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Developing Open Source Defense Projects

michael posted more than 10 years ago | from the real-submissions-unedited dept.

Technology 388

An anonymous reader writes "I'm a developer looking to develop an open source surface-to-air missile guidance system, with the aim of helping developing nations develop low-cost missile defense systems to aid them against attack by the warplanes of invading forces. However, given the very nature of the project, I feel I may be walking into a bit of a minefield regarding the legalities of such a project, since, as I'm sure you can imagine, this project could easily benefit hostile nations was well as relatively peaceful ones! Unfortunately, since Google does not seem to shed much light on the subject, I'd be very interested in hearing Slashdot's views on the matter, especially some advice from those in the know about the legal matters - whether there would be any restrictions (exports, perhaps?) or whether it would be simply plain illegal to develop!"

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Vote up something FUNNY for 4/1 (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737403)

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Are you people KIDDING ME? (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737550)

I just tried to moderate this post as "Funny" and it said "Moderation of this comment Administratively Prohibited". There's a link for cowboyneal's mailto, and it spent my mod point. Anyone else getting this shit?

Bayesian troll-filter (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737626)

Slashdot has been experimenting with a Bayesian troll-filter that works like a Bayesian spam filter.

My guess is that the first post got flagged by the filter and now you can't mod it up anymore.

Excellent Question (-1, Troll)

sn0wcrash (223995) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737404)

I'm sure the answer is in today's date somewhere...

Re:Excellent Question (0, Troll)

Analogy Man (601298) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737524)

Could we give it a rest already!

"there will be no more fun of any kind" - Dean Wormer

Re:Excellent Question (1, Offtopic)

Thud457 (234763) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737566)

It appears that all stories with the "from the real-submissions-unedited dept." byline are submitted by michael [mailto] .

I submit that this is proof that michael is a long-running hoax here on /. . That would explain a lot of things, that's the psuedonym the other editurs hide behind when being an ass.

Re:Excellent Question (5, Funny)

pegr (46683) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737631)

No, this is just the answer to that guy in New Zealand with the DIY cruise missle! [] Hey, you wouldn't be that guys neighbor, would you? I'm beginning to understand now...

All I know is that if I were a kid in his neighborhood, I wouldn't be walking on his grass...

No, think of the horrible consequences! (5, Funny)

The I Shing (700142) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737405)

You can't share the technology with other civilizations!

Imagine what will happen if the Terrans start building Protoss cannons that can strike ground and air targets, or the Zerg start equipping Zerglings with stimpacks! The results would... be...

Wait, was that just a computer game?

Re:No, think of the horrible consequences! (2, Interesting)

Build6 (164888) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737499)

Imagine what will happen if the Terrans start building Protoss cannons that can strike ground and air targets

The Protoss guns ARE already capable of hitting ground-and-air targets... .

Actually, IIRC if you look carefully at the box-cover picture of the original release of Starcraft, you can see that the terran tanks *could* hit air targets as well, instead of only ground-only, which must have really messed up the game balance :-)

Re:No, think of the horrible consequences! (1)

The I Shing (700142) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737553)

The Protoss guns ARE already capable of hitting ground-and-air targets...

I meant as opposed to the Terran missle turrets that could only strike air targets.

I should have used another example, like Terrans using the Protoss Mind Control abilities or something.

The tanks should've had machine guns on them for shooting at air targets.

Re:No, think of the horrible consequences! (2, Redundant)

jellomizer (103300) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737534)

Well you can do that. StartCraft Expantion set. The Protoss have the ability to mind control any living unit. So except for controlling a big bad guy you controll a pesant guy and have him build an other army of his race. That you can controll.

Re:No, think of the horrible consequences! (2, Funny)

Adriax (746043) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737602)

There's no way in hell I'm letting a Protoss medic give ME a spongebath... *shudder*

The DOD is just like Sun... (1)

Aneurysm9 (723000) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737410)

I'm sure if you ask really nicely they'll consider opening one of their projects for you.


Protoclown (692316) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737414)

Perhaps the US Government would like to contribute some code to your project.

Re:DARPA (2, Funny)

baudilus (665036) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737497)

Don't let them. They'll put in a backdoor that redirects any missle lauched to the Middle East.

Or North Korea.

Or Canada.

Re:DARPA (4, Funny)

nycsubway (79012) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737535)

Will your guidance system have an Arab language version? There are many people who I know of who can translate.

Re:DARPA (2, Funny)

DR SoB (749180) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737597)

The Canadian government will pay you for those missiles, just as long as you don't actually create them. We like to refer to it as our "Save Canada" program. We pretend to buy the little paper Canadian flags (we pay for them, we just don't pick them up), and we've decieded we could use your missiles as well. Please note we pay in cash only (Canadian loonies ONLY!)

lame (0, Insightful)

quinto2000 (211211) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737418)

april fools is not a license to be a retard.

Re:lame (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737487)

Tell that to the Slashdot administrators. Seems like all they're capable of.

Re:lame (4, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737548)

Sounds like this one hits a little too close to home for the slashbots.

open source ideology being mocked ... confusion ... pain ... must jerk knee violently

I agree, lets have more truly funny stories (0)

Eagle5596 (575899) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737611)

I agree, April fools is supposed to be about funny postings on Slashdot of jokes other websites are running.

The chicken warmed nukes were hilarious, and the Omniscience Protocol was a good laugh as well. But what the heck is the point of the "anonymous reader" posts by michael which don't even have links to stories in them and consist of crap that isn't even funny? Come on michael! There is an excellent joke up on google today you could link for us, and I am sure there are hundreds of other hilarious stories you could dig up.

Why must you post such lame crap michael? It isn't funny, and there are plenty of truly funny stories to post. Do your job, and edit out the crap.

The reverse is also true (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737621)

Being a retard is no excuse for april fools.

Water is a calorie problem (-1, Offtopic)

andy666 (666062) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737419)

Trying To Lose Weight ? Avoid Water, Doctors Say

BALTIMORE (AP) - Could drinking common tap water make it harder for you to shed a few pounds ?

That's the argument of a well-known obesity researcher. Contrary to what we have all believed for years, water does in fact have calorie content, says Dr. James Korsch of Johns Hopkins University. In an article to appear in this April's issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Korsch and his team present new research describing how they used new techniques that show that water has calories.

"In the last five years there has been a big change in how we think about metabolism. Old ideas that we took for granted are now being put to the test with new measuring techniques, and we're finding that many of them just aren't true" Dr. Korsch said at a press conference last week. "If you think about it, there really is no reason to assume that water has zero calories. What we found was that in fact a liter of distilled water has about 40 calories."

But not all of Dr. Korsch's colleagues are buying his hypothesis. "The biggest health problem we're facing in America today is obesity," Dr. Julie Walther, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told The Associated Press last week. "Dr. Korsch has an excellent reputation, but many scientists in the obeisity research community are calling this work into question. Time will tell if he is correct, but right now we're concerned about the public getting the wrong message."

What's the main idea behind Dr. Korsch's work ? "The point is that the conventional methods for finding out how many calories a substance has just don't correspond to how the human body processes food. Typically, a method known as calorimetry is used, where the food is burned and the calories produced are measured by looking at the change in temperature. Well, unfortunately, that's just not how the human body consumes food - we don't have a furnace in our stomachs . What we have is a complex biochemical process. And not only that, but how are we going to burn water to compute its calorie content ? There are many substances which simply can't be studied in this way. Dirt is a good example. Right now we are running a study funded by the Army on the calorie content of dirt and sand. The Army is very interested in the possibility that soldiers could possibly subsist on a diet of dirt alone."

So what are the implications for todays dieters ? "If you are reaching for a bottle of spring water, think twice." says Dr. Korsch. "You're better off with a good diet soda."

uhm.. (0)

AntiTuX (202333) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737420)

I know this might sound silly, but here's a really simple answer for you:


Re:uhm.. (5, Funny)

Flashbck (739237) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737510)

I know this might sound silly, but here's a really simple answer for you:


Re:uhm.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737518)

This is a April 1st post, so it doesn't matter if he makes under open or close source as he won't be doing it.

Now supposing that he is telling the truth, there is nothing special in making a program that read some sensors and command some other programs to follow its orders.
Now, having the missiles at home can be ilegal in some contries ;-)

Take that! (1)

Thud457 (234763) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737603)

Maybe this guy [] can contribute to the project!

lame (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737421)

this is a really stupid joke post. i bet you $10 the poster will be getting some calls from the Dept. of Homeland Security.

My God. Think of the Beta Testers! (5, Funny)

jellomizer (103300) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737422)

Well being April 1, I wont take this seriously.

Beta Testing your product will sure be a bitch, and it will be hard to keep good beta testers.

What's wrong with missile command? (5, Funny)

FortKnox (169099) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737423)

Missile Command (Atari) works great and is dirt cheap now-a-days.

Re:What's wrong with missile command? (2, Interesting)

Jeremiah Cornelius (137) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737511)

Nothing - provided you live in Flatland [] ...

Remember the golden rule... (1)

paranode (671698) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737424)

Who will you sue when it blows up the wrong target?

Re:Remember the golden rule... (3, Funny)

RLiegh (247921) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737488)

I thought the golden rule was WWJS.

April 1st (0, Redundant)

Zymurgeek (153270) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737425)

You picked a bad day to post this question!

Another.... (3, Funny)

LostCluster (625375) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737428)

I'm getting sick of these April Fool's posts... We all already know that Open Source Defense Projects is an oxymoron, you know source has to be closed to be truely secure.

Can we have a real story now?

Re:Another.... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737500)

Can we have a real story now?

not untill you finnish your april fools day

Re:Another.... (1)

baudilus (665036) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737586)

I don't think Valve Software would agree with that...

Truly bulletproof s/w is still secure even if the whole world has the source.


April Fools (0)

elijahb80 (238904) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737431)

April Fools

A solution (5, Funny)

Em Emalb (452530) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737432)

The Open Source Hammer in the Sky protocol suite is what you are looking for. I use the OSHITS protocol to defend my small volcanic (it's not active, thankfully) island.
Oh, I also need to mention that OSHITS is GPL-compliant, so feel free to modify it in any way you'd like. It can be found at [] *

The OSHITS protocol suite has also been through the legal ringer, in both the EU and the US.

In fact, the Supreme Court and the UN Tribunal Council both agreed, OSHITS is legal and quite good for use. Thanks and have a great day.

*web address doesn't render properly on IE. User must use an old version of Netscape.

Re:A solution (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737520)

I believe you mean GNU/OSHITS. RMS is going to be pissed.

Nice... (1)

FirstNoel (113932) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737574)

Yes sir, I like it!

Not a bad thought (2, Insightful)

downix (84795) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737433)

First thing, don't be inside of the US developing it. The US doesn't want anything in the way of them rolling over any foreign countries that they find Oil in.

Otherwise, I'd love to see such a system out there. I've always drafted up ideas for tanks, planes, missile guidence systems, but being in the US, there's no way I could ever develop them.

Re:Not a bad thought (5, Funny)

zerochance (716727) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737576)

Fool, haven't you ever listened to George Carlin? It's not about oil. It's about brown people. We just love blowing up brown people. Their having oil is just a bonus.

Finally . . (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737434)

As we all know there is no security in obscurity.


flossie (135232) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737435)

Asking for legal advice on /.?

The story seem credible up until that part :o)

Amendment II (4, Insightful)

somethinghollow (530478) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737436)

Hey, man. You have the right to bear arms. Missiles are arms.

Now lets party.

Re:Amendment II (4, Funny)

FortKnox (169099) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737606)

Oh! THATS what the second amendment means!

This whole time I thought it meant you can wear short sleeves or tank tops...

In The Name Of All That Is Holy (4, Insightful)

Roofus (15591) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737440)

I demand a filter option for 'Stupid April Fools' stories

Re:In The Name Of All That Is Holy (1)

SalsaShark79 (750673) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737573)

Then how about you just ignore anything from the "real-submissions-unedited dept."? And be grateful that on the other 365 days of this year you have your faithful /. editors serving as CrapFilters by Proxy.

Re:In The Name Of All That Is Holy (1)

swv3752 (187722) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737629)

It is quite simple. Don't read slashdot on 4/1. Infact, probably best just to avoid the internet in general.

I love teh april fools! (2, Funny)

Akira1 (5566) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737441)

perhaps you should write your controlling app using .NET technology?

how will you fund this work? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737443)

I wonder if you could get some funding from DARPA?

Oh no I just launched a hot steamer in my pants (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737444)

is there any missle defense system for this other than adult diapers?

Enough Already (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737447)

This shit is not funny.

I suggest (1)

voss (52565) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737449)

Those estes rockets are really cheap. :P

Why Develop? (1)

kronak (723456) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737454)

Why waste time developing a new system, when you can buy really nice ones on the black market for next to nothing?

Nationstates... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737455)

I'm sure some of the people over at theNationstates [] forums would be able to help you.

dork (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737458)

You really are an idiot.

Better get a lawyer to start. Seriously. Export regulations are harsh, and breaking them is harsher. And that was BEFORE 9/11. Now you could seriously be considered a terrorist.

Re:dork (1)

ValuJet (587148) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737549)

You're the dork for thinking this was a real story. Are you that dense that you haven't noticed the pattern yet?

Go AROUND the law (0, Funny)

darth_MALL (657218) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737466)

You think Estes just build model rockets? Call their customer service line and ask for a guy named Jimmy 'The Switch'. He'll sort you out.

The solution (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737469)

Include the following in your software:

if (missile.origin == US)

I'm sure US would be satisfied with this. And the security is foolproof!

What language to use (1)

Hettch (692387) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737471)

Obviously this project will need something that allows fast access and data transfer. I would recommend setting a webserver on the missle that would be able to interact with the controlling machine through a java interface. Putting an 802.11a wireless interface on the missle would probably be the best idea so that you would have a large enough area to access the missle.

It's April Fool's if it's believable (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737473)

It is April Fool's if it is funny.

Unfortunately, this askslashdot fails on both counts.

Lame post!! Lame post!!!

Crash course (2, Funny)

Phekko (619272) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737479)

I may not be the first and/or only one to think of this, but this seems to be a proven formula:

1. Post article on Slashdot on April 1st
2. ???
3. Profit!

Missle Defense (1)

lbarbato (410651) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737483)

Missle defense is just going to create another arms race as countries build weapons that can get past them.

An open source missile defence would be its very nature be the easiest to fool, so I don't necessarily see the use.

Aside from all that, good luck.

Make it unreadable ! (1)

kage.j (721084) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737485)

Just make it obfuscated or unreadable

then you won't have a problem about people
reading your source or trying to impliment
it without you knowing :D

Or.. put a big huge bug in the source that has
to be commented out or something for it to
compile !!
-- my thoughts

bats (3, Funny)

chimpo13 (471212) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737486)

You just need to stand at the border with large baseball or cricket bats. Planes hate bats, and bats are sympathetic to American causes. Evil nations would use pointed sticks. So if you develop a system that can tell the difference between pointed sticks (evil) and baseball bats (good), no problem. I'm sure any ol' RFID would be useful in a good American or British bat.

What's really wrong is... (4, Funny)

LostCluster (625375) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737490)

Michael isn't intentionally picking April Fools stories. He's actually following his normal selection patern, it's just today that we're willing to consider them jokes....

Everybody (0)

jiffah (685832) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737492)

Remember to say "Hi." to Mr. Ashcroft for me.

oh man ! (1)

nsebban (513339) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737493)

Man, promise me you'll share the videos of your real-life tests =)

Call a REAL Lawyer (1)

lorcha (464930) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737494)

Seriously. You want real legal advice, not advice from some dude on a website who sounds convincing.

That being said, how much help is the software without precision aviation hardware? And wouldn't the software you write be tied to some particular hardware that may or may not be hard for a typical nation's defense forces to obtain?

Those are my thoughts.

April fool... (1, Redundant)

DrWhizBang (5333) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737498)

OK, michael must be stopped...

perhaps someone here chould develop a ground-to-slashdot editor missile system so we can get on with the regular dupes and SCO stories?

Stop using a pencil to ... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737508)

remove the earwax from your ears - the lead in the pencil can rub off and give you permanent brain damage.

LAME (1)

bwy (726112) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737512)

That is a LAME April Fools Day joke dude. I mean, it isn't even funny.

uninspired (1)

lavaface (685630) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737517)

Why waste time working on weapons. Use your skills for good. Something like software to route food in underdeveloped nations. If this is an April's Fools post, it is quite uninspired.

Good Book (1)

Doesn't_Comment_Code (692510) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737519)

I think O'Reilly has a Munitions book that includes surface to air missiles and a host of other goodies (with code snippets).

I can't remember what's on the cover.

A llama in pieces... (1)

FirstNoel (113932) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737607)

or was it a camel.. I'm not sure

Poor form (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737521)

The joke of this submission was that he says he searched google before asking Slashdot for advice.

Naw.. it's not a problem (2, Funny)

Sheepdot (211478) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737523)

Dun't worry yurself 'bout the legaltys. 'Ell, I owns one a dem dere new-clear weapons and no one's dun gone'n fussed ta me about it. Course, I ain't told no one 'bout it either. B'Sides, it's my second amender-ment right!

Defense Trade Controls (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737525)

ah, we go.. (1)

N3wsByt3 (758224) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737527)

Though I do not doubt this is (again) an aprils' fool joke, the fact is that building your own cruisemissile IS possible, and people ARE trying it.

If you want some more info, go to: rocurement.shtml [] .

What's it gonna be called? (4, Funny)

spamnix (760927) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737528)

... KICBM?
or GMissile?

Beta testers are sure gonna be a hard thing to find when bugs crop up.

Re:What's it gonna be called? (4, Funny)

emtboy9 (99534) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737551)

No NO NO! Everyone knows its GNU/MissileDefense, not MissileDefense!

Par for the course (5, Insightful)

cheezit (133765) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737529)

This fits in just a little too well with some recent "Ask Slashdot" stories.

"I'm a moron. How can I be less of a moron? Should I not be a moron at all? Or should I be even more moronic?" (bitchslapping ensues, mostly by those too bored to restrain themselves)

ITAR (4, Informative)

nadador (3747) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737537)

Which is worse? To feed trolls by posting replies, or to reply to any story posted on Slashdot on April 1?

The answer to the question is of course: ITAR, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, which is detailed here:

"127.1 Violations.
(a) It is unlawful:
(1) To export or attempt to export
from the United States any defense article
or technical data or to furnish
any defense service for which a license
or written approval is required by this
subchapter without first obtaining the
required license or written approval
from the Office of Defense Trade Controls;"

Top 10 Open Source Defense Projects (4, Funny)

AtariAmarok (451306) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737540)

10. Nuclear landmines kept warm by being packed with live penguins
9. The Gentoo Torpedo
8. *BSD WMD (this one is buried deep so you can't find it)
6. The *real* Mozilla: a 600' tall flame-breathing Japanese monster.
5. Neutron GAIM
4. The BeoWulfowitz Cluster
3. Sun OpenWarfare project
2. The Doomsday Linux
1. Cmdr Taco

I C U (0, Flamebait)

baudilus (665036) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737546)

I CTRL+P'd this and faxed it to the DOD. Also to the RIAA, they can find you Mr. "Anonymous Reader."

Can I get a big mac with that? (0, Offtopic)

DR SoB (749180) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737554)

Damn I did so many drugs today I thought I was ordering drive-thru at McDick's, turns out I was posting this message on /.

Coz I was high, Coz I was high, Coz I was high....

Outsource it to India. (2, Funny)

Doches (761288) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737561)

It's a no-brainer.

Federal Government does not have a sense of humor (1)

Geekbot (641878) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737568)

I thought it was kind of funny, but I'd put money on it that they have your phones tapped right now just to make sure. Better put your tin foil hat on and start praying that the feds figure you are just joking.
Maybe you should try making fun of a bunch of sissies that can't do anything about it. Maybe a nice Canada joke? Or better yet, make fun of the stupid, like the rest of us do. At least they won't get it.


Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737578)

Since Every Time I post this, Slashdot PULLS THE STORY, I thought I'd see if I can get them to pull EVERY story

For several hours yesterday and this morning, slashdot and freshmeat were UNAVAILABE. The server reported 509 errors.

1. Was network solutions trying to REVOKE THE .ORG, since SLASHDOT is a FOR PROFIT venture?

2. Did Linux fuck up? This would be the worst possible thing, since the ZEALOTS here refuse to belive LINUX CAN CRASH.



Just write a good license (1)

Borderline_ADD (631260) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737580)

This one's easy. Simply write up a new GPL-like license that bars the software from being used for evil. Problem solved.

And yes, this is a troll, too.

GTFM! (4, Informative)

palad1 (571416) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737581)

Open Source Missile [] , a la google.

I work for the NSA (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737582)

What is your IP?

Ha ha (1)

SubTexel (715118) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737590)

Well, these april fools joke posts are getting a bit annoying. But I'll reply anyhow.. Making defensive (or offensive) systems open source is pure insanity. You might as well put a giant target on whatever you are trying to protect, with giant flashing neon lights and have them dump out massive ammounts of RF so they'd be even easier to lock on to. You could have come up with a better April Fools post.

Er... (1)

brentodd (606811) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737600)

The cost of the actual hardware would be ASTRONOMICAL compared to the software. How much of a savings will open source software offer in the face of billions? Missiles ain't cheap. Okay, sounds like fun and all... Interesting project. Enjoy yourself. But come on!

No one will fall for that one.

Ahh... Google (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737610)

You gave yourself away. Real Askslashdot entries never search Google before posting.

Maybe this place could help (1)

scumbucket (680352) | more than 10 years ago | (#8737625)

This place NSWC Crane [] used to design such systems. Don't know if they do anymore......

Security through... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#8737627)

Well, security through inferiority is a tried and true method, historically.
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