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Gran Turismo 4 Preview

CowboyNeal posted more than 11 years ago | from the checkered-flags-and-victory-laps dept.

PlayStation (Games) 57

ãã¾ããããsã®ãS writes "FiringSquad has published a preview of Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 4, the upcoming flagship online racing title for PlayStation 2." Acccording to the preview, where the last Gran Turismo made us all adopt a Playstation 2, this one will have us adopting network adapters for online racing. The preview's also got some notes about the lengths Polyphony Digital has gone to in order to make GT4 as realistic as possible.

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What's the poster's name again? (1)

KDan (90353) | more than 11 years ago | (#6149587)

I didn't hear it the first time...


Re:What's the poster's name again? (1)

WereTiger (148010) | more than 11 years ago | (#6149639)

looks kinda like plnbhtoh to me. now try PRONOUNCING it.

I don't mind articles about gaming, as it relates to nerds, but we have bluesnews for everyday stuff like this.

Don't get me wrong, love the new, but PLEASE stick to NEWS :)

Re:What's the poster's name again? (3, Informative)

Henry V .009 (518000) | more than 11 years ago | (#6149700)

yamauchikazunori in romanji. Awesome. I'll have to try this out.

Re:What's the poster's name again? (2, Informative)

Gangis (310282) | more than 11 years ago | (#6152396)

Yamauchi Kazunori is the poster's name. My vocab is nonexistent but I know "Yama" means mountain. And Yamauchi is the family name, Kazunori the personal name. I assume his friends shorten it to Kazu-kun (or san, or whatever honorific applies.

And in incompatible browsers, it'll just show the individual parts of the Unicode character (usually some accented vowels and stuff like that.) IE's pretty good about it.

Re:What's the poster's name again? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6149789)

I know I've had a few clients complain that when I send them to pages (or emails) with Japanese characters anywhere onscreen, it causes their machines to freeze up and die... is it safe putting that name on the front page of a mostly-English speaking website? Not that I have any problems (using OS X), but I thought Windows machines choked on foreign character sets...

Re:What's the poster's name again? (1)

PainKilleR-CE (597083) | more than 11 years ago | (#6150286)

IE and Firebird display it properly on Win2k, I'm not sure what OS/browser combinations would choke on it, but 2k/XP should be fine.

Re:What's the poster's name again? (1)

aarestad (154626) | more than 11 years ago | (#6152220)

According to babelfish, the name is
And inside or ãs paste ã¾
Can anyone give a real translation?...

Re:What's the poster's name again? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6154166)


holy shit, when did slashdot support foreign chars? Now I can insult people in mandarin!

Snore (2, Insightful)

Mike Mentalist (544984) | more than 11 years ago | (#6149726)

Am I the only one who finds the GT games deadly boring? Polypholy dont actually add anything to the games, other than to try and make it that little bit more realistic.

How about adding some AI to the CPU racers, or just make the game enjoyable to play. When PS2 owners were raving about GT3, I was playing the likes of Le Mans, Daytona and MSR on the Dreamcast.
Le Mans (which on the DC is a different game to the average PSX version) had you racing up to 22 cars with PROPER AI, Daytona was a classic arcade game, and MSR was doing new things with the Kudos system.

Re:Snore (3, Insightful)

Palshife (60519) | more than 11 years ago | (#6149775)

You're talking about arcade games. The GT series is a simulation series. Very very different.

One of the big plusses with GT is the amount of customization you can perform on the cars. I can see why some people wouldn't be as interested, it's not for everyone. For those of us that live for the details, it's a dream come true.

Simulation? Not bloody likely (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6159539)

GT is dressed up like a simulation, but is far from it. Besides the obvious technical niggles like the ramming AI and the lack of damage which destroy any sense of realism (the goal of a simulator, no?) there is the big problem...

The catch-up code. The article says that GT4's catch-up code will be even more pronounced than in the earlier games. This means that no matter how well or how poorly you perform, all the other cars will finish close to you. A slow car will get a magic speed boost to catch up with you, or (maybe worse) a fast car will get slowed down if you aren't up to snuff.

This would be an OK option for an arcade mode, but the GT series puts it in every possible racing configuration. Because all the cars are basically in one pack, the only lap that matters is the last lap, and even then you are really concerned with the last 1/4 lap.

So, the GT series might be a good arcade racer like Ridge Racer and Sega Rally, but it is not anything like a simulation, no matter how many pokemon-like trade up features are crammed into it.

Re:Snore (1)

iainl (136759) | more than 11 years ago | (#6150688)

Without trying to put too much of a pro or anti spin on either style of game, the likes of Le Mans are very much Racing games. The thrill is from trying to beat the other drivers in a race to the finish line.

In the GTA series, its very much a Driving game. The aim is to improve your own driving, with all the emphasis going on the handling model and beating your own lap times by either exploiting the best out of the handling, or tuning the car to go faster. Unless you're playing multiplayer the opposition ends up being fairly redundant, to be honest.

If you're the kind of gearhead that likes tuning cars GT is wonderful. If you're the kind of person who is more interested in beating the other racers, you'd be better off with F355 Challenge or MotoGP.

Re:Snore (1)

paradesign (561561) | more than 11 years ago | (#6151411)

if the GT series stops being real and adopts a 'high speed persuit' storyline ill never buy one again. to me no racing game has matched gt3, NONE, it is the benchmark that all racing games are held to. and if you think graphics have anything to do with making a good racing game, you are an idiot (or an xbox fanboy). all other racing games suck because they are not so purely about racing as gt3.

now dont get me wrong, i love arcade racers, and spent many an hour on MSR and Le Mans and mario kart, and loved them. but they are not in hte same class, GT3 stands alone... unfortunately.

Re:Snore (1)

Mike Mentalist (544984) | more than 11 years ago | (#6154765)

if the GT series stops being real and adopts a 'high speed persuit' storyline ill never buy one again.

None of those games I mentioned are about 'high speed pursuit', although Daytona comes close.

to me no racing game has matched gt3, NONE, it is the benchmark that all racing games are held to

I can assure you, that is certainly not the case. If you want a proper racing game then GT isnt any sort of benchmark at all.

and if you think graphics have anything to do with making a good racing game, you are an idiot (or an xbox fanboy).

Where the hell did you get this from? And seeing as how the GT series has been hyped about its graphics from the start, your 'point' seems a strange one...

all other racing games suck because they are not so purely about racing as gt3.

The GT series arent RACING at all, they are simply DRIVING games with crap AI. Le Mans was a proper racing game, as the AI actually competed with you as opposed to just sticking to the racing line like a bunch of drones.

Re:Snore (1)

3dr (169908) | more than 11 years ago | (#6212887)

... to me no racing game has matched gt3, NONE, it is the benchmark that all racing games are held to.
In 1998 Papyrus released "Grand Prix Legends" (GPL) which was a driving simulator based on the 1967 GP series. Five years later, it remains perhaps the most accurate driving simulations and boasts about 300 "aftermarket" tracks and analysis utilities for downloading. Analysis utilities? Yep, they analyze your replay files so you can learn from them. GT3 doesn't have much on GPL. And you're right -- graphics alone don't make a driving game. So don't let the billboarded spectators in GPL drive you nuts -- it runs great even on an old PII@400 box. With the faster machines, GPL could use an update to the graphics engine, but the simulation core rocks.

Oh no, I feel a trend coming... (-1, Flamebait)

frankjr (591955) | more than 11 years ago | (#6149806)

Now that someone has a Japanese username, everyone's gonna start doing it because they think:

"Oh cool its JAPANESE!!!! I must have JAPANESE username too!!!"

Re:Oh no, I feel a trend coming... (1)

the_truk_stop (448393) | more than 11 years ago | (#6151732)

I guess I'm one of the "everyone"s you're speaking of: I think it's cool to have UTF usernames. But as an English-speaker for my entire life, my eyes aren't trained to differentiate Japanese characters. I would imagine that it would be easy in the future (when "everyone" gets a Japanese username) for someone to masquerade as someone else just because I can't tell the difference between one character and another, i.e. "You say you're Bob? OK, you're Bob as far as I can tell".

Re:Oh no, I feel a trend coming... (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6152298)

well, then you can just çzé£Yããã

Re:Oh no, I feel a trend coming... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6153151)


What are those Kanji?

Re:Oh no, I feel a trend coming... (1)

s0nicfreak (615390) | more than 11 years ago | (#6154182)

Eat shit é¦é

heh (1)

ceejayoz (567949) | more than 11 years ago | (#6149840)

First thought was "Why so many photos of real cars driving around?"

Oh. Wait. That's in game??? :-O

Some physics glitches... (2, Interesting)

Palshife (60519) | more than 11 years ago | (#6149845)

I'd love to see some of the blatant physics mistakes fixed from GT3. Two examples:

1) The axis restriction. No car can rotate more than 90 degrees in any direction from normal on any axis. It's to prevent the car from ending up upside down, something that wouldn't fly in GT, as there's no "abort" button a la "RUSH."

2) The wheelie 700 Mph trick. It's fun, and it's cool to do, but it's probably indicative of a larger shortcut in the physics engine.

Either way, I'm already drooling for GT4. Online play is enough to make me want it, but man, I really wanted hard drive features. Importing my own music is something I've wanted to to with GT4. Oh well, there's always 5...

Re:Some physics glitches... (1)

j-turkey (187775) | more than 11 years ago | (#6153451)

I'm with you...but there are just so many physics mistakes, it's impossible to list them all. Among the most irritating was the lack of trailing-throttle oversteer/trailbraking oversteer on *any* car. I'm sorry -- driving into a corner hot and stand on the brakes after you've initiated a turn and transferred weight WILL spin a real car -- hell, you can lift off the throttle at the limit in a real car and expect a little oversteer to tighten up the line a little. No luck on GT3. These are extreme examples...but cars in that game just tend to push unless you put your foot to the floor on a grossly overpowered car. How boring! (not to mention, brutally unrealistic). Nearly as frustrating -- ever notice that there is never any turbo lag (on turbo-equiped cars)?

Driving Simulator is a total farce. Most driving games take realism out of driving games to make them more fun to play -- and usually this is fine. However, when a game is touted as a simulator with enthusiasts in mind -- I expect more. (Maybe I should be expecting more from the enthusiast community)? I'd like to expect more from GT4, but let's be reaslistic -- the last one sold well -- why would they change the formula? It'll never happen. So I won't buy the game.


Re:Some physics glitches... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6157587)

Just a quick comment -- I think they've done an amazing job with the physics overall. I'm not sure where you're coming from with the oversteer complaint, either; depending on the drivetrain and the myriad of other tuning parameters, one has to be extremely careful with the throttle to hold the line and avoid spinouts. Use of the throttle and brakes through corners can be quite helpful (or can kill you). I also assume you're not making the comment only after trying "Arcade Mode". Anyway, I found the praise lavished by Bob Earl [] very interesting.

Also, as far as the word "Driving Simulator". I think GT3 has to be the closest goddamn thing out there to a track racing simulator. It's not perfect, but if any game can claim that title, it's the Gran Turismo series.

Network games for PS2 (2, Interesting)

Ron Harwood (136613) | more than 11 years ago | (#6149857)

What Network games are available for the PS2?

I guess my real question might be - are there any network games for the PS2 that make buying the network adapter worthwhile?

Re:Network games for PS2 (1)

Lukey Boy (16717) | more than 11 years ago | (#6150213)

Midnight Club 2 rules for network play. Lots of cool modes of playing and a kick-ass game to boot, I highly recommend it.

SOCOM is supposed to be good too, but I have yet to try it.

Re:Network games for PS2 (1)

rgonsalves (656276) | more than 11 years ago | (#6150616)

I guess my real question might be - are there any network games for the PS2 that make buying the network adapter worthwhile?

Well, probably Final Fantasy XI if you are into RPGs; but not that much else. It is lame that Sony isn't supporting a network for the systems games and that it is dependant on the developer to make it happen.


Re:Network games for PS2 (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6150693)

Tony Hawk 3 and 4. TH3 had it even before the official network adapter was released. It worked with 3rd party USB adapters.

Graphical Observations (3, Interesting)

cgenman (325138) | more than 11 years ago | (#6149999)

It appears they are doing distance color washing with blur, and generally toning down the image to mimmoc a television broadcast. Whereas Ridge Racer's ilk went for hypercolor, the artists on GT4 appear to have chosen realistically muted shades of grey and dirty brown. Texturing seems to be pretty spot-on too, without delving too much into the extremely textured look of many games. Thankfully GTA3's much abused car-top reflections appear to be muted too. In fact, between the muted colors and muted textures, the game is definitely not a visual feast for the eyes, which is perfect for a realistic racer.

Sorry, I'm just not that excited this time around! (4, Interesting)

Mantrid (250133) | more than 11 years ago | (#6150372)

This isn't that exciting for me...don't get me wrong GT3 was a great game and I enjoyed it thoroughly. But what is Sony really adding here? A few new cars and tracks?

GT really needs an engine overhaul:

- better collision physics - I get tired of racing against other 'bricks'
- car damage - now pieces falling off etc., would be very exciting and cool, but even something as simple as a damage bar to represent what is going on and reduce performance. There's just no way in a game as realistic as GT3 (in other areas) that the fastest route on some tracks should involve setting up a nice billard ball bounce. That should totally screw up your car. The best would be individual parts breaking, and affecting handling, as well as cosmetic damage that may even affect aerodynamics.

Without some major changes, we're still just playing GT1.

I'd gladly wait a couple of more years for GT4 if it had actual new features!

Colin McRae Rally 2.0 has car damge, but... (1)

rklrkl (554527) | more than 11 years ago | (#6150501) have to "billiard ball bounce" around the stages quite a lot for it to affect things significantly. In fact, I've gone full steam into a metal barrier in 6th gear in CMR 2.0 and whilst it breaks a few windows, you can just carry on with the rest of the stage, maybe with a "sticky" gear change, that's all.

Realistic car damage in car racing games is quite important, but at least some car damage (like in CMR 2.0) is better than none at all. I'm quite surprised that such a well-respected brand as the Gran Turismo series has still failed to put this in.

Re:Colin McRae Rally 2.0 has car damge, but... (1)

Mantrid (250133) | more than 11 years ago | (#6150558)

V-Rally 3 has pretty decent car damage in V-Rally mode...I've busted up breaks, engines, even individual wheels...

One time I managed to finish a stage on 3 wheels! It was a little ways from the end, and was damn near impossible to steer, but some how I made it - even won that particular rally with all the other time I'd made up.

Nothing like heading towards a cliff edge, going to slam on brakes and getting nothing but a horrid squealing noise!

If GT had that, it'd be just plain the best game ever I think!

Re:Colin McRae Rally 2.0 has car damge, but... (1)

PainKilleR-CE (597083) | more than 11 years ago | (#6150582)

Realistic car damage in car racing games is quite important, but at least some car damage (like in CMR 2.0) is better than none at all. I'm quite surprised that such a well-respected brand as the Gran Turismo series has still failed to put this in.

I think it's simply a matter of the audience they're going for. There are many games out there that have significant car damage features. The GT series seems to go more towards the appearances and variety of the game, while still allowing for more of an arcade type of play by not hindering the driver with car damage (well, whether or not that hinders you is up to you).

The only people I've seen that complained about the lack of car damage but still liked GT at all, were the people that had almost played the game out and would have liked it as an option to give the game more replay value (in other words, now that they've played the game through a couple times, they'd like to try it with damage, especially if the AI cars take damage as well, since the AI can be such a bitch about doing stupid things that would destroy their cars).

GT2 had limited collision damage (2, Informative)

Numeric (22250) | more than 11 years ago | (#6150585)

If you want real collision damage, I suggest Auto Crossing [] for the real thing.

Re:GT2 had limited collision damage (1)

zero_offset (200586) | more than 11 years ago | (#6151618)

If you want real collision damage, I suggest Auto Crossing [] for the real thing.

Yawn. Cone-racing is for pansies. I suggest road racing for the real thing.

Re:GT2 had limited collision damage (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6151797)

I'm sorry, some of us don't have $30k to dump in a performance car to risk wrecking while spending $100+ on gate fees every time we race. No thanks, I'll stick to solo II until somebody throws a ton of money my way.

Re:GT2 had limited collision damage (1)

zero_offset (200586) | more than 11 years ago | (#6153099)

Well, you're not really risking damage dodging cones in a parking lot, either, are you? That was how this all started. I suppose you might encounter the occasional errant shopping cart...

Re:GT2 had limited collision damage (1)

j-turkey (187775) | more than 11 years ago | (#6153714)

I'm sorry, some of us don't have $30k to dump in a performance car
Please see Spec Miata, Spec 944, and Spec RX-7 [] just to name a few of the sub-$10K classes out there...and Spec Miata is probably the most competitive club racing class that there is (SCCA had to create a new novice class just to give us "normal" folks a chance to trophy.) OK -- gate fees are up there, but $30,000 for a race car is waaaay off the mark.

While we're on the topic of gate fees, have you ever done a simple cost analysis of gate fees vs. seat time? OK -- Say $30 for a typical autocross event with your local PCA/BMWCCA (grassroots clubs tend to be better, but not SCCA -- who seems to give the least amount of seat time). So say you get about 8 runs at a minute each (that's probably the best I've ever seen). That's 8 minutes of seat time...$3.75 a minute of driving.

Now, take a drivers' ed event...or even time trial. With a DE, you get 2-4 20 minute sessions, which starts at around $125 per day. (On a time trial, that's 2 20 minute lapping/practice sessions, as well as at least 20 minutes of race time -- or over an hour on the road). So, at a time trial, you're spending a maximum of $3.12 a minute (down to $0.64 a minute or less for a good HPDE with lots of seat time). To compound the issue -- in an autocross the course is always different. At the end of the day, you've learned that course. Sure, you can apply your skills, but not like a real road course, where you can hone your skills over time. At a race track, you get to drive the course over and over again, improving with each run. So...which is the better deal now?

Also, check out time trialing -- it's not fender-to-fender (safer on the car and driver) and the higher speed, persistent tracks, and sweeping corners tend to give it an edge over autocrossing. Time trial cars can be as cheap as (or cheaper than) autocross cars, and the classes (at least with NASA) are more forgiving of mods. It's the closest thing I've seen to run-whatcha-brung that I've seen.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with autocrossing. I still do it every once in a while, but believe me...once you go track, you'll never go back ;)


Re:Sorry, I'm just not that excited this time arou (5, Insightful)

iainl (136759) | more than 11 years ago | (#6150806)

I'm really not sure about damage now. A couple of years ago while playing GT2 I'd have probably agreed, but not after GT3.

Yes, lack of damage is a problem with the realistic look they have going on. Hell, before we even get to damage I'd like to start by having rally cars that don't look shiny and clean after 10 laps of dirt racing. But its what comes with it thats the problem.

Far more than with GT2, progress in GT3 is boringly slow. Without the second-hand market, you spend ages doing the same tracks over and over again at first earning a few pennies to pay for meagre upgrades to the car. Cash is really boringly tight.

So if you could write off the $100,000 worth of Lotus Elise on the first corner and have to start saving all over again, you'd be going straight for the "revert to saved" option the moment you recieved any damage in any case.

If you want to see spectacular crashes, buy Burnout 2 (its a more fun game all round, too, but you didn't hear me say that). If you want to play Gran Tourismo's career mode, you're better off without damage that you'll never see again after the first time.

Re:Sorry, I'm just not that excited this time arou (1)

cgenman (325138) | more than 11 years ago | (#6151808)

That could be easily rectified by not having to pay for damages to your car. A nonexistant repair model is far better than a nonexistant damage model. You crash, careening around the course... you are punished by having to start over.

From a gameplay perspective it makes perfect sense.

(I'll never understand why Racing games don't have enough money and RPG's have too many random enemy encounters. Neither should be too tight or too frequently forced that people complain about it, especially in games with 500 cars or 50 hours of gameplay)

Re:Sorry, I'm just not that excited this time arou (1)

CheeseMonkey (677515) | more than 11 years ago | (#6152843)

I seem to recall that there were legal issues with quite a few of the car manufacturer's- part of the agreememnt to use such acurate likenesses of their vehicles was that they didn't want them shown all messed up and damaged. This could have been an old gamers' wives tale, though. Personally, I've always felt the game would be much better with realistic vehicle damage. They'd probably have to tone down the difficultly and (greatly) tone up the money received from matches (to cover the cost of repairs), though!

Grand Turismo is rubbish (1)

Bazzargh (39195) | more than 11 years ago | (#6151344)

So it looks great. So you can mod your car to your hearts content. But its very, very easy to get a car big enough and fast enough to beat all comers by enormous margins, and because your car takes no damage on the most ridiculous cars (960 bhp and the like) you can just drive it round the barriers on many courses without even steering.

I was sorely disappointed that the screenshots once again seem to show only pristine cars. Every release they do this, and every release people complain like hell.

Blame Car Makers (3, Informative)

MBCook (132727) | more than 11 years ago | (#6151650)

You have to blame the car makers for this one. They won't license the car models if the cars can take damage in game. That means that to have in-game damage, you'd have to have a bunch of cars that sorta look like real cars but aren't and are distunguisable from the real things (so that they don't get sued). It's not PD's fault.

Re:Grand Turismo is rubbish (1)

Kevin Stevens (227724) | more than 11 years ago | (#6152970)

You have obviously not played Gran Turismo 3, at least not very far. It is an extremely finesse game. Go ahead, take The Pikes Peak Escudo, put the Stage 4 Turbo on it, giving it I believe 1100hp- the most in the game and we will see how far you get. You will not get much farther than midway through the amateur league, except maybe on a closed in course like tokyo. You get eaten alive doing that on the open courses with large sandpits. You have to get fairly far into the game before you can really start taking shortcuts (IE buying a lancer when at the end of beginner mode and putting rally tires on it, to race in rally mode where the payouts are alot higher, and then doing the circuits gaining enough points to win even though you come in last on the last race of the circuit, saving before the last race, and then keep resetting till you get the best car that circuit has to offer). These take a bit of cleverness and foresight to pull off, especially for a first timer going through the game. I would not call that "very, very easy." Going into rally mode early is taking advantage of something I assume the designers had just not thought of, and using the 'save method' to get the best cars you can win in a circuit is pretty much cheating to me. Otherwise, it is very time consuming to jump ahead of the curve of where you should be in the game, and you will still get cremated on the time trial's, license tests, and series where the cars are limited to a certain type. If by many courses you mean the test track, super speedway, and maybe tokyo, I will give it to you, but what are you going to do on the other 7 races of the circuit. Beat some time trials or get an S license and tell me again how easy it is. Its like youre telling me everyone playing SOCOM sucks because you shoot them by taking advantage of the wall glitches.

online play... (1)

paradesign (561561) | more than 11 years ago | (#6151368)

whats it going to cost. im not willing to pay extra to play online.

Re:online play... (1)

Apparition29 (612888) | more than 11 years ago | (#6151860)

My guess (following with Sony's stance on online play) is that it will not cost anything additional.

BUT, you need to already have the proper components to play the game online:
-A PS2 (duh!)
-A network adapeter

Now, keep in mind that games like Everquest and such are subscription based games, because they are continually evolving (at least somewhat). This will not be like that.

Ughh...I hate previews like this (2, Interesting)

Zed2K (313037) | more than 11 years ago | (#6151505)

Why do magazines insist on doing previews but showing screen shots of outside views which are basically just replays. You never see those fews when you play the actual game because you are too busy behind the wheel. You don't see the pretty scenary fly by and you rarely have time to see the other cars. Show screen shots behind the wheel, not majestic shots showing courses.

Re:Ughh...I hate previews like this (1)

BoneMarrow (577933) | more than 11 years ago | (#6156654)

Its because the actual game still looks like shit. Every GT they make they put out screenshots that look amazing, then when you get the game it still looks like shit.

Until these consoles start using AA driving games will continue to look like shit.

Re:Ughh...I hate previews like this (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6263577)

You are a fucking retard. GT3 still has some of the best graphics available on PS2.

Beyond GT3 (1)

robbway (200983) | more than 11 years ago | (#6151795)

GT3 had the best feel of the three Gran Tourismo's. It had a lot less fishtailing and the less time you spend correcting your steering, the more entertaining the game. That probably means the game is less realistic, too.

The graphics are nicer, but as others have stated, the in-game graphics are significantly worse because 30% or more of the screen is filled by the road. So mostly we're talking about better replays.

I welcome the tracks. I just wish they would have a creator or download capability. I welcome the extra cars, but most of the cars feel the same except for their parameters, which you feel during the game and only see during the replays. Again, downloadable cars are needed, especially paintjobs and decals.

The game seriously needs to allow GT1, 2, and 3 players to import their saves. However, I'm fairly certain it won't. Part of the longevity of GT games is the amount of time it takes to unlock.

The thing I'm going to miss the most about GT3 is the ability to slide into an opponent around a corner to cushion the turn and come out without a scratch. Of course, the opponent ends up on the guardrail.

GT = either you love it or you hate it. (1)

Metroid72 (654017) | more than 11 years ago | (#6152465)

Reading the ./ posts confirm the following facts: There are two kinds of racing game fans: * Arcade-type racing fans: Love unrealistic physics and speed, expect their game to break the rules and have a high fun factor. The daytonas, F-zeros, SMKs, etc., fall into this category. * The Simulation-type racing fans: Love realistic cars/environments/details and expect their game to mimic reality. GT, Virtua RAcing, etc. I guess I'll stay with the F-zeros and Daytonas... I have enough driving 80 minutes on the highway everyday.

Re:GT = either you love it or you hate it. (1)

PainKilleR-CE (597083) | more than 11 years ago | (#6153033)

Personally, I just like my arcade-type racing to be really over the top (Mario Kart for example), and my simulation-type to be more about the driving and earning cars/tracks/upgrades (the upgrades part being very important to me, because having to get that next car can suck ass if you can't upgrade your existing car). One of the best parts of GT3 that seems often understated is the controls, imo. I've never played a racing game that I felt responded as well to the controls (without buying a wheel) as GT3. Then again, Super Mario Kart did pretty well, also, but I was drunk and didn't really care most of the time I played that, so I could be wrong.

Replay Mode (1)

eclipsemgp (533543) | more than 11 years ago | (#6152474)

First of all, all the pics that are posted are of Replays, not actual gameplay. This really annoys me because I would like to see what the game looks like when I'm playing, not replaying my run. The game looks outstanding anyway, there is no need to show actual footage of someone playing. Second again the replay mode is shoved don't our throats. Replays are automatic, no way to turn them off, You have to hit start and say exit, "are you sure you wish to exit?" yes. I don't care about replays, I want to play the game. Give me the option to view them so I can see what happened, but don't force them on me. I doubt this will cahnge because it has been like this in the first 3 GTs.

realistic damage... (1)

Devir (671031) | more than 11 years ago | (#6152489)

Anyone ever play the old CGA/EGA graphics game Vette? The one where you race corvettes through San francisco running down pedestrians and stuff.

GT4 would rock if it modeled Vette's damage system with the modern graphics. Get wacked on the front left wheel and steering as well as the engine gets damage. Hit hard enough and your engine blows up killing everyone within 30 miles.

Though the realistic damage should be an option as it could turn off many people. It's no fun when you get bumped on a turn and from then on have a max speed of 60mph. Also as mentioned above, some people like to take the inside of the curve, using an opponent on the outside to help them turn faster by wacking them into the guardrail.

I hated the Kudos system in Gotham racing. Racing for capitalistic money is where it's at.

I hope they totally revamp the car customization features in GT4. It was alot of fun but ended up becoming the same exact thing... buy the best parts for you car, race, rinse and repeat.

What about the sound quality? and other comments (1)

Kevin Stevens (227724) | more than 11 years ago | (#6152580)

Can it be confirmed or denied that GT4 will have 5.1 sound? The other changes in the game seem to be fairly incremental, but I found the sound ( and soundtrack for that matter) to be kind of lacking. When I play SOCOM (on my pretty spiffy home theater system), it sounds and feels like my room is in the middle of a warzone, but when I play GT3, that roar I would expect to feel coming out of the sub and just a general audio experience as immersive as the visual and gameplay just isnt there. More cars are nice, I will give you that, as well as what I would assume to be marginally tweaked graphics, but I guess we will not see a revolutionary type game until PS3 comes out. The lack of even a rudimentary damage system (car go BAM into wall at X miles an hour = topspeed - X* FACTOR or something similar with handling) is pretty dissapointing though. Hopefully the physics model will be somewhat improved to prevent 'using' walls and spearing opponents. I guess it wouldnt be GT style to have just a basic damage system, if it is going to be done it is going to be done right. And as for the game being changed to have the races 'closer', have some mercy on us! If every series has to be as grueling and difficult as the vitz professional or F1 series, the level of frustration is going to turn many players away- the scarcity of money in the game prevents you from getting a car that is significantly ahead of the curve of where you are in the game, unless you really just sit there doing easy courses for hours stockpiling cash. I LOVED GT3, and I will buy GT4 regardless, but I am not overly optimistic about it being that much of an improvement. I view this more as a 'track and car add-on pack' than anything. I really doubt I will be gaining 100% completion on GT4 (which by the way, after spending 4 months playing, give me a little something better for my accomplishment than a car I already have, and a chance to watch credits which I have already seen again- How about something cool like putting every car in my garage, unlimited cash, or a totally unique super car, course or something. Note to non GT'ers- GT is NOT a 50 hour game. I would say closer to 250, though that is a very rough estimate). And of course, my $50 will be well spent if for only the online mode. I am very curious to see how that will pan out- I know there are some cars that I grew very fond of, and had tweaked oh so nicely, but as my friends and I soon found out, the only real way to race is with two cars set up exactly the same. I hope the game facilitates this somehow, and they can keep cheating out of the game entirely.

fix sound, collision damage, THEN improve graphics (1)

ayeco (301053) | more than 11 years ago | (#6153870)

I haven't played GT3, but I've seen quite a bit. It looks beautiful, and 4 is mind blowing. Does anyone have problems with the engine sounds? The lack of wind/ground noise as a car goes by?

The sounds are bad. If they are going to tout this as a simulator, fix the audio first.

Damage is a must too. I want to flip my car. I want to cartwheel down the infield. I want to blow my engine if I redline too long.

Re:fix sound, collision damage, THEN improve graph (0)

youknowit (676713) | more than 11 years ago | (#6158812)

i agree that the sound should be fixed. as far as damage goes, i think it should be an option. some people may not like or may not be skilled enough to play with damage. if they at least make damage an option on the settings menu, everyone would be pleased. however, graphics have to be done first. because of their complex nature and the need to layer and texture graphics the process is very long. everything must be built around the graphics. sound and special effects are easier and less time they take up less memory on the game.
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