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LavaNet Looking for Beta-Testers for Spammo

timothy posted more than 10 years ago | from the fling-it-out-with-due-speed dept.

Privacy 8

hawaiian717 writes "Pacific Business News is reporting that Hawaii-based ISP LavaNet is looking for beta-testers for their ISP-based Spam filtering tool, Spammo, in preparation for a wider release of the product."

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WHAT?! (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#7958724)

Is this really appropriate for Slashdot?

An ISP in **HAWAII** wanting people to sign up for an account with them under the premise of beta-testing their spam service? Tell you what. How is this relevant to the other 99.999% of the globe who don't live in Hawaii and couldn't use their service? This is nothing more than a *VERY* thinly veiled advertisement.

Re:WHAT?! (3, Insightful)

EvilLiberalGuy (739004) | more than 10 years ago | (#7958742)

Snip from anonymous coward:

How is this relevant to the other 99.999% of the globe who don't live in Hawaii and couldn't use their service?

Answer from article:

Participants can be anywhere in the world, though Spammo filters for English language only so far.

People, please read the articles before posting.

As a former LavaNet customer... (2, Interesting)

welshsocialist (542986) | more than 10 years ago | (#7961424)

I lived in Hawaii from 1999 to 2002. I used LavaNet's dial up service. I was very pleased with their service. Their dial-up connections were fast as dial up connections can be. (That is, downloading Mozilla took 45 minutes to an hour). The staff was very friendly and support was very smart and helpful and not braindead.

If their quality is the same as it was when I was living there, then I feel that this new anti-SPAM product will work well and kick ass.

I encourage people to help LavaNet test this product.

Completely redundant news (3, Funny)

obeythefist (719316) | more than 10 years ago | (#7958737)

This is totally redundant. Didn't the new CAN-SPAM act in the USA completely eradicate all spam everywhere? Including hidden Weapons of Marketing Directly?

Redundant (2, Interesting)

Leroy_Brown242 (683141) | more than 10 years ago | (#7958866) [] (My mail provider) catches better than 99.5% of my spam. We use greylisting, and Spamassassin. Works great.

Wow! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#7959474)

If there had been any more #dnet references in that post, I'd be wondering if you weren't grub's troll account...

Re:Wow! (1)

Leroy_Brown242 (683141) | more than 10 years ago | (#7960314)

I [] don't know what you are talking about [] !

There is now cow [] . . . .

Nothing new (1, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#7959113)

Nothing to see here. I live in Hawaii and heard about their plans. It is based on a BSD and spamassassin. Ultimately their plans are to sell an appliance based on this technology. Nothing new to see here.
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