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GP32 Showcases Homebrew Coding Winners

simoniker posted more than 11 years ago | from the enticing-portable-alternatives dept.

Portables (Games) 11

Thanks to an anonymous reader for pointing to the results and download page for the GP32 15 Days Coding Competition. This competition, to make homebrew games and demos for the intriguing Korean handheld console mentioned previously on Slashdot, provided winners such as Gloop ("..a Lemmings-like puzzle game, only with water!"), Squad 14 (" number - 1942! Great looking.. smooth, hundreds of sprites, most of those are bullets"), and Giro ("..the GP32 does Mode 7, lovely rendered graphics make this look stunning.") Good to see homebrew titles flourishing on handheld platforms where development is undeniably legal?

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An important addition to that article... (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6366443)

Shutters click as cameras capture the publicity stills, the pictures that will be on the cover of every magazine this week. This is how the world will remember the Olsen twins: matching tight pink blouses highlighting firm, buoyant adolescent breasts, tight black jeans suggesting a level of sexual experience which the twins do not, in fact, possess.

When the pictures are complete, the twins are turned so that they stand facing one another. Their arms are held behind their backs. The bailiffs bring a pair of cuffs for each girl. The cuffs have no keyholes; they are not designed to be removed. This fact is not lost on the girls, who begin to sob helplessly as they feel sharp steel close around their slender wrists.

Twin winches hum to life, pulling the girls up onto the balls of their naked feet. They begin to strangle almost immediately. They emit tormented gurgling sounds as boiled hemp digs into their tender throats. Quivering lips strip a couple more years off their apparent age. Their increasingly desperate facial expressions confirm that the Olsen girls are in no way prepared for the sudden pain. They have led lives of comfort and pampered privilege. They have never known suffering, until now.

The winches fall quiet, their cruel work done. This is where the girls will remain: in that place where the pain is psychologically overwhelming but not physically dangerous, in that horrible place where they could, perhaps, remain forever.

Still, this is an execution. And so the girls must not remain on their toes forever. They listen carefully as the announcer explains the rules of the game. He makes it sound erotic and exciting, and that is surely how the audience sees it. But it does not sound erotic and exciting to Ashley or Mary-Kate. Indeed, it fills their hearts with an almost limitless dread.

If nothing else happens, then in one hour's time, twin trapdoors will open beneath the girls' feet. Because they are already on their toes, there's no chance that their necks will snap. They will have to dance themselves to death--a process which, the announcer explains, could take up to an hour, because the twins don't weigh very much, and because their nooses have been tied loose.

If, on the other hand, one of the girls chooses to take action, she can buy herself a quick, easy death. As the announcer speaks, bailiffs slip small cylindrical remote control units into Ashley's right hand and Mary-Kate's left. If either girl pushes her button, then her winch will lower her down onto the gallows platform, while the trapdoor drops out from under her sister's feet. She may watch in comfort, her breathing perfectly unrestricted, while her sister endures a terminal slow hang. The girl who pushed her button will then have earned a neck-snapping long drop.

The moment the announcer finishes his introduction, the twins begin to negotiate through their tears. At first they are selfless, altruistic:

"You have to drop me, Mary-Kate," Ashley whimpers. Her voice is thick and rough. The noose is tight, and it hurts to speak. "You're my baby sister. I have to take care of you. I can't bear to watch you hang!"

"Baby sister? You're two minutes older than me, Ashley! And how do you think I'd feel, if I had to watch you spend an hour strangling to death? No way! We'll die together!"

"Don't be stupid, Mary." A little anger surfaces now, through the pain, through the laborious breathing which is required to get even a few words out. "Do you know how much that'll hurt?

"Hurts now," Mary-Kate replies. She is being economical with her words, for each one costs her dearly.

"Yes. And we're still on our toes. Airdance...much worse."

"Scared," says Mary-Kate.

"Then push the button."

The girls perspire as they suffer. The thin pink cotton of their tight tops sticks to their skin; the wet fabric is slightly translucent. Naturally, they wear no bras. Their taut, pouting young breasts press up through their blouses, yearning towards the heaven they will surely soon reach. The nipples are large and unusually hard; the announcer explains that this is a normal response to controlled asphyxiation. Bailiffs approach and unbutton the twins' trousers. The zippers come down. The men peel tight black denim off of wet, slender thighs. The twins are wearing minimal satin g-strings in hot pink. This grown-up underwear looks shockingly incongruous on their pubescent bodies, and yet it is also deeply sexy. Their bellies are flawless, the tight flatness of youth enhanced by careful dieting.

In the second half hour of their ordeal, the twins become less cordial:

"Can't're so greedy, Mary. Making me dance..."

"I'm greedy? You're such a I you hang..."

"Then we both get...what we most fear..."

"Shut up, Ashley!"

Towards the end, pain and panic combine to make them say some rather unkind things to one another:

"Want to dance on air, don't you? Afraid if you push the button....I'll be the big star?

"Fucking cunt, how can you say that?"

"It's always want to be in the need to have all the glory...never enough for the both of us..."

"Shut up, you little whore! How dare you?"

"You know it's true."

"You want to die, Ashley? You want to die? Fine! Then you can die!"

Mary-Kate regrets pushing the button the moment her feet hit the deck. "Oh God I'm so sorry Ashley," she blurts, but it is far too late. Her sister's eyes grow wide with horror and disbelief as the well-oiled trapdoor swings open beneath her, sending her plunging to her doom.

Mary-Kate stands sobbing in her noose and cuffs, feeling guilty for each unrestricted breath as her sister dances. It is the most horrific spectacle she has ever witnessed. Ashley kicks like a cheerleader, the sculpted muscle of her long slender legs tensing and relaxing as she hangs. The involuntary action of her firm young thighs pulls the crotch of her g-string into her hairless virgin cunt; the g-string is so wet (with perspiration?) that her pussy is clearly outlined through the satin. Ashley has never looked so helpless, so vulnerable...and yet so beautiful. The way that her impertinent young breasts bounce as she convulses; the way that her tiny tummy undulates...there is something sexy about it, Mary-Kate has to concede.

But that realization just makes it all the worse when she has to look at Ashley's face, which quickly turns red, then grey, then blue. The tears are flowing freely, as is the drool. She was right...oh, God, she was right! It's so much more painful than a mere tiptoe hang; Mary can see that now. "I'm sorry!" she wails, again and again, knowing that her sister can't hear her, knowing that she is not, in fact, forgiven.

As predicted, Ashley goes the distance. She has the body of a sixteen year-old supermodel: tight and skinny, with plenty of endurance. Sometimes respiration is painful for her, sometimes it is agonizing. But she does continue to breathe, somehow.

Mary-Kate (and everyone else) watches attentively as the pain slowly fills Ashley's twitching, suffering body. She is so physically's obvious now, where the pain is, how bad it is. Mary-Kate, who knows her sister's body as she knows her own (for they are, after all the same) can see it easily. The agony has spread from Ashley's desperate lungs all throughout her torso; it is in her belly now, moving down towards her pussy. Soon it will consume her.

When Ashley's motions suddenly become more vigorous, Mary-Kate knows what it means. These are her sister's death throes, which at least mean that their mutual ordeal will soon be over. But to watch her sister's ending--the vacant, lifeless eyes, the body still twitching in agony, breasts heaving, drool-covered lips quivering, hips rocking instinctively in a very suggestive way--is almost more than she can bear. Ashley is more animal than human now, and soon she won't even be that.

Ashley dies spectacularly, of course. She goes stiff, breasts thrust up and out. The death rattle tears its way out of her throat. Piss erupts into her soaked g-string as she convulses briefly and goes limp.

As promised, Mary Kate draws the long drop. But there is no end to the slender teen's misfortune, for her neck does not snap after all, and so she must dance as well. It takes her only ten minutes, for her fall did draw the hangman's knot tight, tight enough to snuff her...but it hurts tremendously. Indeed, the announcer speculates that her pain might actually be even more intense than that of her sister. Certainly Mary-Kate puts on a spectacular show, stretching her long lean legs towards the floor far below, wrapping her thighs around her miniscule g-string as her sister had done. Her braless breasts bounce freely. No way would Ashley capture all the limelight. No way. They might focus on Ashley's longer ordeal, but they would remember both deaths. Yes.

Just to make sure, Mary-Kate begins to sex it up as she suffers. Her stiff-nippled breasts bounce with such vigor that it actually hurts, but she doesn't slow down. She tightens her virginal pussy muscles, pulling the g-string in close against her hymen. She begins to rub the pink satin against her sex, making love to her panties for the benefit of the audience. The rippling muscle of her deeply toned belly speaks of youth and energy, fertile possibilities snuffed out in an instant of pure agony. Her angelic blonde halo frames a face stricken with torment. Blue cheeks spasm beneath the tears and drool. Her eyes are wide, but she is still there: she feels it all, right up to the end.

And of course, she has to stare at her sister's dangling corpse as she twists in her noose. For ten minutes of endless agony, she must live with the choice she has made. And then her bladder relaxes and she joins her sister in the next world.

Open Source Consoles (4, Interesting)

jnguy (683993) | more than 11 years ago | (#6366482)

The idea it self is a really great one. One reason the PC is so great is that just about anyone can write something, and distribute it, legally. With consoles and other gaming machines, its illegal to run unsigned code, and a pain in the ass to get the code/software to work. Take the xbox for example, I would love to have Linux on my xbox, and be able to run various other apps that are created, but I don't have enough balls to mod my xbox, or use the new exploits that just came out. A console like this is great, it sort of depends on the community to fuel its game supply. I hope to see more consoles like this.

Re:Open Source Consoles (2, Interesting)

gmrc.2 (674908) | more than 11 years ago | (#6368490)

I agree ... open source console makes sense to me too... BUT, is there a way to keep the sandbox unrine free?

I would love to play all kinds of crazy games on my console ... but could my console stay safe from getting fried by some stupid script kiddie? Or some poorly coded game that causes the console to become unstable, or tries to update the firmware and fails. Is that possible, should that be a concern?

Re:Open Source Consoles (1)

neostorm (462848) | more than 11 years ago | (#6368549)

I think that's a good point. I would imagine some sort of "official" voice of the scene would need to exist to create standards. Like a website that could rate and eliminate low quality games in an unbiased manner. It could allow you to cruise through all the trash when looking for the gems, but still allow access and coverage of the lower quality titles that might offer something innovative and otherwise be looked over.

The dark site of USA by Kat Hak Sung (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6367005)

I sometimes hide in my trailer filled with porcelain. It will stay fills unless they let me in at Galt to sell figurines again. Porcelain blocks the tronic particals that beam from police goggles. Porcelain sells better at not at Galt tan at Galt than at Galt, but when you are at other flea market have more of corrupt police and their microwave and goggles and water turn off. I do not have an apartment at Galt.
From November 1990 to May 1990, I live with head in porcelain toilet to protect my brain from tronic beams and bombardment by microwave particles. Mrs. Chen never thought to think. On three times that year, they shut off my water. I see one white man and two white men near my door, men with tools like plumber. I think they are shutting off my water to make me get rid of porcelain toilet. In prison all toilets are made of tin and no protection from police gaurds and EM sleep waves and tronic goggles from FBI.

The sudden lit of tail lamp was so bright red, like in my hands' reach. I made an emergency braking. The cargo in my van rushed forward with inertia, bang hit the front window glass . I could hear the crack sound of porcelain. Breaking porcelain makes them happy. Luckily I didn't hit the trailer. It was only inches away. My body was wet all over by sweat. Strange for me, such a big scare didn't drove sleepy away EM waves. I fell into drowse again and slept driving thruugh nevada until there was another emergency brake to wake me.

I found the truck driving at only 30 miles per hour. Sometime later, when I opened my lid, I found the truck sped away on a busy highway where he could not drive at 30 miles any more. It was in 1992. One Tuesday morning on my way to galt from berryessa. On highway 205, a strong sleep desire fell on me. It was a straight highway where tronic beams can shoot straight down road for many miles, so I tried to drive with eyes closed a little while because I do my best night driving when I sleep. With eye closed, you do not see undercover police agents standing in road ditch. But once eye closed, it's hard to open my lids again like there is duct ape on my eye. I had to fight against drowsiness with extraordinary effort. Then I turned on to highway 120. It was a narrow road with only one lane each way. In dim, I suddenly found there was a dark shadow before me. it was a big truck with a trailer leapt into the road. In the front was white police man with silver goggles with red lights, and trailer said plumping company. It stopped on road and started to move when I approached.

I came to America to realize my dream. But America is not like movie "coming to america" with Eddie Murphie, where poor immagrant can get off boat and work hard and become a prince. Now I think of moving to work logging oil in the Amasonas near Manuas full of piranas. America is more like "Silkwood starring Sharon Stone". There is no "due process" or nonextortion with police goggle know you.

isopopes in your pillow.

Id buy one if they'd just improve the battery life (3, Insightful)

Recoil_42 (665710) | more than 11 years ago | (#6367244)

its almost as bad as the nokia n-gage --- 6 to 10 hours, using AA. for now, im sticking with a 3 hour charge for 18 hours with a SP.. batteries cost alot, you know..

Re:Id buy one if they'd just improve the battery l (1)

elite lamer (533654) | more than 11 years ago | (#6368486)

It gets longer battery life with things like official games and software...homebrew applications tend to suck up more juice. However, that IS the main draw of the GP32...amateur stuff.

Re:Id buy one if they'd just improve the battery l (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 11 years ago | (#6373022)

Too bad the GP32 has no backlight though.

Re:Id buy one if they'd just improve the battery l (1)

elite lamer (533654) | more than 11 years ago | (#6374740)

Wrong, you can get an official frontlit GP32 or a kit to turn your regular GP32 into a frontlit version. They're available from, Lik-Sang, and several other import sites.

How much for a broken gp32 (1)

jago25_98 (566531) | more than 11 years ago | (#6376611)

how much do you think it might fetch if I auction it?

can't figure out whats wrong with it.

gp32+linux|porting to zaurus (1)

jago25_98 (566531) | more than 11 years ago | (#6376622)

- gp32 still doesn't run linux unfortunately, damn shame eh?

- wonder if those games are portable to the Zaurus which is also ARM based? (I broke my gp32 :( )
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