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Tenebrae Quake

michael posted about 12 years ago | from the frames-per-minute dept.

Quake 219

viperstyx writes "Ah, the days of running around in bland 3d environments and fragging your best friends surrounded by a plethora of sprites and simple textures. What if we could go back to those days, except with per-pixel shading and transparent water? Well now, thanks to Tenabrae Quake you can. This small [just over 3mb] mod to the original quake engine allows users to play Quake while taking advantage of new technology like per-pixel shading. Its beautiful and definitely worth any old skool gamer's time =]"

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I am the host of the first post (-1)

Fecal Troll Matter (445929) | about 12 years ago | (#4134398)

Won't you come along this way please?

Only For Quake 1?? (-1, Flamebait)

Buzzki11 (80787) | about 12 years ago | (#4134399)

Looks like this is only for the Q1 game???

Re:Only For Quake 1?? (1)

SavingPrivateNawak (563767) | about 12 years ago | (#4134535)

Yes but the screenshots look like Doom3!!!!

With less polygons.

FP (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134400)

First protest! []

please post mirrors under this thread.... (2, Redundant)

metacosm (45796) | about 12 years ago | (#4134401)

Seems that this site is already slashdotted, if anyone has a mirror location please post it under here.

Thanks in advance.

Re:please post mirrors under this thread.... (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134406)

Here is a mirror. []
Here is another mirror. []

Re:please post mirrors under this thread.... (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134413)

Re:please post mirrors under this thread.... (1)

|_uke (158930) | about 12 years ago | (#4134417)

Amazing. I got to the first page almost right away. But the site was already slashdotted by the time I finished reading the intro text on the front page.. LOL.

Trying to download the files so that I might mirror them or something but not having much luck.

Re:please post mirrors under this thread.... (1, Informative)

MrHat (102062) | about 12 years ago | (#4134448) []

I am a karma whore - And how!

First post (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134403)


You know, this Carmack-Worship has got to stop! (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134405)

It has homo-erotic overtones, and it is making me sick.

Dying.. (1)

Chicane-UK (455253) | about 12 years ago | (#4134408)

Sheesh.. well I managed to download the compiled binaries in a 3.16MB zip file but the site is already struggling.

3mb? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134409)

I don't understand this 0.003 bit patch. m == 10^-3 and b == bit, right?

Google-archived site (4, Informative)

robson (60067) | about 12 years ago | (#4134412) alert! (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134427)

Don't click that link, its a redirect to! Mod parent down!

Re:Google-archived site (1)

BrookHarty (9119) | about 12 years ago | (#4134447)

Damn it, only a 3 meg file, and I get download it because its slashdotted. Wait, it started downloading when I writing this post, 9K a sec! Come on baby, finish before his server croaks.

Re:Google-archived site (1)

Economist (466965) | about 12 years ago | (#4134486)

Well, his server is the webserver of the biggest (and the only one providing cable) provider here in Belgium. So it's not only his server, but a lot of others too. Don't think Pandora (the ISP) will like this :-)

argh (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134414)


Quake I -- still the same (1)

Gopal.V (532678) | about 12 years ago | (#4134416)

For one who started with Quake ... this is a feel good mod to play it with all the bells and whistles on

Is Quake Still Played? (1)

egg troll (515396) | about 12 years ago | (#4134420)

How many people still play this game? Egg Troll doesn't mean to imply that its time for them to move on or anything. On the contrary, Egg Troll has moved on to other games but still has fond memories of Quake 1.

Re:Is Quake Still Played? (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134439)

Wow. Egg troll refers to himself in the third person. He's that important.

Re:Is Quake Still Played? (2, Informative)

Verloc (119412) | about 12 years ago | (#4134455)

qw (QuakeWorld) is still being played in both europe and the states. Tournaments are held once an year, maybe more... It's not a huge following but it definately exists... The Q1 physics were much different and it is still the 'fastest' game in the quake series (i think, maybe q3), so for some people it's much better.

Of course this is compeditive gaming, and not actually playing q1 start to finish with all the monsters. I'd think that the lighting might be something they'd rather not have because when you game compeditivly you don't want any distractions so you take the 'detail' of the game down dramatically as a trade off for speed. I'm not sure if this is relevant for q1 cause I would assume that most computer it's being played on right now could easily handle it (unlike my 486 which positivly GROANED).

Re:Is Quake Still Played? (2)

John Miles (108215) | about 12 years ago | (#4134479)

With the right nods [] , Quake 1 still offers the best deathmatch experience, bar none.

Give me infinite weapons and a well-tuned grappling hook any day over per-pixel shading. :)

Re:Is Quake Still Played? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134487)

Er, make that right mods [] .

Re:Is Quake Still Played? (2)

ewhac (5844) | about 12 years ago | (#4134772)

You betcha it's still played. I never warmed up to Quake 2 (too ugly) or Unreal Tournament (flaky network handling), so I still play QuakeWorld a lot. My favorite servers are NOBODY'S QUAKEWORLD [] (yes, all caps), and MommySue's Happy Place [] .

Grab yourself a client and join in!


Re:Is Quake Still Played? (3, Informative)

Jagasian (129329) | about 12 years ago | (#4134783)

Those servers are gay! They have self damage disabled, so the rocket launcher is overpowering.

Railgun song! (0)

orkysoft (93727) | about 12 years ago | (#4134422)

Well I'll shoot her with my railgun when she comes
Yes I'll shoot her with my railgun when she comes
Yes I'll shoot her with my railgun, oh I'll shoot her with my railgun
Yes I'll shoot her with my railgun when she comes, when she comes

-- Bender

Re:Railgun song! (1)

casings (257363) | about 12 years ago | (#4134470)

Nice try, but the railgun started in quake2 not in the original quake.

Re:Railgun song! (0, Offtopic)

The Dobber (576407) | about 12 years ago | (#4134481)

Ok then.............

Oh, I wish I Had A RailGun In Quake One
Yes I Wish I Had A Railgun In Quake One
Damn I Wish I Had A Railgun
A Really Shiny Railgun
Guess I'll Just Upgrade My Rig For Quake Two

Re:Railgun song! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134681)

Heh heh heh.

only 658 days to go till we're legal (-1, Offtopic)

olson_twin_troll (603166) | about 12 years ago | (#4134423)

just wanted to remind you guys that in only 658 days you can LEGALLY QUAKE our identical pussies! How's that for topical humor?

Doom Patch to follow? (3, Interesting)

coryboehne (244614) | about 12 years ago | (#4134426)

I can only hope that someone will take the lessons learned from this and possibly re-vamp the old doom, maybe doom II would be eaiser, but doom would be oh-so-cool if someone were to add in modern features and graphics, but allow the gameplay for the most part to remain the same... Or, maybe I'm just nuts....

Re:Doom Patch to follow? (1)

Exiler (589908) | about 12 years ago | (#4134431)

Wait, by "modern features and graphics" do you mean that you could actually move your arm up 3 inchs to shoot the ****ing thing on the ledge? =P

Re:Doom Patch to follow? (4, Informative)

weird mehgny (549321) | about 12 years ago | (#4134441)

You could do that in Doom. It's called vertical autoaim =P Oh, and check out JDoom [] for OpenGL-powered Doom. It's not quite the same as Tenebrae but nice anyhow.

Re:Doom Patch to follow? (1)

cadillactux (577893) | about 12 years ago | (#4134458)

The the relativly small ammounts of graphics that doom used, in comparison with quake, I would venture to say that it would be task that could be undertaken easily. Even if the doom graphics and levels were applied to the quake code, then using this mod, you could get alot of peoples attention.

One thing I would love to do, and would be even easier than doom, would be to recreate Wolfenstien, Spear, and even Commander Keen using a modern (post-quake) 3d engine. Even without all the lighting effects, just being able seen objects from those games in 3D would be something worth paying for, even if only by the old-school gamers.

Re:Doom Patch to follow? (4, Informative)

Josh Mast (1283) | about 12 years ago | (#4134506)

What, you mean like Doom3D [] or DoomGL [] ?

Re:Doom Patch to follow? (3, Interesting)

Etcetera (14711) | about 12 years ago | (#4134634)

Don't forget ZDoom [] . I'm waiting for the next rev of that to come out so they can all start synchronizing their codebases. OpenGLJBoomZDoom. Yeah.

Serious Sam (1)

Ratso Baggins (516757) | about 12 years ago | (#4134538)

To me SS is doom with perty gxf. The game play is the same ie:where the F#$% did all those mosters come from? Boom bOOm BOOM!!!

Why? (3, Insightful)

neksys (87486) | about 12 years ago | (#4134428)

Stuff like per-pixel shading and transparent water effects won't change the gameplay one bit. Quake will still be Quake, only instead of being able to play on your old P100, you now need a much more powerful machine and graphics accelerator. Games don't improve because the graphics are updated - in fact, part of the appeal of games like Quake is that we can look back at the game and marvel at what they could do with what they had at the time. It's a sad state of affairs when a fantastic game that still looks great today has to have its graphics improved to sate the appetites of those with a sweet tooth for eye candy.

Re:Why? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134433)

one word. WAAANHH!!

Re:Why? (3, Interesting)

mike3411 (558976) | about 12 years ago | (#4134443)

I think that's the point, some people prefer (or at least enjoy) old-school gaming style. If people like to play Quake because of the gameplay, why not update the graphics to make it look better? I know if I were a fan of any old game purely for its gameplay, I'd appreciate newer, shinier graphics.

Back in the day... (5, Funny)

The Pi-Guy (529892) | about 12 years ago | (#4134454)

Yes, back in the day... <VOICE name=Grandpa>

Back in the day, we had to walk 20 miles in the snow to get to the town's graphics processor... (it was an ATI Rage, and we hailed it as the greatest thing ever...), then we had to take the pixel that it gave us and walk all the way another 20 miles to get to the town shader... he'd shade each and every pixel by hand... once we finally got our pixel, we'd have to walk the 20 miles back home again to put out pixel right in the memory, with our DIP switches.... And don't you forget it Michael, it wasn't frames per minute, you'd be lucky if you could get 1 frame per hou-- whatzat sonny??

****LART**** </VOICE>

Thanks. Needed that.

Re:Why? (1)

DeeZee (84216) | about 12 years ago | (#4134461)

So? Even if you're not a sucker for sweet graphics, this doesn't hurt anyone. And chances are the developer learned a lot from this, and so will lots of other people who like this sort of thing.
I for one am downloading it (as soon as the site becomes available again) and am looking forward to trying it out on my GF4. I really like Quake 1, and I can't wait to see the (even) better graphics.

In short: grow the hell up, stop nagging and fire up your NES machine/emulator for a nice game of Mario Bros instead.

Why *I* was originally interested in quake (5, Interesting)

|_uke (158930) | about 12 years ago | (#4134480)

Was the scare factor.

I LOVED the single player aspect of quake.

When the demo was first released, a friend and I got together and played through it co-op.

Nothing like turning a corner just to find some big ass bad guy... with me screaming... dying.. and shouting "OMG! Dont go around that corner!" (I am talking about first running into a shambler btw... hehe)

A big part of what gave this effect was the atmosphere combined with the fact that, at the time... neither of us where very good at playing this type of game.

The new lighting and whatnot (from what I've seen in the screenies...) it looks like this type of atmosphere has been enhanced greatly.

The only real problem is the fact that... after playing through the game so many times, and many years of FPS action, I am quite good at not dying. Yes this is a PROBLEM. LOL... I don't want to get through the entire game on nightmare and only die once...

This is one of the reasons why I really look forward to Doom III. It looks like the atmosphere and hopefully decently hard badguys will provide a decent thrill factor.

In this kind of game, I want to come around some corner and literally jump out of my seat.

The only game I've played lately that has done that for me was Return to Castle Wolfenstein. And only then, it was a few key moments. Like one part where you come through a hallway with a door at the end... and a window to the left just before the door... you can't really SEE through the window yet... but as you walk up a body flys at the window... now that scared the crap out of me! LOL roommate says, "Why did you just scream like a girl?". hehehehe.

Re:Why *I* was originally interested in quake (2)

ImaLamer (260199) | about 12 years ago | (#4134529)

I also loved the first player option of quake. Although I got into TCP/IP and rarely played afterwards it was fun.

My favorite part was playing with the CD going in the background. My favorite soundtrack had to be Bone's "E. 1999 Eternal" ( Track List [] )

Very creepy on a few maps.

Re:Why *I* was originally interested in quake (2)

|_uke (158930) | about 12 years ago | (#4134615)

Actually even after I got into the multi player aspect of quake I still played it single player... well not so much single player but co-op.

I really hope doom III supports decent co-op. Its one of the few things I really miss from single player FPS games.

Nothing like running around with your buddy on the highest difficulty setting. :)

Honestly, I don't really like playing many of these games by my self. Its usually so much funner when you have someone there with you.

But then again, maybe I just have a fear of being alone :P

Re:Why? (4, Interesting)

BrookHarty (9119) | about 12 years ago | (#4134484)

Id like to see a remake of Duke Nuke 3D with newer gfx, and sound that works under WinXP. One of the first multiplayer games where you could fly (jetpack) and plant laser trip wire bombs. Nothing wrong with tweaking a already good game with new gfx.

Re:Why? (4, Insightful)

xercist (161422) | about 12 years ago | (#4134488)

I saw the screenshots and thought to myself "damn cool!". Sure it doesn't change gameplay, but *That's fine*, quake 1 had great gameplay in my opinion.

Yes, gameplay is more important than graphics and animations and eye candy. Now then, since we already have it, why can't we add some eye candy? Huh? Does it absolutely *have* to look less great than it could to be a great game?

Re:Why? (2, Interesting)

roushi (599040) | about 12 years ago | (#4134547)

It's too bad Zerstorer doesn't work with Tenebrae. Maybe if someone could hack it to work, then you'd have a good reason to try it.

Zerstorer is easilly the greatest single player Quake episode ever. Better than Beyond Belief, better than Rubicon, better than Prenumbra of Destruction, and better than Prodigy:Special Edition.

(link: [] )

Re:Why? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134489)

Stuff like per-pixel shading and transparent water effects won't change the gameplay one bit.

Ummm... hate to be the one to break this to you but you couldn't be more wrong. People like pretty graphics. If you are still happy playing text based MUDs, more power to you. Meanwhile the rest of us (99% of us) appreciate cooler looking graphics.

Petty Gripe (0, Offtopic)

ImaLamer (260199) | about 12 years ago | (#4134516)


Damn, that is at least a few years ahead from now...

I think we all knew that you meant Pentium 100 Mhz though (my first quake machine)

Re:Petty Gripe (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134629)

You dumbass, low speed Pentiums are commonly called P. For example: I used to have a P133.

Re:Petty Gripe (1)

ImaLamer (260199) | about 12 years ago | (#4134773)

I realize this, but they are now also called P4, P3, PII (wtf?)

It was simply a joke (kinda), but at least I posted under my account!

Re:Why? (2)

Tom7 (102298) | about 12 years ago | (#4134521)

Yeah, but you know what? I will probably play through Quake again this weekend, and enjoy seeing it in a new light. I loved Quake when it first came out, and every time I get a new video card or LCD monitor or whatever, I play through it again. Does quake "need" new graphics? No! But it does give me a refreshing excuse to play again...

Re:Why? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134542)

I remember what GLQuake did for Quake. The whole "not looking like ass" thing really worked for Quake. I couldn't stand not playing in GLQuake from then on.

Re:Why? (1)

nukey56 (455639) | about 12 years ago | (#4134565)

It's a sad state of affairs when a fantastic game that still looks great today has to have its graphics improved to sate the appetites of those with a sweet tooth for eye candy.

Compared to today's standards, q1 doesn't have much going for it. And what's wrong with adding more eye candy? Once you've got a great game play-wise, the only route to take is to improve it visually. I think it's great that people are still polishing q1 up.. its kind of like finding an old piece of art and cleaning it up.

Re:Why? (3, Funny)

Boglin (517490) | about 12 years ago | (#4134652)

You've hit on a key problem in society today. People are constantly looking for the newest edition, instead of looking back to the classics. Like all those people I see sitting around in coffee shops reading translations of Beowulf. What's wrong with the original edition. It's still English, even if it is an mostly extinct incomprehensible dialect. But these people just demand the latest flashy MLA standards.
Or when I got to peoples houses and they insist on playing Mozart on their piano. Mozart never even saw a modern piano! But instead of simply shelling out the thousands of dollars for a genuine harpsichord, these pea brained individuals insist on using the latest musical instruments.
It just the same when people demand some new flashy version of Quake. What was wrong with the old system and its 255 shades of brown? It's just like when people start playing Quake on their new 2000+ XP systems. That wasn't what Id intended for this program. If you want to play Quake, you should darn well go out and buy an old pentium one system system to play it on. No Voodoo cards, either; it was a software engine first. And I don't want to hear any complaints about the 13fps; it just shows that you care more about eye candy than game play.

What is it with slashdot and going back in time?? (3, Interesting)

Economist (466965) | about 12 years ago | (#4134432)

What have i seen last couple of days on slashdot: A story about getting back to the old internet with BBS systems, Time travelling, and now this. Someone trying to make a point that the past is better than now???

Along the same lines.. (1)

fliptout (9217) | about 12 years ago | (#4134544)

I seem to remember slashdot being better in the past... Ah, the days of no moderation and the glorious meeept...

Re:Along the same lines.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134708)

I remember when people were up in arms about the first hot grits troll.

Re:What is it with slashdot and going back in time (2)

Peale (9155) | about 12 years ago | (#4134738)

Well, do you remember a few weeks ago when there was an Ask SlashDot about how to break big earth shattering news to the world?

What SlashDot was trying to steel you for is that CmdrTaco & CowBoyNeal found a way to travel thru time!

Imagine that! They'll go back to 1987 and start the SlashDot BBS!

be careful what you wish for (0, Offtopic)

karm13 (538402) | about 12 years ago | (#4134434)

from the faq:

Q: I'm using an ATI [something] and Tenebrae does [something bad].
A: ATI support was kind of nonexistent in the first version this should be fixed now, if you have problems (besides being slow) with an ATI card please let me know.
If you have success with an ATI card please let me now it also!

he obviously did not expect to be on slashdot.

Will that work on UT? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134437)

just wondering.

Unreal Tournament could use some sweet pixel shading.

Mirror (4, Informative)

MrHat (102062) | about 12 years ago | (#4134440)

A mirror of the screen shots is at [] .

I must really be starved for attention to do this. Alert! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134449)

That is a mirror of the awfal Do not click that link, mod parent down! Alert! (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134464)

You're a moron, moron.

Re:Mirror codewhore from the karmawhore (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134483)

Lol, does anyone else see the ironic side of linking to a site called codewhore while obviously karma whoring? Just a thought, not that I don't karma whore, and really is karma whoring a bad thing? Not really, considering that anyone who is karma whoring learns to post well timed, funny, informative posts, and that's what slashdot is all about right?

Re:Mirror codewhore from the karmawhore (0, Offtopic)

MrHat (102062) | about 12 years ago | (#4134502)

I'd studied your cartoons, radio, music, TV, movies, magazines
Richard said, "Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy"
A smile like the cartoon, tooth for a tooth
You said that irony was the shackles of youth
You wore a shirt of violent green
I never understood the frequency

Re:Mirror (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134637)

Hrm. That's a bit too much traffic. Somebody else can mirror now.

Trolls -|=====D (0) - slashdot (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134442)

The trolls o death, we will fuck up slashdot right up the ass, we will make it so the lameness filters will be so draconian that you will have to be ass raped to post on slashdot, fuck ya Cmdr'SNOTTING'taco.

Mirror of the Binary... (5, Informative)

10 Speed (519184) | about 12 years ago | (#4134445) here []

VIRUS ALERT (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134465)

My anti virus scanner says this is the @wi4044.w32 virus. Do not DOWNLOAD FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!

Re:Mirror of the Binary... (1)

10 Speed (519184) | about 12 years ago | (#4134472)

I dont know why the Virus alert has appeared?? It is an exact copy from the orginal site...

Re:Mirror of the Binary... (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134545)

He's trolling you. Don't let the fuckers win. Fight the man.

Re:Mirror of the Binary... (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134556)

The above is a troll post (It contains a virus), please mod parent down. Verified backdoor and virus in binary. Everyone please download the source and compile yourself.

Linux Build? (1)

NoMercy (105420) | about 12 years ago | (#4134462)

Any one managed to get a linux build of this to work, and/or are there plans for one on the main site?

quake1 under linux horribly outdated (2)

xercist (161422) | about 12 years ago | (#4134475)

I just downloaded the source, and this patch, a few hours before the slashdotting (woo), but it looks like id's quake source is trying to use Mesalib version *2* (we're up to 4.0.3 now), and is still full of stuff for those damn non-standard 3dfx cards.

Has anyone updated the quake 1 source for all of today's libraries? I'd really like DGA mouse (I can't stand playing FPS games under X w/o DGA mouse). Then perhaps this patch would work under linux too (the readme says it's written for win32 but differences *should* be minimal)

sdlquake (3, Informative)

hitchhacker (122525) | about 12 years ago | (#4134780)

try sdlquake [] . A version of quake1 that uses SDL.


The Shit is Already Slashdotted (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134478)


Obviously a FAKE and a GPL violation (0, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134485)

just on first glance of the split pixel quadlinear jiff texel shading it's obviously a phayke. ANYone who has played with overstencil flakmapping with octo-pipelines KNOWS this - it's SO obvious. The reflective overdraw and bi-naval pexel trimming in bump radiosity is just icing on the cake sherlock... Plus if you just disassemble the images with VisualDisASM you can CLEARLY see the OBVIOUS rip off from DOOM3QUAKE

VDADump v1.3b
TenebraeQuake : Scene f3, Frame 738
movl -4(%ebp),%eax
movl %eax,-8(%ebp)
testl %eax,%eax
je L5
movl $1,-16(%ebp)
align 4

VDADump v1.3b
DOOM3QUAKE : Scene f3, Frame 738
movl -4(%ebp),%eax
movl %eax,-8(%ebp)
testl %eax,%eax
je L5
movl $1,-16(%ebp)
align 4

These guys are RIPOFF ARTISTS.... duhhh doyyy.... will someone pleeze call RMS on line 1 reel fast.

Re:Obviously a FAKE and a GPL violation (1)

santakrooz (517854) | about 12 years ago | (#4134512)

agreed. completely. completely agreed.

Wow! (5, Funny)

RQuinn (521500) | about 12 years ago | (#4134491)

Now even Quake1 runs bad on my Voodoo3!

Re:Wow! (-1, Troll)

hehe (599942) | about 12 years ago | (#4134599)

This doesn't run on the voodoo3 since it doesn't support multitexturing.

Re:Wow! (1)

russx2 (572301) | about 12 years ago | (#4134758)

Exactly... you can't get worse performance than that!

/.ed... (1)

cliffiecee (136220) | about 12 years ago | (#4134494)

I'm sure it's only because of the stencil shadows and per pixel lights. Nothing to do with /., nosiree...

Transparency isn't really new in quake. (5, Interesting)

eddy (18759) | about 12 years ago | (#4134504)

The original quake had transparent water.. well, if you run a special VIS-pass over the maps and used glquake (or had the power to run a special executable which did it on the fly -- I think -- I never did that though). I played it that way all the time, and it was much fun.

Sprites? Didn't Carmack say he only used three sprites in quake? Or was that quake 2.. no, I think it's the original quake that only had three or so sprites (waterbubbles and something and another).. ah.. I found it on google [] .

We coded lots of ways for sprites to behave (allways perpendicular, pivot along Z to face origin, pivot on Z to be parallel to view plane, fixed orientation), but we wound up only having three sprites in the entire game: explosions, drowning bubble, and a gold ball light in the registered version....

As for the doom-engine games, there's already DooM Legacy [] which features TCP/IP network play and split-screen two-player mode on one computer, and more.

Re:Transparency isn't really new in quake. (1)

|<amikaze (155975) | about 12 years ago | (#4134699)

water bubbles, the centre of the rocket explosions, and... uhm... 1 more i think. maybe it was just 2.

Fires (1)

Osty (16825) | about 12 years ago | (#4134737)

The final sprite was the flame in torches and such. So, water bubbles, explosions, and fires. Absolutely everything else was polygonal.

Vis-patches? (1)

Ch_Omega (532549) | about 12 years ago | (#4134510)

I can't seem to be able to download any of the vispatches(for transparent water) from any of the supplied links on the page. Anyone who knows where to get them?

Without the vis-patches, I get a really interesting and bright effect, but it's definitivly not water. :)

Re:Vis-patches? (1)

idealego (32141) | about 12 years ago | (#4134706)

r_novis 1

Truth about jon carmack (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134576)

Lets talk about Jon Carmack. Jon is the legendary programmer of such classic PC games as Wolfenstein, Doom, Duke nukem 3d, Quake 1, 2, and 3, unreal, and the upcoming doom3. Jon has single handedly created the genre known as the first-person-shooter. He has also popularized the Direct3d 3d format over Microsoft's competing Opengl format, as well as caused public interest in 3d cards when he first released accelerated quake for the s3 virge chipset. Jon carmack has redefined gaming on PC's.

Now stop for a moment and think... What would have happened if Albert Einstein had worked creating amazing pinball games instead of creating the theory of relativity? Humanity would suffer! Jon carmack is unfortunately doing JUST THIS, using his gifts at computer coding to create games instead of furthering the knowledge of humanity. Carmack could have been working for NASA or the US military, but instead he simply sits around coding violent computer games.

Is this a waste of a special and rare talent? Sadly, the answer is yes.

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Not only is Jon carmack not contributing to society, he is causing it's downfall. What was the main reason for the mass murder of dozens of people in columbine? Doom. It's always the same story... Troubled youth plays doom or quake, he arms himself to the teeth, he kills his classmates. This has happened hundreds of times in the US alone. Carmack is not only wasting his talents and intelligence; he is single-handedly causing the deaths of many young men and women. How does he sleep at night?

Carmack is a classic example of a very talented and intelligent human being that is bent on total world destruction. Incredibly, he has made millions of dollars getting people hooked on psychotic games where they compete on the internet to see who can dismember the most people. I believe there is something morally wrong when millions of people have computerized murder fantasies, and we have Jon Carmack to thank. Carmack has used his superior intellect to create mayhem in society. Many people play games such as quake so much that their minds are permanently warped. A cousin of mine has been in therapy for 6 months after he lost a 'death match' and became catatonic.

It is unfortunate that most people do not realize how much this man has damaged all the things we have worked hard for in America. Jon has wasted his intelligence, caused the deaths of innocent children, and warped this country forever. To top it off, he got rich in the process and is revered by millions of computer users worldwide. Perhaps one day the US government will see the light and confine Jon Carmack somewhere with no computers so he can no longer use his intelligence to wreak havoc on society.

looks great in thumbnails (1)

AssFace (118098) | about 12 years ago | (#4134600)

as with most screenshots, they look fantastic as little thumbnails, and then as they are larger, they look blocky and pixelated - as is what is to be expected.

I'm gonna start just sitting further away from my computer - that will make it always look snazzy

Quake is still alive (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134612)

Quake is still alive, and there are even tournaments still going on. Personally, I still play ctf, which can be downloaded here: and i play on or (type port 26125;connect in the console to connect). clan arena is still going strong too. For more information, go to #clan_hdz on and ask around. still loads of fun, and none of the lag of the good ol days(assuming you've switched to broadband).

Cool (2)

Sludge (1234) | about 12 years ago | (#4134644)

Wow, this is pretty cool. I gave it a spin, and found a couple of impressive things right off of the bat that weren't covered by the screenshots.

My k7 1.2ghz and a gf2 can crunch the data, but it's not running very fast.... maybe 20 fps. The docs said something about Nvidia cards needing to run it in 32bpp. I couldn't be bothered to check, though I didn't notice any graininess.

My first thought on how to go even farther with this is to procedurally refine the textures. Obviously, the artist's intentions would go a long way to production quality, but they wouldn't beat content designed for this. The question is, is it better than the original content?

If the programmer's intent is to make quake look cooler, and not to just flex his coding muscles, it would be fun if he ran 50 or so quake demos from the net, and figured out the most heavily shot parts of the levels, and put damage decals and what not in them when they load, to give them a worn look. After all, more people have died in dm3 since 1996 than in both world wars combined. :)

Dont forget the other neet stuff... (0)

PhrostyMcByte (589271) | about 12 years ago | (#4134677)

in addition to Per-pixel-lighting, there are stencil shadows and bumpmapping. massive detail..

be warned - though the features are good, the original ID maps are not ment to be played with this. they all look waaay to dark because of the stencil shadows and PPL taking the light away from where it was meant to be.

Making the old new again (1)

wobedraggled (549225) | about 12 years ago | (#4134718)

This is why I love the Id games, they give ppl new ideas years after they have come out.... I'd love to see UT given this same treatment or even doom ;)

Pretty pictures but .... (2)

frovingslosh (582462) | about 12 years ago | (#4134730)

The site seems to have a lots of pictures, even though the textures are a bit blocky and they could stand some anti-alliasing. But what I would really like are some before and after shots so I could see (before I download, read everything and install) just what the visual difference is. Am I the only one who finds it odd that this seems lacking?

Re:Pretty pictures but .... (0)

HimalayanRoadblock (601900) | about 12 years ago | (#4134768)

I downloaded it and ran it and played for probably 20 minutes. It definetely looks badass, but you cannot make quake 1 look like doom 3 just by adding nice shadows and per pixel bump maps. Worth the 3 MB download though.

Hardware Advances != Better Games (3, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | about 12 years ago | (#4134732)

I have just spent 200 Euros to buy a video card that will run today's games. It has more memory than my mainboard and the processor is nearly as fast ( and it cost more than my mainboard is worth, I suspect ).

So, how much better are these new games, now I have all this X hundred MHz rendering-Anti-pipeline-fx-rendering bollocks ?

Nix, nul, niente, zero, no difference.

There are more pixels on my screen and the mist is rendered better. Oo oo.

Games manufacturers need to cut their ties to video and sound card manufacturers and produce better games, not games that REQUIRE the latest tech, while adding NOTHING in gameplay.

Missed half of the "innovation" (0, Troll)

Osty (16825) | about 12 years ago | (#4134766)

Way to go submitter! You picked up on the per-pixel lighting enhancement (one of two things new in this mod), but got blinded by the vis-patched water that has been around since 1997 or so. The other important enhancement here is the stencil-buffered shadows (yeah, yeah, glquake had shadows, if you enabled them, but they were pathetic things. these shadows are nice). The point is that these two things (stencil-buffered shadows and per-pixel lighting) are two of the major enhancements coming in the Doom3 engine, and yet somebody was able to hack the old Quake1 engine to do them just as well. Sure, the visual quality isn't the same, thanks to limitations of the engine (old technology, simply can't push as many triangles as the newer engines, even if you do throw hardware at it), but that's mostly from a lack of triangles in models and scenes.

As for those who say this is a waste of time because it doesn't enhance gameplay, all I can say is "play it". The changed lighting adds new depth to the game. Okay, so it's not a huge change. So what? This is mostly a technology demo than anything else. I don't understand how some people can get off on stupid things like putting a switch into a teddy bear (how useless is that?), yet they can't understand why someone would modify an old engine to do per-pixel lighting and stencil-buffered shadows.

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