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An Overview of Recent Software History?

Cliff posted more than 11 years ago | from the drawing-the-big-picture dept.

Software 7

RobotWisdom asks: "Has anyone run across (or even heard of) an up-to-date overview of the most-important new subdomains for software applications? Inspired by the popularity of my timeline of Unix/Linux, for the last few months I've been working on a new timeline of AI, simulations, and knowledge-representation in general. Digging around online for links about simulation, for example, I discovered vast areas I was completely unaware of, mostly oriented towards the US military. In another context, I started noticing the TLAs 'SCM' and 'CRM' in relation to business software, and had to trackdown what they were all about. This morning I clicked on a banner ad for 'ModelSim' and discovered the TLAs 'HDL' and 'RTL' for simulating logic-chips. Another recent news item led me to the burgeoning field of medical simulations. But what I'm not getting is any sense of an overview of all these specialized domains, that seem to have emerged in software only in the last 30 years. Are there university classes that deal with this, giving a capsule portrait of each one? Textbooks?? Webpages???"

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tsarkon reports teh futare of slashcrap (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5826622)

The Future of SLASHDOT.

2002. Slashdot publishes 1,000,000th rumor passed off as actual story. The story generates 480 comments, 263 of which agree with the article, and 107 of which point out it's a rumor and are modded down as redundant. The remaining comments are all "first posts." or posts that contain any rational insight are modded "troll."

2002. CmdrTaco married to a human female, reports are that she does not have 46 chromosomes, however. Fent does display tendency to retardation.

2002. Slashdot parent corporation VA Research^W Linux^W Software stock worth 35 cents. Rumors that AOL, Microsoft, or even Jimmy the hobo who lives under the Longfellow Bridge may buy it.

2003. VA Software bought by Microsoft for a cup of coffee and a donut. All Microsoft-critical articles mysteriously disappear from Slashdot. Bill Gates as Borg logo replaced with Bill Gates as God. (Taco suggested that in order to be "God," or his vision of God, Gates would have to be seen in a NAMBLA T-shirt. Luckily good taste prevails in favor of the old man image in glowing aura)

2004. CmdrTaco loses virginity, well, not sex with men virginity, that's long since gone, and not sex with anime blow up dolls, this time, real sex.

2004. The WIPO Troll returns again, showering Slashdot in 45,000 copies of the same post: "Lick my crotch hairs." Slashdot, despite
running on 18 redundant IIS/8.0Beta6 servers, buckles under the load. The term "Slashdotted" is replaced with "WIPO-Trolled."

2004. Slashdot officially shut down. Millions of screaming, unwashed geeks invade Redmond campus and lynch Bill Gates.

2005. Linus Torvalds and Anal Cox found dead along with six penguins, a tub of crisco and several used condoms. FreeBSD users are glad the insanity is dying.

2005. CmdrTaco rumored to have had sex again, even with constant Viagra therapy, it took this long. He complains, I can be ready to go again in five minutes if I was looking at a nude man, to the dyslexic Fent.

2006. CowboiKneel found dead in hotel room with 56 pizza boxes covering his bloated corpse. Three suffocated gay prostitutes are extracted from beneath his body as police remove it with a backhoe.

2007. CmdrTaco actually has sex again, this time plugging Fent in the ass for a more manlike feel.

2007. BSD is still officially "dying." No word on when its demise will take place. FreeBSD 9 is delivered in perfect working order in a coherent superior, commercially viable and useable fashion with real documentation, the same practice followed since inception. Linux lunatics, after the death of Cox, are still trying to perfect the Trident driver while ignoring the existence of the GeForce 9. Netcraft dies along with all the surveys they held on Microsoft and Linux servers are lost as well.

2007. CmdrTaco starts new weblog to replace Slashdot, creatively named Dotslash. Remainder of Linux users flock to the site and immediate WIPO-Troll it out of existence.

2007. Box running FreeBSD for 6 years sets world record for Unix uptime on consumer hardware.

2008. CmdrTaco has sex with his wife for the first time without thinking of men. He has dawned on the extra sexual pick me up for his twisted mind, small children.

2010 Marcelo Tosatti finally releases a version of the 2.4 Linux Kernel that is useable 2.4.29-RC2099.alpha.stage.99 (not -STABLE!). Fuck you Marcelo, YOU SUCK as a MAINTAINER.

Is genital-too, I mean Gentoo fixed yet? Last time it made me perform all these stupid, fucking easily scriptable mindless tasks to get it installed, with everything installed perfectly the stupid thing didn't work. Death to OS X, death to lame Linux distributions, I want a COHERENT Linux distribution and FREEBSD or DIE, baby.

A long long fucking time from now. Malda, fat, poverty-stricken, unrespected and unremembered and living in an appliance box in Michigan with a pickle jar for a toilet comes to a series of epiphanies. The 8.3 file system that made him truncate his nick to an 8 letter series of characters has long been forgotten, and he finally realizes he looks like a fag using it. He also realizes that men's asses look like tacos, especially with the beef pouring out and that his name sounds more like Commander of Ass, since one can command asses because the belong potentially to sentient or living things, it is difficult to command inanimate objects such as food , so one can only conclude he was commanding ass.

He also realized his site was a lame, fad, he sold out, he needed to refactor his shit code and never did it. He also realized that communites such as Fark don't have this complete asshole running it with gay lameness and compression filters and lame IP blocking bullshit and cheating, pissing and whining and barely anyone trolls it.

We hate you, Fucking Robbie;

he remembers as reams of pages of trolls cry for his expulsion. He also realizes he cant have a computer anymore because he hates the RIAA and MPAA but ran out and gave George Lucas and other shit media companies tons of money to ruin the laws in favor of the omnicorps. He also realizes his socialist and fascist fucking moderation system squelched all the real comments out of view. He also realizes that a full time crew "working" at Slashdot did a shittier job than anyone thought possible.

He also realized he didn't do SHIT for subscribers and punished them as he would anyone else with page limits, IP blocks, compression and lameness filters. He also realizes Signal 11 is a better man than him and that he is a fucking loser for throwing out S11. He realizes despite being an Open Source advocated, his horrible, unusable unreadable pile of shit called Slashcode was one of the worst projects ever. He realized that retarded journalists are better at reporting the news than Slashdot, that Slashdot news was often inaccurate and unverified.

He also realizes that Aprils fools jokes were really stupid and everyone hated them. He realizes bitchslapping, banner ads, ^H and ^W to show deletion and moderation $rtbl are fucking gay and lame. He realizes this all in a flash as the totalitarian regime he was a small part of constructing (through teaching mobocracy, populism as a rule, hordes of untrained and meritless swarms of people allowed to crucify those who would oppose the thinking of the state) determines his body is a waste of government resources and that he needs to be expelled to a concentration area of the worthless. I figures he would have been the first resident in the camp of the beings deemed worthless to society, along with Jon Katz, but the government, even as a fascist totalitarian regime takes a while to getting around to things.

What will be next? (1)

Blaine Hilton (626259) | more than 11 years ago | (#5826793)

I believe this is an outgrowth of the informational society we live in. Programs keep popping up doing things that were not even thought of earlier. 10 years the only CRM was "keep the customer happy", now there are complex mathematical models for such interactions. Everything is now tracked in huge databases and it all goes back to the central idea that information is power.

Go calculate [] something

What about Genetic Programming? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5827281)

Or am I missing the point? The timeline seems to be a bit vague in its point. Is it supposed to be landmarks in AI, important programs or what?

Re:What about Genetic Programming? (2, Interesting)

RobotWisdom (25776) | more than 11 years ago | (#5827555)

The timeline seems to be a bit vague in its point.

I'm definitely testing the boundaries by intuition more than any predefined rule, but the intro-page [] explains a bit-- it's a history of how our general ability to represent knowledge has evolved.

I've tried to include most borderline cases, but genetic algorithms in the abstract don't represent anything concrete, so I think not.

Guide to Consultant Speak (1)

Viva Capitalism (669279) | more than 11 years ago | (#5831750)

I would have loved to have had something like that when I was looking for my first job in Manhattan as a developer during the Boom.

Before I caught on that the acronyms being thrown at me during interviews were as much to test my ability to BS with the interviewers than to provide any real useful analysis on the spot, I took my failings at understanding them very hard.

Being clueless, I would slink home and look up my vocabulary holes on the web--ERP, ERM, PLM. What the hell were they talking about? All the definitions I found, beyond the literal meaning to the acronyms, seemed self-referential and had no meaning to me without a contextual detailed example.

But somewhere along the line, while working inside some organization, you hear the term enough that suddenly you find yourself using it too, to other people, and they somehow know what it means, even though providing anything beyond a literal definition is still hard.

Instead of glossary, I would have prefered some sort of Richard Scary type cartoon chart, the ones with the cutaway view of houses and fire stations. Something like that---a concrete example of what ERP is supposed to mean inside an organization proabably would have let me see exactly what it was supposed to mean. Not one of the those phony corporate charts, but one made by someone who has read and understood (at least partially) Tufte.

Also... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5837455)

... check out the author's main site ( [] . It is absolutely impressive. I first found it when I was looking for stuff on James Joyce [] . The author likes everything I like, except he is smarter.

You will be absolutely lost the first time you visit the place, but after you get used to the design, it works very well.

The only downside is the number of 404's you'll get, especially to outside sites, but also to some stuff that should be a part of Robot Wisdom. Too bad. Even so, it's very impressive.

The overview [] is a probably a better entry page for new visitors.

Way to go, Jorn.

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