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Evil Bit Added to TCP/IP Packets

CmdrTaco posted about 11 years ago | from the well-thats-a-good-idea dept.


Absolut Ralts notes that " RFC 3514 is now available. It provides for an additional so called 'Evil Bit' that can be used to determine the nature of the TCP/IP packet. This should vastly simplify networking and internet security, and prevent the beepers of tired sysadmins from going off and interfering with Warcraft III!"

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Anonymous Coward 1 minute ago

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Three times!? (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638044)

Third post, then?

Most postings on the front page of a single story (1, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638046)

This is the third posting of this on the front page in the SAME DAY!!!!

I want what TACO smokes ;-)

Clever (5, Funny)

_bug_ (112702) | about 11 years ago | (#5638047)

Post a dupe and get away with it by posting another and chalk it up to April Fool's day.

Very clever.

And you would have gotten away with it too! Had it not been for those meddlesome kids.

haha, I get it! (0)

jtheory (626492) | about 11 years ago | (#5638093)

Everybody and everything gets duped on April Fools Day! We're all dupes!

Oh, that Taco is a real cut-up.

Hey, is it just me (or is it another clever joke?) that /. seems /.'ed this morning?

Re:I was hoping they would wait. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638049)

FP? It's pretty bad when you have to start duplicating hoaxes!

REP! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638050)

Forst pest?

Triple duping, now? (1, Interesting)

Robotech_Master (14247) | about 11 years ago | (#5638052)

Or is this just a cruel Slashdot April Fool's prank?

Oh, and first (subjectively, anyway) post! :)

Good job! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638053)

At least this time it's ACTUALLY April Fool's day...

Third post! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638054)

See subject ;-)

triple post? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638055)

first time, vaguely amusing.
second time, not funny.
third time, comedy gold.

don't push your luck ;)

first dupe? (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638056)


(and just a couple of front page headlines apart, too. Good job.) :D

bits eh.... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638058)

Just curious. Do they also allow for a subclass of Evil Bits, such as a 'Holy Stupid Dupe From The Same Editor On April 1st Batman' bit?

If you say it ofter enough... (2, Insightful)

wheany (460585) | about 11 years ago | (#5638060)

If you say it often enough, it will become funny. Just like CowboyNeal.

Get some coffee (1)

Ahlee (160047) | about 11 years ago | (#5638061)

Better brew yourself a pot there Taco. Duping April Fool's jokes is bad, mmmmkay?

Had me. (3, Funny)

dnoyeb (547705) | about 11 years ago | (#5638062)

I read the first one. Evil bit. I was thinking of legitimate usages and stuff. Then I saw the dupe and was thinking...idiots. Then I saw the 3rd one and I was thinking...idiot. :-D

I hope this slashdotting of slashdot is not a joke! Don't mess with my information drip!

April Fool's Day (3, Funny)

Nefrayu (601593) | about 11 years ago | (#5638063)

God I love April Fool's Day. Keep on posting dupes, it makes the page more fun to read.

Google (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638064)

I expected them to make searches for Linux give only results for Windows and vice versa.

Cmdr Taco, (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638065)

I'm concerned for you. You've posted the same story 3 times in 3 days, and twice in 2 hours. It isn't good to burn the candal at both ends. Working day and night affects concentration and health. Lightening your workload like Eugenia did would do wonders for your quality of life.

- Concerned Anonymous Coward

Hoo Hah (4, Funny)

ackthpt (218170) | about 11 years ago | (#5638067)

This just in:

Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda, founder and editor on Slashdot.Org, an internet news site was found to be infected by a mysterious new virus. The infection had been long suspected, but its severity has increased recently by reducing his memory window. A posting on the news site "New RFC Adds "Evil Bit", posted on Tuesday April 01, @05:02AM was reposted less than three hours later, revealing the crippling effect and progression of the disease. In prior instances articles would be repeated several hours or over a day apart.

Experts have issued grave predictions for Mr. Malda. "It was that 534th viewing of Spirited Away, while popping blue penis pills that did it", CowboyNeal, an associate lamented.

In other news: Intel unveiled a previously unknown high priority development project for a 64 bit CPU aimed at the consumer and server markets. Codenamed "Upsidaisyium" it shows Intel did take the AMD Opteron threat seriously after all, further, upstaging Opteron with an earlier release. "We have no software whatsoever which can run on it," said an anonymous source, "because the engineers accidently based it on the 6502 8-bit core. It should make for great new versions of the Commodore 64 and Apple II, though."

Moo (1)

Chacham (981) | about 11 years ago | (#5638069)

A dupe of a dupe, about an RFC that's not even that funny.

Oh well, at least there's a spelling mistake to laugh at. "Insecure systems MAY chose to crash," Go figure...

Enough already - it's not funny any more! (3, Informative)

stevey (64018) | about 11 years ago | (#5638073)

Now even for April fools day this is a bit much, this story has now been posted three times today!

Re:Enough already - it's not funny any more! (2, Interesting)

rangerx (131113) | about 11 years ago | (#5638115)

It looks like I was correct in suspecting /. changing thier firewall ruleset to allow packets with the evil bit enabled first. Normal packets are trottled down to a crwal. It took me only a few minutes to change the tcpip stack so I can read /. again at decent speeds :)

evil fools (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638074)


Again? (0)

sporty (27564) | about 11 years ago | (#5638075)

Is this Taco's way at getting back at us for complaining about dupes in the first place?


Jesus Christ! 3rd time's a charm! (0)

nate.sammons (22484) | about 11 years ago | (#5638076)

OK, so Slashdot has no editors. OK, but posting the same story 3 times in one day? What the hell?

Sigh. (0)

rco3 (198978) | about 11 years ago | (#5638080)

Same story. Same editor. Two hours, 28 minutes apart.

I realize that April Fool's on Slashdot stopped being funny years ago, but this is ridiculous.

But how.. (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638082)

.. could we use this new technology to stop the dupes on /.?! I mean come on, this is getting stupid.

April Fool's (1)

zero-g (85994) | about 11 years ago | (#5638083)

I think the April fool's joke wasn't the multiple posts, but the horrendous load time.

Either way, i'm calling it -- another post of this story in an hour or so.

Taco adds redundancy bit to Slashdot stories (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638084)

This new bit will allow Slashdot readers to easily determine if they have seen a story previously, such as a few stories down the page. This will allow unparalleled advancements in the efficient parsing of Slashdot and readers who implement support for the redundancy bit should find themselves able to eliminate virtually all the stories from Slashdot.

Terrible April Fool's Joke (1)

p0rnking (255997) | about 11 years ago | (#5638085)

K, in the last 12 hours (~10:30pm last night, and 8:30am this morning), this has been posted twice.

And then it took another 5 minutes, to get to the comments (which there were none that I seen at the time of posting.)

yup, still not funny (0, Redundant)

AssFace (118098) | about 11 years ago | (#5638086)

First try... not really that funny.
Second try... not funny.
Third try... yeah... still not funny.

Try for another 8 times or so - maybe there is a threshold that isn't obvious. Maybe on it takes 9 or 10 tries before the hilarity kicks in.

April fools (0)

Wubby (56755) | about 11 years ago | (#5638090)

Yeah yeah, three dup's, same page, by taco, on April 1st.

At least try to be imaginative, like M$ files for bankruptcy, or George Bush Jr helps the environment or something.... sheesh!

Hmmm (0)

Captain Rotundo (165816) | about 11 years ago | (#5638091)

Duplicates of jokes? This is totally getting out of hand. Normally on a day like today I would let this slide, but since duplicates are the norm, this can't be a joke!

No sleep CmdrTaco? (0)

PerlGuru (115222) | about 11 years ago | (#5638096)

See here [slashdot.org] for the comments on the other posting on this subject further down the page, also posted by CmdrTaco [cmdrtaco.net]... perhaps CmdrTaco [cmdrtaco.net] was up a bit too late last night sampling some tasty beverages ;-)

Is this the joke? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638097)

I get it. Its April fools. You're filling the front page with same story over and over. Ha ha ha!

I promise to never complain about dupes again.

Great... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638098)

So not only is this an April Fool's joke, it's been posted on /. not once, not twice, but THREE times in the past day. I mean, it wasn't *that* funny.

Tripe! (2, Insightful)

The Swedish Chef (8424) | about 11 years ago | (#5638100)

First Taco dupes someone else's post, then he dupes himself. A double-dupe, or "tripe" (pun intended).

This is a perfect example of why I will NEVER pay for /.

Triple post (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638101)

Triple post. 2 of them by the same guy.

I prefer dirty bit (1)

CrypticOutsider (615336) | about 11 years ago | (#5638102)

(b/c of the caching reference) but this will be great if routers adjust their priorities .. I want to sniff all the evil bit packets. mmmmm, evil.

working site (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638103)

rfc editor's ftp is slashdotted, this is a working link:


C'mon already - get at least a little original (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638104)

First post = slightly amusing
Second post = ludicrous

Third post = annoying

A new record for repeats.... (1)

g051051 (71145) | about 11 years ago | (#5638107)

Gosh, how many times are we going to see this "story" today? I know it April 1st, but "repetition != funny". Don't the guys that run /. site even read it?

Ooops (1)

zm (257549) | about 11 years ago | (#5638108)

Looks like CmdrTaco is stuck in some kind of a temporal loop. Quick, tell CmdrData to send a message to himself over a subspace channel, this is our only chance!

In other news... (1)

kauttapiste (633236) | about 11 years ago | (#5638110)

In unrelated news, a suggested improvement to the slashdot engine, which would add a so-called redundancy bit to the posted news, was presented to the Internet community. This 'bit' would be set when the story posted to slashdot.org had alreadybeen posted earlier, thus informing the editors to reject the post. Unfortunately everyone took this as an April fools joke and the idea was rejected..as we have been just shown!


Here's Your Problem ... (1)

Col. Panic (90528) | about 11 years ago | (#5638111)

Repairman: [pointing to a Good/Evil switch on the back of the doll]
Yup, here's your problem. Someone set this thing to ``Evil''.

Awesome triple post, guys. (1)

dave-fu (86011) | about 11 years ago | (#5638114)

Once, [slashdot.org] twice, [slashdot.org] thrice [slashdot.org] an unfunny fake RFC makes it to the front page. Adding to the in-jokey humor, CmdrTaco greenlighted two of them. Ho ho! Poking fun of your inability to implement story management or spend any time editing a site you expect people to pay money for? You truly are the living end!
Just post this story and nothing else all day and be done with it. It can't be any worse than any of the dreck you normally shovel off on us for April Fool's. Oh, wait. Maybe you could work in a story about Microsoft going open source because the FSF figured out a way to make open source software profitable. That'd be great, thanks.

Slashdot not RFC3514 complaint (2, Interesting)

b1t r0t (216468) | about 11 years ago | (#5638116)

I sniffed the packets from this duplicate article, and the evil bit was not set! I demand Slashdot immediately implement RFC3514 for all duplicate articles!

Of course, we could add a "DOUBLE POST" bit to /. (1)

Destoo (530123) | about 11 years ago | (#5638117)

That would be a great day and our browsers will know it's duplicate and mod accordingly.

But then we'd be stuck with them triple posting, setting the bit twice and either reverting the post back to "double post bit: off" or just crashing the whole universe.

In any case, it should be interesting.

Is it really April Fools?? (1)

daoine (123140) | about 11 years ago | (#5638122)

With all this story repetition, I'm starting to think I'm in 'Groundhog Day'...

WTF!? 2nd dupe! Trupe? Poop! (1)

www!!!1 (662326) | about 11 years ago | (#5638123)

Also, what's with slashdot being all broken? Anyone else getting this or does it just hate me? This was supposed to be a "FP!!!!!111" but I haven't been able to reply for hours.

HAHA when will it stop!! (1, Redundant)

Wakko Warner (324) | about 11 years ago | (#5638124)

Rob, this story was great the first time [slashdot.org] I saw it. It was even better when you posted it [slashdot.org] 2 hours later. Now it's just utterly hilarious! Please post it again and again so it becomes the best April Fool's Joke EVAR .

Go for it!!!

- A.P.

Ah HA! (1)

g051051 (71145) | about 11 years ago | (#5638127)

I figured it out. The "joke" is that they'll post this one story EVERY TIME someone submits it. Diabolical!

Slasdot evil bit (1)

mrycar (578010) | about 11 years ago | (#5638128)

In the recent news, Slashdot has been found to have an Evil bit. This Evil bit was activated whenever the month of March rolled over to April and the Bit went to 1.

The first ever threepeat? (1)

Drakonian (518722) | about 11 years ago | (#5638129)

Is this the first time the same Slashdot story has been posted 3 times.... and ALL ON THE SAME DAY? We have entered a new era my friends! Now come drink the Koolaid with me, this is the sign we have been waiting for!

Slashdot implodes into own lameness filter... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638139)

...when a dupe of a lame story was postetd to the front page only two slots above itself.

whata... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638142)

first post... but with a message: "what the hell?".. shouldn't the editors look at least the frontpage to check they don't post the same storie twice?..
i suppose they are to bussy to read slashdot.

a first for slashdot? (0, Redundant)

prewashedironman (605517) | about 11 years ago | (#5638149)

Three posts all on the same subject...must be a new record, even for slashdot...
Evil Bit Added to TCP/IP Packets
Posted by CmdrTaco on 03:30 PM -- Tuesday April 01 2003
New RFC Adds "Evil Bit"
Posted by CmdrTaco on 01:02 PM -- Tuesday April 01 2003
RFC 3514: New Bit Defined for IPv4 Headers
Posted by jamie on 03:25 AM -- Tuesday April 01 2003

Thanks! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638150)

I was just about to forget it.


Wakko Warner (324) | about 11 years ago | (#5638151)

Rob, this story was great the first time [slashdot.org] I saw it. It was even better when you posted it [slashdot.org] 2 hours later. Now it's just utterly hilarious! Please post it again and again so it becomes the best April Fool's Joke EVAR .

Go for it, man!!!

- A.P.

Triplicates and slashdot has been slashdotted (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638153)

Why is /. so freaking slow? And what's up with the triplicate stories that appear on the FRONT PAGE?!?!!

Troll: (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638154)

This one is for slashdot for repeating an article:)

sigh (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638159)

dude, you're not fooling us. you screwed up and posted yet another dupe, and now you're playing the "i meant to do that game". whatever, either you care enough to check for dupes or you don't, and it's been pretty clear lately that you don't.

Sigh. (1)

rco3 (198978) | about 11 years ago | (#5638160)

April Fool's Day on Slashdot stopped being funny years ago. But now, we get DUPE April Fool's Day stories?

Same editor. Same story. 2 hours, 28 minutes apart. Is this intended as a joke? Because it's even less funny than the story itself...

Hint for geeks who are still trying to cultivate a sense of humor: If it's not as funny the second time, it's REALLY not as funny the 350th time. Yes, that includes All Your Base, Natalie Portman's hot grits, etc.

And no, dupe posts of a semi-funny joke aren't funny.


Good one... (1)

jgerman (106518) | about 11 years ago | (#5638161)

... it's nice to see Taco has a sense of humor about the things he (and /. in general) get's flamed for. Especially considering /. is free (if you want it that way) and no one has much right to complain. Next year, the editors should all get FP's and mod themselves way down ;)

Is it eviler than the evil bit.... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638162)

posted 3 stories ago? Or just not a funny as the original not funny april fool?

Third time's a charm? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638165)

So does this become an amusing april fool's story after the third time it's posted?

dupe the comments too... :) (4, Funny)

muffen (321442) | about 11 years ago | (#5638166)

I still find it amusing that people have comments the third time this article is posted :)

How about a repeat bit for /. submissions? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638167)

That might help. April fools!

The true 1st April joke.. (0)

MrNop (609524) | about 11 years ago | (#5638170)

This is not about this third dupe. The true joke is all these people saying "hey third dupe, its lame!"...

when, tomorrow, they will discover its the same everyday :-)

WTF? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#5638171)

is it my connex, or is /. getting hammered?

This needs implementation support in browsers (1)

MotownAvi (204916) | about 11 years ago | (#5638172)

Certainly when executing an HTTP GET this needs browser support:

if (httpReferer.matches("slashdot.org"))
getRequest.setFlags(EVIL_FLAG); // adios, sucker! /* and I don't care if this joke is a dup; so is the story! */

dupe++ (1)

bgeer (543504) | about 11 years ago | (#5638174)

Meta-april fools joke or has Taco's short term memory finally dropped to the level of a fruit fly from too much UT2003?

Re: RFC 3514 (3, Funny)

MerBat (549931) | about 11 years ago | (#5638177)

As a member of the IETF*, I argued vociferously for a minimum of 3 bits (two to encode [good evil neutral], the third to encode [lawful chaotic]); but after much argument over the space limitations, and confusion over how to interpret the "extra" bit pattern, I was finally shouted down with cries of "you're either with us, or against us!" * Not.
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