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Great Surplus Stores?

chrisd posted more than 11 years ago | from the one-man's-governments-trash dept.

Space 518

An old friend of mine, Todd San Martin, passed on a link to me of a great surplus place in Orlando that has lots of old nasa gear and more, and it made me think that it's probably time to talk about great surplus shops again. Not just the aforementioned skycraft or the well known Weird Stuff , although feel free to dicuss those too, but I thought it would make a cool post as a jumping off point for people to talk about their favorite shops especially those near aerospace facilities, both online and off.

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yeah (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500740)

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first post too, fags.

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Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500745)


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Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500751)

I heard Linus Torvalds is gay. Even gayer than Rob's dad (the really gay one).

It's very true. (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500768)

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Re:frist p0st! (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500800)

+5 Flamebait

Active Surplus in Toronto! (5, Informative)

checkyoulater (246565) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500758)

This place has everything an electronics nut could want. And more.

Not sure if they have an online presence. It wouldn't matter. Most of the fun is going there and scouring through the thousands of bins full of assorted electronic components. Whenever I've needed parts for any electronic project I have never failed to find the parts at Active Surplus.

Re:Active Surplus in Toronto! (4, Interesting)

BSDevil (301159) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500797)

Active a wicked place. Whenever I go in there, I always come out with exactly what I need, as well as a few things I don't. C64 games. Circuit components galore. And a NES headset with integrated light gun, primitive heads-up screen, and voice command to fire. Bought that beauty for about five bucks, and saw it later in a video store for fifty as an antique.

As the Parent said, who knows if they have an online presence. Frankly, I hope (and have a feeling) they don't - if you only go to that place to buy certain items (without an open mind about what else is there) you're missing most of the fun of the place.

Re:Active Surplus in Toronto! (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500809)

I was 12 years old when I first went to Active Surplus. I went to a science camp at the University of Toronto (ok I was a nerd) and they took us there so we could build hats with electronics or mechanical parts on it. I didn't have much money so I had to settle for some LEDs and a few motors but the bully in the camp bought a water pump and stuck it on his hat so he could shoot water at everybody:-) Funniest thing ever.

Re:Active Surplus in Toronto! (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500880)

you fucking faggot, i bet you liked it when billy the bully shot his semen all over you in faggot camp, yes

Re:Active Surplus in Toronto! (3, Interesting)

MadCow42 (243108) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500835)

Man I love that place... anyone know of anything even REMOTELY similar in Vancouver?


Re:Active Surplus in Toronto! (2)

spaceyhackerlady (462530) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500931)

Man I love that place... anyone know of anything even REMOTELY similar in Vancouver?

I'm afraid the least worst in Vancouver is R.P., which carefully hides the surplus (what there is of it) in the back corner. Satellite Pete went out of business years ago. Sigh.

You can also save your pennies and go to Boeing Surplus in Seattle. Radar used to be a hoot, but are no longer open on Saturdays. Sigh again.

Saving more pennies and flying to Silicon Valley for the weekend isn't as much fun as it once was, unless you want tons of surplus computer stuff.


Re:Active Surplus in Toronto! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500858)

Try searching guys...
It's not a full website, but they have one coming soon.

Website: (-1, Offtopic)

lommer (566164) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500863)

There website is at []

Re:Website: (1)

GraZZ (9716) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500903)

Wrong. Mod down please.

Re:Active Surplus in Toronto! (4, Informative)

Nutter9182 (621637) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500912)

Actually, I find that if you go in there with a specific list of components, parts, etc that you need, you'll be lucky to find even half of the 'common' components. They have a lot of stuff, but are missing even more.

You're completely right about just going in there to browse, rummage, and scour their bins - it's my favourite store in Toronto for that very reason; you never know what you're going to find. Last time I was there, I came out with a massager and a squeaky rubber duck.. :)
For electronic components (transistors, ICs, etc) though, they're not much good.

Re:Active Surplus in Toronto! (5, Informative)

GraZZ (9716) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500920)

Their site is here [] , but it's less a web presence than it is their store hours and contact info.

I'm working on my 2nd year ENGSCI design project (as a U of T engineering student) and have been going to Active and nearby Supremetronic a few times a day for the past week :P

Active has an excellent assortment of odd motors (stepper/AC/DC/etc), keypads, odd electronic components scavaged from old stereos and computers, and they have all kinds of cheap, odd sized pieces of plastic. It's the kind of place that an electronics hobbiest can just walk into, wander around and be inspired by :)

Re:Active Surplus in Toronto! (2, Funny)

breon.halling (235909) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500949)

This place has everything an electronics nut could want. And more.

That includes a giant ape [] ! And no, I'm not making this up. =)

EAT MY SHIT (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500769)

I have a surplus of cock for you to suck, you fucking gaywads

Re:EAT MY SHIT (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500930)

Are you the same guy that did this:

fuck all you nigger bastards [] ??

That was brilliant!

In Austin TX (2, Informative)

PD (9577) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500770)

Goodwill Computerworks has great stuff. No website though.

Weird Stuff (1)

AnTi_MTtr (628275) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500771)

I have many good memories of dumpster diving at Weird Stuff. One of the only places I actually discovered descent loot. As I recall on one night I pulled out a functional 10base LNC nic, a couple of old but good CD-Rom games, and lots of precious anti stat bags!

Dyslexic (-1, Redundant)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500775)

I read that title slightly dyslexically...I thought it said 'Ask Slashdot: Great Surplus Stories'. Is there a hard drive somewhere containing 27,000 unused story submissions about another Beowulf cluster being commissioned, minor Linux kernel patch releases, the many evils of Microsoft, or how fucking great apt-get is?

standard obligatory post (1)

intermodal (534361) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500995)

Gentoo's emerge/portage is better

Hmm ... interesting surplus items (-1, Troll)

B3ryllium (571199) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500779)

* RealDolls
* Commodore 64s
* Brain Transplants
* Bending Units
* Condoms
* Beer
* Slashdot Coders
* Windows NT 3.5.1 Licenses

(no, I don't have any of these items)

Re:Hmm ... interesting surplus items (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500830)

* Condoms
* Beer
* Slashdot Coders

Why does your fantasy not surprise me, you FILTHY FAGGOT?

Re:Hmm ... interesting surplus items (1)

B3ryllium (571199) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500942)

hahahah ...

Naw, I have a girlfriend. I was just suggesting things that other slashdot readers might be interested in.

I don't think there's a surplus on Hot Grits and Natalie Portman ... ah well.

Re:Hmm ... interesting surplus items (3, Funny)

Soko (17987) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500885)

* RealDolls

You'll only get one from a geek who gets married. Sometimes not even then. Not Surplus

* Commodore 64s

Make nice web servers [] . Not surplus.

* Brain Transplants

There could never be enough to provide governments with brains - sorry. Not surplus.

* Bending Unit

Hey, my unit "bends", and the wife likes it that way. Most definately not surplus.

* Condoms

Well, maybe some of the geeks around here have those.

* Beer

???? Surplus beer? Never. I'm Canadian.

* Slashdot Coders

OK. Slashdot "Speel Chekers", duplicate catchers and editors who catch dupes are needed, not more
coders - I'll give you that one. But I doubt they're very interesting, so maybe not.

* Windows NT 3.5.1 Licenses

There was, as far as I'm concerned, a surplus once production of those things went above zero units. Interesting? Nope.

Hmmmm - 1 for 8. You need to improve big time, bud.


Re:Hmm ... interesting surplus items (1)

B3ryllium (571199) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500922)

Well, yeah. I guess I don't really understand the fine art of the surplus. Maybe I budget too well.

AxMan (3, Informative)

Golias (176380) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500782)

In the Twin Cities, there are several AxMan stores that are just awesome. I had a Traynor bass guitar amplifier that had these massive vacuum tubes in it that needed replacing. Nobody else in town could help me, but rather than resort to mail-order, I went to AxMan, who had a wide selection of russian-made tubes, including the exact type I needed.

They are the first place I look for mechanical or electronic parts, speaker wire, or just to browse through bizarre military surplus.

If they don't know what something is, they'll just make something up and sell it off cheap. A very fun surplus store. I strongly reccomend it if you are in the area.

Re:AxMan (1)

swaben (575404) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500837)

I agree. If there is a better surplus store then AxMan, I don't know about. It's the geek equivalent of Victoria Secret.

Re:AxMan (2, Informative)

jarnies (626975) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500870)

got to give props to the axman reference. great store. for those in the twin cities area, take 94 to snelling, exit north and turn west on university ave. axman is on the north side after a few blocks.

Re:AxMan - LINK (1, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500909)

Ax-Man rocks. And all thier little signs on this are funny.

Re:AxMan (1)

Skyshadow (508) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500972)

Amen to that. I'll never forget seeing a bin of Teddy Ruxbin mouths they had one time I was there.

Good stuff, sense of humor.

Mendelson's Electronic Surplus, Dayton OH (5, Informative)

thenerdgod (122843) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500784)
You want a generator? They got that. You want a Xerox Star? They've had 'em. You want an AT&T unix workstation from god knows when? They got 'em. Need 10Kv capacitors? Sure! Need a freezer? No, no, I mean a WALK IN FREEZER! They GOT THAT? Mannequin parts? THAT TOO!

Re:Mendelson's Electronic Surplus, Dayton OH (5, Informative)

swg101 (571879) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500945)

Here [] is the site for the actual Mendelson's store.
And you are so right. I love that place. I had heard about it, and just was able to go there last Saturday. Great fun!! everything from restaraunt equipment to the individual electronic components I needed (and plenty of stuff that I didn't know I needed until I was there)

Mendelson's (1)

rmohr02 (208447) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500785)

Not exactly NASA stuff, but Mendelson's in Dayton, Ohio has just about every electronic device I've ever looked for. If you want a resistor, for instance, they probably have a hundred thousand of the resistor you want.

Re:Mendelson's (1)

Alpha_Nerd (565637) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500882)

Mendleson's is a great place!

Their website is here, but as oter's have mentioned the most fun is going there in person.

Re:Mendelson's (1)

Alpha_Nerd (565637) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500896)

Mendleson's is a great place! Their website is here, [] but as oter's have mentioned the most fun is going there in person.

//I'm an idiot... This time I included the linkage ;)

Niggaz Rob Nambla (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500786)

Heidi Ho

Soviet Surplus??? (4, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500790)

I am dictator^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H beloved leader of a Middle Eastern country, and am sick and tired of the damn Shi'ites rebelling. I'm looking for a place where I can find reasonably priced SCUD missiles a small amount of Nerve Gas (Sarin would do nicely), and possilbly a small nuclear reactor with which I could power my underground bunker - just in case the US decides I'm next. Any suggestions?

1) Check "Post Anonymously"
2) Click "Submit"

halted specialties (3, Informative)

mauztek (227918) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500792)

for those in Silicon Valley, halted specialties co (HSC) is a great place. It beats buying fans online where shipping is outrageous, and you can buy resistors individually.

Surplus is excellent (5, Informative)

buffer-overflowed (588867) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500796)

Disclaimer: I did not RTFA.

Around where I live the state holds an auction every week. You can get some great hardware if you're a geek there. Older AIX mainframes, SPARC-III's, etc.

I bought 12 Pentium-2's there for $50 total (no monitors). Also bought a bunch of Cisco 2501s on the cheap there as well (I think they went for 1/pop, no one else bid on them).

Basic procedure was:
Show up, see equipment, submit a sealed bid, get contacted within a day, go pay, go pick up your hardware.

If you live in a state capitol here in the US of A, check to see if they have auctions. If they do, go there, greatest thing next to sliced bread.

Science junk and more... (5, Informative)

singularity (2031) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500798)

If you are near Chicago or Milwalkee, check out American Science & Surplus [] for all of your unneeded science surplus stuff.

I have been to the Chicago store and wandered around for a good couple of hours. I need to get to the smaller store near Fermilab (although I have heard it is not as big)

Re:Science junk and more... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500884)

I need to get to the smaller store near Fermilab (although I have heard it is not as big)
Nuff said.

Re:Science junk and more... (1)

Eskarel (565631) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500947)

So that place is still open? Moved to Madison for college several years ago and haven't been around much to check it out, used to be quite an interesting place. Admitedly the Milwaukee store wasn't as good when they moved their location, but it certainly had a lot of weird stuff, never seen as many different motors in my life.

Re:Science junk and more... (2, Interesting)

AnotherBrian (319405) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500969)

I'd like to remind everyone that the assholes at PanIP [] are suing [] them and they are fighting back [] , please support them.

Vetco in Bellevue, WA (4, Informative)

John Miles (108215) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500801)

... is about the only electronics surplus outfit in the Seattle area, as far as I'm aware.

In fact, Vetco [] is about the only decent electronic-component reseller of any kind around here, now that Future-Active Electronics [] has wisely decided that only Canadians are interested in buying electronic parts.

The last time I was in Vetco, they were planning to expand their overall component inventory greatly to pick up some of the slack from the former Active Electronics store just up the road. Go buy some stuff from them now so they don't vanish too!

In Seattle, Washington (2, Informative)

SexyTr0llGal (650651) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500806)

Go to Computer Surplus Science (not positive about the last word), located in the industrial district.

They have literally thousands of computers of all types..from old Commodores to 1.5 GHz machines, all at 40% or less of retail price. I got the Dell Inspiron 8100 that I am using right now for a mere $800, and this was when 8100s were top of the line. Believe me, they're niiiice.

I wonder... (1, Funny)

lommer (566164) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500810)

whether weirdstuff [] carries any surplus servers. They could use an extra few right about now...

use and abuse radioshack (5, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500813)

As much as RadioShack sucks, if you know how to shop them, they will devalue most of their products to ridiculously low amounts at a steady pace. When I used to work there, we would on slow days, check the "devalued list" and find everything that has been devalued below 99 cents. These could all be products which had at one time been very expensive, upwards of hundreds of dollars. Eventually they make it down to the 99, 49 and even 0 cents range. (At 0, we would only have to check them out, pay nothing and take it home with us) Rarely would this produce anything really useful, but we got some interesting things, usually in surplus (a box of 50 old leather cell phone pouches that still kinda fit our modern cells for 1 cent each, originally 69.99) , various universal remotes for 49 cents each. We even found a couple old analog cell phones for 99c. My friend got a box of 50 mini butane torches for 0 cents each! Note: good luck finding a way to do this in store, but stuff used to appear on the website occasionally as "web specials"
99, 49 and 0 cents - almost what radioshack merchandise is worth


Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500850)

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  • Please try to keep posts off topic.
  • Try to post new threads with repetitious garbage rather than reply to existing comments.
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Dumpsters (2, Interesting)

aiyo (653781) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500816)

Dig in the trash behind the computer science and engineering buildings of a local university. You will find a lot of good stuff that can still be useful. I was able to pick up a large hunk of copper and some ibm model m keyboards just last week.

Its free.

Boeing Surplus (5, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500822)

Boeing surplus in Kent, Washington.

You can get anything from an outdated computer to slightly used machine tools to airline seats to chunks of titanium. il /

Halted (4, Informative)

rabidcow (209019) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500826)

I think HSC Electronic Supply [] is fairly well known around here, they mostly sell electronic components, but they have a lot of other stuff too.

I always check there first when I need a new computer power supply or keyboard, or if I want a card that doesn't need to be the newest. I dunno if it'd be worth it if I had to go through mail-order tho.

Re:Halted (1)

SynKKnyS (534257) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500948)

Halted is a great place. They had great deals on Intel Dual/100 Pro NICs awhile back. They also had a bunch of Microsoft Sidewinder gamepads that aren't on the market anymore (the original gameport ones). Also, in the back they have a library where you can read up on semiconductor technical books and there is free coffee and from what I hear even donuts sometimes. Oh, and next to the "library" they have a Ham radio museum. In short, a great store to visit in the bay area.

Surplus City in Albuquerque (3, Insightful)

ocelotbob (173602) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500831)

It's definitely one of those awesome little surplus places filled with quirky electronics items. Solid steel keyboards that put Model Ms to shame, old satelite test equipment, hell, they even have a generator to drive an industrial laser. Plus, they've got more traditional surplus fare, like military garb and the like. Great place to shop

Addy for the interested is:
10805 Central Ave NE,
Albuquerque, NM

There's another surplus store a few doors down that I haven't been in yet (hey, stop throwing things at me), but seems to be better kept up. Judging from experience in now closed surplus places, well kept-up means that their prices are higher and they have less interesting stuff.

Boeing Surplus in Kent, WA (2, Informative)

SnakeStu (60546) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500836)

This is a great place to find all sorts of strange stuff. I took my kids (10 and under) there not too long ago. They dreaded it before they got there. Oh no, another strange place that Dad is dragging us to. When they got there, they just about freaked. We spent much more time there than I'd planned, and they didn't really want to leave. It's not that there were any toys or other kid things there, but the wide variety of "junk" to look at and fiddle with really captured their attention and imagination.

Furniture, computers, magazines, video tapes (all blanked, I think, with some funny labels), tools, miscellaneous electronics that I couldn't identify, bulk materials... Fun browsing.

Check out various universities (1, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500839)

I'm a somewhat well known sculptor and when asked to do lectures at various schools across the country I request to see there surplus facilities.

Just recently in fact I found to my surprise that one university had a large closet filled with steel balls that NASA deemed not suitable for there testing purposes.

Needless to say I spent my whole paycheck there.

Umm.. (1)

PhoenixK7 (244984) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500843)


You can find pretty much anything for sale on a given day.

Re:Umm.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500913)

Yea, then you pay for it with paypal, then you never get what you paid for, and paypal fuck you in the ass when you try to get your money back. What a bunch of crooked assholes.

Re:Umm.. (1)

SHEENmaster (581283) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500961)

foo [] and bar [] have tons of results but foo(bar) [] has none.

The really cool stuff will always be a rare find on ebay. An auction site running on winshit servers may have some computer junk, The prices are too high, and the selection isn't as great as people seem to think it is. Even though there will always be a motherboard or 100 on eBay, a true gem is a rare find. The joy of a salvage store is the joy of finding something rare, unique, and cool for a price so low it seems criminal. Ebay appeals to the sellers and therefore conflicts with the interests of the buyers.

Sell to Us Link at Skycraft (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500844)

I wonder if any Texans have offered to sell them parts from a slightly used space shuttle.

Love it! (1)

chriton (29476) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500848)

I grew up in Orlando & just LOVE Skycrap! I have wasted many an hour picking through junk there. I have also spent more money than I want to think about.

I haven't found the same experience in my new (6 years now) home of Miami.

MSU Salvage (2, Interesting)

Pathwalker (103) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500849)

When I was in college, I hit the MSU Salvage Yard [] (Located here [] ) every couple of weeks.

I've seen everything from (lots of ) lab equipment, to a PDP-11, to the old clock from the campus belltower, to whole pallets of workstations for sale there over the years.

I still try to swing by there a couple of times a year, to see if there is anything really really cool lying around.

While it may be a long trip for many people, check with large schools near you to see if they have public sales of stuff that was lying around.

Might not be "geeky" enough... (4, Interesting)

pi_rules (123171) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500861)

But, this is the first thing that came to mind. . They themselves don't actually sell rifles, but have provided me with a lot of fun information about old WWII and earlier rifles that are still available.

I'm really geeked really, because I picked up in a 1946 M44 Soviet rifle last weekend. Unissued... never been fired. The weapon's been around for 56 years wrapped up in paper and passed around but never actually handled, cleaned, and fired. I'm geeked... really geeked. I've taken it apart a few times, cleaned greasy goop out of it for about 6 hours, and just totally enjoyed the whole process. I'm hoping this weekend, weather permitting, I'll get to take it out and finally test the thing out.

I tell ya what... I got that thing home, tore the wax paper protection and twine off it, then the underlying paper wrap, rubbed a cloth over it to get some extra grease off and was amazed. Here is an unfired Soviet weapon with a hammer and sicle on it. It's almost like finding a PDP-11 at a gargage sale to me... that had never been used. Granted, an unused PDP-11 doesn't exist; but it's almost that "neat" to me. Fifty six years sitting in a storage bin and I'll be the first human being to fire it.. how neat and geeky is that?

I can pull it apart and inspect the workmanship that went into it so long ago. The engineering that has gone into making it over the yers before it's actual production... the circumstances that lead to it's creation and it's reason for being stuck in a bin for so long. Totally geeky to me.

Granted, I'm going to use it to punch holes in inatimate objects rather than try and make a Beowulf cluster out of them... but it's still a huge amount of fun.

Houston Tx, & Philly Areas (1)

Arctic Fox (105204) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500866)

When I lived in Houston, Tx there was a place called EPO. Tons of stuff, stacked everywhere. It was awesome. Got stuff for a 4 computer homenetwork for 30 bucks, including hub.
I've since moved to Philly and am looking for something similar. Anyone know? King of Prussia area would be optimal, however, I'll go nearly anywhere.... Anyone?

Wacky Willy's, Portland Oregon (1)

mumkin (28230) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500868)

When in Portland, visit Wacky Willy's [] . Or Honoloulou for that matter, though I haven't been to that one.

I can't begin to describe the incredibly varied assortment of things they sell -- from bins of plastic dolls heads to old vaxen to lab glass. They host some really cool events [] too.

Re:Wacky Willy's, Portland Oregon (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500977)

There's also a store in Hillsboro, OR. Most of the surplus is different from the Portland store, so it is worth checking both!

1 1 was a race-horse, 2 2 was 1 2 (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500869)

1 1 was a race-horse, 2 2 was 1 2. When 1 1 1 1 race, 2 2 1 1 2. 1 1 was a race-horse, 2 2 was 1 2. When 1 1 1 1 race, 2 2 1 1 2. 1 1 was a race-horse, 2 2 was 1 2. When 1 1 1 1 race, 2 2 1 1 2.

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  • Please try to keep posts off topic.
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  • Do not read other people's messages, or even the article, before posting your own to increase your chance of repeating others. After all, the editors love duplication!
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Great Surplus stores (2, Interesting)

Geminus (602334) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500873)

Gateway Electronics (not the moo moo store) here in San Diego has an excellent treasure trove of older electronics and parts. Really cool stuff!

Minnesota (2, Informative)

shirameroix (595121) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500877)

Here in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, there are a few cool surplus places around. My favorite happens to be Ax-Man. They have a lot of total crap, but they also manage to have a lot of neat electrical stuff too. A lot of that is also crap, but there is enough cool stuff floating around to make an EE major like me think up some cool ideas :)

Military DRMO (1)

Redtech (614922) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500879)

The Defense Reaquisition Marketing Office is a great place to find miscellaneous items dirt cheap. In Dayton, WPAFB has an office open to the public. for more details.

Re:Military DRMO (1)

Redtech (614922) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500889)

Reaquisition = Reutilization

I.Goldberg in Philadelphia (1)

Time Doctor (79352) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500886)

Finest store I've ever been in, they just switched locations and look much less ghetto, although they have less space. Related story []

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (5, Informative)

shepd (155729) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500888)

U of W surplus sale, on certain Wednesdays at lunch. You'll need to call up and find out more. All kinds of strange, used, and broken, university stuff, especially computers and furniture.

KW Surplus
666 Victoria St.
Awesome selection of, well, surplus stuff. Computers, electronics, audio, hardware, all sorts of... stuff.

Sayal Electronics
Philip St.
Some old used telco and other hard to find test equipment. Mostly overpriced. All sorts of regular electronics, though, and really cheap.

Horizon Electronics.
Victoria St.
Used to have piles of strange electronics parts. Now mostly computers, but electronics may still be there (ask the salesguy).

Princess Auto
Victoria St.
All sorts of hardware and a selection of strange electronic stuff. They have CC terminals for sale for some reason...

Overall, this is a really strange thread. It seems like we're just asking for trolls...

Sadly, there's nothing like this in Montreal (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500890)

There used to be Addison's, but since years it has been sliding into 'flea market' territory. But lately, they seem to have cleaned up a bit. I would really like it if they sold SMT components.

WeirdStuff (2, Interesting)

SynKKnyS (534257) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500893)

WeirdStuff used to be good back when it was owned by the original owner. After he passed away, the store went downhill. Recently they tried selling a Commodore 64 to me for $50 as is and refused to test it. Ran to the local Salvation Army and grabbed a working one for $10 and that included the disk drive as well. WeirdStuff doesn't seem to sell anything useful unless you have a need for flakey monitors, Sun Workstations/Macs, Pentium/486 class PCs, or obscure computer parts. Don't expect to pay surplus prices for them though unless you participate in one of their auctions.


Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500894)

Authors Note: I'd just like to once more say thank you to my good friend John
Kirk for his time spent editing this story.

Chapter 12

Locked in each others arms, the two girls huddled in the rear of the cage,
trembling with fear and pain. The silence was frightening. Only Hanna's quiet
sobs and the constant drone of the extractor fan disturbed the silence of the
plain, padded room. Hanna's head dropped against her sister's shoulder as the
child finally succumbed to her exhaustion and fell asleep. Beth, however,
showed no sign of getting tired. The dark-haired nine-year-old girl just sat
there staring endlessly into space.

Paul wasn't bothered about Beth's state. Anne had given the little slut child
something so the shock wouldn't kill her. He yawned and turned off the cameras.
He really had to get his mind back on work. It was just that the thought of two
preteen fuck toys locked in his cellar was far too appealing to ignore. Paul
stood up and stretched. He glanced at the clock in the corner of his computer
monitor. It was nearly three in the morning. Paul shook his head. He was
exhausted but still buzzing with the exhilaration of killing Alice earlier that
evening. Now he felt almost sorry that he had let Anne take Becky back with

Becky hadn't taken well to the murder. Not well at all. It was the first time
she had witnessed one. She'd get used to it in time and, even if she didn't,
it was really of no consequence to Paul. It was nice to have the pretty teen
around and she would eventually replace Anne.

Paul turned back to the computer and switched the cameras on again to take a
look at the little cunts in their cage. Beth had lain Hanna down at the rear of
the cage and was stroking the tiny preteen's blond hair, taking up the position
left by the eldest girl's untimely demise.

Hanna's tiny scarred body was fun to abuse but as time went on she was becoming
more and more used-looking. Her six-year-old body was littered with deep, nasty
cuts and scars and, despite Anne's best efforts, she was quickly out-living her

Beth, on the other hand, was still relatively well off. The nine year old had
been spared most of the brutal use endured by both of her sisters. He watched
as the little girl shifted to the front of the cage to stare out through the
bars. She was trying to pry away at the chicken wire. Alice might very well
have been able to get the cage open. It only required lifting the latches in
the two corners. Beth had little chance of escape even if she open the cage
since the cell's iron door would not budge for anyone. Still, one had to admire
this little cunt's spirit.

The child deserved to be punished for trying to escape. As Paul watched her
long slender fingers poke through the wire, a smirk crossed his lips. He had
promised her that he was going to cut them off and he always lived up to such
promises. He stroked his rigid cock whilst speculating about what he could do
to this little girl. Thinking about it was sometimes more fun than actually
doing it. Switching off the computer he headed, with a yawn, towards the
cellar, his head flooded with brutal and nasty tortures that he needed this
little cunt to suffer.

Paul opened the cellar, stepped in, locked the door behind him and headed down
to the holding cell. He slotted the key in the lock and pushed open the door
just fast enough to see Beth scramble back to the rear of the cage. "Are you
being a bad girl?" he tutted.

"No Sir," said Beth. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

"I think you're trying to break my cage. Trying to run away from me."

Tears started to form in Beth's dark little eyes. "Oh please Sir," she moaned,
"let us don't kill us."

"YOU Bethy," shouted Paul. "I'm here to hurt YOU. Hanna is a good little
whore. I have to kill you, JUST YOU."

"Oh no PLEASE," sobbed Beth.

"Don't kill Beth, please Sir," moaned Hanna sitting up and rubbing the sleep
from her eyes.

Paul smiled at the tiny child with the white bandages and patches wrapped around
and stuck to her small body, hiding the unsightly scars and burns. "It's okay
honey," he said. "I'll come back and see you in the morning."

"Sir," choked Hanna, sobbing.

Paul turned to Beth. "I won't kill you," he said. "I promise... but you need to
be a good girl for your owner."

"I-I'll be good... I ...please I promise... don't kill me," sobbed Beth.

"I will hurt you a lot," said Paul. "You've been a bad girl. I need to hurt you
badly for that."

"Oh, please don't hurt me Sir," cried Beth.

"Then I'll have to kill you."

"Nooooooo!" cried Beth. "I want you to ask me to hurt you really bad then,"
said Paul.

"Don't," whined Hanna. "Go away...I want my Mummy...I want my Daddy."

Paul smiled at the two preteens. "Ahh Hanna, pretty fuck slut. Do you want me
to burn you again?" The little cunt's hands automatically clutched at her
chest and she flinched as she disturbed the burns. "No Sir," moaned the child.

"Then shut the fuck up," shouted Paul.

Hanna shrank into the rear of the cage sobbing gently, staring out at her owner.
Paul turned his attention back to little Beth. The dark haired nine-year-old
was shivering. "Ask me to hurt you," said Paul.

"P...please Sir," started Beth. "C...can you hurt me b...bad p...please."

Paul opened up the cage. "Get out, cunt," he said.

Beth shifted towards the front of the cage and, slowly, she crawled out. Tears
flowed freely from her eyes but she said nothing. Paul closed the cage door
behind the child and held out his hand. Beth understood and took it. Turning
around, he half-dragged half-led Beth through the door and into the hallway.

Paul pulled the child into a room at the far end of the cellar. A single post
in the centre of the padded room, from floor to ceiling, was the only object in
the cell. Brown specks of old dried blood stained the walls around the whipping
post. Beth stared at it in utter terror. Paul doubted, despite her new-found
experience, that this child knew exactly how this post would assist in hurting
her but only that it would be used to inflict pain. "I want to bugger you
before I start," said Paul. "Is that okay with you?"

Beth moved her hands to cover her little arse. "Oh please don't fuck me," said

Paul frowned. "You know I own you, cunt. You are not allowed to decide whether
I can fuck you or not," he said. "You always want me to fuck you. You should
be begging."

Beth just stared up at the man.

Paul snarled and pulled on her arm, making the child stumble towards him. She
let out a small yell. Paul instantly struck the child across the face with the
back of his hand, knocking the little girl's head to the side. Beth screamed
and her free hand came up to cover her face. "Beg!" he yelled.

The child stared up at Paul, a thin trail of blood trickling from the corner of
her mouth and down over her chin, stopping half way down her neck. "P-please f-
fuck me, Sir. Pleeasssse," she stammered.

Paul lifted his hand again and delivered a second vicious blow to the side of
Beth's face, letting go of her arm, and causing the little girl to fall to the
floor. Beth curled up and sobbed. "Never make me tell you twice," said Paul.
"Now get up and bend over so I can get my cock up your arse."

Beth looked up, her lip split and swollen; a shaky hand wiped away the blood.
The child stared at the smear of red for a few seconds before she reacted to
Paul's order. The child climbed to her feet and turned so that her back was to
the man. Then, ever so slowly, she leant forwards until her body was at right
angles with her legs. Immediately Paul pulled apart Beth's arse cheeks, smiling
at the sight of the tiny bruised arsehole. "I want you to hold your bum cheeks
open for me."

With a quiet whimper, the child's arms crept behind her to keep her arse cheeks
spread open. Paul let go and took a step back to admire the sight. "Now don't
move." The man then left the room, locking the child inside.

Paul had no intention of leaving the child alone for very long, though she
didn't know that. He hurried to the storeroom. Paul wanted this child to
suffer. He wasn't satisfied with just hurting her. Paul looked around the items
stored in his cupboard, unable to decide exactly which ones he wanted to use on
Beth this evening.

He moved around, gathering items as they took his fancy: a cat-o-nine tails, a
large plug, a box of three inch long needles, a small pair of shears, a pair of
pliers, a blow torch, and half a broom handle. Happy with his selections, Paul
headed back to the room where he had left his little girl and was pleased to
find her stood just how he had left her. "Ahh good girl," said Paul stepping up
behind her.

Paul dropped the collection of items on the floor around him, then spat on his
finger and started to rub it into the child's arse. "Oh I'm gonna fuck this
hard," he chuckled.

"Ohhh," moaned Beth.

Paul then pushed his finger deep inside the little girl's backside. "Ow," sobbed
Beth. "It hurts."

"Really?" asked Paul. "Hurts is good. I like hurts."

"Oh ow, please Sir."

Paul laughed and pulled his finger from the child's arse. "Okay," he said. "I
know what you really want up there is my cock."

Beth didn't say anything but burst into tears. Paul couldn't help but laugh as
he pulled his cock from his trousers to rub it against her arse. "Aww," he said,
"c'mon, it's not like its anything awful, just a little arse wait til
afterwards 'cause I'm gonna beat the shit out of you."

"Please don't," sobbed Beth.

"Hold still fuck-bunny," said Paul.

The man took hold of the child's waist and pushed his cock against the hole.
Beth let out a loud grunt as her arse stretched around his cock then a sigh as
the head popped inside. "See, it isn't so bad."

"It hurts," whined Beth.

Paul grunted and started to fuck the child's arse, quite exhilarated by her
groans, grunts and pleas of pain. He fucked the little girl's bum for a good
many minutes, enjoying each and every twitch. He'd been cumming so much these
last few days, however, that it took a long while before he even felt the cum
begin to rise. On feeling it, he stopped and pulled his cock from the obviously
relived little girl. She stood, still holding her arse cheeks apart. The
charming sight of a gaping arsehole now greeted Paul. "Now fucktoy," he said,
"I want you to stay like that. If you move, I'm going to push a big plug up
your bum. Do you want a big plug up your bum?"

" Sir."

"So how do you stop that?"

"I...I don't move, Sir."

"That's a good girl. Now, this is gonna hurt."

Paul retrieved the cat-o-nine tails from the floor and fingered the short metal
stud on the end of one of the metal tails, licking his lips. "Really hurt."

He took a step back and watched as the child trembled before him. Her little
body squirmed merely at the prospect of the beating she was going to receive.
Paul was curious to see just how many strokes this little girl could take
without moving. He lifted his arm and let the cat rip down against the child's
splayed arse cheeks. The little girl screeched. Her legs moved, making her
take several steps forwards, but she stayed in position so Paul wasn't too
bothered about that.

But the second blow caused Beth to scream her little lungs out. Her legs
buckled beneath her, sending the little child crashing to the floor. "Oh
please," spat Paul. "You didn't even try."

With that he kicked the little girl, striking the crying child in the ribs. Beth
barked and curled up tight. Paul reached down and took her by the waist.
"NOOOO!" screamed Beth. "Go away... leave me alone."

"Sorry fuck-toy," said Paul. "You're gonna get it now."

Paul heaved the child across to the whipping post and, with practised ease, he
chained Beth to it so that she was stood facing Paul. Her hands were held over
her head by the cuffs. As soon as he let go, the child squirmed away,
attempting to hide herself on the other side of the post.

Paul didn't really care what she tried. None of it would help her very much
anyway. Retrieving the plug from the floor, he showed it to Beth. "Now,
fuckbunny, do you think we can get this up your bum without too much hassle from
you, or do I have to push pins into your titties?"

"No," sobbed Beth.

Paul leant over, picked up the box of pins and took one from it. He had every
intention of filling this child's whole body with these pins but she didn't need
to know that yet. As he approached Beth, she squealed and tried to move around
the post away from Paul. She soon ran out of slack and was halted. Paul
grinned and stabbed the needle into the child's exposed chest. Beth screamed in
pain. "Now be a good slut and stick your bum out so that I can push the plug
into it," said Paul. "Or we can use more pins if you like."

Slowly the crying child unwound herself from the whipping post just enough that
she could poke her arse out towards Paul. "Now, that's a good fucktoy," he

The sobs intensified as Paul pushed the plug against the child's arsehole. She
began to squirm, shaking her gorgeous fat bum for him. Paul pulled the plug
away and slapped her arse, receiving a small yelp in return. "Keep shaking it,"
he said, and slapped it again.

"O...ohh..." sobbed Beth.

The child began to wriggle in earnest, shaking her fat bum for Paul. The man
watched the beautiful globes of flesh shake around for several moments before he
nestled the plug back between her arse cheeks, resting it against her arsehole.
"You can stop shaking it now," he said.

Beth froze. The sobbing child began to tremble. Anyone would have thought that
she'd never done this before. Paul grinned at the thought and started to force
the plug inside. It was large, even for an adult, but Paul was quite sure that
he could get it into this child's arse. Beth screamed as her arsehole was
stretched out around the plug and she began to squirm again, so much so that
Paul was forced to use one hand to keep her still, while the other pushed the
plug into the tiny child.

When the plug finally popped inside the little girl, and Paul released his grip
on her, Beth slumped against the post, taking in quick shallow breaths. Paul
once again retrieved the box of pins and emptied a few out into his hand.
"Right, fuck queen," said Paul.

Beth's eyes locked onto Paul's hand and she shook her head. "No you said..."

"I said nothing of the sort."

Paul approached the nine-year-old girl. Beth moaned and again tried to get away
by moving around the post but only succeeded in exposing her chest, with it's
pink and damaged nipples. The man pushed his body against that of the child's,
preventing her from moving back around the post. He took one of the pins and
thrust it into Beth's other nipple. The child screamed again. Paul wasted no
time in inserting a third pin. Beth desperately pulled at the cuffs trying,
hopelessly, to pull herself further around the post and away from Paul and his
wicked pins.

Paul, on the other hand, was having great fun watching the blood begin to seep
from around the pins. The man amused himself filling both child nipples with
them. The way Beth reacted to them pleased Paul no end.

All good things come to an end though and, when Paul had inserted half a dozen
pins into each of Beth's little nipples, he found himself running out. As
appealing as it was to get the box and continue filling her young body with
sharp pointy objects, Paul was eager to try something else. So, instead, he
retrieved the cat. "No!" Beth begged. "Please stop it."

"No," said Paul.

Positioning himself away from the child, Paul lashed out striking the small girl
over her pierced nipples. The shrill scream tickled Paul's ears and, with a
chuckle, he pulled his arm back to deliver a second blow across her young

Paul hit Beth one last time with the cat, lashing the whip over her small cute
face and leaving a dark red welt just below her left eye. Paul laughed and
dropped the whip. "Oh Bethy, I can't decide what to do first," he said. "Cut
bits off you or beat the living shit out of you. What do you think?"


"Oh a fat lot of help you are," muttered Paul. "I think I might start by
cutting bits off you. I promised you three fingers, or was it four?"

"Please don't."

"Four...thought so," said Paul, and he leant over to collect the shears. "What
chance have you got of staying conscious through this?"

"No don't...please stop," sobbed Beth in reply.

"No I didn't think so," he muttered. "I won't be a sec."

The man left the room only to return a few minutes later carrying the bottle of
stimulant pills. "You've got to pop a couple of these, honey," he said.

"No," sobbed Beth. "Don't kill me."

"I'm not going to kill you, honey," said Paul. "Just cut your fingers off."

Paul emptied two of the tablets onto his hand and held them up to Beth's mouth.
"Now swallow them," he commanded.

Beth's eyes flickered up to make contact with Paul's. The small child whimpered
for a few seconds before opening her mouth to allow Paul to place the pills onto
her tongue. The child closed her mouth and swallowed. It would take a few
minutes for the pills to kick in but he was feeling impatient. Taking the
shears, he forced one of Beth's fingers in between the blades. The child
screamed and tried to move away, flexing her fingers in an attempt to save them.

Paul slowly closed the shears over the knuckle of Beth's index finger. The
little girl's vocal cords exerted themselves even more. The scream was nearly
deafening. Paul put pressure onto the shears. There was resistance for a few
moments then they snapped shut with a sickening crack. The finger dropped to
the floor by Beth's feet.

The child stopped screaming and just stared into space, hyperventilating. Her
entire body shook and blood began to pour down her arms. Paul laughed to
himself and picked up the blowtorch and pliers. He lit the torch and held the
pliers under the flame for several moments, watching the dull metal turn an
equally dull red. Then, hurriedly, he moved over to Beth and placed the redhot
metal against her severed finger. Her body shook and her mouth opened but no
sound emerged.

Paul held up Beth's head to peer into her almost black eyes. She looked distant
and her eyes were glazed. Paul was pretty sure that she wouldn't survive many
more of her fingers being severed. Fun as mutilation could be, he knew when to
stop. He didn't want the little cunt to die so soon. Paul sighed and dropped
the shears onto the floor. Beth fell forwards, fainting despite the stimulants.
Paul was still frustrated, still needed to hurt this cunt. Time to use
something to wake the little whore up.

Paul went out to a storage cupboard to collect a large black box and, with a
grunt, he lifted it, trailing four black leads ending in nasty large clips.
Paul shifted around and, being careful not to stand on any of the leads, carried
it back to Beth.

He sat the box down next to the wall and plugged it into the socket, spun the
dial around to the lowest voltage, then, taking the leads he pulled them over to
Beth. He clipped one on each nipple, one on the little girl's clitoris, and
pushed the last inside the kiddie's cunt. Paul moved back to the box and
pressed down the button on top of it. There was a second for the circuit break
to saturate, then the child bucked.

Beth's eyes opened wide, she screamed, and her body began to convulse. She shook
violently for several moments before the switch automatically cut off the power
flow. Beth hung forward, though only for a few seconds, before the circuit
activated again. This box was of very crude design but it did it's job
effectively and, on it's lowest power setting, whilst, incredibly painful,
incapable of killing even a child.

Paul watched as the circuit made and broke itself several times, each time
filling the child with an agonising electrical burst, before he pressed the
button again shutting the box off. Beth collapsed, breathing heavily and
smeared with sweat, but at least she was awake.

"You've been a very bad girl," Paul sneered. "Don't you fucking well ever pass
out on me again."

Beth opened her mouth as if to say something but all that passed her lips was an
incomprehensible moan. Saliva and blood dribbled down her chin. She had
bitten herself during her fight with the mains. Paul grinned at her and leant
over to pick up the shears from the floor.

"N...n..." the child managed to stammer.

Paul smiled at her. "Oh yes," he said, "but don't worry, I'm not going to cut
off any fingers."

"!" Beth cried.

"We've already established this," muttered Paul. "Not your fingers."

"P...p...p" Beth attempted.

Paul moved over to the trembling girl, took the clip off of her left nipple, and
pressed the sweet nubbin between his fingers. Beth didn't have the energy to
stand on her own two feet let alone try and stop him from playing with her. He
fiddled with the nipple, pulling out all of the pins as he worked on the little
bud, trying without much success to bring it up hard. After five minutes he
gave up. "Oh fuck it," he muttered. "It's got to come off anyway."

"Please! N...NOOOO!" said Beth with pitiful determination.

Paul laughed and opened the shears. He had lied to the child. He didn't
actually want to cut the nipple off, just cut it in half. He placed the damaged
teat into the jaws of the shears and cut, slicing the child's nipple straight
through the centre. Acting quickly, he turned the shears on their side and
sliced through her nipple again, effectively quartering it, though still leaving
it attached to the exhausted preteen.

Within a fraction of a second, the wound filled with dark red blood which
spilled out over her chest. Paul quickly pulled the clip off the other nipple
and yanked the pins out so that he could repeat the process of cleaving it in

Paul took a step back to watch the blood flooding down the child's front and
drip from her toes. It really was quite attractive. However, as much of a turn
on it was to see, Paul had no wish for the child to die yet. So, working
quickly, he picked up the pliers and the blow torch and, once again, applied the
heat to the jaws until the dark metal radiated with a dull red glow.

Paul opened the pliers and closed them down over the nine-year-old girl's ruined
left nipple. The child once more screamed, flailed about and fainted. Her
tormentor laughed as he reheated the pliers and closed them over the other
nipple, sealing it back together as one, ruined piece of flesh.

Paul stepped back, and looked down at the unconscious childwhore. 'She doesn't
listen does she?', he thought. With another sigh, he picked up the crocodile
clips from the floor and reattached them to what were once the child's nipples.
He moved back to his box and turned up the voltage level, then pressed the
button. Her body stiffened and shook for a second before her eyes snapped back
open and she tried to scream, though her ruined throat let out little more than
a choked gasp.

With little Beth awake, Paul switched off his electrical torture device and
approached the child. Without even talking to his ruined little cuntgirl, Paul
reached down to pull her legs apart. By now she was being held up solely by
the chains attached to her wrists. This meant that Paul had to hold her legs
apart for the few moments it took to pull the clips from her clit and her
vagina, and push his cock into the tiny whore's babycunt. The man pushed in
hard, forcing his cock straight into the tiny womb.

While Paul brutally fucked the child with all the power he could muster, all
Beth could do was moan incoherently, cry, and grunt with the pain. Nonetheless,
she was still a great fuck and soon Paul found himself pumping his thick sperm
into her preteen uterus.

Sighing with release, he pulled out, letting the child slump forward. She was
breathing heavily and her body was covered with sweat and blood, her hair soaked
in it. She still looked quite a sight, despite her ruined chest. "I'm afraid
I have to punish you for passing out on me again."

The child was definitely awake but gave no sign of acknowledgement that she even
heard Paul. Not that he could really give a damn whether she heard him or not.
Paul moved to the side of the room and picked up the 'half broom handle' that he
had left there. He turned back to Beth and grinned at the poor little slut
hanging there. Then, taking the handle in both hands, he pulled back over his
powerful shoulder and swung forwards.

The thick wooden handle struck against the child's ribs with a sickening crack.
Paul laughed and pulled back again to strike against the little slut's stomach.
Then across her thighs, and once more hitting her stomach, before finally
hitting her shins, again generating a sickening snapping sound from the child's
bones. The poor little whore was once again unconscious and thus didn't scream
as she was brutally beaten.

Paul found himself rather disappointed by this. This whore would pay dearly for
her constant disobedience. Paul laughed to himself as he reattached the clips
to Beth's ruined cunt. He moved back to the box and once again turned up the
voltage, just a little, then pressed the on button.

There was a few seconds' pause while the switch activated. Then the child woke
up screaming as the current racked her small body. Paul waited for the the box
to run though it's cycle. When it finally switched off, he turned down the
voltage. "Good night Bethy. See you in the morning," he said. The device
would keep her ticking over in agony with no real chance of killing her, which
was what was wanted.

He walked from the room just as Beth started to scream again. He yawned. "Oh
well," he muttered. It was time to collect Hanna and take it to bed.

In LA... (1, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500898)

C & H Sales in Pasadena on Colorado

Apex in the Valley (Sunland?)

But there's also the TRW swapmeet in the TRW parkinglot in Manhattan Beach last Saturday of the month.

There used to be the General Dynamics swapmeet in San Bernardino, IIRC first saturday of the month.

Weird Stuff and more! (1)

CaptainCarrot (84625) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500899)

One of the best places, and when they lost the lease on their old location across the street from the old (chip motif) Fry's in Sunnyvale they moved to a warehouse location right around the corner from work. I recently bought a used print server off Ebay that required a 16v AC adapter. Yup, Weird Stuff had it.

Not far away at Lawrence and Central (also near the Sunnyvale Fry's) is HSC Electronic Supply [] . Some old stuff, some new stuff, and if it's electronic they probably have it. You can occasionally get a very, very good deal there, and the staff is extremely knowledgable. It's one of those places where it's very easy for me to lose track of the time.

There are a couple of other places in the area, but Weird Stuff and HSC are the best.

Ax-Man! (Minnesota) (0)

Alton_Brown (577453) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500900)

If you're from Minnesota, you've gotta go to Ax-Man [] . It used to be a complete mess that required a LOT of digging around to find gold, but they've cleaned it up in recent years. I used to go there to buy stepper motors, solar panels and light sensors to build little robots from scratch. They always have the wackiest stuff - I recall dentist's chairs, 60 year old computers, ceramic hands used in molding latex gloves, gas masks, electronics parts of every shape and size, pulleys, doll heads, fuzzy christmas present tags from the 50's... The signs [] hanging about are a riot. Serious amounts of teddy ruxpins to be hacked. I recommend the St. Paul location!

The Black Hole (2, Informative)

bitchbat (619762) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500901)

If you are in northern New Mexico the classic is Ed Grothus' Black Hole, aka Los Alamos Sales Co which is overflowing with surplus crap from Los Alamos National Lab. Links and pics here: -hole/ ord.html ?pg=5

and LANL itself has a great surplus sale once a month on the third thursday, or it was at least when I worked there.

Hate to say this, but.... (1)

djupedal (584558) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500908)

it's called 'eBay'... []

Gone are the days of walking thru musty warehouses full of neat stuff you can take home for a song.

After all, this is 2003, and virtual rummaging from the comfort of home is all the rage.

I'd hate to say that too (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500980)

Maybe privacy doesn't matter to you. Maybe your bathroom windows aren't opaque or covered. Maybe you don't mind if people make inaccurate assumptions about you based on a trifle of information they think is juicy. Maybe you're keen on the idea of clearing your name from a legal charge that never should've happened.

For the rest of us who aren't like that, the anti-privacy ideals apparently espoused by eBay senior management make it a site unworthy of using or recommending. If I browse the aisles of a physical surplus store, I'm comfortably anonymous, and even if the clerk thinks my selections are unusual compared to their notions of normalcy, I don't have to worry that the store will hand over everything they know about me with a wink and a nod to the first person asking about me who claims to represent law enforcement. Because what they know about me is very little, especially if I choose to pay cash.

You don't have to be a criminal to value privacy from the government; you just have to understand how government powers can be abused.

College surplus (2, Informative)

jjeffers (127519) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500917)

Big colleges generally have pretty good surplus sales. At Iowa State University [] we have weekly Surplus Sales [] . University related departments and organizations get first dibs, but then the public and the students have free reign.

Some prices are good, but other prices are ridiculous. I picked up an old HP Netserver this afternoon for $30, and they are currently selling on eBay for a few hundred dollars. By the same token, they had SGI O2's for $500 which can be had cheaper from other places. If you were big time into reselling surplus stuff you could take advantages of palents of DEC Alphas for $50!

Favorite things spotted at skycraft (2, Informative)

zollman (697) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500921)

From memory, when I was 16... close to 10 years ago:

- capacitors the size of pint glasses
- a wall of "building block" chips, like you'd play with in 1000-level electronics classes.. at really cheap rates
- mini-switches by the handful
- random keypads, with or without protruding cable
- a wall of magnets, ranging from magnetized-paperclip strength to "do not operate near pacemakers"
- Oscilloscopes clearly designed for use by squid or other multi-tentacled beasts
and racks and racks of things which, to this day, I don't think I could identify. My brother and I spent hours there dreaming up the things we wanted to build. Which, I suppose, is the sign of a good geek.

Anyone know of a place like this in the DC area?

Re-PC in Tukwila WA (2, Insightful)

NeuroManson (214835) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500929)

These guys have a constantly moving stock of computer hardware and technology from up to 20 years back. One such piece that they have on display (unknown as to if it's for sale) is an ancient 16" 5MB IBM HD. They also have ancient Sun systems, servers, server racks, and a ton of miscelleneous hardware that one could spend a lifetime decyphering the usage of. It's in Tukwila, on Andover Park West, just a block south of Southcenter Mall.

Northern California (3, Informative)

HotNeedleOfInquiry (598897) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500937)

My two favorites are Surplus Stuff in Sacramento and Mike Quinn's in San Leandro. I've been trading at Mike Quinn's since 1972. It is an icon of East Bay electronics. Mike Quinn passed away about 20 years ago, but the torch has been carried by his daughter and Jay. About a month ago Jay sold me a 1hp 3-phase motor, brand new, for my lathe. Cost - $10. Retail price - $288.00.

University & Government auctions (1)

lucasw (303536) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500938)

Try Government Surplus Auctions [] if you want some drug dealer cars, or heavy industrial equipment. Also check your local University for a surplus store and periodic auctions like UW's [] . If you want to get your garage genetics lab off the ground and don't mind using ten-year-old equipment, these outlets can be ideal.

Also, non-profits can sometimes get the surplus stuff free or at a cut rate.

University Surplus (2, Insightful)

Xunker (6905) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500939)

Here at the University of Utah [] they have the "Property Redistribution" bullding, aka 'Surplus [] '. They sell everything remaindered by the university, usually really old; They've had every manner of medical electronics, musical instruments, computers and office furniture -- even cars )if you don't mind Ford Tauruses and Chevy Luminas). Right now they have a Sun 690MP and SGI Iris up for bid.

I've bought at least 500 bucks a crap fromt eh in teh alst two years: 3 Powermacs, 1 laptop, 2 monitors, 2 hubs and an SGI Multilink adpater (for $10 bucks that I sold on eBay for $300).

I've heard similar stories about UCLA, Oregon State and Texas A Basically, the universities strongest curiculae will have surplus from that, and for the UofU it's medical and computers.

In Chicago... (1)

graveyhead (210996) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500951)

American Science and Surplus on Milwaukee Avenue. Be prepared to waste large amounts of time there.

Still looking for the equivalent here in San Francisco...

Re:In Chicago... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500994)

Once they moved from Northwest Highway they seemed to drop in quality of stuff. A lot of it is dollar store toys now.

The Black Hole (3, Informative)

jeffmock (188913) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500959)

I haven't been there in about four years and at the time Ed Groethus, the owner, didn't seem to be in such great health, but I think the place is still there.

The Black Whole [] near Los Alamos, NM is quite a site. Most of the surplus stuff is from the nearby national lab. The place has been there maybe 40 years and is filled with crazy nuclear related stuff. Ed Groethus, the guy that owns the place seems to be very fond of much of his junk, so it can be tricky to get him to part with the good stuff.

Everyone calls the place "The Black Hole", but I think the real name is something more boring like "Los Alamos Salvage". It's definitely worth the trip if you're within 500 miles and are mesmerized by bits of shiny metal.


Re:The Black Hole (2, Insightful)

eecue (605228) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500999)

los alamos sales rocks...
i used to work there [] sombody else mentioned UCLA... i'll have to check that out. there used to be a place in southern california (artesia) that is no longer in existence. anybody know of any good socal places? -eek

All bow to Weird Stuff (1)

York the Mysterious (556824) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500985)

I've taken 7 of their small shopping carts full of stuff to the back. They are the best recycling center for computer junk out there. Our high school kept about a full dumpster out of a landfill thanks to them. Now go spend some money there and buy all our old junk.

skycraft, at I-4 and 426 (2, Informative)

zatz (37585) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500987)

SkyCrap is indeed a fun place. They always have what looks like a row of ancient disk cabinets lined up out front, and a huge bin of useless popcorn boards just inside the door. Their capacitor aisle is really scary, I'm sure it would be useful for those backyard railgun projects. I mostly find myself there when I need some weird connector or a length of cable cut. Ony my last visit I picked up some case fans, and considerably cheaper than I could have any place that sells them as PC hardware.

Collins Surplus in Cedar Rapids IA (2, Informative)

Doctor Memory (6336) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500990)

Back in the day, I used to go to Collins Surplus in Cedar Rapids. This is the Collins that makes aircraft avionics and a bunch of radio-related products. I remember they had stacks of HP o-scopes from floor to ceiling, and you could always find some oddwad prototype (or pieces thereof) in the parts bins.

Skycraft Kicks Ass (2, Informative)

sfe_software (220870) | more than 11 years ago | (#5500997)

I moved from Kissimmee, FL to Alpharetta, GA a little over a hear ago, and the one thing I miss the most -- being an electronics geek as well as a computer geek -- is Skycraft (linked in the summary). That place kicks butt.

I found many things there that I haven't been able to find anywhere since. RF transistors, various ICs, and even neat little LCD displays (50 cents each!) that I used in a couple MP3-player projects (via parallel port)...

I so miss that place. The poor guy at the Kissimmee Radio Shack who told me about that place doesn't understand the amount of business he lost from me ;)

TH Electronics in Fort Collins, CO (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5500998)

They have everything from a wall of ancient Macs to a room of esoteric motherboards to ca. 1970 video surveilance systems.

And if you buy bulk CAT-5 from them, the colorblind guy will try to crimp the ends for you and will deny vehemently that it's taking him 10 minutes per end because he can't see the difference in the colors.

It's a fun place.
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