into a few notable pinnacles" [17], rather than proceeding uniformly. 4 Enumerating Bursts Given a framework for identifying bursts, it becomes possible to perform a type of enumeration: for every word w that appears in the collection, one computes all the bursts in the stream of messages containing w. Combined with a method for computing a weight associated with each burst, and for then ranking by weight, this essentially provides a way to find the terms that exhibit the most prominent rising and falling pattern over a limited period of time. This can be applied to e-mail, and it can be done very efficiently even on the scale of the e-mail corpus from the previous section; roughly speaking, it can be performed in a single pass over an inverted index for the collection. Here, however, I consider a different application of this technique: extracting bursts in term usage from the titles of conference papers. Two distinct sources of data will be used here: the titles of all papers from the database conferences SIGMOD and VLDB for the years 1975-2001; and the titles of all papers from the theory conferences STOC and FOCS for the years 1969-2001. The first issue that must be addressed concerns the underlying model: unlike e-mail messages, which arrive continuously over time, conference papers appear in large batches -- essentially, twenty to sixty new papers appear together every half year. As a result, the automaton A*s,fl is not appropriate, since it is fundamentally based on analyzing the distribution of inter-arrival gaps. Instead, one needs to model a related kind of phenomenon: documents arrive in discrete batches; in each new batch of documents, some are relevant (in the present case, their titles contain a particular word w) and some are irrelevant. The idea is thus to find an automaton model that generates batched arrivals, with particular fractions of relevant documents. A sequence of batched arrivals could be considered bursty if the fraction of relevant documents alternates between reasonably long periods in which the fraction is small and other periods in which it is large. Suppose there are n batches of documents; the tth batch contains rt relevant documents out of a total of dt. Let R = Pnt=1 rt and D = Pnt=1 dt. Now, define an automaton B*s,fl as follows, by close analogy with the construction of A*s,fl. For each state qi of B*s,fl , for i >= 0, there is an expected fraction of relevant documents pi. Set p0 = p = R/D, and pi = p0si. Since it does not make sense for pi to exceed 1, the state qi will only be defined for i such that pi = 1; thus, B*s,fl will be a finite-state automaton. One can further restrict B*s,fl to k states, resulting in the automaton Bks,fl. Viewed in a generative fashion, one can imagine state qi in these models as producing a mixture of relevant and irrelevant documents according to a binomial distribution with probability pi. The cost of a state sequence q = (qi1, . . . , qin) in B*s,fl is defined as follows. If the automa14. Word Interval of burst data 1975 SIGMOD -- 1979 SIGMOD base 1975 SIGMOD -- 1981 VLDB application 1975 SIGMOD -- 1982 SIGMOD bases 1975 SIGMOD -- 1982 VLDB design 1975 SIGMOD -- 1985 VLDB relational 1975 SIGMOD -- 1989 VLDB model 1975 SIGMOD -- 1992 VLDB large 1975 VLDB -- 1977 VLDB schema 1975 VLDB -- 1980 VLDB theory 1977 VLDB -- 1984 SIGMOD distributed 1977 VLDB -- 1985 SIGMOD data 1980 VLDB -- 1981 VLDB statistical 1981 VLDB -- 1984 VLDB database 1982 SIGMOD -- 1987 VLDB nested 1984 VLDB -- 1991 VLDB deductive 1985 VLDB -- 1994 VLDB transaction 1987 SIGMOD -- 1992 SIGMOD objects 1987 VLDB -- 1992 SIGMOD object-oriented 1987 SIGMOD -- 1994 VLDB parallel 1989 VLDB -- 1996 VLDB object 1990 SIGMOD -- 1996 VLDB mining 1995 VLDB -- server 1996 SIGMOD -- 2000 VLDB sql 1996 VLDB -- 2000 VLDB warehouse 1996 VLDB -- similarity 1997 SIGMOD -- approximate 1997 VLDB -- web 1998 SIGMOD -- indexing 1999 SIGMOD -- xml 1999 VLDB -- Figure 4: The 30 bursts of highest weight in B22, using titles of all papers from the database conferences SIGMOD and VLDB, 1975-2001. ton is in state qi when the tth batch arrives, a cost of oe(i, t) = - ln "dtr t!p rti (1 - pi)dt-rt# is incurred, since this is the negative logarithm of the probability that rt relevant documents would be generated using a binomial distribution with probability pi. There is also a cost of o/ (it, it+1) associated with the state transition from qit to qit+1 , where this cost is defined precisely as for A*s,fl. A state sequence of minimum total cost can then be computed as in Section 2. In the analysis of conference paper titles here, the main goal is to enumerate bursts of 15. Word Interval of burst grammars 1969 STOC -- 1973 FOCS automata 1969 STOC -- 1974 STOC languages 1969 STOC -- 1977 STOC machines 1969 STOC -- 1978 STOC recursive 1969 STOC -- 1979 FOCS classes 1969 STOC -- 1981 FOCS some 1969 STOC -- 1980 FOCS sequential 1969 FOCS -- 1972 FOCS equivalence 1969 FOCS -- 1981 FOCS programs 1969 FOCS -- 1986 FOCS program 1970 FOCS -- 1978 STOC on 1973 FOCS -- 1976 STOC complexity 1974 STOC -- 1975 FOCS problems 1975 FOCS -- 1976 FOCS relational 1975 FOCS -- 1982 FOCS logic 1976 FOCS -- 1984 STOC vlsi 1980 FOCS -- 1986 STOC probabilistic 1981 FOCS -- 1986 FOCS how 1982 STOC -- 1988 STOC parallel 1984 STOC -- 1987 FOCS algorithm 1984 FOCS -- 1987 FOCS graphs 1987 STOC -- 1989 STOC learning 1987 FOCS -- 1997 FOCS competitive 1990 FOCS -- 1994 FOCS randomized 1992 STOC -- 1995 STOC approximation 1993 STOC -- improved 1994 STOC -- 2000 STOC codes 1994 FOCS -- approximating 1995 FOCS -- quantum 1996 FOCS -- Figure 5: The 30 bursts of highest weight in B22, using titles of all papers from the theory conferences STOC and FOCS, 1969-2001. positive intensity, but not to emphasize hierarchical structure. Thus, the two-state automaton B22 is used; given an optimal state sequence, bursts of positive intensity correspond to intervals in which the state is q1 rather than q0. For such a burst [t1, t2], we can define the weight of the burst to be t2X t=t1(oe(0, t) - oe(1, t)). In other words, the weight is equal to the improvement in cost incurred by using state 1 over the interval rather than state 0. Observe that in an optimal sequence, the weight of every burst is non-negative. Intuitively, then, bursts of larger weight correspond to more prominent periods of elevated activity. (This notion of weight can be naturally extended to 16. larger numbers of states, as well as to the automaton model from Section 2.) In Figure 4, this framework is applied to the titles of SIGMOD and VLDB papers for the years 1975-2001. For each word w (including stop-words), an input to B22 is constructed in which rt is the number of titles at the tth conference (chronologically) that contain the word w, and dt is the total number of titles at the tth conference. The 30 bursts with the highest weight, over all possible words w, are then depicted in the figure, sorted by year of appearance. The bursts with no given ending date (`mining', `warehouse', `similarity', `approximate', `web', `indexing', and `xml') are those for which the interval extends to the most recent conference, suggesting terms that are in the middle of a large-weight burst at present. Note that no pre-processing is done on the titles, other than to convert each word to lower-case. One observes that the words in Figure 4 are almost all quickly recognizable as carrying technical content, even though they are the top results in an enumeration where bursts were computed and ranked for all words, including stop-words.2 Figure 5 shows the results of the same computation on the titles of STOC and FOCS papers for the years 1969-2001. For both these collections, it is important to note that the number of occurrences of a word w is in general a quantity that, at a local scale, changes very rapidly from one conference to the next; thus, many of the intervals depicted in the figures span conferences in which the indicated word did not appear at all, and omit ones with large numbers of occurrences. The non-trivial cost of state transitions in B22 is crucial in making it possible for intervals of any reasonable length to form in the presence of this data. 5 Related Work The Topic Detection and Tracking (TDT) study [2, 3, 61, 62] articulated the problem of extracting significant topics and events from a stream of news articles, thereby framing the type of document stream analysis questions considered here. Much of the emphasis in the TDT study was on techniques for the on-line version of the problem, in which events must be detected in real-time; but there was also a retrospective version in which the whole stream could be analyzed. Similar issues have recently been addressed in the visualization community [26, 43, 60], where the problem of visualizing the appearance and disappearance of themes in a sequence of news stories has been explored. Following on the TDT work, Swan, Allan, and Jensen [56, 57, 58] developed a method for constructing overview timelines of a set of news stories. For each named entity and noun phrase in the corpus, they perform a O/2 test to identify days on which the number of occurrences yields a value above a certain threshold; contiguous sets of days meeting this condition are then grouped into an interval that is added to the timeline. Thus, the high-level structure of their approach is parallel to the enumerative method in Section 4. However, the 2The bursts for `data,' `base,' and `bases' in the years 1975-1981 arise in large part from the fact that the term "database" was written as two words in a significant number of the paper titles during this period. 17. underlying methodology is quite different from the present work in two key respects. First, Swan et al. note that the use of thresholds makes it difficult to construct long intervals of activity for a single feature -- such intervals are often broken apart by brief gaps in which the feature does not occur frequently enough, and subsequent heuristics are needed to piece them together. The present work, by modeling a burst as a state transition with costs, allows for a long interval to naturally persist across such gaps; essentially, in place of thresholds, the optimization problem inherent in finding a minimum-cost state sequence adaptively groups nearby high-intensity intervals together when it is advantageous to do so. Second, the work of Swan et al. does not attempt to infer any type of hierarchical structure in the appearance of a feature. Lewis and Knowles analyze the dynamics of message-sending over a very short time scale, searching for features that can determine whether one message is a response to another [37]. This is applied to develop robust techniques for identifying threads, a popular metaphor for organizing e-mail and newsgroup postings [15, 22]. In a very different context, Grosz and Sidner develop structural models for discourse as a means of analyzing communication [21]; their use of stack models in particular results in a nested organization that bears an intriguing, though distant, relationship to the nested structure of bursts studied here. The present work clearly overlaps with the large areas of time series analysis and sequence mining [10, 25]; connections to related probabilistic frameworks such as bursty on-off sources [32] and hidden Markov models [48] have already been discussed above. Ehrich and Foith [16] proposed a method for constructing a tree from a one-dimensional time series, essentially by introducing a branch-point at each local minimum and a leaf at each local maximum (see also [55]). In the context of the applications here, such an approach would yield trees of enormous complexity, due to the ruggedness of the underlying temporal data, with many local minima and maxima. The search for a minimum-cost state sequence in the automata of Section 2 and 4 can also be viewed as a search for approximate level sets in a time series, and hence related to the large body of work on piece-wise function approximation in both statistics and data mining (see e.g. [23, 24, 27, 31, 33, 35, 41]). In a discrete framework, work on mining episodes and sequential patterns (e.g. [1, 12, 25, 40]) has developed algorithms to identify particular configurations of discrete events clustered in time, in some cases obeying partial precedence constraints on their order. Finally, there is an interesting general relationship to work on traffic analysis in the areas of cryptography and security [52]; in that context, temporal analysis of a message stream is crucial because the content of the messages has been explicitly obscured. 6 Extensions and Conclusions In the settings discussed above, the analysis has made use of both the temporal information and the underlying content. The role of temporal data is clear; but the content of course 18. plays an integral role as well: Section 3 deals with streams consisting of the response set for a particular query to a larger stream; and Section 4 considers streams with batched arrivals, in which a particular subset of each batch is designated as relevant. And in fact, there is strong evidence that the interplay between content and time is crucial here -- that an arbitrary set of messages with same sequence of arrival times would not exhibit an equally strong set of bursts. Adapting a permutation test from Swan and Jensen [58], one can start with a complete e-mail corpus having arrival times t1, t2, . . . , tN , choose a random permutation ss, and shuffle the corpus so that message ss(i) arrives at time ti (instead of message i), for i = 1, 2, . . . , N . The resulting shuffled corpus has the same set of arrival times and the same messages, but the original correspondence between the two is broken; do equivalently strong "spurious" bursts appear in this new sequence? In fact, they clearly do not: when the weight of bursts for all words (with respect to A*2) is computed using the e-mail corpus in Section 3, the total weight associated with the true corpus is more than an order of magnitude greater than the average total weight over 100 randomly shuffled versions (369,980 versus 25,141). Moreover, the shuffled versions exhibit almost no non-trivial hierarchical structure; the average total number of words generating bursts of intensity at least 2 (i.e. inducing trees \Gamma with two or more levels below the root) is 16.7 over the randomly shuffled versions, compared with 3865 in the true corpus. I have also applied the overall framework developed here to Web clickstream data collected by Gay et al. [18]. The dataset in [18] was compiled as part of a study of student usage of wireless laptops: The browser clicks of roughly 80 undergraduate students in two particular classes at Cornell were collected (with consent) from wireless laptops over a period of two and a half months in Spring 2000. Bursts with respect to A*s,fl can be computed by an enumerative method, as in Section 4: for every URL w, all bursts in the stream of visits to w are determined; the full set of bursts is then ordered by weight. Each burst, associated with a URL w, now has an additional quantity associated with it: the number of distinct users who visited w during the interval of the burst. This allows one to distinguish between collective activity involving much of the class and that of just a single user. As it turns out, if one focuses on bursts that involve at least 10 distinct users, then many of those with the highest weight involve the URLs of the on-line class reading assignments, centered on intervals shortly before and during the weekly sessions at which they were discussed. A final observation is that the use of a model based on state transitions leads to bursts with sharp boundaries; they have clear beginnings and ends. In particular, this means that for every burst, one can identify a single message on which the associated state transition occurred. This is akin to the TDT study's notion of (retrospective) first story detection [2], although in the automaton model of the present work, identifying initial messages does not constitute a separate problem since it follows directly from the definition of the state transitions. In the context of e-mail, the contents of such an initial message can often serve as a concentrated summary of the circumstances precipitating the burst -- in other words, there is frequently something in the message itself to frame the flurry of message19. sending that is about to occur. And for messages on which bursts for several different terms are initiated simultaneously, this phenomenon is even more apparent; such messages often represent natural "landmarks" at the beginning of a long-running episode. In many domains, we accumulate extensive and detailed records of our own behavior -- in the e-mail we send and receive, the Web pages we visit, the queries we issue to search engines. An underlying theme, of which several aspects have been developed here, is that a great number of these settings have a fundamental temporal aspect; they are punctuated by the sharp and sudden onset of particular episodes, and can be organized around rising and falling patterns of activity. There is a great amount of complexity underpinning such a picture. But by developing a better understanding of it, one can hope ultimately to find structure in the raw data that we generate through the basic process of interacting and communicating. Acknowledgements. I thank Lillian Lee for valuable discussions and suggestions throughout the course of this work.

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I think querying through SQL would satisfy most of us.. and be very useful in corporate environments (for example, query all email sent from a user to support), and it's already done by some projects like DBMAIL [] .

Anybody out there with experience using these ?

BTW, there's an extensive database of IMAP products [] including some that make the data accessible via LDAP... hours of fun!

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I've found the most joy from owning my own domains, and a lot of it has to do with e-mail sorting/filtering as much as the traditional benefits (a permanent web site address and e-mail address).

Every time you sign up for some mailing list or discussion group, create a new e-mail account or alias for just those mailings. Bam, it's automatically sorted out by itself with extreme ease. If you have limited bandwith (or are checking, say, on your palm) sometimes, just check your important addresses frequently, and reserve your mailing lists for a once-per-day check.

If some site asks for your e-mail address to download a piece of software, or to register, make up a new alias and give that to them. If you start getting tons of crap at that address, you can just remove that alias, and they get it all bounced back in their stupid spamming faces.

Give one address to your cow-orkers just for work stuff. Give a different one to your Mom and other techno-nots that blocks all attachments. Give another one to your friends with brains that goes unfiltered. For people you don't want to talk to, give them the address of an autoresponder tied to Eliza [] .

Be a *Happy Camper* and let your addresses be *Bubbles* and you be just *You*.

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I worked for a dot-com that built an application to do just this. Our focus was on product management, to automatically classify incoming email about products to specific categories in a hierarchy. The classification part was very general and could have been used for just this purpose.

I say could have because it got sucked down the drain in late 2000 with all of the companies that didn't have a damn thing to offer. Lesson #1: make sure your CEO gets along with your venture partner.

No, I'm not bitter. Much.

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a nice methods paper, but mr. kleinberg doesn't use any of the free metadata that comes with email and news: to, from, subject.

i use outlook, and cluster my mail by sender... most of the time, that tells me pretty easily whether a given piece of mail is a work email, a personal email or a mailing list. from there, i check the subject line of work emails, just to confirm my categorization of work/humor/administrivia.

i'd want to see a comparison between a metadata-only method (rules and filters on the RFC 822 header) and mr. kleinberg's method before i'd consider using it.

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It's more general than e-mail, but in the wearable computing community [] , there's a little application called Remembrance Agent [] , written by Bradley Rhodes [] that many folks use. In terms of stand-alone UI, it's still quite primitive, but that's because it was built around dynamic hooks into Emacs.

I've been playing around with some Java-based wrapper code, to wrap the ra-retrieve executable in a Server and allow clients to access the data via sockets. I have a Java-based client coded up that hooks into the System clipboard, but it's still in alpha-mode. All GPL'd of course, but needs a little time to mature. It's a proof-of-concept, work in progress. :-)

Check out Brad's site for more insight into the work he did and is doing.

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foreach $ (@list) {
if (-f $spam) {
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Attacked Massacre Soldier Israel Palastine Abused Child Missle Raped Murdered Murdered Death
Palastine Abused Israel Murdered Death Child Massacre Abused Child Soldier Death Israel
Palastine Palastine Soldier Massacre Raped Death Murdered Death Child Massacre Palastine Child
Death Raped Raped Child Missle Murdered Palastine Raped Missle Missle Missle Palastine
Murdered Soldier Raped Palastine Murdered Palastine Attacked Abused Death Massacre Murdered Raped
Child Soldier Soldier Missle Murdered Soldier Abused Child Palastine Soldier Soldier Assaulted
Palastine Child Soldier Missle Death Missle Death Massacre Murdered Child Assaulted Assaulted
Child Israel Missle Missle Child Death Assaulted Missle Attacked Assaulted Attacked Raped
Abused Murdered Raped Murdered Massacre Abused Child Raped Missle Attacked Massacre Assaulted
Child Palastine Massacre Missle Soldier Raped Massacre Massacre Attacked Child Palastine Murdered
Attacked Missle Missle Attacked Soldier Attacked Assaulted Israel Massacre Palastine Palastine Murdered
Massacre Attacked Missle Raped Assaulted Murdered Raped Death Child Palastine Missle Death
Palastine Child Murdered Palastine Child Child Death Death Assaulted Israel Soldier Israel
Attacked Death Raped Murdered Abused Attacked Palastine Murdered Missle Massacre Assaulted Death
Abused Raped Raped Soldier Death Assaulted Israel Assaulted Israel Attacked Massacre Attacked
Attacked Israel Murdered Massacre Abused Abused Abused Massacre Raped Assaulted Assaulted Raped

Re:I don't hate Jews. (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402830)

Mod parent up. If US is so pro-Israel, why doesn't it simply absorb its citizens?

Re:I don't hate Jews. (0, Flamebait)

fscking_coward_2001 (236799) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402925)

If [Jordan|Saudi Arabia|Egpyt|etc] is so pro-Palestine, why don't they simply absorb all the Palestinians?

Thanks for the brilliant point, Mr Anonymous "I'm so lame I won't post as myself" Coward. You win the Slashdot Sophistic Argument of the Day award!

Finally... (2, Funny)

Aiku1337 (551438) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402834)

Now I can automatically filter my barely-legal porn spam from my anime porn spam. Lets hear it for technology =)

Postscript document (3, Interesting)

Tim Ward (514198) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402836)

Somewhat to my astonishment when I clicked on the link up popped a box asking me to confirm Postscript Renderer options! I had no idea that I had anything on this box that could read Postscript.

Some minutes of 100% CPU later up pops a PSP window, with the document rendered in a font about five pixels square. Fair enough, I suppose, for what's basically a photograph editing application.

But really, how bizarre, posting something in a low level printer file format. We'll have people posting documents in PCL5 next.

Re:Postscript document (2)

rgmoore (133276) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402928)

But really, how bizarre, posting something in a low level printer file format. We'll have people posting documents in PCL5 next.

What's so strange about it? Postscript has the great advantage that it's actually designed to describe exactly what's on the page. That lets you produce very nicely formatted documents that will render exactly the same way on any computer, which makes it the output format of choice for programs like TeX. It's great because it's easy to print, so people who prefer to see things in dead tree format can do so easily. It can be processed into PDF very easily, too, so people who like PDFs won't have any problems. Sounds like a good choice to me.

Dilbertesque Apps (5, Funny)

Ezubaric (464724) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402854)

If this works, you could modify the sorting so that e-mails from your higher-ups would get prompt replies even while you're trolling on /.

Boss emails:

1) What's the status of your project?
I just pulled my third all-nighter, sir, but we're always making progress. I would say we're int(*rand(1))% done right now. Go team!

2) We have a meeting at (time) about (topic).
Hey - I just got your e-mail. I was on the VP's (topic) steering board last year, so I'm really interested, but I have a conference call at (time)+(0:30), so I'm afraid I can't make it. Could you please send me the minutes if you get a chance, though?

3) Everything else
I have pictures. You know of what. Never e-mail me again or they're going to your mother and your spouse.

Zoe (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402862)

I haven't tried this myself but here's a link: .html

It's a java based application, free for personal use, but *not* open source. I think based on the Apache Lucene search engine...

outlook does this (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#3402863)

as evil as ms is, outlook does all this.

and with simple vb you too can automate outlook. It has a really nice object model and loads of documentation.

I wrote a silly little plugin that uses msspeech api and outlook sdk and now my computer reads to me when I want.

The most useful is the rule that pops up and plays sounds and shit whenever my boss emails me. replyign within seconds has helped me get on her good side.

tell me, if I made the switch completely to linux, would I have this easy of a time customizing my email application?

Worth Paying For (1)

slpalmer (6337) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402876)

...that categorized incoming messages by topic as they arrive.
Personaly, that is a feature I would pay for. I get so much mail, and currently split it off into about 20 subfolders. The only problem would be the heuristics of "getting it right". Telling the difference between those spams trying to sell me .info and .biz domains, compared the the legitimate expiry notice for my actual domains. If it worked, it would be a feature worth paying for IMHO.

glimpse (2)

Splork (13498) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402888)

i used to use glimpse to index my mail (all stored in mh folders; though maildir would also work). very easy searches that way.

Procmail and Glimpse (2, Interesting)

Aknaton (528294) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402906)

I'm in the middle of setting up a NetBSD box for email archiving and here is how I hope/intend to set up my e-mail:

1. Sort all incoming mail with Procmail and use Mutt to move remaining unsorted items where they belong.

2. Run Glimpse periodically via Crontab so that I can easily/quickly do string searches though the resulting mbox files.

(If anyone sees a problem with this idea, or a way to improve this idea, please reply to this post!)

procmail (2, Interesting)

CyberBry (196935) | more than 12 years ago | (#3402929)

You can already pretty much that. I use IMAP and procmail to automagically sort my mail for me into the proper folders.
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