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MacWorld to ship LinuxPPC

CmdrTaco posted more than 15 years ago | from the ain't-that-spiffy dept.

Apple 134

An anonymous reader sent in a link to a bit at LinuxPPC that says that MacWorld will ship LinuxPPC in the April issue of their magazine. Anyone have a circulation number on that?

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mmm (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986556)


Allready on news stands. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986557)

I picked up my copy at a bookstore in San Francisco last Friday (03/05/99).

I don't think that the CD ships with the copies of the magazine that are mailed to subscribers

Gnu/Linux (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986558)

There is no need to use the term Gnu/Linux as the
word Gnu is already incorporated into the word Linux. Just make the G in Gnu silent then you get LiNUx. Notice the nu in Linux which is part of the word Gnu!

Better than more clip art (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986559)

While this is really cool from the perspective of linux awareness I just don't see many mac users doing anything but putting their coffee mug on it.

LinuxPPC "live" (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986560)

Given that pretty much all modern PCs have the ability to boot from a CD (the El-Torito standard), it wouldn't be necessary to enter windows at all. In fact, a DOS bootable CD w/ a UMSDOS filesystem and LOADLIN in the autoexec would work quite well. All that windows users would have to do is reboot - something they're sure to be already used to.

newstand only (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986561)

The cd didn't come in the mail with the subscriber version of Macworld, despite a feature article on Unix on the Power Mac. The article covered MkLinux, LinuxPPC and MachTen. The article was actually pretty good too by the way, a good view of Unix and Linux from the Mac point of view.

Better than more clip art (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986562)

there are mac users who are also linux users. I run LinuxPPC on my mac a fair amount of the time, and the guy at the machine next to mine (I'm in a lab full of P-II's running Redhat that my school's cs department rolled out in September) also runs LinuxPPC on his primary personal box. Granted, mac users who decide to try linux will most likely already be unix users who are looking for a way to get unix on their desktops, but doesn't that describe the majority of i386 linux users too? (I knwo some people run linux because of their moral beliefs, but I think that most run it because of its functionality).
So, most mac users may not try to boot LinuxPPC live, but do you think that the average Windows user would be any more likely to boot a similar product if it shipped with a Wondows magazine?

I must confess (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986563)

The colors are in the wrong order for that. Whatever. Let 'em think what they want...

Apple Computer, the world's first openly gay computer company.

Allready on news stands. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986564)

Is that the issue that misspells every instance of SGI's 'IRIX' in the article on file servers for Mac networks?

Not Release 5... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986565)

Unfortunately R5 with glib 2.[0|1] support isn't ready yet. They're still waiting to compile a stable Netscape Communictor.

Circus Titty Bar (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986566)

How is a circus differentiated from a Nudie Bar?
A circus is a Cunning array of STunts.

Subtle? Non-existent. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986567)

mac-ing-new-luhx sounds nothing like the word you are attempting to describe.

Not Release 5... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986568)

LinuxPPC, Inc. is waiting on Netscape..

The developers are waiting on other problems.
Specifically: a few packages are still broken (not holding anything up), "strip" seems broken, the installer is broken due to the strip problem and un-debugable.

We don't want to release a system with a buggy strip, because strip might not be the bug.. And it would be a waste to release 600 megs, and then turn around two weeks later and release 600 megs of updates!

R5 or Yellow Dog. . . (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986569)

Yellow dog and LinuxPPC, Inc.'s release are going to be based on the same set of core packages. Both groups will then be customizing parts and adding/removing features to suit their customers needs.

R5 is "delayed" due to a bug. As far as we can tell, it is in the strip binary. Until the bug is found and correctly identified we will not release. It would be a VERY VERY bad thing to release 600 megs of binaries and two weeks later release another 600 megs of updates!

LinuxPPC "live" ~ heeeeeeeelllooooooo (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986570)

perhaps you've never seen or heard of ZIPSLACK ?!?!!?!?!

LinuxPPC "live" (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986571)

My Abit board, Award BIOS, about 4 months old, is supposed to be able to boot CD-ROMs. There's a BIOS option for it, at least. But I couldn't get it to work with a BeOS demo disc. Does the CD-ROM drive need to be compliant, or in some place other than /dev/hdc?

My roommate does have a Gateway box, bought last August, that'll boot CDs.

Better than stupid x86 linux (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986572)

After all, the x86 architecture is a technology as dead as the floppy disk. Only the stupid "internet appliance" two-bit wannabe computer user is too ignorant to recognize it.

Look at the evidence around you: news articles have been pervasive the last month, telling about how the PIII isn't worth half of the price they're asking. Intel has been trying to lose x86 for ages; they'll only START succeeding in obsoleting it with the Merced. The new AMD K6-3 has a speed cap of about 500mhz. It is a dead-end technology.

At the same time, news reports are coming out all the time about IBM developing dual-gate transistors, smaller wiring, copper joints, etc. and Motorola is putting several 604 processors on a single ATX motherboard, and Apple is making improvements in other areas like making Firewire standard. We can see where the future lies.

Sure, many mac users may not know or care what the new Linux deal is all about. The fact remains that PowerPC's, Sparcs, and Alphas are the future of the processor industry, and sooner or later you're going to have to wake up and join the Mac or CHRP world you're so critical of today.

Last laugh is the best laugh. Come join me.

LinuxPPC "live" (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986573)

I've used it--sweetest install imaginable.

You just copy a folder (containing the 100MB "Live" filesystem), double-click what appears to be a Mac control panel, and voila! All Mac programs get quit, including the Finder, and it boots up into KDE.

There's no networking and you can't save any changes to the desktop environment. Other bummer: by default root doesn't have rights to any devices, so you can't even run the stupid CD player!

Oh well, not bad for a demo!

LinuxPPC "live" ~ heeeeeeeelllooooooo (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986574)

And your point is...?

Of course, we've all heard of zipslack, and of course, it has been around longer than LinuxPPC Live. BFD.

R5, yellow Dog & TurboLinux... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986575)

Don't forget TurboLinux The Pacific Hitech site has said,
"TurboLinux 3.x for PowerPC will also be available soon. Watch for more news here as it becomes available."
for the last few months.

Better than more clip art (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986576)

Is this another one of those patronising 'silly Mac users' posts?

Spend some time in #macintosh. You'd be surprised how many of us are running Linux, BeOS, and even stranger alternatives.

Can't see it (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986577)

Heh. 'TeeN GeeK'. Would you know a 'real OS' if it walked up to your face and bitch-slapped it?

One of your greasy-faced comrades asked a similar question above. Go hang out in #macintosh for a while and see how many people are already running Linux.

But what good is it? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986578)

You could try TurboLinux. If you're willing to download, you can use Debian now; although 2.2 should have official PowerPC support in a few months.

Be aware that the Debian crowd are more interested in getting the distro running on marginal hardware (Amigas and AIX boxes) than they are in getting it to run on Macs. And don't hold your breath for inexpensive CDs from CheapBytes, either.

Mac OS X - Why bother with LinuxPPC? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986579)

What is MacWorld doing???

MacOS X has a Mach microkernel, WebObjects, Openstep, Apache and Steve Job's superior NeXT technology and engineers!

Why bother with an inferior home-brew Linux when we Mac users will have the SUPERIOR OS with the SUPERIOR graphic interface?

The Linux on PowerMac is just your typical Pee-Cee lusers trying to fragment our superior OS and technology.

I just cannot believe MacWorld is selling us Mac users out!

Troll Alert (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986580)

(this space is intentionally left blank)

Mac OS X - Why bother with LinuxPPC? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986581)

MacOS X won't be free and it will keep stuff from the old versions so therefore it will suck!

Mac OS X - Why bother with LinuxPPC? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986582)

Simple! The Mac OS X is only for the small departamental severs. It does not scale beyond 1 CPU. Very Lame! Mac World know that!

Avg. Monthly Readership: over 650,000 (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986583)

If I read their official circulation figures correctly, MacWorld's average monthly readership in 1998 was over 650,000 total (includes paying subscribers, newstand purchasers, and complementary copies).

I believe this is for the USA version alone. .698.pdf

Mac OS X - Why bother with LinuxPPC? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986584)

It sounds a bit to me you're trying to give Macintosh users a bad name be acting like a foolish Mac user.

The fact you posted anonymously doesn't help much either, if you really are a Macintosh user.

To everyone else, please do not fall for this idiot's trick to make you hate Apple and Mac users more than you already do (if you do).

Hope someone out there Has fun with it (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986585)

I worked alot to make it work(Live) I wanted to put something on there for the average user to see something. wish I could have gotten gnome, but there wasn't much time. It's my small part to help get Linux to mac people. I read the other comments here, had to laugh at the "use mac X" one :)
Anonymouse coward
ps - yes R5 is delayed longer. sorry to everyone who is waiting so long.... I was at netscape after linuxworld - more news soon... there is a new set of pre-R5 packages for those interested on

Attention LinuxPPC Programmers (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986586)

I will buy a copy of LinuxPPC as soon as it supports HFS+ (including booting from HFS+). The only think holding me back from installing Linux is that I'm too lazy to partition my hard drive. It's an HFS+ drive, so Live won't even work. Live really isn't what I want anyway - I want to have full capabilites.

Are you up to the challenge? I would definitely buy it, and I would spread the word...

Audio CDs don't seem to work either. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986587)

...Is there any way to remedy that?

CAUTION: Newbie Alert. :)

I'd love to play Poker whilst listening to some tunes.
KDE looks great and the BootX feature rocks... I'd still like to maybe wait for the glibc2 support before I order it, though.
Any suggestions for the
CD Rom?

Troll Alert (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986588)

(This space is intentionally left blank)

However by putting in this annoucement it is no longer more correctly they should print:

(This space intentionaly left blank-sans this informal message)

Just my two cents......anyway I am silly as usual.

There is something to this theory actually (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986589)

Think about the similarities between the Gay and Mac using populations:

Accounts for10 percent of the population, although detractors would like everyone to think it's much less than that.

Tendancy towards creative occupations, i.e. publishing, visual arts, music, fashion design.

Hipper, more stylish than the "Straights"; ahead of the curve regarding major cultural trends

Impeccable color sense [] .

Can see it (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986590)

typical macintosh artist very interested in trying this real OS.

we "think different"

Mac OSucks the big one. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986591)

Hmmm, I have a Mac128k still running... Do you have _any_ pc's from 1984 that still work?

Do you really want to talk about hardware envy? I have built-in scii on every pre-iMac, and built-in firewire on the G3's.

It is foolish comments like yours which continue to generate animosity between the Mac users and the rest of us. I also have an K6 233 running Linux, but it is still not capable of out-performing my 200Mhz ppc Mac in things like photoshop or illustrator. Not b/c of the os, but b/c of the hardware. Really, get a clue... You get what you pay for.

Mac OSucks the big one. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986592)

Hell, I have an XT (81? 80?) still running.

As for built in SCSI, I go buy a good motherboard. Built in SCSI. Next?

LinuxPPC "live" (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986593)

Agreed! RedHat should do that!

Attention LinuxPPC Programmers (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986594)

Sure it's easy to partition or get a cheap Gig drive, but what about ppl who don't have tape drives (or Jaz, et al)? Personally, I have a Zip drive - and it would take forever to back up my 4GB drive on all those disks.

Also remember that the easier it is to get Linux, the more it will spread. If anyone (well, at least any Mac user - I dunno if/what FAT support is like) can simply run an installer and *poof* - there's Linux (without losing the other OS), I'd bet a lot of other ppl would try it.

Attention LinuxPPC Programmers (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986595)

how about getting off your duff and helping put
HFS+ support in it, eh?

Good job (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986596)

Good job. Must be fun to have so many copies of something you created out on newstands (my work is pretty deeply embedded). Sounds like a more than a few people have tried it, and are thirsting for more.


Mac OSucks the big one. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986597)

Looky here lamer, SCSI-2 FAST is better then lame onboard IDE, and there's such thing called PCI slots/cards? also.. you must be the kind that compares a peice of crap self built machine to a workstation..


'course there's no LinuxPPC for the Yosemite Macs. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986598)

Of course there's no LinuxPPC for Yosemite Macs, so if you want to run LinuxPPC, you probably had better find an Imac or an archaic PPC Mac. I find this to be a pretty big disappointment since I am forced to use a g3 at work, and since comparatively little Open Source software, which I have come to find very useful (and to which I have contributed some of my time and source code) has been ported to the Mac.

I'm nursing the pet theory that the FSF got kickbacks from Bill Gates and Co. in order to help inconvenience those who use the Mac platform by the FSF's enacting their silly boycott a few years ago. Reading the holier-than-thou FSF rhetoric on the subject (e.g. in the GNU Emacs faq) has pretty much convinced me--is anyone else reminded of Micro$oft press releases? Coincidence? I think not.

Hell, if I were a real Mac user, there's no way I'd side with the Open Source bigots.

Nice logo, hmmm (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986599)

I bet it was easy to make though - just use a black and white apple logo, magic wand it in Photoshop, then use something like the Eye Candy "glass" plugin and instant flashy logo.

LinuxPPC "live" (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986600)

Systems with recent versions of the AWARD BIOS will boot from CD - as far as booting Windows, well, the NT install CDROM is bootable, 95 CD is not, no idea about 98. The FreeBSD install CD is bootable - as is, I imagine, most (some?) Linux distros. If "who's shipping systems" was intended to mean big cloners like Compaq, Dell, etc - well, I don't know. You normally find the AWARD BIOS on the various Taiwan made mobos (ASUS, Abit, etc.)

'course there's no LinuxPPC for the Yosemite Macs. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986601)

If you buy/loan me on of those nifty Yosemite machines we can have a chance to get them working. The problem is that none of the developers have those machines, and we can't afford to buy them until R5 is released.

--LinuxPPC Developer

Apple, FSF, boycotts and specs. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986602)

That obviously was a troll bait posting, but several misconceptions should be addressed:

Of course there's no LinuxPPC for Yosemite Macs, so if you want to run LinuxPPC, you probably had better find an Imac or an archaic PPC Mac.

Of course there's no Linux for the *latest* Mac hardware because it takes time for the LinuxPPC developers to reverse-engineer Apple's proprietary and secret specifications... However, from the excellent job has done so far, it won't be too long.

BTW, it's easier to port to other platforms (x86, Alpha, PA-RISC) because the necessary specs are usually published (to attract *MORE* ports to sell *MORE* hardware) and are available in any good engineering school library.

I'm nursing the pet theory that the FSF got kickbacks from Bill Gates and Co. in order to help inconvenience those who use the Mac platform by the FSF's enacting their silly boycott a few years ago.

Silly boycott??? I'm no FSF fanatic but think about the consequences on *all* other graphic environments had Apple won that 'look and feel' lawsuit against MS and HP! It is quite possible that Motif/CDE, free desktop environment or window manager developers could have been next.

And to even fathom that Apple would try such a stunt; can you say a sick attempt at monopoly and IP?

Mac OSucks the big one. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986603)

heard of AGP 2x?

Apple, FSF, boycotts, specs, and lots of HTML. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986604)

Obviously the first AC was just sour about the apparent lack of LinuxPPC on her new hardware. I can sympathize with her since I use a blue g3 Mac at work and I can't run LinuxPPC on it either. (One of the reasons for getting a Mac in the first place was the existence of LinuxPPC. Too bad the folks in charge of equipment acquisitions didn't get me an older g3 Mac. My order got delayed and I got stuck with a stupid blue g3 instead). :(

I don't think the FSF's boycott really changed any suits' minds in Cupertino. An unfortunate side effect of the boycott though is that the Mac platform, with its strong and passionate following, misses the opportunity to take part in the open source movement. It's hard to recognize the value in something you don't use, and so a generation of mac programmers, developers, and users will not be touched by the principles that underly the FSF and open source. Whether the boycott, for all its storied symbolic value, was worth this toll only time can tell.

Flame away - I'm wearing asbestos underwear.

Thanks, I have been, but... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986605)

This is the first time I've used Linux. Can I get online
with Live? How? Or where can I find info to help me?
Also, can I run Linux apps that aren't included with
Live? Why can't I get some of the games to work.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this CD bootable
version. Very cool. I've been wanting to try Linux
but didn't have a partition available.

Apple, FSF, boycotts, specs, and lots of HTML. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986606)

Apple Computer listen up.. donate hardware for LinuxPPC developers.. appreciate the OS you never produced.

Netscape Communicator.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986607)

can hose anyone even when you did the waiting to compile and run compilde binary. It might be easier and more worthwhile getting stabler Mozilla builds for including mozilla-sources.tar.gz :) if you need to provide Communicater as upgrade after!

TurboLinux 3.x (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986608)

You need to contact Pacific HiTech maybe they will realise the market.. Yellowdog Linux is not. There is TurboLinux 2.x for PowerPC release. It included LinuxPPC and Mk-Linux DR3 on cds.. and lots more! Website is

Try NetBSD. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986609)

It boots on an iMac even. ml and ftp mirror URL / and mailing list archive URL

Hope someone out there Has fun with it (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986610)

Thank you! It is nice to see Apple hardware put to new and different thinking use :)

XFree86 (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986611)

Once of the reasons you can't get LinuxPPC on Blue G3s is because the XFree 86 does not support the ATI video card in those macs (it is standart on all models). You are not the only one who suffers from this. There might be PC users as well who can not use XFree with that card on PCs .. The x server is under development I heard though

Non-Apple G3 hardware IS available (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1986612)

I don't think those two points are as important as you think. Consider:

1. Yes, I understand that x86 is still a useful choice for many people. Unless they absolutely must run Windows for one specific application for which there is no alternative on any other platform, though, I doubt it's the best choice. It's amazing how many people buy hardware and software without realizing the alternatives to them. Linux as an OS suffers from this problem just like Motorola/IBM PPC hardware.

2. Read the post you responded to again: it specifically mentions PowerPC motherboards that fit into ATX cases made by motorola. Isn't that exactly what you're looking for? Off-the-shelf components you can assemble yourself. You got it. So you have to buy a motherboard specific to your processor... big deal. Same fragmentation is now occurring in the x86 market, so that's hardly a step down. (Consider Slot 1 vs. Socket 7 vs. Socket 6 vs. the new Celeron socket etc. etc. etc.) There's also a published standard (two, actually: PReP and CHRP) to help make sure your hardware is going to work together.

While I don't think your points are invalid, I urge you to take a second look at how viable other chip architectures are now that Linux has bridged the software gap between them. Yes, the poster to whom you responded oversimplified the situation, but then look at who HE was responding to. :)

I, for one, can't wait until Motorola, Compaq/Alpha, and Sun finally put that old dog of a chipmaker where it belongs.

re: Mac OS X - Why bother with LinuxPPC? (1)

sharding (344) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986623)

Indeed. Much better support than Linux has, in fact.

Better than stupid x86 linux (1)

Elvii (428) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986624)

You're forgetting 2 things.
1) powerpc is a better arch, yes, but x86 is not dead by any means. clunky? yes. Lots of baggage included? yes. But still a better choice of arch for me, and many others I suspect... because of..

2) Show me where I can get a G3 chip + mb + case, etc... until G3 has the exposure, and the ability to build/replace as I have now, it's worthless. Locked into one chip, made by one company, no matter how good the chip is, is a bad idea. Give me Intel, AMD, cyrix(ok, bad choice... :) ) anyday over a G3. But if i can do G3 systems like i do x86 systems today, they I'll join ya in G3 world. I'll won't run that lousy thing called macos, however...


Mac OSucks the big one. (1)

red_dragon (1761) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986628)

Ya ya ya, whatever... if it's for integrated hardware, I have a p5/100 with SCSI and Ethernet on the planarboard, along with both PCI and EISA. And it feels just as fast as the p5/233MMX I have on my desk at work (which runs NT - *shudder*).

Besides, who's comparing home-built machines to workstations here? Most Macs don't fit my definition of "workstation".

LinuxPPC "live" (1)

copito (1846) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986629)

Intel SE440BX motherboard (AMI BIOS I think) boots El-torito nicely.

Mac OS X - Why bother with LinuxPPC? (1)

copito (1846) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986630)

I can think of 995 reasons. Probably closer to 945 reasons. I realize that the workstation version of OS X won't cost that much but it also won't have WebObjects. I won't argue with the superior graphic interface. The superior OS depends strongly on the application an budget.

Yeah, what's up with that? (1)

singularity (2031) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986631)

I got mine in the mail several weeks ago. Other than the Unix/Linux articles (most of which I already knew) and blasting NT as a file server, the issue was a complete waste.

And now I learn that the newstand version had LinuxPPC included. You can forget about me renewing my subscription. What a waste. Now the debate: Do I buy the newstand verion and toss the mag... Any other magazines including LinuxPPC CDs? MacTech?

The app's called LinuxDisks, but... (1)

Millennium (2451) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986632)

OK, there are are a few things about that program:

1) It only works on SCSI disks. If you have Linux installed on an IDE drive you're out of luck as far as I know.
2) DO NOT use it to write to an ext2 filesystem. While it can theoretically do this, it's very risky to do so; the bugs aren't all worked out yet and while you might be able to get it all right you can also corrupt the filesystem.
If you need to get something from a Mac disk to the Linux side of things, use Linux's HFS utilities (which face problems with writing to HFS disks not unlike the problems LinuxDisks has with writing to ext2 volumes). You can also just use FTP if you have sufficient space somewhere.
3) Just a point of interest: it also works on BFS (BeOS File System) drives.
4) I'm afraid I don't know where to find the latest version; its homepage was taken down a while back and nobody seems to know where it moved. Anybody know that one?

LinuxPPC "live" (1)

pberry (2549) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986633)

I'd also like to see a win32 app capable of mounting ext2 volumes in read/write mode... I know it exists for Mac...

Can't see it (1)

Ken (3185) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986634)

One must open their eyes to see. Open them.

Troll Alert (1)

Ken (3185) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986635)

he is, ya know

Gnu/Linux - NO! (1)

MaxZ (3197) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986636)

"G" is the most important letter in "GNU"!

GNU = Gnu is Not Unix

On the other hand...

LINUX = Linux Is Not UniX - That might work...

Waiting for R5 (1)

Otter (3800) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986638)

Great! Now if they could only get R5 out sometime soon. I've been waiting for the new release rather than updating the KDE beta-1 packages that MkLinux ships with. It's getting to the point where none of the new KDE apps will compile on my system.

Speaking of which, I'd appreciate it if people could take a look at my site of RPMs for LinuxPPC and MkLinux [] . (KDE apps and some other stuff.) I've been seeing a bunch of failed downloads in the log and hoping I could get some feedback on what's happening. Warning - it's temporarily running on a IIci with NetPresenz while my Linux box is being repaired so it won't take much to /. it. Thanks!

Single Color (1)

MadHat (3819) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986639)

It's a sign of the times. Solid color's are modern, they're in. That's why there are five different colors of iMac's, not one five colored iMac. This isn't the yippie Apple that we once knew.
| MAD |
| |
| HAT |

Hmmm... depends on your perspective. (550 Mhz PPC) (1)

Sleepy (4551) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986640)

Your "typical" Mac user is not going to be any more out of water than a Windows user, given a Linux CD.

Linux is more prevailent on x86 not only because there are simply more x86 systems... but also because a number of wintel users are simply not satisfied with their environment. One COULD argue that had Appple won the desktop wars Linux would not be what it is today... necessity fuels innovation. (Necessity being defined as needing something "different" in a very general sense... not needing GNU, needing command-line, etc.)

When I get a Mac to replace the one I sold off (sniff!) it's getting Linux. There's a lot of hacker types on the mac side as well.. they're not graduates from the America Online School Of Computer Illiteracy. When I had my Mac I loved running BeOS. I only wish SheepShaver evisted at the time, so I could run MacOS apps from within a be environment.

Of course, today OS X went GM so you'll get UNIX + MacOS all in one.. has a story of the new 460 MHz PowerPC chips from IBM, and how some users are overclocking these babies all the wauy to ** 550 MHz ** and they still don't overheat. I think beyond that, the cache RAM becomes unstable, but heat isn't as much an issue as it is with poorlydesigned Intel chips...

Still Waiting for Yellow... (1)

teleny (4948) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986643) it 'banana', OK?

Actually, I was talking to a friend right after Bondi Blue came out, and said "Wouldn't it be just great if they had some other colors? Like purple."

"Who'd buy purple?"

Biggest selling color after blue.

'course there's no LinuxPPC for the Yosemite Macs. (1)

arielb (5604) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986644)

BeOS users know how ya feel man. Now if linuxppc only worked on G3's then you could say conspiracy. (MacOSX only works on G3's)

Macinux (1)

arielb (5604) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986645)

an open source OS on proprietary hardware. Perfct combination :)

LinuxPPC "live" (1)

piggy (5857) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986646)

EEK! I've been looking for an app that can do that for my Mac!

Do you know what Mac app can do that?

Re: Attention LinuxPPC Programmers - HFS+ support. (1)

AArthur (6230) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986647)

HFS+ support is in the works, people. Apple has presented us with the specs, it will released probally during the summer of '99.

Live installs sucks anyways. Get off your duff, and do a quick reformat / partion. It's not that hard, it can be done!

My partioning scheme:

1 gig - HFS+ (Mac System, Mac Apps and a few mac-only documents)
450 meg - HFS (My documents and other crap including way to many old versions of GNOME and lots of source code)
50 meg - Linux Swap / Virtual Memory Space for Linux.
500 meg - Linux main partion.

This works good for me. It's fast and full feature.


April Edition's Unix article (1)

craw (6958) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986648)

The April edition of Macworld has an article that presents an overview of Unix (it is not yet posted at As most of you know, MacOSX will be based on the Mach kernel and BSD4.4. This story therefore serves to introduce the Mac user to this "new" OS.

I found the article to be well written (at times), and also funny; funny like in haha and sad. Let's just say that there will be the normal Apple flaming if /. features a link to this when it eventually gets posted at (hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be writing this).

Now close your eyes and imagine what a story about Unix for a typical Mac user would look like.

Oh I forgot, Go LinuxPPC!! Where's my Release 5 CD!:-)

Better than more clip art (1)

Maserati (8679) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986650)

Oh, I don't know about that. I've got a lot of shiny plastic coasters, but none of them are from MacWorld :-) Linux has been getting a lot of press in the Mac community lately, I suspect that a fair number of people will try it.

LinuxPPC "live" (1)

Maserati (8679) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986651)

I got a full install of LinuxPPC working before I got LinuxPPC Live working. If it's anything like BootX/Linux PPC combo, then it'' do a full reboot and unload all of the Mac OS. A quick check at doesn't tell me much more.

Anybody actually used the thing ?

LinuxPPC "live" (1)

Maserati (8679) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986652)

Who's shipping systems with an El-Torito compatible BIOS ?I haven't seen a Wintel box that could actually do this yet. I haven't looked very hard, but none of the half-dozen production environments I've worked in have had one.

This sin't a flame folks, I am sincerely interested in which manufacturers are shipping boot-cd compatible BIOS chips (salsa optional). My web research turned up more info on *nix boot CDs than Dos/Win boot CDs (no Mac info, but we've had that capability for years, and on shipping systems to boot :-). .htm is nicely technical. There must be more out there somewhere

LinuxPPC "live" (1)

2megs (8751) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986653)

This isn't a true installation of LinuxPPC. As I understand it, it's a single very large MacOS file containing an image of a Linux ext2 filesystem with Linux loaded. A user would boot under MacOS, and then run a LinuxPPC "Live" application that would map in the contents of that file as a volume, unload most of the MacOS, and "boot" from that file. Not exactly a power-user kind of Linux, but it is a good way to introduce general users to Linux without making them go through the learning curve and commitment of repartitioning a hard drive. I'd like to see Red Hat and others pick up this idea to attract Windows users.

CD-bootable Linux "live" (1)

Cid Highwind (9258) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986654)

But then you run into the problem of everyone having their CD drives in different places. i.e. mine is /dev/hdc (IDE 2 drive 1) my roommates is on /dev/hdd (IDE 2 drive 2). My Mac at home has a SCSI CD-rom, my old box has a noname CD that plugs into the soundcard (with a proprietary interface). And so on, ad nauseum, et cetera...

Attention LinuxPPC Programmers (1)

dadams (9665) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986656)

It's being worked on. Since most people aren't huge slackers who are too lazy to reformat their drives or too cheap to pluck down $20-$40 bucks or so for a gig drive, it's not a top priority.

re:The app's called LinuxDisks, but... (1)

dadams (9665) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986657)

Cap'n BootX, Benjamin Herrenschmidt, used the ext2 lib ported for LinuxDisks to write an extension that mounts ext2 disks right on the desktop. Can windows do that? Slick-o-rama.

Ben's page []

re: Mac OS X - Why bother with LinuxPPC? (1)

dadams (9665) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986658)

Wrong. As MacOS X is based on Mach, which has amazing support for mulitple processors.

Nice logo, Rob (1)

Mooset (9986) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986661)

That's one pretty slick looking icon, but what about our heritage!?! C'mon, you'd really choose that iMaccy glossy lookin' thing over the beautiful rainbow colors of the IIe era logo?! Everyone is insane, I tells ya! Everyone!

Single Color (1)

Mooset (9986) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986662)

Of course if they DID make a iMac in all five colors, that would either be really cool looking or really gay looking. An opaque iMac in the Apple II color would be quite nifty though...

Har Har (1)

IntlHarvester (11985) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986666)

OK, the PowerPC and Alpha might have life spans ranging 10 years from today, whereas the x86 might have 5 years tops.

Does that mean that buying a G3 or an Alpha workstation todayis a smarter buy than buying an x86 workstation today?

I think not -- by the time Intel+AMD can't scale x86 anymore (2005?), your old 1999 G3/Alpha will be pretty much obsolete, except to run 1999-era software.

It's like telling someone not to buy a 1999 Mustang because the 2004 Camero is going to kick it's ass. Think about it.

On the idea of demo for windows users. (1)

arivanov (12034) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986668)

It is very hard to make sure that you enter a 32bit OS properly after you have already booted Windows. You do not know who and how initialized which sloppy bugware driver... Still it does worth trying. Having a linux autorun boot would be fun. I imagine some people's faces on this one...

Anyway even something startable from dos is not a bad idea...

re: El-Torito Bios (1)

Jonathan White (15086) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986671)

My FIC VA-503+ does it quite nicely.
btw anyone recall the story behind the El Torito name? There is a chain of mexican restaurants by that name in Southern California (possibly elsewhere).

Nice logo, Rob (1)

webslacker (15723) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986672)

I see you're using the new apple logo I sent ya. =)

I must confess (1)

webslacker (15723) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986673)

I ripped the logo off a demo machine at the MacWorld Expo, resized it and emailed it in. I don't know if it ships with powerbooks or if it's only for demo machines. As for the old rainbow colored logo, I never put the old Apple stickers on my car since the rainbow colors could too easily be confused with another bumper sticker...

Mac OSucks the big one. (1)

GuNgA-DiN (17556) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986674)

Hardware envy. My machine costs 1/3 less than yours and I can get parts for it anywhere I want to with a wide variety of options. How about you? Mr. Superior OS over there wishing he could find software for his brandnew Macintrash System 8.x

What do you do? Go to MacMall?

The statement below is true.

R5 or Yellow Dog. . . (1)

JohnZed (20191) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986676)

Both of their sites have said for ages that the next release would be out in late February or MAYBE early March. Well, it's obviously March. Anybody heard updates/rumors? (I did hear the spiel about Netscape's failure to compile already.) Also, anyone have thoughts on Yellow Dog? They have yet to ship an actual product, but they seemed to get fairly good media coverage. How does it differentiate itself from a repackaged LinuxPPC distro (besides the high price)?

R4.1 and R5 CD's... Where are they? (1)

Jason Johannson (20226) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986677)

That's great. I pre-ordered R5 quite some time ago. I understand the delays too. There was a message posted on that those who pre-ordered R5 were going to get a copy of 4.1 sent to them. Hmm, still waiting for that and my T-Shirt as well as some sort of reply to the emails I've sent there. =) I'd ftp 4.1 but every time I look at my poor 56k modem, I laugh.

On another note and sort of off topic... I'm an old Amiga user. My 3000T bit the dust almost two years ago and it took me a year after that to decide on what system/s I should buy. I knew about Linux at the time but stayed away from it because I mainly use my system for music sequencing and recording. I also didn't like the idea of Windows (a matter of preference), as well as the idea that most of the higher end hardware I was interested in wasn't available or supported on Intel based hardware. When the G3's came out, my mind was made up. Not only that, Linux for PPC was making leaps and bounds. So my plan was to get a PowerMac and use the MacOS for things that weren't up to snuff yet in Linux. One reason I like the Linux alternative to Mac or Windows is that I'm not stuck in the GUI. I actually quite like the MacOS now that I've learned it's in and outs (didn't take very long) but it lacks in the area of flexibility. Flexibility was something I was used to on my old Amiga. A CLI or Shell is an imortant thing to me IMHO.
AppleScript can be useful, but only if the app that you're interested in is AppleScriptable.

Anyhow, The more I'm learning by using Linux the more I'm inclined to think that I may not ever really need to use anything else. Functionally and morally speaking.

So I guess I'll go out and find one of these MacWorld mags with LinuxPPC and find out if it's an actual full install or not of R4.

Well then, I'm off to go find out. Heh, that'll teach me for posting before I read the article. It's only the 'LIVE' version. Ah well. =) Time to get ADSL. heh...

Can't see it (1)

TeeN GeeK (20702) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986681)

Just can't see to many mac users jump at the chance to try a real OS.

But what good is it? (1)

kallisti (20737) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986682)

LinuxPPC live is neat, in that it allows me to boot into KDE and play with the neat toys. Apparently, it also contains Internet tools, although it has no information on how to connect (just a note that kppp doesn't work).

It doesn't contain gcc or ecgs, it won't save changes, and I don't see how to get packages to work. All I can see is that it shows that KDE works on the Mac, which is worth about 30 minutes of enjoyment.

Is there anything more that can be done with LinuxPPC Live? I have preordered 5.0 (only $35, why not?), so I guess it has served its purpose.
MkLinux is dead, Yellow Dog is vapor, OSX Server is too damn much money, Be doesn't work on G3, and Debian PPC and OSX are not out yet, so it seems to be my only choice for Unix goodness.

Ron - trying to get out of the MacOS ghetto

Allready on news stands. (1)

janic (102538) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986687)

Was I the only one to nothice LinuxPPC with Macworld on the stands two weeks ago?

I'm in Canada for pete's sake, we get everything waaaaaay later than those south of the border.


Gaaak! (1)

janic (102538) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986688)

You missed the (albeit very subtle) pun.

If you want to understand what he meant, walk up to your nearest co-worker of the female pursuasion, and ask her if she would like to try some macingnulux. Remember, with all such plays on words, it is best to let the syllables fall together.

If you still don't understand, pick up the nearest copy of MS Bookshelf (prefferably one which has pronunciation examples) and search for a similar word that starts with cunning and ends in alot of fun.


ROTFL - the sad thing is, I get it! (1)

janic (102538) | more than 15 years ago | (#1986689)

See title
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