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Firefox Seeks Full Page Ad in New York Times

CmdrTaco posted about 10 years ago | from the well-thats-something-i-guess dept.

Mozilla 753

blakeross writes "Join us over at Spread Firefox as we raise funds for the most ambitious launch campaign in open source history. A portion of each donation will go towards taking out a full-page ad in the New York Times celebrating the release. All donors will be listed in the ad, the signatories of a declaration of independence from a monopolized and stagnant web."

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Public needs to change to make the change... (0, Troll)

garcia (6573) | about 10 years ago | (#10565132)

"A declaration of independence from a stagnant web." Now that's an interesting statement. Perhaps a stagnant browser market or a stagnant browser war but the web certainly isn't stagnant. Hopefully they editors of this full page add will do a better job than the Slashdot editors did.

Personally I don't care for Firefox as the rest of the web doesn't really support it and pages don't render correctly. Firefox will not be THE player until the day that people start writing pages that work under Firefox, ignore IE's "quirks", and when they start to understand what spyware is, how to defend against it, and how to get rid of it.

I have very little faith that the public cares enough to do any of those things.

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (5, Informative)

Cougar_ (92354) | about 10 years ago | (#10565160)

Apart from Slashdot, I can't find a page that doesn't render just fine in Firefox

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (2, Interesting)

Sc00ter (99550) | about 10 years ago | (#10565257)

Citicards won't let you login unless you're using IE. Of course you can fake it out using the User Agent Switcher extension. Stupid part is, it renders just fine if you tell it you're using IE. But if you try anything else you get an error message.

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (5, Informative)

fimbulvetr (598306) | about 10 years ago | (#10565355)


I login to at least once a month. I click the "Sign on to"->credit cards button.
I login, pay my bill surf, and leave.
I login to usbank constantly, as well as my local credit union. None bicker about the browser.

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (2, Insightful)

afidel (530433) | about 10 years ago | (#10565365)

Then switch to another bank. I know that my bank Fleet Boston/Bank of America's website renders and functions just fine in Mozilla, and has ever since I put in a ticket requesting that they fix the one page that had problems when I first signed up. If your bank tells you that you can not use the browser of your choice then tell them you will take your business otherwise. With one million downloads in under 100 hours it's not an insignificant amount of business to turn away.

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565270)

Maybe they render "fine" but I guarantee they aren't rendering as the author intended. For example, why can't Firefox handled customized scroll bars or form fields? It just looks so shite.

At any rate, this ad is nice and all but it'll hurt more than help because Firefox just isn't ready yet. If you convince people to switch now when Firefox crashes every other time you open it they'll switch back to IE. Then it's going to be difficult to get them to switch again once Firefox has all the quirks worked out. My advice: Wait.

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (2, Interesting)

Cougar_ (92354) | about 10 years ago | (#10565340)

Hmmm, one of the main reasons I switched TO Firefox is because IE crashes every time I try to close it. It then pops up its "I've crashed" window, with a click OK to restart IE button. Means closing IE is a multi-stage process for me.

Yes, I have all the latest service packs/updates etc.

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (1)

nolife (233813) | about 10 years ago | (#10565291)

I have not used IE in quite some time for /. so I do not know if the problems I've been having with /. and Firefox problems would also happen with IE. With Firefox, I occasionally get the left table merged with the main table (comments overlap the left table) and an occasion, get a page with no comments but the left and right tables are present. With both of these, a refresh will resolve the issue. Is these issues also noticed with IE users? I have Firefox on many W32 machines and they all exihibit this behavior here. I do not recall my Linux versions of FF having a problem though.

Offtopic I know, I'd post at 0 if I could.

Ironically enough... (5, Interesting)

SeanDuggan (732224) | about 10 years ago | (#10565362)

I work in a DoD installation which uses Common Access Cards to sign in to webpages. Some pages require use of the CAC when I bring them up in IE, but let me straight through with FireFox. Then again, FireFox is the only one that warns me that the sites' security certificates are incorrect or obsolete.

For now, I've got our IT guy's blessing on running FireFox on my computer, but if they find out that it bypasses their fancy card-based security system...

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (2, Funny)

garcia (6573) | about 10 years ago | (#10565170)

Hopefully they editors of this full page add will do a better job than the Slashdot editors did.

And hopefully I won't be one of those editors either :)

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (4, Insightful)

the unbeliever (201915) | about 10 years ago | (#10565195)

The web is definitely stagnant.

Have you seen the amount of scum you find in most http://www.* links? Scum like that only forms on stagnant water.

And much like cream, it always rises to the top.

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (2, Insightful)

Sheetrock (152993) | about 10 years ago | (#10565231)

I would like to suggest that Firefox won't be the player until it can properly render most of the web, broken or not.

After all, the W3C standards are effectively recommendations. We're all using something that isn't fully-conformant. So it's really up to the Firefox team to put together something that can properly interpret what's out there rather than to wait for what's out there to become perfect or at least not crash their browser at every sixth page.

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (4, Insightful)

Mant (578427) | about 10 years ago | (#10565349)

I know there was that slahdot article recently about malformed HTML crashing browsers, but claiming it crahses every sixth pages is an over exageration of staerring proportions.

I use firefox all the time, and I've not found any actual web page that crashes the 0.9 - 1.0PR versions.

The only page I've found with rendering gliches is Gamespot, that flickers all over the place while loading, but is OK once done. My Slashdot problems have stopped since 1.0PR.

It already can properly render most of the web. Also if a web page is actually broken, there is no way to properly render it. At best you can best guess what maybe it is supposed to be.

OT: About your sig (1)

Kardamon (54123) | about 10 years ago | (#10565364)

Try not. Do or do not, there is no try. -- Dr. Spock, stardate 2822.3.

Do you mean dr. Spock [] or mr. Spock? []

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (5, Informative)

Nos. (179609) | about 10 years ago | (#10565236)

I can't RTFA (/.'d) but for all but the odd website here or there, I find firefox renders as the author intended. I won't say correctly since I believe in most cases, firefox is rendering correctly, just the author/site deesigner wrote for a broken browser (IE).
I can browse slashdot, do my banking, pay my bills, hit a few of the forums sites I frequent, use several different webmail programs, order flowers for my wife, buy plane tickets, book a rental car, etc. etc. all through Firefox. The odd site that breaks when I browser to it, gets ignored, and I move to the next google result.

That used to be a gripe (1)

poofyhairguy82 (635386) | about 10 years ago | (#10565268)

Personally I dont care for Firefox as the rest of the web doesnt really support it and pages dont render correctly

I used to have problems with Firefox and pages not displaying right, but that issue has gone away completely for me with new release. Even the /. crap out has gone away. I think the time is right to show firefox to the world.

Re:That used to be a gripe (1)

mikey_boy (125590) | about 10 years ago | (#10565314)

I still find that every now and then, all the text renders way over to the right of the white background ... it's intermittent, but annoying when it happens. Shift refresh generally sorts it though ..

Guys, please don't mod me down (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565287)

It really hurts my feelings.


Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (4, Informative)

Enonu (129798) | about 10 years ago | (#10565302)

Wow, talk about pessimism.

Every single person I've converted to Firefox from IE has been more than pleased. All the techies I know have already converted, and the newbies appreciate Firefox's clean-cut, easy-to-use interface just as much if not more than IE's. It's also been shown by numerous studies across the web that Firefox/Mozilla has sizable market share now, making it force to drive the web. For example, w3Schools reports 17% for October of this year.

In other words, I already see the public making the change you think isn't happening. I also believe that it's only going to get better from here.

The advertisers might want to tone it down a bit.. (4, Insightful)

JohnTheFisherman (225485) | about 10 years ago | (#10565319)

I've been using Mozilla and later Firefox for quite a while now - I like it - but the bitter partisan political stuff is just a big turn off for many people. If you assault them with all sorts of insults to their PC, their OS, and even the web browser that works at least acceptably well for many of them, they'll probably write it off as some zealous partisan attack.

The people who hate hate hate MS and/or IE have already moved on. I'm sure they'll cheer the ad, but that's a big waste of money.

SFF's site is /.ed right now, and they didn't seem to have the ad up anyways, but I hope it's a bit more subdued than the summary.

Re:Public needs to change to make the change... (5, Insightful)

jdog1016 (703094) | about 10 years ago | (#10565354)

Actually, unlike IE, pages render correctly in Firefox, including Slashdot. Just because a site isn't done properly and thus isn't displayed in Firefox as it is IE (which apparently will accept horseshit for HTML), doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with Firefox. I understand that this is not exactly what you implied, but it is a common misconception nonetheless.

On the other hand, there are VERY few pages that display weird in Firefox, with Slashdot being the only prominent example that I can come up with. However, many people are still only developing for IE, which is shit, and thus their pages are shit, and look like shit when rendered correctly in Firefox (though this is rare).

The bottom line is that you can't wait for the web to change. You have to make it change. Go download Firefox [] and at some point when browser usage is no longer 95% IE (and it already is much less on some sites), the web will change.

fp (-1, Offtopic)

asbestospiping (607061) | about 10 years ago | (#10565133)

is it?

Re:fp (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565163)


Re:fp (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565211)

This makes your eighth post to slashdot.

Two have been ignored. Three others modded down to zero, the rest flamebait -1's.

I wonder why?

Slashdot not Adage? (2, Interesting)

Lord_Dweomer (648696) | about 10 years ago | (#10565134)

Hmmm.....for a second here I thought I was reading AdAge.

For a webpage with a lot of members who hate advertising, it sure is interesting to see how many stories about advertising we have and how many slashvertisements we get.

Login Required.. (1, Troll)

BitwiseX (300405) | about 10 years ago | (#10565135)

to buy NYT and view ad.

That's a hippie paper (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565137)

I don't live in New York, so I don't read New York Times. It's a bunch of dirty hippies there anyway, making up hippy stories and passing them on to the hippy editors endorsing hippy Presidential candidates. The only journalist I read is John Markoff, he's half-hippy and writes about tech.

You GNU commies should buy an ad in Wall Street Journal.

Re:That's a hippie paper (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565228)

Last time I checked, Wall Street was in New York. So why should the Journal be different than the Times...

Re:That's a hippie paper (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565303)

Because the WSJ hasn't been caught making up stories, or passing editorials off as hard news?

Watch out! (3, Funny)

Paster Of Muppets (787158) | about 10 years ago | (#10565139)

Just make sure they don't have the ad opposite a full-page Microsoft one...

Re:Watch out! (2, Funny)

91degrees (207121) | about 10 years ago | (#10565178)

Why? This would probably make the ad more effective.

MS: Buy Microsoft. What else is there?
Firefox: Don't! You have a choice.

Re:Watch out! (1)

DroopyStonx (683090) | about 10 years ago | (#10565289)

Yeah, because Microsoft's IE ad campaign is that of a monster these days...

Re:Watch out! (1)

Ironsides (739422) | about 10 years ago | (#10565306)

Matter Anti-Matter explosion, I'm guessing? Or spontanious combustion?

Sheesh... (5, Insightful)

grub (11606) | about 10 years ago | (#10565141)

the signatories of a declaration of independence from a monopolized and stagnant web

That type of hyperbole does nothing to help spread free software. I certainly hope the print-ad doesn't lower itself to these levels.

Re:Sheesh... (5, Insightful)

PReDiToR (687141) | about 10 years ago | (#10565309)

All the Ad needs is a "Take back the web" picture and some writing underneath saying "Safer and faster than Internet Explorer" then the URL.

Screw the politics, stick to the facts.

#186 (3, Funny)

bblazer (757395) | about 10 years ago | (#10565142)

Just made my donation...#186 according to the receipt. I think that this is going to be a great way to get out the message of browser alternatives. You can put in whatever name you want to be listed. I wonder how many times Bill Gates is going to show up?

Why not advertize for FREE on Slashdot? (5, Funny)

mi (197448) | about 10 years ago | (#10565143)

Disguising it as a news story? Oh, wait... Ooops, never mind...

Re:Why not advertize for FREE on Slashdot? (5, Interesting)

}InFuZeD{ (52430) | about 10 years ago | (#10565165)

Because everyone on Slashdot already KNOWS about Firefox. They're targeting average Joe who thinks Internet Explorer is "The Internet".

Even GNAA endorses FIrefox (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565144)

You can't spell FIRST POST without Firefox! Oh wait. (-1: Troll)

A nice tall glass of (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565145)

Frosted Piss

do what? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565147)

so I'm going to pay money, so that a small portion will go to adverting a project that thinks the web is stagnent?

just send... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565149)

$5 to the following address and i too will spread firefox joy and happiness!!!


Ad (2, Funny)

simgod (563459) | about 10 years ago | (#10565153)

Maybe we should rename it to Friedefox !!!

Re:Ad (1)

Exquisitor (823381) | about 10 years ago | (#10565346)

I think it has been renamed often enough

Ummmm.... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565156)

"Declaration of Independence". I like firefox and all, but sometimes people just have to get over themselves.

Re:Ummmm.... (5, Informative)

MvD_Moscow (738107) | about 10 years ago | (#10565235)

It's called marketing, better something than nothing. If you've got some better ideas send them to the Moz Marketing mailing list.

math... (5, Insightful)

DeusExMalex (776652) | about 10 years ago | (#10565168)

so, a full-page add with the names of all the donors. how do they expect to have anything on that page but people's names? maybe that's what they have in mind, but i would hope for something a little better than

"...all these people use firefox! switch!"

nonetheless, it should be interesting to see...

Re:math... (1)

BrianHursey (738430) | about 10 years ago | (#10565286)

I like this idea its one way of geting firefoxe's name out there. They are probibly going to have it where if you give over a certan donation amount you get on the page or hey they may use the names as a background or pattern on the ad & or logo.

Anyway they do it I like the idea.

Portion of the donations (5, Informative)

Portigui (651730) | about 10 years ago | (#10565174)

The poster mentioned that a "portion" of each donation will go towards taking out the add. This made me curious as to what the rest of the donation was going towards and I found this in the FAQ.
This effort will fund not just the full-page ad, but also a large portion of other launch-related expenses and thus make an important contribution to the Mozilla Foundation's bottom line.
I also thought it would have been interesting to see a mock-up of what they are intending to submit.

What is the cost? (4, Interesting)

earthstar (748263) | about 10 years ago | (#10565182)

just how much does it cost for a full page Ad in Ny times..

How abt other papers?

Re:What is the cost? (4, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565360)

Around $120,000 depending on which section. To get the best part it will easily run you two to three times that.

Great work! (4, Insightful)

SiegeTank (582725) | about 10 years ago | (#10565183)

Hopefully this will boost the popularity of the browser enough to break the 10% browser share mark proper. Congrats to all the donors - this is great work!

So now that it is becoming popular (0, Flamebait)

hsmith (818216) | about 10 years ago | (#10565189)

will all the open source fanboys start running from Firefox because it is to "mainstream"?

I just started using it because it is finally an acceptable replacement of IE, i am just curious about all the die hards

Re:So now that it is becoming popular (1)

MvD_Moscow (738107) | about 10 years ago | (#10565280)

What are you talking about? It's not becoming mainstream. Firefox's has got a thing called extensions. These little 'things' allow you to make your browser as customised and feature-rich as you wish. That's the great thing about Firefox! :)

No, just look at Google (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565333)

Google is also mainstream, but still it is the most popular search engine, also amongst "open source fanboys". And there's only one reason to that: They think Google is still the best there is available for them. It does not matter if it is mainstream or not, its quality still has not been surpassed.

Slashdotted !!!! (-1, Offtopic)

amigoro (761348) | about 10 years ago | (#10565190)

Aaaargh ./ed. Google Cache here []

Re:Slashdotted !!!! (1)

germaniumdiode (823214) | about 10 years ago | (#10565363)

maybe I'm just such a n00b that I dont know any better, but shouldnt it be /.ed nor ./ed ? I mean, sure, dotslash sounds cool too, but its just not the same...

yay (0, Troll)

stilist (753415) | about 10 years ago | (#10565191)

Ought to be interesting to see how dorky this comes out...

i donated (1)

MankyD (567984) | about 10 years ago | (#10565196)

number 214

How much? (4, Funny)

JordanArendt (164158) | about 10 years ago | (#10565199)

A portion of the contribution? Exactly how much of my contribution will go towards the ad? Why not all? Call me cynical, but this sounds like a pretty good way to make some money.

1. post story on /. about O/S browser needing help.
2. use 10% of donations towards ad.
3. PROFIT!!!

Re:How much? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565308)

Who is spreadfirefox anyway?

At last I know that slashdot is part of the OSDI or whatever, could be some dipshit for all i know.

Anyone know who they are?

Re:How much? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565311)

You can also donate your soul by clicking on a NYT (reg required) link.

Re:How much? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565320)

Mozilla Foundation is an NGO.

Marketing for Open Source? (2, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565200)

This will prove to be unnecessary. Firefox's market share is growing and will continue to grow due to word of mouth and techs like myself who are taking the time to install it and show people the benefits of it. Anyone who doesnt know what it is already will not be intrigued by an advertisement but will instead ignore it. These are the same people that find nothing wrong with internet explorer and enjoy the "benefits" of malware without having any clue of what information about their browsing it is phoning home to the developers of the software.

Publicity (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565205)

A full page ad in the Times may be a good way of getting a bit of publicity, but listing all the contributors along with some nerdy anti-microsoft-look-at-us-we're-not-evil manifesto seems like a slightly tacky endevour.

I'm just worried a rant will tarnish the product, which is excellent and should be advertised on it's own merits.

Wow nice incenvitve. (3, Interesting)

Penguinoflight (517245) | about 10 years ago | (#10565212)

If I lived in NY I would definatly go for this. Instead of getting a $15 t-shirt this kind of endorsemnt is more unique, and seems like a great way to send the message that Firefox has arrived.

This ad won't be run until Firefox 1.0 is complete, I hope.

Here are my thoughts on this: (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565215)

While Firefox can be used on almost any platform, FreeBSD is clearly inferior as nowadays it's just playing catch up with Linux. Linux itself, as many of you understand is a commie system. I think tax-payer sponsored grants going to research institutions using or developing Linux should be stopped. US government should do everything it can to stop the spread of this e-communism, and if this imbelice John Kerry doesn't get elected, by God, I think Linux will be stopped. Microsoft forever! Vote Bush.

Is Firefox ready? (5, Insightful)

Dan East (318230) | about 10 years ago | (#10565220)

Firefox will only get a single shot with most users. If they download Firefox and have any problems with it at all they will go back to IE and never consider Firefox again.

Firefox is still gaining ground against IE. It may be better to wait a little longer and let Firefox muture a bit more before trying to convert the general masses with this type of advertising campaign.

Dan East

Re:Is Firefox ready? (5, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565330)

If they download Firefox and have any problems with it at all they will go back to IE and never consider Firefox again.

why? Almost ALL people have problems with windows constantly, yet they do not switch to a Mac and never consider Microsoft again...

you overestimate people.

Great !? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565230)

Now I'll be folding open paper media for a browser!

Grassroots Marketing (5, Insightful)

ites (600337) | about 10 years ago | (#10565237)

In this case, the grass roots are doing the marketing...

It's quite ironic, actually incredibly ironic, that a process that is almost entirely driven by word of mouth would aim for promotion using above the line advertising.

Personally, and this is just an opinion, I reckon that money would be better spent on wining and dining journalists and trying to get Firefox on the cover of Times Magazine.

Or, alternatively, try to get Firefox banned for violating obscenity laws. That is usually excellent for publicity.

But a full-page advert? Seems kind of boring.

you know what... (0, Flamebait)

FinestLittleSpace (719663) | about 10 years ago | (#10565241)

I use firefox. i LIKE firefox... but i've simply had enough of the sensationalist bullshit that seems to persist on the spread firefox site. it seems full of over-excited teenagers who think that firefox IS the world. No, it really isn't.

'A declaration of independence from a stagnant web' STAGNANT WEB? No, ALIVE web, STAGNANT browsers because noone really wants to adopt endless new stnadards which can't be embraced for 5 years anyway.

It just drives me nuts... and all this ego shit doesn't do ANY good for the OS community, it just makes it look stupid and shallow. Firefox is not god like.. its very good, but this spread firefox thing just comes across like a jovial camp guy at a funeral. Shut up won't you?

For the computer illiterate (3, Insightful)

dreadfire (781564) | about 10 years ago | (#10565244)

This is a great move by Mozilla. Here are a few reasons.. 1. A good majority of people only know of Internet Explorer. They find it easy to use, and don't really have any problems with it. 2. What most of the people don't know is that there are major problems with security, and given that a lot of people do use it for bills online, shopping, etc. 3. The current stream of IE issues have made people more aware that they need to switch something more secure, but they really don't know what to switch to. 4. Wahla! They have Firefox, a credible, easy to use, and most importantly secure web browser that is starting up the browser wars all over again. With the ad, Firefox is going to get much more needed publicity and help changing a lot of things in HTML and the browser wars.

Signatures (1)

Cable_Monkey (516166) | about 10 years ago | (#10565245)

Can you hold off until I can get my name changed to John Hancock?

How Many Eyes? (1)

justanyone (308934) | about 10 years ago | (#10565250)

I read the Chicago Tribune every (95%+) morning. I don't generally miss anything in section 1, but I skim stuff in sections 2 (our Metro-area news).

Frankly, I would not even get close to seeing a full page advert in any section besides 1. Does this project seek to put the page in a leading section or in one of those 'Tempo', 'Sports', 'LifeStyles', or 'Living' sections? If so, what is the projected viewership?

Not to be casting aspersions on people my parent's age, but: Of those reading papers at all, which of them surf commonly, or even know how to download and install a program?

MS IE has had its day in the sun... (1, Insightful)

CmdrTaco on (468152) | about 10 years ago | (#10565259)

I'm not a Microsoft-basher; I use their products productively virtually every day of my life. Excel is my workhorse, Word my constant companion for nearly a decade, PowerPoint my standard for presentations, Visio Professional a powerful tool in my arsenal, and I rely on Outlook to keep track of notes, emails, contacts, tasks, and my calendar.
I have also been using Internet Explorer since about 1996, when it came pre-loaded on a computer I bought. I found it to be adequate, and certainly seemed to be on the cutting edge (anybody remember "push technology"?). But increasingly over time it came to be an annoyance, and may represent the worst of what Microsoft is accused of: arrogance (openly flaunting internet standards and creating new ones on its own), monopolistic aggression (folding IE into Windows, virtually destroying the independent browser market overnight), and outright carelessness (creating a browser with a seemingly endless number of security holes). IE is relatively slow and clunky, has a sub-par user interface, and seems to be an ideal breeding ground for adware, malware, spyware, worms, you name it.

Great Idea (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565260)

This could be very important. It's easy to underestimate the importance of marketing and getting out the word. The effect this can have on ordinary people (if you're reading this, your probably aren't one) is something That Very Big Corporation is well aware of.


Oh crap... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565264)

I thought the link was to

Why? (-1, Troll)

DogDude (805747) | about 10 years ago | (#10565266)

Now, why should I give Firefox money? It's a for-profit corporation, just like anybody else. They're not a charity. They're not feeding the starving, or housing the homeless. Whether or not people use IE or Firefox really doesn't have any impact on my life, whatsoever, other than making sure that my DHTML is cross-browser compatible (which I do already). So, can somebody explain why I should fork over my hard earned money to a corporation so they can take out an advertisement? I don't have anybody handing me cash so that my company can take out an ad in the NY Times, and I probably create more jobs and tax revenue than Firefox does.

Re:Why? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565352)

Because Firefox is open source so it will be free and remain free for always and all time till the end of eternity, and you can help freedom expand by donating ;).

Nope, money is not for ad. (0, Troll)

DraconPern (521756) | about 10 years ago | (#10565271)

They will soon make an annoucement that says the money will go toward a new server instead.

Figures (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565277)

I was just looking at my web site, which has a "get firefox" banner button. I was wondering why it wasn't displaying on my webpage, then this article shows up on slashdot! Go figure, you people are slowing down the adoption of FireFox!

Check it out: []

uuummm... (3, Funny)

bmalnad (808193) | about 10 years ago | (#10565279)

Why'd you have to pick a liberal weenie hippy paper like the NYT? Put it in the NY Post!

Re:uuummm... (1)

duffahtolla (535056) | about 10 years ago | (#10565318)

Better yet.. Wall Street Journal

So? (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565282)

Internet Explorer works better anyway.

Slashdotted (3, Informative)

Lehk228 (705449) | about 10 years ago | (#10565290)

Will you be a part of the open source legacy?

NY Times Ad CampaignLet's mark the launch of Firefox 1.0 with a community marketing campaign that will take the buzz around Firefox to the next level: the first-ever, full-page advertisement in a major daily newspaper created and paid for by the open source community.

Here is how it works:

* The full-page ad will include the names of everyone who supports the campaign along with a message about the benefits/features of Firefox.
* The campaign will act as a fundraiser to support all Firefox 1.0 launch activities, not just the ad itself.
* An individual contribution of $30 will get your name included in the ad ($10 student rate).
* Special recognition -- Community Champion -- will be given to people who enlist 10 of their friends in this campaign. (These folks have a shot at having their name in the lower half of the ad.)
* There are also two packages available for businesses to participate.
* If you have a Spread Firefox account, you will receive 100 sfx points per name slot that you purchase or refer.
* The goal: sign up 2500 names!
* More questions? Check the FAQ.
* Ready? Click the newspaper on the upper right to join in!

We (sfx members and Firefox users) will only ever have one Firefox 1.0 launch -- this is it! Let's take the world by storm.

PS: The buzz about this campaign is already starting. Check out the story on eWeek!

PS2: Thanks to everyone who's uploaded images showing how you're spreading the fire. Keep those images coming!

Student Price (1)

bizpile (758055) | about 10 years ago | (#10565292)

I'm just glad they provided a student price. $30 is a lot more to a poor college student like me than $10 is.

Huzzah, or not. (1)

kahei (466208) | about 10 years ago | (#10565293)

Yay, I mostly love Firefox! What good news is this that hits my eyeballs?

All donors will be listed in the ad, the signatories of a declaration of independence from a monopolized and stagnant web.

Oh... I forgot, this is all part of that 'hackers are good luzers are bad Micro$oft is evil' movement. Eh... I'm not sure I have the energy for that... never mind then...

*opens IE*

Where does it go? (1)

eander315 (448340) | about 10 years ago | (#10565299)

From the FAQ:

# How will my donation be used?

Your donation will be used to fund the Firefox 1.0 launch campaign, including the full-page ad. Details about other aspects of the launch campaign will be available as we approach launch date.

They mention some release parties on the front page, so I assume that's where some of the money is also going. I think it would be much more effective if 100% was going to the ad, and not a release party that really doesn't do much to spread the word.

Should be interesting... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565307)

A goal of 2500 names at $30 per name... is $75,000 the going rate for a full page ad in the new york times? I'd imagine it to be a bit more than that... not to mention that only a portion of that $75,000 will be going towards it. Will this be a local ad?

Mostly go ignored.. (4, Insightful)

Sc00ter (99550) | about 10 years ago | (#10565310)

How many people are going to look at that and go "why would I use this Firefox 1.0 when I have Internet Explorer* 6

* - replace Internet Explorer with "the internet" for most users.

AdWords and Overture (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565312)

Perhaps the money would be better spent on Google Adwords and Overture matches, after-all is the target not web users, print advertising in one country is a bit narrow minded, and possibly not an effective way of spreading the word to net users.

WSJ would be better (4, Insightful)

WindBourne (631190) | about 10 years ago | (#10565323)

that is read heavy by the business community.

Am I missing something? (5, Funny)

revery (456516) | about 10 years ago | (#10565324)

Why is a list of names good marketing for Firefox?

I can just see it now...

Firefox browser 1.0 released
Mario "Lightfingers" Frazetti
Dane "the Gimp" Rostenkowski
Michael "Code Monkey" Miller
Peter "Frodo" Fry


1 out of how many??? (1)

PinkBird (317418) | about 10 years ago | (#10565329)

Yea, I can see that the New York Times is a widely circulated news paper, but get real! How many people use a computer in the world...3 billion (just a number...don't nitpick) and the New York Times circulation is how big...??? (I'm sure the answer is out there somewhere, but I'm too lazy to look it up.) That should be the question! Most people like me that are generic geeks, not fanatics, use whatever is available on the machine that I'm given. Yea, I have a firewall and anti-virus software, but I'm not going to download yet ANOTHER piece of software to browse the internet. Especially if it doesn't render pages correctly. Get over it.

Mozilla instead of Firefox (2, Interesting)

Nutria (679911) | about 10 years ago | (#10565335)


What's the big deal about Firefox? It uses just as much RAM as the Mozilla browser does.

Debian (which I use) has shown that the Mozilla browser, mail, chat & composer can be broken into separate packages. That's what the big deal about FF is supposed to be.

The things that I really like about Mozilla are:
  • The Google "Search Bar" is the same as the nice, wide address bar, whereas the FF Search Bar is tiny.
  • The Mozilla View->"Text Zoom" is much more granular than FF.

If FF used significantly less RAM than Mozilla, I'd put up with it's deficiencies, though.

Hang on... (2, Funny)

sorrowfloats (748011) | about 10 years ago | (#10565343)

An ad for an internet browser in the print edition of a newspaper that has an online counterpart? Hummmn, at least it will look good framed on the wall, I guess...

waste of time (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 10 years ago | (#10565348)

Instead of wasting their time reinventing the wheel, why don't they take Internet Explorer code (it's available from certain sources) and port it to FreeBSD?

What they really need... (2, Funny)

scifience (674659) | about 10 years ago | (#10565358)

I think what they really need over at SpreadFirefox is not more donations, but more servers and more bandwidth.
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