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Intel Drops Tejas, Xeon To Focus On Dual-Core Chips

timothy posted more than 10 years ago | from the gimme-the-core-tom dept.

Intel 329

PunkerTFC writes "Reuters has an article about Intel dropping the fourth-generation P4 chip (codenamed "Tejas") and the Xeon server processor. Intel says they want to concentrate on their new 'dual-core' technology for desktop and notebook systems. This is essentially putting two processors on one chip, allowing for a doubling of performance with less energy use. The introduction of this technology was not expected for another year and a half. Rival chip maker AMD says they have the capability to produce dual-core chips and will introduce the technology when they "feel there is a market need.""

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Meaning.... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095822)

"Our chips are faster, screw you intel."

Re:Meaning.... (4, Interesting)

Uber Banker (655221) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095886)

Intel says they want to concentrate on their new 'dual-core' technology for desktop and notebook systems. This is essentially putting two processors on one chip, allowing for a doubling of performance with less energy use.

Is this a parallel implementation then? In that case performance is only doubled for processes that can be performed in parallel.

I think this is more related to moving to the PM from the P4 architecture as the M series is more scaleable - taing P4 any further requires a lot more power and generates a lot more heat..

FP! (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095823)


It seems may seem obvious... (4, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095825)

but might this have something to do with the recently-announced Longhorn specs?

There were no announced specs (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095949)

It was SPECULATION reported as news. Microsoft has said nothing about official system requirements.

Re:It seems may seem obvious... (1, Interesting)

SpaceLifeForm (228190) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096125)

Exactly. Intel is so deeply in bed with MS, that they really have no choice. Unfortunately for Intel, they will discover that MS marketing won't result in the sales volume they expect because the consumer isn't as dumb as they appear.

Official reasoning of dropping the chip (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095827)

Cowboy Soldier

by Paul Smith

I was a GI back in the early 70's. I drove an armored personnel carrier with the Fifth Armored Division stationed in Frankfurt, Germany. I enjoyed my work-- the boxy but agile M-113 was fun to drive, and I looked forward to our frequent maneuvers, when I got the chance to steer my noisy, clanking little track through the woods and across the fields of our training grounds in Grafenwohr. But I also made good use of my free time.

Frankfurt was a very cruisy town -- with any number of public restrooms and parks and special hiding places where men came to play. I spent many of my free hours exploring them. I was a good looking, well built guy at the time, and was quite popular at one particular 'klo,' or toilet, in a secluded corner of the city. I spent many hours there servicing the older German men, sometimes sucking one while another fucked me. I can still remember the dampness of the old stone cavern and the smell of the crotches as they humped my face (Germans do not make bathing a priority-- and I love the smell of a working man), and feel the thick, uncut dicks swelling my asshole. Some of them, if they realized I was an American and probably a soldier, pounded my hole even harder. Probably considering my butt retribution for World War Two. But I loved it-- more than once I spent the greater part of the night there and returned to base just in time to put on my uniform and make formation-- tired, with a sore throat, and cum dribbling out my ass. But a smile on my face.

One day I noticed on the company bulletin board a posting asking for anyone with musical, theatrical or rodeo ability to audition for the annual German American Volksfest in Berlin. The Volksfest was created along the lines of a county fair, with rides, food, games and German and American entertainment. The idea, of course, was to promote friendship between the Germans and the American GI's occupying their country. The theme this year was the Wild West, and the US Army had made arrangements to bring a real rodeo to Berlin. Most of the cowboys were professionals from the states, but GI's who had rodeo experience were invited to take part, either as contestants or to help handle the livestock. I'd rodeo'd as a high schooler in Oklahoma, and I won a spot as a wrangler. I dug out my boots, jeans and my old Stetson, and I was soon on a train to Berlin. For the next four weeks, instead of driving an M-113 armored personnel carrier, I was a cowboy again.

Berlin was a glorious mixture of the old and the new. The center of the city had been flattened during the war, and most of the buildings were less than 25 years old. Still, walls, castles and monuments dating back hundreds of years were rebuilt, and in places the city still carried the ambiance of the middle ages. The fairgrounds were located near the Stadmitte, or center of the city, but the musical performers and cowboys were housed in an old mansion on the Wannsee, a lovely lake outside of town, filled with chilly, sky-blue water. The place had been a favorite gathering spot for the Nazi elite during World War II, and we imagined what Hitler and Goering and Himmler would think if they knew that the same resort to which they brought their wives and mistresses for formal events and sleep-overs was now housing US troops.

My job for the next four weeks was to spend a couple of hours a day working around a large rodeo arena set upon the fairgrounds-- moving bulls and wild horses from holding pens at the far end of the arena to holding pens at the top end-- where they could be kept until they were moved one at a time into tight chutes where cowboys could climb gingerly onto their backs, grip a length of rope wrapped around the beast's chests, and be released bucking wildly into the arena.

The rodeos began at seven in the evening, with matinees on Saturday. The Germans loved the rough and tumble atmosphere-- oohing and aahing as the cowboys struggled to ride dangerous one-ton brahma bulls for eight seconds, or rode horses at full speed across the arena twirling a lariat around their heads and launching them at frightened calves. After the rodeo, I'd visit the beer tents, enjoying the German food and lager, or simply walk about the midway, people watching. One advantage to being a native Oklahoman was that I didn't have to go to the PX to buy western clothes. The white straw Stetson, red snap-button shirt, blue bandana, western belt with heavy buckle, tight Lees and Tony Lama boots were all mine. At a slim six feet, with dark hair and eyes, I resembled "Bud," the character John Travolta would later play in "Urban Cowboy." My hat and boots and tight jeans drew plenty of attention from the Germans as well. I met a couple of lovely frauleins who were determined to capture a trophy cowboy, and the guys became accustomed to my being out all night.

One evening after the show, I decided to roam the city-- something I'd spent a great deal of time doing in other German, French and Austrian towns. I hit the bars along the Kurfurstendam, a bright and noisy street whose sidewalks were filled with Berliners and tourists looking for fun. I had developed a love for a peculiar German liquor called "Jagermeister," a syrupy-sweet, but very potent drink. I was comfortably tipsy by the time I entered the third bar. This club was different from the others-- a bit darker, the rock and roll music a bit louder, and the dance floor occupied mostly by men. I'd entered a gay bar. It was my first, and the thought excited me.

Halfway through my first Jager, a handsome man with salt-and-pepper hair and moustache sat down beside me and asked in very good English if he could buy me a drink. "Of course you can," I answered, "Danke."

"My name is Frank. Are you with the rodeo in town?" he asked.

"Yep," I told him, enjoying the attention. "My name is Paul."

"Well, Paul- you've made quite an impression on these people," he told me. "Some German boys like to dress up like cowboys, but they don't know how to wear the clothes. You look like you just stepped out of a wild west movie." As he spoke, he put his hand lightly on my thigh. Emboldened by the Jagermeister and aroused by his touch, I moved his hand to my swollen crotch straining against the denim.

"Thanks," I said. "You're very nice."

"Would you like to visit my apartment?" he asked. "My room-mate and I live just down the street."

"I'd love to," I said, tossing back the drink he'd bought me.

Within five minutes, Frank was unlocking the front door of an apartment building. We walked up the stairs to a second floor flat. He opened the door for me and I walked into a small living room with a couch, a coffee table, some shelves holding a stereo, tv and record collection, and a large bay window looking down onto the K-dam. "Let me get you a drink," he said. "Make yourself at home." I walked to the window and stood there admiring the view. The K-dam was filled with automobiles and happy people on the sidewalks. The bright lights of the clubs and movie houses blended into a soft kaleidoscope for my slightly blurred vision.

I watched the reflection in the window as a man of about sixty walked into the room. He had a full head of grey hair, he was stocky, and had a short, neatly-trimmed beard. He wore only a bathrobe. "Mein Gott, Frank, was hast du mitgebracht?" he asked admiringly. I turned around as Frank handed me a small glass of Jagermeister.

"This is my friend Karl," he said to me. "Karl, this is Paul-- he is a real American Cowboy I met at the Kaiser Keller."

"I'm very happy to meet you," Karl said in heavy German accent. We shook hands. "It is good to have you with us."

Frank invited me to sit on the couch-- he and Karl on either side of me. We sipped drinks and talked for some time-- about Berlin, Oklahoma, rodeo and country music. As we talked, Karl put his hand behind my head and started gently playing with my hair. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. Karl massaged my neck as I sighed and enjoyed his touch. I moved my hand inside his bathrobe and began gently stroking his large cock and balls, still slightly damp from his bath. As I did, Frank put his hand on my lap and squeezed my package through my Lees. Karl opened his bathrobe, spread his legs and leaned his head back onto the couch. As I stroked him, Frank struggled with the zipper on my pants, but he couldn't figure out the western belt buckle. I flicked it open with my right hand. He removed my boots and socks, and I lifted my hips as he peeled my Lees and Jockeys off. He unsnapped my shirt and I removed it as he rushed to take his clothes off.

Finally naked, I slid off the couch and positioned myself between Karl's legs. He had a lovely big cock, surrounded by white hair. As I began to slowly suck the swollen head, Frank knelt beside me and began to knead Karl's large balls. I sucked him deeply and firmly, taking most of him into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around his cockhead, and licked the sensitive skin just below the crown. Karl groaned and lifted his legs to give us both access. Frank and I took turns enjoying Karl's dick and balls-- Frank deep throated him while I drove my tongue into his asshole and swirled it around. Each of us reached up with a hand and began to tease his breasts, twiddling his nipples in our fingers. Karl began heaving his hips, his cock swelling, the head purple, the veins thick and distinct as Frank licked the side and I rimmed him. His anus puckered and released as if trying to capture my tongue. Finally, not far from cumming, he reached down, grabbed our heads and stopped us. "Genuch, Ich kann 'nimmer-," he said breathlessly. "Enough, let me rest for a moment."

Karl sat soaked in sweat, breathing heavily as Frank and I smiled at the effects of our teamwork. "I need a drink," Karl said. As he stiffly rose and walked to the bar, I stood naked in the middle of the small room. Frank dropped to his knees and began hungrily sucking my cock. I grabbed his head and pulled him onto me, rolling my hips into his face. "Yes, that's what I want to see," said Karl. "Let's go to the schlafzimmer."

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Soon my ass was dripping with spit, and Frank bathed Karl's large cock in saliva. Frank climbed off me and Karl climbed aboard, his heavier body pressing me deeper into the featherbed, his large stomach spreading over mine. He kissed me greedily, his beard prickling my cheeks and neck. He sat up and lifted my legs to my chest, and pressed his cock-head to my quivering asshole. He slid into me slowly but deliberately, and I moaned as his eight inches filled my yearning cavity. He began pushing into me, grunting as his thick cock teased my prostate. I grunted as he filled me nearly to the breaking point. Our grunts were of a different sort-- his low, confident and aggressive as he forced his way in-- mine higher, pensive, and submissive as I received him.

Karl lowered his head to my chest and began licking and nibbling my nipples. I moaned and cried out as he bit and pulled at them-- hard enough to cause exquisite pain, but not enough to break the skin. He began to pound me harder, driving faster into me, his balls slapping against my cheeks. I went into the 'zone'-- my eyes closed, my head back, my body covered with sweat, lost in my own pleasure and pain, unable to relate to anything but the sweet heavy man at my ass and his large cock filling my insides. Frank maneuvered to get his cock back into my mouth, but my head was bouncing against the headboard, and he couldn't find a good angle. Finally he said, "Halt ein mal-das ist fur mich nicht gut." Karl stopped fucking me, but held his cock firmly in my ass as Frank turned me across the bed until my head was just off the edge. Karl resumed his thrusting, and Frank stood on the floor, squatted a bit, and leaned over me, putting his cock into my mouth. From this angle he could hump my face at will, his balls striking my nose with every thrust. I reached behind him and pulled at his hips, trying to set his pace so I could take a moment once in a while to breathe.

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We gave a huge collective groan, and our little pyramid began to collapse. We lay as if dead on the giant bed, an unkempt pile of legs and arms and sweat and cum and worn-out cocks. None of us moved for nearly 20 minutes-- I dozed, my head resting on Karl's thigh, his balls and cock nuzzling my face. Frank rested his head on Karl's chest, his arm across his friend's middle. Awhile later we woke, and one by one climbed out of bed. Frank loaned me a bathrobe, and I wore it as I sat down sleepily on the couch. "Would you like something to eat?" Frank asked me.

"Yes, thanks," I replied.

We shared cold cuts and bread and wine and great conversation for the next hour or so. Karl asked if I would care to spend the night, and of course I agreed. After a while we climbed back into the big bed and were quickly asleep.

I woke around noon the next day, amazed that I'd slept so long. Karl was home alone, Frank was at his work at a nearby bank. Karl and I talked for a good while, enjoying each other's company. I knelt once again between his legs and gave him a long, slow and tender blow job, admiring his large and wonderfully talented prick, wanting to remember every inch of it. As cum from the night before dribbled from my ass, he shot a large and salty load into my mouth. I swallowed greedily. Karl collected the stray droplets on my chin and chest with his finger and put them into my mouth. I looked at him, smiling as I ate his cum. We rested a while, then I showered and put my clothes on. I told Karl I admired the relationship he and Frank had, and he told me I was welcomed to be a part of their lives as long as I was in Berlin. For the rest of my time there I spent two or three nights a week with them, sometimes arriving at their door still covered in dust from the arena. They took me to their favorite bars, we danced and drank together, and always wound up back on that big bed.

The time ended too quickly, and before long I was climbing onto the train taking us from Berlin back across East Germany to the West. I was soon cruising my favorite haunts in Frankfurt, getting all the dick I could handle. But there has never been a time like my three weeks in Berlin with Frank and Karl. Too bad there are no medals for cocksucking or taking it up the ass. If the army had known how hard I worked to improve German-American relations myself, I might have won some sort of medal.

HMMM! conspiracy theorists unite! (2, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095828)


doi you think this has anything to do with the fact that MS is shipping a database(traditionally considered able to leverage hyperthreading very well) on their desktop? HMMMM!

Dual processors are nice. (3, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095831)

But multi-cpu system sales figures do not justify abandoning the single-cpu market in any way. This is a serious mistake or an admission that they just cant keep up with AMD anymore.

Re:Dual processors are nice. (2, Insightful)

Gherald (682277) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096054)

It's dual core, not dual processors.

Re:Dual processors are nice. (1)

Boone^ (151057) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096158)

yeah, the dual-cores probably share a memory interface. It's like the P3 days when each processor sat on a shared bus to the north bridge.

If... (1)

maztuhblastah (745586) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095833)

If you've ever used Kazaa, you'd know that certain idiots do that already...

Interesting. (4, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095834)

But, does this suffer the same problems as current chips do wrt dual processors? Or quad processors?

What's the penalties of this technology? Does anyone know?

Sounds too good to be true for a dual core cpu to act as a single core proc.

BOO YEAH! (-1, Troll)

dynoman7 (188589) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095836)

I've got your market need RIGHT HERE!!

Whoa, deja vu (4, Informative)

gooberguy (453295) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095837)

This [] has been discussed before.

Re:Whoa, deja vu (1, Informative)

ciroknight (601098) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095952)

Yes, it was discussed before, but it is confirmned now. Instead of industry insiders saying it, it's news professionals. Who do you trust more?

Re:Whoa, deja vu (5, Funny)

aztektum (170569) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096049)

It's a glitch in The Matrix. They happen alot.

"feel there is a market need." (-1, Redundant)

nabil_IQ (733734) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095838)

i.e. 1 month before the release of Longhorn.

it's not redundant :( (1)

nabil_IQ (733734) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096064)

how's is it redundant? I was the 3rd poster here :( .... READ MY SIG..DAMN IT :(

FP (5, Funny)

JPM NICK (660664) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095839)

FP FP Written Written from from my my new new dual dual core core chip chip from from Intel Intel. Still Still some some bugs bugs to to work work out out.

Re:FP (1, Funny)

bhtooefr (649901) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096108)

Funny Funny Funny Funny, but but but but if if if if this this this this were were were were the the the the case case case case, someone's someone's someone's someone's new new new new Tyan Tyan Tyan Tyan S4880 S4880 S4880 S4880 Opteron Opteron Opteron Opteron 848 848 848 848 rig rig rig rig would would would would do do do do this this this this too too too too, only only only only worse worse worse worse. Oh Oh Oh Oh, wait wait wait wait............

Re:FP (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096112)

EErrrroorr iiss oonn yyoouurr eenndd.. TTuurrnn ooffff llooccaall eecchhoo..

Re:FP (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096153)

I I think think the the Slashdot Slashdot editors editors are are already already using using this this new new technology technology !!

Dual core? (-1, Redundant)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095840)

Just in time for Longhorn!

Topic already discussed??? (0, Redundant)

charlos (775798) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095843)

Didn't /. have a similar article yesterday??? Weird. Charlos

And right after AMD.... (3, Insightful)

kidventus (649548) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095846)

sold more chips than Intel during a two week period (52% to 47%). I wonder if Intel is finally feeling the heat from AMD? Maybe Dell (who only sells Intel) is pushing on them too.

Re:And right after AMD.... (1)

jmoriarty (179788) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096009)

sold more chips than Intel during a two week period (52% to 47%)

Interesting statistic, but you didn't cite the source. Where did this figure come from?

Re:And right after AMD.... (3, Informative)

Gherald (682277) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096082)

> Interesting statistic, but you didn't cite the source. Where did this figure come from?

Four days ago from a completely unreliable source :) []

Re:And right after AMD.... (2, Insightful)

HoneyBunchesOfGoats (619017) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096074)

Yes, of course, Intel got those sales figures and started shaking in their boots, leading them to drastically shift their business plans on a moment's notice.

Realistically, long-term strategies are in the pipeline for months before they're ever announced to the public. Intel surely had several different plans, and decided that this one was more future-proof than the previous one. I doubt that a one-week trend had anything to do with their decision.

Re:And right after AMD.... (1)

110010001000 (697113) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096088)

They didn't sell more chips. AMD based computers sold more units than Intel ones in retail shops. Intel still sells ~80% of all x86 chips overall.

Dupe Scoop... (2, Insightful)

Kr3m3Puff (413047) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095849)

Well weekends are for dupes it seems []

I mean this was interesting a couple days ago, but now it is old news...

Re:Dupe Scoop... (1)

bhtooefr (649901) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096137)

No, the previous article was rumor, this is Intel confirming it.

Interesting (2, Interesting)

JoeShmoe950 (605274) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095850)

AMD seems very calm about this. If I was in AMD's position, I would be in pretty scared. I mean, Intel is a year a head of schedule.

Personally, I'm just happy that soon enough I'll be able to buy a duel core chip.

Re:Interesting (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095958)

AMD has been ready for dual core chips before Intel. They were the first to announce their work on dual core Opterons. Intel is only following the market leader here.

Re:Interesting (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095969)

You're going to duel a core chip?


Re:Interesting (1)

mog007 (677810) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095987)

AMD has nothing to worry about, they've got a stranglehold on 64-bit processing at the moment, and while Longhorn might be able to use this new Intel technology, it's not coming out until at least 2005, whereas a 64-bit version of Windows XP, and 2003 Server are already in a public beta test. AMD is right to be calm, because they've got nothing to worry about.

Re:Interesting (2, Insightful)

DrEldarion (114072) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095993)

You'd think they wouldn't be so calm. If AMD lags behind Intel on this, they'll miss the whole wave of early-adopting nerds. These nerds will more than likely be very pleased with their purchase, and turn into fanboys. Fanboys, as we all (unfortunately) know, like to evangelize about their manufacturer of choice to other nerds (which creates more fanboys), and anyone who asks them for advice on a computer. Even if AMD comes out with something better afterwards, the damage will have already been done.

See also: Playstation 2.

Re:Interesting (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096041)

Fanboys, as we all (unfortunately) know, like to evangelize about their manufacturer of choice to other nerds (which creates more fanboys)

No kidding, like in the case of AMD fanboys.

Re:Interesting (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096156)

You'd think they WOULD be calm, since AMD has already demonstrated two cores on a chip technology...
You're clearly not an easrly adopting nerd or you'd have heard about it.

Re:Interesting (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096035)

I'm still very calm about this too. And if I were you, I'd be more scared about your poor spelling. It's pretty scared, not in pretty scared, ahead, not a head, and dual instead of duel. Why do so many people believe that others take them seriously if they can't even put their own thoughts into words?

Re:Interesting (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096077)

"Personally, I'm just happy that soon enough I'll be able to buy a duel core chip"

They'll probably do the same thing Sun did. The other processor's on the core won't be activated unless you pay for it also. So they'll ship normally 2 chip's per core but only one will operate. If you want the other chip to operate you'll have to pay twice the cost.

dual-core (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095851)

All dual-core is is hyperthreading. Both Windows and Linux view hyperthreaded chips as SMP. This technology is already in your desktop today.

Re:dual-core (5, Informative)

SiMac (409541) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095954)

Hyperthreading and dual core are very different things. A dual core processor is basically two processors put onto one die. There are twice the number of execution engines, just like two separate cores, but on the same chip. This means it's easier and cheaper to make and install than two separate processors, and it has approximately equal performance.

Hyperthreading takes one physical processor and makes it appear to be two logical processors. There's still only one core and one execution engine. It appears to be two processors, but a 3.2GHz Pentium with HT will have nowhere near the performance of 2 3.2GHz Pentiums without HT.

fp? (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095853)

not an fp

Mmmmm. Me want some. (1)

rimu guy (665008) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095859)

[quote]when they "feel there is a market need."[/quote]

Um, the market would be me. The time would be now.

Bring it on!

I see that the new dual core opterons are supposed to be pin compatible with existing boards. So that makes it possible to get an AMD server today, and in xx months time pop in a new chip and turn it from a single proc to a dual proc (dual -> quad?) server. Nice. Now if only memory prices would come down some more. So I can enjoy a 16GB quad proc server for under $3K.

ADV: VPS Hosting on the fastest chips we can find []

Gosh, you're not a whore though, are you? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096032)

Like I'm gonna trip over something in my rush to sign up for some third-rate services provided by a rinky-dink outfit in Wherethefuck, New Zealand, right?

Dude, if business is so bad that you have to try and spamvertize on /., maybe it's a sign that you should go do something else. Say, at your local MacDonalds?

Re:Gosh, you're not a whore though, are you? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096169)

pretty sad. i took a look at the guys history and hes whored his little co up and down slashdot six ways to sunday ever since hes had a log in. i bet he is some guy who went to a technical college and wants to become like one of those dot com millionaires and own a ferarri. but hes prolly a BIG man in his little town!!! lol

CPU's becoming more like GPU's. (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095862)

So, who will merge with who...

Multiple Cores, Multiple Pixel Pipelines, ->

Intel & Nvidia merge ... and AMD & ATI merge?


Intel & ATI merge ... and AMD & Nvidia merge?

Re:CPU's becoming more like GPU's. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096085)

AMD and Nvidia are probably the closest match, seeing as Nvidia have produced some of the best Athlon(64) chipsets out there. Still, it's very doubtful.

Re:CPU's becoming more like GPU's. (5, Interesting)

ciroknight (601098) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096110)

C) Neither. More likely that Nvidia will move to the straight CPU market and compete along side of AMD and Intel. They understand though right now the market is bad for that, and instead make great chipsets for AMD (while being the underdogs, they're also a very good ally to have if they actually do attempt to shift into desktop processors).

ATi on the other hand, while they also make chipsets for Intel and AMD, they are much more concentrated on the Video market, and they really always have been (best 2d quality, bar none since a long time ago).

Intel on the other hand, is starting to shift gears to a more mobile computing based company. They know the future of computers is in having them everywhere we go. Now that computers are finally cheap enough to be everywhere, the next step is to have them WITH us everywhere we go. Intel's been focused on Mobile computing for a long time (StrongARM processors, and the -M series of all the pentiums, including the Pentium M itself). Their switch to having Pentium M on the desktop was really a have-to case, as AMD is really starting to encroach on their midrange server and high end desktop markets. They're simply not stupid enough to continue to sell a chip that nobody wanted in the first place. The Pentium 4 was nothing more than a time saver and a way to develop and test technologies that they would need in the future for their server markets. (Hyperthreading was existant on the OLDEST Pentium 4 hardware, though not enabled since it was still very primative). And as you've noticed, lots of the Pentium 4 technologies have already been ported over into other product lines.

AMD is more and more concentrated on taking the server room from Intel. Once they've done this, they'll trickle home just the same way as Intel processors did in ages ago. And they're willing to sacrifice it all on their gamble that the industry won't shift off of x86 simply because it's too deeply embedded. They're not willing to bet on Microsoft and other software giants NOT creating software for a different platform (since Microsoft is really the end-all, be-all for the software), and instead, they embraced this lockin and extended it. The OS doesn't have to be natively compiled and optimized for their platform, and that gives them a huge advantage over the Itanium iron that they were aiming for. When performance really failed to hit the spec of highly optimized Itanium 2 code, they simply shifted gears and aimed it at Xeon instead. This was smarter because they know if they can get businesses to optimize and recompile, Xeon hardware will have to be left behind.

IBM on the other hand, says "fuck everyone else, we're doing it our own way". Working with Apple they developed a platform and got it some market share quickly. Next step: get it more market share by pushing Linux (which is outside of the control of the corporate giant of Microsoft, although this is being challenged by SCO, who was evidently paid off by Microsoft to launch such attacks and alligations). Not that Linux is any faster than anything written in Windows, but that it's cheaper, open, endlessly flexible and faster to update than anything Microsoft can throw at it. This is a safe bet. They're also aiming for the Itanium giant, and have nailed it pretty well with the Virginia Tech terascale project. Many say this is a win for Apple, when really, it's a win for PPC, which is IBM's baby.

Microsoft is really the key card right now. If they port Windows to PPC, it could royally screw both Intel, and AMD out of business. Luckily, Microsoft would take a lot of flac for doing this because of the companies that are so entrenched in X86 optimized code, that moving over to PPC would cost them millions, and they could simply move to x86 Linux instead of the next version of Windows.

So really, CPU's are becoming a lot like CPU's, but the industry doesn't care, and is in a very intersting position with Microsoft at the head. What I'd love to see is nVidia release a chip on a completely new archetecture, along with their video cards, along with their own custom, optimized version of somekind of Linux. If cheap enough, it could start a very interesting situation between the giants, and archetecures in general, and would allow for the market to become a lot more liquified and a lot more about competition and innovation instead of scaling as it's been for the past four years. IBM's trying to do this, but they're simply not making enough headway. Sun Microsystems could do this, but they're already in severe trouble as it is through some recent decisions to go with Microsoft. It'd be great to see Sun spin off their processor design segment and have that merge with nVidia. Then you'd see competiton.

Weren't these chips mentioned in an recent article (2, Interesting)

uberotto (714173) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095865)

As being the recommended chip for running Microsoft Longhorn Version of Windows. Wonder if this has anything to do with Intel's decision.

Parallel? (2, Informative)

Uber Banker (655221) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095866)

Intel says they want to concentrate on their new 'dual-core' technology for desktop and notebook systems. This is essentially putting two processors on one chip, allowing for a doubling of performance with less energy use.

Is this a parallel implementation then? In that case performance is only doubled for processes that can be performed in parallel.

I think this is more related to moving to the PM from the P4 architecture as the M series is more scaleable - taing P4 any further requires a lot more power and generates a lot more heat.

Re:Parallel? (2, Troll)

NutscrapeSucks (446616) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095955)

The other aspect that few people are discussing is the cost to build the chip and the profitability.

The overall trend for desktop computers is "fast enough" and "cheaper" -- In a year or two, you could be looking at $250 Dell machines. Obviously in such a situation, the volume CPU has got to be cheap to build and not require a huge power supply and tons of cooling.

It's ironic that just as AMD has gone for the high-end with their big, complex, and presumably expensive Athlon-64 chips, Intel has jumped on the lowend with the Pentium-M. AMD could win the dicksize war, but Intel might have out-maneuvered them again.

Another possibility is that Intel is trying to kneecap the Pentium in order open up some marketspace for the Itanium in high-end desktops and low-end servers.

Re:Parallel? (2, Insightful)

Xoro (201854) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096019)

Is this a parallel implementation then? In that case performance is only doubled for processes that can be performed in parallel.

This is only accurate if you're describing single-task performance. System-wide performance may be *more* than doubled, if you're dealing with loads that are causing a lot of switching overhead.

And I don't think it's just a server thing. When my old dual cpu system finally died, I replaced it with a single cpu setup that ran nearly twice as fast (by MHz) as the two chips in the old system combined. Yet the feel of the system under load was substantially worse. I'm pretty stoked about this. I think it could improve the average user's desktop experience a great deal.

AMD's opinion... (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095869)

Rival chip maker AMD says they have the capability to produce dual-core chips and will introduce the technology when they "feel there is a market need."

I've got to admit I didn't read the article. However what makes AMD think there's a market need for 64 bit processors (especially without the mass market operating system) but no current market to warrent an AMD dual-core processor? Does improved performance and lower power consumption not mean anything to AMD (to quote some buzz-words)? Not to troll, but I think someone's falling further behind.

Re:AMD's opinion... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096002)

However what makes AMD think there's a market need for 64 bit processors (especially without the mass market operating system) but no current market to warrent an AMD dual-core processor?

The market proves them right - For the first time they sold more processors than Intel in tha past two weeks. And you are mistaken as of thier dual core intentions. They simply believe that there is a market for dual core 64 bit processors, with the 64 bit comming first. The dual core was on AMD's roadmap long before Intel announced theirs.

Re:AMD's opinion... (2, Interesting)

Tony Hoyle (11698) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096060)

They don't need market penetration now.. the AMD64 runs 32bit stuff faster too.

Plus AMD is running away with the market here in the UK - cheap end... cheapest AMD UKP22, cheapest Intel UKP72. AMD64 UKP138. Nearest equiv. Intel (P4EE 3.2) UKP559.

Haven't seen a new intel box in a while in these parts, except for laptops (Dell insist on using P4s for some reason).

Re:AMD's opinion... (1)

challahc (745267) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096072)

This is how it always goes. They have the capability to make faster or better processors, but don't because people are still buying the slower ones. It's not like there is some breakthrough that let's them create the next fastest chip. For example: when sales start to drop on the 2ghz processor, they say OK let's release that 3ghz processor. And some guy flips a switch and they start making the 3ghz (I know it's probobly not THAT easy)

Re:AMD's opinion... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096073)

I believe they had done that just to boost their recognition and popularity.

2x 3.4GHZ EE = 6.4GHZ (wow) (1)

legomad (596194) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095871)

Awaits the likley response that "they will only use 2 slower chips". Not for another ten years ..etc

Re:2x 3.4GHZ EE = 6.4GHZ (wow) (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095946)

actually a likely response is, wouldn't that be 6.8ghz? ;p

Re:2x 3.4GHZ EE = 6.4GHZ (wow) (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095960)

2X 3.4ghz EE != 6.4ghz.

2X 3.4ghz = 2X 3.4ghz.

Come on guys. This should be obvious. Remember a^2 + b^2 != (a + b)^2? Same rule applies

Re:2x 3.4GHZ EE = 6.4GHZ (wow) (1)

JonLatane (750195) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095989)

First off, you seem to be missing the fact that these dual-core chips would involve the Pentium M architecture, which favors IPC over just plain MHz, drastically reducing heat and shortening those damned pipes.

Also, you suck at math.

Exactly.. Market Need. (2, Insightful)

skzbass (719269) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095874)

How many people do you know with dual procs. anywho? the only one I know is a mac friend. What kind of heat sink are we going to need for dualies? Its gotta weigh in round 5lbs. And have the noise output of a harley

Re:Exactly.. Market Need. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095982)

One major factor in intel's decision was that their chips generate alot of heat. The dual core chips will generate less heat.

Re:Exactly.. Market Need. (1)

UrgleHoth (50415) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096014)

Well, if we're using automotive analogies, then I'd say as a dually [] , it won't need a heat sink, it'll need a radiator.

Re:Exactly.. Market Need. (4, Insightful)

mean pun (717227) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096161)

How many people do you know with dual procs. anywho? the only one I know is a mac friend. What kind of heat sink are we going to need for dualies? Its gotta weigh in round 5lbs. And have the noise output of a harley

That's exactly what they try to avoid. Each core in a multi-core processors is simpler than a single processor of the current generation, but they make it up by putting two or more of them on the same chip. Another way to look at it is that the parallel execution units of a current generation processor are made even more autonomous, and this is made explicit by declaring them to to be separate processor cores.

The point is to use the available transistors on a chip as effictively as possible. For a long time computer architects used the growning number of transistors to enlarge caches and pipelines, add execution units, and add other niceties (e.g. branch prediction, MMX), but the gains have gotten less and less (and were sometimes dubious to begin with).

Multicore processors are only useful if people have enough parallelism in their applications to make it worthwhile. Therefore, it won't help every application, but that's also true for many tricks in existing architectures.

Are Intel... (2, Interesting)

Phidoux (705500) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095877)

... trying to get themselves ready for Longhorn too?

Real impact (4, Insightful)

onyxruby (118189) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095883)

Here's the real impact many of us will be feeling. Software vendors that license by the CPU have already in fair part indicated that they consider "dual core" chips to be two CPU's for licensing purposes.

In other words, people are going to find themselves having to pay higher licensing fees with regular desktop computers as well as servers. Small workgroup servers could be really hard hit by this from some vendors.

I wonder how this will play out with XP Home which only supports one CPU? AMD has the technology so they may well respond in kind when Intel does (dammit lead AMD, lead), which could have a fair impact in weaning the masses of XP Home. I dont think MS will let this go the route of hyperthreading with the "logical processor" support.

Re:Real impact (2, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095977)

Bah. You can be pretty sure if the Average Dell Machine comes with a dual-core chip, software vendors will be forced by customers to change their licencing policies.

Instead, with everyone doing these small multi-core chips, you'll probably see "Per MIPS" pricing like in the mainframe world.

Re:Real impact (4, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096017)

I wonder how this will play out with XP Home which only supports one CPU?

XP home and win2k3 do correctly recognize xeon's with hyperthreading as only one processor for licensing.

Win2k thinks each logical processor in a HT xeon is a real processor. So if you want a quad-xeon box to run win2k, you have to get the win2k advanced or enterprise version. Regular win2k only supports 4 processors.

Daniel Sorid - technology journalist (1)

RidiculousPie (774439) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095885)

"clock speed" -- a term familiar to PC shoppers as gigahertz or megahertz

Aside from the fact that clock speed is measured in gigahertz or megahertz.

Dual Core? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095922)

Does a dual-core processor mean one must use an OS with SMP in order to get full use of the chip? What does this mean in terms of pricing, as some OS charge on a per-CPU basis?

Heard at AMD offices (4, Funny)

cubicledrone (681598) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095929)

"Sir, maybe we should introduce our dual core chip now!"

"No... that's just what they'll be expecting us to do..."

Re:Heard at AMD offices (1)

maztuhblastah (745586) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096018)

"...I also like to live dangerously."

Chip dies with one failed core... (3, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9095940)

...will sell for the low-end and be called Halferon.

Dual core explained (2, Informative)

tpengster (566422) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095963)

Transistors are getting smaller and the chipmakers can fit more and more onto a chip.. However, it is much cheaper (less design time) to simply run two cores with some "glue" hardware than to design a new core that is 8-way superscalar instead of 4 (for example).

One way to look at dual-core is to view it as a dual-processor (MP) system with a very low communications cost, since both cores are on the same die. The disadvantage is similar; since the two units are not perfectly synchronized, such a system runs best with multithreaded code. A single-core CPU with the same number of transistors will run faster, while the dual-core is not quite "double the speed" of one of its cores.

Re:Dual core explained (1)

fatray (160258) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096148)

So now Intel and AMD can put more transistors on their high-end chips(as usual)--but what to do with them? In the past it has been more cache, pipelining, MMX, vector operations, etc., etc. and etc.

Since this is a pretty big move for intel, you would expect that they have done a lot of research on how to use these transistors. It is interesting that intel and AMD have headed off in pretty different directions.

Remember (4, Insightful)

cubicledrone (681598) | more than 10 years ago | (#9095978)

Intel, like Microsoft, Dell and Sony, is a favored company.

AMD, like Nokia, Apple and Nintendo, is not.

AMD's strategy (Opteron instead of dual-core?) will therefore be called "a significant risk given the current market reality" while Intel's strategy (dual-core instead of Itanium?) will be called "a savvy decision for the technology giant," even though the media wouldn't know an Opteron or a dual-core CPU if one jumped up on their desk and did the tap number from 42nd street.

All of the general stories will make repeated and redundant references to the effect of Intel's strategy on the "tech-heavy Nasdaq."

This is no different than the Sony vs. Nintendo console competition. The media doesn't like competition. Neither do the markets. (There is only room for three companies in any given market) It's so much easier to be a sycophant when your favored company has 80% of the market.

Re:Remember (1)

MikeXpop (614167) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096117)

Nintendo isn't a favored company?

When parents are considering what videogame console to buy for their little kids, do you think they even consider the other two?

Re:Remember (1)

be-fan (61476) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096172)

Yes? Given that the Playstation2 is more popular than the other XBox and Gamecube combined? You forget that its the little kids that are spelling out precisely what the parents should buy!

why not (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096003)

Why not make a dual core HT 64bit processor....

ya it would be hard and cost alot to make.... but man it would be so sweet!

Re:why not (2, Interesting)

dleifelohcs (777508) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096100)

Makes me wonder if you would need a current "Server" Microsoft OS to use the full potential of the chip. They currently only support 2 "CPUs". Meaning 1 HT or 2 standard CPUs. 1 dual-core/HT CPU would be "4" theoretical CPUs, wouldn't it?

Where from? (1)

jkabbe (631234) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096004)

I remember reading a while back that one of the Intel chips came out of the design group in India. Was that the Pentium-M? Or am I just remembering this totally wrong?

It would be kind of funny if Intel cancelled its American chip designs in favor of continuing work on a design from India.

Re:Where from? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096053)

Israel, not India.

Re:Where from? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096075)

Israel. The Pentium M was designed in Israel.

Longhorn Application (1)

Whitecloud (649593) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096021)

As others here have mentioned, this is going in the direction of Microsofts new Longhorn OS, which has some hefty system requirements [] . The dual core cpu is an interesting concept, an extension of Moores law, so that the computing power increase of 2x @18 months remains constant. Who cares how this is achieved, as long as its happening! What I find really interesting is the concept of usability...while slashdotters will easily find uses for these pc's, what will jane the nurse be doing? compositing home videos for her MSN messenger profile? A lot of the more powerful apps such as 3d modelling require learned skills and also talent to make something good.

Still, cpu's of this magnitude everywhere will help with CETI@home number crunching. Maybe the Terabyte storage mentioned in those Longhorn specs has something to do withCerns Large Hadron Collider going online. It is expected to produce 10 Petabytes of data a year. The data is going to be saved via the grid []

The chinese have a saying, may you live in interesting times...

but... (1)

Giganight (575263) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096025)

didn't intel say the same thing about wating for the market demand when it came to 64bit computing? That was a big mistake on intel's part and it cost them big, so why would amd go and do the same thing?

This gives me a brilliant idea! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 10 years ago | (#9096045)

Instead of putting more processors in each core, we could take the processors we have right now a put more than one of them together. Instead of one processor, these machines would have multiple processors! If the engineers work very hard, we might be able to see such technology within a couple of decades!

AMD vs Intel (1)

dleifelohcs (777508) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096056)

AMD feels the need to produce 64-bit "desktop" CPUs, while Intel doesn't claiming they don't see the market for it. Intel feels the need to produce Dual-Core chips, while AMD sits back and says they won't until they see the market for it. Sounds like the processor market is now being forked. The difference between an AMD and an Intel CPU is finally going to start emerging. Before recently, they were both x86 and did everything practically the same. The difference was how they were numbered. Now, they are going in two totally different ways -> one dual-core and one 64bit. When will we see 64bit, dual core cpus from each?

Bloatware Reaching New Lows (1, Flamebait)

Ridgelift (228977) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096079)

Intel next year will sell chips for both desktop and notebook computers that combine two microprocessors onto a single piece of silicon, "like putting two cylinders in a car instead of having one big cylinder," Nathan Brookwood, an analyst with Insight 64, said.

Or maybe Longhorn is so bloated, it needs it's own CPU just to sustain the operating system, and another processor to run programs.

AMD f*ucking crazy? (1)

KrisCowboy (776288) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096091)

Rival chip maker AMD says they have the capability to produce dual-core chips and will introduce the technology when they "feel there is a market need".
When are they going to feel the need from market? If it's a better chip that the ones currently being used, then there's already a market need. Can't those morons see it? How else are they going to determine the market need? If I need a dual-core chip that increases the performance while using lower power, do I have to run on the streets yelling AMDs name? If AMDs planning to wait, they are going to lose a major share of the marked to Intel.

Microsoft Said they have too (1)

PetoskeyGuy (648788) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096099)

Part of the long horn specs, remember?

Deja vu...? (3, Insightful)

YuppieScum (1096) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096123)

Rival chip maker AMD says they have the capability to produce dual-core chips and will introduce the technology when they "feel there is a market need."
Didn't Intel say that about 64bit CPUs right up until AMD release the Opteron and AMD64 CPUs... then had to play catch-up and eat a whole load of humble pie?

"Multi-core" (1)

mcc (14761) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096127)

Wait... isn't "multiple core" technology that thing that the people who make PPC chips were making a huge deal about how they'd be introducing it soon when the G4 was first introduced, then quietly dropped?

hmm lets get something clear (1)

Man in Spandex (775950) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096133)

Many people replied thinking its a cpu to work in multi-cpu systems when it clearly says

""They're also taking advantage of their new manufacturing capability, which allows them to put two processors onto one (chip)," he said."

So basically we got ONE cpu chip which is suppose to be exactly like TWO Single-Chip Processors if I understood well. IF that's the issue, I'l just be surprised to see the temperature resulsts of such chip compared to a single-proc chip.

Sun, IBM, other major vendors also going dual-core (5, Informative)

brg (37117) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096143)

The UltraSPARC IV processor is also essentially two UltraSPARC III processors on a chip, integrated using chip multithreading (CMT) technology. Here is an article [] and some marketing blurbs [] about the UltraSPARC IV.

The current IBM POWER4 and upcoming POWER5 chips are both dual-core chips. Here is a nice presentation [] (PDF format) about the POWER5; you can see in the die photos where there are two cores. There have also been rumors of a dual-core PowerPC [] based on it, but nothing concrete yet.

Broadcom (which bought SiByte) markets a dual-core, 1GHz 64-bit MIPS chip called the BCM1250 [] which has a lot of integrated networking goodies.

Finally, it bears pointing out that on the other side of Intel's severed corpus callosum [] , they're also working on a dual-core chip [] .

A little retro? (1)

JebusIsLord (566856) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096163)

While I think the Pentium-M is an excellent CPU, let's not forget that it is essentially just a Pentium III with a quad bus, lots of cache and SSE2 instructions.

Furthermore, the P3 is just a Pentium Pro with MMX, SSE and on-die L2 cache.

A little retro? Seems strange that the future is in a P6 architecture. Maybe when these get too hot we'll move to a massive array of 486s.

Intel 05 product line? (1)

achinshoulder (735215) | more than 10 years ago | (#9096167)

Intel is dropping development of the Xeon Jayhawk.

So the 05 Intel product line is:

HP and Unisys Datacenter class servers: Itanium

Desktop and Notebooks: Unnamed dual processor (assumed to be 64 bit, article doesn't say explicitly)

Low range workhorse server: current 32 bit Xeon line, no enhancements coming? Does another shoe drop here?
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