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And They Shall Know You By Your Books

timothy posted about 11 years ago | from the don't-like-the-books-of-that-one dept.

Privacy 357

Val42K writes "People have been concerned about provisions of the Patriot Act that would grant law enforcement access to your library records. Now libraries are considering placing RFID tags into books instead of barcodes. The RFID tags will (supposedly) be turned off when you check out of the library, but could they be turned back on? What about the possibility of you being located and tracked by the books that you carry?"

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But what if libaries used Debian? (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139045)

There ya go. There is your segway. Now you Debian zealots can wax on about it for days.

Anybody seen my Tin Foil Hat? (-1)

Failed It You Have!! (651166) | about 11 years ago | (#7139249)

I think I put mine in the washer, and it's not blocking out Corporation's evil satellite beams. I'm already starting to believe that aliens DON'T exist!

brown was cool. (-1)

(TK)Max (668795) | about 11 years ago | (#7139051)

.-" "-.
/ \
(_ ^^ _) NO HEED OF THEM.>
\ /
.::::I hate you, I hate your country, and I hate your face.

do you need a hug?.... (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139088)

I think so!

RFID is inevitable (4, Insightful) (463190) | about 11 years ago | (#7139053)

I didn't realize RFID tags could be turned off. Are they not basically passive "reflectors", powered by the scanner's signal?

Anyway - from a privacy perspective there is much to fear about how RFID will be misued. However, as a geek I can not overlook the incredible myriad of practical uses for them. To be pragmatic about it, I'm quite sure that such uses will override the privacy concerns in the long run, just as credit cards have done to cash, for example. The best we can do, I think, is to push for sane privacy legislation like we don't have for banking.

I mean, how cool would it be if you ran a restaurant, for example, and you never had to keep track of what food to order? Your garbage can would just detect that your chef had thrown a tomato can, and add a new can of tomatoes to the next delivery. I can think of a thousand practical uses for RFID and I suggest that any geek with foresight should be thinking not about how to stop RFID, but how to protect our privacy in a world which will inevitably be filled with billions of the little things.

Re:RFID is inevitable (1)

CokeBear (16811) | about 11 years ago | (#7139111)

If I ran a resteraunt, I would only use fresh tomatoes. How would you track that? Genetic RFID tags?

Attention Moron: (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139128)

What are you gonna do, head out into the fields
every morning and bring in a basketfull? Actually,
you'd order them from someone - someone who, if
they wanted your business, would employ RFID packaging.
The amount of time you can save with this sort
of technology makes it way too worth it. And this
comes from someone who saw a lot of the restaurant
busienss for a while.

Re:RFID is inevitable (4, Funny) (463190) | about 11 years ago | (#7139132)

That's simple. While waiting to be seated, each of your customers would receive an injection containing an RFID tying them to your restaurant. Then their feces would be inspected later to determine what food had been consumed, and the system would report back to your inventory control process.


Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139149)

What the fuck is this anyway?

Re:RFID is inevitable (4, Insightful)

Zocalo (252965) | about 11 years ago | (#7139173)

Exactly the way I look at it; RFID tags are just *so* cool from a practical standpoint they are simply inevitable. You say that you could think of a thousand practical uses for RFID, and while I know that's a figure of speech, if push came to shove you probably *could* think of a thousand uses. Maybe not a million though. ;)

These things get their power through inductance, do they not? So what's wrong with, say, using a small amount of inducted power to read the data they contain, but a larget amount will induce enough power to pop an incorporated fuse? I'm sure the tinfoil hat brigade will have their doubts, but for these things to be useful, they've got to be able to transmit, and that means they can be detected.

Trying to get the things banned outright seems a bit like trying to prevent the sun from rising in the morning. Lobbying for a requirement that the things contain a permanent off switch however might stand a chance of success, and then we get the best of both worlds for a change.

your wrong heres why (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139226)

the rfid madness cant go on anymore. these things give data more powerful than you can ever imagine. they will know everything you do, everywhere you go, and combined with the other data mines will make you a target for your daily activities. the nightmare is soon to come, so prepare.. i can hear the dogs barking theyre near now must run

Re:your wrong heres why (1)

IAR80 (598046) | about 11 years ago | (#7139350)

But the dogs will carry RFIDs on their collars so you can easily sue the owner.

The big question: whose tag is it? (3, Insightful)

Tau Zero (75868) | about 11 years ago | (#7139375)

These things get their power through inductance, do they not? So what's wrong with, say, using a small amount of inducted power to read the data they contain, but a larget amount will induce enough power to pop an incorporated fuse?
That's fine if the tag is part of something that belongs to you. What do you do if the tag is part of something that belongs to the library? Are you going to "pop" the tag (with what?) before you walk out the door with the book, and then pay the library to re-enter the book in their inventory (which is probably indexed by the tag ID number) when you return it?

Aye, there's the rub.

Re:RFID is inevitable (2, Interesting)

jjshoe (410772) | about 11 years ago | (#7139212)

There are two types of rfid tags, passive and active. Active tags can be read from quite a range. Passive tags, which is what the library range would mostly likely use, are simply an antenna that pics up a certain frequency which goes through the antenna and reports back its unique number to the reader. I completely agree with you view on the use of rfid. Infact my work uses networked rfid readers and electric door strikes to control access to buildings. there are so many good uses for rfid that we should stop fearing.

Not Quite (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139261)

These things are usually BOTH passive and active at once. That's one of the reasons they're so powerful. The ability to be passive and active simultaneously, or to be passive and active at the same time, results in the mightiest heroes. System.

Re:RFID is inevitable (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139269)

"reports back its unique number to the reader"

Strange definition of 'passive' you have there my friend! You've got an entire electronic system in there that is powered up by the 125KHz field and that is anything but passive!

look (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139283)

I think you need to head back to class, chief. This is some reporter getting creative with his language. It doesn't "report" to anything, it's just registered as a passive device.

Re:RFID is inevitable (1)

taviso (566920) | about 11 years ago | (#7139289)

There was a fascinating program about RFID this evening on Radio 4, available on the web here [] .

works fine with mplayer, as well..

$ mplayer rtsp:// siness.ra

Re:RFID is inevitable (2, Informative)

H310iSe (249662) | about 11 years ago | (#7139297)

I'm pretty sure you're right, they can't be turned off, without, as one poster suggested, destroying the tag (not sure that's even possible in a real-world situation). I looked into them for a project but was dissapointed in the read range (which is good news for privacy concerns) and the readers are still pretty expensive. If anyone knows about turning rfid tags on and off please post? I'm sure many people would be interested.

There are materials (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139318)

that you can encase them in to stop them from working. If you put them in one of these [] , for example.

Obligatory Movie reference (0)

tekiegreg (674773) | about 11 years ago | (#7139060)

well this tracking must explain my impulses for buying Catcher in the Rye all the time :-p

For those of you who are wondering the movie, Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts

Barcodes are lame (3, Interesting)

v13inc (698324) | about 11 years ago | (#7139061)

RFIDs wouldnt be bad. If they threw one in your library card too, that would be good. You could then just grab your books, and walk out the doors, with it automatically being thrown on your card.

Re:Barcodes are lame (2, Funny)

spektr (466069) | about 11 years ago | (#7139185)

RFIDs wouldnt be bad. If they threw one in your library card too, that would be good. You could then just grab your books, and walk out the doors, with it automatically being thrown on your card.

That would be really comfortable. But don't forget: the Deathstar increases the intensity-level of its torture-ray every day you are late with returning the book. Better hurry up with this last chapter, or otherwise you won't breed.

Re:Barcodes are lame (2, Interesting)

ewithrow (409712) | about 11 years ago | (#7139196)

My library is heading in this direction. They don't have RFID but they do have public scanners by the doors where you scan your card then your books and walk out. It works much like the self checkout lines at king soopers, only faster.

Their website is great too. Just enter your card number and name and it will show you which books are checkout out and when they are due, and you can push a button to automatically renew every one for another 2 weeks. It sure beats taking a trip down to the library because you're going to need an extra weekend to finish that book.

Getting back to the topic, I think that with a little thought many of the privacy concerns can be taken care of even with the RFID system in place. It sure would make it a lot easier to just walk out and you're automatically checked out, and in this case I think the benefits outweigh the concerns. They already have a database of what books you have checkout out! What more could they know!?

Re:Barcodes are lame (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139282)

What more could they know!?

Your current location, for starters.

No more reading on the john at work, etc.

Re:Barcodes are lame (1)

TMLink (177732) | about 11 years ago | (#7139361)

Your current location, for starters.

Thanks for the laugh. Needed it.

A Proclamation (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139065)

Know ye timothy, that we of slashdot have deemed
ye to be of the vilest sort of editors,
descended from the under-races and fathered by
lustful perverse acts. So hereby do we
recommend you for sexual revision at the GNAA
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understand currently about your anus will be
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is not a rear window, timothy it is a door.
Soon, immense phalluses of significant natural
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your life will change forever.

Depends on how they code them... (2, Insightful)

jmorse (90107) | about 11 years ago | (#7139067)

The library here in San Francisco is considering doing just that. The point was made that privacy really depends on how they do the RFID tags: do they contain only the ISBN code or do they contain a serial number? Of course, any library could switch from the ISBN system to a serial number system at the bequest of Ashcroft and his thugs.

Re:Depends on how they code them... (4, Insightful)

YouHaveSnail (202852) | about 11 years ago | (#7139190)

Seems to me that a serial number would actually be better in terms of securing your privacy. If the RFID sends back an ISBN, any knucklehead with a scanner can tell what books you've got in your bag. If it sends back a serial number, then they need access to the library's database in order to map serial numbers to titles. At least with serial numbers, you have some chance at privacy so long as the libary does the right thing in terms of protecting the database.

Re:Depends on how they code them... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139235)

Any knucklehead could trivially map serial number to book, by scanning the serial numbers of books they are interested in tracking. A bit more work, perhaps, but your tax money will fund it.

Re:Depends on how they code them... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139304)

How are they getting the serial? And no one said that serials directly correspond to ISBN #s.Every book (not every title) could have its own serial. They also won't be available to anyone else, so they can't just "scan the serial."

Re:Depends on how they code them... (1)

drinkypoo (153816) | about 11 years ago | (#7139332)

You're thinking about this wrong. They don't need to identify that the rfid belongs to a book; they need to identify that the rfid is attached to you. If the rfid is unique, then a match from that rfid number anywhere can only be you (or the object that they assume tracks you.) If it is non-unique, then they have to expend additional effort to discard matches which could not possibly be you. ISBN is the same for all copies of that printing, but if they scan you leaving the library, and take a picture, they can identify all RFIDs which match you at that point.

Re:Depends on how they code them... (1)

deanj (519759) | about 11 years ago | (#7139363)

Of course, any library could switch from the ISBN system to a serial number system at the bequest of Ashcroft and his thugs.

This is complete FUD and a cheap shot. There's nothing in the Patriot act that would anyone to turn on any kind of system like that on the library as a whole.

If there is, by all means, point it out.

Yikes! (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139068)

Quick.. get a towel, soak it in water and wrap it round your head!!

They are out to get you!! ;)

Re:Yikes! (1)

ralphclark (11346) | about 11 years ago | (#7139085)

Now even your books will need to wear a tinfoil hat!

Simple solution! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139216)

Two words: Tinfoil backpack.

Re:Yikes! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139333)

I think you'd have even more reason to be scared of the government f you had a towel wrapped around your head...

Re:Yikes! (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139367)

quaaaaaaaaaaaaid staaaaaaaaaaaart the reaaaaaaaaaaaaactor!

What Libraries? (0)

rmohr02 (208447) | about 11 years ago | (#7139071)

I thought the general consensus of librarians was that the USA PATRIOT Act was wrong. Why would they further promote it?

(Yes, I know it's the San Francisco Public Library, but it has to be a very isolated incident.)

Re:What Libraries? (1)

Azghoul (25786) | about 11 years ago | (#7139340)

What the fuck do RFID tags on books have to do with the PATRIOT Act, specifically? Is there some provision in the act that I missed that says, "Ashcroft and his cronies will make RFIDs available for all industries so we can track them damn liberals"?

RFID is a technology whose time has come, nothing more, nothing less. Take your anti-Ashcroft tinfoil hat off, it's a nice sunny day.

Reminds me of a movie (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139072)

"Conspiracy Theory"

I can imagine you borrow "The Catcher in the Rye" and an alarm goes off and black helicopters are at your house!

Well... (1)

cliffy2000 (185461) | about 11 years ago | (#7139075)

They already know me by the trail of my dead. So I'm kinda screwed anyway.

Re:Well... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139162)

Dude, take the RFID tags out of the corpses. Then you are home free.

What's that I hear? (2, Insightful)

cscx (541332) | about 11 years ago | (#7139079)

Oh yeah, black helicopters!

Seriously, Slashdot seems to have no problem stifling technology when it gives rise to insane, improbable conspiracy theories.

Re:What's that I hear? (1, Insightful)

GreyWolf3000 (468618) | about 11 years ago | (#7139179)

Well, on the other hand we do have a strong libertarian minded audience. The Patriot Act gives the government power to strip citizenship based on the Attourney General's whims, and hold secret trials where one can't face the accuser. Honestly, a healthy bit of skepticism is important, and if the government signs a law that sucks, I at least am concerned with any kind of technology that can be used in scary ways given the fact that this kind of McCarthyism actually is going on.

In america (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139081)

Library Wants to Put Chips in Books

In soviet russia, they put books in chips!

Well (2, Funny)

Eudial (590661) | about 11 years ago | (#7139086)

Why won't they just attatch a big sign saying "Hey! My name is foo bar, i'm working at foo doing bar, my homephone is +0160003960132, my political oppinions are foobar" to your back?

RFID (1)

Destree (679322) | about 11 years ago | (#7139087)

Conspiracy Theory anyone? Better not borrow "Cather in the Rye" heh. and yes, I have read the book on my own, not in high school (although I did read it then too)

A book to read: (2, Insightful)

JessLeah (625838) | about 11 years ago | (#7139094)

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

Re:A book to read: (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139118)

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

Be careful! This makes you suspicious.

Re:A book to read: (1)

Hal The Computer (674045) | about 11 years ago | (#7139229)

You mean you have a copy of a book?

Okay lads, send out the firemen.

Of course if its an e-book, that could be problematic. Send out the magnet-men just dosen't sound quite cool enough.

Re:A book to read: (0, Flamebait)

Saint Stephen (19450) | about 11 years ago | (#7139278)

Ironic, you should read "The Language Police" by Diane Ravitch. Farenheit 451 was heavily edited by left-wing educators to suit their own pedagogic objectives. =utf-8&q=%22language+police%22+%22fahrenheit+451%2 2&sa=N&tab=gw

Sheesh (0, Flamebait)

Anonymous Cowtard (573891) | about 11 years ago | (#7139101)

What about the possibility of you being located and tracked by the books that you carry?

Man, some people really have a bloated self-image if they think "the man" is so interested in them as to track everything they do.

Seriously, get a frigging grip people.

Re:Sheesh (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139256)

Man, some people really have a bloated self-image if they think "the man" is so interested in them as to track everything they do.

I don't think "the man" is interested in me, but that doesn't stop me from objecting on principle to assaults on civil rights.

Seriously, get a frigging grip people.

Yeah, because McCarthyism never happened.

Re:Sheesh (1)

Anonymous Cowtard (573891) | about 11 years ago | (#7139358)

Care to explain to me how RFID tags are an assault on your civil rights?

Would you also care to explain how someone might track one of these given you have to be less than around 2 meters away from one to read them?

Or would you rather bandy about typical fear-mongering about something you don't understand?

Alternatives... (3, Interesting)

Ikari Gendou (93109) | about 11 years ago | (#7139104)

  • Read the book at the library
  • Photocopy the pages requires
  • Get someone *else* to check the book out for you
  • If it's recent enough, order/buy the book at a bookstore, use cash.
Any other suggestions?

Re:Alternatives... (1)

91degrees (207121) | about 11 years ago | (#7139206)

Read the book at the library

And get watched by the government operatives who work there!?

Photocopy the pages requires

I'm sure the publishers will soon be putting chips into photocopiers to prevent people from doing this. Anyoine who attempts will be sent to prison for 5 years.

Get someone *else* to check the book out for you

This has possibilities. I'll have to shoot them immediately aftwerwards though. Plus point of this si I get to keep the book.

If it's recent enough, order/buy the book at a bookstore, use cash.

If I order it, they'll know who I am. They usually ask for contact details. If I buy it anyway, it may still have an RFID tag inside.

Complete nonsense (5, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139107)

The idea that your RFID tag can be tracked and monitored over a great distance is complete nonsense. The guy who submitted this needs to get a refund on that tinfoil hat of his.

Nothing like a really dumb conspiracy theory to hold back progress. People, these tags are readable up to a few inches. Maybe a foot at most. They are nothing but glorified bar codes. Good for tracking inventory at most.

Do you use credit? Do you have a license? SIN? Bank card? Trust me, you have more things to worry about being tracked by than your stupid library purchases.

Range (4, Informative)

CaptBubba (696284) | about 11 years ago | (#7139109)

The range of RFID tags is not long enough to make tracking you by them possible.

This will just make checking out books a bit easier. Walk through the RFID scanner, swipe you library card, and walk out. The "man" can track your book useage by your library card anyway.

Also, every library I've been in has had those theft prevention devices that beep like crazy if you pass one of the books through them. This could make it a bit easier for the library to figure out just what book got taken.

This seems like an actual good use for RFID. It should be carefully eyed, but not just dismissed because RFID is somehow involved.

Re:Range (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139246)

Imagine a situation where coffee shops or other places have the RFID scanners as you walk through the doors.

Now lets say they are looking for a terrorist who reads a certain book in a coffee shop somewhere in the Boston area. Bingo you could be a suspect.

(ok it was reaching for an example :)

I was reading up on RFID at the local library (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139110)

The Essence IV: The Gathering

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A murmur spread through the crowd after they heard Lady Ultra-
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Rachel was tired. She and her editor, Sandra, had been on the road
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the fullness in her own bladder, Rachel followed her to the women's
Sandra finished up first and called into Rachel's stall, "I'll meet you
inside. Maybe we can find out a few things about this Ducaine place."
Rachel then finished up and washed her hands. She pulled a brush out of
her purse and fiddled with her hair to get a little of the windswept look
out and checked her general appearance in the mirror. She frowned as she
always did when she saw her overweight tummy and small saggy breasts.
Plain and dumpy, that was her. She sighed as she thought, "Well I may not
look sexy, but men just love those letters I write pretending to be
Fleshtone's resident slut, Sexxony." With that little ego boost, she felt she
was ready to head out. As she was pushing the door open, a sound caused
her to pause and open the door just a crack.
When she looked out she saw the meeting hall doorway, the two
guards, and Sandra standing in front of the doorway. To her surprise she
watched as Sandra started stripping off her clothing right there! The
guards seemed undisturbed by this and were, in fact, slightly rubbing their
crotches revealing huge bulges. Sandra finished undressing and seemed to
stand there waiting for something. Sandra used to be a nude model, but
her age showed in her sagging wrinkled flesh, full of cellulite. She used to
be a 42 DD-Cup, but she recently had her implants removed out of fear of
What happened next was unbelievable. Never in her 35 years of life
did Rachel imagine a man's sex organ could reach the proportions of the
one that slowly started to appear out the open doorway. It must have
been four feet long, and nine inches in diameter. Sandra simply waited
until the cock came right up to her and she began to kiss and caress it!
Then a wet gloppy surging sound announced the arrival of a gelatinous goo
that began to spew from the huge slit at the end of that massive cock. It
poured over Sandra as she slumped to the floor with a look of utter bliss
on her face. The man attached to that cock stepped forward. If not for the
frighteningly huge penis, Rachel would have found this man a hunk. In
shock she closed the door.
"Oh my God, oh my god, oh my god, what am I going to do?" raced
the thought in her mind as she fought down the urge to panic. What also
frightened her was that part of her was fighting down an urge to go out
there and touch that thing!
She looked up and noticed a window she could squeeze out and get
out of the building. She pushed hard to get through, and was helped by
the sudden rush of adrenaline she got when she heard the door being
opened and a snatch of words drifting in, "Lord Mega-Cock says the lady
had a friend in here ..."
She hit the ground running and headed towards the car. "Damn,
Sandra had the keys!", she thought as she searched her purse and only
came up with the motel room key. She had no plan, no idea what to do.
The police seemed to be in on whatever was happening. Perhaps she could
get to a phone and call the state police. She traveled down a back alley
and down the deserted street behind the community center and noticed a
gas station with a phone booth. She looked about and didn't notice anyone
and then slipped into the booth, dropped a dime in and dialed zero.
"Yes, can you get me the number for the state police."
"What's the nature of your emergency, ma'am?"
"Just dial the number!"
"I'm sorry, ma'am, but I have orders to hold all outside calls. Please
stay by the booth and someone will see to your needs. ... Ma'am? ... Ma'am? ... Are you there, ma'am?" Rachel began running. She didn't realize where
to until she remembered the motel key clutched tightly in her hand. She
needed to hide - it seemed all the town authorities were involved.
She made her way over to the next street and stopped short when
she saw a procession in the street. A flatbed truck was slowly travelling
down the street with some sort of radar-dish shaped object that a couple
of nude people were swinging around. When it pointed to a building, a soft
green light beam lanced out and widened until the whole building was
awash. Then they would move to the next target. Behind the truck came a
large group of men and women, all nude, all sexually beautiful specimens.
A portion of this group went into each building and carried out
unconscious people (men, women, and children) and laid them gently at
the side of the road.
Rachel ducked into a nearby building before the green light swept
over the one she had been peeking around. From this vantage point, she
could see the next people, if you could call them that, in the procession.
Huge was an understatement about the size of their sexual body parts.
Four of them, two men and two women, walked down the sides of the
street and stopped at each body and proceeded to spray out the same
substance she had seen used on Sandra from their cocks and nipples. They
seemed to take longer with the children, covering them with twice as much
as they did the adults. Rachel had seen enough and sneaked away again.
As she travelled carefully back to the motel, Rachel noticed whole
streets littered with scraps of cloth and odd amber-coloured crystal shards.
After a few nerve racking blocks of looking over her shoulders and
sticking to dark places, she reached the motel room. She fumbled with the
key in the lock, her hands shaking, but managed to open the door and
quickly shut it behind her. Seeing the curtains were closed she turned on
the light.
"Hello, Rachel, how have you been?"
Rachel turned and stifled a cry, when she noticed the man sitting in
the chair in the corner of the room. It was Paul, the man she and Sandra
had come here to look for.
"Paul, oh Paul! You won't believe what's happening, we've got to get
away from this town and quickly!", she said as tears welled in her eyes.
Paul got up and hugged her.
"Shhh now, everything is going to be all right." Paul said as he gently
caressed the back of her head and embraced her. Rachel sighed in relief,
but as she drew her next breath in she felt a little dizzy and warm. She
felt her body reacting to the closeness, his warmth, the nervous energy of
the situation, and memories of hidden desires. She knew Paul could feel
her heat and the hardening of her nipples, but for some strange reason,
she felt no shame or concern. "That's it - relax, soon you'll understand
everything. Now be a dear and remove your clothes." Part of her was
stunned by his suggestion, but her body eagerly began to obey.
Paul began to disrobe as well. "You see Rachel, you had no chance to
escape. After Sandra was recruited we knew about the motel room, and
who you were and why you had come here." After Paul's shirt came off
his chest absorbed all its hair. His nipples split in three each and the new
nipples drifted down. Then breasts swelled and grew until there stood six
E-cup endowments of female flesh. Rachel looked down at her own poorly
endowed body and felt ... jealousy?
Paul's hair grew out and changed to a golden blonde as his face
shifted and softened into a stunning beauty. "You see, a year ago I came
here on a rumor of strange things happening at the Ducaine Mansion. And
strange, and wondrous, and marvelous things happened to me!" He, or
perhaps, she, pulled down her pants as her abdomen turned curvy and soft
and her revealed genitals shifted and changed and grew. Now standing
before Rachel was a beautiful, six-breasted hermaphrodite with a huge
erect cock with thick puckering vaginal lips where the balls should be. "I
was recruited and reborn to the Essence as Pleasure. Just yesterday I was
given the highest honor in the Essence colony and was granted the body
and status of a Keeper."
Rachel listened to all this, her body now nude, and aroused despite
her inner urge to flee and escape. "I know this must all be frightening and
confusing. You're probably wondering why you can't run, why your body
is betraying you. Pheromones are powerful things, and we Keepers exude
massive amounts of the stuff. The unrecruited find us sexually irresistible
and become totally passive and submissive in our presence. It makes
recruitment so much easier." Paul then called out towards the door, "Send
her in now."
The door unlocked and in stepped Sandra. But this was Sandra
remade. Her skin was smooth and fresh, she looked no older than 20. Her
breasts were full and proud and looked to be F-cup but showed no sign of
sag. Even the scars of her surgery were gone! Her boss was naked as the
day she was born, and seemed totally at ease. "I come, as ordered, Lady
Pleasure. As a Keeper wills, so shall I do." Then she knelt before Pleasure
and gently kissed the tip of his cock.
Pleasure turned back to Rachel, and Sandra clasped her leg in an
ardent embrace as she gently kissed Pleasure's thigh and eased a hand up
her inner thigh and slowly sank a couple of fingers in her wet pussy and
began to finger-fuck the hermaphrodite. "This woman was once the
Sandra you knew. Now, after being recruited by Lord Mega-Cock and
being reborn by the Essence, she is now Porna. Aren't you, my sweet?"
"Yes, m'Lady. Oh, Rachel, you can't understand how good I feel! It's
wonderful. I'm so glad we found you, now you can join us!"
"Tell her what you experienced, daughter," ordered Pleasure.
"Well, after I left the washroom, I went to get into the meeting in the
hall. The guards smiled and opened the door. What a sight it was to see
close to two hundred people at various stages of recruitment. Many had
already emerged from their chrysalii and were engaging in a hot orgy.
Some were still forming, and a few more were just being covered in
Essence by the Keepers. Lord Mega-Cock was standing by the door and
turned when it opened. His magnificent organ called to me as he said,
'Remove your clothes and prepare for a new life.' I trembled in
anticipation, then they say you must have witnessed my recruitment."
Rachel could only nod. Her pussy was beginning to wet the bed she
sat on with her juices as her mind reeled with all she heard, and yet her
body got hotter and hotter. She began staring at Pleasure's cock, imagining
herself encountering it with Mega-Cock's proportions.
"While I formed, worries, cares, anxieties all faded away. I became
content and blissful. I knew that when I awoke, my deepest and darkest
desire would be fulfilled, I'd become more than any model we've ever had
at the magazine, and totally uninhibited and free to indulge my sexual
needs. Oh, sweet Rachel, I desired you before the change - your letters
touched a deep need in me, especially that fantasy about making it with a
Cheerleading squad in a lesbian orgy. Now I desire you even more! Dear
sweet Keeper, when shall she become one of us?", Porna asked as she
looked up into her mistress' eyes and increased her manual efforts on
Pleasure's snatch.
"Soon, Porna, soon. Now go and have them bring in that unrecruited
man from the hotel desk." Porna got up, wiggled her butt and then went
out the door.
"W...w..why?", was all Rachel could manage as her hands began to
drift to her crotch, drawn by the need burning in her body.
"The Gathering has begun, soon it will spread. Town to town, county
to county, state to state, country to country until the whole world has
become one with the Essence. Why? Because it is the greatest blessing
and wondrous step in evolution man will ever encounter. There are more
gifts the Essence bestows upon the reborn, other than sexual enhancement.
Diseases, ailments, disfigurements, genetic damage, are all healed and
removed. The body is regenerated to its peak of health and energy.
Immunity to all diseases and poisons are granted, fantastic healing
capability, and the mind is purged of destructive urges, replaced by
constructive desires and a fullness of self. The children are matured
gently and filled with knowledge and experience from their fellow adult
recruits. When we are done, a new age, the 'Pax Erotica' shall dawn. No
more wars, no more illness, no more jealousy, rage, hate, or envy. Only
love, lust, desire, happiness, bliss, contentment, and compassion.
"We Keepers are linked to every being we recruit. We share all their
knowledge, memories, skills, dreams, and desires. Fertility is under our
control, and we exercise that control with wisdom and genetic sensibility.
Unwanted pregnancies and birth defects will become a thing of the past.
Those with female organs can be sired by those with male organs and
become Lifebearers approved by and made 100% fertile by us. Conception
is guaranteed.
"Mankind shall leave behind her primitive 'homo sapien' past, and
become 'homo coitus', the 'Fucking Man'. And you, dear Rachel, after you
emerge from your own chrysalis, shall become our chronicler, our
historian, so that mankind shall know throughout the ages the
circumstances of the dawn of their Golden Age." Pleasure turned as two
policemen, wearing only their hats and gun belts, dragged a man in.
"Let me go you perverts, I'll get the real cops on you, I'll ... I'll ...", his
ranting and struggling stopped as he beheld Pleasure.
"Come here, man, and receive the gift of the Essence", ordered
Pleasure. The man slowly stepped forward. Rachel could only sympathize
with his inner struggle as his body disobeyed him. Meanwhile, Rachel
watched as Pleasure's body began to change again. Her uppermost breasts
began to grow even larger as her cock began to expand and lengthen. Her
new breasts were three feet in diameter each before they stopped, and the
cock was as large as the one she saw Sandra encounter. The nipples on her
breasts were huge, the size of shot glasses, and they were ringed by a
dozen ordinary nipples each. The man reached out and caressed a nipple
in each hand as his mouth kissed the massive cock head in front of him.
Once more Rachel watched as someone was covered in that goo. It not only
pumped from the cock, but sprayed from the tits. The slumped form of
the man was soon covered in a thick layer. Then Pleasure's body reverted
to her previous proportions.
"Witness the full event of the rebirth, Rachel. Remember it from the
eyes and mindset you have now. Soon you'll be able to contrast and
compare it to your own experience." Rachel could only stare and moan.
Her fingers were bringing her minor climaxes, but the fire of need
remained and kept her trapped. Meanwhile, she watched as the substance
hardened about the man like a shell. It darkened to an amber colour and
obscured the form within. A few minutes passed as she breathed deeply,
and Pleasure knelt down and softly caressed the chrysalis. "Come feel this,
only a Keeper has ever been granted this privilege." She grabbed one of
her pussy soaked hands and laid it on the thing. It throbbed and felt very
warm to the touch. It felt ... it felt ... like a cock ready to ejaculate, like her
breasts during masturbation ... it felt wonderfully good.
Then the throbbing stopped. "It is time, he is about to be reborn!"
Pleasure moved her hand away as the chrysalis cracked and the body of
the man began to emerge. Tattered pieces of his clothes fell away with the
rest of the chrystaline shell. There now revealed was a gorgeous hunk on
a man, young virile, and hung like a horse with big balls to match.
"Welcome, Beefcake, for that is your new name. I am Pleasure, your
Keeper. By the Essence you are reborn, for the Essence must not be
The man knelt and kissed Pleasure's cock as Porna had, and vowed,
"As a Keeper wills, so shall I do. How may I pleasure you, m'Lady?"
"In the next room waits Porna; she desires cock. Give her yours,"
Pleasure commanded.
"With all my lust, I shall!", he said as he rushed out, his erection
swinging free in the night air.
As he left, a very pregnant woman stepped in. "Ah good, Lifebearer
Christine, are you to term?", asked the Keeper.
"Yes, m'Lady, my cervix and vulva are ripening!" She gently caressed
her massive belly and Rachel was shocked to see how distended her belly
was, she could be carrying sextuplets! She looked down at her crotch and
the sight actually shocked her enough to cause her to stop masturbating
for a moment. Her pussy was growing! The slit was enlongating and
travelling up her belly towards her navel, and yet it kept going! It
reached her sternum and stopped. The lips were thick and livid, but the
woman seamed to be completely comfortable with this.
"Watch, Rachel, in a moment the sack will burst and a new life will
drop out of her belly fully formed, fully educated with its parent's
knowledge, and totally mature to live in the world," commanded Pleasure.
Just as the Keeper said, the slit began to leak fluid. It smelled
wonderfully pungent, just like Rachel's own pussy when she came! Then
with an orgasmic cry from the woman, the lips parted and out dropped a
young woman. The lips then closed up and the slit began to retreat back to
its original size. In moments the woman looked as if she had never been
pregnant, except for the fact her nipples now dripped milk, and an
umbilical cord streched out from her pussy to the young woman's belly.
The young woman got up, and was a little wobbly. She blinked in the light
of the room but seemed to see well enough to move over and plant her lips
on her mother's nipple and begin to suckle. Then the cord withered and
dropped out of the mother and was slowly drawn in and absorbed by the
young woman's navel which then became a healthy well formed navel.
The young woman switched breasts as Rachel looked her over carefully.
As all the women she'd seen, she was well endowed with firm pert breasts
and a full lush pussy. Her hair was long and lustrous. The mother pulled
her off and looked straight in her face, "You are born of the Essence, my
child, I only bore the life that is its. From this point on you shall be known
as Anna."
"Yes Christine, I am Anna, want to fuck?", she asked, gently caressing
her mother's butt.
"You bet!", she replied returning the gesture, and the two women
joyfully left the room to find a bed.
"At first the Keepers feared that we would be overrun by infants, but
the Essence has provided the answer. Do you understand what this means,
Rachel?", asked Pleasure. Rachel nodded, as the rest of her was busy
maintaining her masturbation, but her mind understood the implications.
The Essence meant the end of so much suffering and so much waste of
resources. Even the desire for nudity had implications of positive impact
on the environment. All the wasted time and energy spent in rearing
children and maintaining all the trappings of society could be refocused for
the benefit of all.
"Ohhh Kay, Mmmmm, Do it! Do it now! Free ME!", Rachel cried as her
mind and body came to a mutual agreement.
"Excellent. Now, rise Rachel, and come to me and your destiny ..."

It was all and more than Sandra and Pleasure had said. She never
dreamed that what she had dreaded and fought against happening could
be so ... so ... completing! She was whole, and free, and content. When she
emerged she knew who she was, even before Pleasure announced, "Rise,
Sexxony! Your imagination, your desire, your mind, and your body are
one, reborn by the Essence!"
There she was, a golden haired porn queen. Six feet tall with long
silky legs, a rack of G-cup, well formed and sag-less tits, a large full, wet,
and pink bald pussy. Her skin was perfectly tanned, even around her
pussy, tits, and ass. Not the slightest tan-line or wrinkle to be seen. And
she hungered, and sex with anything was what made her mouth and slit
water. She was the creature in her letters made incarnate.
"Yes, my Keeper, and the Essence must not be denied!"

I fail to see (3, Insightful)

nuclear305 (674185) | about 11 years ago | (#7139114)

the big deal behind these things. What exactly are people doing that they are so paranoid that people are watching/tracking them? If you're just another regular Joe who is going to take the time to abuse this technology and use it against you?

If you've attracted enough attention to yourself that someone is trying to track/stalk/gather information about you...chances are they'll do it any way they can and not say "Oh poo, I wish I could use RFID tags against this person!" and give up.

Re:I fail to see (1)

nuclear305 (674185) | about 11 years ago | (#7139152)

I should also mention that my new LG VX6000 phone has E911 capabilities; there are two options..the locator can either be always on, or set to E911 only. I don't see any large controversy with this... ...Im willing to bet those worried about RFID are also the same people who carry their cell phones in foil bags...

Re:I fail to see (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139298)

If you're just another regular Joe who is going to take the time to abuse this technology and use it against you?

Maybe you're innocent but wrongly suspected, or maybe you're someone's political opponent / scapegoat-of-the-day, or ...

If you've attracted enough attention to yourself that someone is trying to track/stalk/gather information about you...chances are they'll do it any way they can

Actually, people and agencies who gather information often do so by very mundane means.

For that matter, who said that you'd have to attract attention to yourself to be monitored? Assuming that you can be monitored in this way, why not build a device that will just monitor everybody that passes by, looking for "suspicious" books? These are the same objections as to face-recognition cameras on the streets to look for criminals.

You're not imaginitive enough... (1)

YrWrstNtmr (564987) | about 11 years ago | (#7139317)

What exactly are people doing that they are so paranoid that people are watching/tracking them? If you're just another regular Joe who is going to take the time to abuse this technology and use it against you?

The same thing could be said about generalized, anytime, anywhere, wiretapping.
If you're not doing anything, you have nothing to worry about.

BS. It's nunya dam bidness what books I check out, or whom I have a telephone conversation with.

With these things, it just makes it easier to monitor who takes out what book. They wouldn't monitor "you", but instead just get a weekly/monthly dump from the scanner at the library door, and filter for keywords. "Explosive", "Semtex", "subversive keyword of the day", etc, etc.

"Oh look, Ralphie has taken out a few books on weapons construction. Let's keep an eye on HIM."

Range (1, Interesting)

doublebackslash (702979) | about 11 years ago | (#7139115)

I wonder how far away those buggers can be read from? not more than a few meters, I think, so if there is a person 'tracking' you with them, they can probobly see you. Also if there is a way to turn these thing off (or destroy them for items like clothes or furniture) or a way to block the readers if there is a network of readers to fear the geek community will find it.

Hmm.. (4, Funny)

adeyadey (678765) | about 11 years ago | (#7139121)

Better return that copy of 1984 I took out the other day. Now wheres that bottle of Victory Gin I had?

Silly you ... (0, Offtopic)

Hal The Computer (674045) | about 11 years ago | (#7139270)

Don't you remember that the gin ration was increased to 0 mL. It was to celebrate our great victory over the evil axis of Eurasian and Eastaisan conspirators. Remeber HATE, It's in you to give. Brought to you by your comrades at the Ministry of Truth.

Tinfoil (5, Informative)

motyl (4452) | about 11 years ago | (#7139125)

Simply pack the books you borrow into tinfoil, or an aluminium case. It is really very easy to cut radio waves around small objects.

You could just shield the inside of your bag with any metal foil.

Re:Tinfoil (1)

Kedisar (705040) | about 11 years ago | (#7139175)

Called a magic bag, people use them for shoplifting. I'm quite sure they're illegal.

Re:Tinfoil (1)

Mr. Flibble (12943) | about 11 years ago | (#7139337)

Tinfoil! See? I TOLD YOU my hat had a use! Ha! Track my head will you! NEVER!!!

Libraries, right. (1)

pheared (446683) | about 11 years ago | (#7139129)

I agree, of course, that they really shouldn't be digging through your book records.

But seriously, who checks out books at libraries anymore?

(OK, I went to the eng library to get a book on distributed systems, but for the most part general public libraries have a shit selection in my opinion.)

Article text in case of slashdotting (-1, Redundant)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139138)

Library Wants to Put Chips in Books
Fri Oct 3, 7:33 PM ET
Add Technology - AP to My Yahoo!

By RON HARRIS, Associated Press Writer

SAN FRANCISCO - A civil liberties watchdog group is expressing concern over the San Francisco Public Library's plans to track books by inserting computer chips into each tome.

Library officials approved a plan Thursday to install tiny radio frequency identification chips, known as RFIDs, into the roughly 2 million books, CDs and audiovisual materials patrons can borrow. The system still needs funding and wouldn't be ready until at least 2025.

The microchips send out electromagnetic wave to a device that converts them to digital data containing a host of information. In libraries, the system is primarily designed to locate books in branches and speed up the checkout process.

Library officials say the "passive" chips would be deactivated as materials are taken from the library, thus preventing any stealth tracking of books -- and by extension, people -- off premises.

But Lee Tien, a staff lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is concerned that the chips may have information that would remain accessible and trackable, whether by ingenious hackers or law enforcement subpoena. That, he says, would be a threat to privacy rights.

"If there's a technology for temporary deactivation, then presumably there's a system for reactivating it," Tien said. "Does the person have the ability to know if the RFID is on or off?"

Some of the foundation's concerns are rooted in the provisions of the USA Patriot Act, which critics have assailed as giving government the authority to obtain the records and threatening the privacy and First Amendment rights of library and bookstore patrons.

San Francisco's city librarian, Susan Hildreth, says the devices will help streamline inventory and prevent loss. Tracking people is not the goal, she insisted.

"It will not allow us to track people to their home or any location," Hildreth said.

She pointed out that several other major libraries, including the Seattle public library system, are moving to the chips instead of bar codes.

"Industry trends show that it's going to replace the bar code very shortly," Hildreth said. "We're trying to prepare for the future."

Seattle's 24 libraries are installing RFID tracking systems, with the first to be ready next spring.

The city of Santa Clara is installing RFID tracking at its main library and the county is considering a similar move.

Still, it's the opportunity for unauthorized tracking that concerns Tien.

"The issue is other people, other institutions. What will they do if the RFID is insecure?" Tien said. "We're talking about the imbedding of location trafficking devices into the social fabric."

Hildreth said San Francisco library officials may hold a public forum to discuss the chips further.

Already done (1)

BabyDave (575083) | about 11 years ago | (#7139156)

A lot of libraries do something like this already - at the University that I attended, and the one that I now work at, they just slide the book past some sort of detector to check it in/out. And of course there are detectors by the exits to check if you're trying to steal books. Irritatingly it's set off by books from my local public library as well, which is a bit of a bugger when you're carrying books from one and trying to leave the other.

The obvious difference here is that there will allegedly soon be RFID detectors everywhere rather than just in the libraries, but other than that, it's a pretty bloody obvious and sensible thing to do.

Re:Already done (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139223)

That isn't rfid, it is a magnetic strip. It is not used to track which books are being moved, it just prevents theft. Many bookstores, video stores, and libraries use the same strips. Which results in items setting off each others detectors.

I worked in a library for years.

Tin Foil (1)

index72 (591909) | about 11 years ago | (#7139168)

Hey, did you leave home without your tin foil hat this morning?

Passive RFID has a small range (4, Informative)

mistermund (605799) | about 11 years ago | (#7139174)

I've been researching RFID quite a bit in the past few days - we're planning to use it for an application to greet visitors in our building. The problem is that so called "passsive" tags (without batteries, powered by RF from the antenna) have a maximum range of 1.5 to 2 meters - and that's with the big gate type antennas used for most store theft prevention.

Active RFID contains a battery and can be tracked much further away, from 6 to 100ft, but it's impractical b/c the tags are expensive ($10+) and somewhat large. Many automated toll collection systems use active RFID.

Also, not all RFID systems are compatible. So unless the guv'mnt decides to install those big gate antennas all over your local neighborhood, this whole passive RFID paranoia is mainly just FUD.

Re:Passive RFID has a small range (1)

Rogerborg (306625) | about 11 years ago | (#7139334)

>unless the guv'mnt decides to install those big gate antennas all over your local neighborhood,

Post Offices first, because mumble, anti-terrorism, antrax mutter. Then banks, because blah critical infrastructure waffle war on drugs something. Then mall entrances, because, well, we damn well can. We can stop there, because anyone that doesn't get snared by those at least once a week probably lives with their sister-momma in a shack in the bayou, and the Feds can pretty much whack them whenever they want [] .

CITR (1)

jvj24601 (178471) | about 11 years ago | (#7139203)

Just don't check out (heck, don't even buy) "Catcher in the Rye". Black helicopters galore...

Misconnection (1)

mgcsinc (681597) | about 11 years ago | (#7139214)

I think that the poster makes a misconnection regarding the new privileges in the patriot act (as much as I hate it) and this theory about book spying. The library record clause of the patriot act is scary in and of itself, and as far as I'm concerned, provides much more to be worried about than this new issue because it gives the government a much easier way of quickly determining "terrorist sudpects" (why clandestinly scan the books in people's hands as they walk out the library door or as they're hanging out reading in starbucks when you can just ask the library directly what they have checked out?) - but certainly, the two ideas for pseudo spying are fairly unconnected.

I need a bigger microwave... (4, Funny)

SenatorTreason (640653) | about 11 years ago | (#7139215)

Sheesh. Now I have to microwave my library books as well? I wonder if they'll mind the books coming back smelling like hot dogs?

yea, well (1)

Triumph The Insult C (586706) | about 11 years ago | (#7139218)

if tracking by rfid will save me on $40 late fees, i'm cool

A likely story (5, Funny)

mblase (200735) | about 11 years ago | (#7139227)

Date: the not-so-distant future
Time: 9:37 PM
Location: Chicago, unspecified subway stop

A student gets off the train onto a semi-darkened platform, the only one there. He checks his watch, tries not to panic. He needs to get back to his apartment, and fast. He has a term paper to write and only thirty-three hours left to do it.

As he heads for the revolving gate, he's blocked by a stranger in a dark suit, dark glasses, and a hat. The hat obscures whatever features the glasses leave visible. He speaks. His tone tells the student that he is very, very serious about what he has to say.

"Roger Thomas Richardson." The stranger adjusts his posture, hands in his pockets, features still obscured. "Age twenty-two, unmarried. Profession: university student. Major: Far Eastern religion. GPA: 3.8 and dropping, but your advisor believes you have a chance to change that." He pauses, takes a slow breath. "Am I correct?"

"Who... who are you?" says Roger, trying badly to hold his ground. "What do you want from me?"

"What do I want?" The stranger takes a piece of folded paper from his pocket, unfolds it, makes a gesture of reading it. "I want a book, Mister Richardson. Specifically the book A Contemporary Analysis of World Religions by Chang A. Yin, ISBN number 079236139X, published 1982. Copy number one of one held by the Chicago Public Library." He refolded the paper, stuck it back in his pocket, straightened his coat. "You're overdue, Mister Richardson."

"What? I... I thought I had three weeks... I called, they said...."

"You called to renew, Mister Richardson, but you have been denied that renewal. There is another student in your class who needs that book just as badly as you do. More badly, in fact. If he does not complete his paper in time with a spectacular passing grade, there are...certain people who will be very disappointed. Very disappointed indeed, Mister Richardson."

The stranger reached inside his coat, took something from the breast pocket. It was a pair of scissors. They gleamed in the fluorescent lights of the subway. Two men, unheard, grabbed Richard's arms from behind and twisted them around his back. Richard could feel his shoulder try to dislocate under the pressure. He winced, tried not to scream in pain, and failed.

"We want that book now, Mister Richardson. We know you have it on you. And when we have the book, we want you to give us..." he snipped the scissors once, the metallic snip echoing again and again down the subway tunnels. He grinned, and his perfect white teeth were reflected perfectly for Richard in the blades of the scissors.

"...we want your library card."

Geeze (1)

Simple-Simmian (710342) | about 11 years ago | (#7139228)

This has everything to do about not having their books riped off and making tracking them more efficent and is useless in respects to "tracking users." The tags have a range of 2 to 3 feet. Just enough to keep you from walking out the door with a book you are trying to steal.

Get a grip on reality and drop the unhealthy paranoia and tin foil hat.

Library Wants to Put Chips in Books (1)

Solokron (198043) | about 11 years ago | (#7139231)

Is this really practical? They are literally (hah!) going to tag 2 million + books? Time is money sure, but does the time it take to tag this many books and the cost, really out way the time saved locating books that get lost in simple tracking?

Also, how do you deactivate a passive device?

Seven (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139233)

Anyone who complains about library monitoring is stupid. I mean didn't you see how they caught that weirdo in the movie "Seven"?
We can learn a lot from Hollywood.

-Thank you.

many airports are already tracking you then (1)

civilengineer (669209) | about 11 years ago | (#7139252)

If putting rfid tags can let them track you, that means whenever you travel by air and check luggage in, you are being tracked. That's because checked baggage is being tracked by rfid tags now. once the bag is checked in, a computerized system keeps track of the bag till it completes security screeing inside the baggage handling system till it reaches the gates where the bags are loaded into the aircraft. But, once the bag reaches the gate, the tag cannot be removed, as the bag needs to be delivered to the right place in the destinantion airport. So, you take the bag and the tag home with you, thus creating a possiblity of being tracked. In that case, being tracked by books should not worry us as we are already being tracked!

A New Way To Meet People! (5, Funny)

Disco Stew (703497) | about 11 years ago | (#7139258)

SELECT RFID FROM tLibrary WHERE Gender = 'Female' AND Married = 0 AND BookCat = 'RomanceNovels'

Address = GetGPSLoc(RFID)

"Well hello there, lonely lady. My name is Quagmire. He Heh, Alllll right!"

Don't like it? Pay for your own books (-1, Troll)

Kohath (38547) | about 11 years ago | (#7139266)

All this crap about public libraries. What do you expect? It's a public library, the "public" (really the government, because really they're government libraries) gets to decide ALL the rules.

Want to have different rules? Setup a private library, fund it yourself, and make up all your own rules.

Want to continue to freeload at the government's expense? Then live with the government rules.

Governments should just phase-out funding for public libraries and let them survive (or not) on voluntary contributions. That would completely solve all library "problems", and local taxes could be cut. It's win-win.

Re:Don't like it? Pay for your own books (1)

Rogerborg (306625) | about 11 years ago | (#7139294)

Government, eh? Of the people, by the people and for the people. What country do you think you live in?

Re:Don't like it? Pay for your own books (1)

Kohath (38547) | about 11 years ago | (#7139307)

The USA. What's your point?

RMS heart tinfoil (and so do I) (1)

Sunnan (466558) | about 11 years ago | (#7139275)

RMS wrote about something similar [] last year.

Now, if you excuse me, I'll have to go buy a copy of Catcher in the rye...

Oh well. I'll just... (1)

WolfWithoutAClause (162946) | about 11 years ago | (#7139285)

Borrow the books and scan them and take them right back. They can't RFID a jpeg in my laptop.

Re:Oh well. I'll just... (1)

ChozCunningham (698051) | about 11 years ago | (#7139372)

But thanks to "trusted" computing, you will only be able to read the files with that app on that hard drive on that computer. Thief!

Only the EAS feature can be disabled. (1)

Serious Simon (701084) | about 11 years ago | (#7139290)

The types of RFID tag that are likely candidates for this application, such as I-Code or ISO15693, have an EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) feature that can be disabled, so that after you check out the books you can take them out of the library without alarms going off.

Disabling the EAS feature does not affect the ability to read out data from the tags.

paranoid crackas! get a life! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 11 years ago | (#7139299)

paranoid crackas! get a life!

RFID? (1)

djroute66 (43321) | about 11 years ago | (#7139306)

What kind of RFID is this?

For most RFID tags to work you have to be a few inches from the scanner. It's very hard to locate people this way.

how to build your own .... (1)

IAR80 (598046) | about 11 years ago | (#7139328)

Probably I would not be able to take from library the book "How to build a nuke in your garage in 2 hours" withouth having the FBI allover me.

absurd (1)

jwachter (319790) | about 11 years ago | (#7139348)

Idea for a new slashdot poll:
"Assume your local library replaces bar codes with RFID tags. Are you ACTUALLY worried that this will be a material violation of your privacy?"

Come on, people, aren't there about a million more important things to worry about?!

Automatic enforcement (2, Funny)

Animats (122034) | about 11 years ago | (#7139373)

Once saw a student at Stanford go charging out of the library through a turnstile, unaware that the turnstile was connected to the uncharged-book detector. The turnstile locked and he was bent double over the turnstile bar.
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