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Public Domain Act Introduced Into Congress

simoniker posted more than 11 years ago | from the further-down-the-road dept.

United States 299

AnElder writes "In his blog yesterday Lawrence Lessig said '...Congresswoman Lofgren (D-CA) and Congressman Doolittle (R-CA) have agreed to introduce the Public Domain Enhancement Act into Congress.' Today the Eldred Act website features two press releases announcing the act's introduction, as well as its immediate support by '...the American Association of Law Libraries, the American Library Association, and the Association of Research Libraries...'" We ran a link to the petition supporting this Act a few weeks back.

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One problem I have with it. (-1, Interesting)

mpost4 (115369) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298911)

I am not sure I like the ability to renew the copyright for a fee. Is there a number of times that they can renew it, or could a company in theory renew a copy right on into eternity? So things will never again be able to enter back into the public domain. I would like to see a copy of the proposed bill. Does any one have a link to that?

Re:One problem I have with it. (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6298933)

Wow. The idiocy of your questions make me proud that you're on my Freak list.

Re:One problem I have with it. (4, Informative)

GenSolo (444636) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298944)

According to the page about the act (see old /. article... RTFA?), it can only be renewed every 5 years until the end of the copyright term. Therefore, when the term would normally have expired, it would expire. People just have to pay extra for it this way.

Re:One problem I have with it. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6298950)

Another finely moderated comment by a nonRTFA user and a bunch of nonRTFA moderators.

The Decline of Western Slashdotization continues.

Re:One problem I have with it. (5, Informative)

loucura! (247834) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298954)

They aren't renewing the copyright, because Copyright in the US is Creator's life + 70 years, or in the case of Corporations 80 years, or something like that. This is merely a provision which allows a work to fall into the public domain after 50 years from the copyright date, unless the work is commercially viable, in which case, the copyright holder pays a small fee to keep the rights until the copyright term is completed.

Commercially Viable (3, Insightful)

yintercept (517362) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299024)

The key to the ammendment is the word "commercially viable." The works that people want to get their hands on, of course, are the commercially viable ones. Most of the rest is white noise.

There are a few cases where party x knows how to make a work of party y commercially viable again. The problem is that party y will cry foul when party x performs his magic.

This is a good step forward.

Re:Commercially Viable (3, Insightful)

loucura! (247834) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299046)

Party Y won't be able to cry foul if they've let the work lapse into the public domain. It won't matter anyway, they had their fifty-years, weren't able to make it continually commercially-viable, and so it lapsed, if they had been able to, or merely wanted to make sure they had sole control, they could have paid the $1.00(US) every ten years after then 50th year from first publication. That averages out to 90 dollars over the course of the copyright's "Lifetime", it's pocket change in the long run.

Re:Commercially Viable (1)

Guppy06 (410832) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299182)

On the other hand, it would give folks like Moby more public domain works to choose samples from without running afoul of copyright laws.

The Process (1)

yintercept (517362) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299372)

I agree completely that getting the works in large open databases is good.

In some ways, I think the copyright laws should stop being viewed as static rules, but be designed as a process that ultimately ends up with the work in large public databases.

The first phase of the process has the objective of getting money into the hands of the artists to cover production. The last phase makes it so we can query and cite large collections of works.

The trick is design the process so that the database does not end up being a toe to toe competitor with the author's sellable work. This is very hard to do in a system that only has two states: total monolopy and total public access.

There probably should be steps between absolute monopoly of the work by the author and total public access.

The process might even consider rights separately, for example, the right to reprint a work in book form might be different than database search rights. Movie rights are big money. They might be considered separately as well.

To keep things uniform, the copyright office could even have set prices or limits on some actions. For example, pulling a MP3 from library for a single listen might cost a nickel.

The 50 year rule is moving in the right direction. It starts to recognize the different attributes of different some are no longer commercially viable.

Another Problem is this (2, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299207)

Another problems is that public domain media will ultimatly compete with copyrighted media.

So by not renewing their copyrights they will be creating a competitor to their commercially viable products.

So for them it is then worth it to pay the buck or 5 bucks to renew it.

You have to remember it's not just if the copyright will make them money, but if the public domain stuff will cost them customers. Since ultimatly it would, they will of course always renew.

Right now I can't just download a old movie from the 30s from the net to watch when I'm bored so instead I go rent some recent release from the store for 3 bucks. If they let the copyright go on the 1930s movies suddenly there would be competitor to what they are selling. That's not in their interest. They will renew the copyright. When they start selling movies on the net do you think they want me watching All Quiet on the Western Front and Alexander Nevsky for free as public domain when instead I would be forced to rent some more recent schlock movie?

So in the end the total amount of media freed by this will be miniscule.

Re:Another Problem is this (2, Insightful)

drdale (677421) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299246)

Yeah, right, studios are going to be real concerned that people would rather watch a black and white movie from the 30s for free rather than pay $3 for a new popular movie. That is why the the video chains and theaters have already lost huge sums of movie to movieflix, which lets you watch a few old movies for free via streaming video. I think the real point of the legislation is to free up material whose copyrights are held by private individuals who may not even know that they hold them. It saves people who want to use the material the expense of hiring a PI to try and figure out just who the heck the copyright belongs to.

Re:Another Problem is this (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299286)

Ah ha you see movieflix just proves the point.

Why would a corporation allow me to put up movies from the 30s on p2p or my website when they can stream them for a profit?

Any public domain movies would just compete against movieflix so they would of course not allow it.

It's sad that you obviously don't realize just how good black and white movies from 1930-1950 are but with our public domain plundered it's no suprise these masterpeices are not known. Too bad it's illegal for me to send you a couple DivXs of some timeless classics. Oh well.

Hmm, I guess you can always pay $7 to go see The Hulk, what a timeless masterpeice that is. I'm sure in 300 years people will still be fascinated by the fine cinematic genius that is The Hulk.

Re:One problem I have with it. (1)

jafac (1449) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299043)

In other words, this Law doesn't do jack shit.

Re:One problem I have with it. (4, Informative)

loucura! (247834) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299079)

Copyright is currently Life of Creator + 70 years. This amends current copyright law, such that the copyright can fall into the public domain after 50 years have passed since first publication (or 2004 whichever is later). This greatly benefits us because it enriches public domain.

Therefore, your assertion that this law does nothing, is incorrect.

(I was going to say something about your (apparent)inability to read, but I decided against it because I'm a nice person.)

Time to try my hand... (4, Funny)

cliffiecee (136220) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298963)

At really obvious Karma Whoring.

Link to the proposed bill is here. []

(Not to be nasty or anything, but if you'd have clicked the link in the slashdot announcement you would have found this link immediately.)

Re:One problem I have with it. (3, Informative)

crashnbur (127738) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298967)

Following the links from the posted article, I found the text of the law in PDF format [] . The THOMAS Congress web site [] does not yet have the bill online.

Re:One problem I have with it. (2, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299047)

Is there a number of times that they can renew it, or could a company in theory renew a copy right on into eternity?

They can't renew it past the normal expiry date, so this won't make copyrights last any longer than they do now. But this isn't meant to stop or shorten corporate copyrights - the intent is to make copyright holders show some interest in keeping their copyrights, and to ensure that the copyright office knows who owns the rights (they can be inherited, reassigned through contracts, etc.).

fp (-1, Offtopic)

smic (512194) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298916)

Important Stuff:
Please try to keep posts on topic.

YOU FAIL IT! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6298922)

you fail it! you windows fucker!

White Male Ninja seeks Female (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6298938)

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Please respond.

Re:White Male Ninja seeks Female (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299283)


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trollofdoom (647425) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298943)

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Fob Asians
Cubans "Fresh Off the Boat." Applies mainly to Asian and Cuban immigrants.
Fog Nigger Blacks British Blacks. The weather is usually foggy in Britain.
Four By Two Jews Cockney rhyming slang "four by two" = Jew.
Fritz Germans WWI term?
Frog French The French are said to laugh like frogs. When they laugh, their adam's apples bulge out of their necks like frogs. Also perhaps from the French delicacy of frog-legs. Another possible derivation is the Fleur-de-Lys displayed on the French king's banner in the Middle Ages, which, to the English enemy, looked like squatting frogs. UK origins.
Frostback Canadians A play on "wetback", altered to fit Canadians.
Fur Licker French Sexual preference.
G/Gee Blacks Shortened from Gangster or OG (Original Gangster). Used as a greeting between gang members ("Yo, G, what up?"). Used in a derogatory fashion by members of other races or non-gang members.
Gabacho Whites Connotes "imperialist"; used by Mexicans and Mexican-Americans; apparently originated in Spain to refer to French.
Gai-jin Whites Japanese equivalent to "Goyim," refers to anyone not Japanese, but especially Westerners.
Gai-ko Whites Pronounced "guy-ko". Derogatory way of saying gaijin which is 'foreigner' (literally outside person) in Japanese.
Gar Blacks Redneck term. Short for nig-GAR. Could also refer to the Gar, a fish similar to the piranha, found in streams in the Southern US and eating by many Southern Blacks.
Gasbag Native
Americans Some Natives are commonly prone to 'huffing' gas out of a plastic bag.
Gatemaster Jews Some say they are destined for hell.
Geechee Blacks Specifically a derogatory term referring to the Gullah culture of African ex-slaves on the Atlantic Coast of North Carolina and Virginia.
Geep Italians From Pinnochio's "father" Gestepo, who was Italian.
German Oven Mitt Jews WWII.
Gew Jews A German Jew. Pronounced like 'goo'.
Ghetto Blacks Used to describe Black urban "Ebonic" syntax; can be used on anyone who speaks in such a manner.
Ghetto Hamster Blacks Black Children. A disposable pet.
Ghost Whites Ghosts are white.
Gimpy Blacks It is an often stereotype that most people who collect unemployment are black. And blacks pretend they are injured so they can collect.
Ginzo Italians From Guinee/Ginney.
Goldberg Jews Common Jewish name. Also has slight money-related reference.
Golden Toe Whites Whites who don't bathe get golden toes.
Gomer Whites White goof Gomer Pyle from the television show of the same name. A spin-off of The Andy Griffith Show.
Gook Vietnamese Most likely originated in Korea either by referring Korea's original name, "Hanguk", or during the Korean War when Koreans would ask American GI's "Mi Guk?" ("American?" in Korean) which sounded like they were saying "Me gook." Was soon adopted for use in the Vietnam War.
Gookaniese Vietnamese Their language is Gookaniese.
Goombah Italians From the Italian word "Compare" (pronounced 'cumpa') meaning "a close friend." Considered a slur when used by non-Italians to describe an Italian male. Was first used by Louis Prima who was famous for bastardizing the Italian language in his witty songs for his American audience. The Goomba is also the weakest enemy in Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. video game series.
Gorilla Head Whites Popular White 80s hairstyle called a 'mullet' is similar to a gorilla: short on top and long in the back. Countless small-town White folk still sport them.
Goy/Goyim Whites Used by Jews to describe White gentiles or non-Jews in general. The term "goyim" means "human cattle." Possible old Hebrew derivation from the word for nation (ie. nations other than we.)
Grape-Stomper Italians
French They make wine.
Gravelbellies Hispanics Crawling across border on their bellies.
Grease Ball/Bag Greeks, Italians
Hispanics Possibly because of the grease they sometimes put in their hair or because of the types of food they make.
Greezer Greeks Play on word.
Grey Whites A white that tries to act black (white & black mix = grey). See: Wigger.
Greyboy/girl Whites See: Grey.
Gringo/a Whites This is truly only derogatory in regions of northern Mexico and in the United States where it translates to "white foreigner." Gringo/a in many other countries in Latin America really only translates as "foreigner" without a pejorative connotation. Is generally used to refer to all foreigners/tourists of apparently northern European descent. Some say it comes from Spanish "griego" (meaning Greek) which used to be used to refer to anything foreign. Others say it comes from hearing Americans sing the popular song "Green Grow the Rushes" (unlikely though). Yet others believe it comes from when soldiers were in South America and they all wore green outfits, and they would say, "Green Go."
Gro Blacks From neGRO.
Groid Blacks Short for Negroid.
Groundskeeper Willie Scottish From the Scottish character in 'The Simpsons'.
Grout Germans WWII.
Guerro Whites Used by Hispanic-Americans.
Guido Italians Northern term referring to Italians who try to portray a mafia mentality. Feminine version is Guidette.
Guinea Italians Pronounced "gi-nee." Came from "Guinea Negro" and originally referred to any Black or any person of mixed ancestry. This dates back to the 1740's. By the 1890s it was being applied to Italians--almost certainly because they tend to have darker skin than Anglo-Saxons/Germans. By 1911 the term began being applied to Hispanics, although the reference to Italians is the most common.
Guteater Native
Americans They eat stomach lining (tripe) of deer, buffalo, etc.
Gwailo/Gweilo Whites Cantonese term to refer to any Western person. Also means 'White ghost' Gwai=ghost, lo=man. The first whites seen in China were sailors. The ships often left on early morning tides or during the night, causing the locals to believe they were "ghosts" who were seen and then disappeared.
Gwat Central Americans Short for Guatemalan.
Gyp/Gyppo Egyptians Play on word "Gypsy". Gyp also actually means a cheat or swindler.
Habibi Arabs Translates in Arabic to "Beloved". Technically a term of affection but still sounds funny.
Hadji Indians Reference to a youthful East Indian side-kick character named Hadji from the '70s Saturday-morning cartoon, "Johnny Quest."
Hagwei/Hayquay Blacks Chinese origin showing dislike or hatred of Blacks or African Americans. Means 'black devil, or 'demon.'
Half Baked/Breed Mixed Races Black/White mix.
Half-Dick Jews Circumcision reference.
Halfrican Mixed Races Black/Any other race. Represents a person that is half African.
Haole Whites Pronounced "haow-lee." Refers to any non-Polynesians. It means "without breath" in Hawaiian, it was used to describe the ghost like appearance of Capt. Cook and his men when they first came ashore.
Hapshi Africans Animal like, originates in ancient India, when some slaves were imported from Africa. Still in use.
Harbor-Bomber Japanese The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, which caused the US to enter World War II.
Harp Irish Perhaps derived from the fact that Harp Ale is brewed in Ireland or that the Harp is popular instrument amongst the Irish.
Hawaga/Khawaga Whites Originally a Persian word for "Lord". Heard in Egypt. Accent on second syllable.
Hay Seed Whites Slang term for country-farmer-type whites (or all whites in general).
Hebe Jews Short for Hebrew.
Hebro Jews Black Jews. Combination of "Hebrew" and "bro"
Heinee Germans Possibly from the root name, "Hein," plus something, like "Heinrich" or "Heineken".
Heinz Mixed Races Any mix of races. From the label on the ketchup bottle reading "57 Varieties."
Helo Whites Whites who try to immerse themselves in hoodlum culture.
Herm Germans Herman the German - self-explanatory.
Herring Choker Scandinavians Scandinavians are known for eating lots of fish.
Hick Whites Country dweller, rustic farmer, unsophisticated tourist. The whites that live in the country. Also, Sometimes they make a hicking noise when they are excited.
Hickory-Smoked Jews WWII.
Higger Indians Hindus who act Black.
Hillbilly Whites Redneck, Hick and Hillbilly are all used as derogatory terms for whites.
Hispandex Hispanics Don't know if Hispanics are known for wearing Spandex, but it sounds funny anyway.
Hitler Germans Self-explanatory.
Homey/Homie Blacks Synonymous with friend in the black community, used by other races to poke fun at that.
Honky/Honkie Whites Possibly comes from the term "Honky Tonk", which is a type of country music. Another interesting theory suggests it originated as "Hunky" (and "Bohunk") to refer to Slavic and Hungarian immigrants and eventually transformed into "Honkey" to refer to all White people. Might also come from the African Wolof word "Honq" meaning red or pink and used to describe white men. Yet another theory has it originating from white men honking their horns to call on the lounge singer/prostitute types in 1920's Harlem.
Honky/Honkie (2) Asians Asians hailing from Hong Kong.
Hooknose Jews In recognition of a common Hebrew facial characteristic.
Hoosier Whites Rednecks, trailer park trash.
Horse-Gums Blacks Self-explanatory.
Hoser Canadians From western-Canadian practice of stealing gas with a siphon, ending up with a mouthful of gasoline. Suggests low intelligence. On the Canadian TV show SCTV, "Bob and Doug McKenzie" always called each other Hosers.
Hot Dog Eater Americans Used by Canadians, referring to American tourists who eat a lot of hot dogs.
Hot Footer Hispanics Ones that can't swim across the border. See: Wet-Back.
Hotel Blacks Ebonics: "I gave the bitch crabs and the hotel everybody."
Hotnot Blacks Probably derived from Afrikaans "Hottentot", a name for a very traditional Khoisan group generally recognized as among the most primitive on earth.
House Nigger Blacks The slaves called the butlers house niggers, basic Uncle Tom reference.
Hucka-lucka Arabs Derived from the sound of them speaking (as heard by a dumb American).
Hun Germans A person who is wantonly destructive :VANDAL b usually disparaging : GERMAN; especially : a German soldier
Hunyak East Europeans Contraction of Hungarian & Polock.
Huskie Eskimos Refers to a type of dog found in Northern parts. 'Husky' also means large or overweight.
Hymie Jews Jesse Jackson once referred to New York City as "Hymie-town" (which got him in a lot of trouble).
Ian Armenians All their last names end in IAN.
Ice Monkey Finlanders Because of their clear skin and facial features.
Ice Nigger Canadians Canadian Blacks. It's cold in Canada. Coined by comedian Scott Thompson from the Kids in the Hall.
Iceback Canadians Another take on frozen Wetback. See Frostback.
Ikey-Mo Jews Abbreviation of "Isaac Moses".
Injun Native
Americans Pioneer-related term dates back to the 19th century during the Western Expansion. Probably comes from country people who could not pronounce the word Indian correctly.
Island Nigger Polynesians Polynesians live in islands and some have hair similar to that of Black people.
J.J. Blacks A goofy black guy, like the guy from Good Times.
J.O. Amish Pronounced 'cho.' Stands for Jerked Over. Refers to an Amish man who has left the church; no longer Amish. See: Cham.
JAP (2) Jews Stands for "Jewish-American Princess". Related to the familiar 'Yenta'.
Jabonee Italians What American-born Italians call immigrant Italians, as in "He/she is a real Jabonee right off the boat. Can't even speak English." Possibly a real Italian word bastardized by English-speaking Italian-Americans.
Jackamammy Blacks Combination of 'jack rabbit' and 'Aunt Jamima.' People have said that jack rabbits looked like 'lynched' black people.
Jandel Polynesians Because most Polynesians wear jandels.
Janner Cornish Derogatory term used by the English.
Jap Japanese Short for Japanese.
Jar Jar Blacks In Star Wars Episode 1, the computer-generated character Jar Jar Binks was filled with stereotypical black behavior. The actor who did the voice was also Black.
Jaundy Boy Asians Comes from Jaundice (Hepatitis), which turns your skin yellow.
Jerry Germans Brits called the Germans this in WWII. They thought it was a common German name.
Jesus Killer Jews Christians in the times of WWII when the Jews were most hated used this slur as a reason to hate Jews.
Jew Jews Short for Jewish. Not really a slur but could be if you say it the right way.
Jew Killer Germans Reference to the Holocaust.
Jew-Bag Jews Reference to being cheap.
Jewban Mixed Races Jewish/Cuban Mix.
Jewlet Jews Female Teenage Jews. Heard frequently in NY.
Jewrab Mixed Races Jewish/Arabian mix.
Jewxican Mixed Races Jewish/Mexican mix.
Jigaboo Blacks Very dark-skinned Black people. Usually used among lighter-skinned African-Americans to refer to ones of very dark complexion. Used in the 1975 movie "Cooley High."
Jigger Mixed Races Jewish/Black mix. Jew + Nigger.
Jihadi Moslems Moslems in India have been branded after Jihad.
Jikky British ?
Jim Blacks Heard it used by Renko on Hill Street Blues. He called an older black man "Jim" and the guy flipped out and roared, "Who are you callin' Jim?" Most likely comes from the old Black slave character Jim in the book _Tom Sawyer_.
Jock Scottish Heard in the UK. Because Joc is a common Scottish name.
Joe Americans Were referred to as "G.I. Joe" in World War II.
Jr. Mint Blacks White on inside, black on outside.
Jungle Bunny Blacks Jungle is referred to their jungle origins and bunny is referred to some people saying that jack rabbits looked like 'lynched' black people.
KFC Blacks Black people like fried chicken.
Kaaskop Dutch Dutch for "cheese head".
Kabloonuk Whites Inuit (Eskimo) word for any non-Inuit. Literal translation means "person with bushy eyebrows."

Racial SLurs 2 (-1)

trollofdoom (647425) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298958)

Kaek East Indian Thais, living in Thailand, refer to the Indians (who have been in Thailand for at least 200 years, I think) as Kaeks, which means "guest" in Thai. Take a hint, already, guys! The word may also be spelled "kak" or any other way you like, since Thais use a different "alphabet." However, "kaek" is pronounced to rhyme with "crack."
Kaffer/ir Blacks Afrikaaner word for blacks, very derogatory. Made popular by Lethal Weapon 2.
Kafir Non-Arabs Kafir is an Arabic word with meanings similar to Goy or Goyim of the Jews, only describing any non-Muslim person in a derogatory way. S. African Kaffir possibly imported during the Boer War by British soldiers who had fought in the Sudanese campaign.
Kala Blacks Indian word for the color black. Used by Indians as a slur for black people.
Katzenfresser Italians German slur meaning "cat eater".
Khazar Jews The Khazar Empire converted en mass to Judaism, in 740 A.D. and allegedly (see Koestler's book, _The Thirteenth Tribe_) formed the bulk of the Ashkenazi Jews. Many conspiracy theorists and White Nationalists refer to Jews as Khazars. Search the web from more...
Kike Jews Originates from the word 'keikl', in Yiddish, which means 'circle', the reason being that the first Jewish immigrants in America, who were unable to sign their names, signed with a circle instead of a cross.
Kingfish Blacks From Amos & Andy. Usually in reference to a poor, older black man.
Kiwi New Zealanders The native bird is the Kiwi. Not necessarily a slur to New Zealanders.
Knees Grow Blacks Comes from Negro.
Knuckle-Dragger Blacks Often believed that black people have longer arms than other races and therefore their knuckles would drag.
Koku-jin Blacks Japanese term for Blacks or anyone of African descent.
Kraut Germans Short for sauerkraut, a popular German food.
Kukolokod Alaskans ?
Kung-fu Chinese Chinese delivery person, mainly 'Is that Kung-Fu with my Lo Mein?"
Kunta/Kunta Kinte Blacks From Kunta Kinte in the book/movie "Roots."
Kurombo Blacks Used in Japan; considered very derogatory. Comes from "kuro" (=black color) and "bo" (casual suffix meaning young man).
Landya Muslims Actually means 'cut cocks' because of the rite of circumcising followed by Muslims.
Latrino Hispanics Combination of "Latino" and "Latrine."
Lava Lamp Hawaiians Also works on Pacific Islanders or anyone in the volcanic circle.
Lawn Jockey Blacks Most all Lawn Jockeys are Black, sometimes also known as Porch Monkey.
Leb/Lebbo Lebanese Pretty Self-explanatory. Used a lot in Australia where there was a large arrival of Lebanese immigrants in the mid 80's.
Lefty Arabs Thieves in the Arab countries get their hand chopped off.
Lemonhead Asians Skin color.
Leprechaun Irish From the well-known old Irish myth of the chubby green-clad gnome (what happens when you mix Catholicism with Paganism). Popularized in America by Lucky from the Lucky Charms cereal and St. Patrick's Day.
Limey British The British sailors ate a lot of limes to prevent scurvy (18th and 19th centuries). Limey implies lime-eaters.
Lincoln's Mistake Blacks US President Abraham Lincoln is known to have freed the slaves.
Lobsterbacks British Redcoats in Revolutionary War.
Lofan Whites Anglo-Americans. A Chinese word, not necessarily derogatory.
Lowlander Dutch The Netherlands are below sea level.
Lucius Blacks Commonly used on poor black people. During the period prior to the Civil War, many blacks were named after famous Romans (e.g. Lucius, Marcus, Scipio, etc.)
Macaroni Italians The famous macaroni noodle originated in Italy.
Makaronifresser Italians German. Fressen is impolite term for eating (people essen, but animals fressen).
Maldito Bori Puerto Ricans Puerto Ricans come from Boriquen and call themselves Boriquas. Bori is short for that. Maldito is used so commonly before Bori by many other Hispanics because they steal, rob, kill, and smell. Maldito means "god-damned".
Mandingo Blacks In reference to the 1975 blacksploitation movie with the same name.
Mandinka Blacks Reference to the motion picture "Roots": A Mandinka warrior was a 'Big Black Buck'.
Mangro-Monkey Blacks Monkeys live in mangroves.
Maple Leaf Nigger Canadians Their flag has a maple leaf on it.
Massa Whites Black Southern speech. The Negro slaves addressed their Masters in this way.
Mayate Blacks Hispanics term for 'Nigger.'
Mayonnaise Whites Skin color.
Meat Pie Asians "Yellow on the outside, black on the inside."
Med Wop Mediterraneans Self-explanatory.
Melanzana Blacks Italian for "eggplant" - very dark black people have a purplish tint to their skin, so does eggplant.
Mellanoid Blacks Dictionary: one having dark pigmentation.
Mestizo Hispanics Specifically, Spanish/Native American mixed breed. Not polite, but not taboo either. From the Spanish word for "mixed".
Mexijew Mixed Races Mexican/Jewish mix.
Michelli Whites Commonly used to refer to Whites living in southern United States.
Mick Irish Many Irish surnames begin with "Mc" or "Mac." Irish are also named after the famed Michael Collins, making Michael (Mick) a very common name. Not as derogatory as Paddy.
Midnight Blacks Self-explanatory.
Mockey Jews Andrew Dice Clay among others have used it.
Mof/Moffen Germans Used by the Dutch in the 2nd World War.
Mohow Native
Americans Indians have Mohawks & Pow wows.
Mojo Hispanics Normally used among Hispanics towards other Hispanics. "Mojo" derives from "mojado" meaning "wet" i.e. wet-backs. Mojados are Mexican citizens while pochos are Mexican-Americans.
Moke Hawaiians Refers to how locals in Hawaii are big/fat/dumb. Used by locals similar to how blacks use "nigger."
Monkey Blacks Self-explanatory.
Monkeyboy Blacks People once believed, because of their high cranium, blacks were close cousins to primates.
Mook Chinese A 'mook jonk' is a wooden dummy used in kung fu. Word defined as "an ineffectual, foolish, or contemptible person."
Mooliachi Blacks Female version of Mooley. Used in The Godfather.
Moolie Blacks Shortened from Melanzane, meaning "eggplant" in Italian. Eggplants have black skin.
Moon Cricket Blacks See Cricket. Possibly derived from the "MC" often used after many black nicknames.
Moon Cricket (2) Whites The slur is also used by some Native Americans against whites: "moon" as in pale, and "cricket" as in whites have big eyes and gangly legs. Whites also make annoying sounds like crickets.
Moor Blacks For the black Muslims that invaded Europe during the Middle Ages. Also used as derogatory against those of ancestry where the Moors settled (Spain, Sicily) - they are "part Moor".
Moosefucker Canadians Tom Green, a Canadian, mocked sexual contact with a moose on his television show.
Moss Eater Whites White trash in the Pacific Northwest.
Mouse Whites Used by Blacks to refer to nervous ("shook") white people walking through the ghetto.
Mud Duck Blacks Dark skin. See Mud People.
Mud People Blacks Sentiment that only Wasps are born with souls, everyone else God made from mud. Also suggests life without meaning, value or worth. Used by the church that was attended by Mr. Smith - the hate killer that shot up a bunch of Jews and Blacks in the summer of '99.
Mud Shark Whites White girls who date black men.
Muk/Muktuk Alaskans Comes from the main Eskimo food source - Muktuk - whale fat/meat.
Mullato Mixed Races Black/White mix, usually. The Spanish "Mullato" translates to "like a mule." Could refer to any mixed breed.
Mullethead Whites Bad hair cut (short on top, long in back) rural whites sport fashionably.
Mung Vietnamese Vietnamese people that were relocated to America by the US government during and after the Vietnam War. It's actually the correct pronunciation of the word "Hmong", mountain-dwelling people inhabiting southeastern China and the northern parts of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.
Muppetfucker Whites Backwoods inbred rednecks of the U.S. south are called muppetfuckers because they look like Muppets.
Mutt Mixed Races Any mix of races. The regular use of 'mutt' refers to dogs of mixed breed.
Nacho Hispanics Based on the popular snack.
Naco Hispanics Native Mexicans. Used as an insult by city dwellers on indigenous, small town inhabitants or vulgar people even from the big city.
Naga Blacks North American Ground Ape; Affectionately used by the LAPD during the Watts riot in Los Angeles.
Nammer Vietnamese Derived from Vietnam being called "Nam".
Napkin Nigger Indians Obvious reasons.
Nappy Head Blacks Refers to hair type.
Narrow Back Irish Heard used on jobsites around NYC amongst the many Irish immigrant workers and every time one Irish immigrant calls another this slur it has always ended in a bloody fistfight.
Nazi Germans Self-explanatory.
Neck Whites Shortened version of 'redneck.'
Neechee Native
Americans Love of Lychee fruit.
Negro Blacks Once acceptable, it is now often taken derogatorily by Blacks.
Nethead Hispanics Chicano slur used in L.A. From Mexican boys wearing thin nets to cover their hair.
Newfie Canadians Newfoundlanders. Some of the people from Newfoundland are considered to be less intelligent.
Ni-ni Blacks Used instead of "nigger" in potentially sensitive company, to avoid being overheard, or to appear politically correct.
Nickel Nose Jews Money and Facial characteristic.
Nig-nog Blacks Used in England. Probably from the Dutch "niknok" (=nigger) by way of South Africa.
Nigger Blacks Most likely originates with the Latin word "niger" which translates to "black". Similar words for "black" exist in other languages (Spanish, for example, is "negro"). Also somewhat relates to the African country Nigeria, which is primarily black. Many variations exist, including "Nig", "Nigel", "Niggy", "Niggly", etc.
Niggerette Blacks Black women. Adapted from: Nigger, See: Nigger.
Niggeroid Blacks Usually light skinned mixed breed black and any other race.
Nigglet Blacks Black children. Adapted from: Nigger, See: Nigger.
Nigloo Blacks In northern Canada, it refers to Blacks living way up north in the cold with the Eskimos.
Niknok Blacks Dutch version of Nigger.
Nikon Asians Popular brand of camera. Asian tourists are known to take a lot of photographs.
Nine Iron Asians Golf club with a dramatic degree of loft, ostensibly resembling stereotypical Asian 'slanted' eyes.
Ninja Blacks Ninjas wear black clothing.
Ninky Mixed Races Black/White mix. See Carlton or Zebra. It can be both.
Nip/Nipper Japanese Short for Nippon meaning "Japan".
Nit Native
Americans Refers to the belief that Native Americans had lice.
Nog Blacks Stands for "Nigger Out of Gas". Used by White police officers to describe Blacks who run out of gas and wait for the police to supply them some, which, supposedly, by law they have to do.
Nordski Scandinavians They come from "da Nord".
Nubian Princess Blacks Originally was a compliment for Black women, grew popularity from the movie "Friday" then was commonly used mockingly under mentality that a Nubian meaning African even with a title of princess is still a Nigger.
Nuprin Asians "Little, yellow, different."
Nurple Blacks African Blacks, specifically. "So black they appear purple."
Ocnod Arabs A bastardization of Achnad, a common Arab name.
Octroon/Octaroon Mixed Races A person who is 1/8th Black. Originated by the Spanish in the 14th/15th century as they were very exact in their racial classifications to determine a person's worth in society.
Ofay Whites Pig Latin for "foe" - opposite of "friend." Used to be popular with political types who were down with their "African Roots."
Orange Picker Hispanics From all the Hispanics that work in the agriculture industry in California.
Orb Blacks The word 'bro' backwards.
Oreo Blacks A black person who acts white. Black on the outside, white on the inside.. or a person who is of both black and white descent. Thus, they are both black and white e.g. an Oreo.
Oreo (2) Asians Oreo is bastardized form of Oriental.
Orlando Blacks Used by other black people to refer to the 'old-school' blacks who do not keep current with the 'gansta' styles of music or clothing.
Osrouge Mixed Races Native American/Black. ?
Oven-Baked Jews World War II reference.
Oven-Dwellers Jews World War II reference.
Pakeha New Zealanders White New Zealanders only. Maori for "white devil". Curiously, this is an official term.
Paki Pakistanis Short for Pakistani.
Pakoniggy Mixed Races Pakistani/Black mix.
Paleface Whites Skin pigmentation.
Pancake Asians Facial characteristics.
Panda Panamanians Mispronunciation.
Panhead Asians Facial characteristics.
Pastyface Whites Used mainly by Blacks to refer to a really pale White person. The vanilla, creamy color of Whites' skin that seldom gets exposed to the sun. Derogatory in nature.
Patel Indians Means "Innkeeper" or "Motel Owner". Pal is a name of rich, land owning Indians. It means landowner. It's a slur because only the rich Indians would come to western countries years ago, a flood of patels.
Patty/Paddy Irish Derogatory slur word for Irish people. Used mainly in Britain. Similar negativity connotations as "nigger". Comes from St. Patrick.
Peckerwood Whites Originated in the South (pre-Civil War by the slaves). Comes from red-necked woodpecker. See: Redneck
Penny Chaser Jews The old "Jews are cheap" thing.
Pepperbelly Hispanics They eat a lot of peppers
Persuasion Whites Similar sound to Caucasion; Implies their persuasive, scandalous actions and attitudes.
Petrol Sniffers Aborigines In Australia they sniff all the petrol and gas.
Pickaninny Blacks From the days of slavery. Three possible origins: The slave owners would "pick a nincompoop" from the lineup of slaves; or the slave children who couldn't pick cotton "ain't pickaninny"; in some parts of the south, breasts are referred to as ninnys, so pickaninny was a reference to blacks being used as wetnurses.
Pie Face Native
Americans Round shape of their faces.
Piffke Germans Pronounced "pif - ka." Used by Bavarians/Austrians to refer to North Germans (after a famous Prussian with the last name "Pieffke").
Pineapple Nigger Hawaiians Pineapples grow there.
Pinewood Whites Pine being a whiter colored wood than most.
Ping-pang Asians Mimics the way their language sounds to non-Asians.
Pinko Russians Originally referred to Communist sympathizers - later as a general slur against all Leftists, including Communist Party members. Now pretty much synonymous with Russians/Communists.
Pinky Poops Mixed Races Vietnamese/Black mix. For when Black soldiers had kids with Vietnamese women.
Pinto Mixed Races White/Native American mix. Pinto horses are white and brown.
Pit Blacks Black Children. Stands for 'Perpetrator In Training.'
Pizza Jews Both go in the oven.
Pizzabagel Mixed Races Italian/Jewish mix. Popular in New York as Italian and Jewish neighborhoods grew together.
Po'bucker Whites Corruption of West African "Buuker" meaning devil, boogie-man or white man. Poor white trash were referred to as "Po'buckers".
Po-Bean Hispanics Short for Poor Beaner.
Pocho Hispanic-
Americans Chicano derogatory term referring to Hispanics who can't speak Spanish. Used by Hispanics.
Pogue Irish Possibly from Irish Gaelic "pog mi hone", meaning "kiss my arse".
Pohm British "Prisoner Of Her Majesty". Used mainly in Australia as a derogatory term for British People. Comes from the fact that Australia was a prisoner colony for British Prisoners.
Point-Six (.6) Blacks Reference to the 3/5ths Compromise, where the US Gov't decided that slaves (Blacks) only counted as 3/5ths of a person for population reasons. (3/5=.6)
Pointy-Head Asians J. W. Pepper says it a number of times in "The Man with the Golden Gun" while speaking to some Asians in Bangkok.
Polarican Mixed Races Polish/Puerto Rican mix.
Pollo Hispanics The U.S. Border Patrol uses this term to refer to illegal aliens. Pollo means chicken in Spanish. Agents call the illegals Pollos on their service radios.
Polock Polish Polish pronunciation of "Polish."
Pom British Used by Australians. It's the acronym of "Port of Melbourne", the port where British immigrants landed in the colonization of Australia.
Pome British 'Property Of Mother England' Used in Australia, New Zealand, etc. Probably related to and/or another version of Pom.
Poo Blacks Poo-Poo (Feces are black or brown in color.)
Popolo Blacks The Hawaiian version of "nigger".
Porch-Monkey Blacks Presumably referring to when blacks would sit on their porches to cool themselves off, not being as fortunate as whites, who had fans.
Pork-chop Portuguese Sounds similar.
Portagee Portuguese Common term for those of Portuguese origin of someone who talks a lot.
Portajew Mixed Races Puerto (Porta) Rican/Jewish mix.
Potato Head Irish The Irish grow potatoes.
Powder Whites Skin color. Might be from the albino guy in the movie Powder.
Powerpoint Asians Used mainly by Australians. Australian electricity outlets are commonly called power points, they are said to look like a stick figure drawing of an Asian face.
Prairie-Nigger Native
Americans Self-explanatory.
Pretendian Native
Americans Native Americans who claim to be pure, but are just mixed-breeds. I suppose this could refer to any mixed -ian race.
Pubie Blacks Refers to the pubic-like hair on blacks' heads.
Puckhead Canadians For their love of hockey.
Pull-Start Arabs Reference to pulling their turbans off their heads.
Punjab Indians Punjab is the Indian character from "Little Orphan Annie." Also represents the Punjab region of India (near the Punjab river). When the British took over India, they used it as a derogatory term for the natives there.
Push-Button Indians Refers to the caste-mark (dot) on their foreheads. Push-Start also.
Quadroon Mixed Races A person who is 1/4 Black. Coined during the Civil War, referring to how White you had to be in order to serve in the army.
Race-Traitor Mixed Races White/Any other race mix. Term used by whites for any person of mixed race or who marries a non-white..
Rag-head Arabs Referring to turbans, a Muslim headdress. Also: Towel-head.
Ragu Italians Spaghetti sauce.
Rail-Hopper Chinese In early America many Chinese were sent to build the railroads.
Red Native
Americans Skin color.
Red (2) Russians Refers to the color of revolution, as well as old Red Russia. Too, "Red Army." See J. Edgar Hoover's use.
Red Coat British Used during the Revolutionary War, because of the Red coats the British army wore.
Red Nigger Native
Americans Self-explanatory.
Red Sea Pedestrian Jews Moses led the Israelites across the Red Sea from Egypt. Heard in Monty Python's "Life of Brian."
Redbone Blacks Used by darker-colored Blacks to refer to Blacks with a very light complexion. Origin unknown. Link
Redneck Whites Previously referred only to the rural prejudice whites, mostly farmers, who have reddish necks (or a "farmer's tan"). However, its usage has become a lot looser and now includes any racist white. See: Peckerwood
Redskin Native
Americans Skin color.
Reggie Blacks Common name, especially for famous Black sports stars.
Regin Blacks Niger backwards.
Rice King Whites White men who date Asian women.
Rice-Eater Asians Popular food among Asians.
Rice-Paddy Asians Places where they grow rice in Asia and Japan.
Rice-Picker Asians Because they pick rice. Probably the Asian version of 'Cotton Picker.'
Rico Suave Hispanics The 80's singer/rapper of the same name.
River-Crosser Hispanics Self-explanatory.
Roach-Rancher Arabs Their apartments often have roaches, which they are forbidden to kill.
Roofucker Australians Kangaroo-fucker. Australian version of Sheepfucker. Used often on USENET and other internet forums.
Rosbif British French origins. From pasty-complexioned British tourists who go to French beaches on holiday and immediately get sunburned the color of "roast beef".
Round-Eye Whites Japanese derogatory term for American whites.
Rubberhead Canadians Heads bounce off ice in hockey games.
Rube Whites In the same league as hick. See: Hick.
Ruble Head Russians Originated because of the national currency and it's origin.
Rug-Pilot Arabs The whole magic carpet thing.
Rug-Rider Arabs See: Rug Pilot.
Ruskie Russians The Russian word for the Russian language is pronounced "pa-rooski." Was popular during the Cold War.
Rutabaga Swedes Swedes cherish this thick bulbous edible yellow root; used as food and animal feed, which is even called the Swede or Swedish turnip.
SBH Asians Represents their Straight Black Hair.
Safe Blacks Because the government gives them food, housing, money and protects them from "hate".
Salmon Nigger Native
Americans Salmon was a primary food source for Northwestern Native Americans.
Saltine Whites Same color as skin. Same sentiments expressed as in "cracker."
Saltwater Nigger Cubans Immigrants who come to America by boats or ships (or rafts).
Sambo Asian Indians Derives from the traditional children's story, "The Story of Little Black Sambo" about an Asian Indian who had dark skin.
Sand Moolie Arabs Same idea as Sand Nigger, only with Moolie.
Sand Nigger Arabs They look like blacks and they live in deserts, hence the name.
Sassenach British From Scotland. Scottish Gaelic 'sassanach', derived from Saxon. Also Welsh "Sassain". Link
Sayeedi/Saeedi Egyptians Used by Cairenes to refer to inhabitants of Upper Egypt.
Scheiss-Ami Americans Used by Germans as derogatory reference of Americans.
Schiptar Albanians U.S. Army in Kosovo.
Schmeisser Germans WWII term for a German soldier, derived from a machine gun of the same make.
Schwarzie Blacks 'Schwarz' is German for 'black.'
Schwoogie Blacks Believed to be contraction of Yiddish/German schwatrz (black) and boogie.
Scratch-Back Hispanics Mexicans (illegals) who crawl under fences, getting their backs scratched up in the process, to get into America.
Seagull Filipinos Possibly from how Filipinos often travel overseas to work like migratory birds (although the seagull is not migratory...). Heard in Japan, used by non-Japanese.
Seinfeld Jews Probably one of the most famous Jews.
Self-Chosen, The Jews In reference to their moniker 'chosen people of God.'
Semi-Simian Blacks Self-explanatory.
Semihole Native
Americans Referring to the Seminole tribe.
Seppo Americans Short for Septic, see Septic.
Septic Americans Cockney rhyming slang. Septic Tank - Yank: Full of shit.
Shadow-Smurf Blacks They the darkest of all Smurfs.
Shagitz/Shiksa Whites These are commonly used words in Yiddish. They are the male and female form (respectively) of the older Hebrew word for worm or insect and as such are negative. They are also commonly used in an almost neutral way, but they are never complementary. Shagitz is pronounced "shaygitz." Term "Shiksa" used in Jewish religious books such as the Talmud when referring to white gentile women.
Shant Irish Poor Irish People. Derived from the shacks they lived in -- the shanty.
Sheeny Jews From Yiddish "shaine" or German "schon" meaning "beautiful".
Sheepfucker Scottish
Welsh There's a myth that Scotsmen and/or Welsh have a thing for buggering sheep. The sheep are said to outnumber the people in both some European and Australian countries/states. On an interesting note, the first sheep was cloned in Scotland.
Sheister Jews Like a shyster lawyer. One who carries on any business, especially legal business, in a mean and dishonest way.
Shilaeli Hugger Irish Shilaeli is a staff commonly use by the Irish.
Shine/Shiner Blacks A 1920's main occupation, shoe shiners.
Shit-Kicker Whites From farmers or country boys walking through the cow pastures.
Shitheel Blacks Slang term for a Black servant. Southern origins.
Shovel-Head Koreans Believed their heads look like shovels.
Shvartz Blacks Yiddish (German origin) word for Black. Used neutrally and disparagingly.
Shylock Jews Comes from Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" and "Othello". Similar to sheister.
Silverback Blacks Old Black.
Silvery Blacks Cockney rhyming slang for Coon - Silvery Moon - Silvery.
Skillet Blacks Refers to the color of iron skillets.
Skimo Eskimos Derogatory slang of 'Eskimo'.
Skinflint Blacks Skin appearance related.
Skip Whites White Australians specifically. From "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo."
Slant Asians Facial description -- referring to the eyes.
Slantey-eye'd Asians Facial description -- referring to the eyes.
Slave Blacks Self-explanatory.
Slit Asians Another eye reference.
Slope/Slopehead Vietnamese
Asians Facial description, Self-explanatory.
Smigger Blacks From the joke "what do you call a Black Smurf?"
Smoke Jumper Whites White women who date Black men.
Smokefoot Blacks Color of feet.
Snigger Blacks "Snow nigger." Black people seen on the ski slopes; a stereotype that they generally don't go skiing because they dislike the cold.
Snipes Blacks Wesley Snipes is the blackest of the Black people.
Snowback Canadians Play on 'wet-back'.
Snowflake Blacks Was used to indicate an educated black man during the civil war; white collar blacks were pretty rare - only white people had desk jobs.
Snowflake (2) Jews When they would burn the Jews and the ashes would come out the smoke stacks. (See Schiendler's List)
Sole Samoan Pronounced 'So Lee,' short for Samoan.
Sorta Rican Puerto Ricans Mix of Puerto Rican and any other race. Read in National Lampoon.
Spade Blacks The spades in decks of cards are black.
Spanglish Hispanics Spanish-Americans; English-speaking Hispanics, also the language they speak.
Spear Chucker Blacks Comes from the hunting styles of African natives.
Spec Hispanics Baby Spic. See: Spic.
Spegro Mixed Races Spanish/Black mix.
Spew Mixed Races Spanish/Jewish mix.
Spic Hispanics Short for Hispanic. Might also be acronym of SPanish, Indian, and Colored, coming from the mixed breeds that resulted from the union of Spanish colonists, Indian natives, and Black (colored) slaves. Another theory has it originating from the response Mexicans would give when spoken to in English and they didn't understand. They would say, "I don't SPIC English".
Spickaboo Mixed Races Mexican/Black mix. Derived from 'Spic' and 'Jigaboo.'
Spigger Mixed Races Hispanics/Black mix. Combination of 'Spic' and 'Nigger.'
Spink Mixed Races Spanish/Chinese mix. Combination of 'Spic' and 'Chink.'
Spizzician Mixed Races Hispanic/Guatemalan mix. Pronounced "spizzz-ik-ien."
Splib Blacks ? Possibly originated sometime in the 1960's.
Spoda Blacks How blacks talk (ex.) "We ain't Spoda be here." (we aren't supposed to be here)
Spook Blacks Because of their dark skin, which can blend into the night, making them ghost-like.
Spoon Blacks From the reflection you see when looking at a spoon.
Sprout Belgians Obscure Monty Python reference; take on "brussel sprouts", hence Belgians.
Spudnigger Irish Irish/Potato relationship. Also, Spudfucker.
Sputnik Russians The world's first artificial satellite sent into space. Not really a heinous threat, but sounds that way.
Squarehead Germans or Swedes Shape of head, late 19th/early 20th century American word.
Squaw Native
Americans Refers to Native American women. Usually thought to refer to a woman's vagina, but this is fairly controversial.
Squint/Squinty Asians Referring to their eyes.
Stovelid Blacks A book from the 1950's set in Florida (_The Lotus Eaters_) used Stovelid, which makes some sense if you've ever operated a big wood stove - the lids are the disks set into the big holes on top (these eventually became burners when the design was refined to use gas or electric).
Stovepipe Blacks Stovepipes from wood-fired stoves get encrusted with black soot, hence the association.
Strange Fruit Blacks Coined by Blacks during slavery to refer to other Blacks who were hanged from trees. See: Apple (2).
Stump/Tree Jumper Whites Rednecks use Stump Jumper or Tree Jumper against hillbillies lower than themselves, but they also use it to point out hillbillies that commit incest- jumping the family tree.
Sub-Human Blacks They are said to be the missing link between apes and humans.
Suntan Blacks Refers to their dark skin color.
Swamp Kike Cajuns It has been said that Cajuns are the Jews of Louisiana because of their propensity for commerce and finance. The slur is used by any non-Cajun, Black and White alike.
Swamp Yankee Americans Of the same nature as "trailer trash", but refering to a poor Whites who live in the boonies.
Swirlie Mixed Races Black/White mix.
TPT Whites Short for "trailer park trash."
Tabeetsu Whites Used by Chinese. Means "great-nosed ones".
Table Face Asians They tend to have flat faces.
Taco Bender Hispanics Self-explanatory.
Taffy Welsh The Taff is the name of the river that runs through Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Also from a poem that starts: "Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief..."
Tape Head Asians Facial characteristics--slanted eyes as if someone pulled back their eyes using Scotch tape around the back of their head.
Tar Baby Blacks Skin color.
Target Iraqis Gulf War related.
Tater Tot Irish Irish Child.
Tea-wop British Tea-drinking immigrants.
Teabag British Self-explanatory.
Tee-Pee Creeper Native
Americans Some live in tee-pees.
Terrence Blacks Likely comes from the black singer Terence Trent D'Arby, who claimed that his debut album was the most important album since "Sgt. Pepper" and then bored his audience with self-important lyrics, losing major credibility in the process.
Three-Fifth (3/5) Blacks Same vain as Point-Six. In reference to the 3/5ths Compromise, where the US Gov't decided that slaves (Blacks) only counted as 3/5ths of a person for population reasons.
Timber Nigger Native
Americans Similar to Prairie Nigger.
Timmy Whites Timmy is a retarded kid on the TV show South Park who says only his name in a unique manner.
Toad French ? Frog-related, see: frog.
Toby Blacks Reference to the character in "Roots."
Tomato Picker Hispanics Hispanics pick tomatoes.
Tommy British Germans called the Brits this in WWII. They thought Tommy was a common British name.
Tony Italians Started when there was a big Italian emigration to the U.S. Their Luggage would say "TO NY" (New York).
Tory Irish Bandit, from the Irish Tory Island, a noted have for bandits and pirates. Also common slang term for a member of Canada's Conservative party.
Towel-head Arabs Referring to turbans, a Muslim headdress. Also: Rag-head.
Trailer Trash Whites Similar to "White Trash" but only used for lower-class Whites who live in trailer parks.
Trash Whites Self-explanatory. Usually used as "White trash," "Poor white trash," or "Trailer trash."
Tree-Swinger Blacks Monkeys.
Tunnel Digger Vietnamese They used to dig foxholes and tunnels in Vietnam to kill American soldiers.
Twinkie Asians An Asian-American who has lost their heritage. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside.
Uncle Ben's Boys Vietnamese From the Vietnam War, referring to Vietnamese soldiers, due to large number of rice patties.
Uncle Tom Blacks Blacks who suck up to white people. In reference to the Uncle Tom character in the famous 1852 book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Velcro-head Blacks Characteristics of the hair.
Vodkalky Russians Vodka + alcoholics. Plural: Vodkalkies.
WT Whites White Trash.
Wab Hispanics Short for Wet-Back. See: Wet-Back.
Wagon Burner Native
Americans Self-explanatory.
Wahoo Native
Americans War Cry, there was also a famous Native American wrestler named Wahoo McDaniel in the 80's.
Waki Paki Pakistanis Wacky Pakistanis.
Wanker British Implies that the addresser is accusing the addressee of self-gratification.
War Whoop Native
Americans Refers to the traditional Native American war cry. ?
Wasp Whites Stands for "White Anglo-Saxton Protestant." Refers to "Pure whites."
Watermelons Guatemalans Words sound alike, look alike?
Webe Blacks Pronounced "we be", this refers to the inability of most blacks to conjugate the "be" verb, thus resulting in "we be" instead of "we are" when making references to themselves.
Wej Jews Jew spelled backwards.
Welfare Monkeys Blacks Blacks tend to get all the welfare (and often don't need it).
Wet-Back Hispanics Refers to Mexicans (or illegals) having "wet backs" from swimming across the Rio-Grande to get into America illegally. Could also refer to the sweaty backs that Mexicans get when they work in the fields in the heat.
Wexican Mixed Races White/Mexican mix.
Whale Turd Blacks Derived from the joke - Q. What do you call a black in the ocean? A. A whale turd.
White Chocolate Whites Whites who try to act like Blacks.
Whitetrash Whites Lower class whites. Self-explanatory.
Whitey Whites Self-explanatory.
Wic Whites 'White Irish Catholic'
Wigger Whites Affluent suburban white kids who dress, talk and act like they were brought up in the ghetto.
Wiggerette Whites Same as Wigger only for women.
Wiggie/Wigg Non-Whites Non-Whites who date only Whites or have a strong preference for whites. Stands for "white guy groupie" or "white girl groupie"
Wikki Wikki Blacks DJ turntable scratching noise, often heard in rap music.
Windchimes Blacks A common practice of southerners was to hang blacks. When the wind blew and swung them back and forth against each other southerners would refer to them as windchimes.
Wink Whites White person trying to be like or associates with Chinese.
Wog Asians Abbreviation of either "White-" or "Worthy-Oriental Gentleman." Originally intended as a term denoting respect. In common use, however, it became a term of abuse/denigration.
Wog (2) Greeks
Italians This term is currently used in Australia to refer to Greeks and Italians. Made popular by the movie "The Wog Boy"
Wog (3) Indians British Imperialists commonly referred to Indians as a "WOG" since they were commonly used as security, it stood for "Warden on Guard".
Wonder Bread Whites Wonder Bread is white.
Wonder Bread Wop Italians Used by Italians to describe Italians who are more assimilated into "North American" culture.
Wood Whites Short for Peckerwood.
Wool Head Blacks Self-explanatory.
Woolyback Welsh NW England origins. Lots of sheep in Wales.
Wop Italians High class Italian. Stands for "With Out Papers." Started when there was a big Italian emigration to the U.S., and many were coming in illegally (with out papers).
Yankee Americans Slang used by the British. Also used in the former Confederate states to refer in a derogatory fashion to people of the Union states. Slur perhaps originally used derisively against the Dutch, calling them "John Cheese" (they made/ate a lot of cheese); Non-English speaking Dutch called back to the Americans, yelling "Yankee" (mispronunciation). Might also be a bastardization of "Jan-Kees", a common Dutch name.
Yard Ape Blacks Low-income housing quite often has no air conditioning. Thus, people who live in housing projects often sit out front to keep cool. This slur originated in the 60's and 70's.
Yard Coolies Wetback gardeners arrive in dilapidated trucks with bad equipment and proceed to butcher everything green or with flowers
Yello-Devil Asians Common name used by American servicemen to describe the Japanese. Play on "White Devil"
Yellow Asians Skin color (as compared to Caucasians).
Yellow Monkey Asians Skin Color as well as referring to the Asian race as monkeys, from Vietnam.
Yen Blacks Yellow Eyed Nigger. These are Blacks, usually male, that due to a life of hard substance abuse have the whites of their eyes turn a hepititis yellow.
Yenta Jews Know-it-all Jewish women.
Yid/Yid-Lid Jews Yid = Yiddish, lid = Yarmulke.
Yo Yo Blacks "Yo Yo's hang from strings."
Yoko Japanese Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles.
Yolk Asians Egg yolks are yellow.
Yom Blacks In Brooklyn is short for melanzane.
Yugo Yugoslavs Self-explanatory (and because they can't make a car).
Zambo Mixed Races Indian/African mix.
Zebra Mixed Races Black/White mix. Relates the colors of a person's parents to the colors of a zebra's stripes.
Zeeb Whites An alternate usage for the word wigger.
Zip Italians Commonly used in the NY construction industry to describe Immigrant Italian laborers either in the Bricklayer or Concrete Mason trade. They are notoriously hard workers rarely stopping for a break and always "zipping" around the jobsite. They generally have a poor command of the English language.
Zipperhead Asians Coined by US soldiers during Korean War because if Asians were shot in the head with high-powered weapons, their heads would split as if you unzipped them.

Ugh (0, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6298951)

Why must this be so... 75 years of profit of one exact thing is enough, let it go... if your book/art/whatever is still making money out of 75 years; you've made enough. You're famous. Just sit back and watch as it becomes public domain and even more famous.

Re:Ugh (2, Informative)

smitty45 (657682) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298972)

you're not understanding it then. Basically, this law would be used to require some action on the part of the copyright holder to renew it.

this law is not in favor of extending the copyright term past 75 years...if anything, it is in favor of reducing it.

Re:Ugh (4, Insightful)

Jad LaFields (607990) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299018)

Exactly... as was said in the previous /. post, this is so that large companies don't just hold onto copyrights that they have no intention of doing anything with (publishing) "just in case". This will help open up that vast back catalog of great, but non-comercially-viable music/books/etc. that many major companies have lying around,

Re:Ugh (4, Informative)

jonman_d (465049) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298977)

Please RTFA.

From The Eric Eldred Act FAQ [] :

2. How would it work?

Fifty years after a copyrighted work was published, a copyright owner would have to pay a tiny tax. That tax could be as low as $1. If the copyright owner does not pay that tax for three years in a row, then the copyright would be forfeited to the public domain. If the tax is paid, then the form would require the listing of a copyright agent--a person charged with receiving requests about that copyright. The Copyright Office would then make the listing of taxes paid, and copyright agents, available free of charge on their website.

They're not expanding the term of copyright. They're shortening it, in most cases, and making you pay a small fee to hold it for more than 50 years, in all others.

Re:Ugh (3, Insightful)

Razor Blades are Not (636247) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299004)

While I agree with you (wholeheartedly, I might add), the extensions aren't really to protect the original work - they're there to protect against derivations.

So this means you can't use Mickey Mouse because he's still under copyright. If Steam-Boat Willie falls into the public domain, then it's possible that you'll be able to make a derivative work using the character of Mickey Mouse and Disney can't stop you.

IANAL, but this seems to be the reasoning behind it.

It's not for the authors protection - he's dead by now, remember ? It's for the protection of the Big Business that owns his estate. And we know America loves Big Business !

Merely a euphamism (0, Flamebait)

User 956 (568564) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298957)

"Public Domain Enhancement Act"?

Isn't that what they called the establishment of Communism in the Soviet Union?

Re:Merely a euphamism (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6298975)

Personally, I would have called it the Public Domain Enforcement Act, to force works back into the public domain that should have been there in the first place, if it werent for lackeys like Sonny Bono (et al) in politics changing the rules.

Re:Merely a euphamism (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299066)

In Soviet Russia

Euphamism is merely YOU!

Re:Merely a euphamism (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299234)


Cause In Soviet Russia Public Domain Enhances you!

Erik Masson, burn in hell! (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6298965)

You lying sack of shit! You said the Indigo Magic Desktop [] would be released last week. WHERE THE FUCK IS IT?

billing starts at 50 years? (3, Insightful)

JVert (578547) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298969)

Isn't 50 years kind of a long time to wait before even *considering* the copyright null? Sounds like a lot of work to shave off the last 20-30 years of a copyright.

Re:billing starts at 50 years? (2, Interesting)

Jad LaFields (607990) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298996)

Yeah I think it would be better if it were sometime around 20 years (maybe that magical 14 that people always talk about) and starting with a long time before needing to pay the fee (10-12 years), and as time goes on, the gap between fees shrinks. Might I even call it ... progressive? =)

Re:billing starts at 50 years? (1)

anthony_dipierro (543308) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299186)

Why 20 years? I'd require registration immediately (and give 6 months grace period). Why should the shit that people spew on Slashdot (or anywhere else on the Internet) be protected for more than 6 months?

It's about 50 years in the past, not the future (4, Informative)

Googol (63685) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299000)

The idea is to end the regime of "perpetual copyright" by ensuring at least some works, which should by rights already be in the PD, get there. Right now, none do.

This is about 50 years in the past, not 50 years in the future.


IP Law in two easy lessons

Theft by value: I take something that is yours.
Theft by reference: you think of something; I think of the same thing.

Min. copyright term is 50 years (Berne Convention) (4, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299128)

The U.S. can't nullify a copyright before 50 years without violating the Berne Convention, which requires at least 50 years of copyright protection without registration.

Re:Min. copyright term is 50 years (Berne Conventi (3, Interesting)

cpt kangarooski (3773) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299327)

I wouldn't shed any tears if the US decided to abandon the Berne Convention. It was a bad idea to begin with -- different countries tend to have different priorities with regards to copyright to begin with, and that's okay, and it's far too European a copyright system anyhow.

I think we were doing better under the 1909 Act, particularly when Congress took a look at the B.C. and rejected it.

Re:What about home security cameras? (3, Informative)

EvanED (569694) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299196)

The 50 years is necessary so as to not run afoul of the Berne Convention. This requires that copyrights miust last 50 years without any registration.

Re:What about home security cameras? (4, Informative)

twifkak (177173) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299380)

Berne Treaty limit is life of the author plus 50 years. This is a hack, using the world "tax" instead of registration. The 50 years from publication was decided on just to make it friendly. Of course, this is all just information I stole from the faq [] that an earlier comment linked to. :)

I cant be the only one that thought of this (3, Funny)

lobsterGun (415085) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298978)

Public Domain Enhancement Act


Does that make people who like this bill pdeaophiles?

Re:I cant be the only one that thought of this (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6298994)

no you are, because only a stupid fucking twat would think of that.

so hows your child pr0n collection going, tossface?

Re:I cant be the only one that thought of this (4, Funny)

Guppy06 (410832) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299206)

No no, you're confusing them with the North American Marlon Brando Look-Alikes again.

Berne Treaty? (4, Informative)

loucura! (247834) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298982)

They say in the FAQ [] that this doesn't violate the Berne Treaty, because it isn't formally a "formality" nor a "registration", but you have to file a registration document and pay a fee to the US Copyright Register, which appears at least to this (NAL), that it is a formality and a register and in violation of the Berne Treaty.

Re:Berne Treaty? (4, Informative)

imadork (226897) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299160)

they also say this in the same FAQ:
It is possible that those charged with enforcing Berne would take a different view. They might see this tax as a simple way around the "formality" requirement. But as John Mark Ockerbloom nicely points out, Berne only imposes its requirements for the minimum term. If there is a formality problem with structuring this as a tax, then the proposal could be structured to apply only beyond Berne's minimum term.
Which is exactly what they do in the bill by saying that you have no requirement to register until after 50 years, which is the minimum Berne term.

Re:Berne Treaty? (1)

Zan Zu from Eridu (165657) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299167)

From that same FAQ:
It is possible that those charged with enforcing Berne would take a different view. They might see this tax as a simple way around the "formality" requirement. But as John Mark Ockerbloom nicely
points out [] , Berne only imposes its requirements for the minimum term. If there is a formality problem with structuring this as a tax, then the proposal could be structured to apply only beyond Berne's minimum term.
Looks like a mere technicality.

Re:Berne Treaty? (3, Insightful)

Qzukk (229616) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299183)

The reason that it doesn't infringe on the treaty is that you're not registering or paying for the copyright, its that you're registering and paying for the extension of the copyright. Essentially this makes copyright "50 years 6 months, extended by 10 years every 10 years thereafter, until whatever Bono's great great granddaughter sets as the maximum.

Re:Berne Treaty? (1)

iabervon (1971) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299211)

The FAQ also says it could be modified to comply with any possible interpretation of the Berne Treaty if some other country actually bothers with the possibility of holding the US to a treaty, is convinced that this tax is not legitimate, and doesn't like this idea of this law. And while they're at it, they could get the US to pay their UN dues.

But this bill could apply to works beyond the term set in the Berne treaty, which doesn't get extended periodically by Congress, which would lead to at least some works coming into the public domain.

We need a few congressmen in our pocket (4, Informative)

caitsith01 (606117) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298984)

Given that the record and film industry appears to have invested heavily in buying some congressmen, perhaps its time for the open source/public domain movements to do the same. All the good will in the world wont lead to actual passing of legislation when Time Warner/Sony/EMI/Bertlemann/Conglomokorp actually owns people on Capitol hill... we have a petition, but they have votes in Congress.

I don't see why the EFF and similar groups can't 'invest' in a few reelection campaigns. The business model is established by numerous corporations and special interest groups - all it would take are funds. In fact the same applies to all progressive social and political groups... how come the bad guys are smart enough to heavily influence politics with their money but the good guys aren't?

$20,000/year in office/congressman (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299033)

I wonder if slashdot could come up with that kind of money if it made the attempt.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (1)

cranos (592602) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299045)

Perhaps its because they have principles or believe that government should not be determined by the biggest cheque book.

Bribery and corruption, welcome to the American Dream.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (2, Insightful)

caitsith01 (606117) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299113)

Hey, I know that and you know that, but do you actually think the people who make the laws in the US of A give a damn?

What exactly is your plan, to stand around and talk about our principles while the megacompanies gradually buy control of congress?

Obviously the best solutions would involve massive reforms of campaign finance and elimination of all connections between business interests and politicians/political parties... but this seems to be hell and as of now it is not freezing over, so I guess it'll be a while yet before that happens.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (5, Insightful)

retto (668183) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299048)

how come the bad guys are smart enough to heavily influence politics with their money but the good guys aren't?

Because people keep giving the 'bad' guys money. Have you bought a CD/DVD, gone to see a movie, or bought a book? You've just given money to the 'bad' guys. If you want the EFF to buy off a congressman, send them a $20 check instead of buying a CD. I don't have the figures, but I feel pretty confident that the EFF didn't bring in as much as AOL/TW last year.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (4, Interesting)

sn00ker (172521) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299059)

how come the bad guys are smart enough to heavily influence politics with their money but the good guys aren't?
It's not about smart, it's about money.
The "good guys" generally don't have the money to take on the "bad guys". The "bad guys" are "bad" because they have money - LOTS of money. The "good guys" are "good", generally, because they don't.

Case in point, IBM vs SCO. There've been a number of (admittedly piss-taking) posts on here from people who say "Who do I support? IBM's mega-rich, but SCO're a bunch of fucktards."

Until the "good guys" have the financial wherewithal to take on the "bad guys", corrupt governments will be more easily influenced by the corporations - The exact groups that should have precisely zero say in anything to do with how a country is run.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (1)

caitsith01 (606117) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299083)

Sure, but the amount of money Disney, for example, has thrown around is in the low millions, not the hundreds of millions.

It's not completely impossible to imagine that that kind of money could be obtained. After all, where do corporations get their money from? That's right, you and me.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (1)

sn00ker (172521) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299137)

It's not completely impossible to imagine that that kind of money could be obtained. After all, where do corporations get their money from? That's right, you and me.
Sure, but they get that money in return for providing goods and/or services.
Political lobbying might be a good service, but most people don't care enough to donate much - Certainly not the kind of money that xxAA can throw at tame politicians.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (1)

Daetrin (576516) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299158)

The one benefit political groups have going for them is the ratio. If you buy a $20 CD, less than $1 is probably going towards the RIAA's legal efforts, probably a _lot_ less than $1. On the other hand, if you give $20 to the EFF a much larger portion of that money is going towards legal/political effots.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (3, Insightful)

sn00ker (172521) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299203)

The one benefit political groups have going for them is the ratio. If you buy a $20 CD, less than $1 is probably going towards the RIAA's legal efforts, probably a _lot_ less than $1. On the other hand, if you give $20 to the EFF a much larger portion of that money is going towards legal/political effots.
Sure, but how many CDs are sold each year? Hundreds of millions, no? Let's say that 200 million CDs get sold, and 10c from each CD goes to RIAA's "defence" fund. 200,000,000x$0.10=$20,000,000. That's a million people donating $20 to the EFF.
These numbers are totally pulled out of my arse, and I'm sure that the CD sales figures are out by a couple of multiples of 10, but they're a fair demonstration of the kind of money we're fighting against - Remember, it's not just RIAA but also MPAA.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (3, Interesting)

Daetrin (576516) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299225)

Yes, but you'd only have to donate $20 to the EFF for every 20 CDs you bought to keep the EFF even or ahead. $20 to the EFF for every $400 in CDs you buy? Doesn't sound too bad, does it? (Or going with your 10 cents figure, $20 to the EFF for every $4000 in CDs you buy)

Unfortunatly most people just don't give a fuck, and _that_ is the problem.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (1)

sn00ker (172521) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299247)

Unfortunatly most people just don't give a fuck, and _that_ is the problem.
Apathetic sheeple who don't give a fuck about the damage corporations are doing are the root cause. They don't educate themselves about the issues, and vote for the politicians who can afford the most airtime - One thing I'm very thankful for about the NZ electoral system is that money for TV advertising is tax-payer funded and strictly apportioned, meaning that our elections don't just come down to a publicity contest.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (1)

timeOday (582209) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299213)

It's not about smart, it's about money. The "good guys" generally don't have the money to take on the "bad guys". The "bad guys" are "bad" because they have money - LOTS of money. The "good guys" are "good", generally, because they don't.
legal battles are enormously expensive, but ususally when I see how much a congressman has been paid [] by a business, it's a fairly small amount, like $20K, and I think, is that all it takes? That's only enough to employ an engineer for about a month. I don't there's a reason why techies couldn't form a PAC.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (3, Insightful)

sn00ker (172521) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299342)

but ususally when I see how much a congressman has been paid by a business, it's a fairly small amount, like $20K, and I think, is that all it takes?
That's $20K times a lot of polly tubbies, though.
Sure, $20K isn't much, but xxAA don't just buy one pet polly they buy dozens of them. Suddenly you're talking six or seven figures to even equal their investment - And you will always need to have one more pet polly than they do to be sure of success. Suddenly it's down to a war of attrition and the side with the deepest pockets (Hint: It's not the non-profits) has an enormous advantage.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299321)

Oh, please stop the SCO vs IBM argument... It's getting old fast.

We all know damn well that SCO dosen't have a leg to stand on because Linux code was brought into the SCO code and SCO even GPL'ed it.

I don't think this is an issue anymore... Unless SCO finds a stupid judge who is not at all technical to convince with a lot of legal mumbo jumbo. Do I at least have a halfway-decent point here??

We need judges on the bench that are computer savvy, maybe even a few that use Linux to understand what the hell is going on.

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (1)

Cyno (85911) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299341)

I think this all relates to that concept of how power corrupts. Today money is power. money==power! So if you have a lot of money immediately we are worried that you will use your power in a corrupt manner, such as Microsoft and SCO. SCO doesn't even have money, all they have is patents. But its all the same thing. Power. And power corrupts.

IBM is a rare exception of an extremely powerful entity that has very little corruption. Perhaps they learned from their past. But since the forces governing these bodies are ever changing groups of execs that get their jobs or get promoted half the time because of job title and knowing the right people instead of technical merit alone. That's how its easily for a powerful organization like the US to become corrupt. You elect a president and he brings all his ol' exec buddies over to throw a 4 year party at your expense. And there's nothing you can do about it once they have that power except wait it out and STOP GIVING THEM MONEY!!!

Re:We need a few congressmen in our pocket (4, Insightful)

Soko (17987) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299189)

WTF? "Insightful?" "Interesting?" Well, I think I'd mod this up too - to hold it up for ridicule.

Read your .sig - "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"

Your post suggests trading $ for votes. "My vote won't count, but my $ will!"? Isn't that essentially giving up the most needed of democratic liberties? OK, so corporate America seems to run the show and seems to be able to buy votes - following through with your suggestion would only show that they've won and Congress is a place to buy profits. Unless you have a lot more $ than the opposition, your vote still doesn't matter. Fighting fire with fire sometimes leaves nothing but scorched earth.

Listen to Sen. John McCain when he speaks of the need to rid elections of "soft money" - that is the crux of the problem. It will take a lot of time and energy to have the coprorate shills either turfed from office or earn thier election donations, but it can be done without stooping to the level of bribery. Use your rights fercryingoutloud - Freedom of Speech jumps into my head.



Disney Inference (5, Funny)

Shadow Wrought (586631) | more than 11 years ago | (#6298989)

Supreme Court Justice Breyer found that only about 2% of copyrights between 55 and 75 years old retain commercial value.

So now we know conclusively that Disney owns 2% of the copyrights between 55 and 75 years old.

We ran this a few weeks back,.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299005)

... so we're not going to bother explaining it again. - OK ?

Or bad editing ?

By the time Congress is through with it... (5, Funny)

twifkak (177173) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299016)

It'll be "Copyright will last for 5 months. After that expires, the author must pay $50,000 to renew it, for another 150 years, or eternally, whichever's longer."

Re:By the time Congress is through with it... (1)

EvilSporkMan (648878) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299049)

And it'll be renamed the Corporate Domain Enhancement Act.

Re:By the time Congress is through with it... (3, Insightful)

Guppy06 (410832) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299249)

You forgot about the riders attatched to raise their own salaries.

coincidence? (2, Funny)

akaina (472254) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299054)

" We ran a link to the petition supporting this Act a few weeks back. "

A few weeks later it gets officially put on the table. Coincidence? I think not.

WAY TO GO /.'ers!!!!!!!!!!!

Re:coincidence? (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299199)

Funnier is the logs on of Rob 'fronting twat' Malda proclaiming web petitions as stupid.


Re:coincidence? (1)

null-sRc (593143) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299243)

if anything slashdot hindered the petitions chance...

you say slashdot linked to it?

since when has that helped anything ;)

Doolittle a valuable ally (5, Interesting)

watchful.babbler (621535) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299064)

John Doolittle's a major player on the Hill -- one of the uncompromisingly conservative young turks in the mid-nineties, he's forged a close relationship with Tom DeLay and attends the weekly House leadership meetings as secretary.

An uncompromising conservative who has forged a reputation as a reliable ally and savvy lawmaker, he's got a wide net of influence that makes him considerably more powerful than he would seem at first. If anyone can get this thing on the agenda, it's him; his relationship with DeLay and Hastert will ensure that.

With the conservative flank well-protected, it's the Democrats -- who, let's tell a hawk from a handsaw here, have often been craven in their defense of entertainment campaign dollars -- that need to be courted.

Doolitle a dangerous enemy. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299230)

Yeah, young turk 10 years ago when he rode into
town on Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America".
If he really believed in Term limits, he'd have
moved on by now. Microsoft owns this guy []
click here and explode the Communications/Computer Equipment and Services widget. They paid him
to vote against American tech workers.

Dump Doolittle. Dump Lofgren.

This is bullshit. (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299104)

Lofgren and Doolittle are pro-H1-B, pro
big business chumps. This is window dressing
at it's worst. All it's doing is creating
a database to help people figure out if something
is in the public domain. It's make work
for librarians. BFD. Google could do this for
free. It does not roll back the outrageous copyright laws.

California residents should dump
these bums in the next election.

Troll? (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299254)

Calling a spade a spade is a troll?
Moderators suck.

here's what's up (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299109)

i eat poo

Will it get through?? (2, Insightful)

Goonie (8651) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299119)

This seems like a good idea. Not the revolution that we'd all like, but still a good idea.

However, all the good intentions in the world don't matter if the bill doesn't get up eventually. Does this bill have any chance of getting through the two houses of Congress?

Re:Will it get through?? (1)

neurostar (578917) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299153)

Does this bill have any chance of getting through the two houses of Congress?

That and, will it make it out of committee?

Many bills are often "keyholed" and remain stuck in committees or are simply rejected by committee. So lets hope that it makes it out of the committee to which it is refered.


Re:Will it get through?? (4, Informative)

GlassHeart (579618) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299331)

Does this bill have any chance of getting through the two houses of Congress?

There are three important factors here:

  • Disney doesn't really care if it passes. They can easily afford the registration fee and procedure to protect their copyrighted works.
  • Disney would look really stupid if it opposed even this bill. At the time of the Sonny Bono Act, Disney was "protecting its investment" from lapsing into the public domain, so the question was "how long should copyright really be?" Today, the question is "should copyright last over fifty years with no obligation from the creator to even register?"
  • Disney can use the works that do lapse into the public domain in its own products, without having to pay royalties.
If Disney realizes the opportunity to create some good PR for itself (for little or no cost!), then maybe it'll have a chance.

What a flawed idea (0, Flamebait)

stevejsmith (614145) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299125)

I cannot believe that this even gets any attention. It's completely absurd! If in fact it costs $1/year to extend a copyright past 50 years, then I think something that one of the Supreme Court Justices said is probably correct--98% of copyrights aren't earning more than $1 and most likely will not be extended. That's great. But can anybody think of one copyright that will not earn $1 in the next 20 (or whatever the rest of the copyright term is) years that anybody would WANT to have in the public domain? This is just silly. Nothing that's not worth a dollar to the copyright holder (who could easily hold the copyright up for a $5 ransom and in the process earn $4) is going to be worth a fucking cent to anybody else. Get real...these numbers are just too fucking small to do shit.

Re:What a flawed idea (2, Insightful)

timeOday (582209) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299232)

But so many copyrights aren't actively maintained at all. After 50 years, most of the individuals with copyrights will be dead, for pete's sake. And the reason this idea stands even a 1% chance is because it will make no difference to e.g. disney.

Re:What a flawed idea (2, Interesting)

Hammerikaner (570527) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299262)

Get real.. these numbers are just too fucking small to do shit
That's exactly the point. This is not a money-making venture we're talking about. The tiny amount of money to continue a copyright is intended to make the work fall out of copyright and into the public domain. It's not like the government is going to be making big bucks off of this. For my part, I would like to see copyright's terms limited to 10-20 years, but I'm a young radical who hasn't created much of value yet. I'm sure I'll feel differently once I've sold out, struck it rich, and sold my soul to Walt.

Re:What a flawed idea (5, Insightful)

the_2nd_coming (444906) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299270)

about 9000 books that were writen in the 1930s and have not been in print for about 40 years.

Re:What a flawed idea (2, Insightful)

ichimunki (194887) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299280)

Yes, thank you for shooting this bill down. Now all that worthless stuff can just stay in Disney's vaults! This law is better than nothing-- at least it's a start.

And it does have value. In many cases, the people who might own copyrights are not even aware of them, or are not easily determined from reading the copyright statement from 75 years ago. There's more to this than just paying a dollar. You also have to make it obvious who owns the copyright. I'd suggest that right there makes this plan worthwhile. Plus, while the work might not be worth much to the copyright holder, it might be worth something to someone making a derivative work or an aggregation or a library. In any case, if the work is no longer worth anything to the copyright holder, why should we give up our freedoms regarding our natural right to share, copy, and derive from that work?

What about IP inheritence trees? (2, Interesting)

DdJ (10790) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299138)

Imagine: Disney pays the fee for "Steamboat Willie", but not for any other Mickey Mouse cartoons -- and then argues that all other Mickey Mouse cartoons are derivative works of "Steamboat Willie", and are naturally covered by the copyright on that work.

Is there a reason that can't happen?

Re:What about IP inheritence trees? (1)

the_2nd_coming (444906) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299282)

Micky mouse is not a copyright, it is a trademark.

besides, the argument taht you want to make a cartoon porn "micky's steam boat of a willy"
is moot becasue of fair use.

Re:What about IP inheritence trees? (2, Informative)

cpt kangarooski (3773) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299351)

In which case they'd lose the copyrights on those later works -- which could then be reprinted in part or in full by anyone. And they'd lose the rights to control derivative works based upon those works' uncopyrighted portions.

There are, in fact, some MM comic strips already in the public domain because they were not renewed by Disney ages ago. Hasn't had a big impact.

Besides -- Disney would probably be willing to pay a few extra dollars to be safe. The investment isn't very big, after all. (but really should be; hell, I don't like this proposal at all, since it's so wimpy)

I, Sen Strom Thurmond am very much against (2, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299144)

any policy that advocates pubic domination!



Well I'm against public domain too!

Re:I, Sen Strom Thurmond am very much against (1)

kaltkalt (620110) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299255)

unless it's domination by white people.

Choice quote from Lessig's page: (2, Interesting)

lysium (644252) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299176)

âoeWhat you donâ(TM)t understand, Lessig, is that your bullshit âopenâ(TM) or âfreeâ(TM) types will never â" NEVER â" be able to compete with corporate organization. Squabbles-about-egos-pretending-to-be-about-the-me rits can never be quashed. There is no one to say âenough, letâ(TM)s move on.â(TM) So every great idea that your type creates, weâ(TM)ll just wait, watch, and then take. Always.â -- paraphrased from a conversation with someone from within one of the (how many are there?) largest proprietary code companies

Microsoft? Oracle? Doesn't matter, really. Hell, even game developers are beginning to exploit game communities and user modifications as features to market the game -- before said things exist. I fear a burnout at some point down the road...


What's wrong with current copyright? (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299221)

Or, perhaps not current, but as it has been for awhile now? Author's life + X years.

Seems to have worked thus far, and to all you whining, "Waah, the author's family, the author's family", well, fuck you.

You know, call me crazy, but I *want* my children to benefit from my work. I'd like them to have a better life than I've had - I'd like them to have an easier life than I've had. I'd like their financial well being to be a surety.

I suspect that a great many idiots who whine about copyright are snivelling youth who don't have a large enough allowance.

Re:What's wrong with current copyright? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299306)

And here we see the inherent conflict between individual and societal interests.

For example, it is in your interest to provide your children with a source of income.

However, if your children are so worthless that they need a monopoly on your work for seventy years after your death, then it is in society's interest that they not get that monopoly, and hopefully die cold, lonely deaths. Preferably before they reproduce.

Ever notice the bipartisanship? (4, Insightful)

kaltkalt (620110) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299226)

Ever notice how, when an IP law (smart or stupid) is introduced in Congress, it's nearly always by 1 Democrat and 1 Republican? It's not due to the wonderfully happy beautiful spirit of bipartisanship that's permeating the air of Washington. Naw I'm more cynical than that.

Here's why. The RIAA, MPAA, etc. make sure they toss around large amounts of money to both parties (as all good interest groups should do) to get the laws they want passed. As IP policy is not addressed by the platforms of either political party, those who are going to sell out and fuck america up the ass for lots of campaign money realize that it will not only look better if they introduce said law in bipartisan pairs, but it is much safer, too. A bill sponsored by 1 republican and 1 democrat is much less likely to be attacked by either party as a whole. In fact, such a bill will never be attacked by either party as a whole. If, say, the republicans were the ones passing all the "destroy their computers and send them to guantanimo" IP laws, the democrats would immediately campaign against it, and vice-versa. So since both parties know the other doesn't care, and since both parties have plenty of members willing to whore themselves out for money, those who introduce these bills know it's mutually beneficial for both parties to do so in pairs.

Of course the same thing does for good laws, such as the one that's the subject of this thread. If two Republicans introduced the Eldred Act, the Democrats would immediately accuse the Reps of supporting criminals.

Insightful. You bet your ass.

Re:Ever notice the bipartisanship? (1)

kaltkalt (620110) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299345)

"Of course the same thing does for good laws..." should be "goes for good laws..."

So much for slashdot's "no petitions" (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299233)

the logs []
[21:11:50] <CmdrTaco> I no longer hold any value in a petition.
[21:11:54] <hemos> But, yeah, petitions stories have no valuye.
[21:11:56] <hemos> None.
[21:12:00] <CmdrTaco> Web petitions are stupid. I delete them all.
[21:12:14] <hemos> They have no meaning to a company/organization/political party.

wtf (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6299299)

this is not a troll, but what does this have to do with lunix and stuff for nerds? what the hell do i care about intelectual property and copyright?

Tell your rep to cosponsor this bill: (1)

aethera (248722) | more than 11 years ago | (#6299361)

it takes two minutes!
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