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Why Do Other Geeks Leave the House?

Cliff posted about 10 years ago | from the become-a-hermit! dept.

Enlightenment 262

JG_Elliott asks: "Being a geek getting more and more frustrated with shopping trips, I've turned to the internet to buy things to save time and effort. This made me wonder, other than leaving the house for work/lectures/school, why do other geeks leave the house? What is in the big wide-world that you can't get online (other than real sex)? What do other geeks get up to in their spare time, that they recommend, as something to do out of the house?"

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Anonymous Coward 1 minute ago

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Food, Movies, Darts (1)

nemui-chan (550759) | about 10 years ago | (#8740796)

I go out to eat often. I'm also a frequent movie goer and love playing darts if I can find people to go out with.

Re:Food, Movies, Darts (2, Insightful)

saden1 (581102) | about 10 years ago | (#8741230)

While video games are fun there are other fun activities that can be had. In the summer I like to go for a walk at the beach or just drive around. Playing some basketball or tenist also requires getting out of the house. Also, being locked up in your house 24/7 will surely make you go insane.

Life (2, Interesting)

empaler (130732) | about 10 years ago | (#8740805)

Excercise, fresh air, sun.
The ability to poke at my greens before paying for them.
Oh yeah, and I have WLAN and my are is heavily saturated by unsecured networks.

Life (3, Insightful)

Cranx (456394) | about 10 years ago | (#8740806)

Life is out there.

Re:Life (1)

E1v!$ (267945) | about 10 years ago | (#8740942)


Leaving the house was the best thing that ever happened to me.

As Geeks, we may be mostly 'in our heads' but by weight and by volume, we're mostly body. We're mostly human. Humans have human needs.

Re:Life (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8742175)

That can be a good or a bad thing depending on where you live. When I lived in a nice college town, those talking things outside were fun. Living in the land of rednecks now, I find a chatbot can do a remarkable job of being more current, and having more interesting opinions on anything not involving cowboy boots or beer. Hm, and now that I think of it, the old "Game of Life" does a better job with planned reproduction than most of them do as well. It's not 'quite' random, whereas most of the children here are a result of true chance.

Only one thing (4, Funny)

pen (7191) | about 10 years ago | (#8740830)

Buying a new house. If my current house runs out, I have to buy a new one. In order to do that, I have to leave my current house.

Re:Only one thing (5, Funny)

GigsVT (208848) | about 10 years ago | (#8741070)

When I bought my house, I figured I'd get the low end model, since I thought that in 12 months, a house that was twice as big with twice the features would be out for about the same price.


Re:Only one thing (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8743663)

To clobber my landlord for wanting me to move out?

eat,sex,shit (5, Funny)

el00343 (728678) | about 10 years ago | (#8740848)

...that's about everything I can't do online. Of course,if you have a laptop,everything changes

It's a Brave New World we live in gentalmen. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8741100)

Food, they deliver.
Shit, they pick it up.

And Sex has two methods of delivery.

1) Booty call. And with text messaging more convient and less labor intensive than ever.

2) For those unable to meet the prequisets for #1 (those with strong empathy, deep belief in karmic justice, etc.). Prostitues: They deliver. Now you get what you pay for. But hey, hot pussy, home delivered, and a phone call away... It's not without its advantages, and can even sometime be cheaper than 3 - 5 dates. And almost certainly is if you factor in how much your time is worth, to say nothing of the likelyhood success.

Re:eat,sex,shit (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8741200)

...that's about everything I can't do online. Of course,if you have a laptop,everything changes

I'm eating a sandwich while browsing Slashdot on my laptop in the bathroom. I'm also taking a shit while receiving oral sex from my wife. Did I just complete the grand slam?

Re:eat,sex,shit (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8742587)

... really?

'enlightenment' topic (2, Funny)

Mandrake (3939) | about 10 years ago | (#8740849)

I like the fact that 'enlightenment' was the topic for this. hilarious.

although to actually answer the question, it is nice to go for walks outside of the house, and you do need a change of scenery every so often.

Re:'enlightenment' topic (5, Funny)

Dr. GeneMachine (720233) | about 10 years ago | (#8741056)

and you do need a change of scenery every so often.

Change of scenery, huh? Replace your windows with plasma screens. Works wonders, I can tell you.

Re:'enlightenment' topic (1)

Sepper (524857) | about 10 years ago | (#8741222)

Replace your windows with plasma screens. Works wonders, I can tell you.

I go to school (Uni), so I don't have to replace Women with porn... (or slashdot personnals)

Re:'enlightenment' topic (1)

kalidasa (577403) | about 10 years ago | (#8743002)

Damn. Do you realize that it has been 4 1/2 YEARS since E0.16 came out? What are they building? A window manager for n-dimensional displays?

Why I leave my house. (1)

MoOsEb0y (2177) | about 10 years ago | (#8740852)

I'm in college, so naturally I have to go to class and things like that. After that, I assume I will have a job to support myself and that I'll be working there (whether that is the US or India, I don't know). For recreation, I typically leave for sex, mountain biking, or swimming. Yes, I do have non-computer interests. That doesn't mean they're non-geeky though :).

Re:Why I leave my house. (5, Funny)

sydb (176695) | about 10 years ago | (#8741165)

So you've noticed sex can be geeky to? You know, you half-wake in the middle of the night from a C-hacking dream with the raging horn and your s.o. lying next to you, there's only two chars' difference between hacking and **cking, one thing leads to another, we've all been there, right? As the int main(int argc, char *argv[]){..}s scroll through your minds eye, your scrolling through her pie! Know what I mean??


Stop looking at me like that!!

I'm here to save you.... (2, Funny)

acarrig (731360) | about 10 years ago | (#8740861)


By throwing your pc out the window you will be overcome with the need to go out of the house for things like... food... shopping.. CONTACT WITH OTHER PEOPLE.

This might in turn lead to things like... a social life.... friends... things to do.

Remarakbly this actually leads non-internet people to opertunity to do things out of the house as will as get them invited to such events.

Think about it.

Re:I'm here to save you.... (4, Funny)

shunnicutt (561059) | about 10 years ago | (#8740999)

By throwing your pc out the window you will be overcome with the need to go out of the house for things like... food... shopping..

Your monitor...

Re:I'm here to save you.... (2, Funny)

francium de neobie (590783) | about 10 years ago | (#8741023)

By throwing your pc out the window you will be overcome with the need to go out of the house for only one thing...

Another PC

Re:I'm here to save you.... (2, Funny)

GigsVT (208848) | about 10 years ago | (#8741090)


I don't think the cord will reach that far.

Besides, what about when I need to put a CD in. I'd have to walk all the way into the house to do that.

Re:I'm here to save you.... (0)

alexdm (728255) | about 10 years ago | (#8742790)

please tell me the specs on your pc, and where you live.

I may have reasons to leave the house after all!

Supermarket (5, Insightful)

dacarr (562277) | about 10 years ago | (#8740862)

Because, quite frankly, you can't get decent produce by sending somebody else to get it.

Re:Supermarket (4, Funny)

Otter (3800) | about 10 years ago | (#8740922)

I dunno -- they put perfectly adequate vegetables on my pizza! Have you considered black and green olives with artichoke hearts?

Re:Supermarket (1)

dacarr (562277) | about 10 years ago | (#8740957)

Our pizzarias don't do green olives or art. hearts, you insensitive clod! =^^=

Re:Supermarket (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8741698)

Wait a minute, are you saying they make pizzas without green olives? BLASHPEMY!

Re:Supermarket (1)

Mr. Slippery (47854) | about 10 years ago | (#8743539)

Our pizzarias don't do green olives or art. hearts

No artichoke hearts I can see if you're in the boonies, but not green olives? Savages!

People (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8740879)

I know this is another April Fools Day post, but I'm going to bite anyway.

Human Intereaction. Way to many people are allowin IM, forums, or similar means to replace the simple act of dealing with your fellow human beings. The internet merely presents the illusion of communication. All you get is the words. The emotions, the non-verbals, the subtext of it all is lost.

While your low slashdot number, your beowulf cluster, and your collection of Star Wars action figures can provide a lot of enjoyment, ultimately you are depriving yourself of life by living everything around the "Geek subculture."

It's easy to hide behind elitism, Aspergers, or whatever excuse you want to make up for why you avoid people, but the truth is that the meaning of life is found in other people.

I was once a hard core geek, and for a long time I thought I was happy, and better than the common masses. But since I forced myself to get over my unease, get out and meet new people and engage in "normal" activities, I have become a much happier person. It doesn't mean I don't kick back with a good video game, or experiment with robotics, or any other geek hobbies from time to time, just that I've found much more happiness through a balanced life.

YUO IS TEH SUKC (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8740937)

Why post anon?

I asked Taco the same question. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8740898)

He simply replied, Kathy Fent.

Re:I asked Taco the same question. (1)

cpeterso (19082) | about 10 years ago | (#8740974)

is Kathy Fent the reason Taco leaves the house or the reason he DOESN'T leave the house?

Re:I asked Taco the same question. (1)

Mandrake (3939) | about 10 years ago | (#8741663)

Oddly enough, I've never heard anyone call her 'Kathy' before. That's possibly because her name is 'Kathleen' - please if you're going to troll, do it right.

Oh my god (1)

Profane MuthaFucka (574406) | about 10 years ago | (#8740909)

I totally forgot that it's April Fool's Day today. But it's OK, because I put a green shirt on this morning.

Re:Oh my god (1)

krosk (690269) | about 10 years ago | (#8742738)

But it's OK, because I put a green shirt on this morning

uhhh, that's St. Patrick's day... your about 3 weeks off =)

It's depressing to be in the same place always (3, Insightful)

daviddennis (10926) | about 10 years ago | (#8740916)

I like to shop because it takes me out of the house, and out of Geekdom for a while. I also like being able to see and touch things before I plunk down my hard-earned.

I find that a bit of human contact, even if it's saying hi to the cheerful checker at Gelson's, leaves me reenergised and ready to take on new items back in the Geek Castle :-).

Besides, how could I check out the latest Apple stuff without visiting the Apple Store?


Re:It's depressing to be in the same place always (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8741451)

Oh yeah and after you say hi to the checker, you start blushing and run home and tell everyone on IRC that a hot chick was hitting on you. And then they all think you're a total stud.

Re:It's depressing to be in the same place always (1)

daviddennis (10926) | about 10 years ago | (#8742996)

Actually, the most cheerful checker is a guy, and I'm not gay or bi.

He's just a nice cheerful fellow.

And I don't do IRC. Can't stand the way people write over there.


hrmm.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8740952)

Going to the gym.. meeting women.. the real ones.. not the ones that you pay $1.95/minute for and can only talk them through a chat window..

Touch It (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8740984)

I usally go to Best Buy or somtin to actually see the product I can buy at hlaf the price the sell it in stores!

April First... (1)

hlh_nospam (178327) | about 10 years ago | (#8740997)

April Fool to you, too...

I just got back from a walk around the building where I work. Sunny, mild breeze, low 70's (F). Gorgeous day. Too nice to spend all of it sitting in front of a computer screen.

Bye now...

Mountain biking (2, Funny)

real_smiff (611054) | about 10 years ago | (#8741058)

It's been mentioned once, but seriously, it's so much better outdoors. I've heard sex outdoors can also be good (wanking outside doesn't count - but is still probably healthier. um, don't get caught).

(btw, is this topic amusing or depressing? insightful or flamebait? not sure.)

juggling with others; jogging (1)

stereo_Barryo (530287) | about 10 years ago | (#8741108)

passing clubs, balls, devil sticks; hitting the streets You've GOT to get out of the chair, move and focus your eyes at a distance greater than 18"!

Re:juggling with others; jogging (1)

DeltaSigma (583342) | about 10 years ago | (#8743164)

Actually, you can focus your eyes at a distance greater than 18" right in front of your monitor! http://plaza.ufl.edu/lewey/download/SIRD/q2/index. html

Why not? (5, Interesting)

Vincman (584156) | about 10 years ago | (#8741123)

I think a more interesting and honest question is 'Why do people not leave the house?'. Is is related to past experiences? Is it a result or cause of social phobia? Is it related to the satisfying of short-term objectives? Is it related to intelligence or laziness? Is there a correlation between any variable (e.g. happiness) and time spent ouside?
So does the good of outside-activity outweigh the bad, or vice versa? The relationship between obesity and inmobility has already been discussed numerous times [google.com].
In my opinion, there are lots of reasons to leave the house, which outweigh spending time inside. The best answer was already given: Life is out there! Nothing beats the sweet smell/feel/taste of ... (fill in gap yourself)!

Re:Why not? (5, Funny)

Tackhead (54550) | about 10 years ago | (#8742497)

> I think a more interesting and honest question is 'Why do people not leave the house?'

What's outside the hosue is as boring as the Sims, but it's even slower, the speed-up key can only be used once a day, and it only works at night, when you're at home trying to game, rather than you just pushing fast-forward during the day when nobody's home!

The list of defects goes on. Like, there's no fucking save/restore feature either! Spend six weeks setting up a menage-a-trois with your boss' wife and just one lousy goat, and you might as well pull out the old .45 and reformat.

No way, man. The game outside the house is teh sux. I wouldn't even warez it.

drinking, dancing, shows, photography, biking,.... (1)

remou (146100) | about 10 years ago | (#8741163)

Maybe I am a misfit, but heck I am virtually never at home, except for sleeping, watching dvds or cooking....

Frustrated? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8741164)

Being a geek getting more and more frustrated with shopping trips

Why, having trouble squeezing your fat ass down those tiny supermarket aisles?

Lots of stuff... (2, Insightful)

AlphaOne (209575) | about 10 years ago | (#8741189)

What is in the big wide-world that you can't get online[...]

Well, sunshine and fresh air come to mind.

You'll also find there's far more opportunity to expand your horizons out in the "big wide-world" than there will be within your residence.

Re:Lots of stuff... (1)

Joe Tie. (567096) | about 10 years ago | (#8742187)

There's fresh air where you live? Usually it seems like a nice choice betwean car fumes, garbage fumes, or inconsiderate people hacking their diseases into everyone elses breathing space for me.

Two reasons... (3, Insightful)

immortal (145467) | about 10 years ago | (#8741197)

One, fresh vegatables at the local farmers market, and two, basics like milk and eggs.

joy? (3, Insightful)

M1FCJ (586251) | about 10 years ago | (#8741208)

Taking photographs. Walking to the riverside and watching swans. To feel the sun shining, wind blowing. For going to the pub and having a couple of pints of warm ale. To go and lay down on the grass in the park and read a good book. For fun and joy.

Well, duh (1)

shadowbearer (554144) | about 10 years ago | (#8741322)

What do other geeks get up to in their spare time, that they recommend, as something to do out of the house?

A job?


Train Spotting (2, Interesting)

nukenerd (172703) | about 10 years ago | (#8741371)

You put on an anorak, find somewhere you can watch trains going past, and write down their numbers.

Excuse me! (1)

Pseudonym (62607) | about 10 years ago | (#8743522)

"Train spotting" is now a loaded term, being associated with heroin use.

The politically correct term for someone who does this is "railway enthusiast" or "rail fan". If you wear an anorak, "gunzel" [urbandictionary.com] may also be appropriate.

My Top 3 (2, Interesting)

wolf- (54587) | about 10 years ago | (#8741462)

Soccer, Kneeboarding, paintball.
All non-computer related activities.
All semi-healthy.
All adrenaline pumping.

My reasons (1)

mnmn (145599) | about 10 years ago | (#8741464)

A lotta slashdot types love photography. Look for digital camera articles and count the comments...

Many others like me also have radio-controlled devices like airplanes to fly. Beside these, I enjoy travel in general, camping, visiting nearby cities and large scientific installations like the Brookhaven National Labs, although I have to visit the Sudbury Neutrino obs. up here. Aircraft museums arent too bad either.

Beside these, I also happen to work. I cant quite debug a crashed firewall from home. I still have to install a dialup line for debug.

Lanparties too are a reason to sortof, LEAVE the house.

Re: Why Do Other Geeks Leave the House? (4, Funny)

manavendra (688020) | about 10 years ago | (#8741484)

To throw garbage

(The cleaning company refused to send their employees inside my house to pick up the garbage bags)

Plenty of fun things to do in the Big Blue Box(tm) (1)

gradbert (80505) | about 10 years ago | (#8741545)

Well here are some of things things that get me out of the house:

1) walk around the block, its good exercise, which i need because my wife cooks good food

2) take the Labs to the dog park. Not only do dogs get to play, you can talk with other people who understand about having a 70lb lap dog

3) you have to go outside to go to first saturday in downtown Dallas. Where else can you buy a SGI server off a flat bed trailer?

4) I fly R/C gliders. It combines electronic gadgets with learning how to read the wind and air currents

And that is just off the top of my head!

Leave the House (5, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8741571)

Apart from work, I leave the house to be Rejected by Women at parties.

It's better than drinking alone alone.

(I'm joking THey Run screaming before they can reject me :P )

Coffee shops (3, Insightful)

greywire (78262) | about 10 years ago | (#8741662)

Go to your local coffee shop and relax with a cup of java. Then do one of the following, depending on who you are:

1. Feel good about yourself as you observe the fact that you are not like the other complete losers who frequent coffee shops because they have no life, no job, and have nothing but superficial "friends" and juvenile dramas. Then go home and truly appreciate it.

2. Revel in the fact that all your friends are there and enjoy the sense of community and belongingness that comes from being just like everyone else while you enjoy your Starbucks coffee which you think is just the pinnacle of fine coffee enjoyment. Then go home and be patheticaly depressed.

I can't be a geek! (1)

twem2 (598638) | about 10 years ago | (#8741688)

I can think of lots of reasons I leave the house.
I meet people in real life.
I like to go and browse second hand record and book shops.
I go to see music performed.
I sometimes go to a museum or art gallery.
Sometimes I even just go for a walk because I feel like it and the house is somewhat limiting for walks.

I really can't be a geek...

Martial Arts ... (1)

karearea (234997) | about 10 years ago | (#8741692)

I head out to teach my martial arts classes - Zen Do Kai twice a week and kickboxing once a week.

Plus real things like go to the supermarket, meet friends for lunch - repeat after me 'real life human interaction is good for me'

'Geek' doesn't mean hiding away shunning human contact - loser, reject are more appropriate words for that.

Church (1)

Yeechang Lee (3429) | about 10 years ago | (#8741699)

Every Sunday, it's time for church. As a dedicated sleeping-iner, it's always been tough for me to get up and out of bed on Sundays, but it always proves worthwhile.

I have a problem (1)

Goldsmith (561202) | about 10 years ago | (#8741746)

Ha ha that was really funny, until I realized that since I've been engaged I rarely leave the house for any reason other than work, family obligations (includes things I do "for" my fiance) and food shopping.

My entire life is now ruled by work and a girl with an unending supply of ballet tickets!

Why should I leave my house?! (1)

Nomihn0 (739701) | about 10 years ago | (#8742092)

It is perfectly sunny inside with my one-way polarized glass to ensure my privacy. I can go out with friends virtually while testing the beta version of the There virtual world [there.com]. Whenever I boot Windows, I see a lovely blue landscape. Meh, sex is overrated anyway. There's nothing that Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation can't fix (nice in my basement).

no, not even for that (1)

tverbeek (457094) | about 10 years ago | (#8742753)

What is in the big wide-world that you can't get online (other than real sex)?

Many online escort services make house calls. If you promise to tip them nicely, they'll even bring pizza and beer.

Well, I go outside to breathe (0)

qkw (755948) | about 10 years ago | (#8742798)

...because you can only survive so long in the stench of your own body odour and farts.

not to mention the rotting food in the fridge (man that is so far away...)

Yuck! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8742915)

Out is filthy. Must stay home!

I'd stay in... (1)

ghost. (85872) | about 10 years ago | (#8743089)

...but I can't get my pot dealer to deliver. Plus, once in a while my TiVo has to download a software update over dialup. That can take a little while, so it's a good opportunity to get some fresh air.

Seriously though, there's a good excuse to go out once a month right in my sig.

to get away from the gear (4, Insightful)

tverbeek (457094) | about 10 years ago | (#8743094)

The last time I was at peace with the universe was a week I spent backpacking in the wilderness. In some ways it was like being at home (i.e. sleeping alone, almost no human interaction), but the only electronic device I had on me (or within a few days' hike) was my camera. No TV, no computer, no PDA, no phone, no pager, no radio, not even a watch... nada. Just me, the trails, the moose, the lakes, the wolf tracks, and the stars.

oddly enough, golf (2, Interesting)

grocer (718489) | about 10 years ago | (#8743157)

golf is good and relaxing...not to mention a fine way to enjoy a cigar outside. If that doesn't lose my geek statues nothing will...although I probably lost my geek status sometime around getting married and dealing with children...

currently, tho, I do have to admin the house...which consists of 4 desktops and 3 or 4 laptops...of which I have 2 iBooks, 1 WinXP, 1 Win98, 3 WinME, 1 FreeBSD, and 1 RedHat...plus the collection in the basment..oh, well...

Fixxing the sex part (1)

TheDarkRogue (245521) | about 10 years ago | (#8743365)


Have the company based out of somewhere like Chezkoslovakia, Paypal the money in, hooker comes to your door, no money exchanges hands in the country?

fresh air (2, Informative)

SanityInAnarchy (655584) | about 10 years ago | (#8743369)

The geek habitat is warm, cozy, and smells like bawls [thinkgeek.com] mixed with sweat, blood, and sorrow. Sometimes you just need to get out to breathe after drowning your memories in brute force [thinkgeek.com].

Easy! (4, Funny)

Pseudonym (62607) | about 10 years ago | (#8743505)

If you don't go out of the house, you can't justify the purchase of your mobile (cell) phone, PDA, portable MP3 player and so on. So clearly, one important reason to go outside is to use your personal gadgetry.

scuba diving (1, Funny)

Bishop (4500) | about 10 years ago | (#8743557)

I find it hard to go scuba diving indoors. Even if I did have a deep pool I think I would miss the pretty fish and stuff.

the bank and the post office (1)

jonadab (583620) | about 10 years ago | (#8743672)

Once a month I have to go to the bank and deposit my paycheck, lest I run out
of usable funds. Fortunately the bank is right nextdoor to where I work, so
I generally can just leave for work five minutes early and go to the bank on
the way, so it only adds a couple of minutes to my total time outdoors for the
month. Also any time I want to mail something (like, say, the checks to pay
my phone bill and ISP once a month) I have to go to the post office. But
fortunately the post office is just across the street from the bank, so I
usually go when I go to the bank, and just leave another five minutes earlier,
only adding another couple of minutes to my total time outdoors for the month.
If I have to buy stamps, I do that at the same time.

No, I'm not joking. The above is all true. Okay, I'm joking a little in that
the above reasons are not the *only* times I get out. I also go to church,
and occasionally I go to the hardware store (one block past the post office)
or some other place. Once in a great while (read: several years) I take the
dog for a nice long walk (read: several hours at one go) on a day off, just
because. Also occasionally I go for a walk by myself for a while, just
because. Usually I do this at an odd time, like the middle of the night,
when nobody's out. (I live in a relatively small community; at 3am you can
cross the biggest streets in town at your leisure without looking.) That's
my favourite time to go for a walk, because I can think out loud, wave my
arms around, gesturing to myself or an imagined audience, and just generally
do stuff that's only kosher to do in our society when you're alone, stuff
that gets me funny looks even from my immediate family -- but sometimes it's
nice to be able to cut loose like that someplace where you've got plenty of
room to walk around, such as outside.

Hmmm...., what's that? Oh yeah? Define "crazy".

Umm.... no, we don't! (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#8743710)

Nope, and when we do you're lucky if we bother to shower for you.

When you are content enough working on your own things and have the capabilities to keep yourself sustained and even well-off from the Internet, the concerns about the rest of the world seem like an after-thought.
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<ecode>    while(1) { do_something(); } </ecode>
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