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Want To Be A Digital Hugh Hefner?

simoniker posted more than 11 years ago | from the pipe-and-smoking-jacket-mandatory dept.

PC Games (Games) 21

Thanks to an anonymous reader for pointing out that Gamespot has a hands-on preview and has another preview of the forthcoming PC and console title Playboy:The Mansion. Somewhat reminiscent of The Sims, but with more blondes, you construct the Playboy mansion itself, then simply relax as Hef, hanging out with your Playmate friends and other celebrities, and keeping them happy. There's even a photo-shoot mode for creating Playboy magazine covers. Weirdness abounds.

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And this time.... (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5952393)

And this time, the cartridge will arrive sticky, right out of the packaging!

Re:And this time.... (1)

Resnikov (564840) | more than 11 years ago | (#5952416)

Do you get a free pipe and smoking jacket aswell?

Re:And this time.... (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5952425)

Heh-heh, heh-heh...

He said "Ass Well".

That's it folks, I'm going to bed. Good night all!

Re:And this time.... (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5952437)

more appropriatly:

he said "ass swell"

hands-on preview (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5952413)

hands-on preview

heh-heh, heh-heh...

He said "Hands on preview".

wow...that is the coolest thing ever (3, Funny)

skogs (628589) | more than 11 years ago | (#5952428)

how many adolescent boys will need new keyboards because of "mom, the keys in my keyboard are sticky, they don't work anymore...can I get a new wireless unit?".

Please... (4, Funny)

funkhauser (537592) | more than 11 years ago | (#5952441)

For the sake of the Slashdot community, will someone please, PLEASE post a link to some screenshots??? :)

Re:Please... (2, Insightful)

skogs (628589) | more than 11 years ago | (#5952470)

I doubt that they exist yet. All of the news postings seem to simply say that they are announcing it. And that they are announcing all the little things and features that they will be placing into the game. Right now, I think the game consists of a bunch of programmers, and a bunch of drawings penciled by a playboy toting game jockey. Game won't be out until 2004...thats at least 7 months from now right?

Re:Please... (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5952479)

will someone please, PLEASE post a link to some screenshots???

The concept is not that new - check out, for example, The Yakyuken Special [] (Sega Saturn).

P.S. Shouldn't that be "Virtual Hugh Hefner"?

Re:Please... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5952517)

Oh my god, thanks for the link. I've been laughing for the last 20 minutes...

Here's one snippit:

" Most of the women in this game look good, that's not the problem. The problem is that at random points during gameplay, a little girl's head appears, shouts "TURNING!", then transforms into dracula. Then, the nude photo you're uncovering switches into a scene of absolute horror.

Hey... this isn't so bad at all... ... oh HOLY FUCK SHIT AAAAHHHHH!
What was once a seductive stretching woman is now a pile of blood-soaked screaming corpses. Growling demon heads grow smaller demon heads out of their faces, and unleash an onslaught of terror that will cease any self-gratification you might have been starting on. The maggot-dripping vision of terror does eventually turn back into a topless girl, but by then the point is moot. It doesn't matter if a lump of dead bodies burning in a fiery pit of hell turns into the most beautiful girl you've ever seen-- you're still done thinking about sex for awhile."

Re:Please... (1)

Bastian (66383) | more than 11 years ago | (#5952881)

That article has given me a new goal in life.

I.. MUST PLAY. . THAT. .. GAME!!!!!

Re:Please... (1)

mike_mgo (589966) | more than 11 years ago | (#5955537)

This is a text based game only.

All joking aside... (4, Interesting)

psyco484 (555249) | more than 11 years ago | (#5952484)

Could this be the next big thing for computer gaming? It may sound stupid, and yeah there's plenty of horribly made porn games already, but playboy is at least fairly "mainstream" or popular. If this brings light to a "new genre" of games, how many more will we see? Is this a viable way to market porn? Probably not, strange melde of "having a plot in video games is like having a plot in porno" -Carmack in his early years. The sims didn't really have a plot or anything, but it kind of had a point to it. I can't quite see this catching on and being marketed in your local {insert chain store here}, but it would certainly be different.

Caution, humor ahead:

Now what would really be interesting is if this [] were involved.....imagine the possibilities!

Re:All joking aside... (0)

zonker (1158) | more than 11 years ago | (#5952592)

hey, it'd be really strange if you could get the mr. gupta's smellovision [] working with this thing... ;P

ign seems to have one thing backwards... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5952642)

Quoth the article: "But oh how the times have changed. The new Playboy Enterprises is all about class."

Uh, It seems IGN didn't turn their way-back machine back far enough while doing research for the article. Playboy has always claimed to have been about class, though there was a bit of a decline during the late 80s and the 90s. Two notable high-points of class are the two TV series [] and the Jazz Festival [] , but IMHO their class factor has been going downhill since August 1969. Apparently the TV show may be appearing again [] , so maybe they are trying to regain some of their lost class, but without a change in the current trend of their core content, I doubt this move will be very successful.

Re:ign seems to have one thing backwards... (2, Interesting)

Bastian (66383) | more than 11 years ago | (#5952895)

Considering that Playboy's current target market is frat boys, I think that for Playboy it's currently a choice between being classy and being financially buoyant.

Cyberlore (1)

slux (632202) | more than 11 years ago | (#5952671)

Cyberlore are also the guys who brought us Majesty which has been ported to Linux by Linux Game Publishing. Majesty is also an unusual game, but who would've thought. :)

With good relations in place and when we all know that this'll mostly apply to geeks, maybe LGP could pick this up too.

It'd probably even sell better than on Windows ;)

Re:Cyberlore (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#5958131)

We can hope...

huh? (1)

Bastian (66383) | more than 11 years ago | (#5952799)

This has got to be the second stupidest idea for a game I've ever heard of. WTF is their target market? Computer-addicted teenagers who feel the need to combine electronics with masturbation but haven't yet discovered internet porn? yeah right

(only saying it's the second stupidest because it's still nowhere near Custer's Revenge.)

Oh lordie .. (0)

dzeroo (442003) | more than 11 years ago | (#5952864)

.. gender studies will have a fieldday with this one.

One has to wonder... (5, Funny)

sammy baby (14909) | more than 11 years ago | (#5954042)

You have to wonder about the what kind of "disasters" will befall the residence of the Sim Playboy Mansion. In the Sims, all you really had to worry about was starting a cooking fire, but I can see all kinds of possibilites for this game:

  • Look out! Nadia showed up to a photo shoot utterly wasted on blow!
  • Uh oh! Buffy and Zora both need to use the bathroom to get ready, but Patricia is hogging it with one of her bulimic epi - I mean, fixing her hair!
  • Francesca's boob implants had a catastrophic blowout, and now the conversation pit is ruined!

The possibilities boggle the mind.

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